The reason why Shani Tarashaj is still an Everton player

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The reason why Swiss International striker Shani Tarashaj is still technically an Everton player for another year, despite his original contract expiring this month, has now been revealed.

The Echo says it was all about Marcel Brands bending over backwards to structure a palatable loan deal that would be good enough for FC Emmen to take the unwanted Everton player on a unique extended 2-year loan this time last year.

It's now 4½ years since the largely unknown forward was signed up in an ambitious move by Roberto Martinez for a reported £3.9m fee before the club loaned him straight back to Grasshopper Zurich for the remainder of the 2015-16 season. This was a condition of the deal that would allow Tarashaj to complete his National Service.

Tarashaj would go to Euro2016 with the Swiss national side, ending Albania's hopes that he might elect to represent them, but only got one minute on the pitch at the end of a group game before Switzerland were eliminated in the Round of 16.

He then featured in Everton's 2016 pre-season preparations before he picked up a minor injury and was not a part of new manager Ronald Koeman's first-team plans as the season kicked off. On transfer deadline day, he joined Eintracht Frankfurt on a season-long loan.

But Tarashaj had to wait until the middle of September 2016 to even start training with them after suffering with benign angina. He would miss another five games after having to have his tonsils removed. Then a serious knee problem required surgery and it would sideline him for the remainder of the year. His recovery would take up most of the 2016-17 season, spent behind the scenes at Finch Farm.

More than 2 years after signing for Everton, he finally got to play in a competitive game, appearing as a surprise second striker for David Unsworth's Under-23s but getting pulled at half-time after a very unimpressive performance in a shocking 0-4 home loss to West Ham United.

Everton off-loaded Shani back to his old club in Zurich at the beginning of the 2018-19 season, for another season-long loan. He made three early-season sub appearances for Grasshoppers, and then injured his foot in August and was out for a significant period.

Tarashaj's final 12 months at Everton were restructured in July 2019 so that his £780,000 annual salary (£15,000 per week) would be spread across 2 years, rather than 1 year, in order to help ensure the loan deal with Emmen could be concluded.

Emmen have picked up a percentage of the player's wages, with unconfirmed reports saying they have paid £500,000 to Everton, while the Blues did not incur any new agent's fees for reworking the contract. But he would not register a single game for Emmen before the season ended early with the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tarashaj, who has never played a first-team game for the Blues, will remain with Emmen until the end of next season, after which he will finally leave Everton in June 2021.


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Paul Richards
1 Posted 27/06/2020 at 19:02:39
Who? What?

Can we please just stop already?

Stop with these ridiculous stories about supposed Everton players that just aren't real. I mean seriously, we bought the guy so he can finish his National Services?!? WTF?!?!

He's good enough for the high-flying Swiss team but, in 4½ years, has not played a single first-team game for the Blues. Not ever. And we're giving him ١½ MILLION in cold hard cash... The world has gone fucking mad. Fucking totally fucking mad.

I really do despair when I read utter shite like this that our highly praised managers got us into. How many is this now? I think I just have to lie down behind the sofa for a while...

Steve Shave
2 Posted 27/06/2020 at 19:52:49
Terrific rant Paul, wonderful, made me smile. ;)
Bobby Mallon
3 Posted 27/06/2020 at 20:19:20
That was an epic rant, Paul, and I love it.
Dan Nulty
4 Posted 27/06/2020 at 22:04:05
Have we had Harry Redknapp doing transfers for us? Sounds like we have been operating on the West Ham and Portsmouth method of transfers.
Patrick McFarlane
5 Posted 27/06/2020 at 22:17:05
Perhaps it was necessary to purchase players that the new owner believed in or maybe money had to be spent quickly to avoid paying tax, whatever the truth is, we've made some really crazy purchases in the last five years or so.
Jeff Armstrong
6 Posted 27/06/2020 at 22:25:29
Paul, don't forget the ١.9 million we paid Zurich for his “services”. ٥.5 million spunked on a total nonentity waster, thanks Roberto and Bill.

Don't get me started on Mirallas, Niasse, Garbutt, and all the others from the past 5 years! And yet Kenwright is STILL well thought of amongst some blues... unbelievable!

Sukhdev Sohal
7 Posted 27/06/2020 at 23:20:00
Jeff, don't put Mirallas in that category. Mirallas was probably the 2nd best winger in the league in 2013-14, and was great the season before and after that. Martinez did his best to ruin him by replacing him with Cleverley but, when he got a few minutes, he always scored or assisted (see both Leicester games).

He was pretty good in 2016-17 and not good in 2017-18 which was his last. Just think about this. We got a skillful goalscoring winger for ٥ million and now we got a winger for 㿊 million in Iwobi who isn't skillful and doesn't score goals. And I don't care if he is suited to central attacking midfield.... he's still a terrible signing.

Liam Reilly
8 Posted 27/06/2020 at 23:22:06
Can't have Mirallas in that Jeff, when he arrived, he was quality. Unfortunately he just started to believe in his own hype.
Kevin Day
9 Posted 27/06/2020 at 23:23:17
Paul @1

My thoughts exactly.

Karl Masters
10 Posted 27/06/2020 at 00:05:50
On top of the £40 million we've lost on Schneiderlin and the £22 million that Niasse has cost us and the £25 million on Sandro and the £43 million on Bolasie and the £24 million that Ashley Williams cost us. Jeez - that's - wait for it - £161.5 million Spent on transfers and wages for 6 players who would never have been missed.

Resale proceeds £2.5 million.

It's mind boggling and we haven't even factored in Tosun, Walcott and Klaassen. Take them into the equation and you're well on the way to Quarter of a Billion pounds!!!!!!!

Gary Carter
11 Posted 28/06/2020 at 01:07:53
Karl Masters, whilst I totally agree with your sentiment, if your going to inflate the negative by including wages you should also include the loan fees we got for Sandro, Bolasie and Niasse and reduce the wages by whatever the loan team contributed. Whilst it's still awful business your post is about as accurate as a media headline 😂
Clive Rogers
12 Posted 28/06/2020 at 17:01:48
Kenwright is totally to blame for all the ridiculous signings that his appointment of Martinez made. A decent chairman would have stopped him signing non entities like Tarashaj, Besic, Niasse and others on crazy deals that set the club back years.
Karl Masters
13 Posted 28/06/2020 at 23:25:55
True, Gary, although the fees you mention will only make a very small dent in that figure.

The post was really to point out just what an enormous amount of money we have wasted on poor playing purchases in the last few years. I can't believe we did better under Moyes with his meagre net transfer spend.

I think it shows the DoF role is highly questionable to be perfectly honest. We have no idea what Brands' or Walsh's desired style of play that the Coach is supposed to produce, with supposedly carefully selected purchases to fit that remit.

I've nothing against Marcel, but so far he's not done a great deal better than Walsh to influence an improvement on the pitch. We are stuck in mid table and if it wasn't for Ancelotti what reasons would you have to be optimistic on that improving? Very few I'd say.

Eric Myles
14 Posted 29/06/2020 at 01:25:00
Paul #1, the article says we loaned him to Grasshoppers so he could complete his national service, it was not the reaaon we bought him.
Alan J Thompson
15 Posted 29/06/2020 at 06:22:36
I'm fairly sure that the Swiss allow you to delay the yearly or bi-yearly training but I'm not sure if you have to make it up later and I think it is only for 2-3 weeks every other year. Let's not forget that Son at Tottenham has just done his National Service training with the South Korean 1st Foot & Breakers Regiment.
Frank Wade
16 Posted 29/06/2020 at 12:31:37
The Swiss are generally ranked in the top 10 in the World. We pay around ١M for one of their upcoming stars. 3 years on, it's now clear to all, that the injuries he incurred made this signing a big mistake. It didn't work out. No one would argue. How many of the experts decrying this deal now were shouting foul when he was signed?

Besic had had a good World Cup for Bosnia, marking Messi out of a game, so another good signing, at the time. Same with Sandro, a cheap buy out clause for a guy who had just scored 15 goals in La Liga for Malaga.

It's the Chairman's job to pick the manager and give him autonomy over signings within a budget, so you can't blame Bill Kenwright either.

All clubs gamble and lose in the market. Liverpool with Andy Carroll, Chelsea with Torres, Barcelona with Coutinho spring to mind. Chelsea with Salah and De Bruyne outgoing.

Fran Mitchell
17 Posted 29/06/2020 at 13:21:01
Our work in the transfer market actually reminds me.of Liverpool in the early 00s until quite recently.

They wasted millions in the likes of El-Hadji Diouf, Le-Tallec, Sinema Pongolle, Eric Mejer, Stewart Downing, Paul Konchesky and countless other woeful players.

They were lucky in that the occasional good signing did come in, and that the League was much less competitive.

I remember when we were linked with Bolasie, I thought "this is the type of player Liverpool would've signed before". And he turned out exactly as I imagined (even worse due to the injury).

This Swiss lad at least was low cost teenager, and sometimes a risk like that is worth it i.e. Holgate, DCL, and Stones.

Dave White
18 Posted 29/06/2020 at 13:43:58
Speaking from my own point of view it's often the transfer fees I focus on, but some of our biggest disasters are much more to do with the Rolls-Royce wages we pay to Reliant Robin players (and giving them contracts which see us stuck with them for years).

In that respect, Sandro stands out as a total disaster.

Robert Tressell
19 Posted 29/06/2020 at 14:00:26
It is important to sign players like Tarashaj now and again. In that, I mean very promising and talented U-21 players. It is a low-cost way of improving the squad.

It is hit and miss too. You can reduce the risk through good scouting, by finding players who fit the system and playing environment and by having a clear route to the first team (even if it means loans).

Obviously Tarashaj proved a complete failure. All clubs have similar failures. It's a relatively cheap failure however in the context of football transfers.

Tarashaj was touted as a big new prospect with other big clubs in for him. Niasse, who we bought around the same time, was a journeyman in his mid-20s who scored a good but not amazing haul in a weak league.

Niasse was a blatant mistake but Tarashaj was a more forgivable failure. I'd still rather our young signings come from UK leagues though in the -main – with the 21- to 24-year-olds bought in from abroad after showing some first-team quality.

Jay Evans
20 Posted 29/06/2020 at 16:55:43
Tarashaj and Niasse would have been brilliant up front together.

With Roberto at the helm and Bill in the background I really think we would have won the league within 3 years.

Jay Evans
21 Posted 29/06/2020 at 17:06:52
Sorry. I couldn't resist.
Sukhdev Sohal
22 Posted 29/06/2020 at 18:10:16
Jay, also with Cleverley and Kone A on the wings don't forget. Mirallas Deulofeu and Lennon all benched for a hideously average CM and a striker should doesnt score goals or run (by 2015 anyway).
Justin Doone
23 Posted 29/06/2020 at 20:37:39
To spread costs over 2 years instead of 1.

In the scheme of things I can't believe his wages would make much of a difference unless we hope he may come good and we could get a fee for him in another year?

Other than Lukaku we had a very poor recruitment record under Martinez. I think that's possibly why the director of football was introduced.

We wasted money on crock or rubbish ex-Wigan players from our ex-Wigan manager. All very suspect.

Then there were several other youngsters recruited for multiple millions when we could simply have splashed the cash on established players in the Championship, Scottish Premier league, Germany, Spain etc.

As if to prove how NOT to do it, we appoint a scout as DoF and waste tens of millions on the wrong positions and still largely unproven players not fit or good enough for the Premier league.

Why players and all other football saff are not handed performance related contracts I can't understand it.

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
24 Posted 29/06/2020 at 22:35:57
At times you have to have sympathy for Bill.

Clive #12. So when Johnson refused to sign players requested by Joe Royle,the chairman was wrong. And you then blame the chairman for signing players requested by Martinez.

In other words, in your view, they cannot win.

Alan J Thompson
25 Posted 30/06/2020 at 06:57:53
Phil(#24); Are you saying that one of Everton's barest spells and Bill's time as Chairman is just coincidence?

We've appointed poor managers who were barely given any transfer funds and those players we did sign appear to be on a play today pay tomorrow basis subject to the Banks permission after the August repayment being made. Then there is the case(s) of takeovers at Goodison from "Fortress" Willi Steele, a lifelong Evertonian who barely remembered 1966 Cup Final, the unemployed bloke in his one bedroom flat to the Arabs who decamped to Maine Road. Not to mention the super-duper lawn mowers, the poor marketing performance and sponsorship deals, British Virgin Islands loans, ring-fenced funds for a new ground and almost invisible Directors.

Mind you, he did make a lovely speech after that Wimbledon game!

Steve Ferns
26 Posted 30/06/2020 at 13:15:04
Justin, he had a year left and the Dutch club couldn't afford his wages. The loan would have fallen through. Brands extended the contract by an extra year so the remaining wages we had to pay the player could be spread over two years. This meant the club could afford him and the player was effectively playing for a year for free, so fair play to the lad. This extension meant nothing to Everton as he is on loan at the Dutch club for the remainder of his contract and they are covering a reported 2/3 of the wages.

It seems like the lad was sensible and thinking bigger picture. His career is in tatters and he needed to take action to resurrect it and the Dutch league is a good place and standard to do just that.

Fair play to Shani and good luck to him.

Bill Gienapp
27 Posted 30/06/2020 at 23:19:02
I agree with Frank (16). Tarashaj was considered one of Switzerland's top up-and-coming strikers. He was good enough to make their Euro team in 2016, which is nothing to sneeze at.

I think his loan to the Bundesliga was a smart one, but then his career was torpedoed by injuries. The signing had potential, but then the wheels completely came off. These things happen, unfortunately.

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