Niasse officially leaves while Baines agrees short-term extension

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A line is finally drawn under one of the least successful transfers in recent Everton history, with £13.5m Oumar Niasse finally leaving the club when his 4½-year contract ends this summer
Oumar Niasse will join Cuco Martina and Luke Garbutt in leaving the club at the end of the month when their contracts expire.

The Senegalese striker will call time on his frustrating 4½-year spell at Goodison Park and search for a new club in time for next season.

Niasse arrived as a high-profile acquisition under Roberto Martinez in January 2016 but he never proved capable of holding down a starting role with the Toffees.

A productive loan spell at Hull City under Marco Silva appeared to offer a potential route out for Niasse but the Tigers didn't take up the option of signing him permanently when they were unable to avoid relegation in 2017-18.

He also had a brief loan term at Cardiff City but failed to score during his time in South Wales.

Garbutt's and Martina's departures were also expected this month. Garbutt has been sent out on loan himself over the past few seasons to either gain experience or find a new home. He is waiting to see if Ipswich Town will sign him on a permanent basis after he impressed at Portman Road this season.

Meanwhile, like Djibril Sidibé, Leighton Baines has agreed a short-term deal to remain with Everton until the end of the extended 2019-20 season but the club are awaiting his decision on the offer of another one-year contract extension to take him through the end of next season.

Carlo Ancelotti expressed his hope yesterday that the veteran full-back would stay but the player himself has yet to commit.

Kieran Phillips will join fellow Academy players Morgan Feeney, Alex Denny, Matty Foulds, Manasse Mampala and Korede Adedoyin in being released this summer. Nathangelo Markelo and Con Ouzounidis have been offered new deals to remain with the club.  

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Mike Price
1 Posted 25/06/2020 at 16:07:30
Niasse was an unmitigated disaster both in a football and financial sense.

We get absolutely murdered in the transfer market, it's total incompetence and sets our development back years and years.

Unfortunately for us, Liverpool are absolute masters, buy low and sell high then reinvest. Coutinho bought for ٦M sold for 𧵄M and they get Mane, Salah and Van Dijk with the profits, not to mention how much they would now get for each one of them.

Mal van Schaick
2 Posted 25/06/2020 at 16:16:06
Agree with Mike. Past transfer decisions have cost us dearly in finance and quality. If those responsible were running any other business they would be sacked.

Get a grip, stop buying the next best thing and buy some proven quality. That is the only way we can develop to challenge for the top four.

Annika Herbert
3 Posted 25/06/2020 at 16:19:12
Well that's a few more off the wage bill. We need to bring some quality in to replace them now.
Frank Crewe
4 Posted 25/06/2020 at 16:20:11
With Shneiderlin gone as well – that's 𧶀,000 quid a week off the wage bill. Let's hope it gets used to pay far better players in the next window.

Keep chopping off the deadwood. When are they going to show Davies the door?

Adam Carey
5 Posted 25/06/2020 at 16:27:42
With Morgan gone as well, I estimate that is around 𧶀k p/w off the wage bill. Martina was a free albeit poor choice from Koeman, Garbutt has stolen a living from us for 5 years and Niasse was just never up to the Premier League's level.

Marcel Brands had implied 2-3 signings so let's hope for some quality. We have enough promising youngsters that need to kick on. We could do with some experienced heads to lead them.

Mike @ #1, Liverpool may have their transfer program working now but let's not forget they spent almost 𧴜M on Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing and Christian Benteke!

Mick Conalty
6 Posted 25/06/2020 at 16:28:44
Good job we now have Marcel looking after our future signings!!!

Martin Reppion
7 Posted 25/06/2020 at 16:33:10
Oumar Niasse, Cuco Martina and Luke Garbutt will leave the club when their current contracts expire at the end of the month.

So we will have room for 2 signings then. If we sign 3 we'll need to invest in a new locker.

Mick Conalty
8 Posted 25/06/2020 at 16:36:35
Hope to see Oumar and Cuco playing again soon.

In the Sunday League on Sefton Park.

Martin Reppion
9 Posted 25/06/2020 at 16:37:55
Adam #5. Well said. There are those who only remember OUR disasters and everyone else's successes.

I loved it when for a whole season in the list of goals/£Transfer fee our goalkeeper had a better return than Liverpool's Geordie powerhouse. (I think I meant Powerhouse.)

Steve Ferns
10 Posted 25/06/2020 at 17:07:50
With Oumar, Morgan and Cuco gone, it's over 𧶲,000 a week off the wage bill.

As for Davies, he's on buttons. He's going nowhere. If you're balancing the books, why get rid of someone like him? If you're the coach then you also welcome someone like him who seems committed to the cause, and if not good enough for the first team, is another body who can cover for injuries.

It's a shame for Feeney and Foulds. I liked both of them and particularly thought Morgan would make it. Interesting to see the two who did get an extension as I don't think either would have topped my list. The biggest shame is Kerode Adedoyin. This time last season, he tore it up in the U18s with Ellis Simms. Adedoyin had a bizarre failed loan move to Hamilton at just 18 and never played a game and is now released. Seems like something happened to me as the lad looked capable of stepping up to the U23s at the very least.

I hope to see Simms, Dobbin, and Onyango get more involved with first team training now and Simms should get on the bench.

Kieran Kinsella
11 Posted 25/06/2020 at 17:20:53

Yeah Adedoyin is a weird one. Totally bypassed the Under-23s with that loan and now he's cut loose. That Alex Denny was highly rated a few years back but never quite made it after some injuries.

The positive in this to me, is that, in the past, these kind of okayish players would get extensions until finally being cut lose in their mid-twenties, eg, Charsley, McAleny etc. Better for us to be more decisive and identify top talent rather than hoping against hope for years

Dennis Stevens
12 Posted 25/06/2020 at 17:22:07
I think setting them on a raft is a bit harsh! Well, for some of them perhaps.
Joe McMahon
13 Posted 25/06/2020 at 17:22:35
Mike, they made a good profit on Suarez as well. They make money by the second that lot so they can take big losses on 㿏 million for Caroll, signed of course by the lovely (great sense of humour and fab golf mate of Hansen) Sir Kenny.

I still feel we undersold Rooney, Lescott and Lukaku. Did okay on John Stones though.

Kieran Kinsella
14 Posted 25/06/2020 at 17:24:03
Talking of Kenny Dalglish, how come he was one fan allowed at the derby?
Bill Gall
15 Posted 25/06/2020 at 17:25:06
Mick, the Sunday league have a higher standard than that.
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
16 Posted 25/06/2020 at 17:32:04
And for next summer we also will lose

Pennington, Connolly, Broadhead and Dowell who are clearly not up to Premier League standards as they have never set the place alight a division of two below. And Sandro, Bolasie and Besic will also be gone.

Probably also Hornby and Bowler. Surprised Tarashaj has not been announced as released as his contract is also at the end of contract and never even playing in Netherlands.

Should make Marcel Brands' job a bit easier not having so many experienced professionals to try and loan out. Pity Tosun was injured as Palace may have taken him. And to the delight on many on here - we can spend the next 6 months wondering is Walcott will be given a new contract.

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
17 Posted 25/06/2020 at 17:35:04
Steve #10 - sounds better to say £13m a year. Now that may be enough (£52m over 4 years) to buy someone decent! £250k per week sounds a measly amount.
Phill Thompson
18 Posted 25/06/2020 at 17:36:39
Steve, yeah shame about Adedoyin not really getting a chance this season. A few years ago we had Joe Royle keeping an eye on our loan players and presumably giving advice on where they should go. The SPL is laughed at by some but there's no way an 18-year-old could step up from youth football to SPL 1st team unless he was showing exceptional ability. I

t took Simms a wee while to settle into U23s even, but the coaches worked hard on his weakness and he's progressed well, Kyle John too. There's virtually no decent U23s tier in Scottish football, he would have been better staying with our coaches for another 6 months and having a January loan if necessary.

All I can think of is that they didn't think he'd make our U23s this season.

Steve Ferns
19 Posted 25/06/2020 at 17:39:25
Phill, I think that's a bit harsh on Callum Connolly and Nathan Broadhead. Callum is doing well in the third tier for Barton and should thrive in the second tier and I think he could make it at a team in the bottom half of the Prem in the same way gosling has. Broadhead had a good spell before injury struck, so I wouldn't write him off yet.

Pennington, how on Earth is he still under contract? The worst thing was that someone persuaded someone else to offer him a long term contract whilst we were manager-less. Probably Unsworth and Kenwright, but I don't know for sure.

How on earth can you authorise a 3-year deal for a youngster when the new manager might not rate him? Especially when he was already 23 and far from established in the first team and there wasn't a queue of clubs waiting to snatch him up.

It's probably worse than the Garbutt contract for me, at least that decision was taken at the highest point of his career when he was deceiving people that he might have quality and was actually playing for the first team. Pennington, seriously, how?

Steve Ferns
20 Posted 25/06/2020 at 17:46:28
Phil T, dunno why they didn't think Adedoyin would make it for the U23s. Everyone knew that the team who won the league would be all but gone and those stepping up were not good enough.

In particular, we were weak on the wings. Evans covered that up, but he was meant to be out on loan from the summer and didn't secure the loan expected and so stayed and played.

This was not known when Adenoyin left early in the window. At this time, I thought he'd be likely to claim the right wing slot for himself. The guys in the slot last season were Bowler, Evans and Gordon. Bowler was always going on loan. I covered Evans and Gordon isn't a winger and was always expected to claim the Number 10 spot.

Robert Tressell
21 Posted 25/06/2020 at 18:17:07
On the subject of Evans, saw a little bit of him playing for Paderborn. They're a poor side and will be relegated but he was a good source of balls into the box. Might make a good career for himself. Hope so.
James Flynn
22 Posted 25/06/2020 at 18:33:14
Did some numbers and that's about 13.5 million of wages departing.

End of next season's about 17 million of wages. For me, the first 7 below need to find a new home. The rest on the list, I guess we'll see soon enough.

Walcott - 100K
Bolasie - 75K
Sandro - 65K
Besic - 30K
Dowell - 15K
Pennington - 15K
Bowler - 3.3K
Broadhead - 2.3K
Connolly - 7.7K
Hornby - 9.4K
Hansen - 1.2K
John - £702
Astley - 1.2K
Adeniran - 2.3K

Mike Gwyer
23 Posted 25/06/2020 at 18:42:16

Mike Price

What you are on about. when they sold lady boy to Chelsea they then went and spent shed loads on Andy Carroll, Downing & Henderson. Please don't try and convince me about Henderson as England managers have used him to no avail. And the boy they bought from Leizpig for 60m, where does he fit in..

Don't fret yourself, that lot across the park can spunk money just as well as us.

Tony Everan
24 Posted 25/06/2020 at 18:45:14
Everton's scouting system in the past has been really poor, shambolic . It is one of the main reasons we always under perform and never challenge for anything. Too many signings who are just not anywhere near PL standard, never mind top 6 class. It leaves us with a wages ball and chain and financial deficit for years on end.

I am hoping we have a new scouting regime now and have turned the corner. As James above wage stats show , this transition may well take another season before we can get to full strength.

George Carroll
25 Posted 25/06/2020 at 19:24:10
Lets hope Uncle Bill has no more to do with contracts or transfers
Colin Glassar
26 Posted 25/06/2020 at 19:31:30
Did he take his bin bag with him?
Christy Ring
27 Posted 25/06/2020 at 19:45:35
Sadly Niasse, Garbutt and Martina, we're never going to leave until the end of their contract, because no one else was silly enough to offer anything like the wages we gave them. It'll be the same with Sigurdsson and Delph. Remember Winston Bogarde of Chelsea, played 9 times in 4 years, wouldn't go on loan, because he was on a massive contract.
Richard Mason
28 Posted 25/06/2020 at 19:46:52
I thought there was talk of Hornby moving to France for 2 mil in the summer??
Mike Gaynes
29 Posted 25/06/2020 at 19:47:34
Steve #19, you're being a bit hard on Pennington. Yes, the length and timing of the new contract were awful. That said, he ain't Garbutt. He's a decent footballer who will be making a solid living in the Championship long after Garbutt is kicking it around at Warrington Town or Stalybridge Celtic.

Also, remember Silva's arrival was long-expected, so I'd be VERY surprised if he had no say -- unofficially, at least -- in Pennington's contract extension.

John Kavanagh
30 Posted 25/06/2020 at 19:50:46
Surprised that Feeney has been released as he looked to be a promising player. Likewise Adedoyin. Hope they both get clubs and prove us wrong. Good luck to all the youngsters who've been released.
Steve Shave
31 Posted 25/06/2020 at 20:29:42
I'm with Mike on Pennington Steve, he will have a decent championship career. I would be disappointed not to be getting a few million for each of those boys. we could do with Dowell having a great end to the season with Wigan. what on earth happened with him? I thought he was going to make it for us.
Hugh Jenkins
32 Posted 25/06/2020 at 20:43:02
We have to trust in the professionals at the club to make these choices - and hope that amongst the released ones there isn't another Lundstram.
Derek Knox
33 Posted 25/06/2020 at 20:44:23
We won't half miss him, off the wage bill !

Not talking negatively about the guy, but he was a mistake of a signing? In the first instance, he was bought by Roberto Martinez, who mistook him him for another player.

I may be wrong, but he was given a contract, a very lucrative one at that ! Not his fault, I must hasten to add !

One thing he could never be faulted for was attitude, he did try when called upon in spades but clearly something was missing !

Harry Williams
34 Posted 25/06/2020 at 20:46:46
Luke Garbutt has just been realised, unbelievable. Matty Pennington and Dowell etc will be the new Garbutt. On top of that our signings have been poor. Who's taking Delph, Iwobi, sigurdson and Moise Kean etc etc off our hands...??
A top six finish is now, where to be seen??!! I am sorry but Everton have gone backwards. It's going to be a long road for Carlo and Co...
Dave Abrahams
35 Posted 25/06/2020 at 21:17:14
Don't get the worry about Adedoyin,he hardly got a kick at Hamilton, whenever I saw him in the U18's he could be brilliant in short spells then disappear for long spells, he had good speed, could dribble and scored a few but he never applied himself, didn't seem a player who cared enough, never expected him to make the grade.

Mathew Pennington, unlike Garbutt, never cost us a penny, we gotta decent loan fee when he went on loan to Leeds, presume we also got loan fees at other clubs he's been, Ipswich and a couple of other clubs, we will get a transfer fee if he is sold and as Mike Gaynes says he will have a good solid career at a decent level.

Ray Robinson
36 Posted 25/06/2020 at 21:19:49
Not sorry to see Niasse go as he is an awful footballer but part of me says he was "worth his fee" (joking!) just for his goals one season (against Southampton and Watford, I think) that helped turn around a season in which we looked destined to go down.
Joe McMahon
37 Posted 25/06/2020 at 21:32:29
Does anyone feel it's time for Ellis Simms to be considered for at least the first team bench?
Brent Stephens
38 Posted 25/06/2020 at 21:44:17
Joe, I watched a lot of Ellis over the last year or so. He was slow to find his feet in the U23s and even then I thought he was hit and miss, hot and cold. Potential!
Joe McMahon
39 Posted 25/06/2020 at 21:51:57
Thanks Brent. Potential seems to be a theme. I had hopes for Jake Bidwell a while back but he ended up leaving. I also had hopes for Garbutt, but again didn't make it. I would have prefered to keep Lookman also.
Robert Tressell
40 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:09:45
I'd have thought Garbutt is worth a contract extension. We're light on left-back cover.
Jim Bennings
41 Posted 25/06/2020 at 22:51:58
It's probably the worst midfield I've seen at Everton since 97-98.

Nothing there, no pace, no power, wingers that basically aren't wingers because they aren't quick enough to hit the byline, no goalscorers in the midfield area.

Defence looks okay at the minute the Chelsea game aside, but the rest is bottom half at best.

Joe McMahon
42 Posted 25/06/2020 at 23:05:47
Jim and Colin,

Burnley's starting XI is better than what we saw last night. The worst Arsenal team in my memory (and I'm 50) and we took one proxy point off them.

The match at Goodison was awful. Our neighbours score fantastic goals for fun and we are –8 goal difference. Carlo and his team have a huge task to at least give Everton FC some pride back.

Barry McNally
43 Posted 25/06/2020 at 23:13:59
Joe, @63 – the Arsenal team we beat at the tail end of last season was worse. Made us think we were better than we actually were under Silva... same goes for the Man Utd team we hammered.
Jerome Shields
44 Posted 25/06/2020 at 23:18:11
The whole scouting and managing of young players was disjointed from the actual needs of the first-team squad. Those that were loaned out were forgotten about, because the expedient was to reduce wages.

In my opinion, Brands has now been put in charge to sort this out, starting with a cleanout. Naisse had opportunities but wasn't prepared to put the work in. He ended up just being content to lift his wages.

Brian Murray
46 Posted 25/06/2020 at 23:35:27
We didn't embrace the new Sky Premier League and, from the start, we settled for second-best in any sponsorship or kit deals and selection of manager. It's a crime – we were on a par with Spurs and Arsenal but the cosy 11-year relationship between Moyes and Kenwright was enough to convince a generation of fans that we should be grateful to make up the numbers and be happy with "plucky little Everton" getting the odd shock result or two.

Even now, Carlo has a different mindset to the rest of the club; let's hope it's enough. I fear until that buffoon steps down as Chairman, we will never challenge.

Martin Berry
47 Posted 25/06/2020 at 23:47:24
Our scouts must have led Custer to the Little Big Horn, we have had more deadwood than the stagecoach.

Hopefully Marcel will be able to sort out this mess out but it's not going to be easy.

Justin Doone
48 Posted 25/06/2020 at 23:54:16
Niasse was technically a poor player but he offers pace, work rate, smiles and lucky rebounds.

Honestly having watched Keane I'd say there's an argument Niasse is a better substitute, either way not much in it. The words headless and chicken spring to mind.

Keane has talent but he's keeping it well hidden. Sadly I think he's another big loss in terms of transfer fee because Carlo doesn't seem to be be able to get through to him and they both apparently speak Italian?

As for Martina, he's a far better right back than we witnessed when he was forced to play left back. I always thought he had the physice to play centre back or in a back 3 but having not witnessed him much I can only presume he's not got the head / mind to do so.

Gary Reeves
49 Posted 25/06/2020 at 00:00:03
Niasse plainly was never good enough but then,as recent buys,neither are Sigurdsson, Schneiderlin, Kean and Iwobi. I have to say though when I used to see Oumar play he brought a smile to my face, he had a certain dignity that exposed the vain prick that was Koeman, and he always gave it his best shot. It's a fault in the scouting, not his. Good luck in the future lad.
Paul Birmingham
50 Posted 26/06/2020 at 00:08:26
Superb, analogy, Martin @68. And an almost impossible task, but hopefully, there's more bargain buckets, for some clubs to fill their boots.

It will be very difficult, we live in hope.

Jerome Shields
51 Posted 26/06/2020 at 00:49:08
Justin #69

You are probably right regarding Niasse. The problem was that he wasn't worth the transfer fee or the wages he was on. In Silvas first preseason he did not put the work in and the exspected benefit having played for Silva before, never materialisted. Calvert Lewin did put the work in that preseason. Niasse appeared too lose interest after that.

As for Keane he was poor against Norwich. He needs so much work, that it is beginning to look that he will struggle to establish himself. On his display it appeared that he was definitely not listening to Ancelotti or ignoring what he is saying.

The playing time he had in the Norwich game was a opportunity to establish his claim, he didn't take it.

Paul Birmingham
52 Posted 26/06/2020 at 00:58:53
Jerome, fair view on Moise Keane. In my view lack of awareness, descision making and timber..

I'll leave on the basics, but if that his attitude then Carlo, whom I judge, will deem his future.

For me it's like waiting for a new engine, but it seems, miles worse than the model we have.

I want him to do it. And if he'd scored that shot at Leicester in the embers of that game, it would be better.

For me, as EFC, we got soused yet again. It isn't lookin likely to happen, but any time next week, would be great!

Beat The Foxes.

Mike Corcoran
53 Posted 26/06/2020 at 01:27:43
Carlo will do what he does, coach players to be more than the sum of their parts. Trust.
Bob Parrington
54 Posted 26/06/2020 at 02:46:15
As the saying goes - It's time to stop crying over spilled milk. So, move on and rid ourselves of the dross to put us in a better position to recruit players we should bring in.

The 3 players going is a small step in the right direction. Let's take the positives, eh!

Mike Gaynes
55 Posted 26/06/2020 at 05:45:31
Robert #46, we could never be light enough to justify Garbutt. I'd rather bring back Nuno Valente. He's only 45.

Justin #69, actually you're right, Cuco plays centre-back for Curacao, and I watched him lead them to their best-ever international performance at last summer's Gold Cup. He's not bad there at all. Would have been adequate emergency cover for us, at least for a game or two.

Kristian Boyce
56 Posted 26/06/2020 at 05:49:36
Let this sink in: Luke Garbutt is 27 years old and played a total of 5 league games for us in 9 years. He would have been eligible next year for a testimonial!

It was Martinez that gave him a 5-year contract extension back in 2015 on a reputed 㿅K a week. That's ٤.5M just in that 5 years, not taking into account whatever he earned in the 4 years prior.

It's kind of hard to believe that the man responsible for this and the Niasse fiasco is in charge of one of the best teams in the world now.

Jim Bennings
57 Posted 26/06/2020 at 05:56:24
We haven't genuinely signed a player that's truly excited me since Lukaku made his move permanent in 2014.

That was a signing that had already had two seasons of goals behind him in this league one with us, the other with West Brom, at £28 million we knew what we were getting.

The signings ever since have been overpriced and just basically madcap looking back and not really one has made me sit up and think “yeah this fellais gonna propel us into the Champions League”.

People might argue Richarlison but I don't think he's involved in games enough, still too many simply pass him by where it probably takes 65 minutes to realise he's playing.

It's up to Carlo to somehow pull a few rabbits out of the hat and introduce something different to a team with looks rather one dimensional.

Steve Shave
58 Posted 26/06/2020 at 06:43:11
I don't buy into this whole "Niasse gave his all, he was a trier" stuff. Granted you can't blame him for taking a huge contract offer, I'd do the same. However, let's not forget on numerous occasions he turned down loan opportunities (presumably on full wages) and chose to hang around and stink the gaff out.

To me, it was unfathomable to turn down a chance to work with Bielsa and help Leeds push for the Championship knowing full well he wouldn't play for Everton. He probably didn't want to get injured in the final year of his contract.

Glad he's gone and I won't be wiping a nostalgic tear from my eye when I think about the "cult hero" Oumar Niasse.

Jim Bennings
59 Posted 26/06/2020 at 06:50:49

Basically Niasse was a god awful footballer, utter shite and frankly he stole a living as a professional player, couldn't control a ball and Roberto had a complete brain fart signing him especially when we already had Lukaku up top, complete oddball signing.

We have this thing as Everton fans where we worship shit footballers for “trying hard”, correct me if I'm wrong but footballers should always try hard and if they haven't done when wearing the Everton shirt over the years then it just shows the amount of poor players we've gone after.

Niasse, Stracqualursi, these are players that should never have been anywhere near a professional football pitch let along the Premier League.

Until as Everton fans we start demanding better than it will always be a bit of an old fools sentimental club, a sketch from a comedy, hahaha look at the Everton fans idolising a circus act.

Sam Hoare
60 Posted 26/06/2020 at 07:52:47
Let the cull continue. Finally Brands and Ancelloti will begin to have a little room to operate in as the signings of Martinez, Koeman and Allardyce are taken off the wage bill.

Let's hope Brands has a good summer. We could use a Gana Gueye, a Distin and a (who was the last good right winger we had?) Kanchelskis.

In terms of youngsters who didn't make it, I really liked the look of Brendan Galloway. And Ryan Ledson.

Barry McNally
61 Posted 26/06/2020 at 08:40:15
Koeman was spot on with regards to Niaase and to be fair to Martinez, I don't think he knew too much about that transfer.
Jerome Shields
62 Posted 26/06/2020 at 09:47:15
In the Russian League, Niasse did play as Justin #69 says and because of the style of Club play, plenty of attacking support, it did shake things up. Because of Everton's style of play and the physical playing levels of the Premier League it was not going to work and didn't. The one thing that Niasse did have was a shot in his locker. Tosun was the opposite of Niasse, he can't hit a barn door.

If any of our forwards had Niasse's shotting ability, he would make a big difference to Everton's finishing.

Niasse has been set up for life by the Everton transfer; I doubt he is worrying too much. I think the mistake was giving him a locker – he didn't want to destroy it with soiled gear.

David Hallwood
63 Posted 26/06/2020 at 11:03:19
I've just been told that Martina & Niasse leaving the club wasn't the biggest football story on Merseyside yesterday. is this true?
Charles Brewer
64 Posted 26/06/2020 at 11:03:45
Just in passing. I think the reason Niasse gets a bit of sympathy from some of us (me included) is that even though he was a poor footballer, he at least put in some effort and got the occasional lucky bounce. The contrast is with players (Schneiderlin being the classic example) who may have had some talent (though given how often it was on display, it may just have been as accidental as a Niasse-goal-scored-with-his-arse) who clearly didn't give a shit and wandered around picking up vast sums.

Since football is mainly about entertainment, I'd take a poor quality player who tries (and doesn't score) over an allegedly talented one who can't be bothered (and also doesn't score).

Charles Brewer
65 Posted 26/06/2020 at 11:05:16
David, I think you have been misinformed. Niasse leaving Everton was the only football matter of any importance.

FYI Liverpool failed to win the Premier League this season. Again. Hahahaha!

Brian Harrison
66 Posted 26/06/2020 at 11:34:40
I would hope that before the next transfer window opens, that Moshiri sits down with Brands and his scouts as well as Ancelotti and sets out what we can expect in this Covid 19 period. Moshiri has pumped hundreds of millions into the club and quite frankly through the wasteful approach of managers and DOFs we are no better off than we were 7/8 years ago when we had very little money to spend.
We have paid exorbitant amounts in transfer money for some very average players, and to compound this we have given these average players long contracts and put them on eye watering amounts of money. I think if I was Moshiri I would be reading the riot act to those in charge of spending his money. He needs to be clear what the budget is and he lets Ancelotti pick which players he would like while staying inside the budget.

We have got ourselves in a position were we have high earning players, on long contracts, who other clubs wont pay anywhere near our asking price, and wouldnt be prepared to pay anything like the wages these players are on. So we are left in a position of loaning these players to anybody who will take them as they are surplus to our requirements and also having to pay in excess of 50% of their salary, how mad is that?

So please only listen to Ancelotti on signings, and let Brands try and secure Ancelottis targets. Also if anybody over the age of 27 wants a 5 year deal and silly money, look elsewhere. Moshiri needs to decide that come hell or high water Ancelotti is his man and stick with him. You cant keep changing managers ever 3 years and expect success.

Craig Walker
67 Posted 26/06/2020 at 11:36:01
Phrases like "he always tried his best" are what you use for your under 10s' team with a player who always turns up for training but isn't very good. This guy earned more money than most of us will in our lifetime for doing very little. As others said, he turned down multiple opportunities to play football at a decent standard. Good riddance. He can say he's scored in a win against the RS though: there's not many players we're associated with that can claim that. There's a lot of competition but he must go down as one of the truly worst signings in our history. I think Koeman was proven right in the end about him.

I know it doesn't need spelling out but it is heartbreaking when you look at the money we have wasted in recent seasons. We should have had a world-beating team with the amount invested. Really painful to dwell on it but to think of the money spent on Sig, Klaasen, Keane, Schneiderlin, Bolasie, Walcott, Tosun, Iwobi, Kean etc. We should have been able to assemble some team with that amount. For years we cried out for investment and we've frittered away our one golden opportunity on mediocrity and mercenaries.

Alan Rodgers
68 Posted 26/06/2020 at 11:59:19
Glad he's gone but I think Niasse became a hero when he scored Hull's 2nd v. the shite in 2017. I was in the crowd at Goodison that day and random people started jumping up and cheering when news came through. Eventually it came up on the big screen to huge applause !!
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
69 Posted 26/06/2020 at 12:04:04
Brian #67. Premier League was 10 years old by the time Moyes and Kenwright started those 11 years.

In those 10 years we did manage to win the Cup once thanks to Joe Royle and his dogs of war - but we also managed to escape relegation on the last day of the season TWICE and if it hadn't been for the same Joe Royle we would have gone down in 1995.

So while it is frustrating to be "plucky Everton" - far better than playing Tranmere which is where we would have been without those 11 years.

Bob Parrington
70 Posted 26/06/2020 at 13:35:29
Schneiderlin has gone too. Is that right? So that's 4 this week and not 3. At least he made an honest exit, I suppose.
Phil Gardner
71 Posted 26/06/2020 at 14:03:25
The game is full of frauds in my opinion and Everton is riddled with them, all in positions of power.

Can someone explain the curious case of Virgil van Dijk to me? When he was at Celtic, every man and his dog knew he was a class apart. Our leader and supposed football guru, Martinez, has the chance to sign him for around 㾷M but elects to go for Funes Mori for ٟ.5M less and Van Dijk signs for fucken Southampton, ffs! Unbelievable!!!

And this is not me being a hindsight hero – it would have been obvious to a Sunday league manager, never mind a multi-millionaire football ‘guru'!

Kevin Latham
72 Posted 26/06/2020 at 14:44:32
So he's gone at last - Tell Oumar, Oumar, he's gone on a free a free, he's off to Fazakerley, tell Oumar Oumar.

Just not a top class player, no fault of his, he had a go. But you've got to wonder what it was in him that somebody at EFC reckoned he was worth £13 mill. Just hope they're not on the scouting team any more!

Kev Gibbs
73 Posted 26/06/2020 at 14:56:33
Phil, your first sentence sums it up with Martinez being the biggest fraud of the lot. The guy was a total and utter buffoon. Ive no idea how he managed to talk himself into managing Everton or, even more surprising get the Belgian gig. Imo he remains the worst manager we have ever had, Mike Walker notwithstanding. Imagine what, someone even half competent could of done with all that money. I still detest him all these years later. We are still suffering because of his mind boggling incompetence and probably will for a few more seasons.
Barry Connor
74 Posted 26/06/2020 at 16:10:01
A word about Luke Garbutt.

Very unfortunate with injuries but still managed to get honoured internationally.

Met his family recently near Harrogate and they were effusive in their praise for the club's efforts to help him overcome his injury woes.

Genuine character and I hope he does indeed get a contract with Ipswich as suggested in the article.

Richard Mason
76 Posted 26/06/2020 at 16:36:28
I'm just happy, Niasse, Stek, Schneids, Martina and Garbutt gone. I think Honby will go to but 5 senior players so far.

I'm hoping now Brands can offload Sandro, Besic, Tosun, Bolasie and not sign Sidibe.

I think that we will keep Theo and Iwobi. I know there is one or two more people would like to see gone, but I think if we got rid of the four mentioned and brought in 3 players and relied on youth, we will be in a better place.

Rob Baker
77 Posted 26/06/2020 at 16:44:47
I am keen (another homphone) that we get the spelling of Moise Kean right. It's Kean, not Keane. We do have a Keane, he's also not a striker like Moise but does occasionally pop up with the odd goal at corners, unlike Kean.

Jack Convery
78 Posted 26/06/2020 at 17:21:34
Some times I reckon EFC forget that its EitC thats the charity. We make more millionaires than Lotto. I don't blame anyone for accepting the deals EFC make because none of us would refuse that kind of money. Those to blame are those who weigh things up and then decide how much to pay and how much to offer to the selling club. We are amateurs when it comes to dealing with agents and other clubs. Hopefully Carlo's intelligence might start permeating throughout the club and we start doing everything and I mean everything in a professional manner. Now that the clear out of players has started lets hope it extends to the boardroom and scouting system too.

I wish all the players released good luck in the future.

Bill Gall
79 Posted 26/06/2020 at 17:32:08
Kev # 96
I believe Martinez was hired because with Wigan they defeated Everton in the F.A.cup, and I think Wigan went on to beat Man City in the final that year. I never understood why they hired Martinez as Wigan were relegated that year also.
Kev Gibbs
80 Posted 26/06/2020 at 17:52:34
HI Bill, my recollection is both were freak results. I'm sure someone with a better memory than mine will correct me if they weren't.
John Raftery
81 Posted 26/06/2020 at 18:23:35
Wigan battered us 3-0 in the FA Cup. It was hardly a freak result. Martinez had been mentioned previously as a possible future candidate as Moyes's replacement. It was the best job application I have ever seen.
Dave Abrahams
82 Posted 26/06/2020 at 18:29:22
Kev (103), they were both unexpected results, not sure they were freaks, certainly the Everton one wasn't, Wigan came with a plan, Moyes and Everton didn't have one and Wigan well deserved their victory.

Not sure about the cup final v Man. City, I only saw the last twenty minutes and Wigan had a couple of chances before they got the winner, but I missed most of the game so not sure if they fluked it.

John Wilson
84 Posted 26/06/2020 at 18:50:03
Marcel, yes I wonder how much we'd save if we took him off the wage bill too. How hard can it be to remove Schneids for just 2 mill or less. I bet Yozzer/ I'll nut ya/ Boys from the Black Stuff/ would say to Marcel, giz your job, go on I could easily do that.
Joe McMahon
85 Posted 26/06/2020 at 19:01:43
John, Kev and Dave. What didn't help Wigan or Martinez was the cup final was before the season had finished. There were still league games to play. TV schedules started to ruin everything with a Cup Final having a 5.15pm kick off time.
John Wilson
86 Posted 26/06/2020 at 19:05:01
In the real world of non millionaire Premier League, for the Everton transfer policy situation equivalent heads would roll, the professionals sued and property charges on anything they own so they would be forced to sell or be paying heavy debts. In the PL world, sacked and paid until you find a job. Bizarre. Everton has the business sense of Charlie in the chocolate factory. Charlie kept buying choc bars until he got his golden ticket. We keep paying millions to get in the top 6 or 4. That 200 mill spent is just pitiful. Everton deserve it for being thick.
Jeff Armstrong
87 Posted 26/06/2020 at 19:26:35
Jon #107

Nice, I've got Morgan Schneiderlin here on €100,000 a week, do you want him? No. Fuck off!
. Morgan, Nice want you for € 25,000 a week, do you fancy it?
Fuck off, Marcel, would you go for 75% drop?
..err no.

Nice, pay him €50,000 and we've got a deal, we'll say you gave us ٠ million, but we'll give that straight to Morgan's agent, Morgan are you up for this? seeing that 90% of Everton fans hate you.
Err, okay, the sums confuse me, but since I've made 㿅 million over the course of my time in England I'll go back to the south of France for one last hurrah at €25,000 a week and try to help Nice qualify for Europe.

Who the fuck would be Marcel Brands!

Martin Mason
88 Posted 26/06/2020 at 19:38:59
Buying anybody is a massive risk and they have to react to the baying mob that demands purchases. When buying they have to evaluate not how the player plays but how he could be made to play at Everton and nobody has the skill to get it right every time. They use stats and algorithms and they aren't right every time. Is it only Everton that have a low success rate? Not a bit especially the RS. The selection of purchases now is even more of a lottery as we correctly refuse to play high prices or buy old has-beens. United have always apparently made bad buys but all of a sudden with the right manager, the misfits are playing like world class players. Buying several players is also a much higher risk than buying and fitting in one so my hope is that Everton buy one or max 2 new players in the window and don't pay stupid money. We don't need 4 midfielders because one good one could transform everything and we have Gbamin who could just be the player we need? A defender? We have a great defence, excess full backs and Mina in reserve. Buying our way to success is a bad strategy unless we can buy a Fernandez.
Dave Williams
89 Posted 26/06/2020 at 20:17:30
Phil #94 when he was linked with us most on this site said he was too slow and we should steer clear!

Just as so many said Lukaku was overpriced at 㿈M and we should steer clear!

Opinions eh!

David Currie
90 Posted 26/06/2020 at 21:06:10
Garbutt won the lottery with that crazy contract.

I first saw him play for England's younger team and didn't think much of him. Besic was also given a crazy contract and of course Niasse – all by Martinez. Add Alcaraz to the mix and he made in his own words, '4 incredible deals'.

Oddly enough he may well go on and win the World Cup with Belgium. Lucky for him at international level he does not have to deal in transfers and contracts!

Brian Murray
91 Posted 26/06/2020 at 21:10:44
Phil. post 92. I might of been askew with the dates but Bill and his sidekick were still a huge reason we accepted making up the numbers. We still are happy with that as I say unless Carlo insists on proper backing or he will definitely walk away.
Robert Tressell
92 Posted 26/06/2020 at 21:39:09
Martinez lost his way but he had an ambitious strategy to get a then skint club to the big time. We came close and there were some very good moments. People like Besic, Garbutt and others were signed because Martinez felt he could coach them into the first team and spend what little money he had on a few star signings. We ran out of money to develop a really promising first 11 and he ran out out of steam. The money wasted is peanuts compared with what came later. Just hope Ancelotti and Brands get recruitment right this summer.
James Flynn
93 Posted 26/06/2020 at 21:52:19
Jeff (110) - I'd bet that wasn't what happened in the end.

The first rumors were at €7M. He went for €2M. I say Morgan got to pocket that €5M from Nice.

After all, he might not seem to be worth €7M to us who've suffered him for the last 3 years or so. But, in the general transfer market, €7M is a low number, even for him and even for Nice. Anyway, that he's gone is the main thing.

I think the same thing happened with Mirallas last August. 1 year left on 㿷k per week and he left on a free? I say Kevin got that last €3.5M from Royal Antwerp in lieu of any transfer fee.

Alan Rodgers
94 Posted 26/06/2020 at 22:08:45
Bill @102 we were battered by Wigan that day when we had a virtual walkove rinto the s/fs. I said to my mate - that's our next manager right there - and so it proved. To be fair we loved him in his first season.
Mike Hayes
95 Posted 26/06/2020 at 22:45:41
Kev Gibbs @96 couldn't agree more - the first of THREE failures we lured in - personally he found those manager/physio certificates and wrote his name over them in crayon - he literally destroyed what Moyes had built - just needed to add to strengthen but WTF went through his mind it mush have imploded and yes we seemed to have struggled and gone down hill since his second season
Tom Bowers
96 Posted 26/06/2020 at 23:03:18
We have had many abject failures over the years and Niasse was one of them but I feel also that the players ahead of him in the pecking order didn't really do much better. We still have a few on the books that need to be let go as they will never be of any use.

Carlo must have a firm idea who he wants and who he wants out but we certainly need some class acquisitions as it is apparent that the squad at the moment is and never will be competitive where it matters.

Everton may not have the billions that RS had to finally build a top side but with some more astuteness in the transfer market may be able to assemble a squad like Leicester did a few seasons back.

Kase Chow
97 Posted 26/06/2020 at 23:12:04
Jim #81

Spot on. It comes down to ‘do we want to be taken seriously or not?'

Jerome Shields
98 Posted 26/06/2020 at 00:12:12
I think Martinez did well with what he had and did bring in some good signings. But it was when he tried to change the status quo at Everton and those that where maintaining it that he ran into problems. He found that they had the backing of the senior Management at the Club and he hadn't. He also took his eye of the ball with his pundit stint in South Africa , losing further influence with the Board and at Finch Farm, and as a result the team also. He really thought he had made it with the extended contract.

In the second season he was a leader that looked a mile in front of his Army, with the inevitable result.

Bobby Mallon
99 Posted 27/06/2020 at 05:56:39
Craig Walker @90 and many others. We did not fritter money away on average players (Niasse apart). We hired Managers who bought players that could not play in their bloody systems, or that just would not play them for a period of games, Lookman comes to mind.
Jerome Shields
100 Posted 27/06/2020 at 06:22:10
Bobby #122,

You are correct in what you say. Managers also found that there was a parallel power-base that had aN influence on decisions and could work against them. Players could use this parallel power-base to undermine the manager. Wayne Rooney was imposed on Koeman and Walsh. Other players were able to extend their careers beyond their usefulness to the squad. Contracts where given that build up latent problems for transfer policy and FFP rules.

Michael O'Malley
101 Posted 27/06/2020 at 09:13:06
Joel Robles also had a great game in goal against city in the final as well, I think Moyes thought all we had to do in Wigan quarter final was turn up and we win,Wigan hit us on break and scored 3 good goals with Kone scoring, another good opportunity to win a cup squandered by Moyes
Lenny Kingman
102 Posted 27/06/2020 at 11:55:20

"Oddly enough he may well go on and win the World Cup with Belgium".

Odd wouldn't be the word for it. It would be a bona fide miracle. Belgium are underachievers on a grand style and are perfectly suited by their manager.

Ian Bennett
103 Posted 27/06/2020 at 13:15:27
Gaps in the squad for next season :-

GK - Pickford, Virginia, Lossel

I'd imagine an experienced keeper will come in, with Lossel departing.

Defenders - Baines, Digne, Coleman, Kenny, Mina, Holgate, Keane, Gibson, Braithwaite

A right back and left sided centre back needed in my opinion to supplement a small group. The link to the Lille lad looks concrete enough.

Central Midfield - Sigurdsson, Gomes, Davies, Gbamin, Delph, Benningime.

Complete lack of midfield pace and tackling ability. Bar Gomes the rest aren't up to it. Any pretence of closing the gap to the top 6 comes with addressing this problem area.

Wide players - Gordon, Bernard, Iwobi, Walcott.

Strong link to Fraser on a free, but questions whether we have the finance to bring high quality in addition. Clear lack of consistency here around goals and assists. Unclear if Walcott or Bernard will be kept on.

Forwards - Richarlison, Calvert Lewin, Keen

It will be a success if Richarlison is still here to be honest. Him and Calvert Lewin are potent, but they need more help than a 'rough Keen. I want Keen to succeed but he looks way off having the know how to be a genuine threat at the top level.

Incoming and outgoing

Obvious saleable assets are Pickford and Richarlison. Somebody might fancy Bernard, Keane or Sigurdsson at the right price.

Deadwood all the loan contingent Tosun, Bolasie, Besic, Sandro, Tarashaj, Dowell, Pennington, Bowler.

Positive steps that Schneiderlin, Niassie, Martina and Garbutt are off the wage bill already.

Incoming - cheap keeper, loan right back if Kenny is retained or a decent replacement if sold. Left centre back, dominant central midfielder, up and coming centre midfielder, right wing and striker. That's 7 players in an ideal scenario.

Paul Burns
104 Posted 27/06/2020 at 13:15:41
The scouting team at Everton is as bad as the players, total clearout needed.

As for handing Garbutt another contract as cover as someone suggested, well the mind boggles. He might come good in his late thirties.

John Wilson
105 Posted 27/06/2020 at 13:44:24
We can talk about the detail but goals are important for us to do well obviously. Calvert-Lewin, as good as he is, will probably never be a consistent striker who scores 15-30 goals a season. He just misses too many.

The laws of probability suggest maybe he will score 1 in 3 - 5 opportunities so, for every 3 or 5 chances, he will miss the majority of times. We therefore need a Bruno Fernandes-type midfielder to create better chances for Calvert-Lewin to increase his probability.

We should invest more in this position, even if it tales 㿞M northwards if we are to do well. Calvert-Lewin's stats would be better playing for a top 4-6 Premier League team. Caveat: I don't know Calvert-Lewin stats but I do watch him miss far more opportunities than he scores.

Joe McMahon
106 Posted 27/06/2020 at 13:58:35
John, this had a away been my concern, just too many chances to score not taken. This surely must have been addressed in training already. At the moment it's an elephant in the room. I've always felt he 1:1 needs coaching from on ex professional scorer. Just a few sessions with someone like Ian Wright I'm sure would benefit his awareness and actual shooting.
Barry Rathbone
107 Posted 27/06/2020 at 14:39:56
Robert Tressell @115 - spot on.

If mangers are lucky about 50% of transfers pan out, Bobby aiming for the sky with a bow and arrow amidst peers with rockets was a contest he could never win.

Weird how some just won't give him credit for trying.

No surprise given decent players he achieved Belgium's best ever tournament result of 3rd in the world cup.

Bizarrely that grates with some Evertonians

Dave Ganley
108 Posted 27/06/2020 at 17:12:42
Barry #107,

Martinez was way out of his depth. Rode the wave on his first season when he actually had a fit team but, when he actually started to introduce his ways, his lack of defensive knowledge left us totally in the shit. Wallowing in relegation places and with a bunch of players who were so unfit they could hardly compete a half of football – let alone a full match.

The pace of his football team was pedestrian at best and it was painful to watch. He should never have been appointed in the first place. Martinez started the rot and Koeman just completed the job.

If Martinez was any good, he should have at least made the World Cup Final with Belgium with the team he had. No wonder we don't have top class standards at the club when fans want to extol the shit state Martinez left us in.

Paul Jones
109 Posted 27/06/2020 at 17:47:46
The overall signing of players over the past few years has been disastrous whether for the first team or prospective talent poached from other teams. Also, the methods have brought us into disrepute when signing young players.

The owner would make better use of his Director of Football if he got him and his signings to repair the damage done to his property by celebrating Liverpool fans. So send Marcel Brands and his signings down to the Pier Head with some blue paint to give them Liver birds a few coats of emulsion.

Justin Doone
110 Posted 27/06/2020 at 17:52:45
I don't want to be chatting to much about past managers because ultimately they all failed in winning silverware.

However, I believe Moyes was a great manager for us at the time. Massive debt, poor ageing squad and very little expectation. Remit, stay in Premier league. Done exceptionally well after a few yo-yo seasons.

Martinez was a step in the right direction in developing a good squad into a more attacking and attractive team to watch. Achieved remarkably quickly, sadly he struggled to get the balance right between defence and attack. The high risk defenders playing out, got found out and it was Adios. To soon in my opinion, he just needed a leader at the back, (we still do).

Koeman. A mistake appointment as we don't have an Everton philosophy and got someone who lacked experience with a dull brand of football. Manager didn't fit the players and style we had developed.
The club implemented a European style director of football, so Koeman had his hands tied on recruiting 'his' players.

Sam. Never wanted but he got the players more organised and resilant. Terrible football, got the points needed, job done OK. Thankfully gone ASAP.

Silva, proved his sides could attack but always a defensive shambles. Improved recruitment, improved squad skill set, couldn't organise or get players playing as a team. Simply not good enough, a lessor Martinez.

Carlo. An experienced winning manager. Being positive that should mean improved results. Player recruitment is likely to be a deciding factor in how successful and also playing style and formation. But I believe he can be flexible and organise the team to win some silverware.

I think Holgate, Gomes and Richarlison are players he can trust and build on to implement his game plan.

David Woodworth
111 Posted 28/06/2020 at 04:37:56
Ian @103,

So many players needed. The priority for me is in the midfield. Hopefully we can sign someone who can actually tackle without giving a foul away, someone who drives the team forward from centre mid.

Whoever comes in, let's hope they can score more than 1or 2 goals a season. So much deadwood to get rid off.

Marc Hints
112 Posted 28/06/2020 at 08:59:38
We have Bill Kenwright they have Martin Edwards say no more:

If Liverpool have bought wisely, they have sold even better. That explains why the Reds' net spend during Klopp's reign is only around the £100million mark.

Michael Edwards is responsible for negotiating deals and he knows how to drive a hard bargain. The club's sporting director has struck again by commanding an eye-watering initial fee of £19m for Bournemouth-bound Dominic Solanke.

That's a remarkable sum of money for a young striker who scored once in 27 appearances for the club.

It's around three times what Liverpool agreed to pay Chelsea for the 21-year-old's services following his move to Anfield 18 months ago.

Put into perspective, it's also £6.5m more than the Reds paid for a truly special talent in Xherdan Shaqiri.

Rewind to last summer and Edwards banked another two bumper fees for fringe players as Danny Ward went to Leicester City for £12.5m and Danny Ings was sold to Southampton in a £20m deal.

When Liverpool agreed with a heavy heart to sell Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona for £142m a year ago, it was Edwards who got the Catalan giants to agree that they would have to pay a £100m surcharge if they try to buy another Reds player before 2020.

In the summer of 2017, after being repeatedly foiled in his attempts to convince RB Leipzig to sell Naby Keita, Edwards out-gunned rival suitors by thrashing out a complex agreement which saw the Guinea midfielder stay put in the Bundesliga for one more season before moving to Anfield.

That was also the transfer window when Liverpool stood firm and ended up getting £26m from the sale of Mamadou Sakho to Crystal Palace. Kevin Stewart, who hadn't cost the Reds a penny, was packed off to Hull City for £5.5m rising to £8m.

Graham Hammond
113 Posted 28/06/2020 at 23:08:36
No hard feelings towards Oumar Niasse. His goals were absolutely critical at a time when we looked dead and buried and looked as if we were going down. I am happier to see the back of Schneiderlin, a player with more ability than Niasse who basically didn't want to know the vast majority of the time, an insult to the shirt and supporters at the game, neither were good buys, but we wasted a hell of a lot more money (transfer fee and wages) on Schneiderlin than we did on Niasse. Good luck elsewhere Oumar.
Alex Parr
114 Posted 29/06/2020 at 03:28:52
Much rather have kept Morgan than that complete waste of space Niasse. One of my most disliked Everton players ever.
Graham Hammond
115 Posted 29/06/2020 at 13:58:23
Alex @114, Both players were a waste of money in my opinion and neither should have been bought in the first place, our recruitment has been abysmal, given all the money we have spent and what we have been left with, it is little wonder we are where we are in the league. Truly shocking but Everton all over.
Paul Dewhurst
117 Posted 29/06/2020 at 22:01:31
Joe 13 - I think that transfer window
Torres, Babel out
Suarez, Carroll in

Made about £500k in transfer fees. and we laugh at and Carol with the amount of full kit wankers those lot have the shirt sales and the bedding sets they sell easily covers the player costs!

Same with Coutinho got rid of him replaced him with VVD and Allison for about the same money -

They do good business fair play

Michael Kenrick
118 Posted 30/06/2020 at 17:13:31
A nonsense story in the Mail about Ancelotti not knowing who Luke Garbutt is. Why the hell should he? He has far more important fish to fry... future Everton stars, not faded and failed past efforts who are not good enough.
Barry Rathbone
119 Posted 30/06/2020 at 20:24:26
Liverpool have always had a better transfer policy than us they used to buy unknowns like Keegan, Hughes. Clemence, Rush, Hansen etc blend them with a few locals - Smith, Thompson, Case etc - and clean up.

Our M.O was to spend big on the likes of Belfitt, Archie (can't remember his last name), Mickey Walsh etc and fade away. It hasn't changed since the late 60s

Tom Bowers
120 Posted 30/06/2020 at 23:07:43
That story about Carlo not knowing Luke Garbutt was no lie.

It was shown on Sky today and really was embarrassing when he was asked about Luke. He did not recognize the name and had to ask someone at the side who the interviewer was referring to but still looked bemused. (Or did Sky doctor the interview?)

Craig Walker
121 Posted 01/07/2020 at 07:53:16
The RS's transfer policy under Klopp has been impressive but there's been a lot of money spent on dross down the years too. Benitez spent more than Ferguson and had a bigger squad. There's been many failures like Collymore, Kewell, Ince, Robbie Keane, Downing, Adam, Ngog, Cheyrou... I couldn't name them all.

Eugene Ruane
123 Posted 01/07/2020 at 15:56:47
For those (ie, most of you) lamenting the deal 'we' did to bring Oumar Niasse to Everton, take a look at this one

There is no contract more legendary than Bobby Bonilla's deal

By comparison, Bill Kenwright looks like Axe Thingy off Billions.

Steve Ferns
125 Posted 02/07/2020 at 01:03:50
Apologies if it's been mentioned above, but I have to take my hat off to Oumar for his parting gesture. I've never seen a foreigner do it before either.

Oumar has donated his final salary to the food banks of Liverpool. Well played sir. I'll remember the big heart, on and off the pitch, and the big smile.

Tony Cawson
126 Posted 04/07/2020 at 00:35:38
Niasse, absolute joker.

Unreal that he is some kind of hero?


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