Brands re-elected to Everton's Board

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Marcel Brands has been re-elected to Everton's Board of Directors despite a challenge from a formerly prominent shareholder at this evening's Annual General Meeting.

Professor Tom Cannon, at one time a leading and controversial voice on the club's financial matters, particularly as they pertained to the bid to relocate to Kirkby in the 2000s, began the proceedings at the AGM at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall by objecting to Brands's presence in the boardroom.

Professor Cannon, Emeritus at the University of Liverpool Management School, argued that the club's two Directors of Football to date, Brands and his predecessor, Steve Walsh, have been an "unmitigated failure" and, as such, did not deserve to be on the Board.

Cannon's quotes were carried by the Liverpool Echo:

“I think it's inappropriate for the Director of Football to be on the board.

“The appointment of Directors of Football at this football club have been an unmitigated failure.

“Even if you move beyond the signings, I'd like to know what has happened to our scouting system. We used to be able to find people like Mikel Arteta and bring them through to the point within a minute we were singing their songs.

“Remember those days when Tim Cahill would come on and terrify them? Where are those players now?

“We don't seem to have a scouting system and frankly I question whether this approach should be on the board.”

Brands, who joined Everton from PSV Eindhoven in March 2018, was re-elected to the Board following a vote.

The Dutchman spoke from the stage later in the evening and outlined his strategy with regard to the long-term make-up of the squad, stressing his goal of having 23 registered players in the squad which would enable further blooding of players from the youth academy.

Brands said that he is actively trying to find solutions for Cuco Martina and Oumar Niasse, both of whom remain out of the first-team picture at Everton.  

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Steve Ferns
1 Posted 14/01/2020 at 19:43:53
I'd like to know exactly what Professor Tom Cannon said exactly. It was reported that he did not object to a Director of Football, that he objected to a Director of Football on the board. Hmm.

The EBM lads (Paul The Esk, Roger Armstrong, and John Blaine) had been requesting the appointment long before it happened. So, I'd like to hear more on this subject.

Phil Sammon
2 Posted 14/01/2020 at 19:47:44
I was just about to post the same thing, Steve. I'd like to know how Professor Cannon is judging Brands.

There is certainly an argument to suggest that a DoF being on the Board is a conflict of interests. He should be answerable to the Board, just like the manager in my opinion. That doesn't appear to be the Professor's argument though.

John P McFarlane
3 Posted 14/01/2020 at 19:48:17
Steve #1 I can only assume that the following was said by prof Cannon - but Echo only reports it as being by a shareholder.

The shareholder says: “I think it's inappropriate for the director of football to be on the board.

“The appointment of directors of football at this football club have been an unmitigated failure.

“Even if you move beyond the signings, I'd like to know what has happened to our scouting system. We used to be able to find people like Mikel Arteta and bring them through to the point within minute we were singing their songs.

“Remember those days when Tim Cahill would come on and terrify them? Where are those players now?

“We don't seem to have a scouting system and frankly I question whether this approach should be on the board.”

Peter Neilson
4 Posted 14/01/2020 at 20:29:13
Steve Ferns
5 Posted 14/01/2020 at 20:34:36
Thanks John, he was talking nonsense.
Derek Knox
6 Posted 14/01/2020 at 20:36:15
I would not disagree at all about Walsh being an unmitigated failure, but to tar Brands with the same brush is a bit extreme.

Although he couldn't have foreseen injuries to recently signed players, there are a couple of areas that could be questioned, for example the exorbitant fee paid for Iwobi, who I still believe will be a decent player, but the price?

Not sure about Delph, who does seem to be in the Treatment Room more than he is on the pitch. Moise Kean, I desperately want the lad to come good for us, and hope his first goal will lead to many more.

Digne and Mina seem to be a bit hit and miss, but hopefully will settle down. I had hoped for a few unknown gems, instead of high priced every day names.

Jay Wood

7 Posted 14/01/2020 at 20:47:25
Tom Canon was, for some reason, someone the media used to go to for a quote on matters related to football finance.

He was distinctly pro-Kirkby and most miffed when that got knocked back.

Haven't heard from him in years.

Does he still lecture at Liverpool Uni?

Jonathan Tasker
8 Posted 14/01/2020 at 20:47:35
Brands has been an expensive disaster

Only Richarlison worth the money

Darren Hind
9 Posted 14/01/2020 at 20:56:01
Cant argue with Canons observations about DOF's being an unmitigated failure at this club.

-500m and we have gone backwards

Patrick Clark
10 Posted 14/01/2020 at 20:58:27
Recognizing the right talent and attracting them to Everton are two separate lines of work by which to judge his performance.

His ability to close the deal on the talent he pursues has been a refreshing change from previous deadline day horrors. For me, still too early to judge on the actual talent he's brought in.

Lyndon Lloyd
11 Posted 14/01/2020 at 20:59:40
Jonathan (8), that's a highly premature (and inaccurate, to my mind) statement. So far he has signed last season's Player of the Year in Lucas Digne, the leading candidate to be player of the year this season in Yerry Mina (with Djibril Sidibé challenging him until his dip in form in the New Year), and, of course, our best player in Richarlison (with the obvious caveat that Silva wanted him).

I would venture to suggest that we haven't seen nearly the best of Bernard (who was free to acquire, albeit on big wages), André Gomes or Alex Iwobi, all three of whom could really thrive under Ancelotti's stewardship.

Then there's Jean-Philippe Gbamin who was just plain unfortunate but is also a good prospect.

On top of that, Brands has off-loaded Vlasic and Lookman for profit (Gueye also represented a big profit but it's debatable whether it was worth it given how big a loss he was) and got the likes of Mirallas off the books as well.

So, given how much better he has been than Walsh, I think Brands has earned some time to keep working on his long-term plan.

Mike Gaynes
12 Posted 14/01/2020 at 21:03:29
Brands a disaster? Oh puh-leeeeze, Jonathan.

Our player of the year wasn't worth £18 million?

Mina's not worth it? Gomes isn't worth it? Sidibe won't be an absolute steal at £13 million?

And what about all the deadwood Brands has trimmed in just a year-and-a-half on the job?

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- our best signing since Moshiri took over has been Marcel Brands.

Brent Stephens
13 Posted 14/01/2020 at 21:07:29
He's winding you up, Mike.
Kevin Prytherch
14 Posted 14/01/2020 at 21:12:05
Sorry - I'm sort of with Jonathon on Brands.

Digne might have been player of the year, but he's still suspect defensively and goes missing in big games.

Mina has been outshone by Holgate.

Richarlison was Silva's signing.

Bernard is hit and miss.

Sidibé was worth the gamble, but Is average for £13 million

Iwobi is in the same overpriced category as Schneiderlin and Sigurdsson

Kean is one for the future, but could really do with showing something soon.

Can't comment on Gbamin.

Delph - £8million to argue with fans, tell everyone their shite and call Holgate (who has been 10 times the player he has, even in midfield) a little prick.

I like Gomes though.

Darren Hind
15 Posted 14/01/2020 at 21:12:35
Sorry Lyndon and Mike. I think Jonathon is closer the mark than you guys.

Benard is in and out of a very average team. Digne has had a howler of a season. Mina has been benched twice recently (in favour of Keane). Gomes was dividing opinion long before his injury and Iwobi. . I think Arsenal definitely saw us coming. I would be amazed if he became a top player. He hasnt even learned to "expect the ball"

I sincerely hope the second intake is better

Lyndon Lloyd
16 Posted 14/01/2020 at 21:23:10
Darren, Mina has had injury niggles for the better part of 2 months and was, by Ancelotti's own admission, rotated out against Brighton. He said Holgate might sit out the next game for the same reason.

Bernard's only been in and out of the team because of the injury he suffered at Brighton, literally the next game after Silva twigged how to use him and Iwobi effectively in the same side.

I still have hopes for Iwobi and agree on the opinions of Gomes but, as I said, let's see them playing under a top-class manager before writing them off as bad signings!

Alan Brown
17 Posted 14/01/2020 at 21:30:56
just a question really - is the point about our lack of a scouting system valid? the last intake of players have been recruited from Barcelona, Arsenal, Juventus etc rather than outside the top clubs
Kevin Prytherch
18 Posted 14/01/2020 at 21:38:24
Alan 17 - I'd say it is. Only this kid from Carlisle would realistically fall under the “scouted” section.

For Brands to be worth his money, he should be scouting more like him that can develop. We've done it well in the past with DCL, Holgate, Stones, Cahill, Arteta, Lescott, Jagielka, Baines, Coleman etc. All bought relatively cheaply, hungry to improve and worth far more than what we've paid after a year or 2.

Even Walsh was trying it with Gibson, Adenerin, Bowler etc. They might or might not make it, but are worth the gamble if there is a route to the first team.

Buying cast offs from big clubs - anyone with a bit of knowledge can pick them out. Picking players up for peanuts who can develop, improve us or make us money - that's where Brands should come in.

James Stewart
19 Posted 14/01/2020 at 21:48:45
The jury is still out on Brands.

Richarlison will be an absolute star, but he was Silva's man. The rest of the recruitment is highly questionable for me.

Mina, Iwobi, Delph and Kean cost us over 100m and at present that does not look like good business.

Digne and Gomes are obvious success stories but I have been disappointed on the whole with the signings so far under Brands. He hasn't really unearthed any unknown gems so far.

Christy Ring
20 Posted 14/01/2020 at 21:54:34
Brands made a huge mistake not buying a centre back and an established striker in the summer. Sidibé can't defend,, Gueye should never have been sold, he was still on a big contract, I know it's not his fault Gbamin got injured, and I rate Gomes. He also got rid of a lot of dead wood, but letting McCarthy go, especially for €3m, and bringing in Delph, on double his wages, was a disaster. Our Best Buy, was Richarlison, and Silva was responsible for that. The jury is still out as far as I'm concerned.
Darren Hind
21 Posted 14/01/2020 at 21:59:17
Well Lyndon.

if there is any positives at all to be taken from the last few weeks, it's that we have got to a position where 3 more wins would take us to 37 points which would virtually guarantee top flight football next season.

With the pressure off (at least for this season) Ancelotti will be able to rotate and experiment to his hearts content. Maybe he will bring out the best of these players. We will find out soon enough.

If he makes a player out of Iwobi, I will spend the rest of the season posting from the foot of our stairs

Phil Sammon
22 Posted 14/01/2020 at 22:04:36
Patrick 10

‘ His ability to close the deal on the talent he pursues has been a refreshing change from previous deadline day horrors.'

Can't disagree but that ‘ability' is basically his access to deeper pockets.

Hugh Jenkins
23 Posted 14/01/2020 at 22:13:58
What is that Latin saying - " So many men - so many opinions!".

The truth is, it is all speculation as far as we are concerned, for none of us know, for certain, who wanted which player and who asked who to get him etc.

For example, there is a rumour that we only bought Tosun because Moshri wanted him based on a recommendation from his son etc.

Richarlison might well have been requested by Silva - but on the other hand - perhaps the DoF suggested to Silva that he might be a useful addition and Silva agreed - or Richarlison might have said to his agent - try to get me a move to Everton because I'd like to work with Silva again.

We can speculate until the cows come home - but NONE of us KNOW.

It has often also been said that new players coming into the EPL will take at least 12 months to settle down and get used to the pace.

If that is true then Bernard, Digne, Mina, Gomes etc may well shock us all next year by the improvement in their form.

Hopefully, Kean and Gbamin too will shape up and with players like Holgate and DCL starting to find their feet at this level, I, for one, am hoping that next season will be a big and pleasant surprise for us all.

Bobby Mallon
24 Posted 14/01/2020 at 22:15:22
Kevin@18, baines and Jagielka where let go by Everton as school boys then bought back for big money 5 mil each do the scouting system was a bit crap then eh.
Hugh Jenkins
25 Posted 14/01/2020 at 22:18:14
Bobby (24) even more recently we let Lunstram go and now he is being lauded as one of the best midfielders in the league.
Kevin Prytherch
26 Posted 14/01/2020 at 22:19:28
Bobby 24 - less to do with scouting and more to do with the academy. In any case, buying 2 players from Wigan and Sheff Utd who would then go on to play 400 games for the club would suggest a slightly more scouted player than a £35million Arsenal reserve.
Tommy Carter
27 Posted 14/01/2020 at 22:20:17
@25 Hugh. Lundstram is not nor ever will be one of the best midfielders in the league.
Minik Hansen
28 Posted 14/01/2020 at 22:35:51
Wait and see how Ancelotti works with this squad of players, before completely disapproving the DoF. Well, it seems Marco Silva had too long a run as our manager, so there might be a big factor in the manager's role as well?
Christy Ring
29 Posted 14/01/2020 at 22:38:46
Tommy @27, No one can begrudge Lundstram doing so welll with Sheff Utd,. When he was here, he was loaned out to plenty of lower league teams, and eventually signed for Oxford Utd. Glad to see he's fulfilling his potential, after playing up to U20's with England.
John Raftery
30 Posted 14/01/2020 at 22:53:23
I suggest the time to pass judgement on Brands will be in a couple of years by which time he will have offloaded the rest of the deadwood and had the opportunity to change the age profile of the squad with a greater proportion of younger players capable of fitting into Ancelotti's system.

Inevitably progress will not be in a straight line. There will be setbacks along the way as we have seen this season with injuries to Gbamin and Gomes. It will also take younger players longer to settle into the club especially if they arrive from abroad.

A positive message I picked up from Brands's presentation this evening was that having failed to sign Zouma in the summer they resisted the temptation to sign alternatives they deemed inadequate. In other words the club will wait for the right player to become available before purchasing. Another was that the club will not pay unaffordable fees for players, hence the reason why they did not pursue Zaha.

Tom Cannon lost me when he suggested Peter Reid and David France should be on the board. Reid was a great player for us, a successful manager in the nineties and now occasionally an entertaining pundit. I doubt at this stage of his life he would add value at Board level. There is no greater Evertonian on the planet than the estimable David France but I very much doubt he would welcome disrupting his retirement or risking his health in order to take a seat on the Board.

Don Alexander
31 Posted 14/01/2020 at 23:03:59
To me the one consistent feature this century in our ever-disappointing lack of achievement is Finch Farm. It doesn't matter who the manager is or who the most expensive signings are, the common denominator is that almost all the players we sign almost always seem to dwindle in output on the pitch or value in the transfer market once they sign on. Yes, we made a pile on Stones, Lukaku and Lescott (none of whom did diddly squat in advancing their playing careers after us, albeit they're all stinking rich regardless) but hordes of others have way more than eaten into the worth of those three to us.

For a so-called "People's Club", and I for one still see genuine widespread affinity for Everton all across Merseyside, it's always mystified me how so many Toffee-born lads were signed up by THEM to our cost, for decades!

Kunal Desai
32 Posted 14/01/2020 at 23:21:46
Brands has come under scrutiny here and rightly so. He has to be questioned around some of the players brought in, however some can take a little longer to settle in than others and we cannot really assess those that have carried injuries for a sustained period of time. Next season will be key to how the players he's brought in perform.

Glaringly obvious was not replacing Zouma and possibly not bringing in a box to box midfielder. Leaving us short in numbers for the season ahead. That is something which Brands should be answerable to.

Mike Gaynes
33 Posted 14/01/2020 at 23:47:48
Hugh #25, lauded by whom? That's just ridiculous.

Lundstram was let go by Everton because he was nowhere near good enough at the time. It was barely discussed here on TW, and not one person expressed any thought that it was a mistake. Lundstram then spent a couple years at Oxford United, hardly burning up League 1, and last year at Sheffield he lost his position within the first month and rarely even made the bench the rest of the season.

All credit to him for working his ass off and blossoming this season, but nobody... and I mean NOBODY... saw it coming or predicted it. And even now he is average, not remotely "one of the best."

Jay Harris
34 Posted 14/01/2020 at 00:01:49
Im with Mike g on this.

Who has lauded Lundstram as one of the best midfielders in the league.

He is not even the best midfielder at Sheff United mate.

It is so easy to knock the club but lets be fair about it players are not let go because they are showing great potential. It is usually attitude or the potential to develop that flags up whether a kid is worth keeping.

Andy Crooks
35 Posted 14/01/2020 at 00:05:34
Mike, good point.Sometimes, it just falls in to place. Right player, right coach and sometimes, actually, loads of luck. Someone says something that makes you have a think. Then, you get a break, score a goal and you are a top player.
It is alchemy that Marcel Brands aspires to. It is the age of chance.
Danny Broderick
36 Posted 14/01/2020 at 00:14:38
There are massive question marks against Brands for me. I agree that the Director of Football role has been an unmitigated disaster at Everton, it's basically seen us throw 𧺬 million down the swannie!

There are 3 particular failings I would address to Brands:

1) Where are the up-and-coming gems that a Director of Football is supposed to source before they hit the big time? Brands buys all his players from Barcelona, Juve etc. We needed a centre half all summer, this culminated in a pursuit for a Chelsea defender (Zouma). When this was doomed, we put in a deadline day bid for a Man United reserve centre half (Rojo). This is hardly inspiring stuff from our much lauded Director of Football. Most people with a copy of Football Manager could have done better.

2) Why did you fail to bring in an experienced centre-forward? Marco Silva started last summer that we needed a proven striker. Brands brought in a 19-year-old kid from Italy who is still not up to speed. We have paid the price for this all season. I would say this was a massive dereliction of duty from Brands, we have needed a proven striker since Lukaku left. Why could our Director of Football not see this?

3) Our new signings appear fundamentally flawed. They are either as timid as a mouse, or incapable of playing consistently well. As the Director of Football who has recruited lots of these players, what scouting checks do you have in place? Are they fit for purpose? How can you ensure that future recruits will have the desired character to improve our team consistently, and not go missing when we need them most?

Our best signing in recent seasons has been Richarlison, clearly a Marco Silva buy. Need I say more?!

Mike Gaynes
37 Posted 15/01/2020 at 01:08:46
To be fair, Hugh, I should also have heartily endorsed your opinions at #23. Excellent post.

Danny #36, what experienced centre forward would you have brought in who was available, willing to come and would have scored more goals than Calvert-Lewin? And, more importantly, how much would you have paid?

Looking back at the summer transfer window, in retrospect, I can see exactly one striker deal that I wish we could have pipped. One. Liverpool selling Danny Ings for 㿀m. Who would you have gone for? Rondon? Carroll? Maybe Charlie Austin for ٣m? Who do you think we missed out on?

Jack Convery
38 Posted 15/01/2020 at 01:23:34
Was Tom Cannon's attempt at removing Brands from the board an insight into a power struggle of how EFC is run?

Brands is obviously Moshiri's man but who would Tom Cannon be affiliated to? It clearly wouldn't be Moshiri or he wouldn't object to a DoF on the Board. An appointment which was a strange one when it occurred and does appear to have a conflict of interest at its heart.

Jamie Crowley
39 Posted 15/01/2020 at 01:43:22
As if anyone actually gave a flying toss, I'm Team Gaynes on this one. Shocker, Americans sticking together on TW. Never seen that before.

Marcel is Moshiri's best signing. A place on the Board is just fine with me, and having a football man on the Board is long overdue.

Good Lord. We have an owner who's bought the Liver Building, dumped now $350 million into the Club, and is building a new stadium. A DoF who's walked on water offloading a shedload of shit players, signed some damn good ones, and patently deserves a pass with two major signings getting injured. What in the hell do some people want? Christ Almighty, there's no pleasing some.

Speaking of injuries, has anyone taken a lead bar to Heung-min Son's shin yet?

Graham Hammond
40 Posted 15/01/2020 at 02:15:11
Jamie at 39. Bottom line is, mate, people want an Everton side in the top half of the league and we are not even (currently at least) in that and with all the money we have spent I do not think that is too much to ask for!

We are hardly competing in a high-quality Premier League currently in my opinion. I concede that we are in a somewhat false position having been robbed of points against Brighton, Spurs, Arsenal, Liverpool and so on.

Graham Hammond
41 Posted 15/01/2020 at 02:23:32
Jamie, I doubt Danny Broderick is happy with the fact we are currently in the bottom half of the league and out of the FA Cup also. I certainly am not happy about either! I would like to think we will climb the league but, with our 'luck' with officials and with injuries, my optimism may yet again prove to be misplaced!
Mike Gaynes
42 Posted 15/01/2020 at 03:04:36
Graham #40-41, no argument with any of that, but most of the dumbest spending was pre-Brands. With the limited evidence available (we don't yet have a clear idea what Iwobi, Gbamin, Kean or even Gomes will contribute long-term), my opinion is that he has spent well. And sold well.

I personally have zero optimism that we will climb the league much more this year, given our injury issues. And I do not expect Spurs and Arsenal to remain in disaster mode under their new managers. I see Sheffield and Palace fading, but we won't catch anyone else. So 9th at best... UNLESS Brands and Ancelotti conspire to borrow us a world-class midfielder in the next couple of weeks.

Mike Gaynes
43 Posted 15/01/2020 at 03:08:48
Jamie #39, you can probably get Jeff Gillooly's phone number from Tanya Harding. His technique is rusty, but he probably needs the work. You could hire him cheap.
Darren Hind
44 Posted 15/01/2020 at 03:54:50
Jamie C: "What in the hell do some people want?"

It would be nice to be in a better position than we were before we allowed two DoF's to spend half a billion.

It would be nice if the new "great signings" could out-perform their predecessors - "The deadwood"

It would be good if we could see the occasional 90 minutes of passion.

I think everyone would prefer not to feel like they were made to feel last week.

I don't think any of us would object to the season not being over in January - in terms of chasing a trophy.

We'd like to be up there with clubs like Sheffield United.

This is not a tough crowd. Right now we'd celebrate a decent card trick.

What this crowd really, really want, is for the club to stop binding and gagging them. To stop destroying their dreams on an annual basis. A team we can be proud of. A little taste of success to justify decades of pain.

I get your question, Jamie lad, and looking at the responses on here, you could very easily be forgiven for thinking the majority of Evertonians are miserable arl bastards, but we were not born that way.

Many people on here have survived on a staple diet of "manana" for decades. The seemingly eternal banquet going on next door only serves to remind us of how far we have fallen.

I also get that many will want to support and applaud Brands's captures. Let's be fair, some may yet prove to be good signings, but we need better than good. Even the most optimistic Brands supporter must realise that this group of players ain't never going to win us anything.

If we are going to climb our way back up the ladder, we need another intake... and it has to be better than the last one.

I want it now
I want it now
Dont tell me that my ship is coming in
Nothing comes to those who wait

Alan J Thompson
45 Posted 15/01/2020 at 05:33:50
Don(#31); I don't know what the situation is now as we seem to sign kids from the age of 8 but previously the Schoolboys teams were scouted. (Do they still have them?) I believe that Shankly would just about give trials to anyone who had a pair of boots while trying to get one at Everton was a trial in itself.

And remember the story of Shankly and Lawler, then compare it to Everton closing the Academy under Kendall to save money and it only being reopened at Joe Royle's insistence.

I think Tony Abrahams said he had spent some time as an Everton Junior so perhaps he and any others who may have could relate their experiences.

Joe McMahon
46 Posted 15/01/2020 at 09:02:34
I'm with Canon. We her money and for some reason with a DOF quality or recruiting has gone tits up.

Sylvan Distan 5 million or Michael Keane 25 million? We also did very when Roberto first arrived, no DOF and Lukaku costing the Same as Cenk Tosun.

John Raftery
47 Posted 14/01/2020 at 09:08:21
Don (31) By all accounts Lukaku is doing well at Inter who are having their best season in a while. Stones has won several medals and more than a few England caps since he left us. Lescott also won medals.
Danny Broderick
48 Posted 15/01/2020 at 09:09:23
Mike (37),

Don't limit yourself to only the strikers that were transferred this summer. As an example, could we have had a crack at Morelos, who is banging them in left, right and centre for Rangers?

I could trot out the usual names likes Giroud etc, but surely a Director of Football should be able to come up with better targets than a striker not getting a game at Chelsea, or the ones you mentioned? That is entirely my point.

Thank Goodness DCL has stepped up to the plate this season, because we would have had precisely nothing up front if he hadn't. A proven striker could also have played alongside DCL at times.

There must be strikers in the European leagues that could have been brought in that would have been an upgrade on Niasse and Tosun. We've been let down massively by not bringing one in. We probably would have been in the top 6 (And still in the FA Cup!!) if we'd scored an extra 6/7 goals this year...

Danny Broderick
49 Posted 15/01/2020 at 09:30:45
Jamie (39)

“ A DoF who's walked on water offloading a shedload of shit players...”

Err, that's his job!!

I really don't get this hyperbole where Marcel Brands is concerned. In the past, people have also come out with stuff like ‘in Marcel we trust'. The proof is in the pudding. We shouldn't be blindly led because he came with a better reputation than the last fella. For me, he should be judged on buying and selling.

Has he sold well? He's done ok. He sold Lookman for a good price, but he sold James McCarthy way too cheap. He got an ok price for Gueye. We've still got too many big earners that he hasn't managed to ship out yet though. He's done ok but no more than that.

Has he bought well? Again, the jury is out. A couple of his buys are injured so we will leave them out. Was it worth bringing in Lossl? Probably not. Sidibé? A good deal so I'll give him that one. Digne too is a quality player in my opinion. But Mina? Does a lot of things well but he hasn't hit the heights we hoped he would just yet, so the jury is still out. Bernard? Free transfer but £120,000 a week. Jury is still out again. Kean? Massive disappointment so far. Delph? He's done ok at times, but doesn't seem able to stay fit and is another one earning top dollar. Again, difficult to say he's been a real success.

At best, the jury is out on Brands, he certainly doesn't deserve hyperbole like “walking on water” to describe what he has achieved so far...

Sam Hoare
50 Posted 15/01/2020 at 09:47:36
Darren@44 "This is not a tough crowd."

Really? I disagree. I think, like most football clubs, its a very tough crowd. Every summer I see a raft of posts expecting us to challenge the top 6 and clubs who have invested and pay considerable sums more than us. "Why can't we be the next Leicester?"

I can't remember the last time I felt that the majority on here were even content with our manager. Maybe when Moyes got us to 4th? When he reverted to 6th/7th it wasn't good enough, even though it was very much in line with where we were resources wise. Undeniably a tough crowd in my experiences.

Steve Ferns
51 Posted 15/01/2020 at 09:54:39
I give Brands time because he does not have the clean slate to do what he wants like Steve Walsh, instead he has to work on cleaning up Walsh's mess and rejuvenating the side.

We want to sign top players but we have on our books at present:
- Sigurdsson
- Schneiderlin
- Walcott
- Keane
- Tosun
- Bolasie
- Sandro Ramirez
All of the above are on big wages. Then there is also:
- Martina
- Niasse
Meantime Brands has got rid of:
- Mirallas
- Onyekuru
- McCarthy
- Vlasic
- Williams
- Klaassen
And no doubt he would have had some input on Rooney who left just days before he officially came in.

Whilst Everton are still paying big wages for players Steve Walsh signed, then Brands has one hand tied behind his back. Players like Pickford I will no longer class as a Walsh player as Brands has given him a new contract.

On John Lundstram, the lad was not good enough. There was a lot of noise about him as a kid, mainly because his sister was on that dreadful "Desperate Scousewives" program and tried to portray him as some kind of star. The reality was that the younger Ryan Ledson was considered to be better than him and to have more potential, then he in turn was released to make way for Tom Davies. Tom Davies is a better player than John Lundstram, regardless of age. Fair play to Lundstram for dragging himself all the way to the top, he clearly has the mental fortitude we lack, and if he was on our books then we'd certainly give him some game time with our injuries and mental fragility. He's not worth purchasing though.

Sam Hoare
52 Posted 15/01/2020 at 10:01:39
As for Brands it seems clear to me that he is an improvement on Walsh but equally he has not nailed it.

He's bought younger and its still way too early to judge the success of this strategy as players like Kean, Iwobi and Gbamin have not played a huge amount and have their best years ahead of them.

I still think most players that Brands has bought would be worth as much if not more than he paid for them.

Digne- Would definitely sell for more than 㾾m even if he's not having his best patch he's still 2nd in the league for chances created by full backs (after TAA).

Richarlison- An excellent player, worth in excess of 㿨m i'd wager.

Gomes- Not my favourite but 㿂m was a decent price for a player of his ability and experience.

Mina- Probably our player of the year so far? Is excellent at international level and if Maguire is worth 㿲m then Mina (who has similar stats) is definitely worth more than the 㿇m he cost.

Bernard- Still to see the best of him but I think Ancelotti will change that. He was superb against Brighton and I hope to see more of that. No doubt we could sell him for 㿀-25m this summer if we wanted to.

Iwobi- Bit up and down but has been our most creative midfielder statistically and I think will be good when played centrally. He's only 23 and I'm hopeful that Ancelotti will get the best out of him. 㿈m was a good price for Arsenal but even if we were to sell him I'd expect to make at least 㿀m. I think he's capable of more.

Gbamin- Gutted that he got injured. Think we've really missed his athleticism. Don't know how good he'll be post injury but he was very good in the Bundesliga last year and I was excited when we got him.

Kean- Probably the biggest risk at 㿅m. I've been disappointed in him but he's so young. Hopefully Ancelotti can get the best out of him. He's still highly thought of in Italy and even if we were to sell him back there this summer i'd think we could get somewhere between 㾻m-20m. Fingers crossed he gets that elusive first goal soon, he's been a tad unlucky.

Delph- Was brought in to add experience and leadership. Not sure he's really done that yet but difficult to know what he adds in the dressing room or in training. At ٦m it wasn't a big investment though his injuries make it look like one of Brands' less wise purchases.

Ken Kneale
53 Posted 15/01/2020 at 11:30:57
Sam I think you're forgetting our history and our motto. This is a knowledgeable crowd and recognised as such by plenty. 30 years of Kenwright has not destroyed that and nor should it. We should always aim higher and as Darren says, the season over in January as far as trophies are concerned, particularly in such miserable circumstances should never be acceptable
Dave Abrahams
54 Posted 15/01/2020 at 13:02:30
I go along with John Rafferty (30) and that is to give Brands more time before passing judgement on how good/ poor his appointment has been.

One thing that was made crystal clear to me last was that the more I see and hear Kenwright the more I believe in aliens, he isn't an Earthling, and he is definitely not “ One of us”.

Steve Ferns
55 Posted 15/01/2020 at 13:10:47
"the more I see and hear Kenwright the more I believe in aliens", I enjoyed that one Dave, I was not expecting it!
Sam Hoare
56 Posted 15/01/2020 at 14:23:08
Ken@53; not forgetting it at all. I think our history and our motto is exactly what sets those high expectations and makes it a tough crowd!

I'm not saying those expectations are wrong but they are not quite in line with our current reality.

Justin Doone
58 Posted 15/01/2020 at 16:14:16
It's hard to judge the DoF if the manager fails and vice versa.

Blame the players lack of quality or is it the manager failing to get the best out of them or a bit of both?

Either way, the DoF is supposed to help stabilise the club but if it is in fact they who are failing what happens, should the manager have input into the next DoF?

Mike Gaynes
59 Posted 15/01/2020 at 16:46:26
Danny #48, I would point out that neither you nor me nor anyone else here has the slightest idea who Brands "took a crack at" last summer. He could have gone after a dozen strikers whose names were never reported in the paper. I simply opted to look at last summer's transfer list on the premise that any striker whose name didn't appear, wasn't available on the market. But we sure as hell didn't miss out on anybody who did go elsewhere, except Ings -- and I don't think anybody here would have endorsed that purchase!

Sam #52, great post. As usual.

Darren #44: "This is not a tough crowd. Right now we'd celebrate a decent card trick."

That's maybe your best line ever. I actually bellowed loud enough to wake my wife (which isn't easy), and I'm still chortling. Beauty.

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
60 Posted 15/01/2020 at 17:20:04
What is the role of Director of Football? I do get the feeling from the comments above that we as mere spectators do not have a clear vision. But there again does any club?

The job seems to require
a. create a 1st team squad of 23 players who will challenge the best in this league in conjunction with the team manager.
b. create a pipeline of players who will force their way into that 1st team squad from the junior ranks and be a cheaper option than buying ready made 1st team players or be sold off to raise funds to further build the pipeline or the purchase of ready made 1st team players.

There is no indication that it is a training and improvement role. That is the responsibility of the managers of each of the various teams. It also is restricted solely to the male teams (are we allowed to use that phrase these days? Perhaps Schneiderlin, Martina and Niasse could self-certify as female and try to get in the Ladies team. Now there is a thought! - but I digress).

So is he really "Director of Football"? No, he is director of "Player acquisition and disposal". But there again how much of his decision on who to buy and who to sell is actually solely in his remit?

For example - he discovers a player who he believes is worth £20m but has a release clause of only £7m. But the guy is 25 and not as good as the existing players in that position currently at Everton. Can he buy him and then try to re-sell him for a profit. Unlikely. Even though the £13m would be useful. He is told by the 1st team manager he would like x or y by the start of next season. His job at that point is to negotiate a deal which is acceptable or have to report he has failed due to wage demands or transfer fee. He has the opportunity to buy a 15 goal a season centre forward but the other club wants Holgate in exchange. Deal cancelled by 1st team manager who wants to keep Holgate.

His job is therefore
a. conduct negotiations for players required by 1st team manager
b. find teams to take people we no longer want due to ability or they do not fit into the plans of the 1st team manager
c. try to find players in lower leagues or abroad who can fill the pipeline.

I think the true nature of the role should be reflected in the job title and "Director of Football" is not it.

We have had a few Directors of Football in the past. Alan Ball and Peter Reid are two I can think of.

Tony Abrahams
61 Posted 15/01/2020 at 17:53:16
Another contradiction but how could a tough crowd put up with Kenwright for all these years?
Ken Kneale
62 Posted 15/01/2020 at 19:19:09
Sam - we are nearly on the same page but I take the view we have been too patient with the Club itself for decades and that is simply transmitted now to the pitch more often either by groans, boos or sometimes that eerie silence that makes Goodison more difficult for the home team. I totally agree we need to get back to the passionate crowd but given the paucity of entertainment, effort and quality of football that can be a big ask of even the most loyal of fans
Sam Hoare
63 Posted 15/01/2020 at 19:41:00
Ken @62, I agree! I think the fans patience and lack of reward is what makes us a tough crowd currently. Years of frustration are never far from the surface.

Tony @61, because what other choice has there been?

Joe McMahon
64 Posted 15/01/2020 at 19:55:10
Tony @61, when Bill opened his mouth talking about Duncan is was just cringeworthy. It's embarrassing, I just wish he would now leave and take his, Dixie Dean, Alan Ball, Z-Cars, Mary Poppins and South Pacific memorabilia with him.
Carl Manning
65 Posted 15/01/2020 at 20:17:00
I would just like to let everyone know what a wonderful thing our club has done for a friend and fellow toffee. Sadly, my friend lost his daughter Xmas day, beautiful poppy Mae was born with Down's syndrome 5 years ago and after the fight of her life she unfortunately could fight no more.

I contacted the club and asked for a small something to make Wayne smile. When they asked what they could do, I explained we were in our 40s so big Dunc was our hero as kids. She said she would ask Duncan to write a note/ card etc which I was made up with, knowing what it would mean to him.

2 days after I received an email. Duncan was asked to write the note and refused, on the grounds it wasn't sufficient for such a loss. My friend has now been invited to Finch Farm to spend the day with Dunc and have a look around.

It's nice to know we have good people at the club who know the importance of our club to its fans, no matter our age, and the difference they can make.

Derek Taylor
66 Posted 15/01/2020 at 20:20:29
Brands, like the CEO is an EXECUTIVE Director and, as such, is still a SERVANT of the Board. The power brokers are the NON-EXECs who are the real decision makers, them being in the majority in the holding of shares- directly or indirectly.

According to the scanty information available both denominations are rewarded royally !

Brian Williams
67 Posted 15/01/2020 at 20:27:58
Carl. Lovely touch by Duncan/ the club to help your mate deal with an absolute tragedy. Condolences to him and his family, and you mate.
Peter Warren
68 Posted 15/01/2020 at 20:28:02
The best signings I can think that the club has made since Moshiri has been on board are in my opinion Dominic Calvert Lewin, Lookman, Pickford, Gueye and Richarlison. Unsure if Holgate bought before or after Moshiri but he would be an obvious addition. I might be persuaded with Digne despite him having a poor season and he was definitely Brands.

Everybody else, jury still definitely out. I would also put above as good signings / not one singing since Moshiri stands out as fantastic (ie unlike Moyes' buys of Jags, Coleman, Arteta, Baines, Martyn, Cahill, Stones etc). By the way not advocating Walsh or Moyes

Mike Gaynes
69 Posted 15/01/2020 at 20:30:27
Carl #65, thank you for sharing that story. Based on my own warm and generous experience with the club, I am not the least bit surprised that they are going that extra distance for your friend. I hope Wayne enjoys his day out with Duncan immensely and finds solace in the memory of it.

And well done to you, sir, for reaching out the club as my friends here on TW did for me. As they used to say in Detroit, you did your mate a solid.

Joe McMahon
70 Posted 15/01/2020 at 20:40:26
Carl @65, thanks for sharing that story. Nice touch from Duncan also.
Stephen Brown
71 Posted 15/01/2020 at 20:42:28
Carl 65

I hope your mate has a great time in terrible circumstances! Well done Dunc!

I don't think I can like Dunc anymore than I do!

John Raftery
72 Posted 15/01/2020 at 20:48:40
Peter (68) Holgate arrived in August 2015 six months before Moshiri.
Steve Ferns
73 Posted 15/01/2020 at 20:56:30
Carl that's brilliant. Duncan seems to go the extra mile these days and keeps it quiet, nothing fake or doing it for the cameras with him. I hope your mate has a great day out, even if it cannot make up for the tragedy he suffered.
Brent Stephens
74 Posted 15/01/2020 at 21:14:23
Carl #65. Words not enough. A wonderful touch. Well done, mate.
Oliver Molloy
75 Posted 15/01/2020 at 21:20:35
Carl, puts it all in perspective is all I can say, very tough for your friend and family and friends.
Peter Warren
76 Posted 15/01/2020 at 22:36:48
Carl 65 sorry to hear about your friend's loss, how awful. I hope our club never lose the class that they do possess even in the darkest of times.
Bill Watson
77 Posted 15/01/2020 at 23:14:08
Carl; lovely story and a great experience for your friends at a tough time.

Tom Cannon wasn't saying we shouldn't have a D of F or that Brands was crap. What he was saying was a D of F shouldn't also be on the board so that he, effectively, answers to himself.

This is, of course, a flawed argument. Moshiri appoints people to the board and if he thought they weren't cutting the mustard I'm sure they'd soon be gone.

Tom's motion received no support, that I could see, but even if everyone had voted with him Brands would have been re-elected because Moshiri carries around 75% of the votes.


Bill Watson
78 Posted 15/01/2020 at 23:33:19
Oops; that last post submitted itself!

On Brands himself, I feel he's making a decent fist of offloading the deadwood with the caveat that the striker situation still hasn't really been addressed.

For Gueye, PSG was a dream move and at his age unlikely to come up again. These days, if a player wants a move they hold all the power and we made a decent mark up on the deal.

Christy; I agree Palace got McCarthy quite cheaply (probably because of his injury record) but at the start of the season he wasn't in the frame, at Everton. He, reportedly, wanted a move but if he'd have stayed he'd have probably got lots of game time given our midfield injury problems. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I really don't think we can blame Brands for that one!

Back to Tom Cannon; any respect I had for his football knowledge went, last night. His motion was ridiculous and seemed to be motivated by some personal agenda or just an attempt to get himself back on the media radar.

Barry Jones
79 Posted 17/01/2020 at 01:20:20
I concur with Darren and Jonathon. Brands doesn't know his arse from his elbow. Why don't we let the managers decide what they need to build a squad?
Graham Hammond
80 Posted 17/01/2020 at 01:50:11
Barry at 79. I must admit my own preference is also for the Manager to decide what players he wants rather than a Director of Football. My concern with Brands is that he hasn't fully understood the need for athleticism nowadays in the Premier League. Gomes is, of course, a nice footballer with quality but is he really the right player for the Premier League? His performance away at Villa still haunts me and for all his quality I do not think he is mobile enough to defend as I would like or the way I believe the team needs. Hopefully, we can strengthen to allow Andre to play further forward when the opportunities arise. Obviously, I wish the player all the very best in his recovery from a sickening injury.
Karl Meighan
81 Posted 19/01/2020 at 10:05:44
Brands should have went with Silva regardless of him getting rid of deadwood he should be judged on the players he has brought in. There is not a footballer on Evertons books who we could not do without. Never can I remember us having a squad were losing any of them would not damage the team or be hard to replace.

Brands has overseen how much spent on players? Yet we are going backwards and will need to overhaul the squad again just to give Ancellotti a chance.

Its January the seasons over for us apart from a possible relegation battle. As for making a profit on Lookman, Gueye and Vlasic thats the market and not Brands pulling a masterstroke.

Phil Sammon
82 Posted 19/01/2020 at 10:35:42
Karl 81

So you think Brands should have GONE with Silva just because there isn't one particular player at the club that we couldn't live without?

What an odd argument.

Surely reliance on one player like that is something we should be looking to avoid.

Brands is charged with moving on players who we don't need and bringing in some we do. I don't know why you would choose to only judge him on incoming players. My verdict is that he's done ok so far considering the mess he inherited.

It's January, you're right, we are 7 points off the relegation zone and 5 points off Europe. Despite a poor performance this week we are very much on an upward trajectory. Why would you choose to be so alarmist about our season when Europe is closer than going down?

Brent Stephens
83 Posted 19/01/2020 at 10:42:59
Phil when Karl says " just because there isn't one particular player at the club that we couldn't live without" I thought he meant "there aren't any players we couldn't live without".

I could be wrong. I wish I could have gone to ask him.

Paul McCoy
84 Posted 19/01/2020 at 11:02:12
Barry (79), the idea behind a DoF is that they provide a consistent recruitment strategy regardless of who the manager is so that we don't end up in our current situation of having the crap signings of previous managers hindering the current one.

Now obviously, this hasn't worked so far, but in my opinion we didn't use the DoF position properly when Walsh was in charge. He was ludicrously out of his depth and we ended up signing whoever the manager wanted anyway. Remember, it was Koeman who wanted Scheiderlin so badly. Allardyce was the one who chose Walcott.

Can you really see Brands signing the likes of Tosun or Niasse?

Conor McCourt
85 Posted 19/01/2020 at 12:52:04
Sam Hoare 52- to suggest Brands is doing a good job because some of the players will increase in value long term is not what I would consider being successful.

We are purchasing younger players so they are likely to improve their value with added exposure. Equally many are viewing the sales of Lookman, Vlasic and Henry as great business but this is still too early to say and I still feel Lookman will come back to bite us.

For me Brands should be judged on strengthening the squad from season to season and this summer there is no evidence to say he has. Let's not compare him to Walsh standards as evidence of positivity.

The worrying aspect of Brands was that many of last seasons really good work came when himself and Silva seemed united on the players coming in. This summer he has spent 35 million net and the squad seems no better and indeed dismantled the spine of the team.

Clearly Silva wasn't happy with some of the players bought/not bought and none can be described as a clear success as yet. Buying two injury prone players in the same position was just total incompetence and Iwobi shows no sign of improvement from when he burst onto the scene and is a talented but equally frustrating player.

I am still hoping Kean, Gomes and Gbamin will be great players for us long term but this is perhaps wishful thinking from me and not based on current evidence, for this season it's been a disaster and the only hard luck story is the injury to JP.

Steve Ferns
86 Posted 20/01/2020 at 22:05:14
Graeme Sharp is appointed "Players' Life President". Some shite DBB spouted at the AGM. No idea what it meant then, but the club explains that in addition to his "ambassadorial roles" he will be an advisor to the board of Directors. What a load of tosh, and is anyone surprised it is Sharpy, afterall, none of the 80's players toes the club line more than him.
Paul Burns
87 Posted 24/01/2020 at 11:48:18
Tom Cannon's comments are a strange mixture of absolute shite and hitting the nail on the head, for me.

While I find it hard to agree with anything anyone who thought moving to Kirkby was a good idea says, he's absolutely right about the conflict of interest with Brands. Who is he accountable to, himself?

For me, he's cleared out deadwood and purchased a new batch of deadwood. Our scouting system has become lamentable, it seems like sometimes we buy players based on newspaper ratings and rumours.

I've been saying for decades that we need a 10-man board, each with a responsibility for, say, scouting, coaching, publicity etc to underpin performance of the club on all levels.

Our publicity and media dealings are pathetic, with Everton being ragged from pillar to post by all concerned with absolutely no comeback or defence from the club. We've become such a soft touch no wonder we get constantly ripped by VAR because the "powers" that be know we'll just take it up the backside (again), unlike most other clubs who defend their corner (no pun intended on that bone of contention) viciously.

No other club in world football would have allowed the injustice that occurred after Heysel to happen, never mind with hardly a comment, and ruin their best ever team, one destined to win the European Cup, and, almost as bad, let it be forgotten so easily as if it never happened.

It's time for Everton FC to finally be run as the multi-billion pound institution it is, with full time, professional directors and not as the drifting, leave-it-to-chance hobby that has been failing miserably and laughably for years.

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