Brands happy with Everton's summer business

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Marcel Brands says that he is satisfied with Everton's work in the summer transfer window as he strikes all the right notes about ambition weighed against financial prudence and spending limits imposed by Uefa.

The Blues signed seven new players during the close season for a net outlay or between £30m and £40m, bringing in attacking reinforcements in the form of Alex Iwobi from Arsenal and Moise Kean from Juventus, together with André Gomes on a permanent deal, Fabian Delph for just £8m, Djibril Sidibe on a season-long loan and Jean-Philippe Gbamin, a long-term replacement for Idrissa Gueye who was allowed to leave for Paris Saint-Germain after an agreement made in January when an approach from the French club was knocked back.

Everton's Director of Football spoke at length with evertontv about the signings and departures and he was asked if he was happy with the business the club was able to get done.

“Mainly, yes, because I look at everything a little bit differently to the fans, for example,” Brands explained. “If you see what we did this summer, a lot of players went out — more than 20 — and we got seven new in.

“Last year was also a big number [and] my goal for the long term is to bring this club to a situation that, I think like the top clubs, you're bringing two or three players in with two or three out. I think that will give the club more stability than there is now.

“It was a very busy and exciting summer, right to the last day, but I'm very happy with how we finished [the window].

“Our plans [from the beginning of the window] were very clear and I think we were pretty close to what we achieved. The one thing we didn't achieve, of course, was our goal for a central defender and especially Kurt Zouma but, obviously, with [Chelsea's] transfer ban it was a difficult one.

“On the other [hand], we took a decision not to renew (Phil) Jagielka's contract and to give Mason Holgate a little bit more perspective for his future because he is a very talented player. And we also have a very young boy in Lewis Gibson who had a very good pre-season. Of course, he has to step up more than he did already but he's a player who has a future at Everton and I think it's also important to give some perspective for the Academy.

“If we're going to spend money we have to do it in the right way. I think if you go lower than the level that you want it's better to do nothing and look at your own Academy; I think that's more important.

“We have some young boys knocking on the door from the Academy and, yes, they have a long way to go but you have to give them an idea that there is something possible at Everton.

“Our owner is very ambitious and it's not that [he] doesn't want to spend money. You have to balance your numbers in [accordance with] the regulations and the rules so you have to be careful. We spent a lot of money in the past and you have to be careful for the next years. I think with the plans for the new stadium, this club can go to another level but we have to do it step-by-step.”


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Christy Ring
1 Posted 15/08/2019 at 22:25:39
Still think he should have signed an experienced centreback for cover, especially with Mina's injury record.
Brent Stephens
2 Posted 15/08/2019 at 22:48:00
Impressive. No knee-jerk dealing here. Analysis, planning, contingency planning. A team of intelligence - gatherers. Working hand in hand with Silva. You can't always get what you want, as they once sang.
Steve Ferns
3 Posted 15/08/2019 at 22:50:55
I agree Christy, but I think he had to play the hand he was dealt and he did very well all things considered.
Mike Allison
4 Posted 15/08/2019 at 22:55:35
Juventus seem like they're about to sell Daniele Rugani for €30m, I wonder if we ever talked about him to them. They do seem to have a surplus of top class central defenders there and seem happy to sell young players and keep older ones in the side.
David Milner
5 Posted 15/08/2019 at 22:55:38
Having seen Lewis Gibson pre-season & Kurt Zouma against Man Utd, I think we did okay with what we have got.
Brent Stephens
6 Posted 15/08/2019 at 23:01:56
Brands – I think said he started planning at the end of last season for the signings at the end of this season.
Oliver Molloy
7 Posted 15/08/2019 at 23:12:26
Only time will tell if it is a been a good window for us and of course Christy Ring is correct.

As soon as Lampard made clear Zouma was going nowhere, Brands and Silva should have had a Plan B, C & D ready to go.

Steve Ferns
8 Posted 15/08/2019 at 23:15:49
How do you that they didn't Oliver? The cards might just not have fallen into place? We might have been priced out of the market, such as 㿷m for a player like Ake who doesn't fit the Silva profile for a centre-back.

It wasn't just us, Leicester tried all summer to replace Maguire, they knew full well he was off, and yet they have had to rely on Wes Morgan as third-choice centre-back. I'd rather have Holgate.

Tyrone Mings went for 㿅m or so, would you have wanted him at that price?

It seems like the market was just not there for us.

Oh and on Rugani, no chance is he coming to Everton. He's going to move on a big salary to a Champions League side.

Jay Harris
9 Posted 15/08/2019 at 23:28:47
I agree with you Steve.

Brands came across very professional and assured in that interview. He admitted they didn't get all the business done that he wanted but shipping out 20 players and getting quality in was very commendable and has certainly strengthened the squad from last season.

It was particularly interesting to hear they prepare a video for every player they are talking to showing how they would fit into our setup and how and where the manager sees them fitting in to his plans.

They also have and Under -23 committee that monitors and reviews all of our youngsters and loanees.

Very professional now – unlike Bill and his 10p down and the rest over 10 years.

Julian Wait
10 Posted 15/08/2019 at 23:43:45

A cheeky six month loan for an experienced CB might have helped, but I can't think of many that might be available. There's a fella in Sheffield that might still have something, but I think we missed out on him. There was also that self-proclaimed world-class CH from Croatia, but I am not sure he is really an "Everton player". Another one is the youngish English fella at City, but he seems prone to too many errors to me, and a bit lightweight pound for pound and stone for Stones.

In all seriousness I am happy to see the possibility of Holgate and Gibson being given some minutes especially if we can get some cup runs together.

Two key parts of his statements stand out for e

“On the other [hand], we took a decision not to renew (Phil) Jagielka's contract and to give Mason Holgate a little bit more perspective for his future because he is a very talented player. And we also have a very young boy in Lewis Gibson who had a very good pre-season. Of course, he has to step up more than he did already but he's a player who has a future at Everton and I think it's also important to give some perspective for the Academy."


“If we're going to spend money we have to do it in the right way. I think if you go lower than the level that you want it's better to do nothing and look at your own Academy; I think that's more important."

It's a risk but given circumstances, I think the right decision overall given signings elsewhere that we made.

William Gall
11 Posted 15/08/2019 at 23:49:52
I guess that the players for the positions, that we as supporters believed that Everton should have gone for, may not have been available or were priced far above what Brands believed what their value was.

The manager and staff have a far better idea of players values than we do, and I am sure they were well aware of the positions that they needed strengthening and, on the other hand, the opposing clubs they wanted to buy from were aware of the players they wanted to keep. So this became a "No, you can't have him", or "Yes, you can have him for a price" and, even after negotiations, Brands thought the player was too expensive.

Apart from History and ambition Everton are going to have to earn a position that will make players want to come, and I am sure Brands had a list of potential players he wanted to try for well before the window opened.

The fact is, you can't always get what you want.

Oliver Molloy
12 Posted 15/08/2019 at 23:50:26
Well they obviously did have other targets Steve, Silva said so but to not get any centre back cover in is disappointing. Let us all hope it doesn't come back to haunt us.

I'm sure Gary Cahill would have been interested in joining us over Palace for instance.
Experienced and decent centre back for cover.

Steve Ferns
13 Posted 15/08/2019 at 00:00:46
Julian those were key quotes. The second one is of particular note. If we couldn't get a player could enough, then yes, better to keep the money in the bank and wait 6 months.

Oliver, I think Brands and Silva both said they are disappointed, but what can you do? Gary Cahill? Do you really think he is still good enough? Not only that but he signed a two year deal, is he worth that, because he wouldn't sign a one year deal just to come here. It was reported that Palace pay him £75,000 a week too. Michael Keane is only on £60,000 a week, whilst Mason Holgate is on a reported £25,000 a week. Let's not mention Mina's wages (Barcelona level - no wonder he is always smiling!!)

Anyway Cahill is a good shout, but I think he'd have turned us down on wages, contract length and most importantly, playing time.

Derek Knox
14 Posted 15/08/2019 at 00:05:13
I think it was a very good summer for business as far as incomings were concerned, and that was even offset by more deadwoo d out the door, although many are on loan it's good to see the squad less bloated.

My biggest disappointment was not offloading Schneiderlin, but the immoral contract he is on, even a loan is not an attractive proposition for any would be suitors. It seems we are stuck with the donkey till doomsday.

Of course there has been mention of a couple more moving before the Euro Window closes in Bolasie, Niasse and Tosun.

Mike Gaynes
16 Posted 16/08/2019 at 00:16:29
Our best transfer window ever was last summer.

It brought us Marcel Brands.

Peter Warren
17 Posted 16/08/2019 at 00:17:04
You have to say Jags for another year in hindsight would have made sense.
Joe Corgan
18 Posted 16/08/2019 at 00:24:59
My take away from this interview is that Brands accepts that we didn't have the perfect transfer window – the perfect transfer window being, of course, one that gives us a squad capable of winning the league!

Clearly this summer was just another stepping stone of improvement. Yes, we missed out on signing a centre-back but I feel that it's a case of "Well, we'll just have to manage this season with what we've got." Maybe it'll end up costing us a league place or two (maybe not) but it seems that Brands is willing to settle for that in order to make us stronger in the long term.

In any case, what's done is done and now it's about us sitting back and watching how we fare in the league over the next few weeks. Only then will we know how successful the transfer window has really been.

Chris Davies
19 Posted 16/08/2019 at 01:33:17
Derek @15,

I know Scheiderlin's done a lot that's hard to forgive, but he was heavily involved in our end-of-season flourish. He was on the losing side once in our last 11 games. Just saying.

Andrew Presly
20 Posted 16/08/2019 at 01:45:50
My worry is these guys, Brands & Silva, don't seem to be buying anything other than obvious players. Iwobi? Zaha? Richarlison? Kean? Digne? Mina?

These guys are out there already. They are very expensive because they already play at a high level.

Fair enough you have to lure them to Everton from more ambitious to winning clubs but where is the nuance? Where is the added value?

We'll need more than this basic scouting competence to progress.

Derek Knox
21 Posted 16/08/2019 at 02:02:08
Chris @ 19, while I appreciate what your saying, for a player who cost what he did and the wages he is on, I know it's not all his fault, but a handful (if that) of games of being mediocre doesn't wash in my book.

Now Gana is gone he will be even worse because he is one lazy, over-rated liability of a player that we simply don't need. I'd rather have young Beni, who has been demoted to the reserves, instead of him.

Mike Gaynes
22 Posted 16/08/2019 at 02:14:42
Andrew #20, I cannot understand your post.

"Obvious players"? Really? Had you heard of Digne before we signed him? Had you heard of Mina before the World Cup? Those guys weren't obvious.

Who should Brands be signing instead for "added value"? I'm not being nasty, you've got me genuinely confused here. Nuance?

Andrew Presly
23 Posted 16/08/2019 at 02:14:54
Derek you're coming at this from a starting point of wanting to win. You've misjudged the mood at Everton. Change your perspective to at best 7th place finishes and hoovering up TV money and once in that zone then Schneiderlin is a perfect fit. He makes up the numbers in the team like we do in the league.
Mike Gaynes
24 Posted 16/08/2019 at 02:19:49
Joe #18, I would point out that we only have to manage with what we've got for 25-30 games including Cup ties. If what we have at CB proves inadequate, there should be more potential loans available in the January window. And purchase prices should be a little less insane than they are right now with the Maguire effect warping the market.

Personally I think Holgate is good enough.

Andrew Presly
25 Posted 16/08/2019 at 02:21:11
Mike - Mina & Digne were at Barca. I know you well enough via this site to know you have a soft spot for them. Is scouting a left back who starred domestically in France then went to Roma then got signed by Barcelona or a centre back who played for Palmeiras & then also on to Barca good diligent scouting? Smacks more of certain agents ditto Gomes from you guessed it Barca.

Even the Kean deal supposedly came about from Brands talking about Mario Mandzukic which whilst great is a bizarre way to go about the Kean signing.

Yes both Barca boys seem good additions especially Digne who will surely be off this time next year but where is the expertise, where is the unearthing of real talent?

These guys were out there already and as such we paid a lot for them. We can't keep doing that. Even Gbamin, €25m for a German based player is very rare.

Why are we not signing the next Djibril Sibide for instance? Seems like basic and lazy scouting. It's worrying.

Mike Gaynes
26 Posted 16/08/2019 at 02:35:49
Andrew, I haven't seen the first Sidibe yet, so I have no thoughts on the next one.

The "unearthing of real talent" is like gold mining -- you have to grind through tons of rock to find a nugget. Under previous regimes we signed lots of so-called unearthed talent -- Onyekuru, Sandro, Vlasic, Rodriguez, Calvert-Lewin, McAleny, Holgate, Robles, Magaye Gueye. Some worked out, most didn't.

The priority now seems to be taking advantage of an opportunity to move up in the league with an infusion of established talent and depth. Signings that may work out 2-3 years down the road are nice, but I can well understand why today is a higher priority for Brands than tomorrow.

Adam Fenlon
27 Posted 16/08/2019 at 02:45:10
Steve Walsh's speciality was supposedly unearthing diamonds in the rough. Looks easy while its working, looks hopeless when it doesnt. Give me solid competence, sensible squad size reduction and strategic recruitment from Marcel Brands any day of the week.
Andrew Presly
28 Posted 16/08/2019 at 03:02:25
Nothing to majorly disagree with there, Mike. But no younger more long term option than 27 year old World Cup “winner” Sibide? Really? That is the extent of our search for Coleman's competition or replacement? A guy who might rightly think they just climbed Everest? Suggests another agent connection or swap with Monaco for Onyekuru than diligent unearthing of talent.

We risk an army of well paid and otherwise sated players who can't get us higher than 7th nevermind that elusive trophy.

Kieran Kinsella
29 Posted 16/08/2019 at 04:33:57
The full interview had some interesting tidbits. For one, he said we got an RB on loan because they are giving Jonjoe Kenny the Schalke loan to prove himself. He also apparently tried to get Gbamin at PSV.

Moral of the story is there's nothing knee-jerk about the transfer dealings. It is all meticulously planned out. No guarantee of success but it's not as portrayed by some – a Redknapp style last-minute mad scramble.

Albert Perkins
30 Posted 16/08/2019 at 04:46:33
Andrew, 28. Yes, it's a matter of risk. Do you risk buying too many of the young untested and maybe successful players or do you risk buying too many relatively successful players that that aren't quite good enough to win us anything. Your level of comfort with the youngsters is not shared by me. I'm looking for a balance and we are climbing out of a deep hole and can't take too many chances. Feeling good about this effort from the summer buying spree. Nothing is perfect, even me.
Laurie Hartley
31 Posted 15/08/2019 at 05:27:23
I am impressed with Brands - I think Moshiri has finally found someone who he can trust with his money that also has an eye for a footballer.

When you look at the average age of the squad and it's size compared with a couple of years ago Brands has done an absolutely tremendous job in a short space of time. I reckon he is a heavyweight.

Only City have kept more clean sheets than us this year and I think it is fair to say that Kurt Zouma played a big part in that. It remains to be seen whether or not Yerry Mina will have a similar impact on our defensive record but from what I saw at palace it looks like he can.

If Brands and Silva décidé they need another experienced centre half in January or at the end of the season, Dunk of Brighton is worth considering. He looks a goodun to me.

Jerome Shields
32 Posted 16/08/2019 at 07:21:10
It's interesting that Brands definies. the transfer window by limits ; financial, Ueafa regulations, transfer targets available at the sight price, Academy output, need to loan out players for experience and the need to reduce a blotted squad.

Clearly the mismanagement of the Club prior to Brands appointment had to be addressed and was the main part of his remit and still is. Whilst the squad has to be developed, by Brands and Silva, it is being done so in this context.

The much heralded Academy wasn't being run right either. Expectations have been scaled back with more emphasis on loans and a quicker turnover.

I am not convinced that the Zaha transfer was not Brands idea, given the above limits. In the case of Centre Backs, Zouma was the only one they where going to buy. Whilst a loan option was considered, Mina was expected to take on the role he was bought for and backup was deemed enough. I have the feeling that arrangements where sought to bring Zouma on board at a later date.

Everton are still in Transition and the new signings will be keenly observed to see if they fulfil the potential they where bought for.

I am off the opinion that the backroom staff, which includes the academy needs to held accountable more for their performance and necessary change made where this is not being achieved to the level required.

Martin Berry
33 Posted 16/08/2019 at 09:07:19
I think we now have the best back room staff in the league and we are set up to "have a go"
Great transfer business, young exciting talent brought in.
The changes and transformation in the squad and first team from 2017 is remarkable.
Ajay Gopal
34 Posted 16/08/2019 at 09:56:31
Brands has done brilliantly in the short time he has been at Everton, given the condition of the squad he inherited. I am sure he will cull a few more before the European deadline (Sep 2): Bolasie, Mirallas, Martina and Tosun come to mind. Perhaps Beni will be loaned out to a European (German) side? It is interesting he says that ideally he would like to bring in 2, maximum 3 players in and shift out a similar number - not sure if it is every year or every window? This is what the big boys do. Next summer, the big signings will probably be: a back-up left back and a Siggy replacement. Siggy, Baines and Schneiderlin will likely be moved out.
Brian Harrison
35 Posted 16/08/2019 at 10:35:16
I read a piece in the Echo were they interviewed Brands, and they said his transfer fees were £35 million, £28 million, £27.5 million, £25.4 million, £25 million, £22 million, £18 million and £8.5 million all other signed players have been free or loan signings. Brands also made it clear that the level of spending seen in Jan 2018 would not happen under his watch. He went on to say that he wouldnt countenance a move for Hirving Lozano valued at £30 million he said it wasnt value for money. So bearing in mind those comments you wonder who at the club sanctioned the bid for Zaha.

I think its good to keep a watchful eye on your spending, but I just wonder how long Moshiri would buy into Brands frugal approach if it means not challenging for a top 6/4 position. What history in general tells us those who spend the most usually win the most, and yes Leicester were an exception but its not the norm. Now if we can buy younger players cheaply thats if 20 or 30 million can be considered cheap, and they develop into top players then great. But if we arent competing for the big prizes these players will ultimately move on.

I think Brands has made some excellent purchases and he and Silva seem to have a good relationship and that is vitally important given their positions at the club. I know at the end of last season they both said they had identified the players they wanted, but I am not sure they actually got their first choice targets. They wanted to keep Gueye and get Zouma on a permanent deal that didnt happen. I don't believe that Kean,Iwobi or Gambin were their first choice picks.

Alan J Thompson
36 Posted 16/08/2019 at 11:08:29
"Ask me a question, any question, ask me one on our transfer business".

"What do you think of our transfer business?"

"That's a very good question".

What's that expression about the proof of the pudding?

Robert Leigh
37 Posted 16/08/2019 at 11:31:01
Very good to hear - as above Brands is a damn shrewd operator and tends to say the right things!

One option might be Adil Rami - looks like he's been sacked by Marseille so is available on a free. World Cup winning CB, decent third choice I'm sure?

Steve Ferns
38 Posted 16/08/2019 at 11:41:20
Andrew: "Even the Kean deal supposedly came about from Brands talking about Mario Mandzukic which whilst great is a bizarre way to go about the Kean signing" Here you are repeating rumour as fact.

Did you even watch the video? Brands is quite clear about the process. They wanted Kean from last summer, we tried to get him on loan in January, when he was not playing, then he started playing and scoring and he was worried he was no longer a valid target.

How on earth can that rumour be true, if what Brands says is correct? Or has he just given a nice yarn to the Official Site and anyone else who will be bothered enough to listen?

As for unearthed gems what about Jesus or Sosa? The problem Brands has found is that he could just sign these guys for PSV, but in the UK, with our ridiculous Work Permit Regulations for Footballers, it's extremely difficult.

If it was so obvious to sign Digne, why did we get him unopposed? Mina was much sought after in Brazil (as I'm sure Jay and Fran can confirm) and Barca jumped the queue by signing him earlier than planned. But Mina was very damaged good, no one wanted him, but Brands saw enough to get him.

André Gomes was offered to everyone last summer, as Barca wanted their money back, but we were in for him from the moment Brands arrived. I believe he was actually someone Silva pushed for, and again, he was damaged good, but we got him.

So whilst these are three internationals, they were hardly risk free transfers of players at the top of their game. These are exactly the transfers we should be making.

Meantime, we made similar transfers in the past for the likes of Van Der Meyde, Eto'o and Drenthe, but they were failures.

As above, if you want someone you have never heard of, then bring back Steve Walsh and lets get back to signing Sandro on £120k a week.

Or, you can give Brands time to evolve the scouting system and improve it. Brands is not a scout, he is an administrator and he needs time to assess the current scouting system, of which he has already made significant changes to the system. He needs to overhaul the personnel. You don't do that in 12 months.

Steve Ferns
39 Posted 16/08/2019 at 11:48:31
Robert, Adil Rami fills the Silva profile for a tall centre-back. The problem is he is similar to Mina and Keane, in that he is big and strong, but his main flaw is lack of pace. Marseille sacked him over Fort Boyard (google it if you missed that one), but this was the excuse they needed to cancel his contract as he has been diminishing over the last 18 months. He seems to be far more interested in off the field activities, see the Pamela Anderson affair and the fact that he was still with his wife and kids despite the high profile affair. He seems to have a very complicated personal life and far too much baggage, which with diminishing football skills, and questionable attitude to training, it all fits in as a player to avoid. I'm sure Brands would also say he is "not of the level" and so "it would be better to do nothing".

It's also clear from the video that Brands really rates Gibson.

Conor McCourt
40 Posted 16/08/2019 at 11:49:38
Marcel Brands was found to be responsible for killing an Everton fans missus.

The fan interviewed said "MR BRANDS explained that his wife had given him a dirty look and he accepted later that it could have just been something in her eye. He acknowledged to me that he should have waited for perhaps a second dirty look but he thought it was the best course of action at that time" . "the good news is that MR BRANDS will be attending her funeral Monday and the mark of the man is that he's even going to say a few words. As you can imagine the family is delighted".

Andrew Presly
41 Posted 16/08/2019 at 11:54:00
The word “supposedly” was used for a reason, Steve! Obviously we don't know the full facts. Mandzukic would have been great for a few years as it goes but we're not at his level sadly.

I'll re-iterate once more that I was unimpressed with the scope of our scouting activity. There are better, cheaper and dare I say hungrier players out there other than those who haven't made it at the likes of Barca, Man City, Juve and dare I say Arsenal?!

Here's hoping Silva is a more inspirational persona in private than he lets on in public to persuade these guys that victory is more than a five year contract on six figures a week. Bernard, I'm looking at you too pal!

Kevin Prytherch
42 Posted 16/08/2019 at 12:01:29
Brands has acquired players who, are not unearthed gems, but are players that were not really chased by anyone else. This does in fact justify why we brought him in board. Bring in young hungry talent and, if it goes wrong, get our money back. The same can't be said for the likes of Bolasie, Sigurdsson and Schneiderlin, who were brought in too late in their careers to represent a sell on value.

We want him to spot talent that no one else can see - unfortunately that is difficult. For every Kante there's a Tarashaj. Instead, Brands has identified talent that no one else trusts, which is proving to be effective.

On another note, can we please stop flogging the idea that Sandro is on 120k a week. Several informed sources confirm that this is no where near true and the actual wage is around 65k.

Pete Edwards
44 Posted 16/08/2019 at 12:39:45
Life and soul you Andrew!!

Anyone who can't see the massive difference in how the club is now being ran are crazy! The impact that Brands has had is unquestionable when yo look at where the club were 2 seasons ago, we were only going one way!

Oh and the Zaha bid, don't believe all (or most) you read in the press, the club confirmed the bid as £52m, turned down and we didn't go back with another offer so talk of £80m is a load of shite!

Raymond Fox
45 Posted 16/08/2019 at 12:42:27
I think its too premature to be waxing lyrical about Brands.
He talks and comes across well, but we will have to see if his judgement reinforces that image, its going to take time. His previous record is excellent.
Lets not kid our selves he has a very difficult job, he will only be able to sign players that the 'elite clubs' if I can call them that, don't 100% want.
That in its self is a huge hurdle, plus I would imagine that everyone have some scouting system in place to find the next Rooney home and abroad.
The central defender situation is a black mark against him so which way you dress it up. Delph will be a solid signing in my opinion, but we will have to be a little patient with Kean and Gbamin, I also like Iwobi I feel he will be a good buy.
I've mentioned it before, but I'm somewhat puzzled why we got Kean for only the amount we paid if he is so much of a prospect, again time will tell.

I'm glad he mentions that our youth system should not be forgotten, but with us fans so keen for success its difficult for our manager to risk playing a promising academy youth.

Pete Edwards
46 Posted 16/08/2019 at 12:53:01
Raymond, why is the central defender situation a black mark against him? Did you listen to the interview?
Conor McCourt
47 Posted 16/08/2019 at 12:57:07
Raymond- He had only one year left and wasn't on a big wage so although it's an absolute steal from our point of view it's just mathematics and nothing more sinister.
Raymond Fox
48 Posted 16/08/2019 at 13:04:21
I did Pete, he wanted Zouma so he must have thought there was a need. Saying he likes Holgate and Gibson, which I do by the way, sound like a excuse to me.
We could very easily be forced to field both of them together in the near future through injuries or suspensions which would be far from ideal.
Pete Edwards
49 Posted 16/08/2019 at 13:12:00
Raymond, there's no question that he is aware there's a need at centre back, we all know that but to say its a black mark against him for not getting Zouma (was always going to be difficult) is a bit off.

He would have had another 2 or 3 players in mind but again, its not as simple as that, continuous scouting might well have shown they weren't quite right and of course, the money that would need to be paid! When a good centre back goes for £85m then all it does is raise the price for everyone else.

I think it was mentioned further up, Leicester weren't able to replace that £85m player as the reported prices were way OTT for average players who wouldn't improve us and, we need good players, no way is Brand going to sanction paying over the odds for anyone, it doesn't appear to be his way and thankfully so after the last lot who splurged money up the wall.

Raymond Fox
50 Posted 16/08/2019 at 13:17:01
Thanks Conor, I didn't realise that was quite the situation.
Guess I'm just old and cynical.
Steve Ferns
51 Posted 16/08/2019 at 15:26:21
Raymond, I follow a few of the European Leagues Podcasts and watch what I can, and everyone who has a say on Serie A has said they can't believe the Kean transfer. No, not because Everton bought a dud, but that we effectively stole Italy's best hope. They all rate him as a world class player in waiting.

No-one says anything other than Juve sold him to recoup money to balance the books or because of FFP and that they have been incredibly short-sighted. The whole ethos of the club right now appears to be about winning the Champions League with Cristiano Ronaldo Aveiro, and they don't seem to care about 5 years down the line.

Julian Wait
52 Posted 16/08/2019 at 16:55:23
#51 Steve - You summarize exactly what I have read as well. I don't blame Juventus tbh. They've won the Italian league so many times of late, it's losing its lustre; they want the Champions League. and/or bust. and they can do it NOW with CR7.

Similarly, but at a different level for now, Everton have an opportunity to build a very decent squad to get to the next level. We need to quickly replace some faulty or aging components, and bring in quality updates in other areas. I thought the window was all we could have reasonably hoped for except a CB, and we might get away with that if Holgate and/or Gibson can step up. Or even Feeney. Or Gbamin can step back, or Sidibe sideways or we change formation or whatever. Bottom line is we need to qualify for Europe this season, and then challenge for the CL the season after.

Once you have cash available, momentum and growth is everything in terms of attracting the right players to move us forward within the scope of FFP and hopefully growing revenues.

Christy Ring
53 Posted 16/08/2019 at 19:15:59
I like Brands, but I don't buy his centre-back explanation. We waited for Zouma, and when Lampard said he was staying, we presumed we'd get Tomori on loan.

When Arsenal put a bid in for Luiz, and Chelsea agreed on deadline day, Tomori was also staying. Don't say it was a coincidence that we tried to take Rojo on loan, at the end of the window?

I think Holgate is good enough, but at West Brom he played all his football at right-back, so needs a few games in the U23s.

Paul Birmingham
54 Posted 16/08/2019 at 19:52:14
All in all for me this has been a very good transfer window, and without prejudice, Marcel done EFC, proud.

Deffo Kurt Zouma, or the equivalent would have been exceptional, but in fairness how many times does any club have the ultimate, couldn't be bettered transfer window?

The club now has direction, leadership and a plan. Neither of which we've really had for Donkies years.

I'm optimistic for the future, starting tomorrow v Watford.

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