Gbamin: I need to be faster

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Jean-Philippe Gbamin has acknowledged that it will take him a little time to adapt to the speed and intensity of the Premier League after making his debut in Saturday's goalless draw at Crystal Palace.

The 23-year-old was pitched into action earlier than anticipated following an injury to André Gomes at the end of the first half and while he had some nice touches in the early going, he gave the ball away a few times in the middle of the park.

Thanks to the excellence of Jordan Pickford, however, Gbamin wasn't punished and he says that he will be working hard to get up to the level required of the English game.

Gbamin was only signed by Everton at the start of the month in a £23m deal from Mainz in Germany and has had precious little time to adjust to his new surroundings.

He admitted in his first interview for evertonTV that didn't think he would be match ready for this past weekend's season opener but the injury Gomes prompted Marco Silva to hand him an early chance.

“It was hard to come in like that — a great game with high intensity,” Gbamin told “I tried to give my best on the pitch and it was difficult in some moments.

“The coach gave me the chance to play and I wanted to take it. I am not 100% ready to be at a high level just yet — and I need to be faster.

“I have had only one week of training with the team, so I will keep going and work very hard.”

Silva admitted that “Gbamin had some problems,” on his debut in which he was given an immediate lesson on the kind of league he has joined from the Bundesliga.

“It's normal," the manager explained. "He needs to adapt because it's a new competition. [Gomes's injury] was one of the keys for us because we started losing easy balls in that second half.”

Everton face Watford at Goodison Park on Saturday which will give Gbamin his first taste of the atmosphere of a Blues home game, one for which Morgan Schneiderlin will be suspended and one both Gomes and Fabian Delph could miss because of injury.

That could mean a full debut for Gbamin unless Silva opts for a formation that sees Gylfi Sigurdsson drop into a deeper role alongside Tom Davies.


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Jamie Crowley
1 Posted 12/08/2019 at 14:55:24
The kid was put in a really tough situation with Gomes' injury.

Personally, I thought Marco made a mistake choosing him over Davies. He didn't protect his new signing. The kid can't possibly know the system, his role in it, the pace of the game, etc. Marco was too eager to introduce his signing, and chose him over, what I would define as, a more than capable Tom Davies.

This kid will be good. I really liked his movement. Once he adjusts to the increased pace of play and the physicality (no problems with the latter), he's going to develop into one heck of a player.

The kid might be called upon yet again this upcoming weekend, next to Tom. I've no doubt he'll make a few errors in the process of his development, and introduction to the English game.

Patience. He's going to be a good one.

Ajay Gopal
2 Posted 12/08/2019 at 15:00:49
I agree, he started brightly, then gave away the ball on a couple of occasions in dangerous areas and we were really fortunate that Crystal Palace did not punish us for those mistakes. A better team would have put them away. I actually thought that towards the end of the game, he appeared sharper and kept the ball better.

For me, the biggest mystery is: "What is the situation with Beni Baningime?" Something has gone terribly wrong there (hope I am wrong), and nobody is saying anything about this kid.

David Pearl
4 Posted 12/08/2019 at 15:01:50
Yes even though he lost the ball a few times he looked okay, just needs to be sharper and protext the ball a bit better. Looks strong and adds height in the boxes.

Just want Silva to work on how we move as a team so that options are available ahead of him. We are better at counter attacking. Palace won't be the last team to fear us and sit back, letting us have possession.

Dave Lynch
5 Posted 12/08/2019 at 15:06:36

A bit of patience is going to be needed team wise mate.

The new signings will take a while to bed in but we will be the better for it.

The drama queens and naysayers after Saturday's game should look at the weekend's games. They where typical of early season and I saw nothing to really scare us if we can repeat the form of the back end of last season.

Chelsea for the majority of the game battered United and the flag wavers were nowhere near 4 goals better than the Canaries.

Other than City this league is wide open IMO.

Sam Hoare
6 Posted 12/08/2019 at 15:07:21
Thought he was an excellent signing when we bought him and Saturday has nothing to diminish that feeling. Like any new player it will take a bit of time to learn the league and neither him nor Kean are totally match fit as neither has had a full pre-season. Suspect he may be called upon to play again against Watford.
William Gall
7 Posted 12/08/2019 at 15:19:40
He is like all late newcomers to the club, needs time training with the squad to learn tactics and link-up play, plus learning the opponents other players strengths and weaknesses.

As supporters we may get glimpses of why they were brought in, but it will take a few games before they are able to fit in smoothly and show the talents they were bought for. So as true supporters lets get behind all our newcomers to show them what a great club they have joined.

Jay Wood

8 Posted 12/08/2019 at 15:44:16
A very honest assessment by the lad of his own performance, echoing some of the post-match comments.

It bewildered me that a couple of posters bracketed his performance as Krøldrup and Nyarko like, even though one poster even prefaced his comments with the admission he hadn't even seen the game!

Gbamin also had some good moments amongst his poor ones to at least convince me there will be more to come from the player.

Alan J Thompson
9 Posted 12/08/2019 at 15:44:37
I don't doubt that the lad has ability and just needs to get used to the pace of play in England and at least it is a problem that has not been swept under the carpet but we haven't heard from Mr Silva why he was his preferred option. As we all know, he sees more of them at training than we do.
Conor McCourt
10 Posted 12/08/2019 at 15:49:06
He's clearly not fit or ready yet and I don't think it's a huge panic for Saturday. We are at home so I would let Tom sit and have Iwobi and Siggy either side of a three if Gomes doesn't make it.
Jim Wilson
11 Posted 12/08/2019 at 15:59:36
Gbamin is saying he needs games to get used to the Premier League.

With the Schneiderlin suspension and Gomes & Delph injuries (and selling of Gueye) we now need McCarthy but he has gone and we didn't even use him as a bargaining chip for Zaha.

Brilliant planning by this his immature management!

Kieran Kinsella
12 Posted 12/08/2019 at 16:16:18
Jay Wood @8,

Yes, I was a bit taken aback at the criticism. Granted, I didn't see much of the 2nd half but found it hard to believe he was as bad as some said.

Mainz are a decent enough team in a fairly competitive league so I can't imagine he was that bad. It sounded almost like an Ali Diea imposter situation like a Soton. Surely Brands and co are wiser than to sign a complete turkey.

Martin Berry
14 Posted 12/08/2019 at 16:51:28
The young man has the physical attributes, talent and speed, he just needs his fitness levels back up and adjustment to the Premier League — then we will have a real player on our hands!
Derek Knox
15 Posted 12/08/2019 at 16:51:38
Sometimes a baptism of fire is a good way to learn, as was the case with Gbamin on Saturday, although I couldn't understand why Silva threw him into the lion's den ahead of Tom Davies.

I agree with those who think he will prove to be a good signing, when he becomes more inured to the demands of the Premier League, all things taken into account, having the possession we did, should have yielded at least a goal or two.

Their keeper did make a couple of good saves, but was rarely troubled apart from that. Hopefully the new lads will get a rousing reception at home before the Watford game, and Delboy doesn't come back to haunt us! (wish we still had him)

Michael Lynch
16 Posted 12/08/2019 at 16:54:21
Fair play to him, holding his hands up to it. He was pretty awful, but that was clearly Marco Silva's fault for pitching him in rather than Tom Davies. Can't think what was going through the manager's mind, knowing that Gbamin wasn't ready to go. Still, no real harm done as we got away with a point.

Looks like we might not see either Gbamin or Iwobe for a week or two as they get up to speed. I would expect Tom Davies to start on Saturday, hopefully alongside Gomes if he's fit or Delph if he's fit.

Tony Everan
17 Posted 12/08/2019 at 16:55:31
I am confident Gbamin will be a great buy. By being up front he is showing he is willing to learn from his mistakes and this is a player who will get better as the season goes on.

I too can't believe people are having a pop at him, give him some breathing space, he will come good. Just needs a few games to find the tempo and acclimatize.

Paul Smith
18 Posted 12/08/2019 at 17:09:49
I have no idea if this guy will be any good or not.
Michael Burke
19 Posted 12/08/2019 at 17:19:37
I'm probably in the minority that think it was a good idea to get him in asap. He now appreciates what is required in the Premier League and can prepare himself accordingly. Better now than in a few weeks when everyone else is also up to speed.

Jim, a suspension and injury in the same game (1st of the season) can't have been in many managers' planning. Are you saying we hold on to players for 1 or 2 games a season when these freak occurrences occur?

David Milner
20 Posted 12/08/2019 at 17:22:48
Honest appraisal from Gbamin with no excuses. The lad did not do too bad but got caught in possession a few times. In the Premier League, you don't have so much time on the ball as in the Bundesliga. Remember Gomes got caught out early on last year. What he did good was good, he will settle in okay.

I doubt whether Gomes or Delph will be fit for Saturday & Schneiderlin is suspended. I think Davies & Gbamin will start alongside each other on Saturday unless Marco decides that Mason Holgate will play as the DM like Stones has a few times at Shiteh. Holgate is quick, comfortable on the ball, doesn't shirk a challenge & is a good passer. Will be interesting to see.

Raymond Fox
21 Posted 12/08/2019 at 17:33:42
If he starts on Saturday, he will not be at his best, it's going to take another week or two before he's settling down.

Physically he looks an athlete that's equipped to be a top player, time will tell.

Liam Reilly
22 Posted 12/08/2019 at 17:37:23
Silva can't win; if he didn't put the lad on, the conspiracy theorists would be okay with the Krøldrup theory.

He did put him on and, because he's not match-fit or used to the Premier League, he's another Krøldrup.

Of course, neither one is true. Give him some time.

Mike Gaynes
23 Posted 12/08/2019 at 17:51:31
I like his eagerness to accept responsibility, very professional, and I loved his physicality -- he shoved big Benteke off the ball like he was bouncing him out of the pub. I'm sure he'll start Saturday (no Schneiderlin, Gomes or Delph, and Iwobi just resumed training), and I think he'll be up to full speed pretty quickly with that confidence.

I will now resume laughing at the post about how "immature" management bollixed the McCarthy deal.

David Pearl
24 Posted 12/08/2019 at 18:03:11

Very much thinking it will be the obvious Gbamin and Davies, after all they are midfielders. The only other option would be Davies and Siggy just so he can find room for one of Kean or Iwobi... but l doubt that too. The less change the better. That's Silva's way.

Maybe if Martinez was still in charge we might've seen either Holgate or a fit Baines. It's all about our forward play though being the home side and an expectant crowd. Looking forward to Davies and Gbamin taking their opportunity.

Eddie Dunn
25 Posted 12/08/2019 at 18:24:35
It is unfortunate to lose Delph and now Gomes and add the Schniederlin's red and Silva has management to do. However, that is what he is there for and he has plenty of options with this new lad, Davies and Sigurdsson to juggle.

I hope to see more of Kean at the weekend and I am an Iwobi admirer and think he will prove to be our Player of the Season – you read it here first!

Jack Convery
26 Posted 12/08/2019 at 18:24:51
Positive comments from Gbamin and none of the 'I owe it to the fans to do better next time' nonsense we've heard far too often in the past. Thankfully Pickford saved him when he did get caught out; otherwise, I dread to think what would have been posted about him.

We need to get behind this team, Silva and Brands, who are steadily improving the squad and letting go those who have no future as a blue.

Colin Glassar
27 Posted 12/08/2019 at 18:27:45
An honest assessment by an honest player. I could see the potential in him.
Ciarán McGlone
28 Posted 12/08/2019 at 18:30:19
He didn't look unfit to me at all. Just a bit bamboozled by the pace of the English game.

There was enough on show on Saturday to suggest there is a very good player in there... he now knows he doesn't have time to dwell on the ball.

Nicholas Ryan
29 Posted 12/08/2019 at 18:32:30
On the subject of Everton midfielders; did anyone notice, that Sheffield United equalised at Bournemouth, with a wonderful 'slide-rule' pass from one 'Johnny Lundstram' …. Yes, THAT Johnny Lundstram!
Dean Frank
30 Posted 12/08/2019 at 18:39:30
Look at it on the bright side. He knows what the level is now without losing a point. A player understanding where he has to be is part of the process. Besides, I really don't think he was the problem.

The midfield could not get service into the strikers with opportunities. That's actually my main concern coming away from the Palace game. Richarlison was coming way to deep to be any use up front.

Bill Gienapp
31 Posted 12/08/2019 at 19:04:21
Michael (19) - Agreed. Do we really want to pay McCarthy's wages for an entire season, just so he'd be available this weekend? Then what? Schneiderlin returns from suspension, Gomes and Delph get fit, Gbamin gets up to speed and suddenly McCarthy's a sixth choice midfielder not even making the bench.

Our squad right now is 23-strong (24 if you want to count Lewis Gibson), which is right around the size it should be.

Kevin O'Regan
32 Posted 12/08/2019 at 19:07:10
I spoke to a few Mainz fans at the tournament a couple of weeks ago and they said that he has great energy any dynamism but that he tends to lose the ball in dangerous places too often. Something that he will definitely need to work on, especially in that position. But good to see him recognise it and be honest.

Always a good place to begin improvement.

Tony Everan
33 Posted 12/08/2019 at 19:18:50
He will need to be more vigilant of not losing the ball than most.

Opponents do meticulous homework, their midfielders and forwards will be told pre-match to be on to him fast when he is possession. It will be interesting to watch him adapt to it.

Mike Doyle
34 Posted 12/08/2019 at 19:32:45
David #20. I was thinking the same about Holgate as a DM. But as the only other centre half I can't see Marco risking it.

Unless Gomes proves to be okay, it will probably be Davies & Gbamin or Iwobi – even though neither is fully fit.

Another possible option nobody seems to have mentioned is Davies & Beni Baningime.

Tony Heron
35 Posted 12/08/2019 at 19:42:04
I was at Howard Kendall's debut and he had a bit of a stinker too. He didn't turn out too bad, did he?

Give the lad a chance, he's only played for 45 minutes for God's sake!!

Derek Knox
36 Posted 12/08/2019 at 20:07:13
Mike Doyle, you mention Beni Baningime, a player I liked too when he first came on to the scene, but after being loaned to Wigan, and the Pie Eaters only using him once during that spell, he seems to have drifted into obscurity, a bit like the Arteta money!

Does anyone know what the situation is with Beni?

Top-Cat and Officer Dibble are equally flummoxed! :-)

Derek Knox
37 Posted 12/08/2019 at 20:11:17
Tony Heron, very good point you make there, many a player has an uninspiring debut only to go on to be a Hall of Fame candidate. I remember Trevor Steven on his debut, looking like 'Little Boy Lost' but, after a few games, he became a great player.
Mike Doyle
38 Posted 12/08/2019 at 20:16:37
Kevin Ratcliffe looked way out of his depth in his few games – and I don't recall being blown away by the early efforts of the ex-bin man from Llandudno either.
Michael Kenrick
39 Posted 12/08/2019 at 20:18:10
Derek @36,

I see that Beni Baningime is turning out for the U23s as we speak. 0 - 0 at HT vs the Foxes... at the newly named 'Pure Stadium'. (Yuk! That just sounds weird.)

Derek Knox
40 Posted 12/08/2019 at 20:27:48
Thanks, Michael, at least he is still with us, I had hopes for the lad like many others, but you don't know what happens in training etc.
David Pearl
41 Posted 12/08/2019 at 20:28:37
John Oster looked out of his depth at first... oh and right through to his last. Wasn't Beni injured last year. Anyway, he has a grace about the way he moves and wouldn't mind him being on the bench at least. Although we have a couple spaces being filled by Iwobi and Sidibe perhaps.
Paul Birmingham
42 Posted 12/08/2019 at 20:36:07
One game in and the lads been right down the line honest.

It will take Gbamin a few games to bed in, but I'm confident he will be a success.

I'm hoping too he will be taking a few shots from outside the box as well, as he tucked a few in during his Bundesliga stint.

Brent Stephens
43 Posted 12/08/2019 at 20:36:39
Beni having a decent game tonight.
Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
44 Posted 12/08/2019 at 20:39:54
Paul @42, a request:

Can you drop the initials please...

JP — Jordan Pickford or Jean-Philippe?
MS — Marco Silva or Morgan Schneiderlin??
MK — Michael Keane or Moise Kean???

See the problem?

Paul Birmingham
45 Posted 12/08/2019 at 21:06:19
Mike a fair point, but I do say figuratively, I use the abbreviation in context of the thread, and it's subject matter, so there's a direct specific reference to the manager, director or players, in the thread.

I did get the O-level in English, a lifetime ago!

No worries Mike, Ill be very specific and clear in my future threads.👍🏼

Neil Copeland
46 Posted 12/08/2019 at 21:15:54
Mike #38, yes and in fact most of that team were poor in their first few games.

Gbamin showed enough promise to suggest he will good player I think.

Per Stumo
47 Posted 12/08/2019 at 22:03:32
I liked that he didn't seem to get too freaked out by getting caught in possession a couple of times, he just kept going, making himself available and bullying a few of the Palace players.

And I find his honest look at himself refreshing. He'll be a good player for us if he can get used to the speed and intensity of the Premier League.

Jim Wilson
48 Posted 12/08/2019 at 22:09:57
Michael @19,

No, I'm saying we got rid of injury-prone McCarthy only to buy injury-prone Delph and keep liability Schneiderlin.

McCarthy was also a ball winner and the nearest we had to Gueye's style.

But if we were going to get rid of him use him as a makeweight for Zaha.

It's a funny game and if you make the wrong decision, it will come back and bite you.

3 points is a must next game and we now have a weak centre-mid.

Alexander Murphy
49 Posted 12/08/2019 at 23:18:52
J-P, it took you one single appearance lasting a shade over 45 mins and you worked it out.

Good man, J-P. Your colleague Morgan committed the same foul time and again in the same fixture and got himself sent off through crass stupidity.

Einstein commented that performing the same actions repeatedly whilst expecting a different outcome constitutes a definition of insanity.

Si Smith
50 Posted 13/08/2019 at 01:29:40
I though Gbamin showed more positives than negatives, some of the talk is slightly harsh.

Firstly he was immensely strong, he outstrenghed a couple of the palace lads more than once.

Another positive is the lad isn't the type of guy who wants to play safe all the time, sideways and backwards is the old Bobby Martinez way, the future of our midfield is about going forward.

Almost an hour banked in terms of prem minutes can also only be seen as a positive, top that off with the fact Gbamin already knows he needs to speed up his game.

I bet Gbamin is back in v Watford, and I'd bet we will see progress.

Good news, I'm happy.

Ajay Gopal
51 Posted 13/08/2019 at 05:01:33
I would like Silva try out a 4-4-2 next game given the players he has at his disposal:

Coleman Keane Mina Digne
Davies Sigurdsson Gbamin Bernard
Richarlison Calvert-Lewin

Subs: Lössl, Holgate, Sidibé, Iwobi, Baningime, Walcott, Kean

Jerome Shields
52 Posted 13/08/2019 at 06:32:06
He said intially on signing that he was not ready and had work to do. He did not play against Everton in the preseason. Rather than be forced to play Gbamin, I think Silva just wanted to give him some idea of the level that was required. I also think that Kean was given a run out for a similar reason.

They will be both be really focused on training now and won't need to be told what is required. I expect the other signings to be given a run out next week. Might even see Kean start.

John Hammond
53 Posted 13/08/2019 at 07:23:41
All those wondering why we were trying to sign more midfielders, here's the reason why:

Gbamin not ready, Delph and Gomes injured and Schneiderlin suspended. We've played one game.

Adam Carey
54 Posted 13/08/2019 at 08:25:29
Gbamin will come good. I recall us blasting Gana for trying 40-yard cross-field passes which ended up with the opposition's full-back over the last couple of seasons. A baptism of fire at Palace for an injured team mate won't do him any harm.

As for the comments about losing the ball from Mainz fans, that's why we bought him at 23. We can coach that out of him. I keep reading that Marco is quite specific in his coaching and advice to individual players. Time to see it in action now that we have such a young team.

A front 4, Richarlison, Calvert-Lewin, Kean and Iwobi, all under 23. Exciting times.

Tony Abrahams
55 Posted 13/08/2019 at 08:49:04
Si @50, that's what I like about Gbamin, he doesn't constantly try to play it safe but, unless we get more movement further up the pitch, then it won't be long before he has to change his style.

I keep going on about pace and movement, but it's something that sorts out the men from the boys in most sports, and hopefully Gbamin is not looking around in a few weeks thinking, “I actually thought it was me?”

Derek Knox
56 Posted 13/08/2019 at 09:05:08
Tony, there seems to be a lack of pace and movement from midfield to the forward line at present, attacks are too laboured with too many passes, and predictable for the opposition.

Whether Marco Silva is encouraging this or trying to eradicate it, is unclear. He stands on the touchline like Tweetie Pie shaking his head at times, but I don't know whether the players are not carrying out his instructions or he isn't getting them across clearly enough.

John Raftery
57 Posted 13/08/2019 at 10:07:21
David (56),

Your first paragraph is spot on. Our play through midfield is too slow. The trio of Gomes, Schneiderlin and Sigurdsson is too one-paced.

In fact, Sigurdsson is not a midfield player as such. He is not even a Number 10. He is more like a modern-day Martin Peters, a tidy finisher when ghosting into the penalty area but not a player who can grab a game by the scruff of the neck.

Tony Abrahams
58 Posted 13/08/2019 at 10:11:14
I agree, Derek, but after only one game I think it's too early to judge just yet, and that's why I'm saying I hope Gbamin saying he needs to speed up, is more reflective of himself rather than the team over the next few weeks.

It doesn't matter if the players are not carrying out his instructions or if he's not getting them across clearly enough because it's only going to end up in failure either way. But maybe it's no coincidence that we are keeping clean sheets yet failing to score, because he's been waiting for fresh blood in attack, and these players were only signed right at the death, alongside Richarlison who has also had a very extended break.

I think we all want to see more pace and movement, and also know we won't improve unless we find it.

Iain Latchford
59 Posted 13/08/2019 at 11:15:53
Getting thrown in at the deep end is the best way to learn. I've no problem with him starting on Sat.

We've bought the new players to improve the team. Get them in asap. Don't agree with people saying we need to wait on Kean. He's raring to go, and has played 35 times in Serie A (between Juve and Verona), plus 3 times for the national side. He's more than capable of holding his own against a Watford side who have just lost 3-0 at home to Brighton.

Si Smith
60 Posted 13/08/2019 at 11:37:58
Tony 55,

Couldn't agree more mate, that said we now have attacking players who work hard, are very quick and can all interchange positions. Once ul to speed I'd like to believe Kean, DCL, Richalison, Iwobi and Walcot can flit between positions freely, and Bernard along with Siggy can do the same.

Clearly all wont start together, but all of the above can play in a number of positions across the front line, hopefully we start to develop patterns in play where defenders cant mark the same player all game, and our attacking players pop up all over the place to cause confusion.

This model seems to have done the top few sides no harm over the past few years, hopefully we can become a team with a lot of goalscorers rather than put all or hope onto either of the young forwards.

I've said it before, we need 70/80 goals for a top 4 finish, hopefully we can start to see where they might come from.

Richalison 15
Siggy 15
Iwobi 10
DCL 10
Kean 10

I honestly don't think them numbers are unfair to ask for, Siggy takes set pieces, Richalison is getting better, DCL and Kean have to aim at double figures and Iwobi is now 23 and cost near on £40m.
That takes us to 60, add goals from our midfielders, and the defence, not to mention any goals from the likes of Walcot, Bernard and Tosun and we are starting to look like we have enough goals within the squad to challenge.

Let's see if the lads have the balls to hit the targets and fire us into the big league.

Barry Jones
61 Posted 14/08/2019 at 02:25:54
A bit of a scary comment, "I need to be faster". How does he do that? You cannot develop pace. I hope he means speed of thought, otherwise he is toast.
Si Smith
62 Posted 14/08/2019 at 13:39:09
Barry if you seen the game I think you would realise he meant speed of thought, and release of pass has he got caught on the ball once or twice.

If he does mean any other way, we really are screwed. 🤣

Frank Thomas
63 Posted 14/08/2019 at 14:57:04
I think Gbamin will be shown as another masterstroke by Mr Brands.

Jim (11) another great piece of business, selling McCarthy to Crystal Palace. The message sent and received by Zaha and any other player we are interested in, is that we will not keep you if you wish to leave; we, as always, will abide by our word. We did it with Arteta, Lukaku, Barkley, Gueye and even a youngster called Rooney. So how good is your management about keeping their word, Mr Zaha?

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