Reports: Everton to approach Derby regarding Rooney

Tuesday, 18 January, 2022 162comments  |  Jump to last

With the avenues to Roberto Martinez seemingly cut off for now, Everton are reportedly seeking to interview former player Wayne Rooney for the vacant manager's role at Goodison Park.

Martinez, another former club figure and an unpopular candidate to succeed Rafael Benitez, will not seek conflict with the Belgian FA over their refusal to allow him to take a dual role as the Blues' boss for the remainder of he season which has forced the Board of Directors to look elsewhere.

According to Sky Sports and BBC Sport, their next favoured option is Rooney who has been impressing in particularly difficult circumstances at Derby County.

Rooney, a boyhood Toffee who came through the Academy at Bellefield and played for Everton over two spells at either end of his career, is regarded by the club's hierarchy as a choice who could unite supporters and galvanise the players ahead of what could become a fight for survival in the Premier League over the second half of the 2021-22 season.

According to reports, the club are keen to name a successor to Benitez before Saturday's clash with Aston Villa and they are said to also be very interested in Frank Lampard who also coached Derby but who is currently out of work after being dismissed by Chelsea last season.

According to Sam Wallace at The Telegraph, Everton plan on interviewing Lampard for the position as they look to get their new man in, although Duncan Ferguson is primed to take charge of the match at the weekend if nothing concrete happens on the managerial front before then.


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Tony Waring
1 Posted 18/01/2022 at 15:45:20
A better choice than BBS or for that matter most of the last half dozen ! At least he will galvanise the players and maybe put Kenwright in his place at the same time !
Nick Page
2 Posted 18/01/2022 at 15:45:39
Rooney or Ferguson + Cahill. Not Frank
Colin Glassar
3 Posted 18/01/2022 at 15:48:45
I’m not sure he’ll be putting Billy boy in his place, Tony. Kenshite has recovered his toy, lock, stock and barrel. He’s played Moshiri like an organ grinders monkey and now he’s in total control once again.
Kenny Smith
4 Posted 18/01/2022 at 15:51:02
I ll probably get shot down in flames but I don’t think this is the right move to make. Yes he’s done a great job with limited / no resources but surviving in the premier league and hopefully succeeding is totally different. It’s a massive gamble and we’ve gambled enough. I’m all for a young progressive manager who wants to play attacking football whilst keeping the back door shut but Waynes not the answer yet. Lampard appeals more to me. He’d pull in young hungry players, did a good job at Chelsea and was unlucky that Tuchel became available. He did more or less get them to a champions league final that people forget.
We also need a break from the Old boys club. Fresh ideas all round would be the way I’d go.

Brendan Fox
5 Posted 18/01/2022 at 15:51:16
If Rooney or Lampard are now the preferred candidates (thank fuck the Belgian FA knocked us back) then Rooney it is for me.

Any adjustment period with Rooney's appointment would be minimal given he's even played alongside a lot of the current squad.

A young British manager would always be most supporters preference especially after the disastrous foreign managerial appointments made of our recent history.

Our most successful spells have always come about with an Evertonian at the helm, a sense of deja-vu but let's hope this is the last time Rooney needs to save the clubs existence.

Steve Brown
6 Posted 18/01/2022 at 15:55:31
Ferguson + Rooney x Cahill = Kenwright.
Gavin Johnson
7 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:05:37
If Dunc's prepared to work with Rooney and be his No.2 I'm 100% behind Wayne coming. Otherwise Dunc as interim manager with Lee Carsley as his No.2 if he could combine the role with his England U 21 work.
Mark Ryan
8 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:06:31
Brendan @5
A young British manager would always be most supporters preference especially after the disastrous foreign managerial appointments made of our recent history
Not me, I'd sooner take Thomas Frank @ Brentford, Thomas Tuchel @ Chelsea, Jurgen Klopp @ Mordor or Mikel Arteta @ Arsenal over the young British managers in the game at the moment. Who is it that you want that is British and young who is carving out a name for himself at the moment other than Potter ?
Rooney is simply Kenwrights bezzie mate who he helped up the road and who he then called back for his swan song when he was largely past it
I find the Rooney choice the easy choice for Kenwright et al. Everton Legend apparently according to Sky. Everton legend my arse
Nick Page
9 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:12:19
Rooney is a legend that is an Evertonian, certainly not an Everton legend. But we hark back to the dilemma - only ex-Evertonians had any success with Everton. Why? This is not backing Kenwright but merely a fact. And we’ve tried everything else so why not?
Brian Wilkinson
10 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:12:29
Why not let Rooney finish his project off at Derby for the season, assess it then, but put a deal in place with Derby that as long as we let him finish the season there, we have full consent we can take him when the season ends, if we still want him.

We already have Dunc that could be put in short term, if no joy, then go in for Rooney, I just do not see the point in trying to rush him or any other Manager in right away, take stock what Dunc can achieve first, surely.

Peter Carpenter
11 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:13:28
Rooney should stay and finish the job at Derby. He might achieve something unique there. Too soon for Everton. Lampard's time at Derby is the more relevant. He sorted them out, got them playing good football and into the play-offs. He also gives chances to young players. Everyone gets the sack at Chelsea without being allowed the chance to come through a bad spell. He would do for me.
PS. Thank you Belgian FA - just off out to buy some Belgian chocolates to be washed down with a couple of Duvels.
Anthony Murphy
12 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:16:50
Rooney just feels a bit lazy to me. Such a huge job. I’d leave him for now and let’s see how his managerial career develops a little longer
Steve Brown
13 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:17:02
Give Duncan the job in an interim basis until we hire someone sensible to conduct the search. He might even prove to be fantastic at it.

Brendan Fox
14 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:19:27
Mark @ 8

If we weren't at the juncture we are currently at and a new appointment could be afforded the luxury of time to bed in then another approach and appointment might well be the way to go.

Unfortunately time is a luxury we don't have, we're on the precipice so for the here and now Rooney alongside Ferguson may well be the best way to galvanize the team and ensure survival.

James Marshall
15 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:21:18
Wrong man at the wrong time in my view - we should be looking to employ Rooney once he's got some more experience and we're in the new ground.

Give it to Duncan in the short term, see what pans out and go from there.

If we employ Rooney now, it just feels like Lampard ala Chelsea - too much too soon with too much expectation, it feels like a disaster waiting to happen and would really muddy the waters of his relationship with the club if it goes to tits.

Alex Gray
16 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:25:15
The worry is that, whilst Dunc and Rooney could work, it screams of a move to appease the fans rather than getting a manager who could actually be right for us.

I'm leaning towards Dunc to the end of the season and hopefully, if we're in a better place, we could attract Potter or someone who can implement fresh ideas. My only worry is that, if it goes wrong for Dunc, we could get relegated and lose a club legend in the process.

Mark Ryan
17 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:30:37
Brendan @14 I am on the same page and I agree that our current circs FFP, lack of money etc prevents us approaching the likes of Erik Ten Hag etc but Rooney ? I just don't get it. Peter @ 11 has it right. It was Lampard who started that job at Derby and if, as you say, we should be looking young and British, then Lampard stands out rather than young Wayne.
I am biassed. I can't stomach Rooney. If he comes I'll support the team. If he wins the FA CUP and the League next year, then he can be considered a Legend but I'd go for Lampard over Rooney on all fronts. He is certainly a decent, humble human being
Dan Parker
18 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:31:35
Rooney and Dunc with Cahill DoF. Passionate for the club, have won trophies and know what the fans want. Moyes was young when he came in and he’s the best we’ve had for a couple of decades.
Jem Bir
19 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:34:12
ok - as long as Dunc stays...
Barry Hesketh
20 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:34:20
Alex @16
I don't think there is a 'right manager' for Everton FC out there. The situation that we find ourselves in, we only need a person who can motivate the players and get the best out of them for every match. Whether Rooney and or Ferguson can do that, we won't know, until they take the job, if either of them want it.

If whichever manager is appointed can lift the mood of both the players and the supporters then that's all we need for now, the dreams of winning trophies and playing in Europe will have to wait until at least next season, unless of course Everton could make 'Danny's Dream' come true this season.

Brian Harrison
21 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:37:31
The rush to try and get Martinez made very little sense as he failed once why would anybody think after being out of club football for 5 years would have improved him. How he talked the Belgium FA of giving him the job must have been a Phenominal, unbelievable pitch he gave.

I think putting Ferguson and Baines in charge for the next couple of games makes perfect sense, they will at least have all the crowd behind them and I would think practically all the players as well. Ferguson brought the feel good factor back to Goodison last time he took over and I think he and Baines will do the same this time. I don't know if he wants the job full time, he said he didnt think he was ready last time to take on the role permanently mind he might now feel he is ready.

Reports seem to suggest that the club will carry out interviews with prospective candidates over the coming weeks, maybe their not sure if Duncan is ready to take the reigns. My choice as it was in the summer was Christophe Galtier from Nice but seeing he has only just moved there it seems unlikely he will leave this summer. Seems a straight choice that if its not Duncan then either Rooney or Lampard will be offered the job. I think I would just very marginally prefer Lampard only because he has had expeirience at managing a Premier league club as well as a Championship club. Also with his connection with Chelsea they seem to produce some great youngsters who he may persuade to come here full time or on loan, and given where we are with FFP that for me just tips the balance in his favour.

Larry O'Hara
22 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:40:03
Very difficult one this: all have something to commend them. And although I like Martinez as a person he destroyed our defence last time so have no hope he’d help out there. As for Cahill: any involvement by him a bonus. Will be going Saturday so whoever it is hope we stuff Stevie Gobshite’s team: pity as I used to like Villa!
Joe Corgan
23 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:40:54
Not for me. Jesus I’d rather have had Martinez. Rooney may be doing a good job at Derby under difficult circumstances but I’ve seen nothing that indicates he’s ready or able to do well at Everton.

He has a 27.7% win ratio at Derby so he’s hardly pulling up trees. That’s a worse win ratio than Benitez had with us. This season alone he’s at 30.7%. If he wasn’t an Evertonian we wouldn’t be giving him a second look.

Has he shown that he can coach elite players to a higher standard? Nope. He’s never managed elite players.

Has he shown he can build a well-balanced squad and integrate transfers into his team? Nope. He hasn’t been able to at Derby.

Has he shown he can instil a winning mentality? No, he has a 30.7% win ratio.

What exactly puts Rooney in the conversation when somebody like Scott Parker fails to get a mention? I’m not suggesting he should be in the mix but the team he built at Fulham is top of the championship table. The team he now manages, Bournemouth, are second. He has experience of managing in the Premier League. He played at the highest level. Why is Wayne Rooney a better option?

So, for those advocating for Rooney to come in, do you get your blue-tinted specs from the same place at Kenwright?

Alan Johnson
24 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:41:18
If it's not Ferguson then it's Lampard for me on a yearly rolling contract.

Pat Kelly
25 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:43:54
Rooney would take the job then leave for Utd in the summer.
Barry Hesketh
26 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:43:56
Justin Doone
27 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:44:35
No thanks Rooney, you earn your badges and finishing your apprenticeship elsewhere.

Don't want, don't like. Immature is the nicest thing I can say about him.

Raymond Fox
28 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:45:53
We are in a tough spot, we need results now.

We have tried experienced managers and thats not really worked but we cant risk Rooney, he'd be under too much pressure too soon.
I would give Duncan the job if he wants it, he did well when he stepped in before. Ok he's bugger all experience of being in charge himself but I'd take the gamble on him.
Lets be honest theres not much choice out there.
Whoever takes over he has my sympathy because its going to be a struggle.
I know one thing anyone booing the manager or the players this season should be ejected from the ground pronto.

Hugh Jenkins
29 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:46:17
Unlike many of the other candidates mentioned, it seems to me that Rooney has grasped the nettle and taken a risk in order to get into management.

He is doing a remarkable job, (and it is remarkable), at Derby County.

People say - let him finsh the season there and then come to Everton.


If a virtuoso violin player suddenly comes on the stage and thrills audiences with their skills, people don't say - let him play in a quartet down the leisure centre for a few months. They get them straight into the Philharmonic.

Rooney has done enough as a player and a manager, in my view, to show that he has what it takes and that he has a natural ability as far as football, at all levels is concerned.

So why not give him a chance?

Otherwise he will likely end up at Spurs when Conte inevitably falls out with Levy, at the end of the season.

Christopher Timmins
30 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:47:23
Whatever way we turn it's going to be a risk given the candidates that are available and the current circumstances of the club.

I just think that Duncan until the end of the end of the season with a review at that stage represents a less risky option.

Danny Baily
32 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:48:51
Rooney's a great shout. Not looking long term here, just looking to get 10-15 points on the board between now and the end of the season. Rooney's reputation alone would give us a bounce. The fact he's had a years baptism of fire at Derby helps.

I suppose Lampard could have a similar effect. Owever, Lampard has tried and failed at Premier League management. Even at Derby, where, unlike Rooney, he had the benefit of resources, he ultimately fell short.

I'd be worried that Ferguson in the interim wouldn't have sufficient clout in the dressing room. Rooney all the way for me. Get him in!

Dale Self
33 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:52:34
Ooh, I feared this. Our reputation will precede us on every approach. Problem here is if he gets an offer and performs at all, dead cat bounce or otherwise, he's difficult to get rid of at that point.

I don't think he's ready for the coaching role here although I'm sure he understands exactly what he'd be inheriting. My head is spinning and I really don't get what the overall method is other than freakout.

Peter Carpenter
34 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:58:30
Barry (26) - hilarious. First time I've laughed since 3 minutes to 3 on Sunday.
Chris James
35 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:59:22
Don't really understand the argument for Rooney at all I'm afraid. He's done nothing in management yet, certainly not at this level.
Lampard is marginally better, has at least got some PL experience and a different network to pull on (maybe we'll get someone Gallagher-like from Chelski?)

Ultimately I'd still give Ferguson a run at it.

Danny O’Neill
36 Posted 18/01/2022 at 16:59:39
The truth is there are no ideal options out there until we climb the mountain this season has become and get to the summer in tact.

We're talking the same thing on about 3 different threads. Lots of repetition and difficult to keep track, so I'll apologise in advance.

I said previously that I was on the fence with Lampard coming in and potentially bringing Rooney as his number 2 but there would be complications given Rooney's stint as a number 1. Lampard would be good for bringing in young players - ours and potentially others. Would Rooney want to take a step down? Unlikely but a thought.

Ironically my fear with Rooney is that there are parallels Lampard and Chelsea only we are not in Chelsea's position so this could go horribly wrong. And we don't destroy a club legend because Rooney never was an Everton one as good as he was in the brief period he spent with us.

At this rate, I'm waking sleeping dogs up to take them out again. Different route, preferably past a pub.

Gary Willock
37 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:02:19
- learned from Alex Ferguson
- captain at mancs (leader)
- captain of England (leader)
- more medals than slippy G
- Record breaking goal scorer
- played 3-4 attacking positions and CM.

- Infidelity (apparently)
- Penchant for a bender (apparently).
- Young for any manager / inexperienced
- says “err” a lot.

Pro’s outweigh the cons. Feels like the club don’t want Duncan or Duncan doesn’t really want the job. If there’s ANY doubt, maybe Wayne is worth a go.

Paul Richardson
38 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:02:21
With no director of football, I would despair for Rooney. He's done a remarkable job at Derby, but it's a straightforward one: No owner, no money, no transfers and starting 21 points behind everyone else...that focusses the mind.

At Everton (as it usually is) everything is much more complicated. I've seldom seen a club make it so difficult for any incomer to settle in...because there is no system for them to settle into!

That gives Big Dunc a bit of an advantage at this stage, but he'll need help. Lots of it.

Peter Carpenter
39 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:02:38
Danny (32), does getting sacked by Abramovich mean failed at Premier League management? He never gives anyone the chance to get through a bad spell.
Rob Halligan
40 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:03:53
Danny # 32. I wouldn’t say Lampard failed at premier league level. In his one full season at Chelsea, he finished fourth and got to the FA Cup final. In the following season he was dismissed in the January, leaving behind a team that went onto win the champions league.

His overall premier league record was….

Win %age 48.2. Hardly a failure!

Steavey Buckley
41 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:04:06
Rooney, Ferguson/Baines would be the better appointments, because they already have a close connection to the madness of Everton FC. Lampard is an outsider, and would have not enough time to adjust to a club that keeps sacking managers or enough time to adjust to Merseyside and the high expectations of Everton fans, who will now settle to have their club 'saved' from relegation. Which is a distinct possibility, since Everton are the worst team in the EPL, at the moment.
Bill Rodgers
42 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:04:57
I can guarantee this. If they give it to Rooney then Ferguson will be his right hand man and the toxic coaching that has shaped the last 6 managers will shape this one. We will be relegated and Moshiri will sell up.

God knows where this death wish comes from. Maybe it is Kenwright after all. Anyone who thinks that Rooney has the experience or the nous to manage at the top level must be from theatreland?

Iakovos Iasonidis
43 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:05:22
As we can't attract something special and intriguing for the longtime like potter for example between ferguson and rooney me personaly I vote for Big dunc. Someone said ferguson along with carsley, that would be nice till the end of season. I don't think rooney would be the worst we can do though, better than lampard, Martinez or mourinho.
Peter Carpenter
44 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:06:40
Best available candidate please. Not the best available former-Everton-player candidate.
John Raftery
45 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:07:32
This is a tired soap opera. After the new manager is appointed, he will be welcomed on to the pitch. In an optimistic scenario we can expect results to improve for a few weeks. That might be enough, just, to see us survive this season. Then in all likelihood results will tail off, because they always do.

Before long some fans will be muttering on social media about the incumbent not being up to the job and never wanting him in the first place. Others will say he needs to be given time. The players will see the writing on the wall, shrink into their shells and await yet another changing of the guard.

I wish whoever is appointed the best of luck. He will need it.

Gaute Lie
46 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:08:52
A very good player he was. Fast and strong.

But, as pointed out here earlier. Immature.
Drunk driving. Cheating on his wife with prostitutes on several occasions.
NOT a good rolemodel at all.

Also, he Just started coaching a year or two ago, and has not
done miracl3s with Derby.


Ray Roche
47 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:09:17
Danny @32

Danny, Chelsea have had 16 managers since 2000, we’ve had 8. Chelsea sacked some decent managers so getting sacked by them is no blot on your CV.

Don Alexander
48 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:12:24
Wouldn't Colin Harvey be a better bet for our dismal chairman?
Martin Reppion
49 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:12:39
My preference prior to each of the debacles we've had since Moyes left was for a young ex Blue with an experienced mentor. A bit like the Keegan/Cox model at the barcodes.
The type of man who can fill the mentor role is currently hard to find. The last one that comes to mind was probably Steve Coppell. Now the ex managers that are available are either too old or working elsewhere. It seemed in the 90's that every decent ex player went in to management then by the time they were 55+ they had what we now call Director of Football roles. Then it was called 'General Manager.'
I like the idea of either Duncan or Rooney as the man at the helm, but each would need back up. A long shot, but probably the best I could think of at the moment might be Steve McClaren. He has experience. Is a good coach. (Wasn't a good manager).
I am expecting a tirade of abuse for the idea. But he could provide training ground nous, while whoever of the Blues is in charge can deal with the rallying calls and arse kickings.
Remember McClaren was at one time Sir Red Nose's chosen successor based on his coaching skills.
Brian Harrison
50 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:13:35
Danny 36

Not sure what you mean about drawing parallels between Lampard at Chelsea and Rooney if Rooney came here. I think we should look at the fact that Lampard got Derby into the playoffs only to lose in the final to Villa. He then gets the job at Chelsea who were under a transfer embargo when he went there, but managed to get Chelsea to 4th in the premier league and lost to Arsenal in the FA Cup Final. The following season Chelsea started really strongly and by December they were top of the league and top of their Champions league group. They then went on a run of just 2 wins in 8 games and Tuchel became available which persuaded Abramovich to jump ship.
Now I know Wayne has been managing under a 21 point deduction at Derby and he has done brilliant to get them where they are now. But when you are given such a massive points deduction then the manager and players can play with a freedom as everyone expects them to be relegated.

So as far as managers Lampard has achieved way more than Rooney and the pressure that managers are under at Chelsea is at a completely different level.

Sam Hoare
51 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:14:22
Joe@23; these are good points and exactly why I’d be worried by Rooney. We mustn’t kid ourselves that a manager who has past links or love for the club is therefore going to do a better job. Time and time again this thinking has been proven wrong.

Rooney’s doing a good job with a poor Championship team in his first role as manager. I’m not sure that qualifies him for Everton. Though maybe no-one else would touch us?!

Michael Lynch
52 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:17:59
Barry #26, brilliant. Where did you find that?
Stuart Sharp
53 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:21:05
Michael #52
Barry beat me to it... it's from the Guardian. David Squires does a regular cartoon parody of the latest football news. It's often brilliant. Well worth looking at. This week's made me laugh. But it also made me want to cry...
Barry Hesketh
54 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:21:39
Michael @56
That bit was posted on Twitter, but the whole cartoon can be found on Guardian pages.


Danny O’Neill
55 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:22:28
I was just about to put a "calmer" alert out as I hadn't said Lampard failed. Wrong Danny!!

Brian, more from the former player going to the club too soon. But I totally understand why either couldn't or wouldn't turn it down if offered. It's why I used parallels (not similarities or exact same) and then caveated myself at the end. Lampard was a club legend who won the lot with Chelsea.

Rooney wasn't. His achievements were with Manchester United.

My preference is a caretaker until the summer.

Tony Everan
56 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:22:33
If they were confident about Duncan Ferguson maybe they would have appointed him by now? He’s been there for years, they know what he’s about and they are still looking elsewhere. Anthony Gordon said he wants Rooney when he could have said Duncan, who he works with every day. Maybe not too much should be read into that off the cuff answer though.

There’s no perfect answer even Potter could well struggle mid season. Also thankfully the Roberto Martinez idea has found the long grass. We need the fans on board to get us to 40 points so Wayne Rooney and Duncan Ferguson on the touch line demanding 100% from the players and urging them to fight and attack will get Goodison rocking.

Wayne is a far from perfect character but bringing him in as the no1 until the summer (then review his progress) will change the dynamic and mentality with the players, it’ll get them fired up again and hopefully playing as a team. Duncan is talismanic, but is also a bit part of the failed previous regime. The place needs something different to create a spark.

Whoever comes in I’ll support 100% until June, the club needs it.

Danny O’Neill
57 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:32:31
Negotiations and approaches not going to plan if they want a quick appointment.

Just had the notification from the App.

"Duncan Ferguson appointed Caretaker Manager for upcoming games"

Not manager. Not for the rest of the season. Upcoming games.

The search goes on.

Brian Wilkinson
58 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:35:35
Take the 21 point deduction out of the equation, add them as not deducted, you then have Derby sitting 11th in the Championship, is that a miracle?

No question they have done well to pick up the deduction points, but I would certainly wait until the end of the season, to see if Derby maintain the run under Rooney.

Kim Vivian
59 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:42:34
Personally, I don't think Lampard would want this job right now. Has he expressed any interest, or hinted he might?

There's too much of Kenwright's weasely paws all over everything at the moment.

For me I think Duncan/Bainsey until the end of the season rather than Rooney now. That's too risky, and show a little more urgency looking for a competent DoF who can contribute to the manager decision**.

** Shame because we probably already had one if he was allowed to do his job.

Phillip Warrington
60 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:47:25
Personally I hope Everton don't rush into appointing someone. Just to do it before the next game. Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney to me to big a job. How about Marco Rose, Hansi Flick, Adi Hütter or Sebastian Hoeneß?
Terence Connell
61 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:49:21
To be honest I’m feeling little enthusiasm for what happens to Everton. Colin Glasser seems to be a kindred spirit with most comments on here. It’s a long long haul now. The only light on the horizon for me is that it is now universally acknowledged globally that Kenwright, Moshiri and even usmanov are all dickheads which might have repercussions. I hope the rumours that Moshiri is considering selling in the short or long term are true. The new stadium might facilitate that prospect although potential buyers might consider Everton are in a bigger hole than the Bramley Moor Dock.
Peter Neilson
62 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:51:50
To be fair to Rooney on top of the points deduction they had to operate under FFP rules in the summer limiting them to free transfers, a cap on the wages, no loan fees and no loans of more than one year. It seems they’re doing pretty well to have a first eleven.
Joe McMahon
63 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:54:24
I feel Lampard will swe the task as huge. Dunc wants it, he's not looked anywhere else for a job, eventually Mosh is gonna have to give it him. He will be allowed more time than previous ex managers as ex players are at any club such as OGS. I hope he gets us to an acceptable standard. More high wage players leave in the summer, its a start to build on.
Mike Gaynes
64 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:57:58
I do not believe a guy with 18 career victories in two seasons as a manager -- and the ongoing maturity issues previously mentioned -- is the best choice to manage Everton right now. Nor would he even be considered but for his past club connection.

I'm with Peter #44.

Andrew Flanagan
65 Posted 18/01/2022 at 17:59:45
If they get Lampard in I am done.

Rooney will be a disaster and a PR nightmare off the pitch.

These are dark times.

Ian Edwards
66 Posted 18/01/2022 at 18:08:50
Rooney will be an utter disaster on and off the pitch. Inexperienced as a Manager, low intellect and morally degenerate. The Club could not possibly appoint anyone worse.
Ajay Gopal
67 Posted 18/01/2022 at 18:20:36
I am absolutely all in to have Rooney as our manager - I have a few rational reasons for my support to him, but it is more a 'gut feel'.

Having said that

I think Rooney is on to something special this season at Derby - if he does manage to keep Derby up, it would be nothing short of miraculous given the circumstances at that football club. I think it is unfair to Rooney as well as the Derby fans to pluck him out from there and deny him (and Derby) the opportunity to see what they might achieve at the end of the season. For that reason alone, I would keep him there until the end of the season. (Maybe help him by offering our best prospect - Dobbin - on loan. No loan fee, no salary payments. It could be a win-win for Derby and Everton).

To address our immediate needs this season, I would give the job 100% to Duncan and Baines until the end of the season. They would have only 1 remit - keep Everton up in the PL, anywhere above 18th will do. Support them with 1-2 key loans/purchases before the window closes. Start the search in earnest for our new Director of Football. Take the time until the end of season to get new guy in, let him develop a strategic plan to rebuild EFC. In the summer, get in Rooney and let him start the rebuilding process.

Steve Shave
68 Posted 18/01/2022 at 18:31:10
Steve Brown 6 that made me spit my tea out :)
John Pickles
69 Posted 18/01/2022 at 18:31:43
I'd rather we brought Mike Walker back.
Robert Tressell
70 Posted 18/01/2022 at 18:32:55
Ajay, I agree that Rooney is best left to develop at Derby. Loaning him Dobbin and / Simms would help, I am sure.

He is certainly worth keeping an eye on as a promising coach. It really wouldn't surprise me if he becomes our coach in a couple of years (or more).

I don't think Ferguson will last long term. He's a stop gap until summer.

I can't see him ever being trusted to spend the owner's money.

With the probable departure of Mina, Richarlison and maybe DCL in summer (along with a lot of contracts expiring) we will need someone in charge of recruitment.

Like I say, I can't see that being Ferguson.

Brian Murray
71 Posted 18/01/2022 at 18:39:18
Robert post 70. We are not a Chelsea. With rondon the back up to a half fit dcl it would be suicidal to loan anyone Simms and especially dobbin. We would be playing derby quicker than we wanted. We don’t have the luxury at the moment to give anyone a helping hand. Kenwright out
Shaun Laycock
72 Posted 18/01/2022 at 18:51:32
I'd take both but Lampard over Rooney as he did a good job at Derby and then at Chelsea. He has had experience at both Championship and Premier league level, Champions League level too.
Mike Brownlow
73 Posted 18/01/2022 at 18:52:03
I actually think maybe Rooney and ferguson as joint managers or Rooney manager and ferguson 2 isn't terrible least they'll get Everton and have passion...tbh it's now at a point at this stage I don't care who it is as long as we get points, play good football and isn't a backwards step or a stupid appointment.. I actually believe we need a manager who is of the Moyes type as we are not a big player in this league so need to correct our vision of what's achievable...
Bill Gienapp
74 Posted 18/01/2022 at 18:55:19
Rooney to Everton at some point feels inevitable, and while I wouldn't be dead-set against the appointment, this feels like an incredibly accelerated and potentially reckless timetable.

Rooney's obviously doing an impressive job at Derby, under the circumstances, but as others have pointed out, those same circumstances have effectively stripped any pressure from the job. Having not watched them, I can't speak at all to his tactical nous or man management. Anyone have any insight?

Jonathan Oppenheimer
75 Posted 18/01/2022 at 19:00:54
The Big Dunc questions seem to loom large and none of us know the answers, in particular: What is the reason he hasn’t been appointed by now for the rest of the season? Clearly either Mosh and BK don’t think much of him for some reason, or he doesn’t want the job, but all indications are it’s the former. If that’s the case, and it appears it is — even though the Board clearly has no clue about anything — then that trickles down to any loan or transfer issues coming up if Dunc somehow lands the job. Also, it seems to me quite possible, apart from the Gordon story, that the players know he doesn’t have managerial chops, and if that’s the case, his fist pumping can take us only so far. And if somehow Rooney is the choice over Dunc, do we have any idea how they get along? You’d have to think Dunc would be none too pleased to continue playing second fiddle if Rooney actually isn’t that quality. I’ve yet to hear or read much in any detail about Rooney’s actual ability to game plan and strategize; we just know he’s done pretty well with a bare bones squad this year. I have no idea the answers to any of this, and I’m still inclined to go with Ferguson, because he knows the club and all that, but we are in such deep shit it’s hard to know what makes sense right now. It also occurs to me that they need to bring in someone with Everton ties because the rest of the management team is so hollowed out. We have barely anyone left to train or treat medical issues or make sensible decisions about, well, anything. Can you imagine some outsider like Kovac coming in right now to a club as fucked as we are? Enough money might do the trick, but that would have to be a helluva lot of money. It’s hard to think we can sink much lower, but with Moshiri and Kenwright steering the ship, who knows?
Tony Everan
76 Posted 18/01/2022 at 19:10:49
Jonathan, good post, all points I’m thinking about too. There should be some background music to it whilst reading

🎶 There are more questions than answers

Paul Hughes
77 Posted 18/01/2022 at 20:20:02
Lampard for me. Did a pretty good job at Derby. Got Chelsea to 4th, and got sacked – well he's in good company there. But, showed his trust in the youngsters, probably recalling his own development in the West Ham academy. Has shown he can manage big-time Charlies.

So he has a lot more experience than Rooney, but has a point to prove. Seems to be an intelligent and personable chap into the bargain.

Andrew Heffernan
78 Posted 18/01/2022 at 20:22:26
A fresh-faced 35-year-old with limited experience was appointed as Everton Manager in 1981. People didn't believe, but he delivered.

I would take Rooney over Lampard 7 days a week – get him an old hand to steady the nerves and tell the owner and Chairman to stop buckling under pressure and actually back a manager like Phillip Carter did.

It's about time reality set into Everton and they took control of their own destiny than be 'advised' by all and sundry – Sky analysts included. I would love Duncan to be part of it but would pay whatever it takes to bring Cahill back in an assistant capacity. COYB.

Andrew Heffernan
79 Posted 18/01/2022 at 20:35:13
@Paul Hughes - with respect, bumping Lampard over Rooney - the former inheriting an amazing squad, amazing youth setup, ok transfer ban...

How is that in any way comparable with Rooney, Derby County's predicament and Everton's current squad.

You are comparing apples, oranges and pears(hapd)... anyone could have been successful at Chelsea. Lazy analysis. We need some cold reality here. Not a media lovie with no connection to the club.

Jerome Shields
80 Posted 18/01/2022 at 20:36:39
Probably approached to force Duncan to take the job.

IMO, what Everton need is someone familar with Everton who is a cheat, a lair, lives on the seedy side of life and a gangster who can hoodwink Kenwright and Moshiri.

The fact that Rooney qualifies just happens to be a coincidence. Lampard is a babe to the slaughter in comparison.

Andrew Heffernan
81 Posted 18/01/2022 at 20:44:17
@Jerome - crack me up, hilarious - and I don't disagree
Will Mabon
82 Posted 18/01/2022 at 20:48:53
"It’s hard to think we can sink much lower, but with Moshiri and Kenwright steering the ship, who knows? "

A submarine next maybe? There's a yellow one just up the road from Finch Farm.

Anthony Jones
83 Posted 18/01/2022 at 20:56:48
Is the sky falling down?

Rooney is not the answer.

Can we have a proper manager please?

Anthony Dove
84 Posted 18/01/2022 at 20:57:51
We've got rid of the odious FSW and the unbelievable interest in BBS seems to have subsided. I should therefore be reasonably happy but I can't relax at all.

Rooney wouldn't be on my blacklist but it's just too soon, and do we really have to panic and go down that route now? Lampard would be the better bet of the two particularly as he wouldn't be in bed with Kenwright.

For all the mess we're in now, it's still a great gig for someone. We are not going to get relegated and the only direction from here (with the right man) is up.

New stadium on the horizon and money to spend once we've remedied the Financial Fair Play problem. Duncan for the rest of the season, which will give the idiots time to properly assess a full-time appointment.

Fran Mitchell
85 Posted 18/01/2022 at 21:04:23
We should go for Lampard. Then, when he eventually gets the sack in 18 months, Rooney I'll have had more experience and will be up for the job.
Warwick Jones
86 Posted 18/01/2022 at 21:06:03
I don't think either Lampard or Rooney are the way to go. But if either one is chosen, please, please I hope they are not referred to as "Lamps" or "Roo".
Chris Corn
87 Posted 18/01/2022 at 21:16:21
For advocates of Potter, ne has won 24 premier league matches out of 96. 38 draws, 34 losses. Its not fantastic is it ?
David Pearl
88 Posted 18/01/2022 at 21:19:50
I’m not sure about Lampard. As in taking a legend of another club and listening to them sing his name when they are hammering us at at Goodison. I did that a couple months ago thanks.

Rooney, well it’s been said. I don’t want him to even be distracted by the Everton job. Finish the job you have, what are you, Carlo **** Ancelotti? (Insert as many stars as you’d like.

Duncan? Well, it’s confirmed now that he’s getting another shot at it. Passion yes but let’s see how he handles this squad and if he thinks Seamus is past it and tries Patterson. Maybe he will think that Jonjoe has been underused and put him in. He might even think that this Mykolenko kid ain’t that good and needs to settle down a bit so he will move Godfrey back to the left.

Hopefully he also gives some youth a chance… and no not Dobbin or Simms. I want to see Mina and Branthwaite.
And while l’m playing Football Manager, Barkley isn’t playing tonight (maybe injured). We need a number 10. We have not got one. Isn’t that a funny thing.

Peter Carpenter
89 Posted 18/01/2022 at 21:28:29
Interesting... Tuchel on a bad run - maybe we should wait a while?
Rob Halligan
90 Posted 18/01/2022 at 21:32:21
Chris # 87. If those figures are correct, then that’s a win rate of 25%. So you’re right, not fantastic at all.
Kevin Prytherch
91 Posted 18/01/2022 at 21:38:02
Jonathon 75 - I’ve read a couple of analyst reports on the type of team Rooney sets up at Derby. If I can remember and find a link I’ll post one.

They basically conclude that it’s difficult to categorise what Derby do as they change their approach dependant on the opposition. Generally, against the stronger teams in the division, they don’t engage very high up the pitch, but against weaker opposition they look to press in the opposition half. They pass more and have more possession against certain teams, but play more direct against others etc.

The conclusions are that Rooney sets his teams up dependant on the opposition. After the last 5 managers following the approach of “it worked in the last game so we might as well do it again”, this would be a refreshing change.

David Pearl
92 Posted 18/01/2022 at 21:40:16
Tony 76
I have some background music for you :) sorry

But if you like it please erm like it, and share and whatever…

Mike Brownlow
93 Posted 18/01/2022 at 21:46:34
It's just dawned on me does anyone know if Rooney has actually ever bought anyone at Derby or has he always been restricted by the sanctions.. the same applies to Ferguson... I then worry that as no experience in transfer dealings it falls to the board ...maybe that's no different to now but certainly it won't change..
Daniel A Johnson
94 Posted 18/01/2022 at 21:47:05
Tuchel is supposedly one of the top 5 managers in world football and he’s having a right bad run even with that Chelsea squad. Just shows any manager is a leap of faith
Anthony Murphy
95 Posted 18/01/2022 at 21:49:03
Fulham manager doing well!
Steve Carter
96 Posted 18/01/2022 at 21:51:36
Well, it may have already been observed, but since WW2 the only managers who have won something have all been Everton ex-players.
Paul Kernot
97 Posted 18/01/2022 at 21:59:26
Jerome # 80. He's a Croxteth scouser. Benitez was a bully. Two entirely different things, much as I hate to admit it given the state my club is in, I agree with you.
Gerry Western
98 Posted 18/01/2022 at 22:00:39
I'd be astonished if he's any where near consideration, media trying to fill column inches I'm guessing.
Tim Kells
99 Posted 18/01/2022 at 22:08:21
We must have a better choice than Rooney. Hardly any experience, 30% win rate, no thanks.
Paul Kernot
100 Posted 18/01/2022 at 22:13:54
Tim #99. Any particular suggestions given the mess we're in and therefore who'd actually be interested in taking the job on? Several are saying some combination of Ferguson, Rooney and Cahill. God knows.
Jerome Shields
101 Posted 18/01/2022 at 22:32:55

Take no pleasure in your agreement, but it is going to take a manipulative, underlying bastard to make progress, such is the shower currently at Everton. The only think is he would have to be a Evertonian for Everton, because such a character would completely rip of the Club.

By the way the fact that Rooney is a Croxteth scouser is a redeeming quality in my opinion. Benitez has been always confrontational and Moshiri was prepared to put him in a ready made confrontational situation knowing.

Paul Swan
102 Posted 18/01/2022 at 22:34:38
I don’t want Rooney anywhere near the club again. His departure from the club all those years ago coincided with my son getting interested in football and Rooney was the player he idolised. It was like a punch to the stomach to see the mock ups in the United shirt before he left and his antics after that forever stick with me and I will never forget that. Probably small minded of me I know but that’s just the way it is. I just can’t see past that.

When he came back to the club as a player he was exactly part of the problem. A mercenary past his prime looking for another pay day and step forward tiny tears with the script from National Velvet to offer him just that. And now we apparently want him as manager. I just don’t see any attributes in him which mark him out as suitable for the job. Role model for young players?? Remember he’s the same age as Ronaldo…Remember his reaction to criticism when he was still an England player after several abject displays in tournaments. Motivator? Not in my book. No thanks

Brian Murray
103 Posted 18/01/2022 at 22:37:57
Paul. Not to worry. He’s just paraded his t shirt to the fans. Once a ram always a ram. So that’s a no go.
Gaute Lie
104 Posted 18/01/2022 at 22:38:57
Kjetil Knutsen, Who manges Bodø/Glimt in Norway, would be an excellent choice IMO.
He has taken Bodø/Glimt to one second place in 2019, and firdt place in 2020 and 2021. He Also beat Milan in the champions league.
Bodø Glimt is a small club in Northern Norway, with very limited resources, a budget of ca 7 mill punds per year.
Also, they play a very entertaining game.
A better coach than Solskjær imo.
Derek Thomas
105 Posted 18/01/2022 at 22:40:06
There's no loyalty in Football; If you want loyalty - get a dog! is oft quoted.

But whatever line Rooney is peddling to those players at Derby...and it doesn't really matter - It works, they're fighting, sometimes they're even winning, but I get the feeling its contingent on him being there, in the trench with them.
(IMO)He owns it to Himself and them to sink or swim with them.

Then come to us.

Of course those first 3 names; Martinez, Ferguson and Rooney have Bill's tear stained finger prints all over them.
He told Moshiri - I told you so and I think Moshiri has left him to it...upto a point.
The point being he's a serial meddler, who loves a name and its at toss up which name he might love more on a given moment.
Both are equally famous.

But it maybe a case of what you want Vs what you need.
I happen to think we need a kick arse Scouser rather than a crafty cockney - but I'm biased.

Teary Bill will push for Rooney.
Moshiri? - I don't think he knows until he opens his mouth who he wants.

I'd let Ferguson and the others run with it until May - Then bring in Rooney.

Shane Corcoran
106 Posted 18/01/2022 at 22:46:08
Derek you’re right, no loyalty in a professional sport.

Rooney could be a good professional appointment. If we start hearing stories about blue blood and blue pyjamas we know it’s on.

Paul Swan, very well put. I agree.

Tom Bowers
107 Posted 18/01/2022 at 23:00:42
I think that Duncan Ferguson should have the job and quite honestly Rooney and Lampard don't impress me just yet.

Having said that Everton have paid big money to others over the last ten years who have all fallen by the wayside after starting well so what can we supporters expect from anyone who is given the job.

One has to admire the kind of intensity that Potter gets from his squad and he would be my choice along with Dyche but as I said we have no guarantees that the quality of players here will be good enough no matter who is the gaffer.

Duncan was a no-nonsense player who gave it everything albeit too much on occasions but I am sure he has matured now after a stormy career on the field.

Every game is becoming a cup-tie and wouldn't it be nice to put one over on Slippy 'G's Villa as a starter.

Almost the full squad is available again so we just need a big improvement defensively to give them a chance.

Gerry Western
108 Posted 18/01/2022 at 23:04:39
Paul 102, Totally understand where your coming from. A lot has been spoken about the divisions amongst the fan base presently. If it were to emerge that Rooney was truly under consideration for the vacant post I think these divisions would escalate considerably.
Tim Kells
109 Posted 18/01/2022 at 23:07:39
Paul #100. Understand the argument. If we were a horse we’d have been put down by now. Ferguson until the end of the season for me but seeing as we also fired 4 of Rafa’s staff he’s gonna need some help!

At least by then any properly run football club would have the chance to think about a structure and strategy sustainable for the future!

Brian Murray
110 Posted 18/01/2022 at 23:10:30
If we was a horse we would be Devon loch
Bob Hannigan
111 Posted 18/01/2022 at 23:17:35
Well, I have great admiration for Wayne Rooney, however, I don’t think he is the answer at the present time.

It may not be all his doing but Derby County is facing relegation from the Championship with a record of
Only 8 wins, 11 defeats & 7 draws with 14 points from 26 matches 🤷🏼‍♂️😳🙄🥲

Brian Williams
112 Posted 18/01/2022 at 23:19:28
Bill Gienapp
113 Posted 18/01/2022 at 23:28:49
Chris (87) - the counter argument to those stats is that Brighton have steadily improved each season, and their lack of a reliable goalscorer has seen them settle for an abnormally high number of draws. That's not to say Potter would be a sure thing, but anyone we hire is going to be a roll of the dice.
David Pearl
114 Posted 18/01/2022 at 23:35:16
Bob, 111 it’s absolutely none of his doing. I don’t know if you read the news.
Bob Hannigan
115 Posted 18/01/2022 at 23:57:14
David Pearl # 114, kindly explain, must admit I rarely follow Derby County week to week
Don Alexander
116 Posted 19/01/2022 at 00:51:06
Tim (#109) don't worry about the immediate recruiting of coaching staff pal. So well connected is Kenwright that he has Alex Nyarko, (Sh)Andy van der Meyde and Per Krøldrup on speed-dial!
John Daley
117 Posted 19/01/2022 at 01:06:54
Bob Hannigan @115,

Derby were already under a transfer embargo that prevented Rooney from strengthening the side, when they were hit with a 12 point deduction in September for entering administration. The owner (who had previously misled Rooney about the financial situation facing the club at the time of offering him the job) subsequently bailed, saying that he’d basically flushed £200m down the bog.

The 12 point deduction resulted in Derby sinking straight to the bottom of the table and they were further rooted there when the EFL decided in November to hit them with another 9 point deduction for breaching accountancy rules.

The club have had no choice but to continually let players leave in an attempt to balance the books, with the most recent enforced sale bringing in just £30,000 for a regular first-team starter. They’re unable to buy or register new players, or renew existing contracts, and are currently operating under the threat of liquidation, with the EFL reportedly considering kicking them out the league unless they can demonstrate proof of funds to take them through to the end of the season.

Despite the huge points deduction, the constant day-to-day disruption, the disappearance of any decent player not nailed down and having both hands tied behind his back, Rooney has…against all odds…managed to get them off the bottom of the table, reduce the gap to safety to single digits and give long suffering Rams supporters something resembling hope that they might just survive

Mike Gaynes
118 Posted 19/01/2022 at 01:11:00
John #117, thank you.
Bob Hannigan
119 Posted 19/01/2022 at 01:18:45
Thank you John # 117

Embarrassingly I was unaware of those facts.

My desire is to have Everton find the very best gaffer.
I loved Rooney when he wore blue but could somewhat understand why he left. IMHO, when he was with Everton he was clearly a better player when he played with the national team with better teammates. At the time our squad was poor and he needed to progress with better teammates.

Again, I apologize for my under informed earlier comments.

Paul Kernot
120 Posted 19/01/2022 at 01:21:54
Brian 110. More like Lord Lukan mate. We're about to disappear, never to be seen again!
Jamie Crowley
121 Posted 19/01/2022 at 01:46:23
I just explained the Derby situation to my wife over the dinner table.

I had to explain to her what "administration" was. "Bankruptcy, honey, bankruptcy."

It's a minor miracle what Rooney is doing at Derby. If he keeps them up, it might be the single most impressive managerial feat I've ever seen!

Say what you want about Rooney, but he's pulling fish and loaves out of 12 baskets right now.

My only real issue with signing Rooney right now is this: if he leaves Derby to come to us, how incredibly shitty is that of him to leave that Club high and dry? It speaks to character, and I'm not sure I'd want a manager who'd do such a thing, never mind our Club to snatch him away as it's a crappy thing to do.

Kieran Kinsella
122 Posted 19/01/2022 at 01:59:54
I just want it to end. Not the manager search, the Everton zombie existence. Roll the dice, turn good or go into administration and shut down. End of. I can’t take the hanging on by our finger tips and false dawns for another 30 years
Mike Price
123 Posted 19/01/2022 at 02:15:35
Lampard would always be angling for a return to London anyway. It’s a bit early for Rooney and as much as we all love Cahill we’ve no idea what he’s like as a coach or manager.
We are in relegation trouble and I pray that DF can get a tune and keep us up. We don’t want a Olly GS situation though, where a short term run of results gets the board carried away and award the wrong man a long term contract. More careful thought is needed for the next appointment with Potter a prime candidate.
Derek Knox
124 Posted 19/01/2022 at 04:14:32
Kieran, a bit drastic there mate, agree changes have to be made, but just an exorcism and extermination of the chief zombie should do it !
Jack Convery
125 Posted 19/01/2022 at 04:54:44


Mike Gaynes
126 Posted 19/01/2022 at 05:13:37
Jack, were you in Dad's Army?
Frank Wolfe
127 Posted 19/01/2022 at 06:45:11
Jack (125),

Kenwright can't leave otherwise people on TW won't have anyone to blame for every ill that ails Everton.

Derek Knox
128 Posted 19/01/2022 at 07:17:47
Frank @127,

"Kenwright can't leave otherwise people on TW won't have anyone to blame for every ill that ails Everton."

I think I am one of many that would cheerfully embrace such a situation! Don't worry either, many TW'ers would find something else to have a beef about. :-)

Colin Glassar
129 Posted 19/01/2022 at 07:23:20
So Billy was at Finch Farm yesterday giving his rendition of Henry V's Agincourt speech, was he? I can imagine the fat bugger thinking he was Laurence Olivier or Kenneth Branagh, “Into the breech once more lads. Let's fuck Saint Crispin!!”

I'm sure they are all raring to go after hearing our Dear Leader in action.

Ian Bennett
130 Posted 19/01/2022 at 07:34:49
The Echo reckons we could be paying off Rafa with £14M, adding to the £50M we have already paid out to the long list of failures. No wonder we are busting FFP and have no money for decent players.

Why are the club putting in contracts to pay up the 100% remainder of the deals.

Who else was going to give Rafa a job at £7M a season in a city he loves?

Surely if you are sacked in the first 6-12 or even 18 months, you should get less of a payout, because you've failed?

The system is broken when managers earn more from failing than winning. Only a few can win, so how can a system reward for being inept.

Derek Thomas
131 Posted 19/01/2022 at 07:52:50
Jamie @121; My point exactly. The granny shagging is a mere peccadillo, little head ruling big head... it happens – between him and his wife.

He has football brain up with the best. (Barkley would be Zidane with a quarter the mouse... well actually any nouse.)

I can overlook many excesses and faults (let he who is without sin etc); food, tobacco, sex, alcohol. But not leaving your comrades in the lurch. It is, without mincing words, what is, or was, called locally – a cunt's trick.

Meyer's Law – whenever you are confronted with an emotionally difficult decision, the alternative that is the most difficult to do is the alternative that is the right thing to do.

Stay till May, Wazzer.

Matt Traynor
132 Posted 19/01/2022 at 07:59:18
Derek #131,

I firmly believe the leaking of the granny shagging video (as in him in the reception of the brothel – I haven't been scouring "the fappening" for anything more graphic!) was part of the orchestrated campaign to get him away from Everton.

The fact that he was with a youth player from the other lot barely got a mention. Ultimately he was always going to leave.

Another couple of years and another £20-30m would've been nice, but Teary's need for cash was immediate.

He won everything as a player. If he'd spent his career with us, he'd have won a few Player of the Month, and maybe a Goal of the Season awards.

Steve Shave
133 Posted 19/01/2022 at 08:23:26
Gaute @104.

That is an interesting suggestion. I admit that I had to look him up, sounds like a really progressive, up and coming coach. How's his English?

I would love to see us do something left field like that, someone young, hungry and progressive. What system does he play?

Last time we plucked a young up and coming manager (not counting Silva as he had already been around a bit) it was Davey Moyes, didn't work out too bad in my opinion. Other, entitled fans with delusions of grandeur will disagree with me on that.

Jerome Shields
134 Posted 19/01/2022 at 08:46:57
John #117,

Thanks for posting what is actually happening at Derby and Rooney's role. I remember talking to some Derby supporters and they very much reminded me of Evertonians. As a matter of fact, they gave me their thorough view of the Championship teams, which quite frankly proved very true of all promoted teams that played in the Premier League.

I doubt Rooney would leave Derby mid/season. But I could see Everton not employing a new manager till the end of the season, so the Rooney situation and reputation could develop. Moshiri is a busted flush as far as management selection is concerned, so Kenwright and the Luvies are to the fore at the moment.

Robert Tressell
135 Posted 19/01/2022 at 08:50:17
That is interesting, Gaute, I didn't know the name either but I'd seen them do well in Europe (didn't they thrash Roma) and Botheim and Berg have just moved on to bigger things.

I've just said on another thread that this is the sort of up-and-coming type we want – not one of the many overrated managers who are routinely sacked after 18 months.

However, we'd need to give such a guy a chance – with a DoF or similar to deliver players for him to coach.

All of that side is a total mess.

David Israel
136 Posted 19/01/2022 at 11:52:48
Last I heard, Derby are in danger of actually closing down within two weeks, which means Wayne Rooney would be out of a job.

Anyway, I think the Frank Lampard option is a more rational one. I would be pretty confident of seeing a big improvement would him at the helm. Rooney is only being considered because of his connections to Everton.

Raymond Fox
137 Posted 19/01/2022 at 12:05:43
Give me a break, how long will it be before the boo boys are on Rooney or Lampard cases, two or three bad results thats all it would take.
Both great players but that doesnt make them great managers, because thats they would have to be to get a tune out of the class of player we sign.
Barry Hesketh
139 Posted 19/01/2022 at 12:58:07
Raymond @137

I acknowledge that you constantly inform us that we don't have the players to compete at the very top of the football pyramid and I agree with you, it's nigh on impossible for Everton to purchase the best players available because we haven't got that sort of money.

People don't boo or show their displeasure because the team aren't winning every game or even a third of the matches, it is because the side doesn't and hasn't had a gameplan for what seems like a lifetime. The crowd will forgive the odd mistake, the player who is limited but tries, but it shouldn't and won't forgive a lack of effort.

There's no way that we should have to witness, week-in & week-out, any Everton team being bullied out of a game, or lacking the determination to impose itself on a match.

Other clubs get a tune out of their less-than-stellar players, there is no reason on earth why we should just accept that our players should not be expected to be able to perform to a reasonable level.

If I honestly believed that the players at Everton are so poor as to be unable to play the game, I'd have to question why on earth we all get so worked up about the fate of our team? We may as well accept that the club will be in the Championship for a long period of time to come.

Realistic expectations are fine, outright defeatism is questionable.

Peter Neilson
140 Posted 19/01/2022 at 13:08:29
Benitez went because his tactics were shocking, leading to terrible results. He wasn't forced out by “boo” boys. Any other club would have sacked a manager with such a run.

Poor squad but not as bad as his results suggest. Away support was mainly lost at the Brentford game but, on the whole, the support for the team during play has been there.

Blame the manager, players, board... but ridiculous to blame the fans.

David Graves
141 Posted 19/01/2022 at 13:17:02
Can I suggest that we stop the Football Fantasy approach to naming potential managers. If you have to Google him then he probably isn't the man to get us out of this shit-show.

Duncan Ferguson it is to step in again and get us on a roll. If he gets 6+ points from the next 4 games, the job has to be his until the end of the season. If he then wants it full time then why not appoint him?

Ken Kneale
142 Posted 19/01/2022 at 13:29:49
Frank @127,

We will still have plenty to shout about. The team will take years of restructuring to get to the top, but a well structured and cohesive management team to deal with the dysfunctional approach we have endured under Mr Kenwright would go a long way.

Oliver Molloy
143 Posted 19/01/2022 at 13:52:30
Jamie Crowley,

I agree with your comments regards Rooney, however finding honourable, principled people who would do the right thing in the world of football would be a hard task in my opinion.

I don't think Rooney will be offered the job for now, but if he was, you can bet this Evertonian would be looking for big bucks.

Barry Cowling
144 Posted 19/01/2022 at 13:59:18

I can't quite see the clamour for Lampard. That's why Derby are in administration because they spent beyond their means, obviously it was down to the owner to write the cheques, but they tried to buy their way to the Premier League.

So if you want a Derby manager that got them to the play-offs when they had no money, then Nigel Clough – I can remember their fans chanting “It's just like watching Brazil” due to the style of football. He then did an incredible job at Burton with no money and is now pulling up trees at Mansfield – not that I am suggeting him as our next manager... just trying to put things in perspective. Also, I don't believe Potter will not be able to replicate what he is doing here, it's far too big a job.

We need someone in with at least 6 games left so they can see the dross they have inherited first hand and then see who has to go and who they can get a tune out of. I do know one man that can rebuild and leave a legacy and who I am pretty certain will be available at the end of the season: Bielsa.

But let's face it, fans are too impatient and Moshiri too trigger happy that we won't give anyone long enough to build anything. If we still had Allardyce here, we would probably be playing Europa League football and with a much-improved playing style than we have seen from Benitez.

Mick O'Malley
145 Posted 19/01/2022 at 14:32:24
Why do people go on about win rates?

You would expect Rooney's and Potter's to be low because of their squads. For fuck's sake, Brighton played Chelsea off the park last night and have done that to many teams this season, but miss a genuine goalscorer.

Rooney only had 6 players a week before the season started. It's not all black and white, they are both doing fantastic jobs and I would love either one here but, for me, it's got to be a Blue… so Dunc or Rooney will do for me.

Raymond Fox
146 Posted 19/01/2022 at 14:36:03
Barry 139,

You're right, I do get somewhat repetitive about the reasons for our lack of success. I firmly lay it at the door of player quality, I do apologise when I repeat it again though.

I can only wish our next manager all the best, whoever it is, because he's going to need plenty of good fortune.

I don't think the squad is too bad, there's some excellent players in there and we've lost the Icelander which does not help the cause.

I suppose it depends what the expectations are because, all things considered, I'd say with the players we started the season with, I expected we would finish 10th to 12th.

We can still do that if we can miss the injuries that have blighted us in the first half of the season.

Dave Williams
147 Posted 19/01/2022 at 15:07:56
Interesting where they get these figures from concerning compensation. Unless Rafa’s contract has become public knowledge no one knows what was in it on this subject. I would have thought that given the circumstances ie. the high risk that he would be gone within 12 months, the amount of compo would be fixed rather than the contract be fully paid up.
I read yesterday an article on the amount we have paid in compo which had us down for paying millions to Carlo?? He resigned ( unless he was sacked and it’s been dressed up) and no compo would be paid if he went off his own accord.
Back to the present and I hope Duncan is given a proper go til the end of the season by which time either he proves himself or Rooney has done his job at Derby.
Gaute Lie
148 Posted 19/01/2022 at 17:18:55
133 Steve,

I would guess his english is good, but I don't really know.
But most Norwegians his (my) age are doing fine with the english language.

He just signed a new contract with Bodø Glimt, however, I guess he can go if a bigger club from abroad comes with an offer.

I can not see Kenwright or Mosh looking to Norway for a new coach, but in this case, they should.

Also, RIP Nils Arne Eggen, who died last night, 80 yr old. The best Norwegian coach ever.

Dave Downey
149 Posted 19/01/2022 at 17:19:17
How long before the booing starts against Villa? Regardless of who's managing them, the majority of the players are just about Championship quality.
So expect plenty of chest beating before kick off then lots of sideways and backwards passing during the game. And plenty of booing.
Ferguson's been coaching these people for years, they're shite and now he's been given the (temporary ) manager's job. You couldn't make it up.
Why hasn't he been given the bullet with the rest of them?
Barry Jones
150 Posted 19/01/2022 at 18:22:46
The combination of Ferguson and Rooney is worth a go. It cannot possibly be any worse than Benitez or Martinez. Hopefully it doesn't morph into Fergez and Roonez.
Barry Jones
151 Posted 19/01/2022 at 18:44:05
The new management needs to make an accurate assessment of the issues. As far as I see it, we can't defend, we don't score goals, we fail to win the ball in midfield and we don't create anything.

Now that we have identified the issues, we can plan a clear path forward.

Benjamin Dyke
152 Posted 19/01/2022 at 20:28:21
No manager guarantees success, even those with great records and trophies, à la Mourinho. There are a few managers doing well in the Premier League that are under the radar because the expectations are lower than at Everton, like Frank at Brentford and Potter at Brighton.

There's a lot to be said with having an ex-Everton player for me because they get the club and understand what the fans want. Kendall Mk 2 and Mk 3 and others show it doesn't always work but it's worth a gamble.

Goodness knows we've thrown away money on young up-and-coming coaches, old ones with trophies on their CV, the only type we've not entrusted yet are ex-Blues. But give them time!

Stu Darlington
153 Posted 19/01/2022 at 20:28:57
There is a depressing air of inevitability about all this.

Big Dunc until the end of the season, unless the wheels come off completely before then, and then Rooney as permanent saviour. I have absolutely no idea if this would be in the best interests of Everton FC but, in my opinion, there are other young managers who have better credentials than Rooney.

Potter won't come but what about Scott Parker at Bournemouth? Steve Cooper at Forest? I am sure there must be others Let's give someone like that a chance rather than make a decision based on whether someone is an ex-Evertonian. The best manager in the world would struggle to get a tune out of this squad without major changes.

We definitely need a centre back as Keane just isn't good enough, possibly two as I expect Mina to go in the summer; two midfield players and a striker as I also think Richarlison will be gone. This is just replacing players, however – not increasing squad depth which is imperative to be successful in the Premier League

Whoever is appointed, I wish them good luck… They are going to need it!!

Andy Crooks
154 Posted 19/01/2022 at 20:50:01
Ian Edwards @ 66, I know you got a lot of abuse on the live forum and I was the first to condemn it. I know you called Everton fans toxic, which considering how toxic your own views are was a bit much, but.. Ian, have another read at your post.
"Low intellect"," morally degenerate",
I'm sure the editors will take it down if you ask nicely.

Hugh Jenkins
156 Posted 20/01/2022 at 15:55:17
Jamie (121) - Agreed, but, sadly, we must consider what is best for Everton - not what is best for Derby County. There is an old saying "Cometh the hour, cometh the man" and it might just be that this is Everton's "hour" and Rooney is that "man".

In any event, there are very strong indications that Derby County might not survive past the next few weeks due to their financial plight.

It would be a shame therefore if, having decided he was the best candidate, we didn't offer him the job or he turned down our offer of the job, out of deference to Derby County, only for Rooney to find himself out of work a week or two after we have appointed someone else.

Jack Convery
157 Posted 20/01/2022 at 16:50:33
CANNAVARO - Why ????

What next

Canapeas !!!

Warwick Jones
158 Posted 20/01/2022 at 20:31:20
It had to be Dunc and he is as likely as anyone else to get us into a safer position.
Steve Shave
159 Posted 21/01/2022 at 07:31:45
As time goes on I am seriously thinking that Rooney is our best option in the summer. It's not without risks but they would be low costs ones comparatively to Koeman, Benitez et al. An article in the Guardian was fairly persuasive on the matter and I am unashamedly fickle and a hopeless romantic.
Len Hawkins
160 Posted 21/01/2022 at 08:21:43
According to Google news Kenwright has made it his personal mission to get Martinez back.
Here's me thinking he would have the good of Everton FC at heart after making a fortune and insisting he is still the figurehead.
Isn't this man's inadequacy the reason this once great club is in the mess it is now, after all Moshiri kept the fool on because of his "football knowledge" and if he gets to pick and choose this club really is finished.
Matt Byrne
161 Posted 22/01/2022 at 09:21:46
Only just read Rooney's interview with Tony Bellew where he makes it clear he was forced out in 2004 to raise money due to the crippling debts after 5 years of Kenwrights tenure as owner.

The narrative from the club was that he agitated for the move and we all saw him as a Judas. The real culprit here is Kenwright how the hell is he still there? I would like to apologise to Wayne Rooney for not seeing what was obvious and I would welcome him back as our manager if this happens.

Colin Glassar
162 Posted 22/01/2022 at 09:29:22
I'd be quite happy to see a Rooney - Ferguson partnership take over at Goodison. They'd bring passion and fire to our game.

Despite not being the most articulate of people, many who know Wayne says there's a sharp football brain there and shouldn't be underestimated.

One manager who rarely gets a mention is the Brentford manager, Thomas Franck. I think he's done a superb job and is tactically astute. Just putting it out there.

Steve Shave
163 Posted 22/01/2022 at 09:45:30
Colin (162),

I would be happy with that too, the romantic in me would love it. If it happens, I wouldn't be offering silly contracts out though, 2 years with the option of a 3rd.

I would use savings on some of the ridiculous wages we have paid out to managers instead to find a sensible and progressive DOF (who could work with Rooney and Dunc) and a top (and I mean top) coach, a Steve Round type back in his day.

Lee Carsley is highly thought of in the game and would hopefully bring steel to our defence.

Geoff Lambert
164 Posted 22/01/2022 at 10:43:45
Sorry if this has been posted somewhere before, but this is a interview with Rooney about his first year in charge:

Rooney reflects on a year in charge of The Rams

Len Hawkins
165 Posted 25/01/2022 at 11:55:59
Just read that a week today Derby County Football Club LTD will no longer exist as they have a Feb 1st deadline to show they have enough funds to see out the season currently they have only enough funds for one week in business. Unless someone comes along PDQ with the required monies to keep trading they are kaput.

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