The impulse to start a podcast connected to ToffeeWeb began, unsurprisingly, a year ago when the world went into lockdown and we were all confined to our four walls as the pandemic took hold. It’s not something I ever followed through on despite having the equipment, mostly because I knew it would need regulars in order to thrive and was aware of the fact that many of the best Everton writers and content creators unaffiliated to this site were already doing their own things elsewhere.

I was grateful that a regular ToffeeWeb contributor contacted me recently wondering if a podcast was something I had considered and volunteered to help get one off the ground. Radio-style audio content seems to very popular and we believe that we could leverage the depth of the TW community to create something that people could really get a lot out of.

To that end, neither the intent nor the desire would be to compete with what the other Everton podcasts are doing as we Blues are blessed with some great pods. I’ve been fortunate to be regularly involved at times with The Blue Room with whom we have a loose partnership; Paul The Esk, another writer whose work I regularly feature on the site, is involved with three podcasts — his own, Everton Business Matters and Talking the Blues with Andy and George Costigan; Mick Kemp and team have established the excellent View From The Bullens, a pod that now boasts ex-players like Michael Ball and Kevin Ratcliffe; and Rodger Armstrong’s series of interviews with Evertonians of all stripes is, rightly, very popular as well.

Most of those are regular podcasts, with The Blue Room crew especially churning out an impressive diet of daily content, but I envisage any ToffeeWeb Podcast to be intermittent rather than adhering to any set schedule. Most of the above-named titles carry pre- and post-match analysis. The TW pod might be driven by reader suggestions and the news of the week instead; I’m just in the exploratory phase right now.

As well as guest content from outside, one idea that cropped up a few times in the user surveys I have run on the site in the past was to run a series of interviews with regular contributors and more high-profile members of the site. At the risk of perpetuating what some readers have complained as The Clique, I’m interested to know if people feel there is mileage in that. And, if so, who you might like to hear from.

Beyond that, the floor is open a) for feedback on whether a ToffeeWeb podcast would be of interest in the first place and b) for any content suggestions. Post below or email me. In the meantime, this mystery TW contributor who shall remain a mystery for now, will get things ready to start recording something!

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Stephen Colby
1 Posted 23/04/2021 at 18:23:56
Supporting Everton isn't just about watching us play in Blue. It was the effort we made to cross the Pennines in a snowstorm for a 7:30 pm Monday night kick off. it's the likes of Rob Halligan chronicling his fave trips abroad. It's about laughing with scallies you don't know, but last met on the coach to Southampton. It's the discussion about the alers we go to both at home and away a la Paul Traill. It's about explaining the "do you like avocado?" joke to a southerner at Crewe and him still not getting it by Euston. It needs mystery - what happened to Colin Harvey's eye and why did we really sell Bally. We need religion too - pray that the Holy Trinity will rise again and send Bungback Sam to eternal damnation. Was standing really more fun than sitting? Do all the box holders really live within half a mile of a golf club? How does a chant begin? Why didn't Davy Klassen make it? Who was resposible for our signing Andy van der Meyde, Nyarko, Earl Barrett and David Ginola? Why do our Russian signings usually turn out to be dead-beats? Which is the worst view obscured seat in the house? Does Jordan Pickford really give a damn?
I'd like to listen to a podcast that talks about the things we all talk about when travelling to an Everton game. I think many others are well able to chronicle the actual game.
David Pearl
2 Posted 26/04/2021 at 21:25:13
I'm pretty sure that any podcast that involved a rotating selection of regulars and newbies would be very popular if connected to ToffeeWeb as tw brings us all together from all over the world. You could have a usa edition, a brazilian, a local pod for local people, etc

It would be great to put faces to names as it would strenghen the links between us.

Dale Self
3 Posted 26/04/2021 at 21:31:28
Yes, I want to hear that expletive-laden interview with Darren. Who wouldn't?
Danny O’Neill
4 Posted 26/04/2021 at 21:33:13
ToffeeWeb has always been a place many of us have come to exchange views and, dare I say blows, over the years. But all in the good name of Everton.

I think this would be a great idea. And as mentioned above, it would be great to put faces to names.

So in response: a - yes. b - I will email Lyndon.

David Pearl
5 Posted 26/04/2021 at 21:41:09
It would be good to have one after each game for a start. I'm sure some would be ledgendary.
Robert Tressell
6 Posted 26/04/2021 at 21:47:31
I would listen to a 30 minute podcast from Ian Edwards after each home defeat if he's up for it. Or a regular session from Colin Glassar on his favourite Iwobi moments.
Jamie Crowley
7 Posted 26/04/2021 at 22:01:12
I'd be involved with this, if anyone were interested.

Interviews of "regular" TWs on a weekly or bi-weekly basis about the recent games, state of the Club, etc. would be fantastic.

I have zero experience in communications. I just think it's a wonderful idea.

I'd pay money to interview Tony Marsh. I'd drink a six pack with Paul Ferry.
Just sayin'.

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