The Toffees don't just need strengthening in a few positions – they need to start the whole project again from scratch

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Seb Stafford-Bloor delivers a withering assessment of Everton and their senior players in particular, arguing for a complete rebuild at Goodison Park following the Blues' humiliation at the hands of Liverpool's kids yesterday:

"[T]he longer the game remained scoreless, the more obvious it became that Everton would find a way to lose. It was telling, also, that Ancelotti's veteran players were among the worst on the pitch and appeared to wilt the quickest. Gylfi Sigurdsson, Lucas Digne and Morgan Schneiderlin were all dismal, Theo Walcott was especially awful.

"Instead of giving Everton their critical edge, those players – among others – appeared consumed by what a loss to this Liverpool would mean. Given the same opportunity in the same situation, tougher players of their standing would have relished the opportunity to slap that Liverpool team around. Really good footballers – the ones who have all the technical and emotional attributes – have that habit of giving lessons to young pretenders.

" But these Everton players don't share that kind of personality. They're victims. Losers. After Curtis Jones had scored the game's only goal, there was no determination to respond, just petulance – from Fabian Delph and Yerry Mina – and self-pity. There wasn't even the hint of an equaliser, let alone any sense that anybody's pride was being affronted. Instead, they stood back and let Liverpool pass the ball, allowing them a victory lap before full-time. It was unforgivable."

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Jim Bennings
1 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:59:09
Many Everton fans will be far too generous saying that we should keep this player or that player.

Personally I'd quite happily sell them all for the right price because not one of them is good enough to elevate this club to challenge the top six.

I'm not talking about just talent wise, I'm talking mentality, none of them have a tough mentality, they are all weedy little flakes that can't cope under any kind of expectation level whatsoever, as proved yesterday once again!

We have a bunch of jokers throughout the squad starting with that little armed asshole in goal (have I ever seen a goalkeeper beaten by so many long range shots ever?)

Bunch of absolute half arsed twats that are simply here just to earn a monumental wage because they haven't been up to standard at other clubs, so don't worry fellas go to Everton you can milk that club for a fortune despite being bollox.

We need to completely rip it up and start again.

We don't need two or three or four players.

We need a whole new squad and a whole new club motto, a new mentality and then, and only then, might you start to see this dying club wake itself out of the shadows.

Mike Gaynes
2 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:21:59
Jim, you can't seriously be blaming Pickford for that goal. Or for any of this mess.
Frank Bramhill
3 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:26:53
The debate we should be having is who do we keep? The Liverpool players just wanted it more particularly in the second half. We have too many players who don't wear the shirt when the game is not going to plan. I am not one for pulling players down but just cannot fathom how bad a footballer Walcott has become since joining us.
Jim Bennings
4 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:29:54

I'm not blaming him for the goal but over the course of 18 months he's proven to be a hugely unstable position in the team and his overall understanding of the game in front of him is clear.

I'm not blaming him for the goal Mike, but he's been culpable for many many poor goals over the last year, his decision making is woeful, if I was a defender I'd never know what to expect of him.

Liverpool fans know he's suspect that's why they take the piss every time he's at Anfield now, it's like when they used to come to Goodison with David James, he's a comedy figure.

Frankly, I don't rate him no, but we are all entitled to our own opinions.

It's not just Pickford, it's the entire lot.

Paul Birmingham
5 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:51:24
If there's no desire, urgency,, belief, guile, guts, effort etc..all the basic attributes to win a football match against an opponents fielding a youth team, with a couple of 1st team squad players, there's a problem.

More and more it seems that there's no professionalism and match planning by the Everton coaching staff.

Beyond me, but the club, surely must be reviewing the whole sketch at a Finch Farm.

I can take all the carol jokes etc being told today, it's water off a ducks arse, but consciously and subconsciously, all Everton fans must be thinking, what's it really all about.

Does Everton football club, think from the playing side it's doing well?

U23s winning etc is nice but it doesn't get you anywhere, in the EPL.

I sincerely hope that Carlo, hasn't been sold a mirage, as this is becoming last chance saloon for Everton Football Club.

The RS, in time# gone by used to say our motto, means “never win anything”.

For most of the last 50 years that been more or less true. I hope from the ashes of this defeat, the club can rebuild with a new plan and focus on professionalism an£ pride in the club.

May be I'm being too optimistic. But surely after this low of lows, the club board, will see the light?

It can only get better, hope eternal.

Mike Gaynes
6 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:00:53
Jim #4, I do disagree. Pickford ain't perfect, but I watch the Prem keepers carefully, and there are very few I would trade him for. At least his defenders can count on him stopping all but the best shots -- he doesn't let up howlers or bleeders like those we've seen from De Gea, Leno, Kepa and other "top" keepers over the past few weeks.

Pickford is the least, the very least, of our problems.

Jim Bennings
7 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:14:21
Watching Leeds tonight show passion and pride in the shirt and actually play some good football.

Really it makes me wonder at times how Everton have managed to stay in the Premier League because there's better football teams in the Championship right now than us, I said the same thing when Wolves were down three years ago and that's been proven right.

Every club seems to relish these trips to the big away games yet Everton constantly freeze in fear like scared rabbits every year.

Peter Hopkins
8 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:29:54
I wonder how the meeting with Carlo and marcel went today?
Fran Mitchell
9 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:31:49
I'd keep Pickford, can't see us getting anyone better. But someone needs to tell him to sort out his Hollywood kicking. Woeful.

I'd keep Holgate. Mina too, but if we sold him wouldn't be overly bothered.

I'd keep Digne, his form is down, but he's a decent player and we have bigger problems.

I'd bring back Kenny and keep him.

Keane, Coleman, Sibide I'd get rid of. We should then promote Gibson and Astley. And sign maybe Max Aarons at right back, and have Ancelotti identify a world class centre half.

Midfield, I'd happily be rid of the lot at the moment. If keep any, just Davies in the hope he can improve, and GBamin in hope there is a player there when fit.

Promote Evans, Adeniran and Gibson. Sign Jarrod Bowen, Adrien Rabiot, Kalvin Phillips, and Eberechi Eze and another box-to-box midfielder.

Keep DCL, Richarlison, and maybe Kean (he may yet make it), get rid of Tosun, Niasse, Walcott. Go for Ollie Watkins, Gabriel Barbosa, and Everton Soares. If we get rid of Kean, get in Reinar Jesus.

Phil Sammon
10 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:37:10
Jim 7

Leeds have had Bielsa come in and galvanise a team. They don't have the luxury of spending £45M on a single player. I sometimes think that's a good thing. They've had to rely on hard work and discipline to get them playing the way the manager wants. Not the most gifted players in the world but football is about working as a team. That's something we've been missing for far too long.

I hope Ancelotti still has the desire and passion that the much older Bielsa still has in abundance. He'll need it to get a tune out of this mob.

Michael Fox
11 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:42:28
The real problem lies in the fact that we have a midfield that are nearing the end of their playing careers and are afraid to put a tackle in in fear of getting hurt and ending it. I'd say Seamus's broken leg didn't help in that respect either. But mark my word, fear is eating them alive.
Mike Corcoran
12 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:43:30
Phil, would love to see us play like Leeds are so far tonight, brilliant
Robert Tressell
13 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:44:49
Sickened as I am, I still think it will just take a couple of very good players to help this utter shower of shit to gel. Midfield is the biggest problem. Could not win the ball could not pass the ball. But in fairness we would probs have won 3 nil if Holgate had scored that very easy chance. There is a curse.
Brian Williams
14 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:55:01
We need to bring in young, hungry, athletes.
No player over 24 and no player lacking pace or stamina.
Surely can't be THAT difficult?
Mike Doyle
15 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:56:01
With the exception of one or 2 loan signings (and loan departures) it seems likely that we'll see out what remains of this wretched season with the current squad of high-calibre, top-class professionals.
The only practical alternative will be to give some of our kids a run out. Perhaps the likes of Gordon, Adeniran, Beni, Evans, Gibson & co might get a look in at long last.
Rob Dolby
16 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:08:01
After yesterday if we got rid of the lot of them it wouldn't bother me.

Realistically we all know that we need a centre back and couple of centre mids plus a striker just to tread water.

I just hope that Ancelotti is boiling mad at the performance and takes appropriate action.

In defence. Pickford, Mina, Digne, Coleman, Sidebe should stay.

In Midfield Gomes, Gbamin purely as I cannot judge him due to his injury. The rest wouldn't get into the Watford or Norwich teams.

Strikers I would keep Richarleson. The rest can go.

We will be lucky to get to 40 points this season. No bottle in the midfield is a sure fire way of losing games.

Mark Andersson
17 Posted 06/01/2020 at 22:12:28
I wont be surprised to see Everton go down... were is the pride the fight that was there only a few weeks ago..

Did Carlo upset the players before the game so they down tooled...

Carlo now knows what a massive job he has got to turn things around...

Senior players who have no heart or fight should be dropped

The Liverpool kids showed them up with all the fight and belife to say to Klopp pick me anytime and I will not let you down...

Do our kids have the same hunger because the senior players have shown their true colours.

Oliver Molloy
18 Posted 06/01/2020 at 22:33:14
If Everton sign Jesse Lingard it will be ANOTHER huge mistake
David Thomas
19 Posted 06/01/2020 at 22:45:00
I know it might just be paper talk but if Brands is looking at Lingard then Brands needs to be the next person out the door.
Anthony Murphy
20 Posted 06/01/2020 at 22:50:37
It is hard to fathom how (almost) the same players managed to show hard work, fight and passion only a few weeks ago to then turn in a performance like this. On these pages only a short few weeks back, we were all absolutely delighted to see the long lost return of pride and what it means to play for Everton. What the fuck has happened?? The warning signs were there against M City, but yesterday was bad on a new level. I have to be honest and say, my alarm bells are ringing big time here. We are back to square one and need to dig deep yet again. I am going to believe for now that Ancelloti has the motivation to sort this out, but if that had been under Moyes or Ferguson or someone like Arteta we would be shitting ourselves right now.
Kieran Kinsella
21 Posted 06/01/2020 at 22:51:04
As far as Lingard goes I've liked him in the past. I'm also sympathetic to his familial situations which have obviously have taken a toll on his performances. However, we're not running a charity here. He didn't score a goal or get an assist in all of 2019. There is no way he should even be a consideration. As a young man I wish him all the best but as a footballer: no thank you.
Roger Helm
22 Posted 06/01/2020 at 23:10:58
We have made so many poor signings that will take years to get off the books, so every signing now has to succeed. So no to promising kids, no to other clubs' misfits, no to foreign-league wonders, no to the injury-prone and the diffident.

We need physically strong and fast warriors, gobby hard bastards who have the proven technical ability at EPL level. Even two would be better than six or eight of the loser types we usually sign.

Kieran Kinsella
23 Posted 06/01/2020 at 23:18:05
Michael Ball slating the mentality in the Echo. I remember the game when sold Dunc pre game to Newcastle. We hadn't won at home all season. We got a penalty and who stepped up? Michael Ball who was about 19. He scored. We won. He may not be an Everton legend but even as a kid he had the right attitude versus these jokers.
Bill Watson
24 Posted 06/01/2020 at 23:41:10
I'm just a fan and have never played at a high level. I was on the way to the game when my son, a RS (don't ask), texted the line ups with the comment that we had our best chance for 20 years.

I replied that their kids would run through our gutless, pedestrian midfield as though they weren't there and so it proved.

If I, and most other Blues, feared this it beggars belief that it mightn't have occurred to the highly paid coaches and management.

Fran Mitchell
25 Posted 06/01/2020 at 23:45:31
Roger " physically strong and fast warriors, gobby hard bastards who have the proven technical ability at EPL level". Who are these mysterious players?

Proven technical ability at EPL level??????

That is what apparently Schneiderlin, Keane, Walcott, Sigurdsson, Delph, Iwobi and others brought.

At the same.time talent like Maddison was let to move to Leicester for half the fee and half the wages 'too much of a risk'. B
Give me strength

James McCurdy
26 Posted 07/01/2020 at 02:02:48
There will be many more dark days as Ancelotti rebuilds our club. All we can do is get behind him and get behind the players. We need a few years of stability now. Sacking him will achieve nothing.
Derek Knox
27 Posted 07/01/2020 at 06:20:49
I appreciate that we are all seething at the moment, but wholesale changes, because of contractual reasons are almost impossible to implement.

So, as with any disease, you cure the root cause, before resorting to mass amputation. I am not going to single players out but we know basically where the problems lie.

I don't envy Carlo, and the monumental task before him, but I do have confidence in him and Duncan, to weed out the weeds, and partially eradicate the problem.

Jay Woods
28 Posted 07/01/2020 at 09:33:24
Curing the root cause? Is there any way to do that without assassinating Blue Bill?

We have no warriors in the team, that much is clear to see after this spectacular display of cowardice. But as I've said before, the club's internal culture needs to change. We need to decide if we want to be a family-friendly, community-centric "people's club" or a successful footballing powerhouse. Everyone thinks these two ideals can go hand-in-hand with each other... Personally, I think they're mutually exclusive, or at least, should be treated as such until we have a functional team again.

David Doran
29 Posted 07/01/2020 at 16:37:03
Walcott, Schneiderlin and Sigurdsson have definitely got to go and soon.
Stan Schofield
30 Posted 07/01/2020 at 20:49:01
Well, it's possible that we are starting again, with Ancelotti being the first phase, and the second phase a much larger injection of money (Usmanov?) if we really are aiming to win trophies like the elite clubs of City, Utd and Chelsea, to enable Ancelotti to get the top players he will want.
Derek Knox
31 Posted 08/01/2020 at 03:58:21
Jay @ 28, thanks for picking that man out of the virtual ID Parade, and yes it was he I was alluding to, but wanted to keep it more cryptic, lest someone came on saying I was Blue Bill Bashing.

I do however think it's possible to have a Club that does benefit the Community and be successful on the field too, although the two seem diametrically opposed.

Prioritising play on the field has to come first though, not the other way round, or we may as well be a Club of Morris Dancers ' Hey Nonny No' and all that, although the Morris Dancing Troupe would have dealt with Sunday's opponents more proficiently I believe.

It will be interesting now the pyroclastic ash has begun to settle, and the imminent Transfers about to spark off the usual merry-go-round, although less so in January, just how we look at the end of the month.

Jim Harrison
32 Posted 08/01/2020 at 05:23:29
In the first half, I thought Walcott had finally come good. It ended up being just a fleeting moment. He turned in a wretched second half.

I think that the article is jumping on the bandwagon. Easy to slam the team when a bad result comes along (yes, there have been enough of them) but with the exception of Siggy, who has really bombed this season, there isn't much that we didn't already know?

Need a centre back, needs dominating centre mid (or at least Gomes and Gbamin fit), need a consistent forward.

Digne having a down turn in form. For me he gets the benefit of the doubt. As does Richarlison. Bernard was doing well before injury,he hasn't been in the team much since to judge his recovery

Aside from that, Walcott, Schneiderlin are not up to it

Jack Convery
33 Posted 08/01/2020 at 10:25:42
We shop in Harrods and buy the overpriced crap not the really good stuff. When was the last time we actually bought a player from a top side - not Swansea - that caused that teams fans to go nuts because he was sold. Can't think of one ? Me neither.

The purchasing of players is paramount to a clubs success. Everton do not have a Betty Boo how to do this and haven't for a long long time. The rubbish that has signed on the dotted line for us is staggering. We are like a family that continually buys flat pack rubbish and complains when it falls apart a few months later and is taken to the tip before another trip to Argos. Its madness and the prices we pay for this rubbish is staggering. We really are the mugs of the EPL. the joke club, the court jester but the laughter is at us not with us.

If our players were horses the knackers yard would be very busy this week with plenty of overtime available.

The playing staff are a disgrace and have been since the end of Martinez's first season. They act like none of it is their fault. They blame the manager, the coaching everyone but themselves. There's talk they downed tools on Carlo. god help them if they did. Who do they think they are. They liked Silva and we can all see why - he was too bloody nice to them. Carlo won't be nice, he won't be understanding. he won't be patient and he will ship them out. No more easy living at Goodison. It will be hard work, real hard graft and any ambitious player will lap it up and ask for more. The rest of them can head to Turkey, China, MLS or wherever I wouldn't waste any time on them what so ever. They must be really proud of themselves to have taken part in what I consider the most humiliating defeat I have ever witnessed. This is one game I wish had been solely on Sky, as not ever having Sky, I would have not had the chance to see it but see it I did and its something I will never forget and something I will never forgive.

Carlo please show EFC how to buy players that will not disgrace our shirt ever again.

Tommy Carter
34 Posted 08/01/2020 at 10:31:20
@23 Kieran.

You don't know too much about Ball then do you?

Walter Smith couldn't wait to get rid of the Ball, Dunne, Cademarteri and O'Toole clique. And not because they were bad players

Bob Parrington
35 Posted 10/01/2020 at 07:40:01
Jim@1 and others

Clearly Carlo has a mammoth task on his hands but this is not the first club that has had such issues. Even 2 amateur teams a friend coached were wretched when he took over as coach but reached (1) promotion from 4,3,2 to 1 over 5 years and the other took 2 years to win the league and lost only 1 game during the next 3 years - a cup final (that hurt). OK mega distance away from the EPL but the same principle applies IMO. TBH, his policy was never to talk to the team about the performance immediately after the game but with both, their attitudes at the start absolutely stank - prima donnas mostly. So, he ripped in to them after the first game in charge on both occasions. Fortunately, it worked and I see this happening with Everton as, from what we hear, Carlo was likely well out of norm in his reaction in the dressing room immediately after the derby capitulation.

My mates' experience was chicken feed in comparison to Everton but I think the principle stands. Tell them the position as it is, replace the probably 2 or 3 shit-stirrers ("egomaniacs" in his words!!) asap but definitely during the first season improve league position. Attract some key players before the next season and improve and so on.

I'm certain many of you on here have coached at a much higher standard than this. Interested to know your experiences as such and views about the principle.

David Pearl
36 Posted 10/01/2020 at 18:12:54
Yet Walcott was our best player on the night, so therefore not especially awful. How about we say it how it is and not blindly pick out players because it's what everyone else says? We are obviously missing a couple players, and a lot of character. We need players in now and not on the last day.

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