Sigurdsson: Cup derby result was disappointing

Monday, 6 January, 2020 236comments  |  Jump to last

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Gylfi Sigurdsson has blamed missed first-half chances for Everton's embarrassing cup exit to a hugely under-strength Liverpool team yesterday.

The Icelandic international created an early chance that ended with Adrian saving from Dominic Calvert-Lewin and then connected with Mason Holgate with a free-kick but then faded badly from the contest before being substituted midway through the second half.

Everton failed to register a shot on target for the final hour of the match against a team featuring a number of largely untried teenagers — Liverpool also lost their most senior figure in the form of James Milner to injury after just eight minutes — on the back of a performance that has left Toffees fans aghast.

Sigurdsson didn't address the team's inability to maintain possession or find a way past the reds' energetic press, pointing instead to those spurned opportunities in the first half hour before Curtis Jones's impressive strike eventually won the tie for Liverpool in the 71st minute.

"I think we have only got ourselves to blame not to have taken our chances in the first half,” Sigurdsson said. “It's very disappointing.

“We've just got to make sure we continue the form we had in the Premier League in the last couple of weeks and try to finish off the season strongly.

“I think we created enough chances in the first half to score. It's obviously likely to happen when you don't take your chances that you get punished. I think that was a prime example of that.

“It's changed since Duncan Ferguson came in and the first couple of games under this manager we picked up a couple of results so we need to get back to that now.”

Everton's players were criticised for the fact that only Djibril Sidibé went over to the 8,000 fans after the final whistle to recognise their support through what was a dark day for the club.

Sigurdsson offered no apology for the fact that so few of the squad followed the Frenchman's lead, saying that different players respond in different ways.

"I think everyone is totally disappointed," Sigurdsson explained. I think the players are all different people in how they deal with the loss. It's one of those things.

"Yeah, of course usually more players go to the fans. It's not the kind of thing for the team not to do and I am sure in the future there will be more players going towards them."


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Mark Burslem
1 Posted 06/01/2020 at 17:41:21
Didn't take the chances in the first half!!!!

What about the chances in the second half? Oh yeh, we did not create any.

Kev Dooley
2 Posted 06/01/2020 at 17:41:42
Disappointing!!!! hahahhaha...
Good man siggy, I think that words sums up your entire Toffee career.
Fran Mitchell
4 Posted 06/01/2020 at 17:42:00
The fact that he got schooled by a bunch of kids, that the midfield hardly touched the ball in the second half, he ignores.

He should be apologizing, not deflecting blame.

I'd be quite happy to have him relegated to the reserves (yet that may still be above his level).

People will say 'cant drop him, he's on 120 k a week, we're stuck with him'.

Ballocks to that.

Drop him, and Schneiderlin and the rest. Make them train with the reserves, and put them up for sale. No loans. No subsidized wages.

If they want to save their careers and actually play football, they can take the fecking pay cut.

Ken Kneale
5 Posted 06/01/2020 at 17:42:32
The usual rubbish from an overpaid underperforming characterless player in a team of similar individuals. This rubbish addresses nothing about the second half (lack of) showing or the fact when kids had the ball they were giving seasoned professionals a lesson. He should be hanging his head in shame not issuing ridiculous statements. Imagine some of our former 'leaders on the pitch' - Collins- Kay - Ball - Gray - Reid etc in yesterday's game and compare their approach to this guy

Stephen Brown
6 Posted 06/01/2020 at 17:46:37
What a set up for a hammering from the TW community !!!
Terry McLavey
7 Posted 06/01/2020 at 17:48:24
You're disappointed? We are incandescent!!!!

You'll still get paid for serving up that shite, though, won't you — regardless of how you "play"?

I'm so glad I don't work on Merseyside anymore, I feel sorry for those who do! Also made worse by the Cheshire Cat impersonation throughout by Klipperty!

Steve Ferns
8 Posted 06/01/2020 at 17:58:47
You were disappointing Gylfi. You were worse than that, but your entire season has been disappointing and you're not worth the transfer fee or the wages.
John G Davies
9 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:01:06
Fran, 4.

It doesn't work like that anymore, mate. The majority of them could not care less if they play or don't play as long as the money keeps going into the bank.

Gareth Bale threatens to stay and play golf

Brian Williams
10 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:03:01
They didn't go over to the supporters because they're cowards and didn't want to face them, just like they couldn't face the rs third team.
Fran Mitchell
11 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:03:29
And rightly so Stephen#6, I would hope that people of the twitterverse could post him screenshots of all the comments that will come his way in this thread. Maybe something will hit home.

Or maybe not, he probably doesn't give a shit.

Paul A Smith
12 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:05:15
Disappointing ay blues. Thanks for the comfirmation Gylf.
Jason Leung
13 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:05:30
I don't understand why we signed him in the first place. He was abysmal at tottenham so he was never gonna make it with us. Terrible signing. Could have been a better signing for the money.
Billy Roberts
14 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:07:24
When you have been involved/responsible for a clubs most embarrassing result in arguably 50yrs I really think it's best to say nothing.
I don't care if it's his turn to speak to the press if hes contracted to or not, please button it.
I think the chairman should be the only person making statements today.
I read a lot of posts today from very loyal articulate supporters and the overwhelming feeling of embarrassment of the cowardice on the players part was near 100%.
One poster ( sorry I can't remember who) put it correctly when he stated Klopp chose that team to test Evertons nerve, they had to beat a team of kids didn't they? The pressure to do so would test Evertons mental toughness wouldn't it.
Klopp could afford to fuck around he doesn't need the FA cup but we did, we absolutely did.
Instead of using this challenge to say fuck you, you cheeky bastard and go at them from the 1st minute to the last we folded under the threat of the humiliation that duly came.
The wonder goal came on the 71st, leaving at least 20-25 mins to respond
I think they lost a lot more than an FA cup tie yesterday, they absolutely buckled and how they retrieve any semblance of threat in future derbies is beyond me.
Carlo Ancelotti has a massive job on here.
Shaun McGough
16 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:14:02
Just the misses in first half to blame then. Yeah, right!
Ken Williams
17 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:14:17
The whole set up of our club stinks, only DF seems to show any passion for the club, there seems to be an immense gulf between the way Liverpool are coached compared to Everton and also the quality of their signings. The whole club structure needs a shake up. As a supporter I am fed up of the sound bites after every loss.
Peter Neilson
18 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:14:45
One of the most disappointing signings made by the club. Match of The Day and YouTube used to be able to make him look decent with edited highlights but those days are long gone. I don't care how much the stats confirm he runs as it tells us nothing about his game. Most of his distance covered is to hide next to an opposition player. Ideally we would not see him play again but highly unlikely.
Anthony Hawkins
19 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:16:14
‘Disappointing' doesn't really cut it. As a senior player he should be utterly gutted to lose one of the biggest derbies to a second string team.

There seems to be a lack of accountability and responsibility by players for the games. ‘Oh dear we lost' isn't really where it's at. Hope he's gone in January!

Martin Mason
20 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:16:42
Sigurdsson, you are the problem not the solution. I don't blame you because you were hopeless and we wasted £45MM and £130k a week on you. That was enough of a piss take against us but then to wheel you out to spout your nonsense like this is a disgrace for the club and him.
Geoff Williams
21 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:20:28
Losing was bad enough but the style in which they lost was unforgivable. Had they taken the chances then obviously things would have been different but throughout the match they were second best. The Liverpool players ran harder, fought harder and were more skilful. It wasn't a plucky, lucky win it was deserved thst us why this is hard to swallow!
Ray Said
22 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:20:53
He is a slow paced one trick pony-play him near the goal so he can have a shot or two and he is half decent. He can hit a free kick now and then. Expecting him to do anything else well is a failure of management-90% of the fans know what he can do and where to play him but apparently a long list of managers see other skills he has.
Allan Board
23 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:22:41
Another old dear wheeled out to spread the gospel.
Look mate, if you haven't anything interesting to say, I suggest you stay as quiet as you have been on the pitch all season,for continuity purposes.
Paul Davies
24 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:28:41
Utter drivel. Same old nonsense crap performance then false tears. As the man said tired of mind all passion died.
Iakovos Iasonidis
25 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:30:16
I was excited when we bought him to be honest. I believed we massively overpaid for him which is not his fault of course but I really liked the lad. Some years later I believe he is for sure at the top 3 worst transfers we ever made. I wish we could offload soon
John Audsley
26 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:35:22
This millionaire doesn't care how we feel about yesterday and is "disappointed" with the result

He didnt even try yesterday and has been an embarrassment all season. I would gladly buy him a bike and watch as he peddles off into the Mersey.

Our squad have no shame and this bloke doesn't ever deserve to wear the royal blue again.

Daniel A Johnson
27 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:38:14
Go and do what your good at.

Selling bags of Frozen sausage at Iceland.

"Hey Gylfi where's the 2 for 1 aisle?????"

Jim Bennings
28 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:38:46
Why don't you and all your flaky team mates donate a weeks wages then to a good charity?

It's our own fault really.

We have signed players from too many clubs that have been either fighting down at the bottom of the league, Keane, Pickford, Sigurdsson.

Then we have brought in castoffs that weren't even deemed good enough for a falling Arsenal team, Walcott and Iwobi.

Players like Mina, Digne and Gomes from Barcelona because they couldn't hack the pressure of being at a winning club and mentally they are all very flaky when the big games rock up.

We sign absolute dross that other clubs seen right through like Schneiderlin (United must have been pissing themselves laughing getting 㿄 million for simon sideways).

Delph who is like a tampon, in one week then out for three weeks.

Richarlison who is the most un-Brazilian Brazilian that I've ever seen with the ball at his feet in terms of skills or close control.

Coleman breaks his leg so what do we do in summer of 2017, we reward him with a new 5 year contract because he's “one of us”.

Then delve into the squad and frankly most of them would struggle to get a game at Ipswich.

You reep what you sow and I've seen more will to win down the local bingo than I do in our players.

Not one of them has a war face when the going gets tough, not one has a sprinkle of star dust to win a match like yesterday.

Club is rotten to the core.

Colin Glassar
30 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:45:38
Yet another in a long line of Everton players offering excuses after another pathetic derby display.

If he had said it was humiliating, embarrassing, cowardly etc... I could give his weasly excuses a pass but not this. Go fuck yourselves Gylfi and co. Bunch of shithouses!!!

Adrian Evans
31 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:47:17
How many managers has Gylfi had to play for since we bought him for £45 million.
Poor bastards head must be in a spin.

Dont get me wrong £130k is a shit load of loot for a week.

But he is just a bloke who.plays football.

Hes had a price tag to live with,our fault for coffing up.

We aint going to sort out this lack of effort petformance thing until their weekly salaries, reflect the results collectively,also an assessment panel at each game.
We have promotion,relegation.This is catastrophic for the clubs going down.
Utopia, land of gold on promotion.

The bunch of players relagated walk away, scot free.

So we gotta look at wages,bonus and penalties financially to players.

Until clubs insist on something its goung to remain appalling what players get away with,managers to.

So I don't blame it totally on Gylfi,but his head is shot through at our place.Ship him out.
Many more need to move on,cant repair their heads,Koeman,Allydyce,Unsworth, Silva,Duncan, Ancelotti.

God they must all be scared.

Roll on 43 points,safety and then May.

Kieran Kinsella
32 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:48:02
So Sig lays the blame for the loss on Richarlison, DCL and Holgate (a defender) for not scoring their first half chances. So he's of the opinion that creating three opportunities against an under 23 team is "job done." It's just an absolutely pathetic interview. We've seen times this season where the RS have had 35 shots on goal. I didn't see Shaqiri telling them to stop shooting after the first three and sit back for 60 minutes.
Daniel A Johnson
33 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:50:33
So the first half cost us???

Last time I looked it was the piss awful 2nd half performance that cost us.

Kevin Molloy
34 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:52:02
You have to read between the lines here. He could have been a lot more apologetic, he chose not to be. His subliminal message (to his peers, not the fans) 'I did my job, you can see the chances I laid on'.

And to the fans, 'who cares what you think?'
Keith Gleave
35 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:52:15
I mentioned being embarrassed in a different thread yesterday but it was worse in work today. Not that their supporters made comment, they just sniggered, embarrassment complete.

In terms of work, if I or my team don't perform then we are placed on improvement orders with constant meetings and improvement plans and there would be no pay rise. I don't think anything like this would worry them as they seem to have the power. They really need to know what it means to the supporters.
Philip McKeown
36 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:53:46
I am highly embarrassed to be an Evertonian right now. Shithouses who are not fit to wear the blue shirt, 8000 Evertonians playing 35 quid a head and the cowards went straight down the tunnel at the final whistle

Liverpool's reserves were sharper faster hungrier and better technically. I think if Everton take one of the 3 or 4 chances in the 1st half it's a different game but regardless it's a piss poor shambolic performance and I'm disgusted to have been at Anfield and witness the complete shit show from the cowards in blue

If we cannot get a result against that Liverpool team then where do we go, If I was Ancelotti I would be gone, unless of course he is there for the paycheck.

I applauded Liverpool at the end. The kids didn't hide unlike our shower of shithouses.
Ralph Basnett
37 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:57:23
No shit Sherlock, with observational skills like that why couldnt you remember what the fuck you where supposed to be doing on the pitch wearing our shirt you spineless twat.
Soren Moyer
38 Posted 06/01/2020 at 18:59:30
He should keep his mouth shut! As if we haven't heard this before!!!! A TOTAL OVERHAUL of the squad is a necessity now and him + Schneiderlin should be first to go. Have had enough of this crap!!!!
Kieran Kinsella
39 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:03:46
Couple of other points. Last week he was excited to go into training with Carlo. Now he puts distance between himself and him by referring to him as "this manager." Very impersonal, also perhaps indicative of the fact Sig has played and failed under so many managers.

Second point. Sig reminds me of lot of Gheorghe Hagi. He was an absolute legend in Romania. They built the whole team around him and he was feted as a hero. At club level he was utterly usesless because he couldn't be arsed. He occasionally scored a "worldy" in spells at Barca, Madrid and elsewhere but overall his club stats were dire until he found himself as a big fish in a small pond at Galatassary where again he had a team based around him, played poor quality opponents and had his ego waxed by the fans. In a nutshell, two egotistical, lazy, Harlem globetrotter like wastes of space.

Jer Kiernan
40 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:03:51
Excuses,Excuses, Excuses, Fkc the missed chances bar Richarlison they lost EVERY battle out there on that pitch both physcial AND physcological -shameful

Spineless, Worthless, they must be the biggest waste of money in the history of sport, I wonder would peltin these pricks or the bus out of it with rotten fruit get the messsage out to these thievin mercenaries bstrds ? living in their cocoons waltzin in and out of GP with their headphones on and stealing a living

We have to get back to this and that yada yada, Heard it all before fkc off out of our club you feckin dirtbirds

You are not worthy of our support

Scuse my french

Niall McIlhone
41 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:07:49
Jim#28 very true and not a little funny, but I have to disagree with you a bit on Richalison. Admittedly, he's no Jairzinho or Ronaldinho, but he does have pace, flair, decent in -game awareness, and of course a good finish with head and foot. He also showed a lot of effort I felt yesterday, for not much reward. We would be a lot worse off without him, and as I posted yesterday, he is our only big signing who has both performed to a decent standard and from whom Everton would garner a profit if forced to sell.
As for Siggy, file under" legs gone or crocked" with Delph, Schneiderlin and possibly Garmin and Gomes!
Players falling to go to fans -an absolute disgrace- shades of that game at Palace where only stand-up guy Sylvain Distin faced the wrath of travelling fans after another shit show by the team. God I wish we had him back even now. He was a proper centre half and no shithouse either.
Brian Harrison
42 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:10:33

Thats how you feel when you get to Tesco and they have sold out of something you needed. Try absolutely devastatingly humiliated, and as such I am donating this weeks wage to help the homeless in Liverpool.

Just really highlights the difference between what players think of a defeat and what Fans think. To us the club really means something to them its just somewhere they are working at present.

Eddie Dunn
43 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:15:13
Well he must have got the short straw but as one of our captains, I suppose he felt obliged.
A fairly lame apology which makes me think that he really doesn't consider himself particularly culpable for the events last night.
I suggest he watches the full video and focusses on just how slow he and Schniderlin were as the kids ran rings round them.
I presume Davies was being rested due to his sore leg but it is good that he, at least, has no responsibility for that debacle.
Schniederlin sat deep, and our defence deeper, which we all thought was a good idea pre-match, considering what happened at Anfield last time.
Ancelotti's hands were tied with scant midfield options.
I suppose it is better to have Davies back for the next game, where points are important rather than being injured and missing it.
I would bring Keane back in and push Holgate into midfield. At least him and Tom put in a shift.
The team have an awful lot to put right this weekend especially after VAR robbed us on the south coast.
I wonder what kind of reception they will get?
Steve Pugh
44 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:16:16
We lost yesterday because we backed off and gave them time to settle on the ball. In the Carabao Villa got in their faces and they crumbled, the few times we did it they made mistakes.

So why did we sit back? Carlo's instructions? - I doubt it. Dunc told them to? - yeah right. Because we have a team based around lazy, arrogant, overpaid wasters? Nuff said.

Dermot O'Brien
45 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:21:06
Does anyone know what are the legal obstacles to sacking players? It's a serious question. I would guess it's similar to sacking a manager in that their contract has to be bought out or they get compensation. In any other profession you're out the door for underperforming. Why can't players be fucked out for being shite continuously? There's a burden of proof in legal cases but it wouldn't be hard to reach it in the case of most Everton players.
Alan Brown
46 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:24:09
Jesus wept. has the man no dignity. here's a man who in 3 months earns what most supporters could hope to earn in a lifetime doing real jobs in factories, schools, shops, hospitals...

hang your head in shame you useless twat. the minimum requirement is at least some effort, passion and guts. I think I've given up expecting skill.

Makes me wonder after so many managers that the real problem wasn't them but these overpaid wasters

Sean Kelly
47 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:25:03
I saw and recognized disappointment today. When my grandson wasn't allowed out to play footy today because it was pissing rain. Proper disappointment. Yesterday however I saw frauds playing in our jersey. Disappointed? Yes. Angry definitely.
Siggy can fuck off with the rest of them. FRAUDS.
Les Warham
48 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:26:33
How about at half time the conversation being something like we should be 2 or 3 up here boys, this a chance to give them a good hiding at Anfield and ram it down Klopps throat. Soon as the chances went it was evident we would completely capitulate, that's what Everton do.
If this doesn't spur some action to get rid of the cowards then nothing will. Embarrassed and ashamed today of the club.
Andy Walker
49 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:26:41
He doesn't have a clue how much yesterday hurt does he? The feckless Icelandic turd has just made this feel even worse (which I didn't think was possible). Well done Gylfi for having the awareness of a sloth and being only slightly quicker.
Keith Harrison
50 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:26:54
Palace want Tosun????

Book a 16 seater, and take another approx. 15 with him, including, but not limited to:
Sigurdsson, Schneiderlin, Niasse, Martino, Sandro, Coleman, Walcott, Delph, Iwobi, Sidibe, Digne
I would also put Pickford, but that started a Trump like reaction last time I put it. Feel free to add/delete/amend where you see fit.

Paul Birmingham
51 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:27:29
Typical, predictable, pathetic bull shit, after the worst Derby effort by any Everton team in Derby history.

Whatever happens when players join Everton these days most seem to leave their form behind.

Gilfy was never at the game yesterday and like all his colleagues, albeit Mina, looked liked he cared, the rest didn't give a crap.

Attitude, care, planning, fight, on pitch management, finishing, heart, desire, determination, decision making, team work, marking, was absolute blight yesterday.

It's unforgivable, the damage they've done to EFC, the supporters and the Everton brand.

This really does reset the standards for the club, and if there's any positive it should accelerate the plans to off load even at loss the 2nd rate playing staff employed on millionaire wages at EFC. And change.

The buying stratedgy, no more has beens, and lazy arses, who don't give a damm about the club, and professionally about themselves.

It's gonna be some task to offload” the untouchables “. Untouchable, as they are so poor as professional footballers for EFC.

I sense this is the lowest ebb, in decades of low ebbs, and now surely the club, the coach's, DOF, must start communicating and working together.

Everton, first team, and coaching looks like light years behind the RS.

Let's hope the AGM, doesn't uphold any more bad news for EFC.

John Graham
52 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:27:32
Disappointing is definitely not the word.
You were shit as were most of the team. For so called professional footballers to be given the run around by a bunch of mainly kids is a disgrace.
The whole team couldn't control a ball, pass a ball or tackle an opposing player.
They controlled the game in the second half so much that it made most of the Everton players look like old men.
Let's hope several of you won't be at Everton next year and hopefully we can then look to develop our own youth into decent players with the help of a couple of signings.
Sigurdsson, Schneiderlin, Coleman, Walcott and Delph, you should all hang your heads in shame. At least Sidibe had the bottle to face the fans.
Holgate and Calvert Lewin should be sent back to the reserves until they can produce on a regular basis.
Richarlason, Digne, Pickford and Mina you need to up your game and performances to that of last year.
Kean you need to step up your performances and get a few goals to show you deserve a place in the team that most of the Everton fans want to give you.
To all of you, it's going to be a long hard season so get your boots on and be prepared to graft and fight and then maybe just maybe you might earn our support.
Paul Birmingham
53 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:31:50
Plus all the players bar Sidebe, didn't have the decency to salute the fans, that the were left, at the end of the game.

True cowards, no back bone, no character, no nous. Everton doesn't need this ilk of footballer, now nor never.

George Cumiskey
54 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:32:01
Why are people surprised at his statement ? His apology was exactly the same as the way he plays football, cowardly, insipid, characterless and not giving a damn either way.
Terry Farrell
55 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:32:53
Our gameplan yesterday should have been exact same as Duncs against Chelsea. Get the ball forward every time and swarm all over them for the bits and then get it in the box. Making 5 or 6 dangerous passes on the edge of our box that end up back with Pickford is ridiculous. Risk with no reward! 2nd half we were static and clueless and don't get me started on Walcott and Schniderlin. No other prem team would have lost against that lineup. My decent lfc mates haven't got the stomach to take the piss as they know how significant this is. Ie catastrophic
Sean Kelly
56 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:33:32
Siggy look in the mirror you twat. If you don't see a lazy couldn't give a fuck excuse of a footballer gowling back at you the go to Specsavers. Gobshite.
Joe McMahon
57 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:33:53
I'm about to blow my gasket. How dare he, just piss off man and give up your 100k a week.

Alan Brown @46, spot on, Carlo has had the better of Klopp not long ago, Allardyce won with Palace at Anfield (when Klopp was manager), it's not the managers. It's the spineless frauds that week in week out week (year after year) wear the blue shirt and bring shame to the club and the supporters. How on earth can Liverpool Academy teenagers run rings around Evertons highly paid? I'm lost!

Rob Dolby
58 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:35:28
Just for once I would love a player to come out and say it how it is rather than the media trained tow the line stuff.

He had a chance to say how much it has hurt the players but to say dissapointing in losing a derby against kids shows how far removed the players are from the fans.

If he had said that the players weren't really that arsed last night and that we wouldn't have lasted long in the cup anyhow. Would have been closer to the truth.

Can't wait to cheer my heros onto the pitch against Brighton.
Joke the lot of them.

Bill Gienapp
59 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:38:12
"Cup Derby Result was Disappointing."

Um... yes, to put it mildly.

I don't even need to read the comments to know this thread will have Black Mamba-levels of venom to it.

John Pierce
60 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:39:41
His comments underline the lack of his character and the rest of the senior players in that team.

The lack of awareness is truly astounding.

The lads just adding fuel to a blaze which is so far out of control and yet he just trots our some reference to others who missed chances. Perhaps he's indignant that Holgate and Calvert-Lewin couldn't finish his set up

Can we crowd find his contract to buy the lad out?

Sean Kelly
61 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:41:32
Do we have a press officer? Who the hell is in charge? Can someone not come out with their hands up and apologize to the thousands of fans both in Analfield and around the Everton community and just say “ sorry we fucked up” At leafy then we will know that person cares and we can move forward.
Terry Farrell
62 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:43:58
Imagine Carsley. Parkinson and Horne playing in that game yesterday? Imagine Bracewell and Reidy. Imagine Fellaini Cahill Osman Pienaar Arteta. They would all have took no prisoners dominated the mid field and won that match. Hopefully making Klopps decision look naive. Instead he looks like a tactical genius. Once their young lads got to half time unscathed they has nothing to fear.
Dave Lynch
63 Posted 06/01/2020 at 19:57:58
Dont know where Kunal's post went but that summed him up perfectly.
I thought I'd be safe in deepest darkest Offally but this place is crawling with the devils disciples as well.
Sean Kelly
64 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:00:41
Anyone still angry?
Barry Thompson
65 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:05:33
Go fuck yourself mercenary. I'll be “disappointed” if you're still here at the start of next season.
Anthony Jones
66 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:06:58
He needs to shut up and sod off.
Sean Kelly
67 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:08:23
Dave even the big man the found in boots bog was redshite. 😂😂
Sean Kelly
68 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:08:59
Bog man
Steavey Buckley
69 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:09:59
I don't blame Sigurdsson for the downfall of Everton, but the managers, especially, Koeman, who tried to get instant success by paying over the odds for very average players in the late 20's. When a good manager would have bought younger players to build a team including integrating some of the under 23's who over the last years have won the PL2 twice yet not any of them were promoted to the 1st team but farmed out to failing championship or league 1 teams or sold for a pitiful sum of money. If there is another Klopp out there, sign him up as soon as possible.
Dave Lynch
70 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:10:09
Angry... Trust me, my anger will not subside until I give the useless twats a piece of my mind at the next home game.

I am boiling.

Sean Kelly
71 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:12:52
Work out his wages 6.24 mill a year. Now fair enough it's not being topped up by win bonuses but that's 17k per day. Ah yeah he understands disappointment alright. Gobshite
Dave Lynch
72 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:14:48
I'm on my way home now Sean, I can take it off scouse reds, it's the BIFFO knobs I cant stand, one of them was a Chelsea fan last time I saw him.
I was gonna have a pop at him but I thought the wanker wasn't worth my breath
Kevin Murray
73 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:15:23
I said to my lad whilst watching the match these lot all should give their weeks salary to a local charity. All of them. They should be made to come out and publicly apologise for taking this club to its lowest point.
Particularly this cowardly little prick who just continues to hide whatever he plays on the pitch.
But alas no. They send him out, of all people to say he's disappointed.
Fuck off and take Schneiderlin, Delph, Walcott and Kean with you. That'll do for starters.
Jim Bennings
74 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:19:57
Never thought I'd hear myself say it but I honestly hope the fans boo them onto the pitch on Saturday because that's all they deserve.

The players can fuck off if they expect a good atmosphere there against Brighton, the fans have been continually taken for mugs by the club, regular 39,000 sell outs every season coming back being sold the same shit year in year out.

I feel sorry for Ancelotti having yesterday's disgusting blot on his time at Everton and if he never does bring success in his time here that's the one stat that his time will be remembered for, Everton's first team losing to Liverpool's kids.

Fuck the whole club off!

Get out while you can Carlo mate and save some of your reputation.

Sean Kelly
75 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:20:33
Dave I'm surrounded by biffo reds.
Steve Guy
76 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:28:48
The core of this team have seen off a few managers now and are still stinking the place out. Minimum requirement Is effort and couldn't even do that. We will never live this one down even if we were to win on our next five visits to Mordor (ha !). Put them on free transfers and get rid. Sigurdsson, Schneiderlin, are like a cancer with their lack of application and attitude and have infected the others. I include Kenwright too, IF we'd got a result last night he'd have been milking it but as normal he's hiding when the chips are down. Rot starts with him, he's Long outstayed his welcome and Moshiri needs to apply the surgery to cut them all out. We need the points to get us out of a situation THEY put us in and I'd have them training with the reserves and put faith in some of our own could they be worse ?
David Connor
77 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:29:44
Sick of hearing half-hearted shite that these so called footballers come out with. Bet they ain't as disappointed as the supporters. That's the difference.
Jim Burns
78 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:32:42
Sigurdsson - a word of would be a good time to shut the fuck up.
Ancelotti should have them all locked in as a group and made to watch the Leeds performance against the Arse for the first half hour or so tonight. They are demonstrating everything our shower of shits weren't last night.
Christy Ring
79 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:33:42
Probably the poorest 2nd half performance I've ever seen, against a bunch of kid's in a local DERBY, in the FA Cup, and he uses the word "Disappointing", that sums up the pride and passion, of the man. I wouldn't pick him again, some are saying if we don't play him, we'll find it hard to sell him. Trust me, if we stay playing him, we'll have no chance.
Martin Berry
80 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:34:24
He will be gone as soon as Carlo can ship him out so we wont be thankfully we will not be hearing his comments in the future.
The no10 that he is supposedly best suited does not fit into Carlo's 4-4-2 and he cant hack it in midfield so he will be seen as surplus to requirements, the same hopefully with Schneiderlin
Annika Herbert
81 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:34:59
Whilst not alone in performing so poorly, he hardly helps himself with these pathetic comments!
I argued long and loud that he would be a poor signing. It gives me no pleasure to see my prediction proved correct. I never want to see Siggi on the pitch again, unless it's playing for another team against us.
His creativity was poor before he joined us, what waste of £45 million.
This is my first comment on any thread since Sunday's disaster, I have simply been too embarrassed to join in. Then I read Siggy's comments! Until such time as Gomes and Gbamin can return I would hope Siggy, Delph and Schniederlin are never given another chance to disgrace us again
Mark Dunford
82 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:42:42
Not exactly quick off the mark. We all realised this yesterday at about 17 40 when that goal went in, unfortunately we were just watching while the match continued and this was when Sigurdsson could have done something about it, but was just too painfully slow.
Paul Jones
83 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:44:56
Sigurdsson, Sniederlin, Delph, Walcott, Tosun, Niaise have all been expensive flops to match that would easily get into our worst top 20 ever signings. Iwobi was a lot of money for an Arsenal squad player and Kean for whatever reason seems to not be focused on playing football. They all remind me of the type of signings we made in the seventies and early eighties when we traded on past glories.
Sigurdsson and Digne seem to relied upon more for their set piece delivery rather than performance in open play so would suggest need no more than one. Although ideally you would rather have a players like Baines at his peak in the team.
It would seem to me that the owner has been given bad advice from numerous people with regard to mangers and players. Ancellotti is a proven manager and player at the top level so having appointed him use his contacts knowledge to strengthen the squad.
If you keep taking advise from the same people then it is unlikely the results will change. Different players with the same perpetual outcome.
It seems at the moment we are going in the direction of another founder of the league Aston Villa. We may end up with a nice ground but all our success will be in the distant past.
Dave Evans
84 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:50:40
As a senior player Sigurdsson should be in a state of shock that he and the rest of the team got the run around by LFC academy lads.

Instead he gives us platitudes and a mirrored self defence.

Rob Halligan
85 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:56:06
Disappointed are you Gylfi? Not half as disappointed as me or the other 8000 blues in that ground yesterday. Any chance you could give me my £36 back due to your lack of service?
Dave Evans
86 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:57:26
Keith Harrison @50
Sidibe didn't have a good game yesterday but I can't understand why he is on your 'get rid' list.
Generally he gets stuck and doesn't hide and being the only one to have the bottle to applaud us at the end - he will have my patience and respect for a while yet.
Lynn Maher
87 Posted 06/01/2020 at 20:57:38
Just watching Arsenal v Leeds. Leeds have been brilliant. I hope Sigurdsson is watching. In fact I hope the entire team is watching .A lesson in how to play football, not just turning up.
Rob Halligan
88 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:01:06
In fact, thinking about it Gylfi, you could donate two weeks wages and pay all 8000 of us back. It's not too much to ask!
Mike Doyle
89 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:09:33
Rob 85] as someone who attends most/all games - do the players look fit to you?
For most of this season the majority look knackered by 70mins.
However most of the games I see are on TV and that gives a distorted view.

PS: pity you didn't invest that £36 in a night at the Grafton with Mike Gaynes. I'm sure the entertainment factor would have been higher!

Steve Pugh
90 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:10:50
At least losing to Liverpool means we won't have to lose to Shrewsbury again!!!
Bill Fairfield
91 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:15:31
Will be very disappointing if you stay much longer and take that useless Frenchman with you
Rob Halligan
92 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:16:04
Mike, it's very hard to tell when some of them only seen to walk around, or just jog. There was one incident in the second half yesterday, when a RS player (haven't got a clue who it was) turned Sigurdsson inside out in the centre circle and left him flat on his arse. It seemed to take him ages to get up, with a look of resignation on his face.
Joe Parkinson
93 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:17:01
He is clearly taking the piss out of us again isn't he..
“Disappointed “ That's not the words I heard coming out that shit hole yesterday!!
Sure you and the other fuckin bottlers had a good laugh at the comments being said on sites such as this, a giggle here and a giggle there, then again I wouldn't expect anything else from a bunch of Spineless, Useless, Cowards, with the backbones of Snakes.
I like many on here am looking forward to Saturday, I am desperate to vent my anger and hostility towards the fuckin lot of you.
Never in my 60 years of supporting my club have I been as embarrassed or ashamed as I was yesterday walking out that ground..
If you or those who run ( that's a fuckin joke) our club think for one minute that this was just another game and will soon be forgotten, then my God are you about to get a fuckin shock come Saturday...
Evertonians will not stand for this shit any longer..
Take note, you Icelandic Gobshite...
Mark Murphy
94 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:20:46
Ok - I'll risk the derision...
What's a BIFFO??
Bill Fairfield
95 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:22:14
Hope there is plenty of blues supporters at the players entrance when the coach arrives on Saturday,we would like to give you and your team mates the welcome you all deserve
Len Hawkins
96 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:22:18
I'm sorry you're disappointed Son of Siggurd, I'll give you a view of disappointment as you are obviously clueless.
I left school in 1965 aged 15 worked until I was 67 paid into a pension all my working life.
Last March my wife who already had Parkinsons fell at home and hit her head on a radiator she walked into hospital but came out on a stretcher to a nursing home unable to do anything for herself. Because I worked and received my pension as did my wife we had savings which meant I have to pay £3k a month for her care until we get down to an amount you wouldn't get out of bed for. She's coming home soon as I want her home as does she, and I will be looking after her.

Now last night I watched you gang of wet farts crumble against a team of kids, one of the only joys I have at the moment watching Everton or St Helens RL on tv, I was disappointed bloody disappointed in fact I doubt that sport has ever disappointed me more than last night. I hope beyond hope that Ancelotti fines the lot of you a few months wages for the teams abject failure and cowardice in the face of kids.
Me I'll have hardly any money left before long but I'll have to carry on, you and your like that have the brass neck to pull on an Everton shirt and perform like you did last night will spend more than I have after a lifetime of graft on a night out.
Along with me there will be thousands of supporters who wouldn't give a toss if you and the rest from last nights fiasco never play another game for Everton FC.
In my time from 1965 I have seen some magnificent players who pulled their tripes out for Everton (I would just loved to have seen Alan Ball walk into the home dressing room last night and give it to you straight what he thought of everyone of you) great players who took the club to the pinnacle of English football and wore the shirt with PRIDE. You and the rest have sullied the great name of Everton it's former greats and most of all it's supporters and you and the rest should be reminded of that every second of every day. That is disappointment.

Rob Halligan
97 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:22:21
Mark, I thought it was Biffo the bear from the Dandy or Beano, can't remember which.
Mark Murphy
98 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:27:43
It was the beano Rob but somehow I don't think that's what they're referring to??
Ian Riley
99 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:28:29
Never really performed consistently for us. Never reached the heights at Tottenham as he did at Swansea. Again we paid over the odds. Top player on his day but those days are one in five.

Yesterday's central midfield was slow and out of form. Lack of motivation and desire to make up for it. They both will be sold as Carlo cannot rely on his senior players. They embarrassed him and he didn't buy them.

Urgency for quality in midfield was never more apparent than yesterday. Get a move on Carlo.

John Audsley
100 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:29:34
I'm still fucking angry, these players are pathetic, soulless men who crave cash and lack any form of moral fibre

Sigurdsson - Have a think about the kids who have been ripped to shreds again at school today because you YET AGAIN got scared on the pitch. You pathetic, snivelling form of a human being.

I hate the lot of them, this performance has destroyed every bit of goodwill we had left.

Rob Halligan
101 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:31:25
I know Mark. Sad crack at trying to lighten up the mood on here.
Rob Young
102 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:32:31
Fucking right, Joe #93!

Someone told me today we should keep Sidibe cos at least he can cross a decent ball.
My word, on his money and playing football all week and having been in the French world cup winning squad and I should be happy he can cross a half decent ball? When he's not put under presure, he can. Sometimes.
Fuck, I saw a 12 year old playing for them yesterday swinging in some Trent Alexander Arnold type of brilliant crosses, and no I won't apologise for saying that.
But yes, I should be happy with a Frenchman who seems half asleep most of the time and can't pass a Fucking football.
Get rid.

Like the other one on the other side.
Digne, trying to look hard with all those tattoos yet getting the run around by a Fucking 16 year old who'd also scare the Fucking shit out of him if he bumped into him in the street after dark.
French international v a 16 year old. Pathetic.

Joe McMahon
103 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:34:20
Len @96, your post should be framed and hung on the changing room wall. None of them will understand (that's the saddest part), they live in a protected cash rich bubble with lives that are fantasy to us mere normal folk. They don't care, we do, and hell they should to.

The premier league riches have created many vile over privileged young men. I'm not religious but I've go to the point they can all rot in Hell.

Robert Tressell
104 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:34:53
Joe Parkinson @93. I'd love to have you back in the side. We need a couple of astute signings to get the good vibes back that Dunc created. Someone who can pass the ball and someone appallingly violent to harrass the opposition. Find that Brands
Mike Doyle
105 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:36:48
Slightly off topic. Going back a few years there was a time when Man City were hopeless. Then their ownership changed and they were awash with cash. Then over a number of years they got better and better, in the process upgrading management and playing staff ( even signing a couple of players from us ) and started winning trophies.
Can anyone recall how long it took them to go from complete no hopers to champions?
Joe McMahon
106 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:38:19
Mike about 5 years.
Rob Halligan
107 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:40:08
Interesting to see that the official club website has nothing at all on it today. Normally there is one player giving his apologies on there after a woeful performance and defeat. This piece by Sigurdsson I believe, has been reported in the Mirror today.
Robert Tressell
108 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:40:40
Strangely, Walcott was the only player on show who looked like he expected to win (and Richarlison). I don't really rate Walcott but he seemed up for it for a change. Wing backs were appalling. Digne a shadow of last year. Could Garbutt have been worse. Can Anthony Evans really not get into this midfield? Carlo has a lot of coaching to do
Alan McMillan
109 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:41:20
Perhaps the most underwhelming excuse for an apology I have ever heard. Instead of "disappointing", how about words like "humiliation", "embarrassing", "shameful", "inexcusable" and "unprofessional"

A neck like a jockey's bollocks.

Jerome Shields
110 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:43:04
Sigurdsson ineffective disappointing performance in midfield was one of the main reasons Everton got beat. His tendency to become anonymous has been a regular tendency in his performances, which is no use to Everton.

Hope he is transfer listed.

Rob Young
111 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:43:14
But Walcot in the 2nd half had a effing nightmare. He's 30, played for England and surely has some medals. Who was that in the 2nd half?

He will never be a Everton player, not with hair like that.

Get rid asap and include Iwobi in the deal.

Jerome Shields
112 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:47:06

Walcott as well.

I would also add that a poor performance in Sigurdssons role in the Everton side , had a detrimental effect on the performance of other players. His arrogance is breathtaking. This is a players that got a contract at Everton way beyond his actual ablity. He has decided to take the money and does not care about anything else.

Sidebe aleast acknowledged the fans , knowing the team performance was poor and not knowing the reception he would get.

Keith Harrison
113 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:47:46
Dave Evans 86. Because that's my opinion. He puts in a superb cross every now and again, barely 2 per match though, and he gives the ball away quite a bit. He may indeed be suffering from our back to Martinez fuck about and invite pressure at the back which our heads down clueless defence have again reverted to type in.

We agree to differ, It isn't the first time, lol. Who's being the pedant now? (joking)

My mate Rob above, Dave Evans and 7,998 others should have been promised recompense and given a public apology today by Marcel Brands, our so-called Director of Football.

Not yet another "Oh well, disappointing but we'll try harder next time" by one of the useless twats that spunked our best ever opportunity of really dicking that shower of bastard sons over the road.

Does the club realise that it took all of 45 minutes yesterday afternoon to totally dissipate the massive feelgood factor of Carlo Ancelotti actually becoming our manager, coupled with Mr Usmanov publicly stating, to all intents and purposes, I'm coming in, the Mersey Blue waters are lovely ?????????

Mark Andersson
114 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:54:10
Too the fans that go to the games... are you mad?? Its like being in a bad relationship were your partner treats you like shit but gives you good sex every now and then...

Get out and find yourself a better relationship one that brings you more pleasure...

I binned Everton years ago emotionally I read toffee web daily because I am genuinely intrested in how other humans see the world of football.

All that anger and shame all that miss placed love when your team wins the odd game..Madness

Mike Owen
115 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:55:17
Hang on a minute.

The lad gets asked about the game. When, I don't know. It's not on the club website.
He offers some thoughts, quite possibly while still trying to make sense of it all. Yeah, he could have said we were nowhere good enough. We weren't at the races. We let the fans down. He probably should have said nothing. But he is a footballer, not a trained diplomat.

We signed him a few weeks before his 28th birthday. That we paid Swansea 㿔million or more for him is not his fault.

Like a lot of the players, he hasn't been playing as well as we would like. But he's getting extra stick for having spoken publicly.

Why am I bothering to defend him, you may ask.

Yeah, these PL players are well overpaid. But the very unsatisfactory state we're in is due to a variety of factors that have been building up for decades (way before Sigurdsson arrived), compounded by various bad decisions.
Post-match comments from Sigurdsson are the least of our problems.

Goodison could turn toxic quite quickly on Saturday. We are still only five points above the relegation zone.

And people keep saying get shut of him, get shut of that fella, get shut of the "deadwood". The club have been trying to get rid of various players (about ten isn't it) for a year or two now. The best they can do in many cases is just park them on loan.

In fact, so many careers have gone down the pan after joining us in recent years, I wonder if there is a danger of some potential signings hesitating to join us.

We're up Shit Creek. Thankfully, Ancelotti's got the paddle.

As for Sidibe being the only player to come over to the remaining Everton fans at the end of the game on Sunday. Incorrect. Holgate did too. He did not come quite as near as he did after the league defeat. But he had taken a lot of stick then.

As for the suggestion that players might donate a week's wages to Merseyside charities, I'd love to see that. In any season. Even just a day's wages would be a pretty penny.

To end on a positive note, it's not out the question that we finish this season in the top six. Carlo has the time now to coach them.

Tony Abrahams
116 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:56:56
If the fans can raise money for an anti racism flag to introduce Moise Kean to the club, then surely we can raise a bit more to get a bigger flag that tells a few of these cowardly bastards that they are just not wanted at our club.

I'd be to embarrassed to speak, and would have to donate my wages to the fans, but this is the type of world that doesn't exist for some of the embarrassments at our club.

Work hard, fight, and let your football do the talking, or just talk a load of pony, after embarrassing the fuck out of our club, these bastards should be fined just for talking to the press, which actually feels like it's just to get on our fucking nerves once again, simply because there are no words for yesterday's ineptitude and cowardly performance.

Keith Harrison
117 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:57:33

You can ditch wives, girlfriends, or even boyfriends if you're that way inclined, for another relationship.

You don't ditch your football team and support another. However shit they are.

Tom Bowers
118 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:58:54
Siggy understates the problem. It wasn't just the pathetic finishing in the first half but the fact that they really were outrun and second best throughout to a mishmash of a team.

Everton need a leader on the field as Seamus is no longer the player he was along with a few others like Walcott.

Everton had wide players like Billy Kenny, Joe McBride and Ronnie Goodlass who all showed a lot more spirit than Walcott who has been a poor acquisition.

Needless to add that RS got the draw they wanted for the next round but it will be tough as they may have to put the first team out.

Keith Harrison
119 Posted 06/01/2020 at 21:59:42
Mike, voice of reason mate. Hopefully see you Sat.
Peter Laing
120 Posted 06/01/2020 at 22:00:07
I would hazard a guess that Gylfi is in the same clique as Schneiderlin and Digne. Three shithouses who are happy to pick up their wages and don't give two fucks about Everton, the fans or our new manager as he will already have the measure of them. All three I would like to see the back of, cowardly journeymen
Dermot O'Brien
121 Posted 06/01/2020 at 22:01:33
Mark/ Rob, BIFFO = Big Ignorant Fucker From Offaly.
John Davies
122 Posted 06/01/2020 at 22:01:39
Sigurdsson is a total fucking disgrace. His performance yesterday (amongst many others) was embarrassing, pathetic, cowardly, appalling, weak, useless etc. etc. He was bossed and bullied by Liverpool Youth players throughout. He has become a master of running around hiding from the ball, both when we have it and when the opposition do. The guy's a cheat. But then suddenly he pops his head above the parapet to have his say on yesterday's debacle. Arrogant bastard. The guy's got more neck than a giraffe. Don't any of these players understand we are sick of hearing from them? Surely to God today is the day for them to keep their heads down and their mouths shut.

Fuck him off among the very first batch of these cheats who need to be shown the door. He and others have no right to wear the shirt ever again. I wait with interest to see Mr Ancelotti's team selection for our next game.

Neil Copeland
123 Posted 06/01/2020 at 22:02:19
Fuck me, what a bell end. Is he really so thick as to think his explanation is acceptable?

I've stuck by Siggy this season in the hope that his form will return. But comments like this just show him to be another mercenary who really doesn't give a shit, it's just a job after all. Can't see CA putting up with this attitude, see ya Siggy.

Alan Burnham
124 Posted 06/01/2020 at 22:04:08
Agree 100% with all the comments about him and the rest of this bunch of gutless no marks. But, hey, guess what ? Come 3.00 pm on Saturday when this bunch of arseholes troop out the crowd will clap and cheer. If it wasn't so sad you'd have to laugh.
Mike Doyle
125 Posted 06/01/2020 at 22:05:36
Rob 107] they'll be saving space on the website for something far more important e.g. an announcement that Unsie & the U23s are planning another sleep out to raise funds for EITC - possibly with a photo of Little Miss Dynamite.
Terry Hughes
126 Posted 06/01/2020 at 22:08:24
He really couldn't care less.
Neil Copeland
127 Posted 06/01/2020 at 22:08:50
Alan 124, cheers mate you made me laugh at the truth of your post
Dick Fearon
128 Posted 06/01/2020 at 22:13:31
If there was an ounce of integrity in any of those shithouses they would be Queuing up this morning at Ancelloti's door with letters of resignation in their hands.
Carlo might then review his own part in the debacle. He could start with his woefully inadequate tactics and his picks for our midfield. another serious misjudgement was omitting Tom Davies our only midfield battler.
Carlo could also ask himself whether his Tech Area demeanour displayed a morsel of encouragement or advice to the players.
The many times he was caught on camera except for a twitch of an eyebrow he barely moved.
Every thing he did, from tactics, team selection, substitutes and most of all in game motivation. was a complete failure.
I hoped his arrival was the end of a long list chancers who stood wooden like and detached from events. Seems I was wrong.
Ray Smith
129 Posted 06/01/2020 at 22:14:21
Alan 124

I'll be there Saturday, but I won't be clapping or cheering.

A convincing win against Brighton will not convince me or Carlo that we are a crock of shit!

First time in years I've used an expletive!

Rob Dolby
130 Posted 06/01/2020 at 22:14:54
Tom 118

Where did you drag those names from.

Billy Kenny was a centre mid.
Ronnie Goodlass and Joe McBride both pretty average wingers in my opinion.

Bob Parrington
131 Posted 06/01/2020 at 22:15:15
Siggy's biggest Cop Out! Sorry for the pun.

As others have stated, less excusing yourself and keep it shut. Time for Siggy, Schneiderlin and a few others to go!

Steve Shave
132 Posted 06/01/2020 at 22:45:23
An Albatross is a term often used metaphorically to describe a psychological burden that feels like a curse. Gylfi is our Albatross. I believe there is not a single player in our team that epitomizes all that was wrong with the Ill fated and much maligned Walsh/Koeman "recruitment drive". It was glaringly obvious (even to a retard) that he wasn't what we needed then and he sure as shit isn't what we need now. I have no personal gripe with the man, he has some qualities but I firmly believe that every manager and DOF he's had since arriving at our beloved club has tried and failed to fit him in somewhere, we have since day one of signing him been forced to play systems to accommodate him, subsequently hamstringing ourselves in the process. It's not his fault, let's be fair (I for one would like to spend an hour in a room telling Walshand Koeman how badly they fucked things up for us with their Ill thought out, amateurish spending spree...not that they would care) but Gyfi has been a massive disappointment, especially this season. He needs dropping and destabilising so he leaves in the summer, our only hope is that he takes a pay cut abroad or goes to China I've had enough and some big decisions need to be made. Sunday was sickening.
Derek Knox
133 Posted 06/01/2020 at 22:52:53
You cheeky bastard, there was only one other on the pitch worse than you, and that's saying something that Maggot Schneiderlin!

I know you should never hate one of your own players, but this horrible little shit takes the biscuit, time and time again.

I don't advocate violence but I would willingly pull the switch on that cretin!

Get shut, if that is at all possible! Both of them!

Bill Watson
134 Posted 06/01/2020 at 23:01:03
As a long suffering Blue I must agree it was disappointing just a little.
Jeff Holt
135 Posted 06/01/2020 at 23:12:22
Disappointed GS? Try being a fan watching the rubbish you serve up every week. What a loser! Who on earth would buy him?
Dick Fearon
136 Posted 06/01/2020 at 23:29:12
Alan @124, Neil@127
Joking apart, I have posted those same sentiments for years. After many years travelling England in support of the team I am now living in Australia. My support for Everton has never died, in fact I am probably more of a fanatic nowadays.
I cannot understand how todays match goers can accept years of garbage from so called players without the least display of anger.

I was in the front row of a 'If Davy goes I go' march around Goodison and would've thrown a cushion at the directors only where I was standing there were no cushions.
Please can Saturdays match goers make some kind of demo against the charlatans that have disgraced our club.

Michael Lynch
137 Posted 06/01/2020 at 23:30:53
They really shouldn't let these players speak at all after a performance like that, unless it's to apologise to the fans and offer them a refund out of their own pockets.
Kenny Smith
138 Posted 06/01/2020 at 23:32:59
Glad he's come out and explained why we lost to a load of teenagers, debutants and players who are not deemed good enough to get anywhere near the shites first team.
It all a bit clearer now and his wise words have put me at ease. I do apologise Mr Sigurdsson for feeling sick to the stomach watching their 2nd / 3rd side put you and your weak as piss team mates to the sword. I've felt sorry in the past for some of our sides who've gone there and been battered because they weren't good enough or set up wrongly by mental mangers but yesterday was different. Those flag waving fuckers were fitter, stronger and more passionate than us and that's why they won. Embarrassing !
James Stewart
139 Posted 06/01/2020 at 23:45:59
Disgusted with the lot of them. A disgrace to the shirt. The whole lot should be transfer listed and sold asap. This squad has got numerous manager's the sack and unless Carlo has the sense to show them all the door he will be next.
Ray Smith
140 Posted 06/01/2020 at 23:54:04
As I've posted before 535 mile round journey for home games?

Season ticket holder!
Why do I bother?
Because I'm an Evertonian.

However, as previously posted the round trip is taking its toll (health) and for 55 yrs since 1964 as a 13yr old through thick and thin I'm coming to the end of the road, and I'll be watching from home next season, unless Ancelotti has a magic wand!!!

Kevin Naylor
141 Posted 06/01/2020 at 23:55:35
Get beat on Saturday and Carlo may beat Cloughs reign at Leeds. Just do one Siggy FFS,
Derek Thomas
142 Posted 07/01/2020 at 00:12:26
Just shut the fuck up, go away and take the rest of the underperforming shithouses with you.

Now to read the rest of the comments, but I won't be too far off the mark

Jerome Shields
143 Posted 07/01/2020 at 00:26:33
Ancelottis second half tactics playing out of the back, where a disaster. He did not have the players to implement such a strategy and watched Everton make a complete balls of it, without thinking of changing tactics. It was as if he had a death wish and wanted the players exposed as technically useless, as many of them are.

It occurred to me Ancelotti might want out of the FA Cup, to concentrate on the Premiership. and be outputting pressure on the hierarchy to change the squad. ??????

The only reason Sigurdsson, Schneiderlin, Walcott and Tosun get playing is because they cost so much and are on big wages. To a certain extent Brands transfers play for the same reason.

The squad has just got a collective kick in the arse, which shows no signs of abating. The Everton fans have never been this pissed off. The next game at Goodison is going to be a bear pit in front of the equivalent of a lyncht mob.

Mike Galley
144 Posted 07/01/2020 at 00:51:16
Thank you, Jerome. I was commenting in work today that it seemed to me that Klopp changed their tactics slightly at half time, and seemed to ask his players to move 10/15 yards forward and press our defence a bit more. I was watching on television, so if this didn't seem to be the case for the EFC fans that where in the ground, then I could be wrong.
The point I'm making is that if this is true, Carlo didn't seem to react.
Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted that we have Carlo as our manager, but was that a mistake on his part?
I hope not, and hopefully it was more down to their youth, desire and dare I say it stronger mentality.
Karl Masters
145 Posted 06/01/2020 at 01:24:11
Len Hawkins. Best wishes to you mate caring for your wife while this rotten system robs you of your hard earned retirement fund. You're a hero.
Darryl Ritchie
146 Posted 07/01/2020 at 01:51:56
Siggy's a true every way a true professional stinks.

The shirt doesn't matter. The fans don't matter. The club is just the club of the doesn't matter either.

As long as the cheque doesn't bounce.

This could be a bit harsh, but he's pulled a Schneiderland on us, and has more or less clocked out for the season.

Andrew Lum
147 Posted 07/01/2020 at 04:39:36
Disappointing?! How about embarrassing, shameful, unacceptable? Please just get out of our club, you loser.
Ian Jones
148 Posted 07/01/2020 at 05:26:13
Sigurdsson's comments just remind me of that phrase commonly used by parents in dealing with their kids antics

'I'm not angry, just disappointed.'

Also, a few mentions of the Arsenal v Leeds match have been made on this thread, mainly how brilliant Leeds were and that Everton players should be watching, but these comments were made mostly during or at the end of the first half. I watched the game. Leeds should have been out of sight at half time. It's all about taking the chances when offered.

It seems that Arteta had a right go at half time as the second half, Arsenal were transformed.

We might need a Duncan Ferguson rant to get our lot fired up..

Mark Murphy
149 Posted 07/01/2020 at 06:41:00
Dermot @ 121
Thanks - in this case though I assume the O stands for Oslo??
Ciarán McGlone
150 Posted 07/01/2020 at 08:02:30
A passenger of a player - and a couple of fancy Dan moments a season don't disguise this.

Gerard Carey
151 Posted 07/01/2020 at 08:45:35
Disappointing!!?? Not a bother, Siggi, old chap. And not acknowledging the away fans after that debacle last Sunday!? A mere oversight on your behalf; don't worry about it.

As others have said more eloquently on this thread, they don't care. As long as their bank accounts are topped up by ridiculous amounts every week, they don't care.

How many Everton fans were left grieving after last Sunday's game? I'd wager hundreds of thousands, and they still are this morning. And the players!? Probably out for late Sunday dinner at some posh hotel, but they don't care.

Another season gone, halfway through. Out of both cups, still not completely clear of the relegation trap.

Unless something happens in the transfer market, we are stuck with this cowardly lot of useless players, and that includes you, Siggi, to get us to safety.

Ah but, it's a tad disappointing, Siggi... just a tad!!!!???

Mal van Schaick
152 Posted 07/01/2020 at 09:23:57
The management need to get a grip with these under performers. There's a transfer window now and the club should use it to make a statement of intent with some of the deadwood.

It looks like the manager and backroom staff give clear playing instructions before and during the game and the players disobey and play differently. The captain on the pitch should take some responsibility for this.

Let's hope this debacle is sorted out sooner than later. It won't be long before Ancellotti stamps his authority on this bunch of misfits.

Mark Daley
153 Posted 07/01/2020 at 09:34:20
He earns his salary simply by his brilliant insights.
Mike Owen
154 Posted 07/01/2020 at 09:37:25
Well said, Karl Masters, 145.

It is not until you get involved in the care of an elderly person that you realise what a screwed-up country this has become.

Care of elderly people is a growing challenge and one that something successive governments have failed on, kicking the can down the road to the point where the system is in crisis.

The social care system in Liverpool and neighbouring areas is at breaking point. I would have liked to have seen the city council get a rent of several million pounds a year from Bramley Moore to help with this.

We see footballers going into hospitals at Christmas. I would like to see them do a shift in an old people's home. The majority of carers in those places are unsung heroes, as are those who go to people's homes.

Len, I hope everything goes as well as possible for you and your wife.

Liam Reilly
155 Posted 07/01/2020 at 09:38:49
Poor interview.

No game is won or lost in the first 30 minutes; we had no shots on target for the last hour ffs.

As the creative force in the middle, he should stand up and take some responsibility and admit his error by not going across to the supporters at the end.

It's the kids I feel sorry for. The abuse they'll take at school because of that shocking performance.

James Lauwervine
156 Posted 07/01/2020 at 09:39:19
Sigurdsson's reaction is a bit like having your foot chopped off and saying 'Ouch, that stings a bit'. He's either pretending he doesn't have a clue about how appalling and embarrassing this result and performance was, or he actually doesn't have a clue.
He must have drawn the short straw to be the one to come out and say something, but the whole team were a disgrace and the club should acknowledge it.
Brent Stephens
157 Posted 07/01/2020 at 09:46:36
Len #96 I echo sentiments already expressed here. A wife with Parkinson's is something I understand. All the best for both of you. And financing the care system needs to be sorted, cross-party.
Franny Porter
158 Posted 07/01/2020 at 10:08:56
I could be too touchy after Sunday, but that reads with an air of arrogance to me.
Paul Saleh
159 Posted 07/01/2020 at 10:28:40
I just wish he wouldnt bother coming out and stating the obvious. I just hope that he is put out to grass, along with a few others.

It is just embarrassing listening to pure BS All he is doing is pacifying us and in reality none of them give a shit about the fans.

I wanted us to kick them off the park, be passionate and at least put in a performance that we could be proud of. What we got was the complete opposite. Just pathetic and even more pathetic wheeling him out to speak to the press.
Jerome Shields
160 Posted 07/01/2020 at 10:30:40

Ancelotti also changed tactics from long balls and high pressing the opposition back line, to more of a possession game playing out from the back in the second half. As you suggest Klopp told his back line to push up in the second half compressing the midfield and providing support for the attack.

This is what the bottom half of the table have been doing with success against Everton most of this season. Without fail Sigurdsson becomes anonymous as a result and Schneiderlin gets himself pinned back, going into his shell role. The two Everton right and left backs got pinned back as well. Silva seemed to never cop on. what was the problem. These tactics expose the glaring weakness of the midfield trio, that when pressurised they are useless. Gomes by the way is the same.

Trying to play out from the back just played into the oppositions hands, given Evertons weak pass completion distribution by the Everton Centre backs and poor ability to clear their lines, was the never going to work. Players like Holgate, Sidebe, Digne, Colman, and Richarlison are brought down to the same level by those around them. The opposition where able to high press at wil!, without a glove being laid on them.

If Everton had have continued with the same tactics of the first half they would have been more successful with more space to run into as the opposition pushed forward and Everton did have the right subs to increase the pressure.

It's seems that Ancelotti made a tactical error at half time and persisted with it, refusing to change tact even though it was clearly obvious to him what was happening. Klopp could not believe his luck.

I have offered alternative theories why Ancelotti did this. I just can't believe that a Manager of his knowledge and experience would manage a game play so badly, with the writing on the wall in front of him.

Maybe he took the hump over Klopp sending out schoolboys against his team and not being ahead at half time again st them.
He then took the decision to change tactics at half time and was too embarrassed to change, when his error became obvious.

This does not exornerate the Everton players, but it's a strange one from Carlo, at Anfield of all places.

Dave Abrahams
161 Posted 07/01/2020 at 10:53:59
Mike Owen (115) and (154), two very good posts, the first one was very brave, going against the general comments of this thread, much braver than any of the Everton players on Sunday.

Your second one tells of the brilliant carers who work for a pittance in hospitals and care homes, they make life easier and more bearable every hour of every day for those in their charge. The people who look after their partners, mothers, fathers etc are truly saints and save the country millions of pounds with the care they provide and they do it out of love. All of them have my utter admiration, God bless every one of you.

Steve Brown
162 Posted 07/01/2020 at 11:01:29
We are devastated and he is disappointed.
Si Miles
163 Posted 07/01/2020 at 11:16:22
"one of those things"
Rob Halligan
164 Posted 07/01/2020 at 11:21:58
Dave # 161. I don't know if you're aware, but I do volunteering driving for Marie Curie, picking day care patients up from their home and taking them to Marie Chris in Woolton village. One of the patients I've picked up is a close friend of yours, I won't reveal his name in case he hasn't told you. I'm sure everyone knows the work Marie Curie does, but it's not a place you go too if you've got a cold!
John Malone
165 Posted 07/01/2020 at 11:30:36
Jerome 144, I have to agree Ancelotti need's to realise an realise fast these defender's and midfield are not capable of playing out from the back when under pressure.

The fact that Ancelotti did not see the problem and make the necessary tactical changes is what worried me the most.

I understand why he want's to play football from the back as all good team's do but he has to recognise we haven't got the players to do so.

Be interesting to see what system and how we perform on Saturday after last Sunday.

Kim Vivian
166 Posted 07/01/2020 at 11:34:16
Fuck me, they're thick. And I thought Sig was one of the brighter ones.
James Marshall
167 Posted 07/01/2020 at 12:48:50
He's right.

It was disappointing.

Footballers sometimes say things.

It rarely goes well.

Kicking little round things into big rectangular things is hard.


Stan Schofield
168 Posted 07/01/2020 at 13:04:08
Well, we don't need any player (or manager, owner or CEO for that matter) telling us how disappointing it was. We just need decent performances on the pitch. If Everton were as good at playing football as they are at talking the talk, we'd be great. Radio silence would be better than platitudes.

Having said all that, although Sigurdsson has not been a great signing, he's not been useless or generally lazy. Last season was a good one, scoring 15 goals, and the midfield with him, Gana and Gomes was one of the best in the Premier League. He was also one of the hardest grafters in the team, to an extent that there were some posts on ToffeeWeb saying that he surely won't be able to sustain it given his age.

This season has seen a big drop in form, to the extent that he generally looks shite. But then that applies to most of them. Digne is another example, absolute class last season, relatively shite this season.

Now, a lot of posts are telling him to fuck off, obviously based on his bad form this season, the shite we witnessed on Sunday, and the unnecessary and unwanted verbal utterings. Well, he's not going to fuck off, because he's under contract, so let's get real.

What we need is for the new manager to sort this lot out. That's what he's supposed to be good at, otherwise there's no point in paying him megabucks. So I'm not telling Sigurdsson to fuck off, and personally I've never told any Everton player to fuck off, and probably never will. But I would like the players and management to shut the fuck up and get on with the job of playing football.

Anthony Hawkins
169 Posted 07/01/2020 at 13:07:25
@ Mike 115 - I take your alternate view and it may be seen as harsh to berate the individual player... but...

...we'd have done the same had any of the players come out and said ‘I/we were disappointed'. It's not the words were want to hear. Probably an extreme example but it's the same message as ‘I was disappointed my son shot someone'. No, you're not disappointed - unless you're playing mind games like parents sometimes do ‘I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed...'

We, the fans are angry. We want the players and club to feel the same way. To have a sense of ownership or at least empathy. It's clear some of the players do not.

I'm not disappointed in Sig - I'm angry and don't want to see him in a blue shirt again! (We probably will though).

Tommy Coleman
170 Posted 07/01/2020 at 13:13:46
How out of touch are his comments!?

Walter Smith lost 3-0 to Middlesbrough in the cup semi and his response was "Disappointing". He got sacked days later.

Why do are our players lack so much fitness compared to other teams?

I'm worried that Carlos played Sigurdsson and Schneiderlin as Centre Mids. They have no athleticism. I hope he's now seen them for what they are and picks a different midfield against Brighton. If it's the same team, we've had it.

Steve Ferns
171 Posted 07/01/2020 at 13:15:06
"I am shocked and embarrassed to lose that game, and I wish to apologise to the 8,000 Everton fans who came and all the others watching on TV, we let them down, we owe them and we will make it up to them starting on Saturday."

What about if he said something like that?

Clive Rogers
172 Posted 07/01/2020 at 13:28:10
What was most worrying for me was that in the second half, our players were obviously completely knackered. We are just not fit enough. This club needs a complete clear out top to bottom of all Kenwright's yes men.
Shane Corcoran
174 Posted 07/01/2020 at 14:25:21
When does Sigurdsson's contract expire?
Steve Ferns
175 Posted 07/01/2020 at 14:28:07
Shane, summer of 2022. It was a 5 year deal and he will be 32 by that time.
Jerome Shields
176 Posted 07/01/2020 at 14:44:52
Steve #175

Has he any gardening or cleaning skills, with his football skills he is not going anywhere.

Paul Cherrington
177 Posted 07/01/2020 at 14:59:17
I've never been impressed with Sigurdsson since he got here and remember people disagreeing with me about it on here last year. Whatever position in midfield you put him in he never does enough over the whole game. Yes, he will play one decent pass and even score a goal but that will be it – the other 85 mins he will totally disappear.

Whether you use him as a number 10 or in a two-man centre MF role, that is just not enough. When you add in his lack of pace and desire, it has always been clear he is not good enough for us. Proper MF playmakers make it happen and influence the game for the full 90.
John Keating
178 Posted 07/01/2020 at 15:27:44
This useless pricks comments just enforces why players should not be rolled out after embarrassing results
I just wish our hero, and the rest of them, lived in town and had to endure the shit that's gone on since the match

Cowards the lot of them

Dave Abrahams
179 Posted 07/01/2020 at 15:33:44
Jerome (176), Jerome, the only skill he needs is how to count money, he's got fuckin' loads of it and loads more to come.
Mike Kehoe
180 Posted 07/01/2020 at 15:39:05
I am sorry to hear of Gylfi having troubling feelings of disappointment. I also share the pain of disappointment as last Sunday I sat down to watch a football match with a cup of tea and some biscuits. I was disappointed that there were no chocolate hobnobs only custard creams: absolutely gutted.
I then watched a game that disgusted and saddened me in equal measure, felt embarrassed and sickened at reaching this low but then angry because I really wasn't at all surprised.
The only positive is that I won't be worried about Morgan being distressed by any feelings of disappointment: he doesn't give a shit.
Tony Everan
181 Posted 07/01/2020 at 15:44:25
''We're going to try to finish off the season strongly.''

I hope we do, but its the same line every year.

The players should be going all out for a top six spot and European football,there's no distractions now and no excuses. Our fans deserve no less .

Winston Williamson
182 Posted 07/01/2020 at 15:50:40
The Red fans I know were too embarrassed for me to take the piss! Think i'd prefer to have the piss taken out of me.

I've tried to forget the result, but every now and then I remember, and experience a jolt to the stomach. It's utter shame I feel. Shame our cowards got beaten by kids. Shame this result signals the end of our hopes of ever beating them again at Anfield. Shame at being an Evertonian.

I've taken two days to load up ToffeeWeb. I couldn't stand reading the comments that were sure to come. I've reflected. I've calmed down. I still can't shift this feeling of shame.

I don't blame players like Davies, Holgate, DCL, Kean, Richarlison - they tend to leave everything on the pitch. I do blame the senior players. You know, the ones earning an absolute fortune. The ones who look like they don't give a shit. The ones who never actually hurt when losing games - Walcott, Sigurdsson, Schneiderlin etc...can anyone really say they give a shit?

I want them out, and I cannot actually see a way how they can ever justify putting the shirt on again. They should feel professional humiliation, not disappointment. They got out-thought and out-fought by a very inexperienced Liverpool Team. Shameful.

I actually don't think it's the Liverpool players that scare our senior players, I think it's the Anfield crowd they're scared of. Bunch of fucking shithouses.

I've been struggling to find much to share with these players in the recent past. No affinity to them. No love. I now despise them. I actually fucking hate some of our players. It takes some doing that!

If you've bothered to read this post, I apologise. It's bitter and twisted, but a fair reflection of how I feel. I'm not going to be reading anything Everton related for a while. I won't say I'm done. I will say I'm stepping back. I cannot support a team that I feel is full of horrible fuckers who don't care.

Jack Convery
183 Posted 07/01/2020 at 15:51:01
No shit Sherlock. Crass Crass Crass !!!
Rob Halligan
184 Posted 07/01/2020 at 16:07:16
Winston # 182. You say it's the Liverpool crowd some of our team are scared of, not their players. If there's one thing I wish I could have done, it was to play for Everton at Analfield and shut those fuckers right up. Thunderous tackles on their players, scoring a goal of two at the kop end and then giving them the V sign. Remember Kevin Sheedy scoring a free kick at the kop end and giving them the Harvey Smith. Great stuff. That ground is full of horrible vile rats and there would be no better way to shut the fuckers up.

Sadly, I think it would be only local lads who could get so wound up for a game like last Sunday, and unfortunately we had none playing.

Barry Thompson
185 Posted 07/01/2020 at 16:34:45
They've been playing football all season and it has generally been a bag of shite. I'd like them to get on with the job of playing winning football and hopefully our new manager can get them to achieve this.
James Marshall
186 Posted 07/01/2020 at 16:48:58
To be honest, we've been mostly shite in every game we've played this year, this one just feels worse cos it's the RS childrens team that ran rings round us.

Playing crap is nothing new, it's a habit. Everton are a team of losers, and have been for most of my adult life (I'm 46) and for me I don't feel as bad as I once did. The fight has been beaten out of me supporting Everton and I'm slowly but surely drifting away from bothering to care anymore.

Of course the lifelong addiction is there, and at the time it hurts - the hurt goes away a lot quicker than it once did though. Is that age? Or is that supporting a team that never delivers on expectation or hope?

Answers on a postcard.

Dave Williams
187 Posted 07/01/2020 at 16:54:04
Rob- too right!! They should relish the chance to show them how good they are- what is there to be scared about ?
Mike Kehoe
188 Posted 07/01/2020 at 16:56:49
Disappointed is how I feel when it's a jacket potato rather than chips, when they only serve Carling rather than St Miguel: losing in such an abject manner should be a fucking agony, a horrible constant nightmare that slowly eats you alive. I wonder if disappointing in Icelandic is another word for catastrophic indescribable horror. Do the Icelandic's say the Jews were disappointed with hitlers sense of hospitality?
Jay Woods
189 Posted 07/01/2020 at 16:57:17
As Goldfinger might have said, man has achieved excellence in every field of endeavour, except cowardice. Until that game against Liverpool's kids, that is.

It's tragic though when we're running out of superlatives for how gutless and weak the team has become. I'm actually discouraging my son from supporting us, to spare him the sorrows I endure.

Paul Tran
190 Posted 07/01/2020 at 17:09:32
Steve #171, that would be more like it. I'm not too bothered what any of them say. It's all about their reaction on Saturday.

Now that we're out of everything, it wouldn't surprise me if their form picked up. This lot did best last season when the pressure was off.

Rennie Smith
191 Posted 07/01/2020 at 17:23:25
Winston # 182, they weren't scared of the crowd, it was like a bloody library at times
Derek Taylor
192 Posted 07/01/2020 at 17:45:39
Four or five wins plus a handful of draws will see us safe whilst Brands and Ancelloti line up some players for next season. It is now plain that too many of the pack he inherited are not fit/skilled for purpose if that purpose is to finish higher than top ten.

Perhaps this stellar manager will focus on attaining this modest target whilst he gears up for a higher finish next season. Let's just demand that he and his players don't further insult us Evertonians in the way they did at Anfield.

Jim Bennings
193 Posted 07/01/2020 at 17:49:39
I can't even get excited about next season or summer transfer plans.

Another wasted preseason playing the Gambian postal service in Banjul and a couple of 20 minute kickabouts in Transylvania.

Millions squandered on more mercenaries that don't understand the demands of the Premier League.

I'll bet my bottom dollar that this time next year we'll be saying the same thing as always “it takes time”.

Andrew Presly
194 Posted 07/01/2020 at 17:51:44
Yeah we'll be fine now there's nothing to play for. Always are. It'll take the outside chance of a Europa place to stop us from here on. Wouldn't want to actually achieve anything, would we?!

Doesn't matter how much money these cowards earn in their careers, they can't take it with them. Respect and reputation always matter more and the likes of him & possibly the biggest shithouse to ever wear the shirt Schneiderlin have irreparably fucked theirs up. I no longer care whether they care or not but I'll do my bit by denigrating the latter in particular to whoever listens for the rest of my days.

Rennie Smith
195 Posted 07/01/2020 at 18:21:29
I see Rhino and all of his U23s are doing the Goodison Sleepout for EitC, I bet none of the first team will be there. Big Dunc should have bought them all a sleeping bag and told them to sleep there until Saturday's match.
Frank Crewe
196 Posted 07/01/2020 at 18:24:07
Disappointed? Yah think? The master of understatement. Everton have been turning players like Gylfi into millionaires for years now. What have we got back in return? Sweet FA. Five minutes after signing they get into their nice comfy rut and start raking in the cash. No pressure. Don't have to win anything. Just stay in the PL and everyone is happy. Well not this time. Brushed off by Liverpool's kids took it too far. Change is required and we can start by showing him the door ASAP.
Steve Ferns
197 Posted 07/01/2020 at 19:21:25
Superb Article by Oliver Kay today. It's behind a pay wall so I will summarise parts of it.

He lists our team who played against Liverpool, their credentials that led us to buy them, or their credentials in getting a game ahead of others in the shape of Calvert-Lewin and Holgate.

Then he goes on to quote George Graham. Some great pearls of wisdom here:
1. the key to building a team was to
a. buy players on their way up, or
b. buy players with a point to prove
2. Never buy a player who's taking a step down to join you: "He will act as if he is doing you a favour".

Dunno about you guys, and he obviously was not talking about Everton, but George Graham has just nailed exactly what is wrong with Everton with that one. Our players do act as if they are doing us a favour as most of them have taken a step down. The ones who performed well in recent months, consistently, are the ones who fall into the first category, either a or b.

Kay is pretty scathing about our players in his article, and critical of Brands, and he compares us to Tony Fernandes era QPR, and how Fernandes could never understand why a group of players with their careers in decline did not rise collectively to the challenge of slumming it at the bottom end of the Premier League.

The Article compares the trajectories of Everton and Leicester who have been at similar levels in recent years, yet Leicester have got young, hungry, and cheaper players in and grown a side, whilst we have flashed the cash, made big statements, but Sunday's debacle speaks volumes.

Jeff Armstrong
198 Posted 07/01/2020 at 19:32:12
Steve #197
Our new manager is category 2 then, all I can see is more turmoil ahead.
Stan Schofield
199 Posted 07/01/2020 at 19:37:42
Steve@197: When we've had very good players on the way up or at their peak, we've sold them quite readily and bought inferior ones in their place, often players on the way down or simply quite mediocre. We've been doing this for a long time. The last notable cases were Lukaku and Gana. Unless that trend stops, we're going nowhere.

Joe McMahon
200 Posted 07/01/2020 at 19:40:20
Rennie@195 is it really happening? Christ someone even joked about that on this thread. Why can't we just be a serious football club and win things. A premier league football club is not supposed to be Social Services.
Jay Tee
201 Posted 07/01/2020 at 20:16:53
In reply to Sigurdsson. Nothing can explain yours, Schneiderlin's and many others lack of movement, motivation or lack of effort in the 2nd half. Never mind blaming missed chances you should all be ashamed of yourselves. All of you who have under-performed for so long hang up your boots now. You have milked enough money out of the game. Go honorably while you all can.
Kase Chow
202 Posted 07/01/2020 at 20:32:51
Sunday was a new low for me and my relationship with Everton

It really was pathetic. Really sh1t. Probably the worst I've felt as an Evertonian and trust me, there's been far more bad days than good

After Sunday I honestly disown that group of losers. They were so pathetic in the performance and the score line - it was lower than losing in the 96th min last season, lower then getting trashed this season by their B team on Sunday we got handed our backsides by their C team

And everyone is culpable:

- The awful awful players those idiots can never ever redeem themselves in my eyes (and before any wise crack says ‘even if they win the league don't embarrass yourself). They are clowns and deserve pure apathy

- Brands people wax lyrical like he's god gift but when we needed a proven goalscorer (in fact 2 proven goalscorers), he manages to find a kid worse than Sandro. You couldn't make it up. Did he actually believe he would get us 10-15 goals this season??? Never mind about leaving us a centre back short. This guy is a problem - make no mistake. We have no spine through the team and he's to blame

- Moshiri he has no plan. Literally no plan. He hires a series of grade 2 managers and expects grade 1 results. He has managed to oversee a worse tenure than Bill (yet Bill still gets the blame?!?!!).

The whole club is pathetic

I hope Ancellotti is the man to sort it but I'm really not sure. His tactics on Sunday were atrocious and the fact he allowed us to be outnumbered in midfield + gave instructions to play from the back hugely HUGELY contributed to our loss. A good manager finds a system for his players (like Dunc did) not try to shoehorn players into a system (that clearly doesn't work for them)

I fear it'll get worse before it gets better

Kevin Latham
203 Posted 07/01/2020 at 20:39:30
How can a premiership player not feel absolutely embarrassed by a team of kids - almost equivalent to a non league side really - running them off the park? How can he not feel embarrassed that this team of mostly seasoned internationals look as if they were scared shitless of some kids who aren't even old enough to vote? Where has happened to professional pride at the very least? How many youngsters will want to support Everton in 5, 10 years if we carry on like this? I absolutely detest the redshite with a passion, but Klopp has instilled into them at every level what Howard instilled into us in his first coming. It's too easy for this team to lose, and lose without any sense of failure or embarrassment. Don Carlo has his work cut out. For us though, even though we're hurting as we are the drug that is Everton will keep us going back for more. It's in our blood no matter how many ‘disappointments' we have from players who will just go where the money takes them
Dave Abrahams
204 Posted 07/01/2020 at 20:40:14
Rob (164), yes I knew Gerry was going to Marie Curie in Woolton, and I knew he was being taken by a dead keen Everton, Gerry's words, but he couldn't remember your name, although I had an idea it was someone off ToffeeWeb. Gerry couldn't speak too highly of all the volunteers, like yourself, who got him from home and back, after spending around five hours in Marie Curie getting well looked after. He really enjoys going there, although he has not been well enough the last few weeks.

Gerry like yourself was a good amateur footballer with various clubs during a long career, including some time in the Welsh league.

I'll let him know I've made contact with you because he kept mentioning you knew me and Tony but couldn't get your name, but is always loud in praise of all the people at Marie Curie and I'm made up he gets a lot of pleasure out of it, as are all of his family.

Dave Abrahams
205 Posted 07/01/2020 at 20:42:34
That should have read ‘ a dead keen Evertonian' early in post (204).
Conor Skelly
206 Posted 07/01/2020 at 20:44:06
Hi Steve

Thanks for the summary.

The George Graham quotes are especially interesting.

"Never buy a player who's taking a step down to join you: "He will act as if he is doing you a favor".

Out of our current squad, the following may be thinking that they are doing us a favor, when in reality they are in a professional crisis of their own.

Think about it.

Mina (Barca)
Digne (Barca)
Delph (MC)
Gomes (Barca)
Schneiderlin (MU)
Kean (JUV)
Walcott (Ars)
Iwobi (Ars)

All players who've been told in one way or another, are not good enough and can go elsewhere.

So we have made a policy of signing players who are, in effect, traumatized. We've made a policy of signing the "Flop of the moment". We have got a squad full of players with a big F on their CV. But not just the players mentioned.

Sigurdsson proved himself "productive" enough at Swansea, for us to fork out 㿙M, having previously been hopeless at Spurs. Another F.

Keane came good for a season at Burnley having had his hopes and dreams shattered by United. In come Everton. 㿅M on more damaged goods.

We also spent a combined 䀆-100M on gambles Tosun, Niasse, Klassen, Bolasie, without any serious competition for their signatures. All total flops.

A further 㿊M was spent on a recently traumatized, insecure, relegated keeper. I wrote here after the WC we should have sold JP while his stock was so high. GoalKeepers are only ever a few mistakes away from Joe Hart and in Pickford, we should cash in while he's still the England No.1.

The squad members producing the most, leading Goalscorers Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison both arrived at Goodison progressing their careers and not trying to save their careers. Happy instead of demoralized, they arrived with momentum and are both still on course to one day play on the big stage with one of Europe's elite clubs.

Rob Halligan
207 Posted 07/01/2020 at 20:50:21
Thanks Dave. Pass on my regards and best wishes to him, and hope he's well enough soon to go back to Marie Curie.
Steve Ferns
208 Posted 07/01/2020 at 20:51:56
Yes Conor. I was hoping that Silva would come in and work with a load of unknown players signed by Brands and develop them in the way Leicester have developed in the last 18 months or so. It is very disappointing, and now with Ancelotti, we are going to go for a lot of category 1 players.

I would say that Mina, Digne, and Gomes all had something to prove. Gomes and Mina came here with Barca fans voting them in amongst their worst signings of all time.

I would prefer future signings to be like Maddison, soyuncu, Vardy, and so on. But it would be hard to see Ancelotti working with them, and he's a bad fit from them too. Instead, we will have to rely on his ability to massage egos and bring the best out of our expensive flops.

Tony Williams
210 Posted 07/01/2020 at 21:27:08
Those overpaid prima donnas certainly put two fingers up to the fans, AGAIN.
Alexander Murphy
211 Posted 07/01/2020 at 22:38:39
Conor @206.

Dave Hickson.

Johnny Morrisey.

Andy Gray.
Peter Reid.
Kevin Sheedy.
Alan Harper.
Paul Power.
Peter Beardsley.
Andrei Kanchelskis.
Nigel Martin.
Richard Gough.

Not one had any get up and go once they descended to Goodison ?

Serial losers ?

My arse !

Conor Skelly
212 Posted 07/01/2020 at 22:42:53

Continuing with this logic, we should be swerving the likes of Rabiot, James and Zaha, all of whom had opportunities at the top and blew them.

Scott Hall
213 Posted 07/01/2020 at 23:01:03
Fuck off and when you get to where you've fucked if too, fuck off again. You coward.
Anton Walsh
214 Posted 07/01/2020 at 23:03:44
Apparently the FA are wanting to get involved with helping people with depression. So are EITC. All this whilst Everton on the pitch are doing all they can to make it worse. I'm fuckin serious
Max Murphy
215 Posted 07/01/2020 at 23:10:46
Everton should set an example and revolutionise players' salaries. All players should be on a bare minimum of a 100 quid a week basic pay. After each game, a panel of salary judges should decide if any player deserves any more than their basic pay. The better they perform, the more they receive in bonus payments.

For example, goals scored, passes completed, assists, tackles made, etc, would constitute bonus payments. It has been used in Rugby League for years - in fact if players are not making enough tackles, they're substituted.

Why should a player exert himself, or put in the effort, if they know they'll be paid the same - there's no incentive to play better?

After the debacle on Sunday, and using this system, players would be paying the club following that shite they dumped on their supporters.
Mark Boullé
216 Posted 07/01/2020 at 23:12:05
The article Steve at #197 refers to is on The Athletic. Their annual subs are I think about £80 and the sports journalism in it is first rate. Highly recommended to all Twebbers. It's almost as good as reading an article by that Lyndon Lloyd character who pops up on here sometimes :)

Anyway, the message is clear, and yes I'd be steering clear of James Rodriguez and Adrien Rabiot for sure.

The article mentions how, to give him his due, Steve Walsh insisted on Gana Gueye despite all the video scouting evidence from an appalling Villa side showing him being constantly bypassed in midfield - a tide even he couldn't stem. But Walsh was able to discern that the was a better, pressing superstar in there somewhere. Kay goes on to refer to Gbamin's "all-action" debut in August and how it augurs well" for whenever he is fit again.

I don't think having a Gbamin available all season would have seen us up in the top 4, but part of me still feels that if he and Gomes had been able to play together and form a proper midfield partnership we might still have a youngish Portuguese coach in the dugout...

Keith Harrison
217 Posted 07/01/2020 at 00:08:43
Rob Halligan. Proud to call you a mate. Everton hardly deserves a supporter and knight in shining armour like yourself pal.

Lets see if Ancelotti can get rid of these drains on our resources, pushing Evans, Gordon, Baningeme, Gibson and others into the ranks and toss these wasters off so once again the club is deserving of (y)our support.

Gordon Adie
218 Posted 08/01/2020 at 00:28:54
Never mind Gylfi, there's always Valhalla to look forward to.
George Stuart
219 Posted 08/01/2020 at 01:19:58
Maybe its a language thing.
Whatever, do the publicity dept. not check this sort of thing ?
Maybe they reflect the current standards at the club.
For what its worth I'd like to deamonise Schniderlin. Because he has shown a capacity to play, and then dosn't.
Derek Knox
220 Posted 08/01/2020 at 09:31:39
Having read all the posts, there is a mixture of dejection and hope, with some even saying " that's it I've had enough till the team improves, " well, in my opinion, the fans don't need to hide!

They have been absolutely class over the years and have given an unstinting support, home and away, and in all weathers.

I urge those who are serious about walking away, to rethink, we all say things when we are angry, that we don't really mean.

And I can fully understand that anger, and rightly so, because of the frustration against those players who seem to put less effort in ninety minutes, than they do in supporting them, and often travelling hours and back again, to meet their part of the relationship.

In ToffeeWeb, I believe we have the best bunch of supporters on the planet, and a great website to not only air our annoyances at the team with those of similar chagrin, but also to, on occasion meet them and become friends for life!

James Marshall
221 Posted 08/01/2020 at 09:33:10
Has anyone else read in the rag tops that Don Carlo has told Gylfi he's being sold in January? The Express is running with the story today.

They also allude to those c**ts at The S*n who are saying we're open to flogging Pickford as well.

I know, it's all bollocks.

Paul Cherrington
222 Posted 08/01/2020 at 09:34:20
I think that player recruitment over the years since Moyes left has been a big problem and certainly in the last few seasons. As others have noted, we have sold our best players to replace them with lesser ones.

It seems to me we now have a mix of players who are:

● Unable to play more than a couple of games on the bounce without getting injured;

● Emerging youngsters who are not yet ready to perform consistently in the Premier League;

● Older players who are past their best and unwilling or unable to do it anymore;

That is not a good mixture for any team! Getting young talent that is on the up is all well and good – but they must be ready to come into the team and perform every week now. We have signed too many like Moise Kean, who might be good in a few years, which is not what we need. Similarly, signing sicknotes who play 10 games per season or washed-up older pros is poor.

It is time to start signing players again who have the right character, don't get injured lots ever year, can come into the team and perform now while also being in the right age range (ie, not too young or too old).

On another subject: Mina has to go for me. I know people are convinced that there is a world-class player hiding in there somewhere but he is not cut out for the Premier League. He is too slow, too full of mistakes, lacking in concentration and turns like a tank.

Tony Everan
223 Posted 08/01/2020 at 10:01:30
More to the point would be ; Have we had any offers ?
James Marshall
224 Posted 08/01/2020 at 12:13:08
No, no we haven't.
Jim Burns
225 Posted 08/01/2020 at 13:49:54
Conor @206 and 212 - I can see the point you are making but it's still bollocks to a large extent. Don't you think you are generalising? It is - in reality - a much more complex picture and very much down to the individual character of the player and the story that goes with him - as Alexander's list @212 so aptly points out.

Hickson, Sheeds, Reidy, Gray and Power jump out for me - all of them winning awards, trophies and legendary status with every right minded Evertonian - after they'd 'descended' to us.

I'd also dispute at least a couple of names on that current list - Gomez and Digne - although you'll get no argument from me with a few others on there.

In any case - I wouldn't place much value on anything that came from George Graham - unless it was in a brown paper bag.

James Marshall
226 Posted 08/01/2020 at 14:06:06
You boys are talking about the same subject over completely different eras. Those players back in the day were nothing like the modern day footballer. They get their arses wiped by the club and their agent all day long, these days and live with all the trappings of a modern day superstar.

I agree that continuously buying players taking a step down, brings with it questionable intent and an attitude that stinks. They lack the motivation to succeed, and have zero cares in the world regarding the club they play for, or the fans who support them.

The old players from the other list were all working under an entirely different landscape and climate, both in footballing terms and financial terms.

Jerome Shields
227 Posted 08/01/2020 at 14:59:34
Steve# 197

Thank you for sharing a summary of Oliver Kay's article. I have admired George Graham and the team he build at Arsenal. It was build on the traditional Arsenal strong defence, something that was eroded by Wenger, and a interchanging midfield trio, playing in a triangle type formation.

Grahams philosophy on the purchase of players is spot on and can be observed at Everton flawed transfer in policy. Moshiri seems to have a accountant s type attitude to transferred in players. He seems to the think having purchased them for big money with big contracts they should be getting first team football playing time and the onus is on the Manager to select team.

Throughout the reigns of all the Everton Managers since Moshiri has arrived highly paid players have been selected, though they are obviously below par in their performances.

The old saying that' You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's lug ', holds true in that no matter how much money you spend on a lug of a player you are never going to get a Silk purse of a p!ayer.

It is obvious that some players at Everton lack self motivation, having got a good long term contract.

It has occurred to me over the years, that the problems Everton have are recurring and I seem to be constantly covering the same ground as other ToffeeWebbers again and again. I would also say that they seem to be uniquely Everton and is predictable.

No more lugs please and get rid of existing lugs.

Jim Bennings
228 Posted 08/01/2020 at 15:41:06
Apparently a group of fans challenged Brands are the training ground and there were some harsh words spoken and that some of the players are already questioning Ancelotti over his tactics.

Just who the fuck do these no mark players think they are?

I want the lot of them gone before they get yet another manager sacked!!!

Eddie Dunn
229 Posted 08/01/2020 at 16:39:46
This is on BBc sport webpage..

By Phil McNulty
Chief football writer
Everton director of football Marcel Brands addressed a small group of angry supporters at the club's training headquarters after the humiliating FA Cup third-round loss at Liverpool.

The group of seven fans arrived at the Finch Farm complex, in the Merseyside town of Halewood, on Tuesday.

Everton lost 1-0 against an under-strength Liverpool team on Sunday.

Brands spoke to the assembled fans for around 20 minutes in what is said to have been an amicable exchange.

It is understood Brands - who joined Everton in 2018 after working as PSV Eindhoven's sporting director - addressed the supporters' concerns over Everton's display and a perceived lack of commitment from the players against their city rivals.

Everton are also expected to speak to midfielder Fabian Delph after he appeared to get involved in a social media confrontation with a supporter following the defeat.

Liverpool's selection of a host of younger players - including match winner Curtis Jones - raised Everton's hopes that tcould end their winless sequence at Anfield, which stretches back to 1999.

The loss was a second in four matches for manager Carlo Ancelotti, who took charge following the sacking of Marco Silva on 6 December.

Kieran Kinsella
230 Posted 08/01/2020 at 16:57:21
Delph in his first start here was reported as yelling that "everyone is sh$t" at his team mates by various posters who were at the ground. Now a fan sends him a DM essentially saying the same about him and he decides to get into a square off as if he's Hulk Hogan. Sack him immediately.
Jim Bennings
231 Posted 08/01/2020 at 16:59:44
Yep seen it Eddie just on BBC now.

Sad toxic times at this club now and it's proven that supporters aren't bothered about anything other than performance on pitch.

I feel sorry for Ancelotti coming to the club at this time, it's probably two years too late because this club has turned sour beyond repair almost.

Conor McCourt
232 Posted 08/01/2020 at 17:02:04
Kieran where was his fight on Sunday when 12yr olds were nutmegging him?
Roger Helm
233 Posted 08/01/2020 at 17:07:27
Exactly right - you failed at Barca/Arsenal/Man U but come to Everton and have a nice big contract - all we want from you is to keep us in the Premier League; no need to actually win anything.

Not only George Graham but our own much-maligned Moyes had the policy of sourcing hungry players from the lower leagues - Cahill, Jagielka, Baines, Lescott et al. Unfortunately this involved a lot of actual hard work thoroughly scouting them beforehand, not just a phone call to an agent.

Kieran Kinsella
234 Posted 08/01/2020 at 17:07:40

Exactly. Plus he accuses the fan of hiding behind social media while squaring off in the same medium.

Kieran Kinsella
235 Posted 08/01/2020 at 17:10:02
Irony with George Graham is fans slated him for not spending money. He finally succumbed to pressure and started to splash cash then things unraveled. Same at Leeds when O'Leary starting spending big to bolster the young team Graham had built
Paul Jones
236 Posted 08/01/2020 at 17:21:18
With regard to the players mentioned by Alexander Murphy 211 for reasons of lack of opportunity, bad injury, advancing years the players mentioned proved themselves to be all good players and professionals who wanted to further their playing time, be successful and play at the top level.
The players mentioned by Connor Skelly 206 mainly seem to be players that failed to meet expectations after big moves or squad players form the media anointed elite. The common factor for all was they were not rated by the fans who paid to watch with no public outrage when they left. I would suggest that Digne and Gomes are the only players that complimented the then current squad. Keane has been a disappointment post head injury and does no look "fit" to play at the level we aspire too. I can think of other promising/ good players we signed, that post bad injury never came back to their best, Paul Bracewell being the saddest example. Players like Andy Gray and Peter Reid for us, are truly exceptional that is why they were held in the highest esteem by their fellow professionals and fans alike. Kendall knew that hence why he bought them and likewise Paul Power.
Frank Crewe
237 Posted 08/01/2020 at 17:30:02
They were crap because of Carlo's tactics? Presumably they were also crap because of Silva's, Allardyce, Koeman and Martinez's tactics as well?
The fact is that this bunch of players have seen the 3 or 4 managers preceding Ancelotti sacked because those managers were too soft with them. If Ancelotti doesn't want to follow his predecessors out the door he has to take a hard line now. Start as he means to go on and if that means it's time for some of the players to get chucked off the Goodison gravy train so be it. Don't hold out for silly money. Just get rid as soon as realistically possible. This derby defeat has to be a wake up call.
Kase Chow
238 Posted 08/01/2020 at 20:57:13
This is the first time that I, and it seems that I am not alone, am ready to disown the players that wear our shirt

3 days later and my pain and shame has not subsided 1 bit

I'm sick of them. Complete pampered fools

Absolutely hate them - I can't think of any of them that have shown character when the going has gotten tough

Maligne Moyes all you want but he was called Dithering Dave because he took ages sourcing a players character as well as ability. Sir Alex was famed for doing the same

Meanwhile we now sign:

Kean (we have found Sandros long lost brother)

Delph (Mr injury prone when he's not Mr sideways)

Walcott (a never has been)

Schniederlin (I've never actually achieved anything in my career but I'm too good for you lot)

They are just an embarrassment

Michael Low
239 Posted 09/01/2020 at 11:12:12
It wasn't disappointing, it was a DISGRACE. Never in the 50+ years of supporting Everton have I been so embarrassed and ashamed. That game literally made me want to puke. Trying to deflect the criticism to the managers tactics is utter bullshit. Even if the tactics were wrong, there was no excuse for the lack of effort which was clearly evident - not to mention the lack of disrespect to the 8,000 loyal fans. It was an act of pure cowardice during and after the game.
James Newcombe
240 Posted 09/01/2020 at 13:20:31
To be fair, I knew what was coming in the second half after we hit those 3-4 golden chances straight at the keeper. No team gets away with that.
Stan Schofield
241 Posted 09/01/2020 at 14:54:29
James@240: Yes, you can't get away with that many missed chances. We did the same last year, often taking teams apart through midfield (with Gana, Gomes and Sigurdsson being excellent), but then failing to kill the game off in front of goal. The failure to replace Lukaku seems typical Everton, and hopefully that tendency to let the best players leave and fail to replace them will end now that Ancelotti is here.

By the way folks, Sigurdsson is right, it WAS disappointing, very disappointing. Let's remember that this is all about 22 fellas kicking a sphere of leather around a football pitch. If folks don't like what they see, or think the players are overpaid, don't go to watch. It's not compulsory, unlike income tax. Now, there's something that's beyond disappointing.

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