Gbamin return delayed by a further 3 months

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Everton will be without Jean-Philippe Gbamin until the New Year after the Ivorian midfielder was forced to undergo surgery on his right quadriceps.

Gbamin, a £23m summer acquisition from Mainz in Germany, made just two appearances for the Blues before suffering the injury during training in August. He was initially expected to miss three months putting his targeted return as some time next month but the club's medical staff determined that the problem required an operation after all.

A statement on read: "Everton Football Club can confirm that Jean-Philippe Gbamin has undergone surgery on a tendon injury in his right quadriceps muscle, which will keep the midfielder out of action for around three months.

"The 24-year-old had returned to light training at the start of this month but suffered a setback in his rehabilitation.

"As a result, the summer signing from Mainz underwent surgery in France on Tuesday.

"Gbamin will now continue his rehabilitation with Club medical staff at USM Finch Farm."


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Peter Neilson
1 Posted 16/10/2019 at 17:39:50
BBC just reported that Gbamin has had surgery on his thigh today and will be out for at least 3 months.
Steavey Buckley
2 Posted 16/10/2019 at 17:42:33
"Everton Football Club can confirm that Jean-Philippe Gbamin has undergone surgery on a tendon injury in his right quadriceps muscle, which will keep the midfielder out of action for around three months.

The 24-year-old had returned to light training at the start of this month but suffered a setback in his rehabilitation. As a result, the summer signing from Mainz underwent surgery in France on Tuesday."

Gbamin will now continue his rehabilitation with Club medical staff at USM Finch Farm.

Bill Gall
3 Posted 16/10/2019 at 18:17:53
And now we get the news that Gbamin is out for another 3 months. Is it only at Everton that it can it go from bad to worse?

I am not a sports medical expert but surly this injury must have shown up weeks ago that he needed surgery, and not after he started light training that may have aggravated it.

Bill Gienapp
4 Posted 16/10/2019 at 18:32:07
Well that's nice.
Mike Gaynes
5 Posted 16/10/2019 at 18:42:54
Don't count on the three months, folks. That may be a wildly optimistic estimate.

This is a 9-month injury for most athletes. The leg is locked in a cast in the straight position to start with, and only when the cast comes off can you even start basic mobility and stretching activities. The subsequent rehab is very, very slow.

NBA star Victor Oladipo had his quadriceps tendon surgically repaired back in January. He has only recently resumed half-speed drills, wearing a huge brace on his leg. He is not expected to play again anytime soon. His case may or may not be worse than Gbamin's -- this is a rare injury, and there's no set timetable (for another NBA star, Tony Parker, it took 7 months) -- but I'd say that if we see him on the pitch next spring it'll be a spectacular victory.

Peter Gorman
6 Posted 16/10/2019 at 18:47:14
Mike, I wish I could say 'thanks' for that context but this is awful news for the lad and probably us too. Here's hoping for a smooth recovery then, whenever that may be.
Kunal Desai
7 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:00:25
Brilliant. He's been here five mins and even he's sussed this shitshow out. He's probably NFI just like the rest of the players and manager (No Fucking Interest)
Cristobal Aguirre
9 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:11:44
The stupidness is extending to our medical staff.
Paul Turner
10 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:12:21
That's really tough for JPG, as it would be for any sportsperson at any level. Best wishes for a full recovery, young man!
Rob Marsh
11 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:13:45
That means the end of January at the earliest we'll see him on the pitch and then it will probably be from the bench, it will then take him about 2-3 months just to get his full fitness and match sharpness, just in time for the end of the season, marvellous!
Rob Marsh
12 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:15:46
What it must be like to pick up £60k pw even when you're not working for it?
Mike Gaynes
13 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:16:41
Right-o, Kunal.
Ian Lloyd
14 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:20:14
Yet another crock !
Rob Marsh
15 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:20:25
It sounds very plausible what Mike Gaynes has said and it now looks like this season toward the very end will be used as training to be fit for next season.

With such an injury and if we are fighting for survival will he even get a game?

Stephen Brown
16 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:22:30
Terrible news
Christy Ring
17 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:28:43
That's a huge setback, it doesn't say much about our medical advice, he could have had the operation back in August, but 7/8 weeks later, an operation is the only option. Checking a scan every week, would show it's not healing, totally ridiculous.
John McFarlane Snr
18 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:29:01
Hi Kunai [7] congratulations on winning the 'Cynical Quote of the Week'. I'm surprised that you would have anything to do with such an inept establishment. I'm not enamoured by acronyms, least of all your tasteless submission, and I don't think I'll be straining my failing eyesight to read any more of your colourful comments.
Andrew Keatley
19 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:31:13
Sometimes these sorts of set-backs end up clearing space for someone else to come to the fore. Quite who that player might be is unclear, but perhaps Tom Davies is ready for increased responsibility and playing time.
Duncan McDine
20 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:36:17
Andrew, I've been keeping my fingers crossed about Tom Davies for a little while now, but even Schneiderlin seems to be doing enough (stop laughing) to keep him on the bench. This crappy period of being an Evertonian has just got a little bit worse. Good luck to the lad in his recovery.
Joe McMahon
21 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:36:50
Why does this seem to alwys happen at Everton. I can't remeber the last time any of the (it's never us) Reds starting 11 were out for year.
Niall McIlhone
22 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:44:05
So that pretty much leaves Schneiderlin (now, now you lot!) Delph and Davies is our fit DM's with the possibility of Benny Baningeme being available at some stage?
I'd feel a little less concerned if we settled on a shape that works for the players available: It's sad for JPG, but he will recover. Despite a fairly sizeable squad, we just don't have the quality or versatility to compensate for the loss of key players, so the best hope must lie in finding a team shape that will somehow garner results, even if the style and flair is compromised. Lordy, how we miss that man Gana. He is even excelling in a superstar team now.
Jay Wood

23 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:45:26
WOW! The lad has suffered a serious career inhibiting, if not potentially career-ending injury and he gets labelled a slacker and a crock and our medical staff stupid?

I'm genuinely glad I don't inhabit the dark minds of some very bleak posters on this site.

All the best to the lad and all power to our medical staff in helping him on his long road to recovery.

Mike Doyle
24 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:47:02
Mike Gaynes estimate is probably correct. Depending on severity these - fairly uncommon - injuries tend to take 3-6 months. After this the player will need to build fitness before undergoing the equivalent of a pre-season. Hope we see him before the season ends but wouldn't have a bet on it.
Rob Halligan
25 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:51:34
As much as people want to criticize the medical staff at Everton, maybe the player himself can be apportioned a little bit of blame? I'm no medical expert, but the medical staff surely would have been asking, and monitoring Gbamins leg, and how it felt during the last couple of months, and if he says it feels fine, and, in his eagerness to get back playing, he's pushed himself too much? As Christy @ 17 says though, a weekly scan should show any problems, but would he have been having weekly scans, nobody on here would know that.

John, # 18, totally agree with everything you say in that post.

Minik Hansen
26 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:51:58
The headline a bit misleading? Was he supposed to get back next month? If it's delayed by a further three months then it means he's due back in February? Anyways, looking forward to see him back in training in January hopefully..
Dennis Stevens
27 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:57:49
I hope he makes a full & speedy recovery. However, I suspect it's more likely that he'll seem like a new player next season! I wonder if Silva will be still around by the time he returns to the squad.
Ian Lloyd
28 Posted 16/10/2019 at 19:59:53
Jay - maybe there are quite a few of these “bleak posters” because we are sick to the back teeth of being served up these kind of news / signings / poor management / charlatan managers year in year out. Is it too much to ask for us loyal good money paying patrons to actually see a good team and a well ran club?! After blowing millions and millions on bang average players / managers etc etc we deserve better !
Mick Conalty
29 Posted 16/10/2019 at 20:02:38
The number players signed in recent years, who on arrival are either unfit or injured is pathetic.
Every club has the right to be unlucky, but we are abusing the bleeding privalage.
Martin Mason
30 Posted 16/10/2019 at 20:06:20
Players now are trained to within an inch of breaking down and yet we blame them when they break down not the system.
John McFarlane Snr
31 Posted 16/10/2019 at 20:20:05
Hi Rob [25] I appreciate your support, I know that some people will consider me to be an 'Old Fogie' but I have standards that have served me well, and at the age of 81 I can honestly say that I have never sworn in front of my children, grandchildren, children in general, ladies, or strangers. It's my belief that when it comes to criticism of any description, there is a manner of expressing it, and no expletive is going to strengthen your argument or point of view.

If I felt so strongly about the way Everton FC is being run I would surrender my season ticket, this act would signal the end of my interest in football, and would preclude me saying "Once a Blue always a Blue".

Jay Wood

32 Posted 16/10/2019 at 20:23:08
Ian @ 28.

Another 'WOW!' moment, Ian. Heady stuff for you.

You usually only post on match day to:

* bemoan the selection before a ball has been kicked
* berate the manager and players incessantly
* immediately put the boot in at any mishap
* condemn and condone one and all, including fellow supporters who don't subscribe to your eternally bleak view
* revel in defeat

By contrast, you are consistently absent in games we actually win.

As for your latest chest-beating post, what has any single one of those issues you list (which any and every discerning Evertonian is all too familiar with) got to do with the misfortune that has befallen to Gbamin?

It is perfectly legitimate to ask hard questions about the club on many of those issues. But you never contribute to such debates which are commonplace on TW, do you Ian?

It is being deliberately bleak and frankly quite obnoxious to label Gbamin a crock as you do as if it is conclusive evidence at the overall incompetence of the way the club is run, rather than first think to extend a droplet of sympathy to the lad.

Kieran Kinsella
33 Posted 16/10/2019 at 20:33:48
Surgeries are a big deal and often times have complications. I think in most instances doctors are reluctant to go straight for a surgery if there is a decent chance the patient can recover without one. Plus, even if any of us are surgeons (which I don't think any of us are) we can't really assess the situation without examining the patient. So it's a bit silly to start criticizing the medical staff.

Beyond that, it's football. Anyone remember that Rodrigo Moyes signed from Brazil? He was the most hyped signing that summer but I am pretty sure he never even played for us due to injury. These things happen, that's why we have a squad, and it's not "just Everton," every club has injuries.

Tony Hill
34 Posted 16/10/2019 at 20:44:04
He has some history of injury I think. Why was he put into games when he was plainly not match fit? There are reasonable questions to be asked about medical and footballing due diligence.
Dave Abrahams
35 Posted 16/10/2019 at 20:55:20
I don't know if there is any blame attached to the medical staff, I know little about these injuries and how they should be treated: It does leave Everton in a bit or a lot of potential trouble where the midfield area is concerned, Delph and Gomes seem to attract injuries pretty frequently, leaving us to rely on Schneiderlin who doesn't inspire much confidence, in me anyway, Silva doesn't seem to trust Davies or Banginime, that could leave us in serious trouble before we reach January.

I wish Gbamin well on his road to recovery and every cloud as a silver lining, I hope ours is just around the corner.

Ken Kneale
36 Posted 16/10/2019 at 20:57:42
Jay I think Ian is entitled to that view and his right to express it. These issues really do feel like own goals when they occur so frequently at what is supposed to be a professional club with due diligence at all levels. That does not mean Ian or those who support his views lack sympathy or empathy.
Daniel A Johnson
37 Posted 16/10/2019 at 20:59:07
Sounds Like won't see him till next season now. Just hope we can keep Delph and Gomes fit and maybe give Davies a chance. Also looks like Schneiderlin won't be going anywhere soon either.
John Audsley
38 Posted 16/10/2019 at 21:00:09

We have no idea if he is any good and he has no idea how he fits into playing for Everton.

Really unfortunate but we need a new midfielder In January and cant wait for him to be fit.

Unfortunate for him and us but time waits for know one when you think about the state we are in.

George Cumiskey
39 Posted 16/10/2019 at 21:00:49
John Jnr, have you got blue tinted glasses to help with your failing eyesight ?
Brian Williams
40 Posted 16/10/2019 at 21:01:57
These mishaps don't always have to be somebody's fault. There doesn't always have to be someone to blame.
Sometimes bad things happen, even to good people, and you sometimes just have to say "what a bastard" and get on with it.
Ian Lloyd
41 Posted 16/10/2019 at 21:02:31
Thanks Ken

Jay I wasn't having a go at you just replying with my frustrations and of course I have sympathy for the guy but like another poster wrote - £60k a week softens the blow to the lad

Jay I do find it somewhat disturbing how you jump down the throat of many a poster who has an opinion different to the “ all seeing I “ of yours - Hahaha

Ash Moore
42 Posted 16/10/2019 at 21:02:51
Agree with Ken Kneale. Every team has to deal with injuries but we seem to have to deal with more than our share and also for much longer. It's really frustrating.
Nicholas Ryan
43 Posted 16/10/2019 at 21:05:23
Joe [21] '...last time a Red was out for a year...' : Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain!
John McFarlane Snr
44 Posted 16/10/2019 at 21:11:42
Hi George [39] Firstly let me that thank you for demoting me from senior to junior, that's generally regarded as 'knocking years off one's life. To answer your question, yes I do have blue-tinted glasses, but I'm afraid that they don't prevent me from seeing things, that I don't want to see from my seat in the Park End.
Rob Marsh
45 Posted 16/10/2019 at 21:19:54
I'll agree with Ian Lloyd on the point that £60k pw is one hell of a pain killer, I doubt he'll need any Ibuprofen.

I wonder just how badly they actually feel such injuries?

I'm not being cynical here.

Jay Wood

46 Posted 16/10/2019 at 21:25:13
Ken and Ian.

I don't deny anyone their right to express any opinion they like on TW. Never have.

What I do is contest those views I don't agree with whilst putting my own. So don't try implying I suppress debate.

I contested Ian's (and Kunal's) original posts which clearly were less than sympathetic to Gbamin and, by extension, used as a further example of the club's incompetence.

It was Ian's 2nd post that perversely (in my eyes) confirmed his own warped thinking on this.

For me, it's not even a football-related question. It's one of basic human decency and empathizing and sympathizing with another person to whom the misfortune has fallen.

I repeat, Ian's (and Kunal's) first thoughts on this news was not to show said basic human decency, empathy or sympathy, but to berate both the unfortunate player and the club on a public forum.

I rather fancy that says a lot more about themselves than either Gbamin or the club. Bleak and dark minds, as I originally said.

Brian Williams
47 Posted 16/10/2019 at 21:26:50
When a player gets a bad injury they're gutted, absolutely gutted, and believe it or not the money doesn't come into it at that point.
Christy Ring
48 Posted 16/10/2019 at 21:27:17
I wish Gbamin all the best, he's a big loss, because he was bought to fill Gueye's shoes, and the little bit we saw of him, was encouraging, hopefully we'll see the best of him, in the new year.
David Pearl
50 Posted 16/10/2019 at 21:30:08
Oh crap! I'm sure the move to Everton was a huge step in his career so l'm sure he will be suffering, regardless of his wages. When l had my injury, l lost my £27.50 a week and had to move back in with my parents. Perhaps he will have to do the same, l don't know. Long way back now for the kid. Getting fit again and then trying to get his place. Let's hope when he returns it's into a confident team that's flying.
Kunal Desai
51 Posted 16/10/2019 at 21:38:11
My post was a little tongue and cheek. In all seriousness hope he makes a speedy recovery, the rumours were that he would be out until the new year when he sustained the injury, so this news isn't anything new it merely is confirmation to what was initially feared he would be out for.

People can view my posts however they wish. The reference to 'No fucking interest' I stand by. Look at the players at Everton, do they look like they give a shit? No. Do we see them putting in 100% effort and committment every game ofcourse not. Are they happy to pick up their huge wage packets weekly? Absolutely. Everton is a cosy club for players to move to. Little effort for big reward.

George Cumiskey
52 Posted 16/10/2019 at 21:48:46
Well John Senior maybe Kunal sees things differently to you from wherever he sits.
It must be very difficult for you at the match with all the industrial language going on around you,to take offence to somebody using it on toffee web when they are so frustrated by what's going on at Everton at the moment.
Laurie Hartley
53 Posted 16/10/2019 at 21:50:31
This is terrible news for us but even more so for this young man. He must be feeling gutted right now. I feel really sorry for him.

Andrew James
56 Posted 16/10/2019 at 22:07:22
You are right Laurie, this is basically his season over. He's already lost 2 months and a further 3 plus a 4th in light running. I doubt we'll see him until February and then he'll have to get in the first eleven.

I was intrigued to see him as he came across so well in interviews. I hope that positivity sustains him for the time being.

Roger Helm
57 Posted 16/10/2019 at 22:10:45
I have no details of his injury but if surgery was needed it may have been a quads tendon repair, which is a big operation. A report published in Am J Sports Med of this operation in NFL players found that only half returned to regular season games.

It may be that his Everton career is over before it began, poor lad.

Brent Stephens
58 Posted 16/10/2019 at 22:15:33
Sometimes more is less - posts don't need to be long to make a point.
Paul Birmingham
60 Posted 16/10/2019 at 22:21:31
It's not the first and won't be the last major signing made by Everton, that gets a serious injury, in the early months of his Everton career.

All focus and effort is to get the lad into a full recuperation, and to come back at full fitness. Hence the squad system, and now in this season more than ever, this squad must dig deep, as it has it all to prove starting v West Ham.

Let's hope this is a good weekend and Everton gets a victory and takes slow steps to recover the slide.

Let's hope so.

Frank Boyle
61 Posted 16/10/2019 at 22:31:56
Sounds as though his initial injury was a tear of the Quads. Somewhat surprising that surgery was not opted for at that point. I had a full rupture of the Quads some 15 years ago - not recommended ! . Best wishes to J-P for a full recovery.
Sam Hoare
62 Posted 16/10/2019 at 22:34:30
Grim news. For us and him.

Denis Adeniran anyone?

John McFarlane Snr
64 Posted 16/10/2019 at 22:43:11
Hi again, George [52], it's not as difficult as you may imagine, but it's just as distasteful, listening to foul-mouthed supporters who inform the players of their deficiencies, many of whom have hardly kicked a ball at any level. Calling international players "Fucking shit!".

I am mindful of the frustration that fans experience, I too share their frustration, but I don't feel the need to express it in the same way. Would you suggest that I adopt an 'if you can't beat them, join them' attitude?

Kieran Kinsella
65 Posted 16/10/2019 at 22:46:53
Sad news one of our own Callum Dyson has had to retire aged 23. Fragile career.
John Raftery
66 Posted 16/10/2019 at 22:52:21
Bad news. The injury itself sounded bad when it was first announced in August. Surgery is usually a last resort and the rehab following surgery will not be easy. As others have noted January seems optimistic for a return to the first team. More likely he will be in light training by then and will take a further period of several weeks or months to reach match fitness. This is a big blow for Silva and the club. Midfield is the weakest area in the team, which is saying something.
Brent Stephens
67 Posted 16/10/2019 at 22:54:18
Sam #62. Very possibly Denis A. Been playing consistently well for the U23s.
Brian Williams
68 Posted 16/10/2019 at 22:54:52
Forgive me mate can't tell whether your question is genuine or just sarcasm.
Give us a clue?

Either way it doesn't matter just as the money doesn't matter when a player suffers with mental health issues as opposed to physical ones.

Lots think, yeh all that money would make things that affect "normal" people mean nothing but that doesn't wash.

If a player is badly innured or suffers like our own Aaron Lennon did I'm pretty fucking sure they don't think "Ah well I may be on the verge of losing my career, or a breakdown, but at least I'm getting thousands a week."

Anthony Murphy
69 Posted 16/10/2019 at 22:55:54
Really bad luck for the lad. Hope he recovers quicker than we expect.

I wonder if Baningime will resurface at some point?

Tom Dodds
70 Posted 16/10/2019 at 22:55:54
Unless Kenwright and his ‘Grand old fuckin Stooges' are guillotined, this club will run down the drain and into the Championship.

The club needs a right-on tight-shipped, hard-lined board of experienced professional businessmen — NOT a confused band of fuckin ‘Odd Lots' that are letting the pace of this cutthroat football league gradually overtake us.

Yes, I know this thread is all about Gbamin, I'm just sick to death of the constant, and increasing (as the seasons go by) bad-luck-fuelled Groundhog Days and seasons of (somehow) or ultimately, neither-here-nor-thereness
It's now how many years since Martinez's brief 4th place?

Let's face it, we as fans have done sweet fuck all to change things. Unlike...

Don Alexander
71 Posted 16/10/2019 at 23:00:54
We're not physicians, we don't know the lad (and "lad" he is, bless his millionaire bollocks), but, for all that, Kunai Desai makes a fair point as far as I'm concerned, but only on how the world of players' agents see us.

I suspect we're perceived world-wide by agents as the softest touch in football, Europe-wide. I say this on the back of perennially just falling short of achieving anything at all in terms of significant achievement for us fans/supporters whilst promulgating the tired ol' "An' If Yer Know Yer 'Istory" mantra at every sodding home game which is music to the ears of rapacious agents desperate to get exorbitant contracts for the bog-standard players on whom their own remuneration depends.

Players too old to achieve anything see us as the best option for lucrative last years. Players too young to attract the interest of winning clubs see us as self-deluded wealthy clowns who maybe, just maybe, they can use us as a fabulously paying stepping stone IF all their stars converge to deliver to other winning clubs their perceived talent.

Ergo, all but no-one at Finch Farm has 100% commitment to Everton at their heart or mind.

In that respect they are adequately represented by the perennially selfish Blue Bill.

Brian Wilkinson
72 Posted 16/10/2019 at 23:04:47
I blame the Black Cat at Goodson.
Mike Gaynes
74 Posted 16/10/2019 at 23:23:56
Tony #34, yes, he has an extensive history of thigh injuries.

I wouldn't be too hasty to blame Everton's medical staff. I would assume they got an MRI on the original injury and discussed the options with Gbamin, probably conservative vs. surgery. Knowing that surgery could cost him half a season, he would have opted for the usual combination of rest/therapy/rehab, trying to avoid missing too much time. And the reports say he was in light training -- appropriate for seven weeks after the first injury -- when he went down. It's very possible he had a small tear all along.

(FWIW tendons are tricky to diagnose -- I'm going through the process right now with an Achilles tear that recurred while I was in "light training".)

With regards to the comment that "£60k a week softens the blow to the lad"... sorry, but that's pure BS. As my buddy Brian says at #47, no professional athlete, especially one trying to prove himself at a new club, would be anything but devastated at this turn of events. And no size paycheck will make him feel better.

Kieran Kinsella
76 Posted 16/10/2019 at 23:45:15

You ALMOST made a whole post but slipped a Kenwright bash in there at the end.


Agreed, Darron Gibson got a lot of flak while injured but he says frustration drove him to depression and drink. They might be well paid today but not many players have the luxury of a fall back quality education to pay bills for the next 50 years. Yes you get the odd David Bentley who just quits cause he can't be arsed. But most players are competitive and don't want to see someone take their place. Bolasie, Gibson and McCarthy are three who were in the first team but never got back there after injury. I highly doubt Gbamin is rolling around in cash enjoying his rehab.

Darren Hind
77 Posted 16/10/2019 at 00:02:46
Mike @5

Do you know of any examples of players making a full recovery from this injury and going on to have successful careers ?

I cant find any. Please tell me I'm looking in all the wrong places

Amit Vithlani
78 Posted 16/10/2019 at 00:10:57
Disastrous. But Silva can overcome this if he moves away from 4-2-3-1.

I'd suggest moving to a back 3, or trying out Holgate in the holding role (as suggested by some). Adeniran certainly looks promising as an alternative. Not sure about Baninigme - has he recovered after his Wigan nightmare?

Holgate can not be worse than Schneiderlin, whose tackling and interception stats are poor. We need to improve in those areas, at the expense of Schneiderlin's sideways passes if needs be.

As for all this passing needed to beat the press, Gomes seems to be the go to man anyway.

Don Alexander
79 Posted 17/10/2019 at 00:13:48
Keiran (#76), yes I have it in for Kenwright, as do others on this site. In fairness to him it's only due to him having been in charge, entirely or majorly, for the past 25 years deffo, and for years before that in a serious capacity.

But maybe I'm the deluded one?

Mike Gaynes
80 Posted 17/10/2019 at 00:22:49
Darren #77, definitely. Kawhi Leonard was injured in 2017. By this past summer he was the best basketball player in the world and the MVP of the NBA finals. Another NBA star, Blake Griffin, was hurt in 2015 and missed three months, but by the following season he was fine and remains a top player. The injury did end the career of NBA legend Charles Barkley, but he was 36 years old and probably weighed 280 at the time.

Some NFL players who suffered the injury have come back successfully also.

I've been researching it this afternoon but have not found other footballers besides Gbamin who have suffered this particular injury. It really is pretty rare.

Darren Hind
81 Posted 17/10/2019 at 00:29:58
"Holgate holding midfield" couldnt agree more. I've been banging that particular drum myself.

Silva doesnt trust Davies. Schneiderlin goes through the motions. Gomes seems permanently off the pace. Delph is a red card waiting to happen. Surely Holgate is worth a try ?

What's going on with Silva and Holgate ?

Seamus is creaking like an old barn door. Our defensive partnership is being being stripped bare on a weekly basis and our defending midfield players offer about as much protection as a sawn off Johnny.

We know Holgate takes risk, but we know he can play. . We also know he cant possible do any worse than any of the regular starters. He must look at this shambles and think "If I cant get a game here I may as well quit the game "

Don Alexander
82 Posted 17/10/2019 at 00:36:28
On Gbamin and any other signing I assume Everton bought insurance on such an investment so, if the worst scenario occurs, it'll not be that much of a financial hit for us.

But maybe I'm the deluded one, again apparently, according to some?

Darren Hind
83 Posted 17/10/2019 at 00:36:59
Interesting Mike.

Having read your posts I think I'd have to be offered very decent odds on him making a full recovery, before I could be tempted to put money on it.

Mike Gaynes
84 Posted 17/10/2019 at 00:39:48
"Delph is a red card waiting to happen."

Say what??

The man's played almost 300 professional games and has three red cards.

Mike Gaynes
85 Posted 17/10/2019 at 00:42:57
Darren #83, I'm sure he'll recover just fine. Staying that way is another issue. According to Transfermarkt this is his fourth thigh injury.
Mike Corcoran
86 Posted 17/10/2019 at 00:44:03
5 years on from being mooted by Martinez, will we finally see a geriatric Baines Lahm experiment?

Naaaaah didn't think so

Darren Hind
87 Posted 17/10/2019 at 00:46:03
I think Kenwrights shortcomings have been well documented by some very knowledgeable posters on here. . . Then we get the brain numbingly dull ones who think they are telling us something we didnt already know every time they post.

"Fancy a pint Don ?" - four words you will never read on TW

Kieran Kinsella
88 Posted 17/10/2019 at 00:55:10
Don 179

Don't get me wrong I'm no BK lover. I was just genuinely surprised you almost missed him at the end there. I have long since given up trying to convert the Kenwright crowd but keep up the good fight.

Kieran Kinsella
89 Posted 17/10/2019 at 00:59:56
Not sure on insurance but I remember a broo haha with Chelsea and Cagliari the Boro and Branca where the clubs took them to court to force their retirement in order to get insurance money. Both players wanted to try and continue. Not sure if insurance kicks in for absence as opposed to career ending injury.
Derek Thomas
90 Posted 17/10/2019 at 01:26:27
I seem to remember the player was put in...due to somebody's injury(?) a bit earlier than the coaches would've liked.

Not anybody's individual fault (it never is is it)

Thus, as mostly happens, there was a knock on effect. Bad for the player, bad for the club. A write off season for the player and yet another, in a long list, for the club.

So yet again we stagger from one false dawn (spelt C,O,C,K, U,P) to another.

*the clock flips round to 6.00am, Sonny and Cher sing...'They say our love etc, Bill Murray wakes to another day*

Annika Herbert
91 Posted 17/10/2019 at 01:35:48
This is really bad news, both for the club and the player. I was looking forward to seeing this lad as I felt he showed real promise in his early outings.

Here's hoping he makes a swift and full recovery, even if that means we don't see the lad back on the pitch until next season. I personally hope this means some game time for Adeniran, or Beningame.

Jim Harrison
92 Posted 17/10/2019 at 01:37:34
Tom 70

Whaaa? Just to be clear, there is now a Director of Football in charge of signing, and a new owner. Kenwright is still invoked but isn't in charge.

Relegated? Spurs and Man Utd going down too? Palace going to finish in top 4? 7 games in, not on form, but a bit early to predict that just yet

And how does a player getting injured point to issues with Kenwright? Just give up on football and watch wrestling, the results are predetermined and a purely predictable spectacle.

Tom Dodds
93 Posted 17/10/2019 at 06:26:21
Jim @92.

As our seasons somehow end up being the same as the previous. Somehow, again and again, and around and around we are going – no matter who the fuck is ‘installed'.

Somehow, everything stays the perennial 1 step forwards 2 steps backwards the same.

Whichever season starts well,ends up falling down, somehow and vice versa almost interminably. It's like we are stuck in a science fiction-like time loop,or using a ‘classics' example cursed by a Greek mythological God to forever go through an endless cycle of build-ups and let-downs.

We will never break free of this Job-like existence till that Jonah is thrown, launched or hounded the hell off our ship.

He's the ‘Curse of the fuckin' Claw' — trust me!!

Tom Dodds
94 Posted 17/10/2019 at 06:44:39
In fact lets start a poll...

All those who want Kenwright to ‘Walk the Plank' just say..


Ken Kneale
96 Posted 17/10/2019 at 07:24:52
Tony Hill
97 Posted 17/10/2019 at 07:41:11
It's concerning that we are so light in midfield, given our current position. I agree with those who would give Holgate a go.

There's a long season ahead and we look underpowered. Worrying indeed.

Derek Thomas
98 Posted 17/10/2019 at 07:50:44
Tom @94; Arrr, he be a bilge rat and no mistake
Trevor Peers
99 Posted 17/10/2019 at 08:04:20
Bad news indeed, we need everyone fit to stand any chance of getting results. Silva has very little idea of how to successfully adjust in- game tactics, by asking players to do different jobs when required to suit varying situations.

He rigidly sticks to the same failed system and when he does make changes it usually creates chaos and we end up conceeding goals.

John Raftery
100 Posted 17/10/2019 at 08:25:09
Don (79) Kenwright has not been in charge ‘entirely or majorly' for 25 years. Between 1994 and December 1999 the club was in the hands of Peter Johnson and Clifford Finch.
Eddie Dunn
101 Posted 17/10/2019 at 08:46:06
This really is looking like it could have been the season to gatecrash the top 6 party.
United and Spurs have lost their keepers (although Liverpool have done fine without Alisson). The opportunity was really there and Leicester might cash-in.
Meanwhile things are looking very worrying for us. Gbamin's return was one of the few rays of light to give us some hope of a revival.
If we suffer another injury to a key player we will be in deep shit.
This season is reaching a pivotal moment.
Martin Berry
102 Posted 17/10/2019 at 08:57:03
I feel really sorry for the lad he must be gutted at not playing again potentially for most of the season.
Lets just hope that the operation makes him less likely to have a similar occurrence and he can show his real form in a Everton shirt.
Chris Gould
103 Posted 17/10/2019 at 09:09:49
Abysmal decision not to operate within 48hrs of the injury. His best prognosis involved immediate surgery. Whoever made the decision may very well have destroyed his career. There's no chance he'll have the same power/pace that he had before. It's also highly likely he'll get further niggles and injuries to the weakened muscle.
He was overplayed when not fully fit, which may have been the cause of the injury, and now he has been given the wrong treatment. He'll rue the day he ever signed for us.
Dave Abrahams
104 Posted 17/10/2019 at 09:29:35
Sam (62), Denis Adeniran ?, not knocking the lad before he has even been tried, at the moment seasoned professionals are struggling to succeed in Everton's midfield ( and other area's ) so I wouldn't take a chance with this lad or any other untried lad at this time.

The team is playing woeful football, the manager is struggling and not helping himself in a variety of ways, we need some strong personalities ( are there any) in the squad to organise a change in the way we are approaching each game, there looks to be no fight or desire in the squad, and that's before we go behind.

I'm going to Goodison on Saturday lunchtime to roar the Blues on to a very necessary victory, I hope we all get behind the team, it's getting desperate at the bottom.

Sam Hoare
105 Posted 17/10/2019 at 09:32:00
Not sure why we would play Holgate in midfield. As far as I know he has never played there. I'm not sure it will help his development/career if we start trying him there as well as CB and RB. Jack Rodwell springs to mind.

We have Davies, Banigime and Adeniran who do play there and have all shown talent to varying degrees. It's time for one of them to step up. Though our first choice pairing will remain Delph and Gomes for now. Another position that needs strengthening in what could be (or need to be) a busy January window.

Paul Tran
106 Posted 17/10/2019 at 09:38:02
I know I'm getting confirmation basis against Silva, I know there's a slice of hindsight involved, but I keep going back to Gbamin's first presser. He was asked if he'd be ready for the first game against Palace. He said no, one more week. He didn't get that week.

Did that make a difference?

Kim Vivian
107 Posted 17/10/2019 at 10:06:03
Is Delph even available? - I read he had withdrawn from the England squad for some niggle? Might we be in danger of exacerbating that?
Dave Williams
108 Posted 17/10/2019 at 10:08:16
That's a blow but these things happen and it seems unfair to me to blame the medical staff who are highly trained and will have consulted top specialists in deciding on treatment. As for those blaming BK probably the less said the better.
It does open things up for a young lad to come through. Whilst I agree with Dave Abraham's that now is not the best time to give a youngster a chance I believe Baningeme has been playing well again and he has shown that he can hack it in the first team. Tom would benefit from a run of games though I'd prefer to see Holgate alongside Mina rather than in midfield. Keane looks so out of form and has this issue of being a little slow to react when an opponent moves away from him into space. That said if the rumours about Sidibe not being flavour of the month are true then Holgate may be needed at RB.
To improve we have to dismantle the ponderous midfield three and get some energy and purpose in there. Gomes has been a big loss and should be back on Saturday. I'd play Iwobi in place of Siggy and Bernard in front of Digne who plays much better with Bernard ahead of him. If Delph is unfit then Beni or Tom should play.
Best wishes to JP for a speedy recovery and I hope young Dyson gets a new career sorted out- dreadfully bad luck for him.
James Hughes
109 Posted 17/10/2019 at 11:01:14
Chris #103 that is interesting. I have always been led to believe that surgery is the last resort.
Just curious, how do you know the his best prognosis was surgery and this whoever person didn't take it. Was it the tea lady or the kit man, maybe they recommended to put a bag of frozen peas on it.

It also seems you have written of his return and future career, you have a sunny outlook there.

Chris Gould
110 Posted 17/10/2019 at 12:17:39
It was reported and confirmed by the club that Gbamin had a tear to a tendon in his quadriceps. It was also reported as being serious, and so it's safe to assume that it was a large tear. My brother is an orthopedic surgeon/consultant. He explained to me at the time that they were taking a huge risk not operating immediately. He also predicted that it would backfire and that Gbamin would breakdown. He was right.

The type and serious nature of Gbamin's injury has been widely reported. So why don't you read up on it and educate yourself? Surgery is sometimes the only option and should not be treated as the last resort. In this instance his best prognosis involved immediate surgery. In waiting, and allowing Gbamin to breakdown, the prognosis is not great. Full recovery is unlikely.

They took a risk in the hope that he could return quicker. They got it wrong.
Boo hoo if you don't like my pessimistic outlook. It sucks for Gbamin and it sucks for the club. But it could have been avoided. The wrong option was taken.

Eddie Dunn
111 Posted 17/10/2019 at 12:22:23
Chris - that is pretty damning stuff. Could our medical people be so inept? I want a second opinion...!
Trevor Peers
112 Posted 17/10/2019 at 12:29:11
Well done Chris for giving us an insight into the smooth running of our super efficient football club.

Doesn't surprise me at all if a huge cock up has been made, we seem to be run by amateurs at every level, except maybe the youth and under 21's, when will it end.

Chris Gould
113 Posted 17/10/2019 at 12:33:45
Eddie, everyone makes mistakes. I'm sure that it was a calculated risk that they believed was worth taking. Sadly, the evidence suggests that it was a bad call.
The fact that Gbamin is now having surgery 3 months after the initial injury is a disaster.
Put it this way, if a quadriceps tendon tear requires surgery (which Gbamin's clearly did) then the procedure needs to be carried out immediately for the best prognosis. Having the surgery 3 months later is 3 months too late!
James Hughes
114 Posted 17/10/2019 at 12:44:41
Chris, So it's now 'safe to assume' it was a large tear, is it? no mention of it here

"Everton Football Club can confirm that Jean-Philippe Gbamin has sustained a tendon injury in his right quadriceps muscle, which will keep the midfielder out of action for at least eight weeks," Everton said in a statement.
"The club are in communication with leading experts around Europe to ensure the optimal outcome."

We can all do our research, sir.
obviously should have consulted you and your brother, anyway mate keep smiling

Frank Boyle
115 Posted 17/10/2019 at 13:02:09
Chris 110 and 113. Your words echo my experience exactly.

I had a repair done and then an orthoscopy some weeks later. A long, slow and painful recovery beckons I'm afraid.

It was also explained to me that time is of the essence in this procedure.

John Pierce
116 Posted 17/10/2019 at 13:17:14
The injury was a rare one, in fact id never heard of a footballer getting this type of tear.

Much like the nasty ruptured achilles its long way back and despite modern medicine players are ever quite the same. I still wonder what if the Yak had avoided that fate.

I'd written him off for the season, so the set back is a disaster for him personally but I didn't think we'd see him before the spring anyway. The knock on is dealing with what you have left and making it work for you.

Delph is doubtful, I still think Gomes is not fully match fit. If you don't put energy and dynamism into that midfield Saturday then you shoot yourself in the foot.

For me Silva has to go 4-3-3, play Schniederlin, Gomes & Davies. If he plays 4-2-3-1 and pairs Schniederlin & Gomes it's his own funeral.

Jim Harrison
117 Posted 17/10/2019 at 13:38:24
Tom 93 and 94

Not wanting him doesn't make him responsible for the current form of the team. The players have been selected in main by the DOF or signed with his consent. The coach was appointed as the selection on Moshiri. The entire upper structure of the club has been overhauled in the past 2 years. Quite simply, to point the finger at him for the current issues isn't fair.

And as to the point on relegation, again, do you see Utd or spurs going down? They are on a blip. City have lost two in 3, against “inferior” opposition. It's 7 games in. Exceedingly disappointing so far, and perhaps it will take a change of coach to get the season back together, but at this point it's a bit early for hyperbole and melodrama.

Don Alexander
118 Posted 17/10/2019 at 13:47:53
Aw shucks Darren (#87), I'll try to cope.
Roger Helm
119 Posted 17/10/2019 at 13:48:26
For all those criticising the medical staff - have you seen the scans and examined the player's leg? Have you had experience treating elite athlete's sports injuries? Did you discuss with the player the risks and benefits of surgical and non-surgical treatment?

It's easy enough being an armchair expert, but we should be a bit cautious in sounding off about situations we don't actually know about in detail.

Kieran Kinsella
120 Posted 17/10/2019 at 14:16:59
I wouldn't bring in Beningame or Adeniran right now. If West Ham score first it's going to be more toxic than a Trump press briefing. How was your debut Denis? “It was Ok for 10 minutes then people started jeering any time I didn't make a match winning pass, 30,000 people were screaming we were useles ####. I'm going back to Holland”
Chris Gould
121 Posted 17/10/2019 at 14:39:08
James #114,
I can't be bothered with tit for tat nonsense.
It's very clear that a mistake has been made. They tried to get him back as quickly as possible, and it's backfired. They got it wrong. It happens.
But carry on with your ignorance. I hear it's bliss.
Mike Gaynes
122 Posted 17/10/2019 at 15:01:22
Chris #103/110/113... it hasn't been three months since the original injury. It's been less than two. The club first reported it on August 23.

Thank you for providing your brother's professional perspective, but it's a fact that this injury is not always considered to require urgent surgery. To cite some of the NBA examples I mentioned in previous posts, Blake Griffin did not have surgery, and he recovered fully in a little over three months. Tony Parker did have his surgery within 48 hours, but did not recover and has retired. Victor Oladipo had his surgery more than a week after his injury and is expected to play sometime this season.

Also, it's not "safe to assume" the original injury was a large tear, because a large tear generally does dictate immediate surgery. In fact, given that the club's August announcement said it was in consultation with multiple specialists around Europe and the non-surgical path was chosen, it's safer to assume that no large tear was detected at the outset. I don't think these people are idiots -- they want what is best for the player, as does the player himself.

Finally, your prediction that "Full recovery is unlikely" is not necessarily supported by the facts. Aside from the Griffin and Leonard examples I cited, a 2013 study of 14 NFL players who were surgically treated for this injury found that 50% fully recovered and continued their careers, and most of them were the younger and better players. Gbamin is 24 and a top pro.

I'm not trying to minimize either the seriousness of the situation or the information you have provided from your brother, and you're welcome to your dismal outlook, but try not to be too surprised if Gbamin returns in fine fettle.

But as I mentioned previously, whether he stays that way is another question. This is his fourth thigh injury in four years.

Tony Hill
123 Posted 17/10/2019 at 15:28:19
That he was played for the first time in the Premier League, with its massive physical demands, when he was not ready and with his history strikes me as negligent. Perhaps the medics protested and were overruled, who knows, but the decision was a deeply foolish one and could have been seen as such at the time.
Ken Kneale
124 Posted 17/10/2019 at 15:40:16
Its seems our general medical and physio staff have dropped a notch or two in standards since Martinez had his cull when they had the backbone to stand up to him and he did not like it because he fancied himself a physio expect too. Up to that point our personnel were widely regarded as up with the best - that clearly is not the case now when you look at players signing with injuries, injuries picked up on top of injuries and long recovery periods.
Kieran Kinsella
125 Posted 17/10/2019 at 15:43:09
Speaking with unmatched wisdom as an absolute expert on the subject, I don't know why an operation is even necessary. I was playing the board game Operation just last night, and said muscle doesn't even appear in the anatomy of the patient. Gbamin seems to have all the relevant bones and rubber bands so there's no reason for him to miss the next game.
James Hughes
126 Posted 17/10/2019 at 15:43:34
Chris. I will have to bow down to your far superior insight into the management of our club. Many thanks you have brightened up a very slow day.

With the 'whoever', 'safe to assume' and general detailed background you and have provided, I will go away a much better and far less ignorant man. Not sure how that is going to affect my happy and blissful life but I will give it it a go.

While you you are around, be a good chap. Could you drop your details into the medical, center, please include your bothers as well. just so they have a better handle next time this happens. Cheers old boy.

PS I am still laughing at your last line, thank you so much

Rob Halligan
127 Posted 17/10/2019 at 16:07:13
Let's be honest, nobody on here has got a Scooby doo what the seriousness of the injury to Gbamin is. The fact that a few lardy arses on here claim to have had the same injury from playing Sunday league football, or whatever, only to never return, would not have had the same treatment that Gbamin is going to receive over the next few weeks. Sticking a bag of frozen peas on an injury for half an hour everyday is about the par to treat an injury for your average Sunday league player.

The club say he has undergone surgery on a tendon injury in his right quadriceps muscle, which will keep the midfielder out of action for around three months. As much as some people want to believe it, the club do not employ incompetent medical people, who will now give Gbamin the best treatment he can possibly have. Don't forget, we are talking about a highly trained athlete here, who has muscles upon muscles, and once he gets nearing full use of his leg, it wont, or shouldn't take him long to build up the strength in his leg.

Chris Gould
128 Posted 17/10/2019 at 16:56:07
Mike #122, it is a fact that if the tear is significant enough to require surgery, then for the best prognosis, the procedure should be carried out as soon as possible. I assume the athletes you mention who did not have surgery, did not have significant enough tears?
If the tear doesn't require surgery then fair enough. The fact that Gbamin has failed to recover without surgery, and has now subsequently had surgery, suggests that the right option would have been to have had it at the time. Not 2 months (or 3 months) later.

Also, Silva gave a previous interview stating that the club was trying to get Gbamin back as quickly as possible. So maybe they made the wrong call for the wrong reasons?

It doesn't matter how competent the medical staff may be. The fact remains that they got it wrong with Gbamin. Whether he makes a full recovery is less likely than it would have been if the surgery was carried out immediately.

Mike Gaynes
129 Posted 17/10/2019 at 17:23:33
Chris, obviously they got it wrong.

If I was to take a wild guess (and it would be only that), it would be that Gbamin was originally diagnosed with a "partial" tear. That was the published diagnosis for Griffin, the NBA player who did not have surgery, and his recovery time matched the projection for Gbamin.

It does appear that Gbamin was recovering, else he wouldn't have been authorized for the "light training" session Everton described -- during which he evidently tore the tendon more severely. The club described it not as a failure to respond to treatment but as a "significant setback."

It's possible he would have had a quicker recovery and a better prognosis with immediate surgery, as your brother believes, but it seems that the club, the doctors and the player all felt that the original injury didn't require surgery. The possibility was never mentioned in the press releases back in August.

We'll never know for sure. Just hold a good thought for the guy.

Steve Croston
130 Posted 17/10/2019 at 17:34:17
I blame Hibbert. But seriously, this means we must buy another CM in January or look at the possibility of a loan from Barca maybe? Very frustrating indeed, for him and us, I wish him all the best in his recovery. COYB
Tom Bowers
131 Posted 17/10/2019 at 17:34:30
Nothing but ''good'' news coming out of Goodison these days and all different for RS. What else is new ????
Mike Gaynes
132 Posted 17/10/2019 at 17:36:15
Rob #127, the fact that Gbamin has legs like tree trunks may, in fact, be part of the problem he's having with recurring thigh injuries (this is his fifth in three years). Powerful muscles can overwhelm connective tissue -- I've seen it with the bodybuilders at my gym. One guy has had three surgeries to reattach various shoulder/bicep tendons.

Once Gbamin is back, I hope the trainers can come up with some new training techniques for the guy to keep him healthy.

Tony Everan
133 Posted 17/10/2019 at 17:36:16
Will we in the market for a loan deal to cover for him ? After reading the thread 12 weeks sounds optimistic and even when he comes back may need time to adjust and go in full blooded.
Ian Lloyd
134 Posted 17/10/2019 at 18:15:09
You can tell how bad a state we are in and how down we are all feeling because a lot of fellow blues are “falling out” on this forum

For Christ sakes Everton get your act together

Kim Vivian
135 Posted 17/10/2019 at 18:21:22
Kieran 125. Hahahaha...classic.
Thanks for a damn good laugh on this day of mixed doom and gloom.
Rob Marsh
136 Posted 17/10/2019 at 18:49:46
Brian Williams # 68

Did you have the comment censored?

Brian, I was not being sarcastic when I wrote my post to you, I was just plain bemused at the absolute certainty you believe in professional footballers; it almost has a religious feel to it?

Perhaps we could meet in the middle?

Concerning misery, suffering and depression, if you insert the phrase 'relative to us' whenever you talk about people/footballers earning 㿨K pw there's a good chance I'll agree with you.

If I had to spend 3 - 6 months off work I might lose my job, my house and I would be in a truly miserable situation, Gbamin will never suffer anything like that, his sufferings are not in this instance 'relative' to mine.

You've picked out Aaron Lennon as an example of how 'normal' footballers are, I'd like to pick out on the flip side of the coin James Beattie coming back from injury/depression and on a shocking run of form went out and bought himself a Lamborghini to cheer himself up? There's lot's of examples we can both pick out, who's to say what's typical?

Brian Williams
137 Posted 17/10/2019 at 19:04:06
No mate I certainly didn't have you comment censored honestly and I really couldn't tell which way you meant it.
I know what you mean about money softening the blow under "some" circumstances but when tragedy strikes it doesn't matter how much you have and you'd swap it all for your health and I'm talking from personal experience.
I didn't pick Lennon out as being "normal" I picked him out as somebody who had loads of money but still suffered horribly. The money made no difference to his condition and how he felt when he was going through a really bad time.
I take your point about "relative to us" and that can certainly be relevant in "some" circumstances.

John McFarlane Snr
139 Posted 17/10/2019 at 20:00:37
Hi Tom [70],

You finished your post by saying we the fans have done sweet fuck all to change things. The bulk of your post included the claim that, "The club needs experienced professional businessmen, not a confused band of fuckin 'Odd Lots' that are letting the pace of this Football League gradually overtake us".

Could you, having identified the problem, tell me how I, as a fan, can persuade the current Board of Directors to relinquish their posts? And if I was successful in my mission, how would I be able to persuade the experienced 'businessmen' that you champion, to fill the void?

Mike Gaynes
140 Posted 17/10/2019 at 21:11:51
Well said, Brian.
Christy Ring
141 Posted 17/10/2019 at 22:27:38
I hope Gbamin makes a full recovery, but expert medical staff decide after 8 weeks, he needs surgery? Doesn't add up, check the scan every week, it would show, if it's knitting back??
Brian Williams
142 Posted 17/10/2019 at 22:36:01
Cheers, my mate!
Tom Bowers
143 Posted 17/10/2019 at 23:03:36
Whilst no one can predict the future, it always seems that Everton sign ''crocks''. Gibson from Man Utd was a prime example and there have been others in recent seasons who just couldn't stay fit long enough to really stake a claim.

I'm beginning to think that this season is already becoming a disaster and not just because of some early results.

Mike Gaynes
144 Posted 18/10/2019 at 00:46:59
Tom #143, if you have to go back eight years to find another example of Everton signing a "crock", I'd say the club has actually had very good luck in this area.

And hey, we reportedly paid only €600,000 for Gibson, so he wasn't exactly a catastrophic investment. Hell, he paid more than that in fines, penalties and settlements for his various inebriated adventures.

Stan Schofield
145 Posted 18/10/2019 at 00:55:57
There's a saying: Shit happens. It's happened with Gbamin, we can't do anything about it, all we can do is hope for a speedy recovery. There's no point whatsoever in trying to blame people (Kenwright or whomever), and chances are it happens with most clubs.

"Get over it and move on", as they say in the current parlance.

Jack Convery
146 Posted 18/10/2019 at 11:12:34
You're not a Lucky General, are you, Mr Silva?
Justin Doone
147 Posted 18/10/2019 at 11:55:11
Gutted for him but injuries happen. Silva needs to find a successful midfield partnership ASAP. I don't believe that it includes Schneiderlin but I'm sure he'll start once again.

In January we need to bring in a long term replacement because its a crucial position on the pitch especially if the team are trying to play possession-based football.

There's a real risk Gbamin may never recover. Schneiderlin and Delph are past their best. Davies doesn't appear to be trusted and the other youngsters are unlikely to be given an opportunity.

That leaves Gomes. He's a very good player but needs a partner with energy, pace and a ball winner. They don't have to be world class. They do need to be athletic and unselfish. I believe there are plenty around. Why not buy two for instant competition and backup.

Steve Croston
148 Posted 18/10/2019 at 12:36:05
If he starts with Schneiderlin on Saturday, he's a gonner. It means he can't and won't learn from his mistakes and doesn't have any fresh ideas. If we start with a Gomes, Delph and Davies midfield then we'll win.
Tom Dodds
149 Posted 18/10/2019 at 16:42:29
John @139

Hi there, John, I have been a motor dealer for many years, as well as a season-ticket holder. In my job, I have to pick up on faults or diagnostics and the whole myriad of what can go wrong with a motor car, even though I am no mechanic and I cannot do the repairs myself!

My observations of Everton since the dawn of the Premier League are much in the same vein, in that within the dawn of the start of this present era, I quickly concluded two things:

1. Kenwright had no money.

2. Ergo, he set out to borrow money at extortionate rates.

Look, I'm not in the mood to drone on about the ins and outs of Bill Kenwright; I've been on here like (some) others for years now… But there is a simple overview, and that is that all the (now) top clubs built their Romes while we scurried around the backstreets with Fagin and the Artful Dodger at the helm (luckily) treading water buying the odd 1 player a year etc.

Back to the Fanbase: Liverpool was our role model in that their fans hounded out Gillete and Hicks, boycotted, protested and even launched the old guard (unlike us) the likes of Dalgleish, Hodgson, Rodgers etc etc.

I know he's 'Caught' a Billionaire' (a Monty Python version of an accountant, btw!) but Moshiri does NOT strike me as a 'Tiger in the tank' kind of John Harvey Jones of Footy which is what we really need.

Back to main point: I think we are a dormant volcano regarding fan protests (Unless we do go down). Basically, Moshiri is being helped by Brands and maybe a few of Usmanov's men? But that 'arl barnacle is still there whispering in his ears. Liverpool fans would've dragged him out and wellied him into the Mersey 20 years ago.

Hindsight may be the greatest gift you'll never have, but if Kenwright had not bought the club, do you not think with the ensuing wave of football interest, big money, Sky etc (at that time) that a real money man wouldn't have?!

Franny Porter
150 Posted 22/10/2019 at 11:13:12
At the risk of being slagged here, we are either very unlucky with injuries or something is not right at Finch Farm:

Mina - signed injured.
Gomes - signed not fit.
Gbamin - seen twice I think before injured.
Iwobi - signed not fit (still not fit).
Bernard - signed not fit.
Tosun - signed not fit.
Delph - shouts a lot but is sadly a crock.
Bolasie - essentially his career ended with us as a top flight player.
Kone - turned up, out for about a year.
Baines - seems to have been constantly struggling with injury for around two years.
Coleman - the international injury finished him as a force.
Schneiderlin - has had personal issues but is injured a fair amount.

I know some of these are unavoidable but these are just recent players of the top of my head, going back you look at Duncan Ferguson, Jagielka, Yakubu, Danny Williamson (remember him!)

I'm not having it that anyone is as unlucky (or stupid) as us when it comes to managing fitness.

Steve Ferns
151 Posted 22/10/2019 at 12:21:00
Franny, certainly not going to slag you off, you raise some valid points.

However, I think there is mitigating circumstances for most:

Mina and Gomes were players of Barcelona level who were hawked around the top clubs of Europe before we could strike. Gomes was actually fit and got injured as we were signing them. I think we were right to pursue both.

Gbamin has no real injury track record.

Bernard was injured in the March before we signed him and then had left to go to Brazil where he recuperated at home, and so took a while to get back up to speed.

Iwobi - is he really not fit?

Tosun - was he?

Delph - didn't we get him cheap because he is injury-prone?

Bolasie - had no prior injury history of significance and did his ACL.

Kone - didn't he do his ACL as well?

Baines - always got little knocks, because he was never lightning fast to get away from people and so always got kicked and injuries and age have finally caught up with him.

Coleman was a leg break.

Schneiderlin seems like the guy in work who goes off sick at the first sign of a cold rather than the one who "soldiers on" and infects the rest of us!

We have had a large amount of ACL injuries over the last 10-15 years. Mikel Arteta, Yakubu, Phil Jagielka, Aruna Kone, and Yannick Bolasie. And that's just off the top of my head. The ACL was a career killer until recently. But for me, every one of those players was never the same again. Sure, Jags carried on as before and his performances were largely the same, but I don't think he had the same speed as he used to. Mikel Arteta was like a Matador before his injury and became a completely different player afterwards, that he was still so effective was a testament to how clever and how good he was.

Footballers get injuries. It's part of the sport. Unless a doctor says different, I don't think there's anything more the club can do to prevent a player suffering an ACL.

Let's not forget that Martinez changed Moyes's medical setup, with Mick Rathbone or Baz as he was known leaving. Then Koeman did so, with Jan Kluitenburg. Allardyce brought in his mate with the funny name from the RS, Rylands Morgan. And now Silva has cleared them all out and brought in the top guy from Portugal, Bruno Mendes. Bruno was the man behind "the Benfica Lab". Learn more about them here: Benfica Lab

The club doctor has also been replaced. For the Moyes years it was Dr Ian Irving, who was at the club for 39 years, starting under Gordon Lee and leaving after Koeman's only full season. He was incidentally a golfing buddy of Koeman's! Dr Aboul Shaheir replaced Dr Irving and he has now been replaced by Dr John Hollingsworth.

A fishy one though is Danny Donachie. He's the son of Will Donachie. Our former assistant manager under Joe Royle. He left under the Martinez changes in 2014. Then he was "Head of Medicine". He was brought back last summer under the remit of "Head of Therapy Services". I doubt Brands or Silva headhunted him, so you could say this is a Kenwright appointment. But the Echo did an interview with him and he had an impressive client list. Donachie interview

So Franny, you may well be right, and you raise valid points, but surely there has been too much change for there to be something not right at Finch Farm. Unless of course, all our appointments are crap!

Franny Porter
152 Posted 22/10/2019 at 13:46:18
Steve, that's what you call a well-researched response, can't argue with that.

I'm probably just becoming increasingly pessimistic as the years go by with Everton, as the saying goes if we didn't have bad luck we'd have no luck!

John McFarlane Snr
153 Posted 30/10/2019 at 21:01:53
Hi Tom [149],

I have no idea what may have happened behind the scenes, following the inception of the Premier League. As a supporter, my interest was confined to what I witnessed on the field of play. I still have the same priority, I can only hope that the men who have the responsibility of managing the affairs of the club, do so in an efficient way.

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