Silva hopeful regarding Digne's injury

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Marco Silva has hinted that his decision to substitute Lucas Digne in the second half of Saturday's win over Watford was more of a precautionary measure than any indication of a serious problem.

The French fullback was withdrawn with 17 minutes to go of the 1-0 win at Goodison Park after signalling a problem with his hamstring.

Digne was replaced by Mason Holgate who was deployed at right-back while Seamus Coleman deputised in impressive fashion on the left.

Digne was seen on the pitch after the final whistle, taking the plaudits from the crowd for the victory, showing no outward effects of his injury, and his manager told evertontv that the club's medical staff would keep an eye on it this week but that they don't expect it to be anything to worry about.

“We hope it is nothing really special,” Silva said. “He started to feel a bit more tired [in the muscle] and gave the sign to me to make the change.

“Let's see in the next few days but we hope it is nothing special.”

Everton have one day fewer to prepare for their next Premier League fixture as they take on Aston Villa at Villa Park in front of the television cameras on Friday evening.

Leighton Baines, Digne's automatic replacement should he be ruled out, has been struggling for fitness himself since pre-season and he was not able to make the squad for either of the opening two games of the league campaign.


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Karl Masters
1 Posted 19/08/2019 at 06:50:01
Our best attacking option - need him fit!
Mike Gaynes
2 Posted 19/08/2019 at 06:57:40
I feel like bringing him chicken soup.

Be healthy, young fella, be healthy.

Eddie Dunn
3 Posted 19/08/2019 at 07:48:00
Coleman was fantastic on the left but Holgate looked rattled on the right – perhaps nervous behind the cool exterior.
Steve Ferns
4 Posted 19/08/2019 at 08:39:45
Is Baines fit? It might be Sidibe playing on Friday night instead.
Sam Hoare
5 Posted 19/08/2019 at 08:48:19
Cuco Martina anyone?

As much as I love Baines, I think if we lost Digne for any serious amount of time, I'd be worried. Silva's system relies a lot on the full-backs bombing up and down constantly. No doubt Baines has the smarts but I'm not sure he has the pace and stamina required for it. Very few 34-year-olds would.

Sidibe has played left-back before. I wouldn't be surprised to see Delph there either. So at least we have a few options.

Joe McMahon
6 Posted 19/08/2019 at 08:53:53
Sam, I can't remember but isn't Martina actually a left-back but he kept cover for us at right-back?
Sam Hoare
7 Posted 19/08/2019 at 08:57:42
Joe, he's a right back who covered for us (better than alot of people may credit him for) at left back. I'm pretty sure he won't be playing for us again any time soon though.

Calum Connolly is another option at left back who could be quite useful.

Derek Knox
8 Posted 19/08/2019 at 09:27:25
Mike G, the chicken soup would be 'off by the time you got it out of the country, with the strict laws about foodstuffs etc, could even be penicillin, hey that might just work!

We seem to be getting a lot of injuries and we've only played two games, I thought Silva's methods were supposed to get players fitter. I don't understand Baines not being fit, he hasn't even played apart from pre-season.

Joe @6, it was the other way round with Martina, basically a right back, who covered on the left in emergency, although he seemed to be better out of position, than normal, but please, please No! he's a liability we could do without.

Sam, Calum Connolly would be a better option in an emergency situation, can't believe we're talking like this after two games, there's also Fabian Delph, oh wait a minute he's injured too, wtf is going on?

Joe McMahon
9 Posted 19/08/2019 at 09:52:09
Sam and Derek, thanks for clarifying. My grey matter is older than it was!
Pat Kelly
10 Posted 19/08/2019 at 11:15:56
Baines still not fit. Delph couldn't get through a game. Why do we give these guys contracts?
Mick Conalty
11 Posted 19/08/2019 at 11:23:55
Cuco Martina, are yer 'avin a laugh? Better warn Mina + Kean to expect a lot of crosses coming their way.

Si Smith
12 Posted 19/08/2019 at 12:15:56
Some of our lads need to toughen up if you ask me !!!

I love the pair of these players, there huge cogs in our wheel, but Gomes went off injured last week v Palace and was fit enough to do the 90 a week later, now Digne is going off with muscle fatigue and may be okay for 6 days later.

We don't look very fit as a whole (team-wise) if you ask me, we need to up the fitness to keep these lads on the pitch.

Had Digne not gone off on Saturday I'd have looked at getting Davies on for Sigurdsson who looked slow and leggy, Bernard who tired after working very hard all game, or Gomes who was withdrawn the week before.

I don't want to sound like one of our more negative fans, as a whole I'm very happy with the start from the lads, I'll be even happier if were sitting top of the league for a few hours through Friday night after a win at Villa. I believe there is a lot to come from us yet, were not our of 2nd gear, but we also can't keep clean sheets forever so the sooner the big guns (namely Sigurdsson and Richarlison) start firing, the better.

David Pearl
13 Posted 19/08/2019 at 12:28:30
Holgate should be ahead in the pecking order to cover for Coleman going left. Although it's disappointing that Baines doesn't seem to be able to keep himself fit. I'd rather both Gomes and Digne played at 100% and we trust our squad.
Si Cooper
14 Posted 19/08/2019 at 13:03:08
I'd hope that Djibril Sidibé would be competing with Mason Holgate if the option is to move Seamus to the left.

Si Smith, the opening games are always ‘painful' as any amount of preseason training or games just don't get near the intensity of proper competitive games. I'd rather the players were sensible and allow the manager to use his replacements rather than risk long term absences. Gomes injury came from a proper jarring impact and it seems reasonable that it would be tender for a while.

The second game of a new season always felt the worst to me, but after that the knocks quickly become more ‘absorbable'.

Age plays a big part in recovery from injury and it is not surprising that Leighton Baines may struggle to shake off the little niggles that wouldn't have bothered him a couple of years ago. That is the gamble with most players well into their thirties.

Pete Edwards
15 Posted 19/08/2019 at 13:15:17
Si, what a moronic comment to make! The players need to toughen up. so what would you prefer, Digne doesn't come off and pulls or tears his hamstring putting him out for weeks or months!!

Then comes out and says, yeah I felt it before it went but wanted to stay on and show how tough I am!! I'm sure you'd be moaning at him for not coming off in that scenario!

Kevin Dyer
16 Posted 19/08/2019 at 13:40:57
Hopefully he is good to go next game. The problem with retaining Baines as primary backup is showing earlier than feared. A covering player needs to be available when required, Baines is just no longer reliable. Hopefully Coleman or maybe Sidiibe can plug-in. Digne looks a fit lad with no significant injury issues during his career but anyone can get a knock.
Steve Ferns
17 Posted 19/08/2019 at 14:04:24
Sidibe is the third most proficient left back at the club. Baines will keep picking up knocks I'm afraid. It's not age that ends your career but injury. We all know how age affects injury.
Jim Burns
18 Posted 19/08/2019 at 14:08:55
Si at 12 - strange comments! I think Silva and his team are being careful with these injury 'niggles' for good reason and playing it absolutely right at this stage of the season.

That said – Silva pulling Gomes off last week changed the pattern of the game but on balance clearly it was the only option he had – it's a long season ahead of us and both Gomes and Digne are vital to our progress this term.

In the short time Moise Kean was on the pitch on Saturday – I'm drooling at the prospect of Digne, Gomes (and Sigurdsson) in particular feeding this lad.

That precision long pass to Bernard for the goal was a real appetizer – and I can't wait to see us stretching the RS's high line in behind with Moise's pace – already evident in spades.

Christy Ring
19 Posted 19/08/2019 at 14:36:35
I know Baines has been a great servant but he was injury-prone last season and no change this season so why did he get another years contract? And Delph is another crock; we should have kept Robinson.
Joe McMahon
20 Posted 19/08/2019 at 15:38:54
Kevin and Steve, add to this Baines ١,380,000 a year salary, the one-year extension being only ٣k a week less. Yes, he's been loyal and it's easy to see why.
Jay Harris
21 Posted 19/08/2019 at 15:39:53
I would not like to see Seamus switched to the left as it negates his strengths.

Bainesy is an adequate replacement for the Villa game and took an extra training session on Saturday to ensure he is fit for Friday if Digne isn't.

Kevin Dyer
22 Posted 19/08/2019 at 16:13:51
Joe #20, is that right? So Baines is on 㿲k pw? That is odd, I'd have figured 㿔k myself; not sure that's a smart decision.
Steve Ferns
23 Posted 19/08/2019 at 17:46:22
Seems far too high to be his wages. I know the club were concerned about all that experience leaving with him and Jagielka, but that's a hell of a price to pay.
Derek Knox
24 Posted 19/08/2019 at 18:07:09
Kevin and Steve, I too, was under the impression that he was to be offered around half his original contract, or circa 㿔K/week. (How the hell he can struggle by with that is beyond me. 😥)

What's further puzzling is how he sustained the 'injury' as I don't remember him being overly involved pre-season, in the first place, let alone pick up a knock that was considered serious enough to make him unavailable.

Denis Richardson
25 Posted 19/08/2019 at 18:43:46
Fingers crossed Digne is okay for Friday. Hamstrings are a bit tricky though and if he's not 100% he shouldn't risked as a tear/pull would see him out for a month or more. I don't fancy Baines starting too many matches, especially against any of the better clubs and Delph has already answered questions about his fitness.

Sods law the one position where we seemed to have not one but two decent players as cover, both are crocked when needed!

Am looking forward to the game though. Although I've disliked Villa since that 6-2 stuffing they handed to us about 28 years ago when Tony Daley tore us a new one (believe we were 6-0 down and our two where consolation goals at the end), they are a proper club who've been in the top flight one of the longest. Glad to have them back in the Premier League.

Hoping we can leave with 3 points and another clean sheet - smash & grab would be nice with Kean getting off the mark.

Mick Conalty
26 Posted 19/08/2019 at 18:55:45
Derek #24,

For aw Christ sake 㾶k a week is a fortune to most of us. Joe Royle was on 㿅k a year!!!! Centre-forward for Champions Everton and England. Everton's under achievers over recent years must be living in dream land.

Mike Gaynes
27 Posted 19/08/2019 at 19:07:18
Kevin and Derek,

Spotrac lists Baines as being on £65,000/week. As Joe says, that's down only £5k/week from his previous salary.

Derek Knox
28 Posted 19/08/2019 at 21:48:13
Mike G, that makes the whole scenario even more ridiculous, they retained Leighton Baines by virtue of his experience, then two games in, when he is needed, he is not only picking up nearly the same wedge as before, he is not available.

Robinson was sacrificed for peanuts (not Pienaar, I must hasten to add) would have been on a lot less and presumably been available if called upon.

That's the only question mark, if you like, over Marcel Brands I have, he is saying one minute that wages and numbers have to be cut, and rightly so, then agreeing deals like Baines and Lössl who more than doubled his wages when signed as a reserve keeper!

Am I missing something here or what, it doesn't make financial or logical sense to me. Mind you, they never asked me on these occasions, but I would have put his hat on straight for him, if he had. :-)

Hugh Jenkins
29 Posted 19/08/2019 at 23:01:23
Mike (27), Derek (28), the truth is, of course, that only those truly in the know at the club and the players and there agents actually know what the wage deals are.

I'll bet there are loads of if, but and maybe clauses in the deals.

Leighton is probably on a much lower basic with the balance being made up of pay per play and win bonuses etc.

This will also be true of many other of the peripheral players.

No doubt the £65K per week will be true, if he plays on a weekend and in a midweek cup game, scores a goal and the team wins.

On a much much lower level, I was chairman of a Welsh Premier League side for several years and have been involved in the negotiations with the managers and players at that level and, as I say, that is how the deals were generally worked out and some of the players were coming down the leagues (including from the EPL) and this was the system with which they were all familiar.

James Stewart
30 Posted 19/08/2019 at 23:29:30
Sidibe can play left back and has done in very big games.
Jay Harris
31 Posted 20/08/2019 at 15:13:39
Cant understand all the hate for Bainesy who has been one of most loyal and top-class players.

He could easily have gone to Man Utd like the glory hunting, money-grabbing "Once a Blue"... but he stayed and now people are complaining because he got an extra year. What have we become?

Derek Knox
32 Posted 20/08/2019 at 16:05:04
Jay, I wasn't aware of any 'hate for Bainesy' from any of the posts which I have re-read. I think most were merely questioning the 'wisdom' of the deal on reflection that he hasn't even played since the Premier League re-started, and very little in pre-season either.

Which then developed somehow, that he was 'earning' (?) almost the same as he was when on contract. I certainly bear no animosity towards Leighton Baines, and I doubt very much whether any other TW'ers do either.

In this day and age of crazy transfer fees and immoral earnings, in comparison to the average working man's Annual earnings, often being surpassed many-fold for a week, it is sure to raise hackles when the said player is not even available.

Kevin Prytherch
33 Posted 20/08/2019 at 16:07:48
Offering Baines a new deal made sense.

He is still one of the better left backs in the league and would get in the first team of at least half of the Premier League. You would imagine that, with less games to play, a player with a good injury record wouldn't be susceptible to injuries.

Given the choice at board level between offering a 1-year deal with no transfer fee, or paying ٣-10 million for a back-up player who would be similar quality, I'm not surprised they went for Baines.

Jamie Crowley
34 Posted 20/08/2019 at 16:16:35

For some reason or another, it just hit me, the amount of money for Baines.

$48,000 per week. That equates to about $1.9 million per year.

I'd buy a beautiful, $500,000 house, finance it, pay it off in like 4-5 years, drive a nice car like a Volvo or some such thing, bank a million, get some goofy part-time job to keep me occupied, and live on the interest for the rest of my life.

How some of these professional athletes end up bankrupt is beyond me. We have a ton of them over here. It's astounding. To cut through that much money, you have to be spending like a drunken sailor.

I do not begrudge them the money. My only point is, how do some run out of it!? Amazing.

Digne needs to get fit, fast. He's a vital cog. It seems to me, the majority of dangerous attacks we create happen down our left-hand side.

Chicken soup – order up!

Steve Ferns
35 Posted 20/08/2019 at 16:44:32
Jamie, it's not some, it's around 40% of British players who play in the Premier League that go bankrupt. Some articles of interest for you:


Derek Knox
36 Posted 20/08/2019 at 16:46:21
Jamie C, fasten your seat belt dude, it gets even worse if you check Mike G's post (27) and Hugh Jenkins post (29) it appears to be more than even the sinful amount you mentioned.

In answer to your second point, most live according to their immoral earnings, so when they are suddenly not in demand any more, and therefore not milking the 'golden cow' the exuberant lifestyle has to be maintained or forfeited.

Or, many are ruthless gamblers (nuff said) or very un-savvy investors in Ponzi schemes.

Take care, Jamie, and don't let it get you down too much, you are not alone in your incredulity.

Mike Gaynes
37 Posted 20/08/2019 at 16:48:42
Hugh #29, many thanks for your professional insight. Your posts are always informative.

Derek #28, I'm with Kevin on this one. The Baines deal made perfect sense, and I'm sure it will prove wise this season. But Robinson -- damn, damn, damn.

Jamie #34, from our perspective it doesn't make sense, but the fact is these are often unsophisticated kids who have no idea how to handle money because they've never had any and nobody has taught them how. So, in addition to going the houses-and-cars route, they become easy pigeons for experienced financial predators and bad investment ideas.

Remember, even seasoned financial professionals got scammed by Bernie Madoff (Santander, HSBC, Tremont Partners, Royal Bank of Scotland), so these kids don't have a prayer.

So... ummm... you can get a "beautiful" house for $500,000 in the Panhandle, eh?

Mike Gaynes
38 Posted 20/08/2019 at 16:53:19
Steve #35, it was way worse here a few years ago. Sports Illustrated reported 10 years ago that three-quarters of NFL players and more than half of all NBA players went bankrupt in the first few years after they retired. Now salaries are a lot higher and the players are getting more help, but it's still an issue.
David Pearl
39 Posted 20/08/2019 at 17:02:47
Steve, unreal 40%.

Clubs should have advisors for young players as they sign first pro contracts. Actually l thought they did.

I admit I used to bet a fiver out of my 㿇.50 in 1987. It's a good job I got injured or I'd've been one of them.

Derek Knox
40 Posted 20/08/2019 at 17:59:46
David, you should have put a bet on you getting injured mate.

Joking apart, you are right, but at the end of the day, I don't wholly think it's the Club's direct responsibility, but yes they should have a general advisor (maybe they do) outlining the pitfalls of having so much money at such a young age, and not to take things for granted.

They are on enough money to get their own Financial Advice, there again, there are some unscrupulous advisors out there. The other side of the coin being, that Investments do have a gambling element to them (but less so) there are no guarantees. Stocks and Shares can plummet overnight due to some unforeseen event.

Anyway could go on 'ad infinitum' still hoping for that game of golf, weather and back permitting! Take, care mate.

Jay Harris
41 Posted 20/08/2019 at 18:23:45
I have always said that clubs pay millions to get players and pay them millions a year but don't take care of them outside of the club.

How much would it cost to have a "minder"? I'm sure there are thousands of Evertonians that would be delighted to earn a modest living out of taking care of these delicate creatures and making sure they do not slip into sleazy bars or "Grandma" brothels, let alone the drug dealers and gambling operators who are lining up for a slice of their "hard earned"?

You would think their sleazy agents would be forced to look after them as part of their licencing but I guess it's just a greedy and corrupt world from top to bottom.

James Hughes
42 Posted 20/08/2019 at 18:36:36
There is an article in The Times today how Everton have a dedicated support team for players and especially new additions.

They provide help with property, health care, banking child care. I think they even can get someone to wipe your ass. If the article is true, then as a club we are looking out for the team.

Derek Knox
43 Posted 20/08/2019 at 19:20:05
James, that's just dashed my hopes of getting the job. :-)

Seriously though, I hope Everton have such a system, because I have not heard about any other Club having that.

Mind you, there could be a job... No, forget the arse-wiping!

Andy Crooks
44 Posted 20/08/2019 at 19:27:24
Mike, @ 37, careful, careful, you are going "Duffy" again. A dangerous syndrome that is almost incurable. I had a relapse quite recently.
Si Smith
45 Posted 20/08/2019 at 19:42:31
In reply to comments after my own comment @12.

I get what most of you are saying, although, Pete Edwards, I wouldn't say my comments warrant the word 'moronic'.

But my point is most players who go off injured in an important game, usually need more than a 6-day recovery.

Yes, muscles tighten up in early season games, but my personal opinion is if you need to come off then maybe you should be injured more so than tired.

Also, the point I was making was that I didn't believe we looked very fit yet.

That's the one disappointing thing as the season has begun exactly when it was supposed to, so our professional athletes should be there or thereabout ready for full 90-minute games. It isn't as though someone has sprung it on the players, or that they have not played in the Premier League before this season.

Each to there own, cheers for the replies,

James Hughes
46 Posted 20/08/2019 at 19:53:03
Derek, put your application in mate, you never know they might be expanding. I think the arse wiping is a chargeable extra
Derek Knox
47 Posted 20/08/2019 at 20:01:49
James, No Shit mate? :-)
David Pearl
48 Posted 20/08/2019 at 20:20:31
Hey Derek,

I mentioned to Ray via email about the day before the Sheff Utd game 20th Sept but he can't make it then unfortunately. However, Clive is up for it (long drive) and maybe Neil. I'm sure we could get a few but it would be nice for everyone to be there if possible. It never worked out for us, did it! If it's okay with Ray we could have a day and make sure he's here for the next one.

We might only have 3 sunny days left so for the record I'm fine playing in rain and thunder. That's easy for me. I first played golf in Winnipeg, Canada and I'd rather get drenched than bitten to death by mosquitos. I'd literally have to run with my bag in between shots.

David Pearl
49 Posted 20/08/2019 at 20:23:31
The role of the agent should also include financial planning advice, unless it's a conflict of interest. I go though money like water myself.
Jamie Crowley
50 Posted 20/08/2019 at 20:31:32
Regarding the large paychecks:

Steve Ferns @35 – I've not read those links yet. At work and needed a respite so jumped on. Will read later, but 40% is an astounding, tragic number!

Mike, Derek, Jay, and James @ 39 through 42 – Firstly it's absolutely fantastic Everton have someone on the staff to guide these kids financially and otherwise. I am stunned more teams over there don't do this as well. The world is full of sharks, and these kids, as Mike points out, are absolutely ripe for the taking. It's predatory and sad, but seeing how the big banks, who are absolutely too big to fail, ultimately handle all the investments, it's a scary thing. But big banks are another topic altogether. The players should have someone at the team, guiding them and encouraging them to have a very diversified, "safe" portfolio. And I personally believe the player's association (forget the acronym) should employee someone to help the players transitioning out of the game. These players are sitting on sums that are life-long, game changing amounts. With just a little bit of discipline and restraint, they should be set up until God rings the bell.

Greed and Gluttony, two of the deadly seven and all that.

Mike – you can get a castle for $500k in NE Florida where I'm at, and the panhandle. Cost of living here is nowhere near the Northwest. It's relatively cheap. When I say a castle, I mean by any common man's standards, not the rich and famous.

Jamie Crowley
51 Posted 20/08/2019 at 20:34:42
David @ 49 -

Any employee of a club or player's association tasked with watching out for the well-being of the players financially, should never, ever let the agent handle the player's financial planning.

Trust them to extract their percentage, and pour over the details of the contracts they sign, making sure the player is signing a fair deal.

After that, no one, and I mean no one, should entrust the future financial planning to an agent. It would have to be a third party, who's paid a flat salary and isn't on a percentage basis, to perform the financial planning.

David Pearl
52 Posted 20/08/2019 at 20:57:26

It's just so disproportionately high, isn't it. And the names of the players are also surprising.

So you are in Florida? Nice. Lucky you. I'm getting tired of all this rain. And when I'm in Canada, it's all snow and extortion.

Derek Knox
53 Posted 20/08/2019 at 21:03:59
David @ 48, that sounds good, maybe if I give you my email address we can sort something out: The only slight problem: I don't have a car at present, but I can easily get the train to Southport.

Formby Hall is a very good Course and they may do a deal, nudge nudge, wink, wink, I have a contact for them, BUT it would have to be guaranteed numbers. None of that, "I should be alright", and then cancelling last minute etc, anyway we can discuss this further by email.

I will do some alternative research in case I can't get Formby Hall, maybe a 2-for-1 Voucher establishment. Then again it has to be multiples of 2 and availability, of course.

Jamie Crowley
54 Posted 20/08/2019 at 21:07:44
David -

God's Waiting Room, also known as Southeast Florida, is full of Canadiens in the winter. Try snow-birding.

David Pearl
55 Posted 20/08/2019 at 21:27:08

I'm sure someone or myself can pick you up. I will email you. Clive mentioned Woolton, l said Grange Park. I think we should see who wants to come and pick something in the middle. I'm okay with Frodsham too. And Formby. Hopefully it's quiet enough and do more than just bacon sandwiches.


We have Bournemouth and Devon as our gods waiting room. I just googled snow birding. I thought you mis-typed. I confuse myself these days mixing English and American terms.

Derek Knox
56 Posted 20/08/2019 at 21:56:28
David, I can get to Ormskirk by train easily, there is Mossock Hall Golf Club, who will do a Society Deal for 㿄 Green Fees Mon-Fri, then there is a variety of options for meals/snacks up to 㾺.45 for a 3-Course Meal with Coffee.

Whoever books will have to say it is TW Golf Society, whether they will accept 4-6 as a Society is another matter, otherwise it's dearer, but they also require a non-returnable deposit of ٣ per/head which comes off the Green Fees on the day.

Woolton is okay, Grange Park (St Helens) is good too apart from the geese who tend to deposit indiscriminately near the greens by the many ponds. Harder for me to get to though. Hope that helps.

David Pearl
57 Posted 20/08/2019 at 22:25:27
Derek, I think you should choose you seem to have knowledge of a lot of local courses. I live in Blackpool but I'm staying down in St Helens that weekend. Mossock looks good but Clive has 3-hour drive to get to us so maybe check with him more than me.

I've just tried to post it to TW to see if anyone else wants to play. I'm not sure if it went through or l deleted it by mistake. If it's not on, l will post again. I'm going away to Canada for a couple months, so it would be nice to meet some fellow society members before l go.

Derek Knox
58 Posted 20/08/2019 at 23:25:45
David, you're best to email me, I don't have Clive's Number or Email, or anyone else's for that matter apart from Ray.
David Pearl
59 Posted 20/08/2019 at 23:27:53
Just emailing you now Derek.
Jamie Sweet
60 Posted 22/08/2019 at 00:41:45
Digne pictured in training today.

Really hoping he's 100% for Friday. Wouldn't be quite so concerned if Baines was raring to go, but he clearly isn't yet.

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