27 Minutes for 27 Years

The start of the #27minutesfor27years campign saw huge media coverage. It's an embryonic campaign. This is why I believe, respectfully, it deserves your support

Paul The Esk 07/12/2021 120comments  |  Jump to last

The #27minutesfor27years campaign is an embryonic campaign like no other in the history of Everton Football Club. It’s an informal alliance of supporter groups, fan organisations and individuals with a clear purpose.

That sole purpose is to engage with Farhad Moshiri and bring about the changes in the running and management of the club that leads to success on and off the pitch. Ultimately, something that can only be addressed and executed by him in his role as majority shareholder.

The first action of the campaign was to ask fans supporting the objectives above to leave their seats on the 27th minute of the game against Arsenal. There was no attempt to differentiate between those that chose to do so and those that did not. This is not about passing judgement on fellow supporters, it is about engaging with the major shareholder regarding concerns expressed by the majority of the Everton fan base and all who support this campaign.

What is the case for asking for engagement?

Farhad Moshiri has since February 2016 had effective control of our club. Originally purchasing 49.9% of the equity from existing shareholders, he has seen his holdings increase through further purchases and an issue of new shares to 92.17%. He has supported the football club in a remarkable fashion financially. He has invested up to £685 million – £450 million in equity and debt, £135 million in purchasing existing shares, and up to £100 million in funding the initial works for the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock.

The campaign, along with almost all supporters, recognises this financial commitment. Indeed, one of the key observations is that the fans’ interests and his interests are totally aligned. The financial and emotional commitment of the fans alongside Moshiri’s financial commitment both demand the greatest possible return. That return has to be a successful, well run, highly competitive, trophy-winning football club.

Of course, as has been well documented here and is also universally acknowledged by the fanbase, the last 6 years have been an antithesis of a well run, highly competitive, trophy-winning football club. Governance, recruitment, the role of the Director of Football and the financial performance have all contributed to a highly inconsistent period on the pitch. A disparate collection of football managers and some baffling recruitment decisions have led to a decline in the quality and depth of the playing squad. This has led to a serious contraction of our competitiveness, sliding from arguably “the best of the rest” to mid-table mediocrity at best, relegation candidates at worst.

Add to that woeful financial performance and the most peculiar of communication strategies from Farhad Moshiri, seemingly solely focused on TalkSport and Jim White, and the case for a campaign is compelling.

So what does the campaign wish to achieve?

The campaign set out three major objectives:

  • A call for Farhad Moshiri, as major shareholder, to make the management changes necessary to see an improvement in performance on and off the pitch
  • A call for Farhad Moshiri to communicate in future through official club channels
  • A call for Farhad Moshiri to engage, meet and discuss fan concerns with the fans

All the above are entirely reasonable. Why should Farhad Moshiri choose to comply with the above?

Firstly, he must recognise that the governance structure and the quality of the board and senior management teams have been the primary reasons for our under-performance. Managerial recruitment decisions without the input of the Director of Football, player recruitment from several (often without the knowledge of each other) senior personnel (including Moshiri himself); crippling financial performance suggesting poor governance and directly contributed to by poor footballing performance; commercial performance, academy performance and even questions over sports science performance (player fitness, injuries and particularly recovery times).

Secondly, communications. Is it really appropriate for the major shareholder to use a national radio show to present his thoughts at infrequent intervals and often without the prior knowledge of the club’s communications team? Is the choice of station appropriate given their ownership? Surely he must recognise that co-ordinated, planned and club endorsed communication gives him and the club a much more effective communication strategy?

Finally, to engage, meet and discuss with fans. Competing clubs see value in fan engagement, especially in the current tumultuous environment of the Premier League with all its challenges (and opportunities). At a time when football is going to change significantly as a result of the Fan Led Review, to not engage, meet and discuss with fans seems churlish, arrogant and wholly counter-productive.

We are a club that prides itself in firsts, throughout our history leading the pack, being ground-breakers, not followers. Our competitors are largely streets ahead of us, and in particular re Moshiri, when it comes to engagement. The fans are the most important stakeholders in a football club. We, and our children and grand-children, will carry the candle for our club for many years after each owner and director have moved on. The value of the legacy commitment and the commitment of future generations has to be acknowledged and nearly a quarter of the way through the 21st Century, an owner who refuses to engage, meet and discuss is not only reading the room badly but is wilfully refusing to use a hugely valuable resource.

All of this against a backdrop of poor governance, weak leadership and, in comparison to our peers, significant talent deficiencies.

The case for this campaign is clear, the reasons for asking Farhad Moshiri to meet the objectives is clear. Will he comply?

Impact of the #27minutesfor27years campaign

Asking fans to leave their seats was a high-risk strategy. No-one could forecast how many would do so, nor the reaction of those that choose not to. Whilst the take up of the action was less than hoped for, generally there has been respect for both decisions. It demonstrates just as with all families, the Blue Family can have its differences yet still be supportive of the major cause – in this case, Everton Football Club. Whether you walked or not, we are all Evertonians.

Undeniably though, the campaign has been a great success in attracting media attention. More column inches have been written, more broadcast media time and social media activity about the condition of Everton Football Club and in particular the relationship between fans, the club and owner than for many years. The recognition that perhaps all is not as it should be at Everton, not just the reporting of managerial change etc, is the first step in a wider acknowledgement of our problems and the need to address them through change at the top of the organisation. This media campaign will continue until a successful conclusion is reached.

What next for the campaign? The campaign will continue. There’s a need for visual representation – that might be banners, for example, but there’s also the prospect of actions which can be more widely accepted and engaged in on the 27th minute of future matches, and of course actions before and after games.

This is our club. We entrust the club to successive owners and their directors. If, as is the case now, we don’t see the progress being made or have concerns over the role and behaviour of the owner, we are obliged to make those feelings known. Past generations of Evertonians would expect nothing more; future generations will ask why we didn’t.

As we have all stated, our interests are aligned. We respect Moshiri’s financial commitment but we believe being able to hold him to account and contributing to the future direction of the club can only be a good thing. The result being a successful, well run, highly competitive, trophy-winning football club.

Nil Satis Nisi Optimum in everything we do, owner, club and fans.

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Tony Abrahams
1 Posted 07/12/2021 at 20:01:46
I agree with the sentiments expressed in this article 100% Paul, and hope to see both more, and also better thought out action, in the coming weeks.

I didn’t agree with walking out on a struggling team, (not after 27 minutes of a vital game, anyway) but I’d strip off and run across Goodison, stark naked, if it meant that Moshiri woke-up, and made the necessary changes required, to move Everton forwards, so I’m glad this is going to be on-going, because Everton do need change.

Dennis Stevens
2 Posted 07/12/2021 at 20:15:02
If the campaign results in Moshiri finally getting a fucking grip it'll be a big favour to him, the Club & all supporters.
Brendan McLaughlin
3 Posted 07/12/2021 at 20:20:33
I’d strip off and run across Goodison, stark naked,
Now that really would provoke a walkout...
Tony Abrahams
4 Posted 07/12/2021 at 20:22:23
Only for the small-minded, Brendan!
Dale Self
5 Posted 07/12/2021 at 20:22:38
Moshiri is likely looking for a soft landing. Stubborn and sustained questions about the structure will get his attention though maybe not his immediate action. The campaign needs to quietly and without compromise hammer the message that Bill should not be driving the car or even giving directions at this point. Line him up a BMD testimonial appearance on opening day and that's it, no more.
Brent Stephens
6 Posted 07/12/2021 at 20:24:33
Tony#1 "I’d strip off and run across Goodison, stark naked,"

Brendan #3 "Now that really would provoke a walkout..."

Probably because of what's on show. Or not on show if it's freezing.

Ken Kneale
7 Posted 07/12/2021 at 20:34:44

Another great article. I wholeheartedly support the strategic objectives you set out; the challenge is to take action that the silent majority can support directly or indirectly in a way that still supports the team.

Goodison showed last night why it is vital to this campaign to haul the team forward and frighten opposing teams. We must maintain that ferocity.

I am up for anything that does not directly affect the team; I may stop short of Tony's tactics, mind...

Brendan McLaughlin
8 Posted 07/12/2021 at 20:46:47
I'm converted and I'll be following Tony A in that mad dash across the the green turf of Goodison... 27 inches for 27 minutes for 27 years.
Ken Kneale
9 Posted 07/12/2021 at 20:48:03
Brendan - is that the size of your stride??
Brendan McLaughlin
10 Posted 07/12/2021 at 20:51:01
Ken #9

If that's what you kids are calling it now...

Tony Abrahams
11 Posted 07/12/2021 at 20:59:58
Evertonians strip bare, to remind Kenwright of what he did to the club's assets, and how he left the trophy room. This could really grow Brendan!
John Keating
12 Posted 07/12/2021 at 21:01:34
Well done, Paul.

I fully support any actions that achieve a better more inclusive club. Obviously different people will support different types of action and not support others; it doesn't really matter. As you mentioned, anything that increases awareness and brings attention.

We know Moshiri reacts to the media and fan action; hopefully it continues – especially when it comes to The World's Greatest Evertonian.

Expect a fair bit of negativity from the “real supporters” as apparently anything you might do is Kopite left-wing militant stuff. And whatever you do – don't work in a food bank! Seems all not real supporters do.

Brendan McLaughlin
13 Posted 07/12/2021 at 21:05:43
For fuck's sake, Tony #11...

If it grows any more, I'll be walking with a limp!

Jay Wood

14 Posted 07/12/2021 at 21:10:35
'I'd strip off and run across Goodison, stark naked, if it meant that Moshiri woke-up, and made the necessary changes required...'

Now that, Tony, is a sure-fire way to empty the stadium in seconds!

Edit: Oops! Just seen Brendan beat me to it!

Tony Everan
15 Posted 07/12/2021 at 21:10:59

Can we amend the motion and allow speedos? Not that I'd be concerned personally of course, but allowances for others less fortunate have to be made for embarrassment due to cold weather shrinkage. VAR can measure things in mm, you know.

Tony Abrahams
16 Posted 07/12/2021 at 21:25:45
Wear Speedos and stay away from Big Brendan, Tony, just in case he starts limping, mate!

Kieran Kinsella
17 Posted 07/12/2021 at 21:28:12

I support the need for change but wonder about the aims as stated.

"A call for Farhad Moshiri as major shareholder, to make the management changes necessary to see an improvement in performance on and off the pitch."

It's vague. What does it mean? I know you've advocated for having a proper board, but I suspect others reading that might just interpret it as "Sack Rafa" or "Sack Kenwright".

I think it would be useful to have some fan meetings or surveys beforehand to establish what the majority want. Otherwise, Moshiri could say "I've already made a change with Brands." Plus fans will be disgruntled if their interpretation is "Sack Rafa", for example, as opposed to "Add to the board".

Tony Hill
18 Posted 07/12/2021 at 21:40:48
All fair comment. If we start winning enough games, of course, then some of the tension will go and we can assess the way ahead perhaps more tranquilly.

The pending director appointments are going to be interesting. It would be good to have proven, strong-minded and unsentimental people.

Brent Stephens
19 Posted 07/12/2021 at 22:16:44
Brendan, reminds me of the story (true, honest) about this guy, and the genie who granted him a wish. The guy said he wished he had a cock that touched the ground – and with that there was a flash and his legs fell off.
Jay Harris
20 Posted 07/12/2021 at 22:22:39

It would be good to have football people with connections.

Brendan McLaughlin
21 Posted 07/12/2021 at 22:29:17

That humour I like... who told you it was true?

Brent Stephens
22 Posted 07/12/2021 at 22:30:20

I cannot tell a lie – that guy was me! I wish I had my legs back.

Jerome Shields
23 Posted 07/12/2021 at 22:39:40
My initial reaction to the 27 minutes for 27 years campaign, with much-needed points needed and Benitez needing backing, was not favourable. I even in a recent post called it 'stupid' which I regretted on seeing those who did walk out. They had the right to protest and had legitimate cause, which I agreed with.

I have had much angst on an almost weekly basis regarding Everton over these past 27 years and probably can go back further without missing an intervening step.

The fact is that Brands was a scapegoat, rather than the usual current manager being sacked. Brands, as Lyndon said, was an 'enigma'. He had no clear role and appeared to be a pawn for both Moshiri and Kenwright. Barrett-Baxendale is another pawn whose contribution is to put the gloss on an unproductive regime. She is never a performance-orientated Football Club Chief Executive. The Commercial side of Everton is a hoot.

Everton have come' full circle' (borrowed from Lyndon) back to the manager controlling the football side, but the structure and personnel still remains and is well established, bolstered by efforts fronted by Barrett-Baxendale, with a meek Brands in support. Brands leaving only gives Benitez more control, but he will need help from higher up, support to implement the actions arising from his all departments review.

The other danger is Benitez could carve out for himself a Moyes's-like niche, within walking distance of home, if there is not an ambitious and progressive professional Board that insists on progress and performance targets with accountability.

I am a firm believer that each individual fan has a role and their opinion can have influence. There have been on ToffeeWeb those who over years have protested to their credit, exposing and trying to analyse the reasons on ToffeeWeb, even pushing the boat out, with limited internal knowledge, using what experience one has, in this analysis.

Generating discussion of agreement and disagreement allows more people to form legitimate opinions, which will even initially get through in a small way to those that have influence on decisions at Everton. Later gaining momentum, even resulting in 27 minutes for 27 years. . . The appointment of Ancelotti and Benitez, as was the removal of previous Managers. where the result of this. Brands rather than Benitez being a recent result. Their concerns now being taken up by main stream media opinion.

I am glad that Paul the Esk has taken this forum to inform us of the objectives of 27 minutes for 27 years and what is intended going forward. Of course this is still in its infancy and still a developing structure, but it is necessary, since the problems and the perpetrators still exist at Everton. They are toughing it out through the protest, using Brands to save their comfortable positions and hoping to put time between a protest that has really shaken them.

I have no trouble supporting 27 minutes for 27 years, which is a very necessary and legitimate protest pre-empting the recommendation of the Fan Led Review for a Fan Forum, which clubs like Everton will attempt to highjack. It needs a fan structure behind it to be effective.

I would even join and support Tony on his legitimate protest, not intending any pressure on him to do so. If you want a winning team, you need winning people both on and off the pitch, from top to bottom.

Paul [The Esk]
24 Posted 07/12/2021 at 23:05:07
All, thank you so much for your comments (well, perhaps not Tony threatening to streak!).

Asking fans to leave their seats in the middle of a vital game is a high-risk strategy, I understand that. It is the antithesis of what is expected from a loyal fan. I am grateful for everyone in the ground for participating or their reaction (the vast majority anyway).

However, it did achieve one major objective and that was media attention on the issues at Everton. A level of attention not seen for many years.

With regards to the vagueness of the objectives – yes they are deliberately vague – although the underlying intent is very obvious: bring the majority shareholder to the table to discuss and engage with fans.

This is a loose alliance, deliberately so – it will evolve over time. It will not disappear though until Moshiri engages and demonstrates he is making the necessary changes to improve our chances of future success.

I am very happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thanks again.

Jonathan Tasker
26 Posted 07/12/2021 at 23:09:00
I believe last night was a wasted opportunity. It reminded me of an OFSTED for a school. The true state of the school was hidden. The inspector walked away impressed.

The reality is that the school needs closing down. And to be totally rebuilt.

Brendan McLaughlin
27 Posted 07/12/2021 at 23:16:55

That's a couple of times you've posted the OFSTED crap... are you a school inspector perchance?

Explains a lot.

Laurie Hartley
28 Posted 07/12/2021 at 23:28:14
I agree with the sentiments of this article, Paul.

I didn't agree with the idea to walk out, and said so, but I do agree that the owner needs to know how the fans feel about how the club has been run.

Correct me if I am wrong but it sounds like there has been a meeting of some kind to drive this campaign? If that is the case, I think you need to be very well prepared and organised.

At the risk of getting clobbered, can I suggest you give yourselves a name and have a mission statement and an agenda. That tells him who you are, what your intention is, and what you want to talk about.

Your three major objectives seem to be your agenda. My suggestions for the other two:-

Everton 27 – Make Everton Great Again

[Ducks as spots incomings from across the Atlantic]

How to start the conversation?

Banners on three sides of the stadium raised on 27 minutes:-

“We are Everton 27 – We want to talk.”

I think your acknowledgement of Farhad Moshiri's financial commitment to the club is very important and you should make it known you appreciate it. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

Jim Jennings
29 Posted 07/12/2021 at 23:28:41
Paul 25

“However it did achieve one major objective and that was media attention on the issues at Everton. A level of attention not seen for many years.”

You're a valued, regular contributor to this site and clearly a knowledgable, passionate fan with good intentions who I admire for getting up off your arse to try to initiate change.

I therefore don't want this to sound disrespectful but, if you truly think the handful of fans walking out on 27 minutes brought the recent media attention on the club, you're way overestimating the impact of this campaign. There were two reasons for the media attention and they were Brands leaving and the fact we've been a bit shit these last 8 or so games.

Sadly, I cannot see Moshiri either engaging or feeling the need to do so, but fair doos to you and I support your objectives.

Paul [The Esk]
30 Posted 07/12/2021 at 23:54:35
Thanks for your kind comments, Jim. We worked our media contacts really hard to get that coverage, both print and broadcast media. Other factors helped of course.
Don Alexander
31 Posted 07/12/2021 at 23:56:11
Paul, I respect and admire your point of view, and your willingness to answer questions, but if someone with a Russian accent asks you for your address, I suggest you just hang up.

Everyone "in" Everton considers "accountability" an anathema. It's how they all got rich off our backs after all.

Jerome Shields
32 Posted 08/12/2021 at 00:17:57
Jonathan #26,

That's a good analogy, and what happens quite often, and no doubt they are hoping the same amongst certain quarters at Everton.

But Paul the Esk's suggestions are feasible for sustained pressure for change that these parties would find difficult to counter, given their actual management abilities.

I suspect they are aware of the extent of the campaign for accountability against them and find themselves having to do what they otherwise would not do.

Mike Gaynes
33 Posted 08/12/2021 at 02:58:30
Paul, thanks for so clearly stating your view of the objectives of the 27 campaign.

I wouldn't necessarily agree that it got "huge" media attention, perhaps because in my view the walkout idea was an empty gesture and pretty much a failure, but I can think of no more worthy endeavour than fans communicating with the owner.

With regards to point 1, I believe that Moshiri does recognize that the club's failures are down to management performance and governance issues. I just don't think he knows what to do about it. Moshiri has never run an organization that remotely resembles a football club, and I think the interpersonal complexities and club traditions have taken him into an unknown country.

Your points 2 and 3 I endorse wholeheartedly, but it's important to note that the club's deficiencies in communications strategy and fan interaction pre-date Moshiri by about 30 years. This club has never known how to talk to the world effectively. Moshiri's next hire needs to have extensive expertise and the will to start a PR structure from ground zero, because again this is something he has zero experience with. Private steel and mining companies have no need to interact with the public, and Moshiri has no conception of its importance in a football club, let alone how to execute it.

Finally, it's the fans' responsibility to make sure the communication from our side is engaged and effective. Walking out is bailing out. It's silly and counter to the spirit we are trying to express. We need to engage, and engage constructively, not disengage.

In Jonathan's string, Jamie Sweet posted the following:

"Perhaps a better "protest" would actually be to sing our fucking hearts out on 27 minutes?"

Now there's a guy who gets it. Moshiri needs to get a full load of Everton spirit in the finest way. I'll fly over for the express privilege of turning towards the owner's box on 27 minutes, 40k strong, and serenading him with one of the old songs. That'll get the point across far better than angry chants, bedsheet signs and waggling your ass on the way out the gate. And it'll lift the guys on the pitch sky high.

Mike Gaynes
34 Posted 08/12/2021 at 03:11:02
Jim #29...

"Sadly I cannot see Moshiri either engaging or feeling the need to do so..."

You are certainly right... at least up to now. As I mentioned above, I believe it's just that he doesn't have the slightest idea how to do it. Moshiri has never worked in -- let alone been in charge of -- any business operation where there was any need or value in engaging with the public. Industrial oligarchs (and their accountants) don't require people skills.

If... and it's a big 'if'... he belatedly recognizes the need here and brings in an expert to help him do it, he has a chance of success. And he certainly wants to succeed. So maybe that'll be the incentive to recognize the problem and address it. Maybe.

Steve Brown
35 Posted 08/12/2021 at 04:29:09
I think that the walkout on the 27th minute was always a tough ask. Supporters are passionate about the team and will always want to stay and get behind them.

But I am grateful that a section of our supporters are committed to proactive action for change. Unfortunately, posted dissent on ToffeeWeb will have zero impact.

There is also impetus for this as the government is looking right now at potential regulation of the Premier League. So perhaps a more constructive way to engage with the aims of the group is to propose proactive actions for change.

And as for singing our hearts as a medium for change, well we have been trying that for 27 years.

Steve Brown
36 Posted 08/12/2021 at 05:22:52
Paul @ 24, I agree 100% that the walkout generated important media publicity on the wider issues that fans want to raise.

Just one example, although there were many.


The reluctance to take action as a fanbase is the primary reason why the structural changes needed in how Everton are run is the primary reason why change has not taken place.

Fan-Led Review

Mike Gaynes
37 Posted 08/12/2021 at 06:04:07
Steve, you made me chuckle... I posted that Glendenning article 12 hours ago as an example of good journalistic perspective, and it was roundly dismissed as being the bitter product of a Mackem with an axe to grind.
John Keating
38 Posted 08/12/2021 at 07:03:13

The call for the walk-out was made at the end of last week and was all over Sky Sports and other media almost immediately. Brands was dismissed on Sunday.

To suggest media attention for the Monday match was about Brands is not exactly correct.

Ian Hollingworth
39 Posted 08/12/2021 at 07:11:37
Brilliant article, Paul. I just wished you had posted it last week as people are obviously giving the campaign more respect after it has been explained by you.

It has been very disappointing to read negative comments online (and some on TW) regarding those who left on 27 minutes. They are passionate Evertonians who care deeply about the state of our club.

We moan constantly, many about Kenwright, but he is probably the happiest man after Monday as he will take it as a vote of confidence in what he is doing.

Brian Murray
40 Posted 08/12/2021 at 07:29:27
Ian. Exactly spot on. The other night was a great smokescreen for the Chairman and all what's wrong with Everton. Evertonians are in the same city and just a mile from them other lot but they want completely different outcomes to each club.

We are happy with the odd great night and not be relevant which Kenwright adores that attitude (no pressure to be professional or employ professionals) strange lot, these Blues.

I won't rest until he's gone and nowhere near the unveiling of the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock. Tomorrow is not soon enough.

Jerome Shields
41 Posted 08/12/2021 at 08:46:21
"No one made a greater mistake than doing nothing because he could do so little. "

-Edmund Burke

Martin Mason
42 Posted 08/12/2021 at 09:08:43
The big question for us as fans, though, is what exactly do we want?

If it's trophies, then we are unlikely to win any in the next 27 years even if things go as well as they possibly could. All clubs have rich owners now, our turnover is low compared to the best, and FFP stops us throwing money around to buy success.

For me, winning silverware isn't so important as it is unlikely to happen and expecting it will lead to disappointment and more bitterness. For me, success will be in buying well and developing our teams to play in a way that is pleasing to watch and competing well in all competitions.

My holy grail would be Top 4 and to play in the Champions League. We have no right to win trophies and to expect it from the club is illogical. It'd be marvellous for me though to see the club run in a professional and modern way and that means communicating openly with the fans.

If I can see us competing with the best rather than going into games with just a very small chance of getting a result. As we're seeing, though, there are no easy games in the Premier League.

Laurie Hartley
43 Posted 08/12/2021 at 09:24:38
Martin #42 - that would do me.
Tony Abrahams
44 Posted 08/12/2021 at 09:39:17
Mike @33, what Jamie suggested actually happened, and I think it was probably because savvy Evertonians on all four sides of the ground realised that this was much better than booing and causing even more division amongst a very frustrated and angry fan base.

On point one, Mike, I remember talking to my accountant about a local taxi firm in Liverpool which was absolutely smashing it.

“The owner is a very clever man”, he told me, “I didn't know you knew him" was my reply. “I fuckin don't” he said, “but one thing he does do is pay for the best (lawyers, publicity etc) and that's why he's been so successful” is what he replied, and how could anyone argue with this?

And is why I think post #34, is very accurate and something Moshiri really needs to do!

Tony Abrahams
45 Posted 08/12/2021 at 09:52:01
If we can get to the level that you are asking for, Martin, then I honestly believe that at least a couple of trophies would automatically follow because, once Everton get a very good team, I'm certain the fans will help the team to do the rest.
Brian Harrison
46 Posted 08/12/2021 at 10:18:13
I believe that, under the ownership of Moshiri, we have signed 58 players in just over 5 years, and (including interim managers) we have had 8 managers. The protest was to show him that we are not happy with the way the club is being run, yet despite suggesting he would be at the game, he didn't show up.

I know someone said it was because of the Covid restrictions in Monaco, where he lives. He seems to think that the best way to communicate with fans is to send a text message to a radio TalkSport host.

During his ownership, he has employed Koeman, Silva and Allardyce as full-time managers and none have ever won anything in the Premier League, in fact, Allardyce is more famous for stopping teams getting relegated.

Also seems clear that he was the main reason we signed Iwobi, obviously seeing Moshiri knows nothing about football, you have to wonder why he signed him?

He also is attributed to making some unsavoury comments about Lukaku and voodoo dolls. Since he took over, were we used to regularly finish in the top 7, we now struggle to make it into the top 10.

When he took over the ownership, he publicly stated that he only expected Everton to take up 5% of his time. Other than his employer suggesting it may be a good commercial interest and hopefully a money-making venture, I really struggle to see why someone who has absolutely no interest or understanding of football would get involved.

I know many posters on here, and also including some who instigated the walkout, want Kenwright and Barrett-Baxendale removed from the board, and I have no issue with that, but we shouldn't take our eye off the real problem and that's our owner.

I, like everybody, was delighted when he joined and promised to spend and put Everton back amongst the elite; to be fair, he has put his money where his mouth is. It's just sad that he didn't have a better oversight of running a football club.

He is by profession an accountant, so the one thing you would expect having a top accountant who is used to dealing with many million pound companies would at least make sure we didn't fall foul of FFP and he hasn't even managed to do that.

He has now employed the most divisive manager he could have, who will never get the full backing of all the fans. As Carragher said, he likes to create divisions within the club, and he reckons that Benitez seems to like working under these conditions. He has only been here a short while yet has overseen the removal of the DoF and the Head of Sports Science.

He has brought into the club the guy who was his assistant at Newcastle, the fitness coach he had at Newcastle and now the sports scientist who he had at Newcastle – is this the same people who helped him get Newcastle relegated?

Yes, he got them promoted the following season but only to merely survive in the Premier League. If rumours are correct, he has already fallen out with players who have asked for a change in tactics.

Pete Clarke
47 Posted 08/12/2021 at 10:24:38
The walkout was important but divisive. So much so that I know if I was back home that I would have done so but my brother who went to the game would never do so. He just screams and shouts at them instead!

Moshiri has not got a clue. He had thrown his money around carelessly in the hope that the people who are hired in the important roles do a good job. Unfortunately for him, they didn't and Bill Kenwright, being the most senior of all these people, failed him – just like he has failed the club for near on 3 decades.

I do not know if it's even possible that one or two Everton supporters – maybe yourself, Paul – could somehow through the media arrange a meeting with Moshiri to get some important questions out of the way? I don't see how else we are going to make him understand exactly what we demand as supporters.

Unlike Martin's thoughts, mine are that we should be competing for trophies every year – especially given the money spent. Call me a dreamer if you wish but, if your hope is just to see us float around mid-table forever, then we may as well pack it in altogether.

The win we had the other night was great, especially the winning goal and seeing Goodison bouncing. Truth is, though, that it was just relief from the fact that a defeat (which it nearly was) would have put us in further turmoil and caused a lot of deep anger at the owner and his fraternal brother, Bill.

Let's keep the pressure on Moshiri because, if he lets Bill stay, then we will make zero progress. His ugly mug put a bit of a dampener on the other night as he probably thinks we are all hunky-dory again. Well, we are not, of course, because – as seen the way Arsenal had that ball in our area so quickly for that last effort – we will concede goals.

Hats off to the Goodison faithful the other night and also for those who walked out.

Steve Brown
48 Posted 08/12/2021 at 10:50:46
Mike @ 37, I can understand why you chuckled. What the hell does the journo being a Makem have to do with the points he was making?!

Just shows how we all screen out opinions and perspectives that make us uncomfortable or clash with our views and biases.

As regards criticism of fans who walked out in the 27th minute, I wouldn't have walked out myself but I have total respect for those who did. They raised awareness in the media of the many areas of unhappiness among the fans which have been very well articulated by ToffeeWebbers for years.

Clive Rogers
49 Posted 08/12/2021 at 11:05:52
Pete, 47, agree with what you say. The problem with getting rid of Kenwright is that he reportedly has a written agreement to remain chairman for life.
Dave Abrahams
50 Posted 08/12/2021 at 11:21:28
Martin (42), good post.

I honestly think Benitez is trying to get Everton into a more professional way on and off the field. Two people have left, one because Benitez didn't believe in his fitness methods, and Mr Brands has left, maybe ousted by others. Others may go because they have proved over a long period they have mis-managed Everton FC.

Benitez, like many managers do, has started bringing his own players in, like Kenwright did with previous CEOs. Two of them left – one after 6 weeks because Kenwright wouldn't sell the club like he was advised to; one was bought off because he threatened to talk to the media and expose a few realities over the way the club was run.

He eventually brought his friend in, Mrs Barrett-Baxendale, who brought her friend in, Mark Ingles. They are both on the board now, just the three of them Billy, Denise and Mark, that's who are looking after and running our club, God help us!!

The protest for me was to get rid of these people, who have not put a penny into Everton FC – not Mr Moshiri, who saved the club from possible bankruptcy and trusted his friend (?) to look after the club for him; he didn't... but made sure he looked after himself. I hope these protests carry on until the club is run professionally by professional people.

Brian Murray
51 Posted 08/12/2021 at 11:24:35
Clive. Are you sure this written agreement is just a figment so these plucky Everton lovers can just shrug their shoulders and have a party over games like the other night? Contracts are written and re-written or squashed all the time so I'm not having that one.

Evertonians embrace what we have and don't want or couldn't handle anything big time. Moyes and the chairman have seen to that to this day – a generation of fans have never seen any different.

Mike Hayes
52 Posted 08/12/2021 at 11:37:18
These protests need to carry on and hopefully hound out Kenwright and the Dynamite Kid; otherwise, this club will be going to the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock via the Championship.

He is absolutely useless and hasn't got a clue about running a club but is an expert at ruining one!

If the only way to get him out is for Moshiri to sell up, then so be it. I'm sick to death of him being there lying through his smug fake face. The quicker he goes, the better.

Steve Brown
53 Posted 08/12/2021 at 11:41:11
The "strategic review' will be led by Kenwright, Barrett-Baxnendale and Ingles. A bit like asking a group of junkies to advise on the government's drug policy just as they have had a relapse. It is not expected to be a radical overhaul so we can safely file this review under 'Bullshit'.

Dave @50, if Benitez is trying to get Everton on a more professional footing on and off the pitch, he should start with his own performance. He has been poor in the areas of planning, selection, tactical set-up, game management and substitutions for the last 12 games. I suggest he gets his own act together before he starts interfering elsewhere.

Jerome Shields
54 Posted 08/12/2021 at 12:18:41
Steve #53,

Just an attempt to get back control and protect the status quo. There was a report of Bill allegedly attempting to call an emergency Board meeting on Sunday night. This strategic review could be even an attempt to counter or preempt Benitez's actions on his review of all departments. The one thing that will not be taken into account in this review will be fan opinions.

There has been a lot of talk of strategic planning and changes in structure by the Chief Executive with board backing in the last 2 years prior to Brands departure.

The long-term permanent strategic plan is not permanent, it seems.

Tony Abrahams
55 Posted 08/12/2021 at 12:20:46
Benitez would of course say that he brought Gomes on the other night, Steve, but I do agree that he's got to sort out our back four plus the players in front of them to play as one solid unit whenever possible.

I'm wondering about Duncan Ferguson's input nowadays. After serving under Ancelotti, which obviously meant learning about how to defend set-pieces properly, maybe Benitez should have taken this on board, even if we haven't conceded from a set-piece for at least four games now? Other than a penalty kick.

Paul [The Esk]
56 Posted 08/12/2021 at 12:59:22
Appreciate all the feedback, genuinely useful in finding the balance between actions that are sufficiently "newsworthy" to maintain media interest whilst simultaneously increasing the level of participation.

The objective is very much to get Moshiri to make the changes in the board room and executive teams to improve governance and performance across the club; to get him to communicate through the club – not TalkSport; and to communicate, meet and engage with fans.

The media constantly ask his PR company for access. I ask Moshiri's people for access. He's not changed his stance in nearly 6 years. I hope this changes soon.

Dave Abrahams
57 Posted 08/12/2021 at 13:39:00
Steve (53),

Yes of course Benitez has made mistakes, especially with not using three players in centre-midfield and using a player who wasn't fit.

Twelve games though, Steve? Don't you make allowances for the injuries of four players in vital positions, suspensions, and Rondon was used from the start because there was nobody else fit enough to start, and I think Rondon was bought to play mostly as a substitute to take the weight off Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison; did you see an improvement in Rondon v Liverpool?

Steve, I think Benitez has inherited a mess from previous managers, had to use spare change in the transfer market in the summer. Two of those players have helped to garner some of the much-needed points we have gained.

Would you agree that Benitez, like most managers, needs a lot more than 5 or 6 months, to try and salvage something from the previous years of mis- management?

Alan J Thompson
58 Posted 08/12/2021 at 14:03:53
A bit long-winded way of asking those who run the club to listen to those who pay to watch the club to discuss the bleedin' obvious. Well, to the latter mentioned, but this is what becomes of good customers, the addicted, and those who think they've paid for the privilege of running the club.

What's that saying about showbusiness?

Matt Henderson
59 Posted 08/12/2021 at 14:22:20
Based on the below quote from the Echo, I do not think the message is even close to getting through.

"The existing Board are set to lead a “strategic review” of the club's football structure following Brands's departure as Director of Football after 3½ years."

The existing Board are part of the overall structure and its past failings. Why would we be asking the Board to, in effect, review themselves? Will this lead to an honest, value-added appraisal of the football structure?

If someone asks me to evaluate my own performance at work, would I be able to identify my own failings and would I be honest with publicising them to anyone even if I could? No.

The review should be of more than just the 'football' structure and it should be completed by external, independent consultants who can bring knowledge of how best practice clubs are run.

How is the existing Board going to bring any external expertise obtained from other clubs to this review? They are also unlikely to call out their own short-comings in order to protect their positions (it's human nature).

The review is meaningless and missing an opportunity to drive real value-adding change to the club. I really am starting to believe we have no hope under Moshri as he has no idea. And I cannot believe the Club is not further scrutinised in the media for this approach to a review alone.

A win here and there is not going to change anything long-term and we will be banging on about the same things year after year. On our current trajectory, we will end up being relegated at some point unless the real issues holding us back are identified and addressed.

Brian Murray
60 Posted 08/12/2021 at 14:48:21
The majority of fans are it seems happy to clap their way to mid-table every season as long as relegation is avoided. Same with the owner. Bill is over the moon with that acceptance, as we saw with his smirk on Monday, knowing he's got away with it yet again for another few months or even years.

He is never an Evertonian – just an ego blubbering inept fool... but hey, he's one of us, apparently. My arse.

Barry Hesketh
61 Posted 08/12/2021 at 15:05:42
Brian @60,

I think the majority of the fans are supportive of the objectives that Paul the Esk and the others who are responsible for the 27 minutes campaign have outlined. I just don't think that the fans are supportive of the methods employed last Monday.

If the methods that are used in the future are communicated with more warning and are more practical, I'm fairly certain that the support will be there to relay the message to the board and owner.

We all as Evertonians want what is best for Everton FC and I just don't think that a walk-out last Monday was the right time, due to the horrendous run the team has been on, which we hope has come to an end.

Bill will only leave Everton when it suits him. That's one of the issues that the club and owner have: everything has been about Bill for too long; it's about time it was about Everton Football Club – and only Everton Football Club.

Tony Abrahams
62 Posted 08/12/2021 at 15:06:50
I think most people think that the existing board are the biggest issue. This is only going to end up getting messy unless Moshiri starts engaging with some genuine Evertonians. Ones who know a lot more about Everton FC than either himself or anyone else who is currently on the board (ie, people like Paul the Esk, or Keioc) – although one does know how to play the game of self-fucking-preservation?
Ian Horan
63 Posted 08/12/2021 at 15:15:00
The only strategic review that would have any credibility would need to be undertaken by totally independent auditors. Kenwright and Barrett-Baxendale aren't exactly going to say yes we have found we have been shite, amateurish in our approach to management.

Moshiri is not without criticism for buying Iwobi, and Kenwright for the teary-eyed return of the prodigal son, Rooney.

Moshiri should ask Dein and Richard Masters to come in and undertake the review – or maybe the guy leaving RS seeing he has made a success of their operating model.

Joe McMahon
64 Posted 08/12/2021 at 15:24:54
I agree with Tony and Ian. If the teary embarrassing one (who thinks we are still in the 1960s) and Barrett-Baxendale are involved in any kind of deep-dive review, it will just end up being "The Everton Way" which is non-professional and incestuous. And this is the exact reason for the demise of last 27 years (and beyond).
John McFarlane Snr
65 Posted 08/12/2021 at 15:28:57
Hi Dave [50 & 57],

Like yourself, I believe that the protest shouldn't be aimed at Moshiri or Benitez. The former relies on advice concerning football issues, and the latter has inherited an average squad.

Regarding the protest itself, I believe that it was well intentioned but badly organised. For it to be successful, I think that a meeting of fans is required, with a body of fans to be elected to represent the views of supporters. I'm sure that there are plenty of articulate Evertonians who could express the feelings of the many lesser blessed fans.

By the way, I include myself in the lesser contingent. I'm as disappointed as anyone at the decline of our club, but I'm afraid that a walk-out is not in my DNA.

Mike Gaynes
66 Posted 08/12/2021 at 15:40:41
Paul #56,

I didn't know that. Would you please share the name of Moshiri's media company? I work with a PR firm in London on occasion and I'd like very much to get their feedback on the company.

Dave #57, great post, agreed.

Steve #53,

I too think you may be assigning too much blame to Benitez for problems that aren't of his making. We all disagree with his lineups and subs on occasion, but to me, his game management has actually been pretty good, and the way he has handled himself amid all this chaos has genuinely impressed me.

Tony #44,

That's great. I didn't hear it on the TV myself but it's good to know some fans took that approach.

Dennis Stevens
67 Posted 08/12/2021 at 15:52:30
I don't think the protests should be, nor are they, against Moshiri. However, they do have to be aimed at him as he is the one person who has the authority to make the necessary changes.

Hopefully, he will shunt Kenwright off the Board to some non-executive Club President position, where he can express his views to the Board but have no authority to actually do anything at all.

The Board then desperately needs to be reconstituted with professionals, and maybe one or two Evertonians(!), tasked with running the club in a proper businesslike manner.

Benitez may not be the manager of choice for many, including me, but we need no more managerial uncertainty for a good while yet. I suspect he is extremely keen to make the club successful, especially because of his history across the park, rather than despite it.

Jerome Shields
68 Posted 08/12/2021 at 16:05:42
All that has been done in the pass 6 years has been done with Moshiri's blessing.

The reason he appears to be arm's length is that he wants it that way, because it suits. It also suits him to have Kenwright as Chairman and effectively running Everton. The strategic review would be with Moshiri's blessing also.

Paul the Esk is right: Moshiri has to be tackled if the necessary change is to happen. Trying to hold him accountable is a start.

Paul [The Esk]
70 Posted 08/12/2021 at 16:49:17
Mike #66 if you email me paul@theesk.org thanks
Kieran Kinsella
71 Posted 08/12/2021 at 16:53:16
Dave 57 & John 65

Sensible words, gents, as usual.

Bill Hawker
72 Posted 08/12/2021 at 17:25:06
Another excellent article from Paul.

I'd love to see "An Evening at Goodison" where Moshiri hosts anyone and everyone and basically answers questions from the audience for a few hours regarding the "aligned objectives" that Paul mentions as well as updating everyone on the club finances and how we'll meet future objectives. Could it be uncomfortable at times? Sure but I'd love to see it.

Something like that could go a long way towards engendering trust with the supporters that has been lacking for a while now.

Christine Foster
73 Posted 08/12/2021 at 19:01:50
Paul, an excellent and well thought-through piece.

Many very good posts in response as well and I think that, after banging a drum for so long, it's encouraging to see so many unified voices on this forum and attention to our plight in the national media.

The request to Moshiri is simple, sensible and reasonable – that our club should be run by experienced professionals with clear responsibilities for effective communication with fans, media and shareholders. A map for governance that can reflect a well-run high-profile and hopefully, successful football club.

Why this is so different from what we have is because Moshiri had ceded responsibility for running the club to a handful of people under the control of a man who is totally opposed to good governance and always have been. He doesn't believe he is answerable to anyone after bringing in an investor rather than a change of the guard.

All the money wasted has been on the watch of the current Chairman and he and his crew should be shown the door and his structures and culture should be dismantled. This will only ever happen with the introduction of a professional team with a clear communication and inclusion (as opposed to exclusion) policy.

As a fanbase, we are extraordinary in the quality of people we have, many of whom would give their time and energy for a club they not just support, but love. Mind you, the sight of many of them stripping naked as a protest makes my eyes water (with laughter, I might add).

Paul [The Esk]
74 Posted 08/12/2021 at 19:08:30
Thanks, Christine 100%.

There are so many Blues that not only devote extraordinary time and money following the team on matchdays but also hold the club to account through research and drawing on experience from elsewhere.

I don't know when this fan-led accountability will produce results. I do know there's a body of Blues that will never give up the pursuit of excellence for our beloved club.

Maybe this campaign is the one that breaks the dam. I hope so, for all our sakes!

Jay Wood

75 Posted 08/12/2021 at 20:08:49
When this 27-27 initiative was launched, I took the position that I neither condone nor condemn the proposal. It is an initiative taken by well-intended Blues expressing discontent at the poor management, appointments and wastefulness in not only the 6 years under Moshiri, but also pre-dating his tenure.

The accompanying statement of their objectives again seemed honourable and well-intended.

Personally, I don't think the idea of matchgoers vacating their seat on 27 minutes was a particular good one, but again, I don't condemn anyone who joined in.

If nothing else, it has provoked a discussion amongst Blues as to what, if any, action the fan base could and should take to express their dissatisfaction with the club owner and management.

Now it's done and dusted, I'm not clear if it was intended as a one-off for the Arsenal game alone, or whether it is intended to be repeated at every game, home and away, until the objectives are met.

Paul writes that having more 'visuals' (eg, banners) is one option, or alternative 'more widely accepted and engaged-in actions'.

Perhaps Paul could clarify that. What further actions and alternative actions is the 27-27 alliance proposing or intending?

Similarly, I for one would like to know who and what makes up the 'informal alliance of supporter groups, fan organisations and individuals'.

If one of the alliance's objectives is to ask for greater trasparency and communication with Farhad Moshiri, they themselves should also be transparent.

I'm also curious as to the structure of the 'loose alliance', how its obectives are arrived at and who is leading the alliance, if anyone at all.

Paul has gone to great lengths over many months to highlight the perceived failings in the management structure at EFC, so he knows the importance of good organizational structure and governance.

If, as appears the case from Paul's posting here, he himself is very much at the forefront of the alliance, then by his own admission he knows he is possibly facing a forlorn task.

By that I mean Paul has shared with us that his many TW articles on the finances and governance at Everton have been shared with the club, but basically ignored.

As for greater engagement by the management with the fanbase, the club could legitimately argue that they did just that on an unprecedented and impressive scale in their multiple-canvassing of Blues (and others) in relation to the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock and the Goodison Heritage proposals.

Ultimately, for the alliance to succeed in its stated objectives, it needs to broaden its support to tens of thousands, rather than the tens and scores who took action in the 27th minute vs Arsenal.

No easy task.

Ian Bennett
76 Posted 08/12/2021 at 21:07:20
Totally agree with those points.

I am sick of Moshiri only communicating to the fans via Jim White. This is unacceptable.

Bill Kenwright needs to leave the club.

A new board needs to be formed. It needs to know what excellence looks like, it needs proper football people involved. Moshiri is clueless, so he best find someone who does know what it takes. It is clear Denise Barrett-Baxendale isn't a suitable football leader.

The new broom then needs to sort out the academy and scouting system. Cosyclub, jobs for mates needs to end now.

Ian Hollingworth
77 Posted 09/12/2021 at 06:54:54
Many joined-up themes above but, trust me, there are many Blues who support Kenwright; you only have to see comments on social media to know this.

I know I said it earlier but Monday's response to the 27th-minute walkout will have boosted his ego, reaffirming that he is supported by Evertonians and that he is doing the right thing. Therefore, how seriously do you think he and the board will take the review? The are doing everything right and are well supported; why change?

It's critical that the campaign continues and finds something that the match-going fans are happy to support. However, sometimes change is only achieved by people doing things that they may normally be uncomfortable doing.

Steve Brown
78 Posted 09/12/2021 at 07:48:07
Mike & Dave, I may be too harsh on Benitez and I acknowledge the context of the situation he found when he took the job. However, he is experienced and understood perfectly what he was taking on.

Equally, I do not want him fired as we desperately need some stability. That is especially the case with no DoF in place, and the decision to fire Brands may help him keep his job to the end of the season. But, he needs to perform a lot better and focus his energy and efforts on the manager role before he starts delving into other departments.

If he had lost the Arsenal game (and in the 79th minute, that was the case), he would have gone into the next 2 games with 2 wins, 2 draws and 8 defeats in the last 12 games. That form gets you fired, whatever the context of the circumstances in which you took the job.

Frankly, defeats in the next 2 games will put the pressure right back on, so I hope he is spending all his time with the players on the training pitch.

Danny O’Neill
79 Posted 09/12/2021 at 09:09:40
But a game lasts 90+ minutes, Steve Brown, not 79 minutes!!

That's tongue-in-cheek; I get your point and we need to see what the next few games deliver. But it stopped the rot and gave us a much-needed lift. Ifs, buts and maybes... but the game is never over until the final whistle.

To the article, engagement and communication is key here. Something Moshiri is not good at considering, as we seem to all agree, his commitment is not really in question. He always seems to want to be in the shadows and rely on messengers, be that through the media or the likes of Kenwright.

Okay, I get that. There is nothing wrong with delegation of authority and I am used to that model. But only when those empowered are aligned with the message that the leader wants to convey. And are competent. His board; those he empowers are not.

Military operations are executed with the commander's intent at all levels. Those empowered with delegated powers make their own judgement and plans, but it is always delivered with the strategic objective in mind. Not "What I want to do".

The engagement and governance relates back to previous articles. Unfortunately, English football doesn't have that model. We rely on a good-willed owner or success to have that. When it goes bad, the boardroom goes silent and distant. Perhaps this relates back to adopting the German model, where the board are held more to account to the supporters because of ownership percentage restrictions? Which I appreciate can still be manipulated.

The structure and organisation of the club needs clearing out and re-modelling. Top to bottom. Finch Farm to the Board Room. We failed to implement a DoF model. That isn't because the concept isn't sound. It's because the concept was poorly executed.

Final word. I don't pass judgement on those who wish to protest. But I don't agree with walking out during a match or turning my back on the team I've supported since my earliest memories. I personally could never do that. I never will, regardless. There are other ways to achieve the aims of the 27 for 27 in my opinion.

Tony Abrahams
80 Posted 09/12/2021 at 10:33:14
I agree, Danny, but I know I would walk out in protest (maybe not even return) if it is the usual suspects who are “incredibly” going to be doing this strategic review though... if there is to be one, that is, mate.

Moshiri needs to listen because, although I agree with Ian H when he says Kenwright has got a lot of support, I also think he's lost a lot of people over the last couple of years. When I talked about savvy Evertonians singing to drown out the boos and thus helping to avoid confrontation, this won't always be the case in the future, once this protest grows.

Dave Abrahams
81 Posted 09/12/2021 at 11:02:20
Steve (78),

Thanks for your reply. I understand you wanting Benitez to concentrate mostly on the playing side of the club but, for me, getting the club run in a professional way is equally important. I think Benitez trying to shake this department up and sort it out will be to the benefit of Everton FC.

Anyway, I bet you were delighted with the win versus Arsenal and hopefully will lead to us getting some more valuable points in the bag before January, when we will strengthen the squad with at least three players in positions where we are weak.

Danny O’Neill
82 Posted 09/12/2021 at 11:06:25
There is a problem there straight away, Tony. In my line of business (current, not my Army war stories!!), we have external auditors come in on an annual basis to assess us on our compliance and effectiveness. The strategic review Everton seem to be proposing appears to be the usual suspects marking their own homework.

I too agree with Ian's view but even eternal foolish Evertonians like me have turned, like sour milk.

In the earlier years, I was not one of those massively offended by Kenwright. I thought his time should have been done many years ago and in particular when Moshiri came in. Despite having clung on for longer than most wanted, that was definitely the time to go and the owner should have imposed his own will and people on the club right then.

To my point. If there is going to be a strategic review, it needs Moshiri to get an external auditor in and not have it done in an internal self-licking ice cream way by those in positions they wish to preserve. They will just give themselves 9 out of 10, room for improvement and carry on as if nothing has happened.

Danny O’Neill
83 Posted 09/12/2021 at 11:15:37
Ironically, Dave Abrahams acting as a defacto Director of Football?
Tony Abrahams
84 Posted 09/12/2021 at 11:39:13
I'm not sure about that, Danny, but I would definitely love people like Paul The Esk, or some other genuine Evertonians, to be allowed to participate in this strategic review though, mate.

My son has just rang me to say Iwobi has badly injured Richarilson in training, but I'm hoping it's one of his red mates taking the piss, in fact I'm fucking terrified, just in case his mate is being serious, the little red nose fucker (his mate).

Jerome Shields
85 Posted 09/12/2021 at 11:59:26
Danny #82,

What you say is right regarding external than internal review. But, in my experience, external auditors and external regulators never actually sort out anything till it is too late. You are of course 100% correct that the current proposed internal review will be a whitewash.

This is an attempt by parties on the board to regroup, since an easily controlled board member has departed. I would describe Brands as being meek. The meek in reality do not inherit the earth, they get trampled into it. That's what actually happened to Brands. So an external auditor, with a paymaster on the board, would soon comply with such capability against them. Management consultants are in the same boat.

It was on a thread of one of Paul the Esk's articles with various inputs, including Paul the Esk, that I realised that Moshiri was happy with the parties that run Everton, because it suited him to be arm's length, with direct control through the manager and being paymaster for in and out transfers. Even texting Jimmy White with the yellow tie suits, because it allows him direct contact, without going through any structure.

Moshiri effectively runs Everton like an offshore company. Nominal directors mostly without qualification, and direct control of his money in what appears as an indirect way. Benitez, in his all departments review, is taking over the football side within the remit that Moshiri is directly allowing him. Moshiri did not consult anyone over the decision of Brands's removal, they just fell in behind the decision.

So Paul the Esk is right that the only way to change Everton is to influence Moshiri. The structure that has to be changed is the Moshiri structure, which is no way to run a football club. Moshiri has no problem with the internal review proposed, because it will do bugger-all to affect the way he runs Everton.

Paul the Esk has advocated firstly making Moshiri operate through the existing structure, even down to the PR department, who are probably aghast at having to listen to Jimmy White with his yellow tie to find out what is going on. Though big pay and a big title helps. The second area is working through the existing structures and actually having accountability in place, even to the fans, as recommended by the recent Fan Led Review.

Danny, this is all complicated stuff, but Paul the Esk and his associates are trying to get a grip on a clear mission and method that fans can fall in behind. The merit of the intial attempt of 27 minutes for 27 years was that it was plausible and does have the correct objectives. It just needs more tuning so that more fans can fall in behind it.

Influencing Moshiri is the only way to change Everton, Benitez may bring in some changes, but there are changes outside his remit that are needed if Everton are to take their rightful role in football, that only Moshiri (or whoever comes after him) can implement.

Paul [The Esk]
86 Posted 09/12/2021 at 12:12:51
Spot on, Jerome, you explained it better than me! The 27 for 27 campaign is in its infancy but you correctly identify that it has to be directed at Moshiri because ultimately he is the only person who can change anything significant.

Your observation that he runs the company "like an offshore company" is very astute – thank you for that.

Jerome Shields
87 Posted 09/12/2021 at 12:23:28
What also occurred to me is that, if Usmanov wants things done, would Moshiri want to be pissing about with Bill trying to get them done?

Better to leave Bill alone and bypass by going direct. Ask Don (#31) – he has the right idea.

Danny O’Neill
88 Posted 09/12/2021 at 12:36:42
Well articulated, Jerome. And the point about influencing Moshiri is key. But who will he listen to? That is my concern given his history at Everton to date.

This has to be targeted at Moshiri and no-one else. Second order of effects can happen (eg, removal of Kenwright), but focus efforts on the main objective (the owner) for that to happen. Not the secondary or tertiary ones born of decades of frustration or they won't materialise and we'll still be talking about Kenwright in 5 years time after Moshiri has sold up and gone.

I agree and accept that external audits are not without flaw. In my experience, even they are likely to not be so critical because they want the gig next year. Without wanting to go down a political rabbit hole, it's a bit like the reaction to Covid. Bold statements and be seen to do and say something for the sake of being seen to do and say something. But without actual substance, implementation or governance of the called for actions. I use the London Mayor's "rule" on continued mask wearing on Transport For London in comparison to the reality of daily travel in the capital as an example.

But surely they are better than Bill and Baxendale self-critiquing their performance and reporting back?

Sorry, that should read self-praising and telling the owner everything is okay and the natives are just a bit restless, but they'll be alright in a few weeks.

Tony, I am just back from the US, so my Stateside self is calling on all the Native American Spirits alongside my Liverpool Catholic self holding the Rosary Beads. Please God no. Let your lad's mate be taking the piss & winding us up.

Jay Wood

89 Posted 09/12/2021 at 12:49:39
So Paul, Moshiri – who is not a director or on the board at EFC – is a shadow director.

The definition of a shadow director is someone who:

* Has the power to authorise expenditure (big tick for Moshiri)

* Borrows or lends on behalf of the club (another big tick)

* Is actively involved in board meetings (a bit more opaque this one, but it is hard to deny that he influences the board's decisions)

* Manages the club's business activities (again, opaque, but the hiring and firing certainly falls almost exclusively to Moshiri, as have the big decisions such as the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock and Goodison Heritage projects, as well as transferring the club's operational hub to the Liver Building).

Any misstep by Moshiri in these duties could make him liable to a breach of Corporate Law, which could have dire consequences not only for him, but more importantly, for the club.

And I'll repeat a couple of questions I put to you earlier, Paul.

* Who and what makes up the 'informal alliance of supporter groups, fan organisations and individuals'?

* What is the structure of the 'loose alliance', how its obectives are arrived at and who is leading the alliance, if anyone at all?

Tony McNulty
90 Posted 09/12/2021 at 13:00:38
Everton's Board may not appear to be the most functional in organisational history (and I personally would want to be closer to the conduct of their business before making too many observations about them).

Notwithstanding, the staff and management in many organisations serve their customers extremely well, despite a dysfunctional board, in whom they have little interest, and rare direct contact.

And one thing is true: no-one from the Board is ever on the team sheet, and none of them will be playing at Selhurst Park on Sunday.

Paul Richardson
91 Posted 09/12/2021 at 13:06:58
I applaud the openness of 27 for 27 and wish them equal luck as the 28 for 28 and 29 for 29 etc loose organisations of the future!

The "offshore company" comment is spot on. Moshiri doesn't want to engage... he's an accountant, not a theatre impresario.

The Everton investment is an investment in Liverpool property and the city's excellent re-development opportunities all the way from the Liver Building to Bramley-Moore Dock and probably beyond.

But the point remains, the asset he has bought, to get a foot in the door, needs to be run properly and, at board level, it hasn't been for years. So, rightly, he has to be the target... with perhaps the persuasive argument being that well-run football clubs can be cost-neutral or even make money, but the goodwill they generate can open previously-closed development and profit-potential doors on Merseyside.

You have to find out what someone wants, then demonstrate how you can help them achieve it.

Danny O’Neill
92 Posted 09/12/2021 at 13:36:46
Tony Mc @90. I have my eye on the team sheet for Sunday. Just as I did on my lads brand new Adidas Kaiser's (Scouse pronunciation A-dee-dass, or is that just me?). At 50 years old, it made me want a pair!!

Throwing a tangent out here now. Beckenbauers (Kaisers), World Cups, Copa Mundial or Puma Kings?


Paul [The Esk]
93 Posted 09/12/2021 at 13:51:07
Jay, thanks, yes I am fully aware of his status as shadow director; however, the campaign is addressing him as majority shareholder who alone has the power to make the changes necessary at board level.

Who and what makes up the 'informal alliance of supporter groups, fan organisations and individuals'?

* What is the structure of the 'loose alliance', how its objectives are arrived at and who is leading the alliance, if anyone at all?

The campaign is precisely that, a loose alliance. What does that mean? A group of fans drawn from social media who (in social media parlance) are considered to be influencers; some like me have their own channels from which they promote their views. The vast majority are ordinary home and away going Blues who are respectfully asking reasonable questions of our majority shareholder. Anyone who wants to join the discussion can do so by contacting me on Twitter.

There is no structure other than a group chat; the objectives were discussed in the group chat and agreed. There's no structure, no leadership as such.

It's important to state that the campaign is not speaking on behalf of anyone other than those within the campaign. We are and will continue to ask for support from fellow Blues but there is no compulsion nor any judgement of those that prefer not to engage or get involved.

Danny O’Neill
94 Posted 09/12/2021 at 13:56:28
I've not really done the Twitter thing, Paul. Maybe on and off over the years.

But I'll join the group. I'm more of a romantist than a foaming-at-the-mouth Kill Bill type of supporter, but even I am now at the end of my tether.

Hopefully I can bring a bit of balance, but ultimately, we all want the same things for Everton.

I will get active and join the group.

Ray Roche
95 Posted 09/12/2021 at 13:58:45
Danny @92

None of them. Adidas Penarol by a country mile.

Jerome Shields
96 Posted 09/12/2021 at 14:03:35
Paul the Esk and Danny.

Makes a change normally tie myself in Knots. The fact that I didn't was due to the clarity of you both putting forward your cases and me trying to fine tune it according to my own unfortunate experience which I fortunately managed to come through the other end off still standing.

Thank you.

Tony McNulty
97 Posted 09/12/2021 at 14:15:34
Danny (92),

Team sheet goes up on Sunday. Iwobi is on the bench. Rafa speaks to him.

Rafa: “It has to be admitted, you’ve not been playing well.”

Iwobi: “I’ve been having sleepless nights, boss, worrying about our corporate structure.”

Rafa: “But you need to close down more, and make better use of the ball when you get it.”

Iwobi: “I know, but I just go to pieces when I start thinking about our lack of external auditors.”

Rafa: “And you defend too deep. It gives the opposition a chance to get closer to goal.”

Iwobi: “I wasn’t thinking about offside boss, but if you’re interested, I’ve got views on offshore.”

Jay Wood

98 Posted 09/12/2021 at 15:20:22
Thanks for the reply Paul.

If you want to strengthen the 27-27 campaign I suggest you - and others - post a single link with an enrolment process where sympathizers who may wish to support the movement can go to register their interest. It's also a good way to gauge the level of interest across the broader Everton family and whether the campaign has a chance of flying.

KEIOC, for example, established a website and a forum sympathizers could follow and be regularly updated on. Currently, as far as I'm aware, 27-27 has no such rallying point.

Vaguely saying anyone who wants to join the discussion can do so by contacting you on Twitter is not, I respectfully suggest, going to grow the numbers to a significant degree, Paul.

In the age of Social Media you also need to have an idea of the typical profile you are appealing to and where they gather. 'Contact me on Twitter' doesn't cut it, Paul. What about those who are not on Twitter? How are you going to recruit them? You need to appeal across multiple platforms, to different age groups.

Typically, research shows the median age range and popularity of different social media platforms is as follows:

Twitter 34-49
Facebook and Pinterest 40
YouTube 26-35
Instagram and LinkedIn 25-34
TikTok 16-24

That's without getting into gender differences, or the type of content that most appeals to each age group on which platform.

Your description of the movement I have to say also lacks credibility. If one of your stated aims is to get Moshiri to change the management structure and be more professionally run, why on earth would he listen to a (still) minority group without leadership or any structure itself, that only chats in a social media group?

I've no doubt that you and others are well-intentioned, but to say as you do:

'It's important to state that the campaign is not speaking on behalf of anyone other than those within the campaign. We are and will continue to ask for support from fellow Blues but there is no compulsion nor any judgement of those that prefer not to engage or get involved.'

Well, sorry. But that's all a bit whimsical and wishy-washy to my ears.

For me, if you genuinely wish to make a difference and engage with Farhad Moshiri as per the stated aims of the movement, the campaign is going to require leadership, structure and activists, rather than followers in a chat group, before it can be taken seriously by fellow Blues, never mind the club owner.

Steve Brown
99 Posted 09/12/2021 at 16:03:35
Jay, you forgot one.

ToffeeWeb 55-99. 😉

Stephen Vincent
100 Posted 09/12/2021 at 16:07:26
I posted this on another thread last week, perhaps it is more at home here. I do feel that some positive action would be a great starting point.

'Unfortunately I am not a shareholder, but if memory serves didn't the 2006 companies act enshrine certain safeguards and rights for all shareholders no matter how small.
Those rights include:
The right to inspect all minutes and resolutions.
The right to inspect all directors' service contracts.
The ability to make a claim on behalf of the company against a director for breach of trust or negligence.
I am sure there are more.

There are still many small shareholders on the shareholders register. Perhaps we should crowd fund someone'.

Jay Wood

101 Posted 09/12/2021 at 16:23:24
Indeed Steve.

You've highlighted an entire and considerable Everton demographic that may have limited or no interface with social media at all.

How are they to be addressed, recruited and included in the online group chat group that apparently shapes the 27-27 campaign?

Mike Gaynes
102 Posted 09/12/2021 at 16:30:32
Steve #99, correct, haha! I laughed so hard I had to change my diaper.

Danny #92, Beckenbauers all day, all year and for a lifetime. Never a blowout or a blister. Even had a pair featured in the San Francisco Chronicle. I've had my most recent pair for eight years. Scored my final goal in them two years ago at 63, and will wear 'em again next week when I resume refereeing.

Brian Harrison
103 Posted 09/12/2021 at 16:31:38

I don't think we will ever get to a position were Moshiri will engage with the fans, not that he is alone in that most owners of Premier League clubs have very little interaction with fans. Whether that be the Glaziers or Abramovich of Kronke or the FSG group. We are just eye candy that makes the Premier league even more popular abroad. I think we could learn lessons from the German fans who decided they werent having Friday night games that Sky Germany wanted. All the fans of the clubs decided they would boycott games until they got the changes they wanted. I don't see the same coming together here for a similar protest, hence we have Sat night games which most fans hate as well as all the other unusual times we are expected as fans to turn up and watch.

I understand Jays point about widening the appeal to the different outlets, but its the match going fans whose protest will make owners and Sky change their minds irrespective of how many people on the various outlets support the protest. from my seat in the Upper Bullens and looking round there werent many left their seats and it seemed to produce a rallying cry from those that didnt leave their seats. Which either says the protest carried very little weight with the majority, or many might have agreed with the protest but disagreed in the manner it was conducted.

Tony Abrahams
104 Posted 09/12/2021 at 18:01:14
That’s a great post imo Jay W, spoken in a perfectly good manner and full of constructive criticism, the kind which, if taken on board correctly, should make any individual or movement grow.

I know it’s early days Paul, but I don’t use Twitter, and don’t think I ever will, but I’m definitely behind this movement, and would be prepared to donate a bit of money towards the necessary banners etc, that definitely seem to get noticed, and are therefore very important tools imo.

Good points Brian, I’ve said it before but the rallying call might have been because a lot of people became aware that the original booing might have caused unnecessary confrontation, and gave the media another stick to beat the angry Evertonians and toxic Goodison with, and this is why the singing began in the first place?

It drowned out the boos and was music to our ears, but I bet you loads of media were gutted and had to rip-up the shite they had possibly already written down?

Paul [The Esk]
105 Posted 09/12/2021 at 18:27:00
Thanks all, please continue with your comments as they are enormously valuable. I think this is going to be a long campaign for very obvious reasons. We will build slowly but with real conviction backed by knowledge, experience and research.

Genuinely throw whatever ideas you have, whatever criticisms you have at me. I won't be offended and it will add to the decision making process going forwards

Appreciate you all spending the time to read and then consider what has been said.

Christine Foster
106 Posted 09/12/2021 at 18:50:21
Paul, to a great extent Jay is right, it will be a lot like herding cats, precious time and effort lost trying to maintain focus on objectives across an audience so diverse to make it nigh on impossible.indeed, getting a common perspective and commitment from all involved would be the killer.
There needs to be a reputable vehicle to add credibility and corporate clout. Only the small Shareholders group could offer that, so would it therefore be a good thing to discuss with them? By all means canvas all social media and fans directly but to gain traction the movement would need much focus and credibility that possibly the shareholders association could offer.
Tony Abrahams
107 Posted 09/12/2021 at 19:00:47
When you talk about knowledge and experience, then this makes me think you must have some very clever and sensible people already involved Paul, and possibly/hopefully some of the people who took on Everton’s millionaire and Tesco’s billionaire lawyers? People who have Everton football clubs best interests at heart.

The one thing that surely must not be allowed to happen with this new campaign, is that it cannot be allowed to become divided, which is never easy, but has hopefully got to become the first objective, towards a more ruthlessly professional football club, that needs to go back to its roots, and start competing to really try and win things once again!

Danny O’Neill
108 Posted 10/12/2021 at 08:49:44
Mike G @102. Get in!! I bet it still felt as good at 63 as it did aged 13. There's nothing like seeing the "onion bag" bulge when it was your Beckenbauer's or Kaiser's that had the last touch! I always felt more professional wearing Adidas but there was something about wearing Puma Kings. Maybe the deluded illusion of being Maradona?!! And they did look good. Especially with white socks. Now there's another debate. Blue or white socks for Everton?

I digress, so back on track. I think the difference now in comparison to previous campaigns is that I feel the fan base is mostly more unified.

I regularly call myself a fool and when it comes to Everton, and I am. Eternal optimist, romanticist, our day will come, keep the faith etc. That's me. The idiot that keeps giving and taking.

When relatively passive idiots like me turn, there is something in the air. And I've turned.

My loyalty is not in question. It never will be. But my tolerance levels, although higher than some, can only go so far. The blue line of departure has been crossed. Once you cross the line of departure, you're in the fight.

And that's not a criticism of previous movements by the way. I just think that we all see an opportunity here. Moshiri has the opportunity to do something with his club. Our club. It needs strategic thinking, which I believe is there with the stadium plans. Just as City did in the dark days of Tier 3 and likewise Chelsea in the 80s / early 90s, think strategically, but start now.

Just as we've been calling for the deadwood on the playing staff to be cleared out over the past few seasons, we now need to be doing likewise at board level. In hindsight and with those who said it before, it should have happened several years ago.

I've said before this; own it Mr Moshiri. It's yours and ours, but take control and get rid of the incompetent puppets that have taken advantage of your good intent.

Leadership. If you want to delegate, fine. But delegate to proper leaders and managers.

Brian Murray
109 Posted 10/12/2021 at 09:24:44
Danny. I did you may recall at the tw get together that evertonians are on the whole quite passive but I’m sure like yourself ( and me ) we just need a jolt in the right direction to see through this protest and demand the change we need badly. Hate using them other shower as an opposite example but fair play to them if their standards drop it’s very nearly on question time with a big stewards enquiry. They won’t stand for it ( remember the two yanks god bless em ). As for the kit I always think we look more intimidating in all blue.
Derek Taylor
110 Posted 10/12/2021 at 09:25:52
When in all history has their been close links/communication between 'the board' and the paying/following public? The 'Moores years 'are often cited as the examplar to be followed but in truth the Littlewoods crowd were even more tight lipped than this lot.

But there's always Blue Bill to represent our views -cough, cough.

Brian Harrison
111 Posted 10/12/2021 at 09:54:11
Derek 110

Your right John Moores didn't say much publicly but generally under his stewardship he didn't have to say much as the team usually performed well.
But he always had his driver stop well short of the players and directors entrance so he could walk amongst the fans and talk to them and listen to their views. Now the directors are parked in an area were it is nigh on impossible for the fans to talk to them.

Finn Taylor
112 Posted 10/12/2021 at 10:25:56
Paul, firstly I applaud your efforts with this campaign. I tune into your podcast with the Costigan brothers every week and love it. So, thank you for such an informed 70 minutes – long may it continue.

In terms of future walkouts, I have suggested previously that, rather than a walk-out, how about fans don't take their seats till the 27th minute? Just an idea.

As someone who I assume has some shares in the club and knows a little about the intimate workings of it, where would you pinpoint the decline has started?

I didn't start attending matches properly till 1984 –- a chap called Rob Wakenshaw scored for us v Man Utd. Two weeks later, we beat Watford in the FA Cup Final. I was just a young lad then, and in school, there was very much “Everton were nowhere in the '70s” feeling.

As I looked into our history, the seventies weren't as bad, in some respects, as the last 27 years have been. (Though in fairness, the Moyes era had us playing with pride and we were competitive, but that's another conversation.) That's my query to you, Paul: Just where exactly did the rot set in? Do you think that we are in slight abeyance to Moshiri due to the stadium build...?

Laurie Hartley
113 Posted 10/12/2021 at 11:13:59
Paul, it seems quite obvious to me that this campaign has attracted the interest of the TW community. I think Jay Wood @ 98 has hit the nail on the head with his closing comment.

“For me, if you genuinely wish to make a difference and engage with Farhad Moshiri as per the stated aims of the movement, the campaign is going to require leadership, structure and activists, rather than followers in a chat group, before it can be taken seriously by fellow Blues, never mind the club owner.”

I am a great believer in planning and structure. As Tony A commented there are plenty of savvy and experienced contributors on this forum – perhaps you could form a leadership group from among their numbers – and of course we have Michael and Lyndon.

In my view, any such leadership group should be made of individuals with proven expertise in a variety of disciplines. That would give them credibility with Farhad Moshiri.

As well as yourself, just off the top of my head I suspect we have experts with formal credentials in law, finance, accounting, sales and marketing, strategic planning, and – last but not least – football.

If you could get such a group together, I am sure they would help you achieve what Jay suggests the campaign needs.

Barry Hesketh
114 Posted 10/12/2021 at 11:20:17
Is this ESSG group part of the '27 minutes' group or is this a completely unrelated group?
Paul [The Esk]
115 Posted 10/12/2021 at 12:00:20
Thanks for your continued comments - I do read them all and take note, I can assure you. I would be very happy to host a virtual meeting of ToffeeWebbers although my schedule is crazy for the next 5-7 days. My email is paul@theesk.org for those interested in participating.

#112 Finn, very good question, there are better historians than me regarding the club but I think you can go back to the 69/70 season and from that point the club has been in gradual decline, accelerating somewhat in recent years. I think the period in the 80's when successful was down to the genius that was Howard Kendall - I don't attribute much of it to strategy or brilliance by the owners/directors. Similarly the period of relative stability and knocking on the glass ceiling just over a decade ago was down to the skills and work ethic of David Moyes.

#114 Barry, no the ESSG is entirely separate. I believe it is made up of groups like the Shareholders Association, Fans Forum, EDSA etc. I have not been party to what they do, who they represent, what mandate they have and from who, unfortunately.

Michael Kenrick
116 Posted 10/12/2021 at 12:02:40
Finn @112,

I shouldn't answer for Paul but a number of posters and writers on here have had ago at the first questIon over the years: "Just where exactly did the rot set in?" – The 27 for 27 realization is hardly something new in that respect. But most trace it back to the decline of Sir John Moores, and a sequence of things that stemmed from his long illness, the inability to reassign the shares he held through that period.

The main problems at Goodison started in the limbo years after the mid-80s, largely because of the incapacity of Sir John Moores. He was alive but his business dealings were largely done by people acting on his behalf like his eventual successor, Sir Philip Carter, and then Dr David Marsh, neither of whom had any real financial clout.

No-one could be brought in to provide any major financial backing because Sir John's shares were not to be sold until his death and this – together with the Heysel ban and the rapid break-up of Howard Kendall's successful side – was what caused the club to stagnate in the years that followed.

I was more intrigued by trying to fathom your second question: "Do you think that we are in slight abeyance to Moshiri due to the stadium build...?" – I don't think you've got quite the right word there in 'abeyance'; if something is in abeyance, it is not operating or not being used at present.

From the context, I'm thinking of obedience or allegiance... 'obeyance' is an American word. To answer that, there's no doubt we are certainly indebted to him massively for what he has done financially for the club, not least the new stadium commitment. Does that earn him the right to dictate things like managerial appointments? Absolutely. I think that's a given because he is the majority shareholder. But his choices have not been great.

Whether he should be having us sign players on a whim, like Iwobi... well that should really be down to the manager or Director of Football he has appointed, as is discussed ad nauseam on here.

But it is very much his club at this point, so that makes him the ultimate boss, and reduces the board to a less-than-glorified management committee.

Danny O’Neill
117 Posted 10/12/2021 at 12:21:24
Brian Murray. We are different and we will do this in a different manner to those across the park. Calculated, knowledgeable, educated and dare I say Scientific as one of our logos suggests? In an Everton way, not with pitch forks, foaming mouths or throwing flares at opposition buses.

Maintain dignity and do it with class. We're Everton, not them right?!! Howard Kendall called us the most knowledgeable fan base in football. We need to use that and target the owner. No one else; he holds the purse strings and ultimately makes the decisions.

Michael; totally agree and I have commented numerous times. The rot set in during our last period of success in the mid 80s ironically. We totally failed to capitalise on what Howard Kendall achieved. We rested on the name and our laurels. It's why we pretty much still have the same stadium that we paraded the League title around in 1987.

@Paul the Esk; email inbound!

Laurie Hartley
118 Posted 10/12/2021 at 21:00:44
Paul - I have just spotted this:

Everton to meet ESSG

Phil Wood
119 Posted 11/12/2021 at 01:18:21
Michael Kenrick @116,

Absolutely accurate summation.

Jerome Shields
120 Posted 11/12/2021 at 12:04:38
27 for 27 is still relevant, has time, and does not need to rush. Effectively the situation has and will not change at Everton. The strategic review is about redeeming the status quo. There is talk now of a new Director of Football and this ESSG is a Club attempt to appease the fans, so that Everton can carry on as before.

27 for 27 has to be social-media based, with affiliated help from other media outlets. It does not need a structure for this. All it needs is the cooperation of the outlets involved.

If you like, it is a campaign of like-minded individuals, with a membership of well over 5, 000. The objective is not to engage the 'well past its sell-by date' structure of Everton, but to force Moshiri to engage. The actual hard work is getting the negotiating ability to deal with him when he is at the table and preparing the material for them.

Moshiri is running Everton informally, so the method of dealings with him has to be informal also. We live in the age of informality.

Of course, most of us were brought up in an age of structure, planning, meetings, clear objectives, and "too big to fail", but it is totally different now. The best analogy unfortunately was supplied by the Rev Ian Paisley: "Attack them from all sides and they will think they are surrounded. "

Jerome Shields
121 Posted 11/12/2021 at 12:19:11
This includes ToffeeWeb, those that agree and disagree.
Brian Wilkinson
122 Posted 31/12/2021 at 22:06:37
Easiest fix for the next 27 for 27: get banners made up for Bill to stand down. Even if you are out of key, if you can, stand up on the 27th minute and sing as one the Go West song, with the words “Stand down if you love our club”.

Put the banners up on the 26th minute, this will then give everyone the time to be ready to make a point for the 27th minute.

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