SportPesa sponsorship will end this summer

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Everton will end its sponsorship partnership with SportPesa at the end of the 2019-20 season, the club have announced.

The Kenya-based gambling brand has been the Blues' main shirt sponsor and official partner since 2017 after striking a five-year deal but both parties have agreed to the termination of the contract early as part of what a statement on describes as "a comprehensive review by the club of its commercial strategy in line with its vision and future growth plans".

A spokesman for Everton said: "This has been a difficult decision but one that allows us to best deliver on our commercial plan and to grasp the new opportunities now open to us."

The news comes a fortnight after the Football Association of Ireland elected to cancel its own sponsorship agreement with SportPesa and a few months after the Kenyan authorities suspended the firm's trading license due to unpaid taxes.

That license was due to be renewed after SportPesa were cleared by Kenya Revenue Authority to resume operations but it has been held up due to new security clearance requirements.  

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Seb Niemand
1 Posted 16/02/2020 at 20:27:18
Good. Call it puritanical of me, but I don't like sports team promoting sports betting, it's a bad fit of values for me.

I know it's very difficult to find a lillywhite to sponsor a club, everyone has a little dirt on their hands, but short of a payday lender, I can't think of anything less palatable than a betting company to represent my team and its values.

Just a perception and purely my own opinion.

John G Davies
2 Posted 16/02/2020 at 20:27:23
Welcome to the club, Mr Usmanov.
Stephen Beattie
3 Posted 16/02/2020 at 20:30:58
Vijay Nair
4 Posted 16/02/2020 at 20:33:12
Good call. Gambling is a scourge we shouldn't be benefitting from.

Wonder if this means more investment from USM/MegaFon and Usmanov?

Rob Marsh
5 Posted 16/02/2020 at 20:33:47
It's for the best!

We are hooked to an Arthur Daley type company that operates in a dark branch of commerce that many would say steals money off those with an unfortunate addiction.

Surely we can do better?

Rob Marsh
6 Posted 16/02/2020 at 20:37:54
Seb (#1),

In an ideal world, I'd like to add zero-hour companies to that list of less than lillywhites.

John P McFarlane
8 Posted 16/02/2020 at 20:52:57
International bankers and insurance firms are fine though? It's not like they rip ordinary Joes off is it? I do get the point that people get addicted to gambling and therefore they aren't fully in control of their actions because it's a disease. However, removing the names from shirts won't remove the problem, it might reduce the numbers attracted to gambling but by how many?

How many commercials are currently shown on TV trying to attract new players to partake in Bingo and other games of chance via their phones etc??

Unfortunately when times are hard, people are more attracted to what appears to be 'easy' money, educating people on the actual odds of winning or losing is the only real way to stop them making bookies rich.

Anyway let's hope Everton find a socially acceptable sponsor with deep pockets.

Andy McNabb
9 Posted 16/02/2020 at 20:53:18
Good news. Sport advertising was forced to recognise the scourge of tobacco and maybe the same will apply to all betting companies who make their money from other people's misery.
Jeff Armstrong
10 Posted 16/02/2020 at 21:04:01
I don't believe it's a moral decision by the club. Time will tell... but, if it's Megafon or another Usmanov business, then it will be a purely commercial decision.

We'll be most likely financially better off by buying out of the SportPesa deal and entering a new deal with one of Usmanov's companies... which probably will have their own moral implications.

Rob Marsh
11 Posted 16/02/2020 at 21:16:52
Jeff (#10),

A sage point, we're all thinking moralistically (simple folk that we are!) and there was the bottom line in plain view.

Thomas Lennon
12 Posted 16/02/2020 at 21:20:48
USM Everton. Bring it on. Carlo was promised funds.
John Pickles
13 Posted 16/02/2020 at 21:23:29
May as well sell the trophy cabinet, the SportPesa Cup is the only silverware we ever win.
Chris Mason
14 Posted 16/02/2020 at 22:16:11
Glad to read this, although we should never have signed up with them in the first place. It doesn't fit our image as the socially-aware football club.

And I hear Megafon are really keen on giving us £100m a year to be first in the queue for the next shirt sponsorship.

Joe O'Brien
15 Posted 16/02/2020 at 22:16:31
Great news. Never liked having a gambling company for our main sponsor. It would be great if that awful Angry Birds logo went from our sleeve also.
Mike Rathbone
16 Posted 16/02/2020 at 22:40:21
From the comments on this article it is clear that there are not many gamblers on here.

I've no particular affiliation to a gambling brand but I do chuckle at the fact nobody was wincing when we had Chang as our sponsor? Let me see, is it possible that this is seen as a more palatable 'habit' in the modern climate? Or is because the hypocrites have sown it into the brains of same said people that too much of one (gambling) is an addiction... but having a pint every day isn't?

For the educated and non-educated out there, gambling isn't always about 'the money', for most it is the thrill of the chase... and therefore isn't a problem 'requiring' help!

Let's be rid of this 'nanny state' and stop trying to tell people what is good or bad for them. I'd suggest this deal is purely about money rather than values... if someone is willing to pay more dollar or ruble then no problem with that... but let's put a stop to stigmatising people because of a perception given by media etc...

Ryan Holroyd
17 Posted 16/02/2020 at 22:44:29
NEC is the new shirt sponsor, according to Twitter.

TCL (no, me neither) are the new sleeve sponsors.

Hummel the new kit provider.

Kim Vivian
18 Posted 16/02/2020 at 23:04:53
For some reason (not that strange really), in my mind I always visually connect SportPesa with Oumar Niasse – the two are conjoined in my brain, like sausage and mash.

Kind of liked Oumar for the laughs he gave us but won't be sorry to see the back of either of them in the summer. Expect to see Megafon on next season's jersey, and at least the kids will be able to have a "first team" shirt.

Lee Jamieson
19 Posted 17/02/2020 at 00:23:46
Without doubt, we are going to be sponsored by an Usmanov company. I am starting to see the strategy here. We get Usmanov money without breaking any Financial Fair Play rules as he isn't our owner. Clever... very clever.
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
20 Posted 17/02/2020 at 00:23:59
Go back to Hafnia. We won games when they were the sponsors.

Glad to see them go. Also means we can go lucrative in the pre-season games rather than to Africa. To be fair, Africa is a long term strategy as it will 30-40 years before their buying power starts to match the existing developing regions of today - and that is also an, if ever. Don't think we can wait that long and I know the people of the African nations can't either but too many guns, bribes and tribes to make it quicker.

Means Mr Usmanov cannot come to the club as that will probably mean the same issues as Man City with the owner suddenly pumping in millions in the form of "sponsorship deals" from his own company. Nothing to stop Mr Usmanov pumping in millions in sponsorship until we are FFP compliant and then buying in. I suspect Mr Moshiri will not tell him no at that point.

David Pearl
21 Posted 17/02/2020 at 00:37:58
How about we go from Hafnia to Linda McCartney's Sausages?

Anyway, good news as it made the shirt look cheap. I wonder if SportPesa receive any kind of refund? Will they continue for the rest of the season?

Onwards and upwards for the blues. I too hope it's because Usmanov is finding another way to invest. It's finally looking up.

Jack Convery
22 Posted 17/02/2020 at 01:07:55

How about Nivea for Men? – sorry, forgot the RS got there first!! Colgate Tooth Whitening – sorry, again the RS got that one too!!

Surely Macca would sponsor us – Go Vegan (Linda would be proud – go on, Bill, give him a call.

Okay, Megafon it is then.

Jim Harrison
23 Posted 17/02/2020 at 03:43:18
I know very little about how this would work, whether it would be permissible under FFP, or even just legal, but if Usmanov doesn't buy into the club but continues to add sponsorship deals through his various companies that improve on what we currently have, could he not in effect channel revenue into the club and avoid the issues City had?

Whats to gain? Everton are no cash cow, not currently anyway. And how many supporters are in a position that they would deal with USM now Finch Farm is sponsored by them? Megafon all over the shirt, well, we will now all know about a mobile network that no British fan will use. But outside from that, he can get in on the stadium and related projects as a market for his steel company.

He could effectively bankroll the club for a few seasons until the stadium is built and the club's revenue from tickets and hopefully performances improve and no longer need the level of propping up that is currently going on before buying a large stake

Or perhaps he just needs a hobby. However it works, is it legit to chuck money at the club from outside? Assuming of course that Moshiri doesn't have large holdings in every company that is sponsoring us.

David Ellis
24 Posted 17/02/2020 at 04:39:06
I noticed that Denise the CEO mentioned recently to the press that in an ideal world we wouldn't have a gambling company as main shirt sponsor. It cuts accross the work she's done in Everton in the Community. This suggests to me that this has been in the works for some time.

Good news. Hopefully we get a more lucrative and more brand-aligned sponsor. (I'm not sure that this includes USM, to be honest, but hey ho!)

Kristian Boyce
25 Posted 17/02/2020 at 05:04:52
Interesting this comes out right after Man City ban news, which was mainly down to their dodgy sponsorship deals. I would imagine the club are going to play this off as a moral decision, but in reality it's probably some murky deal with USM that pays us a ridiculous amount to gets that logo on our shirts. I guess we'll have less worry about FFP next season.
Andy Kay
26 Posted 17/02/2020 at 05:28:39
I just hope there is a little bit of thought given to the kids kits when choosing a sponsor. Beer and Gambling in the past. Kids are the fans of our future and we've given them very little to cheer about in terms of silverware in the past 25 years. At least they should be able to get a replica kit the same as the players wear.

After spending over 100 quid for a kit, it should have a sponsor on it. It's not just about the sponsorship money for the fans, it's about being a blue, and should be a least a small factor in the decision who we have on the shirt going forward.

Eric Myles
27 Posted 17/02/2020 at 06:02:45
Jim #23, in another thread, I read that Moshiri is Chairman of USM and a 10% shareholder, so there could well be shouts of 'conflict of interest' with subsequent investigation.
Alan J Thompson
28 Posted 17/02/2020 at 06:09:33
Everton FC could give EitC a 𧴜M donation which they could use to sponsor the jersey which can then be claimed twice as an allowance for FFP purposes. Easy this Accounts lark, eh.
Darryl Ritchie
29 Posted 17/02/2020 at 07:19:06
Surely, if you announce to the world your plans to rid yourself of your kit sponsor, you would have an alternative waiting in the wings to sign on the dotted line, for more millions than previous one, wouldn't you?

But then again, this is Everton, so probably not.

Colin Glassar
30 Posted 17/02/2020 at 07:32:01
Great news! Viagra would be a great sponsor. It would mean we'd always be up for it and ready to go.
Paul Smith
31 Posted 17/02/2020 at 07:35:17
Basically what City have been doing without Usmanov directly owning/stake in the club. Still a dangerous strategy but I'm in board.
Dave Williams
32 Posted 17/02/2020 at 10:28:02
There will be something else in the pipeline. The Man City case is a perfect blueprint for us not to follow. Our lawyers will be all over it to identify where they went wrong in the first place ( regardless of whether or not they were open with the investigators) and it should be relatively easy for top lawyers to come up with a strategy which enables Usmanov to sponsor us without infringing FFP.

Personally, having read the article in the Mail by Martin Samuel about FFP, I would look at the clubs ditching the Premier League and Uefa, and forming fresh organisations which provide a level playing field, allowing anyone to invest whatever they want into their club.

The current cartel restricts the ability of anyone outside the top six to break through and it will be fascinating to see what happens to Man City. The fact that they have limitless wealth to fund a court case may of course give a fudged decision but FFP is surely restraint of trade and could not happen in the real business world.

Brian Williams
33 Posted 17/02/2020 at 10:49:08
This is a very astute move by the club and a win/win too.
Firstly, to end a contract three years early without having to pay any sort of penalty is very good business.
Secondly, from a positive publicity point of view it's also very good business and puts the club in a good light.
Thirdly it allows the club to fully utilize the fame and standing of Ancelotti to attract a new sponsor.
Expect a new deal for at least double the ٧.6m a season that Sportpesa were paying.

All planned, I suspect, to help us, amongst other things, to navigate safely the FFP minefield.

Chris Williams
34 Posted 17/02/2020 at 11:02:01
I guess the Megafon logo has been put on the Goodison towers for a reason.

Didn't USM increase their sponsorship too? I think it was announced at the AGM?

Bill Watson
35 Posted 17/02/2020 at 11:07:03
The issue of Everton being sponsored by a betting company was raised at the recent AGM and D B-B, rather surprisingly, was in broad agreement that it wasn't really a good fit with the club's work in the local community.

I wonder if Megafon has plans to enter the UK market? They would need promotional exposure and what better way than sponsoring a Premier League club. Maybe Everton would be interested!!!

I can recommend their sim card; it's always first on my shopping list (to avoid roaming charges) when I visit Russia.

Kevin Molloy
36 Posted 17/02/2020 at 11:07:53
if you're in the FFP office, how stupid would you have to be to take this switch at face value? any sponsorship significantly higher than the previous will set the alarm bells ringing
Chris Williams
37 Posted 17/02/2020 at 11:15:53
Tottenham shirt sponsorship is £35m, Arsenal is £40m.

Get up to 6th and near or ahead of them, then it becomes comparable.

Daniel A Johnson
38 Posted 17/02/2020 at 11:16:05
Of course its a moral decision!!!

its all about £££££££££££££££££££££

We have a better offer in the pipeline its simple.

Brian Harrison
39 Posted 17/02/2020 at 11:22:19
I don't think Everton changing shirt sponsor will come as a shock to anyone, as DBB said at the AGM that having Sport Pesa as our shirt sponsor did raise some concerns. Whether people like or dislike Alisher Usmanov he said some months back that he could be more help to Everton increasing his sponsorship than actually buying shares in the club. So I think its only a matter of time before he eventually becomes the owner or part owner of the club.

So it seems that Usmanov realized that to help Everton get round any FFP rules sponsorship was the way for him to put money into the club which would be the biggest impact in allowing Ancelotti to have a decent kitty for transfers this summer. I think despite the denials I believe that Ancelotti only signed for us because of Usmanovs involvement with the club.

Russell Smith
40 Posted 17/02/2020 at 11:23:33
Isn't the problem at Manchester City that their sponsorship money was reported at coming from Etihad Airways as a company, but has now been shown to have come direct from Sheikh Mansoor without appearing on Etihad's accounts. Had their monies come from Etihad Airways then the fact that Mansoor owns Etihad is surely not relevant. I doubt there is some mathematical formula to show what benefits come from any sponsorship deal so the size of any deal could be easily "fudged" to confirm its validity and cost effectiveness to the donor.
Tony Ball
41 Posted 17/02/2020 at 11:47:18
Colin #30 - I'm hoping for Viagra as a sponsor too. We would always get past a semi.
Chris Williams
42 Posted 17/02/2020 at 11:48:35

The leaked emails, accounts, emails show clearly that only £8m came from Etihad, the balance of about £60m came from the Sheikh. Also referred to explicitly in emails. If these are genuine, it's hard to see how they can avoid punishment.

This despite assurance given by the club to UEFA.

Andrew Ellams
43 Posted 17/02/2020 at 11:57:37
Kevin @ 36, why so? Clubs employ people specifically to bring in new sponsorship that pays better than the old sponsorship. If every increased deal was investigates nobody would ever get anywhere.
Brian Williams
44 Posted 17/02/2020 at 11:59:26
No it won't set alarm bells ringing, unless the increased sponsorship comes from someone directly connected to the club.
If Everton agree a deal for £30m a year from a company with no direct ties to the club there's no problem whatsoever as long as it's considered fair value.
Andrew Ellams
45 Posted 17/02/2020 at 12:05:05
Ryan, TCL is a huge electronics company partially owned by the Chinese Government. Imagine having Usmanov's company on the front of the shirt and a Chinese state owned one on the sleeve. What sort of world would that be.

NEC would be a bit too much of a blast from the past I think.

Brent Stephens
46 Posted 17/02/2020 at 12:14:17
Kevin #36 "if you're in the FFP office, how stupid would you have to be to take this switch at face value? any sponsorship significantly higher than the previous will set the alarm bells ringing".

Re "this switch", has there even been a switch from Sportpesa to something else yet? Is it (or will it be) higher than the current deal? Getting out of Sportpesa and into something else might have more to do with trying to look ethical, so any new sponsor might be more important in terms of ethical acceptability, rather than income. Let's wait and see what level any new sponsorships are at.

Brian Harrison
47 Posted 17/02/2020 at 12:34:57
I would think that UEFA better have a very solid case against City as I am sure Mansoor will employ some of the Best lawyers that money can buy. They will not only concentrate on Citys case but I would imagine Real and some of the Spanish clubs will form part of their case, as they benifitted from State owned intervention that not only contravened FFP rules but also European commission rules. I also wouldnt be surprised if Citys lawyers looked into the whole FFP rules which they might claim is a form of restrictive practice.
We all know that corruption is never far from power as has been proved by Blatter and Platini I am sure the governance of UEFA may well come under scrutiny when this goes to court.

Nicholas Ryan
48 Posted 17/02/2020 at 12:36:25
Brent [46] it can't be 'significantly higher' under FFP, if it were to be an Usmanov company. An associated person, or company can provide sponsorship, but only at the "market rate". EFC shirt sponsorship is currently 㾶m per year - Arsenal & Spurs, about 㿊 - 40m. If USM suddenly paid us 㿏m per year, we would have our collar felt under FFP. If it were 㾸 -15m from Usmanov, we'd probably be OK.
Brent Stephens
49 Posted 17/02/2020 at 12:51:50
Nicholas #48 - yes, I appreciate that. My post was about waiting to see what happens about any replacement for Sportpesa rather than making assumptions about what will happen.
Peter Neilson
50 Posted 17/02/2020 at 12:52:26
Market rate for shirt sponsorship is in the tens of millions IF the sponsor wants to pay it. The sponsor is the one who has the business case for their advertising. If a company has no connection to a clubs owner then they can sponsor it for any amount. There isn't a subjective scale of increments. It's entirely the sponsors call and it's an entirely legal commercial deal. FFP is concerned with deals that involve the owner. This is where City came unstuck and why they tried to hide it.
Carl Manning
51 Posted 17/02/2020 at 12:55:04
I think £20m is the going rate now for shirt sponsorship. Spurs have won the same amount as us in recent years so why should we be told that ours wouldn't be correct unless it was £15m max. We have one of the worlds most famous managers. The next deal will in all likelihood encompass the move to the new stadium, our marketing value is going to shoot up. Carlo himself has raised the profile of our club worldwide immeasurably.

The board I think as well as the ethical side, have just thought that we are now a more marketable team due to recent changes. The number of articles written about us in Italy and Spain now has risen drastically.

Throw in Richarlison being a first pick for Brazil, DCL having a great shot at the euros, and we are much more attractive than when we signed up with sportpesa. I'd expect the new deal to be at least £20m a year.

Hugh Jenkins
52 Posted 17/02/2020 at 13:00:08
I've read elsewhere that the new sponsors will be NEC who have apparently signed a massive new deal to provide technology to MegaFon.

So it could well be wheels within wheels and as NEC have previously sponsored us – I don't see how any questions could be asked if they suddenly come in with a new deal.

It could also be, of course, that Usmanov is looking to launch MegaFon as a service provider in the UK and is bidding for a licence?

Who knows?

But, as long as it benefits Everton FC – I'm all for it.

Jay Wood

53 Posted 17/02/2020 at 13:22:23
Some really interesting and insightful comments in this thread.

I can understand the unease some feel at having a betting company as our shirt sponsor on ethical grounds, all the more so at Everton where EiTC features large.

But sponsorship and ethics swim in very murky waters. I doubt there is any industry or company that can be regarded as totally 'ethically clean'. Just some marginally 'cleaner' than others.

The severance of the deal with SportPesa is not a knee-jerk reaction by the club. DBB at the AGM openly stated there was a conflict with the club's overall philosophy and strategy having a gambling firm as our primary sponsor. This is a further step in that review as the SportPesa brand has been seriously blackened with many of its operations suspended in parts of East Africa. I have no doubts a new sponsor is already lined up, as hinted at in the club statement that the decision 'allows us to best deliver on our commercial plan'.

City's situation is going to be an interesting watch on many levels. They HAVE to fight it tooth and nail, even if the body of evidence weighs heavily against them. The alternative is that their whole business plan for the club seriously stalls, if not collapses completely. This will, I fancy, have serious repurcusions for many clubs and UEFA itself, not only City.

We are now well-positioned to learn lessons from their plight so as not to repeat their errors.

Daniel A Johnson
54 Posted 17/02/2020 at 13:32:20
You can bet your bottom dollar that if any big finance deals come our way which puts us under the FFP scrutiny you can be assured our lovely neighbours will be the first to register a complaint to the FA and FIFA about it.

Just like the press tried to paint Moshiri as a dodgy corrupt businessman when he first took over.

Robin Bateman
55 Posted 17/02/2020 at 13:48:52
It may be that the decision to cut ties with SportPesa was not all 100% the decision of EFC

This report says SportPesa have also ended ties with F1 team Racing Point as their global strategy changes.

No idea how much of this is spin on the part of SportPesa or EFC but the result is the same.

Rob Marsh
56 Posted 17/02/2020 at 14:06:21
All of these online betting companies have a spiv like persona about them and when, as in Kenya, they're found to be doing wrong, it pushes them into a toxic state immediately.

DBB is on record as saying it doesn't fit our community profile, this she's only just noticed? When the deal was being done, wasn't it considered as a company that it creates social problems – and especially in impoverished areas? She took the money and ran, but now she's a nice person who's learnt the error of her ways and of course it's got nothing to do with a more profitable deal being available!

Mike Gaynes
57 Posted 17/02/2020 at 14:29:35
I'm just glad I didn't buy the shirt. I'm still wearing Chang.
Brent Stephens
58 Posted 17/02/2020 at 14:32:34
Rob #56 "[DBB] took the money and run, but now she's a nice person who's learnt the error of her ways and of course it's got nothing to do with a more profitable deal being available!"

Rob, she was appointed as CEO in 2018. I don't know whether she was involved in the SportPesa deal when signed in 2017.

Francis van Lierop
59 Posted 17/02/2020 at 14:46:27
I'm just glad I didn't buy the shirt. I'm still wearing Chang. [2]

Kieran Kinsella
60 Posted 17/02/2020 at 14:53:59
Mike Gaynes

I'm still wearing an NEC shirt and will continue to if it turns out NEC are the new sponsors. Knew my cheap strategy would payoff eventually

Mike Gaynes
61 Posted 17/02/2020 at 15:27:51
Very wise, Kieran.

Still got those Danka and One2One shirts too, don't ya?

Ray Roche
62 Posted 17/02/2020 at 15:31:41
Mike, The One2One shirts were the worst shirts ever. Whoever sanctioned that shirt should be dragged out, screaming, and shot. And if they're dead, they should be dug up, shot, and reburied.

Shocking effort.

I didn't like them.

Kieran Kinsella
63 Posted 17/02/2020 at 17:10:54
Lol, I do in fact have an away strip of the Danka period.
Brian Harrison
64 Posted 17/02/2020 at 17:20:07
I see it's being reported that Rick Parry will be one of 8 people on the panel making judgement on Man City. This is the guy who, when CEO at Liverpool, recommended to David Moores that he accept the offer for the club from Hicks and Gillete. Obviously a very astute judge of finance.
Brent Stephens
65 Posted 17/02/2020 at 17:49:16
Ray #Whoever sanctioned that shirt should be dragged out, screaming, and shot. And if they're dead, they should be dug up, shot, and reburied“.

Cracker. You don't run an undertakers business do you?

Derek Knox
66 Posted 17/02/2020 at 18:02:39
Looking on the brighter side we won't have to play the Kariobangi Sharks anymore. :-)
Ray Roche
67 Posted 17/02/2020 at 18:09:16
Brent, any future involvement I have with an undertaker will be of a very personal nature. I fact, I'm sure they follow me around yes...
Brent Stephens
68 Posted 17/02/2020 at 18:13:50
Billy Roberts
69 Posted 17/02/2020 at 18:32:40
Keiran, would that be the Danka away kit that looked like you had been dragged out, shot and then ran over by a tractor?

Each to their own eh but I'm with Ray on thinking them One2One kits were the worst in our history, one wasn't even Royal Blue!!

Dan Brierley
70 Posted 17/02/2020 at 18:47:42
It's interesting that Sport Pesa get slated as a morally incorrect choice for income by some, but an Uzbek investor with highly questionable business practises is welcomed with the red carpet by the very same people?

There is a beautiful sense of irony in the notion of morals here.

Brian Hennessy
71 Posted 17/02/2020 at 18:58:08
Hi Dan #70 That's probably due to the fact that the nature of Sport Pesa's business (gambling), directly affects so many people and we can see first hand the many lives it has destroyed.

Any questionable business practices from an Uzbek investor can seem pretty far removed in comparison.

Paul Birmingham
72 Posted 17/02/2020 at 19:04:09
I don't know enough on the background of this decision, but it looks like a smart move for the club to protect the Everton brand, and to nurture the advocacy that Everton FC will be hoping to attract in this most significant of times, bearing the move to Bramley-Moore Dock, Financial Fair Play, etc.

To me, it stacks up and makes sense. Hopefully this dabble in gambling sponsorship is the last.

Martin Berry
73 Posted 17/02/2020 at 19:10:19
Personally I am pleased that the club has ditched promoting a gambling firm. That said, I like a punt now and then and responsibility is in the hands of the individual once knowing the dangers.

Surely there are other more suitable sponsors out there that are less controversial in these ethical times.

Mike Gaynes
74 Posted 17/02/2020 at 19:13:08
Kieran #63, I knew that. At last the extensive surveillance of your closet has paid off.

Ray #62, after you posted that I had to go look them up online. They're for sale online. And damn, you're right.

Rob Marsh
75 Posted 17/02/2020 at 19:19:55
Brent Stephens #58

I said:
Rob #56 "[DBB] took the money and run, but now she's a nice person who's learnt the error of her ways and of course it's got nothing to do with a more profitable deal being available!"

You said:
Rob, she was appointed as CEO in 2018. I don't know whether she was involved in the SportPesa deal when signed in 2017.

Everton football club said:
"Denise arrived at the Club in January 2010 to develop and lead a transformation strategy for Everton in the Community. Due to the success of this venture, Denise became the Club's Chief Operating Officer in October 2011, before being promoted to Deputy Chief Executive in June 2013."

As Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chief Executive, she's had more than just a hand in the SportPesa deal.

I stand by what I said.

Brent Stephens
76 Posted 17/02/2020 at 19:33:14
Rob, I don't know who negotiated / signed the deal, maybe it was DBB. It was Elstone in the press shaking hands with the SportPesa Director.
Peter Thistle
78 Posted 17/02/2020 at 19:38:03
Bring back Hafnia!
Mike Gaynes
79 Posted 17/02/2020 at 19:42:07

That one? Or this one?

This one's only £14.99 -- what a deal!

Brent Stephens
80 Posted 17/02/2020 at 19:42:36
Peter, is that for the SportPesa?!
Joe Corgan
81 Posted 17/02/2020 at 19:55:31
Sounds like this was our choice rather than SportPesa's.

It's perhaps interesting that the Formula One team, Racing Point, announced today that SportPesa will no longer be their main sponsor and that they're expanding their partnership with BWT instead.

Don Alexander
82 Posted 17/02/2020 at 20:03:32
Let's just hope the Arcadia Group don't emerge as sponsorship contenders.
Bill Gienapp
83 Posted 17/02/2020 at 20:50:57
Good. Like others, I can't help but chuckle at the hypocrisy of football clubs plastering betting firms onto their kits, but the real issue is that they were a boring-ass sponsor with a boring-ass logo and it made for a boring-ass uniform. Give me the elephants any day.
Phil Bellis
84 Posted 17/02/2020 at 20:55:21
Hafnia, silver and blue away... Stylish and distinctive.
Steve Ferns
85 Posted 17/02/2020 at 21:00:23
These NEC rumours seem quite convincing. We can't be sponsored by USM or one of its portfolio of companies. Moshiri is on the board and so it'd be called into question and we'd be asking for a Financial Fair Play investigation. With NEC, you just hope it's either genuine or they've been clever about it and learnt lessons from Man City.

If it is NEC, then I'm just glad they renamed the European Cup, so the kids aren't teased like I was when they last sponsored us. “What's a European Cup?” Would be the reply now.

Mike Rathbone
86 Posted 17/02/2020 at 22:16:18
Was it an issue when we were sponsored by Chang? Alcohol? Did that fit the 'community' values?
Hugh Jenkins
87 Posted 17/02/2020 at 23:15:37
Don (82), I doubt it - I believe the group is in administration.
Ray Roche
88 Posted 17/02/2020 at 23:18:29

The hideous one with the bits of yellow across them. The yellow is the colour of piss in snow. They weren't even Royal Blue, more a sort of cheap blue tee-shirt that's faded in the sun.

Derek Thomas
89 Posted 18/02/2020 at 01:18:42
I reckon the recent worries in the media about gambling, SportPesa's own woes, and the Man City FFP stuff have given Everton a plausible reason to backtrack.

But I think we will have a USM-themed sponsor next season.

Jim Harrison
90 Posted 18/02/2020 at 03:52:15
Steve @85,

Are you sure we can't have USM as sponsors on kit at all because of Moshiri's shares? Or that it would just be more deeply investigated?

Man City didn't get done for having Etihad as sponsors but for overstating the value of their contribution. Isn't the sheikh on the board of the airline?

John Keating
91 Posted 18/02/2020 at 06:08:02
Couldn't we just sponsor Man City and they sponsor us for 𧶀 million a year each???
Liam Reilly
92 Posted 18/02/2020 at 10:01:59
Jim @90,

Moshiri is Chairman of the USM Group:

.....which owns 70% of Megafon, so the flippy fingers in the FA (Uefa if we qualify for Europe) would be getting well twitchy if either was to sponsor Everton.

That said, I'm not aware of any law that would prevent either Group from Sponsoring the Shirt provided it's commercially viable and not a grotesque figure that is called into question.

Ray Roche
93 Posted 18/02/2020 at 10:27:29
Talking about shirt/kit sponsorship and the value of such deals, Man City have Puma as their kit sponsors at 㿨m a season, I read today. Puma are apparently keeping City despite the uncertainty about their future.

㿨m. And people on TW have mentioned 㾶m for Everton... Okay, I am aware that we are not in the same League as they are at the moment regarding success, but in terms of exposure, we play the so-called top six 12 times a year, games which will be televised all around the World; hundreds of millions of people will see our games. Let's not sell ourselves too short.

Craig Walker
94 Posted 18/02/2020 at 10:54:39
Phil @84 - my first Everton kit which I got as a Christmas present. Still my favourite Everton shirt. What a shirt and what a team!
Michael Kenrick
95 Posted 18/02/2020 at 12:36:58
I was a bit surprised to read this:

Since January 2020, Usmanov has agreed to purchase shares in Everton Football Club.

Since it's on Wikipedia's Usmanov page, perhaps I shouldn't be... but it doesn't even merit a source reference.

Brent Stephens
96 Posted 18/02/2020 at 13:24:31
Michael, maybe someone mischievous adding to wiki, hoping the powers-that-be will look closely at us?
Jay Wood

97 Posted 18/02/2020 at 13:46:57
Talking of sponsorhip, there is a good case study currently on BBC Sport of RB Leipzig, hugely resented by many in Germany for their rapid rise from the 4th tier of German football to sitting on the coattails of giants Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga and qualification to the last 16 of the CL.


From an Everton perspective I found it quite revealing that whilst it spoke of their model of bringing in young talent, not superstars, at reasonable prices and listed some success stories, the very English BBC made absolute no mention of the single English player they have recruited, Ademola Lookman.

No surprise really as he has barely featured for them all season. I wonder what the young man is making of it all?

Dennis Stevens
98 Posted 18/02/2020 at 13:47:08
Aye, that's an odd one. If anything, everything I've read about Usmanov as a potential share-holder seems to indicate exactly the opposite - that he doesn't intend to buy shares in EFC.
James Hughes
99 Posted 18/02/2020 at 13:53:33
mike @ 86 a diifernet scale there with Chang

Was it an issue when we were sponsored by Chang? Alcohol? Did that fit the 'community' values?

I did fit in with our values as drinking Chang never left you wanting another.

Dave Abrahams
100 Posted 18/02/2020 at 14:10:50
Jay (97), thanks for the link, what a rise in stature and performances by RB Leipzig, the German football club, helped, in no small way, by Gerard Houllier, the former Liverpool manager.
Brian Wilkinson
101 Posted 18/02/2020 at 17:42:54
Here's one for the knowledgeable Evertonians.

In regards to Megafon and Usmanov as a possible shirt sponsor, does Moshi own any shares in Megafon, if so will this have any impact on the sponsorship.

We have Usmanov sponsoring Finch Farm, so hopefully it will not breach the sponsorship of shirts.

Ian Bennett
102 Posted 18/02/2020 at 18:18:18
Brian - no one really knows. Moshiri made some money with Usmanov previously, but no one knows if he's minor stakes in any of them now.

Even if he does, it's not clear if it would impact on FFP. The lawyers will have a view if it has enough control and influence.

Everton I think will struggle for FFP to believe that Usmanov doesn't have a quasi stake. It has to be a concern that we don't get sucked into FFP sleaze. All clubs are at it - City getting additional funds from the owner and not Etihad. City all received commercial money, despite selling the image rights previously. Sheffield Wednesday sold their stadium to book a big gain to surf the rules. Opposition clubs are questioning all of this.

I am sure clubs that have sister clubs, will have fiddled it a bit too, so the parent club makes profit to boost the FFP losses.

Chris Williams
103 Posted 18/02/2020 at 18:24:02
Doesn't USM hold a majority shareholding in Telefon ?

As Chairman and shareholder in USM, there seems a connection, if that ownership is correct.

Brian Wilkinson
104 Posted 18/02/2020 at 20:20:27
It appears all the big boys have filled their boots and now the ladder has been pulled to stop others from catching up.
Albert Perkins
105 Posted 19/02/2020 at 04:36:34
Hard to find any sponsors that are free from issues. Here's two mentioned above.

NEC: Communications and IT. Sounds good. Leaders in facial recognition products. (Big Brother?).

Hafnia is a genus of Gram-negative, facultatively anaerobic, rod-shaped bacteria in the family Hafniaceae. H. alvei is a commensal of the human gastrointestinal tract and not normally pathogenic, but may cause disease in immunocompromised patients. (Not my first choice.)

Eric Myles
106 Posted 19/02/2020 at 05:23:38
Moshiri used to be on the Board of Directors of MegaFon.

He is Chairman of the Board of Directors of USM and a 10% shateholder.

USM own 70% of Megafon.

Brian Hennessy
107 Posted 21/02/2020 at 18:58:11
Slightly off topic, but my local club here in Waterford has decided to pass on having a commercial sponsor on their shirts this year (last season's deal was about €100k) and have instead decided to give the space on their new shirt to a local campaign for 24/7 Cardiac Care for the South East. Link

If a small club like Waterford who struggle to survive each year can support a worthy cause like this instead of just taking the highest bid, I think it's only right that big Premier League clubs can move away from the likes of betting companies – especially clubs like Everton who do such great work through EitC.

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