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Rob Halligan
1 Posted 12/03/2021 at 22:04:40
Well, for a few minutes the RS were down to ninth when villa went ahead, but in the end a decent result for us in terms of pushing for a European place. Was an absolute turgid game though.
Dale Self
2 Posted 12/03/2021 at 22:19:04
How low can they go? I am getting a bit of a kick out of the post-trophy-mortem. They're really not very good at convincing us they're anywhere near turning it around. Good times.
Danny O’Neill
3 Posted 12/03/2021 at 23:32:46
Watched that with the Villa supporting wife, so had my best footballing diplomacy hat on for the most part.

Pretty poor game, thought Villa probably edged it yet was pleased with the equaliser as the result favoured us.

Newcastle look like they could be in real trouble. But then again, despite the mid 90s Keegan / Sky hype and self-proclaimed "as big as United" shouts because they have a big following, Newcastle has bounced between the first and second tier of English football routinely in my lifetime. Okay, not quite a Sunderland or a West Brom, but still been down 3 times at least from my memory.

Kieran Kinsella
4 Posted 13/03/2021 at 00:24:35

That's funny. Had a similar dynamic in my house growing up as my sister is a Villa fan. Other sisters are Everton fans, Dad QPR, Mum Celtic. Bit of a weird mix... lol!

Don Alexander
5 Posted 13/03/2021 at 02:21:39
Once again, "our" Ross, as some of us still adore him, was tonight for Villa again getting splinters in his arse, as he has been for weeks on end despite Villa being deprived of Grealish.

Yes, he got on after an hour but did what he consistently does, unaffecting the game at all whilst running around feigning to look interested.

Free transfer? Chelsea'll have to pay someone to take him off them.

Kieran Kinsella
6 Posted 13/03/2021 at 02:37:53

Yeah, same old story. He had a decent run at Chelsea then floundered, good start at Villa but again he drifts into obscurity.

I feel a bit sorry for Southgate to be honest, with Winks and Alli getting the Jose treatment he was probably hoping Ross had turned the corner. But alas, here we are again. Physically he has the attributes, technically he has the skill but somehow something is missing.

Gerry Morrison
7 Posted 13/03/2021 at 05:39:27
No marbles.
Danny O’Neill
8 Posted 13/03/2021 at 07:58:59
The QPR one is interesting Kieran. I now live in west London so bump into a few of the "R"s supporters now and then!

I mentioned at the beginning of the season to the wife and in-laws that Ross will frustrate them as much as he pleases.

Last night was Ross in a microcosm. Still trying to win the game on his own like 12-year-old Ross on Wavertree Park. Runs with head down when a pass into space is on and loses ball. But then pulls a peach of a pass that nearly leads to a goal to tease you with "look at what you could have won".

Rob Halligan
9 Posted 13/03/2021 at 08:03:50
I'm hearing Ross Barkley could be on his way back to Merseyside. Maybe some of you will think it's good or bad, or won't be arsed, I don't know, but it's only a rumour at the moment.
Jeff Armstrong
10 Posted 13/03/2021 at 08:35:48
Wouldn't be impressed with that one Rob, Danny recently described his career quite succinctly, I chipped in with basically he's the same player now that we saw at 18, thought that since he was 21, and so on, he's 27 now I think.
Robert Tressell
11 Posted 13/03/2021 at 08:39:08
I don't think the RS would buy Barkley, Rob. They definitely do need freshening up but can't see that one.
Steve Brown
12 Posted 13/03/2021 at 08:42:23
Rob, he would fit in well at Tranmere.
Colin Glassar
13 Posted 13/03/2021 at 08:45:06
I see Carlo has, publicly, asked Iwobi what position he wants to play, as he's been moaning on Instagram about not playing in his preferred position - ball boy, probably.

If I was Carlo, I'd sack his sorry arse and send him back to fucking London. He's absolutely shite!!

Rob Halligan
14 Posted 13/03/2021 at 08:57:23
Well the rumour I'm hearing is that the RS are looking at him. My source can't reveal who told him, but I've got a pretty good idea who has. I will leave it at that for now.
David Pearl
15 Posted 13/03/2021 at 09:03:33
A lot on here wanted him over Siggy in the number 10 role his first season with us. Wherever he plays he can have one good game and expectations rise... but fall again 20 mins later.

What team would give us half of what we paid for him? He only started being picked for the wider positions because Carlo has no other options.

I can't see him being here much longer but with no James or Siggy he could be getting his last chance to show us.

Mark Murphy
16 Posted 13/03/2021 at 09:17:42
Given the “alleged” reason he left town in the first place I can't see Ross coming back.
Colin Glassar
17 Posted 13/03/2021 at 09:26:21
David, I think (and hope) josh king can play in that wide right position. At least he won't chicken out of every tackle and any sort of physical contact like Iwobi does.
Jeff Armstrong
18 Posted 13/03/2021 at 09:38:01
Can't see us or the RS looking at Barkley tbh, he can't even get a start for Villa,
on reflection I hope he does sign for “them”, another nail and all that.

By the way, agree with Colin on Iwobi, he's had about 20 good minutes over the course of about 20 games this season.

Colin Glassar
19 Posted 13/03/2021 at 11:50:47
When Ross started with Villa, and Grealish, he looked like the player we all hoped he would be for us. I'd have taken him back in a flash.

Sadly, Ross seems to have returned to his old ways. I don't know if it's a lack of grey matter between his ears or he just doesn't love the game anymore and he's only in it for the money.

Rob Halligan
20 Posted 13/03/2021 at 12:25:02
See Walton Hall Park stadium, where Everton ladies play, was deliberately set on fire last night. Parts of the seating area, scaffolding and plastic netting was set on fire. Now I wonder who could have done that, and more importantly, why?
Jeff Armstrong
21 Posted 13/03/2021 at 14:02:03
Top Knot United doing ok against Chelski
Dale Self
22 Posted 13/03/2021 at 14:08:38
Looks like Leeds got to where we were trying to take Chelsea who are fading late. Cmon Leeds adjust those buns man!
Rob Halligan
23 Posted 13/03/2021 at 14:09:35
Not much of a game though, Jeff.
Kevin Molloy
24 Posted 13/03/2021 at 14:18:31
so leeds spend nearly twenty years outside the PL, and their ground looks twice as plush as ours. How is that possible?
Jeff Armstrong
25 Posted 13/03/2021 at 14:19:01
Yes pretty rubbish Rob, last nights game was crap too apart from last 10 minutes
Rob Halligan
26 Posted 13/03/2021 at 14:21:54
Coming up Crystal Palace v West Brom. Might as well go and watch some grass grow.
Jeff Armstrong
27 Posted 13/03/2021 at 14:24:10
Decent result for us that as long as we win, possible 2 point gain on Chelsea, softens our loss to them points wise, got to do our bit though.
Neil Copeland
28 Posted 13/03/2021 at 14:34:30
That result for Chekski means 4th is back in our own hands as it is for West Ham.
Danny O’Neill
29 Posted 13/03/2021 at 15:10:43
So far so good in terms of last night and Leeds v Chelsea. Providing we take care of our own business that is.

Poor game again, but I don't hold much hope for ours to be honest! Opted to watch Bremen v Bayern over Palace v West Brom.

Talking of West Brom, just watched Gnabry finish off a wonderful Bayern move to score their second. Gnabry, now one of Europe's finest players in one of Europe's finest teams. Gnabry who Tony Pullis, that footballing visionary extraordinaire described as not being good enough for the Premier League.

Okay, I'll give him at the time and the fact he had come mainly from academy football, but really??

Rob Halligan
30 Posted 13/03/2021 at 15:37:56
Looks like Allardyce has lost again. 😀😀😀
Danny O’Neill
31 Posted 13/03/2021 at 16:06:09
Can't see West Brom coming back if they don't win today.

Flicking between this and the Bundesliga. Lewandowski is just simply the best striker of his generation.

Thomas Richards
32 Posted 13/03/2021 at 16:10:54
Ballon D'or winner Danny?
Danny O’Neill
33 Posted 13/03/2021 at 16:34:20
I don't believe so Thomas although was probably in with a shout last year until it got cancelled.

A joy to watch. If Dominic wants tips on how to be the complete centre forward (strength, technique, finishing), just watch Lewandowski.

Thomas Richards
34 Posted 13/03/2021 at 16:38:13
Who you reckon will beat him to it Danny?
Only Mbappe in his way imo.
Wont be Messi or Ronaldo.
Rob Halligan
35 Posted 13/03/2021 at 16:42:12
Thomas, there can only be one winner, despite missing 99% of the season! St. Virgin Van Dick!
Thomas Richards
36 Posted 13/03/2021 at 16:43:45
Forgot about him Rob.
Give it him now, only fair.
Rob Halligan
37 Posted 13/03/2021 at 16:44:47
Just for being ever so brave in his quest to return!
Danny O’Neill
38 Posted 13/03/2021 at 16:47:59
That's a good shout Thomas. I too can't see it being Ronaldo or Messi. Not unless they go for the poster boy choice.
Danny O’Neill
39 Posted 13/03/2021 at 16:58:13
Fireman Sam's hose has ran out of water it would seem.
Thomas Richards
40 Posted 13/03/2021 at 16:59:17
I hope Lewandoski gets it tbh Danny.
As you said earlier a joy to watch.
What a player.
Dave Abrahams
41 Posted 13/03/2021 at 17:13:23
Danny (33), I think Dominic is improving season by season in his all round play, if you look back at Harry Kane's early starts with two or three lower league clubs, out on loan, or his games for the England 21's then you looked at a poor quality all round player, awkward with poor ball control, now look at him, I'd say he is as good a footballer as he is a striker, a massive improvement. With the dedication that Dominic seems to apply to his game I think we will have a top class footballer in the future, if he stays here!!
Danny O’Neill
42 Posted 13/03/2021 at 17:31:27
I concur Dave. The positive is that he has the right attitude. He wants to learn and wants to improve. Too many think they are the finished article at too young an age.
Tony Abrahams
43 Posted 13/03/2021 at 20:36:03
Calvert-Lewin should have done better tonight at times, watching Fulham, playing with loads of energy against Man City, is great to watch, because alongside ability, “energy” is the vital ingredient, and always makes the game worth watching!
Tony Abrahams
44 Posted 13/03/2021 at 21:20:36
Man City have gone into overdrive now, and Fulham, who play some lovely football and have improved beyond recognition, are still not a team who can play consistently well over two halves of football. I just hope they can do enough to stay up.
Danny O’Neill
45 Posted 14/03/2021 at 11:53:11
I said that on Michael's post-match thread, Tony. Energy was lacking. Burnley's first goal demonstrated that with how quickly they overloaded us in the build-up.

Anyway, just about ready to take in the day's offerings. No Everton so I can at least relax and watch the football.

Danny O’Neill
46 Posted 14/03/2021 at 12:20:27
Great header from Dunk. The save from Forster had me thinking, whatever happened to him? I always liked the look of him and thought he would go onto bigger things. Played well against us, I thought.
Rob Halligan
47 Posted 14/03/2021 at 13:05:03
Danny, what's the odds on Spurs, West ham and Liverpool all dropping points, just to infuriate us even more? Spurs only need a draw to go above us, but the game is at the Emirates, so it may be a bit more difficult for them.

I can only see a Man Utd win against West Ham, while at the moment Wolves are well capable of taking something off Liverpool.

It will certainly be a very frustrating weekend if results go our way in the next day or two.

Danny O’Neill
48 Posted 14/03/2021 at 13:21:17
It will definitely be the proverbial double-edged sword, Rob.

Increased frustration at an even bigger opportunity missed or relief that we are still right in the mix still.

The hope. It's the hope!!

Danny O’Neill
49 Posted 14/03/2021 at 13:25:04
I see Mark Hughes was pimping himself at half time as being ready to get back into management providing it was "the right opportunity".

It was a bit like when they have authors on chat shows to plug their latest book.

Wonder where he's sniffing and smells blood. Newcastle? Southampton even?

Rob Halligan
50 Posted 14/03/2021 at 13:28:46
Sheffield United, Danny. His kind of job.
Danny O’Neill
51 Posted 14/03/2021 at 13:43:12
Interesting. I was thinking he'd want to remain Premier League, but then guess that potentially could still rule out Newcastle.

It also throws in the possibility of West Brom.

Rob Halligan
52 Posted 14/03/2021 at 14:14:21
The EFL Trophy final is at Wembley this afternoon, with Tranmere facing Sunderland, so good luck to Tranmere in that one.

The quirky thing is, that last season's final was played yesterday and won by Salford. Does that mean Salford only hold the trophy for one day, or will there be another trophy made for today's winners?

Danny O’Neill
53 Posted 14/03/2021 at 15:19:05
I enjoyed the Southampton v Brighton serving.

Leicester v Sheffield United is utter tripe.

Kunal Desai
54 Posted 14/03/2021 at 15:29:55
Leicester playing some great football without both Barnes and Maddison. There replacements make a difference.

This is where we need to get to.

Bill Gall
55 Posted 14/03/2021 at 15:30:34
Guess Leicester finally felt it was time to try 2nd place it's 3----0 now
Joe McMahon
56 Posted 14/03/2021 at 15:44:38
Leicester 5 now, goals win games.

I've seen it mulitiple times on this site that Leicester ain't all that. I do wonder what does that make (as we are known for good reason) Neverton (that's what we are).

Danny O’Neill
57 Posted 14/03/2021 at 15:47:35
Well, I think I gave that one the commentator / poster kiss of death!!
Bill Gall
58 Posted 14/03/2021 at 15:50:43
Joe its not only goals win games defense keeps the points and our g/d shows the difference with only +3. Leicester's is +21 unless they score more
Chris Williams
59 Posted 14/03/2021 at 15:55:23
Tranmere drawing 0 0 at ht with Sunderland in EFL Trophy final.

No James Vaughan for Tranmere, sadly. More surgery for him.

Danny O’Neill
60 Posted 14/03/2021 at 15:58:31
Yes Kunal, that's the difference when you can cope without players. We currently revert back to previous.

Jamie Vardy. The 34 year old Jamie Vardy who Leicester signed at 25 from the lower leagues. Who was questioned by his own fans even in the Championship and probably only blossomed around the age of 30.

There is nothing wrong with buy 29 year olds. Good teams blend age and experience with youth and potential.

Danny O’Neill
61 Posted 14/03/2021 at 16:10:28
Before we move to Arsenal v Tottenham, are Sheffield United this season the worse Premier League era team ever. I hate myself for saying that as football existed before the Premier League. But, Sheffield this season or Derby in 2008?

Arsenal v Tottenham, although temporarily we drop a position, in the context of the season, is a draw a better result for us tonight, just to keep Tottenham closer and keep Arsenal away?

Rob Halligan
62 Posted 14/03/2021 at 16:12:21
Danny, I'd say Derby definitely. Was it only eleven points they got? One win and eight draws all season.
Rob Halligan
63 Posted 14/03/2021 at 16:25:37
Blimey, thought our derby record was bad. Seems Spurs are on a par. One win out of the last 27. 15 defeats and 11 draws.
Jeff Armstrong
64 Posted 14/03/2021 at 17:03:39
Great goal by the little shit Lamella
Danny O’Neill
65 Posted 14/03/2021 at 17:03:42
Bugger. But stunning improvisation. Roy of the Rovers stuff.
Rob Halligan
66 Posted 14/03/2021 at 17:04:40
Blimey, what a goal that was.
Kieran Kinsella
67 Posted 14/03/2021 at 17:05:16
Lamela is like the marginally better Mirallas. Mostly inept, lazy but occasionally does something eye catching
Julian Wait
68 Posted 14/03/2021 at 17:10:13
Rabona Nutmeg.

A) the name of my Ramones cover band
B) Goal of the season


Rob Halligan
69 Posted 14/03/2021 at 17:10:25
Lamela is only on as a sub because Son went off with a hamstring.
Rob Halligan
70 Posted 14/03/2021 at 17:14:36
1-1. 👍👍
Danny O’Neill
71 Posted 14/03/2021 at 17:15:31
I'll take that. To my earlier, I think in the longer context of the season, a draw serves us better here.
Colin Glassar
72 Posted 14/03/2021 at 17:20:13
Does anyone think Arsenal would take Iwobi back? They say miracles DO happen.
Rob Halligan
73 Posted 14/03/2021 at 17:20:21
I agree Danny. Keeps Arsenal seven points below us, and they play away to West ham next week, so another draw there.
Kieran Kinsella
74 Posted 14/03/2021 at 17:27:49
I fancy us to win at Arsenal. I know our record v them is our worst but the same is true of West Ham at Everton
Rob Halligan
75 Posted 14/03/2021 at 17:46:29
Bale doesn't look happy at being brought off. Didn't even get sixty minutes. Think he'll be on his way back to Madrid in the summer.
Rob Halligan
76 Posted 14/03/2021 at 17:50:17
Arsenal penalty.
Jeff Armstrong
77 Posted 14/03/2021 at 17:50:26
Bale was no worse than anybody else, I'd leave him on as he's a possible match winner, pen to Arsenal
Rob Halligan
78 Posted 14/03/2021 at 17:51:52
2-1. Good or bad?
Jeff Armstrong
79 Posted 14/03/2021 at 17:52:53
Better than 2-1 Spurs Rob
Danny O’Neill
80 Posted 14/03/2021 at 17:55:34
Yes. 2 - 1 to Arsenal better but a draw preferred.

We have to play both anyway and like us, both of these are prone to dropping points, Arsenal more so than Tottenham.

Rob Halligan
81 Posted 14/03/2021 at 17:55:38
We need to keep arsenal at arms length, Jeff.
Jeff Armstrong
82 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:01:00
Still 5 points ahead of them Rob, keeps Spurs below us too,if we want Europe we need to beat them both anyway, so on balance an Arsenal win for me.
Tony Abrahams
83 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:02:52
Slices the ball wide then gets clattered = a penalty? So it doesn't matter if the chance has gone because of a bad miss, I just wish footballers would get together, and tell these referees to get their heads together!

It's not going to happen, I know, because we take anything we can, and then moan like fuck whenever we meet an injustice. There is absolutely no room for sportsmanship in modern football.

Brendan McLaughlin
84 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:05:47
Tony #83
Agree 100%...ridiculous penalty decision.
Rob Halligan
85 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:06:13
Lamela now sent off. It's all gone a bit pear shaped for Spurs.
Jeff Armstrong
86 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:09:13
If a player get's clattered after playing a pass or taking a shot in any other area of the pitch it's called back for a foul, so for me that's a pen.
Rob Halligan
87 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:11:30
Kane scores, but miles offside
Rob Halligan
88 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:12:09
I agree Jeff. That was a penalty all day long for me.
Jeff Armstrong
89 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:14:14
Arsenal doing their best to let Spurs back in.
Jeff Armstrong
90 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:20:47
Man U win later and results around us not too damaging, oh and a Wolves win tomorrow.
Dale Self
91 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:21:42
Amazing, we may get thru this slump only letting Chelsea get 4 pts up while all the others stall. Son injured and a Hammers slide and we've still got a chance. Glad we didn't go for Gabriel, idiot.
Tony Hill
92 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:28:14
Yes, we're still right in it, amazingly. Given Spurs' players and the time they've had to create a blend, their performance this year is very poor.

Maybe the stars are in our favour, regardless of our best efforts to cock it all up.

Brendan McLaughlin
93 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:34:49
Jeff #86
I've seen plenty of occassions where a ref has let play go on when a player has been clattered after he has played the ball and then booked the offender after the passage of play has ended with no free kick awarded.
Rob Halligan
94 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:39:20
You can guarantee man Utd will beat West ham, and wolves will get something against the RS tomorrow. God knows how, but we will still be in sixth place and well within touching distance of top four. I personally don't think we will get top four but top six is easily achievable if we stop fucking about!!
Danny O’Neill
95 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:43:10
Strange penalty but I guess it is a reckless tackle. A foul is a foul, not always about getting to the ball first. The intent can be a foul.

Still in the fight Rob. When you stay in the fight you have a chance. At some point though, we have to take control of our own fate.

Neil Copeland
96 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:47:31
Becker is a fantastic keeper so can't see Wolves scoring. Come to think of it, so is Fabianski - oh well
Rob Halligan
97 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:51:19
Neil, is that the same goalie who conceded seven against villa, and four against man city, including two outrageous errors by him? Or maybe the three at Leicester which included another howler?
Bill Gall
98 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:51:46
It seems everyone else is helping us to get to top 4 or 6 the only ones not helping is ourselves, I think with our g/d the top 4 will be out as it will be close
Bill Gall
99 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:51:46
It seems everyone else is helping us to get to top 4 or 6 the only ones not helping is ourselves, I think with our g/d the top 4 will be out as it will be close
Neil Copeland
100 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:54:12
Sort our home form out and I think top 6 is pretty much a cert assuming of course our away form continues. I think we all know that whatever happens it won't be easy though.
Dale Self
101 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:55:02
Jose looks like he needs a laxative. Poor chap. Probably sounds like he needs one too but it's always much better watching Jose and Klopp with sound down
Tony Hill
102 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:56:46
Top 6 and the Cup. Thank you.
Neil Copeland
103 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:57:47
Rob #97, trying not to put the mockers on things with a bit of reverse psychology
Brent Stephens
104 Posted 14/03/2021 at 18:58:18
Dale - and vision off.
Dale Self
105 Posted 14/03/2021 at 19:05:13
Not when they lose points Brent. The sound down yields an old silent movies vibe with those two. You can feel the hands gesturing off screen.
Kunal Desai
106 Posted 14/03/2021 at 19:06:54
I see Arsenal finishing strong and expect them to win atleast 6 of there remaining 10 games which may get them 6, possibly 7th
Tony Abrahams
107 Posted 14/03/2021 at 19:07:52
Brendan @93, I think the only time I've seen a ref do something that made me think that he's actually played the game, was Mark Clattenberg, once at Goodison.

Yesterday Richarlison was clattered just outside the box, by two Burnley players, and the ball went wide to Holgate. Moss waved play on giving us the most unfair advantage I've ever seen, with Lewin the only Everton player in the box surrounded by a few Burnley players, making me think that Jonathan Moss, has never really played the game he's officiating?

Nothing is cut and dried anymore, on this thread alone, two people think it was a pen, two people don't, and again makes me wonder why football done away with the indirect free kick? Especially if the foul has been given for intent, after the chance has gone?br>

Thomas Richards
108 Posted 14/03/2021 at 19:12:57
Seen that. In the Man Utd game the week before on TV, a similar foul was made, that ref played on for a good 5 seconds; when the move came to nothing, the ref brought it back to the original foul.

It's the inconsistencies that are the problem.

Dale Self
109 Posted 14/03/2021 at 19:17:05
And the number of times they've interfered with the ball is the most I've seen in the premiership era. Don't like banging on old people but times up for more than a couple of them.
Danny O’Neill
110 Posted 14/03/2021 at 19:20:30
My take on the foul / no foul is that if a player goes in with intent to foul or hurt, it should be penalised. I've never been one to advocate getting a toe to the ball first takes away from a reckless challenge just because the outcome wasn't what the offender intended. It should be taken in the context of the intent. Keepers are protected from it and have been for years. Why shouldn't outfield players. Like I say, just my take and view.

There were a few like that last night where there was no obvious advantage. This goes back to your point Tony, if the ref hasn't played the game, they he / they would appreciate that advantage is actual tactical and opportunity advantage, not just because a player on the team of the fouled player has the ball somewhere on the pitch.

I revert to my Rugby comparison. They have officials who have played the game and understand the rules. We can learn a lot from Rugby in terms of officiating of the game.

Rob Halligan
111 Posted 14/03/2021 at 19:23:46
Ah Neil. I getcha. Isn't that Brents trick?
Rob Halligan
112 Posted 14/03/2021 at 19:27:46
Tony # 107. I didn't realise the indirect free kick had been done away with. Isn't offside given as an indirect free kick? So what happens if an offside is given just inside your half, you take the kick and it flies into the net without anybody else touching it? Is that a goal or not?
Brendan McLaughlin
113 Posted 14/03/2021 at 19:33:59
Danny O' #110,

Not disagreeing but a foul challenge after the opposition has played or even misplayed the ball shouldn't be a free kick or penalty. If there's an off-the-ball altercation between two players, the offending party may be booked/sent off but there's no free-kick or indeed penalty.

Danny O’Neill
114 Posted 14/03/2021 at 19:34:33
I didn't realise that either.

I also don't know how we got into a position of offside being determined by a lose thread on a shirt or the odd stray bootlace.

Whatever happened to the "daylight" rule, where advantage was given to the attacker? I thought that was really sensible and positive.

Neil Copeland
115 Posted 14/03/2021 at 19:34:51
Rob, yes mate and it seemed to work last week so I thought if you can't beat them
Brent Stephens
116 Posted 14/03/2021 at 19:38:28
I think indirect free kicks are still in the rules.
Jeff Armstrong
117 Posted 14/03/2021 at 19:41:34
Tony you are quite correct about the inconsistent referees, today in the Brighton Southampton game there was a foul, the ref let play continue and the striker got his shot away, but missed! The ref then blows for the foul,thereby giving him both the advantage AND the free kick! Today's pen was a late challenge by Sanchez after Lacazette fluffed his shot, the ref blew for the challenge as soon as he fouled the forward, like I said earlier a pen for me.
Danny O’Neill
118 Posted 14/03/2021 at 19:47:03
That's a pretty good assessment Brendan. Interesting, as by both our takes, Pickford should have gone in the Derby and Liverpool given a penalty (my take), whereas yours, Pickford should have walked.

Shit, I sound like a Kopite opening up the St Virgil debate!!

Well this game is growing, like the previous ones, very tentative starts. Did enjoy Southampton v Brighton match though. Very open game.

Brendan McLaughlin
119 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:00:33
Danny O' #118
Glad your're enjoying todays's football fare. Unfortunately I gave the high scoring Leicester game a miss after reading an early negative match comment on ToffeeWeb. Can't remember who that was though...😊
Tony Abrahams
120 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:05:32
I just don't understand how when a player has already had his shot that it can then be brought back for a penalty kick, because the chance had already gone.

That's my argument Rob, the players shot had gone wide, meaning the best he could hope for then was an indirect free kick?

You are clean through and get pushed over in the Dee, and you can only receive a free kick, but you can be running away from the goal just inside the area and you get a penalty. Too many things just don't make any sense for an old school footballer like myself.

I'm not saying I'm right, I'm just saying, I think there are loads of grey areas that definitely seem to court controversy, and I can't agree with your assessment on getting a toe to the ball first, doesn't mean it's not a foul Danny, unless you want to see full blooded commitment taking away from the sport?

It happened today in the Tranmere game, Spearing made a last ditch tackle in the area, just nicking the ball first, no penalty, ten minutes later a Tranmere player runs back fully committed, slid in won the ball cleanly and the same ref gave a foul.

Where's the consistency I ask? And I'm being genuinely honest, when I say the games that fast sometimes nowadays, that some refs might give certain decisions just to buy themselves a little breather?

Rob Halligan
121 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:05:40
Who's in goal for Man Utd tonight? The only reason I ask is because I don't think West Ham have barely been in United's half, so haven't yet seen thei goalie. Seems like Moyes has parked the bus at Old Trafford tonight!!

By the way, I do know it's Dean Henderson in goal!

Jeff Armstrong
122 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:09:47
He's taken a hammer to a gunfight, Rob!
Brent Stephens
123 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:10:28
Rob Halligan
124 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:10:52
An upgrade then Jeff. 😁😁
Rob Halligan
125 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:11:41
Cheers Brent!!
Brent Stephens
126 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:12:37
Haha Rob!
Brendan McLaughlin
127 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:15:49
Pretty much agree again, Tony #120,

Surely a foul which results in a free kick or penalty has to impact the play. If it's a foul that doesn't impact the play just book the offender and get on with the game?

Danny O’Neill
128 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:17:36
Guilty as charged Brendan! ToffeeWeb poster's kiss of death. As soon as I said that, Leicester go on a scoring spree. My bad!

Tony, I have been debating this recently. With the advent of VAR, if there is a foul, but the ref allows play to continue as there is a goal scoring advantage but then the player misses, should VAR call it back?

Just that I've seen that in the past few weeks. In old speak, if the ref gives the advantage because there is a genuine goal scoring opportunity, they the decision is with the advantage right?

But, I've seen some this weekend in particular where the advantage has been given but if the goal doesn't come, the play is called back. So that is double advantage.

Again, this could be a change in the rule that I'm unaware of. A bit like that late offside call with have that I don't like. Someone will get hurt soon with an unnecessary passage of play that should have just been flagged offside as it was obvious.

Tony Abrahams
129 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:18:01
One thing Moyes does well Rob, is that he beats the teams that his team are expected to beat. Best of the rest was invented for managers like David Moyes, because you don't get more points for beating the better teams, and this is something Moyes fully understands, and has helped make him a fortune along the way.
Danny O’Neill
130 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:24:21
That was very typical Moyes first half. And that isn't a criticism by the way.

He will do this until the hour and if they are still at 0 - 0, I wouldn't be surprised if they sneak it.

Tony Abrahams
131 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:27:11
Danny somebody is going to get seriously injured soon, because linesmen are keeping their flags down, with the other conundrum being, is that how many of these refs are genuinely fit enough to ref a continuous flowing game of football?

Top of my head I'd say only Anthony Taylor, and definitely not Jonathon fucking Moss, who is another really poor referee.

I'd hate to be a ref though because of all the cheating, so to give the refs a proper chance, they should be made to come down really heavy on the cheats!

Brent Stephens
132 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:27:15
United lead
Rob Halligan
133 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:28:11
Man Utd 1-0. Own-goal by Dawson.
Jeff Armstrong
134 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:28:49
Thomas Richards
135 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:33:31
Gary Neville is not too impressed with Moyes's ultra-defensive set-up.
Jeff Armstrong
136 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:37:35
Poor Gary Neville, we had to put up with it for 11 years.
Jeff Armstrong
137 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:39:13
To be fair, West Ham are having a go now.
Danny O’Neill
138 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:41:01
To my point about Rugby Union referees Tony. They are much more aware of the rules, understand the players because they've often played the game to a standard and are also fit and stay up with the play. Also, they use video technology in the way it's meant to be used, not with suspicion.

Well, as it stands, and providing Wolves get something tomorrow, we could have a get out of jail weekend on the cards here.

Tony Abrahams
139 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:47:16
Exactly Danny, because if you've played the game you will usually know when someone is trying to kid you?

My own opinion of the get out of jail card, is that I'd sooner save it for the cup next week, and although I always want Everton to do well, I've seen them qualify for Europe a few times before, when they haven't been quite ready, so it's not the be all and end all for me.

Danny O’Neill
140 Posted 14/03/2021 at 20:53:04
That's where Rugby referees are better and more blunt with their players Tony, for that very reason. They can't bluff them and they aren't star struck.

I'd love to get into Europe. I know many have different views and I respect those, but I just think even the Europa League gives us more clout in the transfer market in the summer.

But the romantic in me takes next week and Wembley in May over that, every day. Plus we get Europe through that anyway!!

I've said before, but watching Everton lift a trophy in 1984 for the first time in my lifetime was the highlight for me. Even after what followed in that all-too-brief period, that was the moment for me that I will never forget.

Dave Abrahams
141 Posted 14/03/2021 at 21:31:48
Watching that Man Utd v West Ham Utd game, I'd swap our James for their James, tough little nut with plenty of skill and speed. He reminds me of Stevie Coppell who played for Man Utd and England – a scouser who joined Tranmere instead of Everton or Liverpool, because he was studying for a degree at University. Great little player.
Danny O’Neill
142 Posted 15/03/2021 at 19:36:39
Thought I'd switched on to watch Wolves v Liverpool but we're talking about Haaland and Man City's next signing?!
Dale Self
143 Posted 15/03/2021 at 19:46:04
Dave, is that the same Coppell that managed Wigan some time ago? I liked that guy, displayed a proper amount of concern on the sidelines.
Rob Halligan
144 Posted 15/03/2021 at 19:53:42
Wolves to win 2-0, Danny!!
Thomas Richards
145 Posted 15/03/2021 at 19:56:17
Wolves last 5 at home.


GF 6
GA 6

I'll take a draw Rob

Colin Glassar
146 Posted 15/03/2021 at 19:56:28
Coppell managed Crystal Palace. I remember him on one wing and Gordon Hill on the other ripping us apart, for Man U, at Goodison a few years ago. Great team that Tommy Doc's side. Ours wasn't too shabby either.
Neil Copeland
147 Posted 15/03/2021 at 19:59:36
Colin was that the 2-6 on Boxing Day at home? If so, I remember it to. They scored some fantastic goals and despite the score line we actually played well.
Danny O’Neill
148 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:00:16
You recommend I go on Paddy Power with that shout Rob?

Coady to score against his boyhood club? Hate to admit, a bit of a Coady fan. Good captain.

Rob Halligan
149 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:02:02
That should have been a wolves penalty
Danny O’Neill
150 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:02:09
No VAR for that??
Rob Halligan
151 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:03:03
Maybe not, hard call?
Rob Halligan
152 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:04:06
Yeah Danny, get it on!!
Colin Glassar
153 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:04:44
I can't remember the score Neil, but it was end-to-end, pulsating football. I was in my usual speck on Gwladys st and we were all knackered by the end. Both teams were applauded off the pitch.
Rob Halligan
154 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:06:43
Colin, wasn't there a floodlight failure in that game? Played on Boxing day. Went to Leeds the following day and lost 3-1.
Jeff Armstrong
155 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:06:43
Don Goodman”They've suffered from injuries more than most “ have they fuck!just whinged about it more than most.
Jeff Armstrong
156 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:09:06
Floodlight failure v Man U was about 75 Rob, I remember Billy Bullshitter making a very dated comment ( even then ) about Cliff Marshall over the tannoy.
Colin Glassar
157 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:25:31
Too long ago for me to remember if the lights went out as I can't even remember what had for breakfast today. It was the season united came up with Macari, the greenhoff bro's, sammy mcillroy etc... brilliant team.
Colin Glassar
158 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:33:26
That Traore fella is crap, a speed merchant. Do you think wolves would swap him for Iwobi?
Ron Sear
159 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:34:02
Colin (153) - "end-to-end, pulsating football" wouldn't it be lovely to see that phrase used again just at least once this season instead of the timid pass missing, dreary side, side, back, back, side we are stuck with at the moment.
Dave Abrahams
160 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:34:26
Danny (148), good shout with that one Danny, Conor Coady, very good centre back, captain and organiser. He was offered a very good contract by Liverpool but turned it down and went to Huddersfield Town instead, within a year Wolves had snapped him up, wish we would have gone in for him.
Bill Gall
161 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:36:50
shows how badly our home games has affected us L/ P--l win1 nil they go ahead of us on g/d
Rob Halligan
162 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:42:56
That Thiago is a fucking rat!
Brent Stephens
163 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:45:54
Sly, Rob. Now booked.
Brent Stephens
164 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:47:23
Wolves play some lovely football. And had a few chances this half.
Rob Halligan
165 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:48:54
Spawny fuckers.
Bill Gall
166 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:48:58
former Wolves player drops us to7th
Rob Halligan
167 Posted 15/03/2021 at 20:55:50
That was a Wolves penalty all day long. Even Carragher thinks it was. The bearded lady drops the ball then clearly took the wolves player out.
Kevin Molloy
168 Posted 15/03/2021 at 21:00:40
I think we can be fairly confident how the next few weeks will pan out now.
Time for bed.
Danny O’Neill
169 Posted 15/03/2021 at 21:28:35
Good to see players maybe realise they have to go elsewhere to get playing time and rebuild Dave?

Had Coady gone with the heart and stayed with Liverpool, would he be were he is now?

Seems to me he let his head make the career decision. Always a gamble, but it's worked out for him.

Rob Halligan
170 Posted 15/03/2021 at 21:30:58
This referee is giving wolves nothing, yet the slightest touch on a RS player and the whistle goes.
Jeff Armstrong
171 Posted 15/03/2021 at 21:44:26
This Pawson is a joke of a ref, giving RS everything.Never a foul by Traore but he blows late as Wolves attack, needs watching this biased red!
Jeff Armstrong
172 Posted 15/03/2021 at 21:48:09
Come on John Ruddy, last minute header from a corner !
Danny O’Neill
173 Posted 15/03/2021 at 21:51:40
This doesn't look great. Hope the keeper is okay.
Rob Halligan
174 Posted 15/03/2021 at 21:54:54
He's been down about twelve minutes now.
Neil Copeland
175 Posted 15/03/2021 at 21:57:19
Had the offside flag been raised immediately then the injury may have been avoided. Hope Patricio is fine but the rules relating to when the flag is raised need immediate review. A number of posters on TW have raised this point already.
Jay Wood

176 Posted 15/03/2021 at 21:57:24
Anybody seen a replay of the incident?

They haven't given one on my feed. Usual a signal that it's a bad 'un.

Danny O’Neill
177 Posted 15/03/2021 at 21:57:36
I think we were only talking about how long it will be before there is a serious injury by this late flagging of offside.

I don't think this was a particularly bad one but the principle is there.

I hope the player is okay.

Rob Halligan
178 Posted 15/03/2021 at 21:58:12
Nearly fifteen minutes play was stopped for.
Danny O’Neill
179 Posted 15/03/2021 at 22:04:01
Wouldn't show it Jay, which suggests it's bad.
Duncan McDine
180 Posted 15/03/2021 at 22:04:48
I rewinded to have another look. Coady's knee caught the keeper in the face and seemed to knock him out cold. Hopefully nothing broken, and with a bit of luck he'll recover from the concussion
Rob Halligan
181 Posted 15/03/2021 at 22:06:30
1-0 to the refefee!!
Bill Gall
182 Posted 15/03/2021 at 22:07:43
That's it not only do Everton ruin your weekend Sh=te ruin your week
Colin Glassar
183 Posted 15/03/2021 at 22:08:28
2 mins of normal time left to play. Keeper out for 10 mins. Only 7 minutes added time? The game is bent!!
Neil Copeland
184 Posted 15/03/2021 at 22:09:44
Trying to stay positive, we still have a game in hand and it's away from home
Rob Halligan
185 Posted 15/03/2021 at 22:12:01
Just re-wound back to the incident. Coady's knee caught the goalie full in the face. There was no way it could have been avoided. Was offside but still couldn't have been avoided. As said though, what if this offside decision had been allowed to run on before the flag was raised, and the goalie got injured? This ridiculous rule needs changing.
Colin Glassar
186 Posted 15/03/2021 at 22:12:31
Tomorrow's rags will be full of, rs are back, screamers.
Kunal Desai
187 Posted 15/03/2021 at 22:12:35
7 mins of injury time started when Patricio was still receiving medical attention. Pathetic from the officials should still be atleast another 3-4 minutes added on top.
Danny O’Neill
188 Posted 15/03/2021 at 22:12:39
Game in hand and a quarter final this weekend coming. We can only think with George like cosmic blue positivity right?

This season is still on and far from finished.

Colin Glassar
189 Posted 15/03/2021 at 22:14:35
Danny, I'll have an ounce of whatever you're on, please.
Mike Hughes
190 Posted 15/03/2021 at 22:15:17
Everyone knows how impartial I am.
That Wolves match should have been abandoned against the jammy red filth.
Null and void.
I hope their keeper is OK.
Rob Halligan
191 Posted 15/03/2021 at 22:19:13
The amount of time was correct Colin. The incident happened in the 86th minute, and the game was stopped for about 14 minutes. It re-started on 100 minutes and ended after 107minutes. I guess there was going to be 3 minutes added time before the incident, hence the 7 minutes added time. The 7 minutes added time included time still left to play in the actual 90 minutes, which was nearly 4 minutes.
Rob Halligan
192 Posted 15/03/2021 at 22:21:27
Mike, Elaine from Peterborough will be doing cartwheels.
Mike Hughes
193 Posted 15/03/2021 at 22:24:39
Elaine from Peterborough might just injure herself doing cartwheels.
That'll be our fault then.
(I hope it's her knee).
Bill Gall
194 Posted 15/03/2021 at 22:25:20
It started off with Salah being given the ball in an offside position, he carried on running, the keeper came out and as he tried to stop Salah a following Wolves player crashed into the keeper knocking him out, the goal was ruled out for offside'
Colin # 186 not long after they scored they showed the league table with the commentator saying they are up to sixth above Everton and only 5 pts back from the top 4

and Sky has already got the league table changed

Rob Halligan
195 Posted 15/03/2021 at 22:32:53
Bill, I honestly think this injury would have happened anyway. It could only have been a couple of seconds between Salah getting the ball and Coady colliding with the keeper. Had Salah received the ball further out, but still in an offside position, ran through and scored and then the flag raised and Coady collide with the keeper, there would be uproar. This rule needs to be changed immediately.
Paul Birmingham
196 Posted 15/03/2021 at 23:29:28
Theres a cup quarter final, and 10 league games and any thing can and likely will happen.

Stomach for the fight is needed even, when the chips are down.

Improvise, adapt and overcome, in terms of injuries and is easier said than done, but the players have got to a reasonable position in the league in terms of last season but the final phase will show which clubs, are up for the battle in every game.

It will be the deciding phase of a many of this Everton squad, so plenty to play fall.

Tony Everan
197 Posted 16/03/2021 at 20:30:32
Scouting our quarter final opponents playing Borussia tonight, I will report back on their weaknesses. Their midfield is looking suspect at the moment Foden, Gundogan and De Brunye stinking the place out.
John Boswell
198 Posted 22/03/2021 at 22:54:30
I welcome feedback please but having watched replays of the penalty won by Kane for Tottenham yesterday, I am still left with a bad taste in my mouth.

He, Kane, clearly leaves the ball to run out of play and steps to his right and into the path of the defender who is making a sliding challenge to try and block a cross into the Villa goalmouth. Kane has placed himself where the ball would have been if he had attempted the cross and a penalty kick is awarded.

This is an example of modern football that I dislike so much. I guess it is related to my age, I am in my early 70s. I rarely watch football unless the game involves Everton. Am I in the minority with my opinion? COYB.

Brent Stephens
199 Posted 22/03/2021 at 22:59:04
John #198, that was exactly my reaction. By the rule book, it was a penalty. But it was, for me, a nasty bit of chicanery. No wonder the integrity of the game is in shreds.
Andrew Keatley
200 Posted 22/03/2021 at 00:13:34
John (198), Brent (199),

I agree; I think Kane is actively looking for the contact, to the extent that keeping the ball in play (which Kane failed to do) was merely a secondary concern. It's one thing being cute and playing for contact, but to engineer contact by moving into a player who is not even attempting to make a challenge.

That is the sort of thing that I hope future iterations of VAR will look to stamp out.

John Boswell
201 Posted 23/03/2021 at 09:55:51
Brent and Andrew, thank you both for your kindness in responding to my post. I am relieved to find that I am not alone with my distaste for such actions. Let us hope that VAR will observe such chicanery in future.
Tony Everan
202 Posted 23/03/2021 at 10:07:26
John @201,

It is premeditated and, let's face it, it's cheating. Kane isn't the only one but his status with England seems to win him some benevolence from referees.

Over the years, Vardy has been magnificent in initiating contact when running at goal, by taking a stride to the right and letting the defender bring him down.

Dave Abrahams
203 Posted 23/03/2021 at 10:37:43
John (198 and 201),

I would hope that you are completely in the majority when it comes to cheating, because that is what is, without any doubt, not clever or cute, as the pundits on TV, continually have us believe.

Kane stands out because he is the captain of Spurs and also England; he stands out with his blatant playing for fouls, all over the pitch. As England's captain, he should play in a much fairer way.

Then again, we are now in 2021 and good standards, in all walks of life, don't seem to apply anymore. Maybe, John, me and you and a few more on here are just naive, hoping fair play will overcome the cheats.

Brian Harrison
204 Posted 28/03/2021 at 11:39:18
A friend has just sent me a text regarding an article by Jake Polden from Planet Football. The story is about a Michael Ngoo who was a former player with Liverpool who ended up at Kilmarnock. The article says that following a horror tackle by VVD his career was finished needing 2 surgeries to screw the bones back together in his ankle. Ngoo said he wasnt just physically injured but psychologically shattered. As soon as the injury happened he told the physio that VVD had tried to do me. Before the tackle he and VVD had words and the next thing is he came right through the back of me and I think it was deliberate.

Ngoo said VVD later apologised through John Guidetti who was on loan at Celtic who was a friend of mine.

I haven't heard this before but I am sure some more knowledgeable posters will know all about it if its true. Funny when Pickford tried to apologise to VVD over what happened he didn't want to know. I am also still puzzled as to why he appeared in the stands for the derby at Anfield yet hasn't attended another game since. Couldnt have been a plan were if they had have got their normal victory their players would have gone to VVD to celebrate and making sure everybody be reminded yet again about how his injury happened.

Tony Abrahams
205 Posted 28/03/2021 at 12:09:23
To suggest that would bring outrage Brian, because it can never be proven, but why else would he only turn up for this game? They can be very nauseating are neighbours, it was obviously a big blow for them to lose Van Dyke, but if the boot was on the other foot, the outraged would be telling us, to just get on with it, whilst their friends in the media, would be simply pointing out that this isn't the first time something like this has happened on a football pitch.
Brian Harrison
206 Posted 28/03/2021 at 12:25:08

Your absolutely correct only the player and the club would know why he turned up for only the derby game. I see the Dutch manager has said its unlikely VVD will play in this years Euros. Its always disappointing when players have injuries that keep them out for such a long time, and sadly not many after such a long spell out never seem to come back the same player.

I remember when Joe Royle suffered a back injury thanks to Mike England from Spurs, Joe was Englands top centre forward at the time but he never came back the same player. Although he did gone on to play well for both city and Norwich. I have the same concerns over Gbamin whether after so long out of the game he can come back anything like the player he was before.

Tony Abrahams
207 Posted 28/03/2021 at 12:43:18
Only time will tell us this one Brian, but he's had two very bad injuries which might slow him down a bit, but hopefully it won't be long until he's back playing football again now. I wish him well, especially after all the bad luck he's had, and wasn't their rumours that Gbamin can also play as a central defender, which could end up being his position now, who knows?

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