Newcastle United vs Everton

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Match Preview
Everton make the trip up to the northeast to take on Newcastle Utd in what will be Carlo Ancelotti's second game in charge and the Blues' last fixture of 2019.

The Italian has indicated that he will make a number of changes to the side that started against Burnley on Boxing Day because of the demands of having to play twice in the space of two days. That could mean starts for the likes of Michael Keane, Leighton Baines, Tom Davies and Theo Walcott.

Newcastle will be coming off a 4-1 hiding at Old Trafford and will be keen to make amends in front of their home crowd.

A win for Everton would lift them above the Magpies on goal difference and could, if results go their way elsewhere, move them into the top half of the table.

Kick-off: 3pm, Saturday, 28 December 2019
Referee: Lee Mason
Last Time: Newcastle 3 - 2 Everton


Reader Comments (50)

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Kunal Desai
1 Posted 28/12/2019 at 08:23:44
These lot have only lost once at home so far this season. Tough game. A point wouldn't be a bad result to keep the unbeaten run ticking along.

Martin Berry
2 Posted 28/12/2019 at 08:41:59
I expect a win.
Carlo will have a "Cunning Plan"
Steve Cotton
3 Posted 28/12/2019 at 08:45:45
Lee Mason...enough said..
Colin Glassar
4 Posted 28/12/2019 at 08:47:55
This is going to test Carlos's mettle to the fullest. Newcastle, at home, have been really good this season so we'll have to be at our best.

I love his endorsement of DCL, Richarlison and Kean. I've been supporting DCL from day one and have always thought he's a Sharpyesque type who will come good under a proper manager. Richarlison will benefit massively if he's played in his strongest position- LW. And if there really is a player in Kean, Ancellotti will bring it out.

So, no striker in January but we do need a creative MF player and a centre half. I can think of two Napoli players who would fit the bill perfectly.

Brian Porter
5 Posted 28/12/2019 at 08:50:21
Oh no! Not bloody Lee sodding Mason. Be interesting to see who the VAR ref is. Probably another bent blues hater.
Tony Hill
6 Posted 28/12/2019 at 08:52:58
Let's hope that Mason has the Brighton debacle somewhere in his mind and gives us something today.
Derek Knox
7 Posted 28/12/2019 at 08:54:28
Not great timing but the same for most sides this team of year, apart from the chosen few!

I doubt whether either side will have trained since Thursday, but we have do have the psychological advantage that we have won our previous game, although that could be cancelled out by Newcastle having home advantage.

Where, this season under the not so popular at the time Steve Bruce, (having managed Sunderland) has certainly turned their home form around despite this.

I have watched them a couple of times this season, and they are more workmanlike than skillful, so we will have to match them in that department, being almost down to bare bones again.

I am ever hopeful of a win and the Ancelotti/Ferguson factor may just swing it our way.


Fran Mitchell
8 Posted 28/12/2019 at 09:02:48
Newcastle doing alright thus season. quite the shock considering they were saved by 'best manager out there ltd' Benitez. Apparently Benitez was such a genius for keeping Newcastle in the PL that some on here thought he was clearly a better suit to the job than anyone out there. Or maybe just hyperbole over the Benitez awing media led people on

Anyway, should be a tough game, and a win would provide a huge boost -away from home wins being such a rarity.vcouod provide the necessary boost to go on a seal the title race (unfortunately) by taking points at City. Begin new year on a high and make a charge for too 6 in second half of season.

Worth a punt on Kean breaking his duck I'd say. 2-1 (coming from behind to end another Marco hoodoo)

Eddie Dunn
9 Posted 28/12/2019 at 09:10:23
I watched them squander a good start at United but it was mentioned that they had rested one or two for more winnable fixtures. Expect to see Shelvey, who usually tries hard against us.
They are dangerous on the left wing but the their defence is ponderous and Man U took advantage of them backing off, shooting from the edge of the box rather than trying to walk it in.
Surely we can do better than blowing a two goal lead last last season.
Ray Roche
10 Posted 28/12/2019 at 09:15:38
Eddie, Newcastle's defence gifted United three goals, I can't see them being so generous again! Defensively they were woeful.
Frank Sheppard
11 Posted 28/12/2019 at 09:43:27
Be fascinating to see team selection by Carlo today, and tactics. I hope today is the day he starts impressing us, COYB.
Robert Leigh
12 Posted 28/12/2019 at 09:46:41
Imagine Keane will come in for Mina, Theo for Sidibe, Davies for Delph and perhaps Baines for Digne.

Coleman - Holgate - Keane - Baines
Walcott - Davies - Sigurdsson - Richarlison
Kean - DCL

Would like to see a youngster or two on the bench, give Delph a rest having played two in a row as we'll need him against Citeh.

2-0 Blues, DCL and Kean 🤙

Stewart Oakes
13 Posted 28/12/2019 at 09:58:12
It will be interesting to see how certain ref's treat us now that Carlo Ancelotti's our manager.
Will people like Lee Mason see us differently now that Carlo Ancelotti's our manager (sorry for repeating that fact, still can't quite believe it)
Derek Knox
14 Posted 28/12/2019 at 10:00:50
Robert @ 12, spot on there, I have always advocated for the young ones to at least be given a slot on the bench. My reasons are twofold, they will not only gain vast experience, even if not actually played, plus it will reinforce their belief that they are in the plans for the future, and increase their confidence.

Other teams have not been afraid to blood the youngsters and in most cases it has paid dividends.

Sean Kelly
15 Posted 28/12/2019 at 10:05:54
Lee bloody Mason. There will be 12 barcodes then. Biased twat.
Derek Knox
16 Posted 28/12/2019 at 10:11:17
Sean K, not exactly encouraging news is it? Are there any refs in the Premiership that are decent, fair and unbiassed against us?

Still we hade worse than him on Thursday in Anthony Taylor, and we survived.

As long as Lee Mason ' keeps his hair on ' Oops! Freudian Slip! :-)

Pat Kelly
17 Posted 28/12/2019 at 10:18:01
Why change a winning side when we need the points. Baines, Walcott, Keane and Davies won't improve the team. Let's not start on the back foot.
Ray Roche
18 Posted 28/12/2019 at 10:20:21
Derek, the only thing that went in Taylor's favour was blowing the whistle before Burnley took a corner. They'd been time wasting in the first half! So immediately before it ended he denied them the chance of taking the corner because they prevaricated for so long. Apart from that he was shite.
Colin Glassar
19 Posted 28/12/2019 at 10:24:09
Good point Stewart. Maybe Ancellotti will encourage our players to forcefully disagree with bad refereeing decisions, like most teams do, and stop being the nice boys of football.

I can't stand Jordan Henderson but that fucker argues every decision that goes against his team. That must wear some refs down.

P.s. and cut out all the niceties in the tunnel before games!

Sean Kelly
20 Posted 28/12/2019 at 10:24:31
DEREK they are all spawned from the sky darlings shit house. All inbreds.
Derek Knox
21 Posted 28/12/2019 at 10:26:03
Pat K, we don't know for sure he will change too much unless it is enforced, remember most of the ' leaked team selection info etc ', emanates from the Red Echo, who regularly get the wrong end of the stick.

Having said that I know Ancelotti is not averse to rotating his teams whether they have won or not previously, it keeps them on their toes, and competition for places.

Mind you he has had stronger squads previously, so did have the luxury of that option.

Sean Kelly
22 Posted 28/12/2019 at 10:28:58
Colin spot on lad. I'd like a vinny Jones or roy keane like personality in midfield. I couldn't give a shit if he can't kick a ball but put the fear of god in everyone on the pitch and sidelines.
Fran Mitchell
23 Posted 28/12/2019 at 10:29:26
Davies for Delph, as can't really see Delph surviving 2 games I. Quick succession, and he'd be wanting to play Vs City I'm sure. Davies needs to improve his passing, clearly, and hopefully he'll get the training he needs to that under Ancelotti.

Other than that, same again, unless Digne needs a rest, then Baines is a good shout keeping Digne healthy and ready for City (Baines Vs City and Bernardo Silva/de Bruyne is asking for trouble).

Kean off the bench for.the winner.

Paul Jeronovich
24 Posted 28/12/2019 at 10:45:28
Can't call this one, too much rotation then I can see us getting beat especially if Keane goes up against Carroll. Still, got faith Carlo will have a plan. COYB
Chas Mansour
25 Posted 28/12/2019 at 10:54:40
Sean (22) Couldn't agree more! One of the (very) few sensible comments to emanate from the Sky darling Jamie C was that from the time you step out on to the pitch, you're going to war with the other side for 90 minutes. I don't think that that approach is helped by the friendliness, smiles and waves in the tunnel before the kick off.

I've been watching Everton for over sixty years. I don't want a return to Don Revie's Leeds in the sixties, but respect, tinged with fear seems to produce the right result

Fancifully, perhaps some of NZ style pre-kick-off routine might help, though at the moment it would probably me more like a Morris dance than a Haka!

Paul A Smith
26 Posted 28/12/2019 at 11:03:33
I think if there is ever a time to make changes it is now.
The christmas fixture list sort of gives managers some freedom in that respect.

The games are demanding, close together, players are tired and not a great deal of football is played.

We have players that should be showing hunger to be back in the side and the beauty of it is, they haven't been out too long and should want to show the manager they want a position.

This could be the best time to change a winning team.

In another subject, anyone willing to open their minds a bit, watch a video on youtube by a man called Paul Rulkens. (An intelligent Author, busisness advisor) It is titled, why the majority is always wrong.

Something i have suggested for a long time about mass trends and hype.

Somebody suggested it to me today so i haven't seen it all yet but its well worth a listen.

Michael Burke
27 Posted 28/12/2019 at 11:08:21
I went to the newc vs wolves game. It was absolutely dreadful. Newc were very well organised. Clear banks in defence and midfield when they didn't have the ball. St.Maximine was a threat going forward, fast and direct runner. Matty outshone his older brother and looks a better footballer. Lascelles led his team well. Their striker, Joelinton was good awful. Matt Ritchie balances their team well, so I hope he is still out injured.
We've had 3 hours more recovery time than the barcodes, that could be important!!!!!
Chas Mansour
28 Posted 28/12/2019 at 11:10:01
Sorry for the typo in the last para; should read 'be' instead of 'me'.
Conor McCourt
29 Posted 28/12/2019 at 11:16:34
Robert 12- I think we should play Delph purely on the basis that he might be fit and available today. If you rest him he could still get injured getting into the car on the way home.

Derek 14- Carlo will always choose experience over youth so I wouldn't get too optimistic that getting rid of Silva will take us back to what Martinez was trying to do. Davies from the start and Gordon from the bench were 2 of the early casualties against Burnley

David Hallwood
30 Posted 28/12/2019 at 11:49:58
Surely the club should make a formal complaint about Lee Mason, and bring with it a mountain of evidence to his ineptitude/bias.

Okay, it mightn't go anywhere but at least it'll give the incompetent fucker a kicking and leverage in the inevitable 'I told you so' when the club complain yet again of his performance.

Personally, I'm sick of him and Jon Moss etc all on 𧵄k a year turning up for work and putting in a mistake ridden shift that would get anyone, in any job disciplined.

Ruined the game for me before it kicks off.

Paul Rimmer
31 Posted 28/12/2019 at 11:56:54
Think there'll be 4 or 5 changes today. Baines for Digne, Keane for Coleman, Davies for Delph, Walcott for Bernard, possibly Kean for Richarlison but more likely during the game. Reckon we'll keep the same shape.

I think we'll see more bias towards us now that Ancellotti is in charge. Mason is as bad as most - in fact, Michael Oliver apart, I can't think of a decent ref!
Reckon we'll get the job done today. 2-1 or 1-0. Come on you Blues.

Steavey Buckley
32 Posted 28/12/2019 at 11:57:57
Ancelotti should play his strongest team against Newcastle, because Everton have a better chance of points than on January 1st against Man City.
Dave Abrahams
33 Posted 28/12/2019 at 11:58:48
Paul (26), regarding Paul Rulkins and the title of his video, “Why the majority is always wrong”, the late Pope John Paul used to say in some of his sermons “The majority is not always right”.

I'm just wandering how old the video is.
Ryan Holroyd
34 Posted 28/12/2019 at 12:02:53
2 games in 48 hours. Course there'll be changes. Why couldn't these games be played tomorrow? Ludicrous as it makes the spectacle worse.
Paul A Smith
35 Posted 28/12/2019 at 12:14:06
Dave, I think it said 2014? He is not the first to say it by any means and a few successful people have followed the same beliefs.

It is the way he articulates the theory I found interesting. Its not always easy convincing people there is another way of doing things but he is good with his simple examples.

Sondre Haga
36 Posted 28/12/2019 at 12:17:37
Our stats with Lee Mason are not bad. 9 losses in 38 games. That's better than with most other referees I guess. I don't think he is fit for the Premier League though.

I think one point is okay today. Many tired legs in both teams.

Jim Bennings
37 Posted 28/12/2019 at 12:22:05
We need to on be mentally resolute here and I'm surprised nobody has touched on it yet but Jordan Pickford needs to play the actual match not the fans and start dicking about again.

We lost that game in March at St James' because Pickford was basically a knobhead that afternoon, and I can't see Ancelotti letting him get away with that this time.

We will be potentially up against Andy Carroll and we know aerially he's a threat against us.

Attacking wise chances will probably be at a premium, usually we create very little I'm away games do it's important that what chances do arise are clinically taken.

As has been stated this is a better chance to get points on the board that at City on Wednesday so hopefully we can have a real big push to get a positive result today.

Paul A Smith
38 Posted 28/12/2019 at 12:45:42
Too right, Jim, myself and the lads I went to the Burnley game with had a chat about Pickford's antics at St James Park.

He does need to focus on what matters and stop getting involved in things he needs no part of.

Jerome Shields
39 Posted 28/12/2019 at 12:55:00

Yes, Pickford needs to have learnt, or have taken a sedative. If I see him starry-eyed and hyper, I will fear for the worst. The Geordies are the biggest wind-up merchants in the business, whether you can understand them or not.

Ancelotti will probably stick with the same flexible formation, particularly at the back. The tactics of the midfield and forward p!ay will be interesting, against a more open side. He will probably want more forward play, rather than knock-downs and runners.

Set-pieces will have been worked on 24/7 since the last game, particularly the ball delivered in. I expect Baines to play and the sub bench to be different. Any of the injured players available.

Anyone knows Ancelotti's record against Newcastle and how his teams played?

Jack Convery
40 Posted 28/12/2019 at 13:04:08
A win today, with their home record will instill a lot of confidence and belief in what Ancellotti wants the players to do. A betting man would plump for the draw I reckon but being geed up by whats being said and done lately gives me hope for more than that. I would love to see Kean and Calvert-Lewin upfront and put Richarlson on the left with Baines behind him. COYBs!!!
Jack Convery
41 Posted 28/12/2019 at 13:06:34
Apart from Everton and Newcastle, Carlo has beaten the rest of the Premier League, whoever he has played against as a manager.
Paul Tran
42 Posted 28/12/2019 at 13:09:21
You're right, Paul, that TED talk was from 2014. He's an ex-stand up comedian, which is why his delivery is good. Lovely simple message, which is that most people/businesses to more of or a bit less of the same stuff when they meet difficulty. Better to try something different.
John Pierce
43 Posted 28/12/2019 at 13:17:08
Newcastle have defended far better than I'd expect under Bruce and their personnel they have.

However they are very limited going forward. Score and score early it will force them to push out. Not their strong suit.

I despise this lot so cannot see past us pasting them 3-0.

Ricky Oak
44 Posted 28/12/2019 at 13:18:18
Dear God, thank you for Carlo.

Please see to it that the refs and the establishment soften their hearts. All we ask for is parity and no more blatant dishonesty from those in charge or commentating.

Amen. 1-2 — Come on you Blues...!

Dave Lewis
45 Posted 28/12/2019 at 13:20:41
Happy New Year, all!

Nice to see change is coming. As a life-long fan, I think we need that creativity in midfield. Over 10 corners and free-kicks wasted and full-backs making the majority of passes into the centre. Leighton is back for two games and has an instant impact. We need a quality holding midfielder and soon!!
Ricky Oak
46 Posted 28/12/2019 at 13:21:31
Just to wish EFC good luck today against the Magpies...

Come on Everton! I predict us to win 1-2

Jerome Shields
47 Posted 28/12/2019 at 13:23:08
Ancelotti's record is good on Tyneside, but a Newcastle defeat in a high scoring game at Stamford Bridge started the finish of his Chelsea career. Ancelotti does not get beat at the next meeting, against such a Club.
Derek Knox
48 Posted 28/12/2019 at 13:56:19
Jerome, Jimmy Nail's records weren't bad on Tyneside, but didn't travel that well.

Don't worry I'll get my coat ! :-)

Paul Tran
49 Posted 28/12/2019 at 14:11:50
One of my mates went to Newcastle Uni and Jimmy Nail was his landlord. They always paid the rent!
Paul A Smith
50 Posted 28/12/2019 at 14:38:16
Paul Tran glad you recognised it mate. Some if them Ted talks are crazy some are wise.

I love when the likes of this fella can deliver intelligence in simple form.
I think thats the easiest way to open peoples minds and have more confidence in their own thoughts.

I try that when talking about Everton though and still feel disillusioned haha.

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