Sidibé joins Everton on loan

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Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images
Updated Everton have finalised a deal to bring Djibril Sidibé in on a season-long loan from AS Monaco.

The Blues concluded negotiations with the French club for the right-back that will see him spend 2019-20 at Goodison Park for €2.5m with an option to make the transfer permanent next summer for around €14m.

The player flew to Merseyside earlier today (Wednesday) to undergo a medical and was announced as the latest signing of the summer transfer window this evening.

Sidibé, who was a member of the French squad that won the World Cup last year, has made 86 Ligue 1 appearances for Monaco since joining them from Lille in 2016.

He was particularly impressive for the principality club in those first two seasons but suffered a serious knee injury in the 2017-18 campaign that almost put him out of contention for Russia 2018.

His decision not to undergo surgery prior to the tournament and risk not being selected has been cited by at least one observer as being a primary cause of his subsequent knee problems and inability to replicate his best form since.

Get French Football News contributor, Jeremy Smith, says that while it's possible that Sidibé's disappointing performances could be partially due to the "bad atmosphere" that developed at Monaco, the 27-year-old's move to Everton should be treated with some caution until he can prove that his recurring injury problems are behind him.

"l was very happy to hear a historic and big club like Everton was thinking of signing me," Sidibé said upon joining the Blues.

“Everton are recruiting with the intent to win trophies and play on the biggest stage. I am 100 per cent motivated and ready to help the club achieve its goals and to achieve my own individual goals.”

Meanwhile, Dominic King of the Daily Mail has tweeted that Everton are "still pursuing central defensive cover and Chelsea's Fikayo Tomori is an option."


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Fran Mitchell
1 Posted 06/08/2019 at 19:50:44
SOUnd deal, no complaints. Well done Mr Brands.
Mike Doyle
2 Posted 06/08/2019 at 19:53:45
Makes eminent sense - and very low risk. Be interesting to see if/how JJK rises to the challenge.
Mark Tanton
3 Posted 06/08/2019 at 19:53:48
If he can cross a ball Coleman is in the shit here.
Brent Stephens
4 Posted 06/08/2019 at 20:02:34
As Brenda from Bristol would say (Bristle accent) "what, ANOTHER one?!"

How on earth could anybody have criticised the club, as they did only a couple of weeks ago, for lack of activity in the transfer market!

I don't know why, but that joke form the old comedian, Bob Monkhouse, comes to mind: "when I was at school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up; when I said 'a comedian', they all laughed. Well, they're not laughing now, are they".

Martin Mason
5 Posted 06/08/2019 at 20:07:20
It's like a dream really where Everton have the funds and are buying the right players for the right positions. I would warn against expectations because we can't assimilate them into the team together and expect immediate improvement. The icing on the cake would be Zouma
Massive credit to the club for giving us respect again.
Mike Gaynes
6 Posted 06/08/2019 at 20:08:30
The Brands machine roars on.

Seems we're exercising appropriate caution with this one, and that medical will undoubtedly be a thorough one. But it's a very sensible solution to the RB depth problem until the season in Germany shows us what JJK really has.

Frank McGregor
7 Posted 06/08/2019 at 20:15:55
Looks like John Joe Kenny has no future at Everton club, now is the time to move on and make a good career for himself.
I wish him the best of luck and proves himself to be a success elsewhere.

Derek Knox
8 Posted 06/08/2019 at 20:22:32
Welcome aboard Sid, assuming there's no complications, as mentioned it is a gòod move as cover(?) for Seamus, but if he he can cross the ball, he could be getting more game time than we thought.

I also like the option to buy, if things work out, great, if they don't, we are not lumbered, another good find from M Brands hopefully.

Like when the Tories were de-Nationalising the Industries the British Gas Logo, was ' don't forget to tell Sid ' or something to that effect.

Michael Williams
9 Posted 06/08/2019 at 20:24:43
I like the idea of having a player on loan at RB. Like Mike said above, it gives us a chance to see what JJK really has after a year in Germany while also trying another option in the club.

Hopefully we'll have two great options to pick from next year.

PS. The injury is worrisome.

Brian Wilkinson
10 Posted 06/08/2019 at 20:25:10
A few eyebrows were made when Kenny went out on loan, but baring injury to Coleman, then Kenny would have got less game time.

At least out on loan, he will get game time and experience for the future.

Bringing in this guy makes perfect sense and also agreeing a buy price should we wish to keep him.

Damn shame we never included this in the Zouma loan.

Phil Sammon
11 Posted 06/08/2019 at 20:54:51
Has anyone seen him play? I'm hoping Coleman's form is so good this lad never gets a sniff.
James Stewart
12 Posted 06/08/2019 at 20:58:35
Looked outstanding when Monaco were flying.
I would be seriously worried if I were Coleman. I can see exactly what happened with Baines last season reoccurring.
Peter Roberts
13 Posted 06/08/2019 at 21:02:05
This transfer policy makes such a refreshing change from the days of raiding Wigan for the best buys and United for the cast offs.

Our transfer incomings are from City, Juve, Monaco, Barcelona, Mainz (and Huddersfield).

With Henry also out of the door our net spending is also on a nice even keel so we don't run foul of any FFP rules (cause you can bet your bottom Euro they'd be enforced as soon as Everton stepped out of line 🙄)

Hugh Jenkins
14 Posted 06/08/2019 at 21:12:07
Peter(13) - my thoughts - exactly.
Pat Kelly
15 Posted 06/08/2019 at 21:13:46
"Recurring injury problems". First Delph, now Sidibé. Are we rushing things ?
Mark Brennnan
16 Posted 06/08/2019 at 21:15:27
Can he play right back? (remember those days)?
Josh Barber
17 Posted 06/08/2019 at 21:33:21
Looks like McCarthy is going Palace.
Aidan Wade
18 Posted 06/08/2019 at 21:37:06
Starting to worry somebody may come in for Brands.
Darren Murphy
19 Posted 06/08/2019 at 21:55:29
Good bit of business for us. Now let's see if we can get this CB fiasco sorted and get that left winger and a striker in before 5pm Thursday. " Can he play Left back?" was the quote Mark.
Peter Gorman
20 Posted 06/08/2019 at 22:10:28
Chill out, Frank @7. Let's see how things stand in a year's time.

Get another, preferably older striker in (even on loan) and this will have been a decent transfer window.

Mr Brands knows his onions - if you saw how he presented Kean's mother with a personalised shirt you'll see the mark of the man; you'd have to be made of stone not to want to play for the club after his chat.

Bill Watson
21 Posted 06/08/2019 at 22:17:27
Aidan #18

I think it was a good move elevating him to the board.

Sam Hoare
22 Posted 06/08/2019 at 22:20:56
If fit Sidibe is a great challenger to Coleman. Similar players, good going forward, solid defensively if a little prone to suspect positioning.

Should push Seamus hard and I think the Irishman will hopefully rise to the challenge.

Gerard Carey
23 Posted 06/08/2019 at 22:27:23
He's cover for Coleman, not his replacement. Same goes for every position on the team. Players keep performing, they stay in the team, lose form they drop down.

I dare say if Kean doesn't perform, he will sit out a few games, and so it should be. Same for Seamus.

Brilliant if we have two good players for each position, and it's healthy competition.

Something we've all longed for, and it looks like M and M are delivering. Upwards and onwards.
Jim Potter
24 Posted 06/08/2019 at 22:43:11
And they just keep on coming!
Colin Glassar
25 Posted 06/08/2019 at 22:50:38
On his day this lad is one of the best right backs in Europe. Well he was a few seasons ago. If I was Seamus I'd be worried, I'd be very worried.
Steve Ferns
26 Posted 06/08/2019 at 23:07:40
Glad to see you rate him Sam. I've never paid him much attention, although I knew the name. I just think it's a shrewd move to get an experienced international of proven quality in, so we have two good right backs, and that come the summer we can assess where Coleman, Kenny, and Sidibe are at, and make a decision about which two are the best for the following season. I hope Kenny is one of them.
Phil Sammon
27 Posted 06/08/2019 at 23:15:42
You'd have to think he wouldn't have come here if he wasn't told he would be first choice. It's pretty much a no-lose situation for Everton. Good business.
Paul Birmingham
28 Posted 06/08/2019 at 23:15:47
If this true, then great result for EFC, and now for Zouma, in the day and hours left in this transfer window.

MB has done his homework, it seems, very well.

John Voigt
29 Posted 06/08/2019 at 23:36:36
Good signing and I like the loan with an option to buy.
Hugh Jenkins
30 Posted 06/08/2019 at 23:36:38
If this works out and IF we also got Zouma our back 4 would comprise of three French Internationals and France are of course, the reigning world champs. that would be pretty nifty.
Andy Crooks
31 Posted 06/08/2019 at 23:38:03
Colin, If I was Seamus, I would think that I was the best right-back that Everton have ever had, and welcome the challenge.
Steve Ferns
32 Posted 06/08/2019 at 23:39:29
Andy, best right back Everton ever had? Big Statement that mate! Put your tin hat on as the Gary Stevens fan club will have a lot to say about that!
Josh Barber
33 Posted 06/08/2019 at 23:42:43
I don't think we're getting Zouma, Doucoure, or Zaha honestly. At this point I'm hoping Everton plan to spend that McCarthy money on other choices rather than wasting any more time with Watford, Palace, or Chelsea.
Si Smith
34 Posted 06/08/2019 at 23:47:55
A lot of credit being given to Brands here and rightly so, but the main guy for me is Moshiri, he got it wrong with a few managers but he has continued to back all his manager, back both his directors of football and put his money were his mouth is.
Mike Gaynes
35 Posted 06/08/2019 at 23:50:30
Steve, I think what Andy is saying is that Seamus thinks of himself that way. Has to. His every move bespeaks self-confidence. And he will have been too young to see Gary Stevens play.

For what it's worth, Dr. David France picked Tommy Wright over Stevens.

Jay Harris
36 Posted 06/08/2019 at 23:57:41
Never mind Gary Stevens what about Alex Parker.
Steve Ferns
37 Posted 07/08/2019 at 00:06:19
Ok Mike, I can see that!
Phil Sammon
38 Posted 07/08/2019 at 01:57:11
I hope Tony Hibbert isn't reading this thread.
Jack Convery
39 Posted 07/08/2019 at 02:02:05
Brian Borrows was very handy at right back. So was Ian Snodin. I reckon Tommy Wright was the best though. I just hope this lads knee is ok now, otherwise Mirallas and MArtina might be needed ! Ho;gate can play there too of course. On to the CB now IBWT.
Annika Herbert
40 Posted 07/08/2019 at 04:12:22
I can see the sense of this move. At his best, an excellent right back. I am pleased we appear to now have cover for Seamus and it will be very interesting to see how Kenny does over in Germany.

If he can prove he is over his knee problems, we may have found ourselves a top player here. A loan with an option to buy looks an excellent move to me.

Martin Berry
41 Posted 07/08/2019 at 08:58:34
Brands and Everton just keep giving. and quality too, but there 36 hours to sort out a winger, centre back and posibly an additional midfielder, it would be an outstanding Thursday if he could.
Dave Abrahams
42 Posted 07/08/2019 at 09:06:00
Mike (35), David France also picked Duncan McKenzie on one of his lists of great Everton players, it's just personal opinions Mike.
Peter Gorman
43 Posted 07/08/2019 at 09:19:01
You're all wrong, the best RB was Mitch Ward - could cross a ball onto a sixpence.
Steve Ferns
44 Posted 07/08/2019 at 09:28:24
Peter, Mitch Ward was just a poor man's Tony Thomas.
Colin Grierson
45 Posted 07/08/2019 at 09:29:57
Dave #42
"We ALL agree,, Duncan McKenzie is magic!"
Tony Everan
46 Posted 07/08/2019 at 09:48:08
A solid back up/ challenger for Seamus, a good signing, with an option to buy at a fair price.
Danny Broderick
47 Posted 07/08/2019 at 09:55:14
Seamus has to be the best right back we've ever had, for me. What sets him apart is longevity, the amount of goals he's scored and the fact that he also became captain. We've had other good right backs - Snodin and Stevens were good. But I don't think they hit the heights that Seamus has for anywhere near as long as he has. It wouldn't surprise me if Seamus improves this season and sees off the threat of losing his place - he's that sort of character...
Anthony Flack
48 Posted 07/08/2019 at 10:20:56
Terry Darracott

Enough said

Bernard Dooley
50 Posted 07/08/2019 at 10:57:12
I love these friendly arguments about "best ever" in their particular positions.
Truth is many TW posters are still far too young to pick from the full menu!
For what it's worth I am with Jay at #36, Alex Parker for me followed closely by Tommy Wright. Love Seamus, but over the years he would just about get into the top four or five.
Of course Parker played so long ago that we lost him for a while whilst he served his National Service in Cyprus.!
Bill Watson
51 Posted 07/08/2019 at 11:13:22
Danny #47

We can, of course, only comment on those we've actually seen. On that basis Seamus is nowhere near the best right back I've seen and trails Alex Parker, Tommy Wright and Gary Stevens, in that order.

Annika Herbert
52 Posted 07/08/2019 at 11:40:15
No mention of Archie Styles in the full back debate?!!!

Seriously though, Tommy Wright would be my personal choice.

Derek Knox
53 Posted 07/08/2019 at 11:42:43
Bernard, I vaguely remember Alex Parker playing (I was too young) but I did meet him on several occasions, when he became Manager of The Swinging Sporran pub in Runcorn's Shopping City, a great guy with some good stories about his playing days.

Anyway, I digress, because the tactics of the game have changed so much, even in the last 30 years or so, Right Backs as we remember them were defenders first and foremost and rarely crossed the half-way line. Today's game they are wing backs, so it is difficult to compare really, plus the rules have changed, (less physical contact) the emphasis is now on speed and fitness. (yet there seems to be more injuries than ever) Then again as someone mentioned earlier it's about opinions, but it keeps TW interesting all the same with odd trip down Memory Lane.

Annika Herbert
55 Posted 07/08/2019 at 12:35:06
Sky now reporting that Everton have had a loan bid for Smalling rejected!!I I sincerely hope that is not the case because I don't rate Smalling at all!!I I would hope we are looking for much better players than him.
Anthony Hawkins
56 Posted 07/08/2019 at 12:48:23
@Annika #55 Dear god NO!!!! Smalling is awful!
Darren Murphy
57 Posted 07/08/2019 at 12:57:47
Hahaha Smalling, behave.
Mike Doyle
58 Posted 07/08/2019 at 13:01:07
On the subject of quality full backs. John 'Tiger' McLaughlin anyone?
Tony Hill
59 Posted 07/08/2019 at 13:06:26
The bald hobgoblin Mike. A glory of our fine early 70s team. Not a bad player actually.
Mike Doyle
60 Posted 07/08/2019 at 13:12:05
One can only wonder at what 'Tiger' would be worth in today's market!
Derek Knox
61 Posted 07/08/2019 at 13:14:08
It's got to be comedy week, have seen the Smalling connection, but there was another saying we have offered £30M for David Luiz!

Do these journos or whoever think we are all as dumb as they are, quite often on these click bait stories they even post a picture of an entirely different player, to add (in)credibility?

We all want the best for our Club, and I think we have the best DoF to sort out these transfers on our behalf let's hope we add a couple more, but up to now we have done really well, even if there's no more incomings!

Dave Abrahams
62 Posted 07/08/2019 at 13:15:00
Colin (45), not All of us Colin !!!
Steve Ferns
63 Posted 07/08/2019 at 13:17:57
DK, if there's no more incomings, then Brands has done a walsh and left a massive hole in the side, only it's in the middle of the defence rather than the attack. I don't think Brands is so reckless. I expect we will sign a centre-back. He needs a good one to complete an excellent window.
Tony Everan
64 Posted 07/08/2019 at 13:19:34
I would be happy if we just got the loan for this lad Sid and signed up Zouma.

All this massive money for Zaha I am unsure about. I am unsure because of his stated desire to play for Arsenal, his strength of character. Will he fight in adversity or our club or sulk?

Iwobi I'm not sure about either, he has never really kicked on. 30m seems outrageously excessive for a fringe player of a club one or two places ahead of us.

James Hughes
65 Posted 07/08/2019 at 13:20:21
Seamus has been a great player for us. Wore the shirt with pride and always gave 100%.
Not going to debate performance levels but when you compare him against the likes of Morgan Sideways, he is streets ahead.
So come on Seamus make the new boy the understudy and let him play the cup games
Derek Knox
66 Posted 07/08/2019 at 13:29:09
Steve, I do hope we get a CB as you say but I wouldn't under-estimate either Keane or Mina but it's if injuries occur which invariably do, we need cover but JP Gbamin can allegedly cover if called upon.

I think any chance of Zouma lies with the tooth fairy, or maybe till January, please, please, don't let it be a Manure reject!

Steve Ferns
67 Posted 07/08/2019 at 13:37:53
DK, I believe Keane was all but written off last summer, and then stormed his way back into the plans when he had to start as Mina and Zouma were not ready. They Jags got himself sent off and Keane was the main man and never lost his place in the side as a result. Keane and Mina are similar for me, and it's really one or the other.

If not, and as much as I like Mina, we have to be realistic and say he played just 9 games last season and so we have to be ready for a plan B. Can that Plan B really be Holgate or 18 year old Gibson (who has got the nod ahead of the older Feeney)? Note Gibson and Feeney are very much with the first team in training, as is Dennis Adeniran (MC). So Silva is taking a very close look at them.

Centre-back is a must whatever way you look at it, and it needs to be someone quick and with top level experience (though not necessarily PL experience).

Tony Everan
68 Posted 07/08/2019 at 13:42:14
With the attempt to get Smalling on loan, this could mean we have talked to Chelsea about getting Zouma in Jan or next June when their ban is lifted.

Cover for Mina is essential, I pray he doesn't but it is odds on he will get some sort of injury before Christmas.

Expect an experienced loanee to be targeted for CB, in the hope the above regarding Zouma is true.

Jon Hirshman
69 Posted 07/08/2019 at 14:30:07
I was too young to see Alex Parker for EFC. However he hitched up at Southport and I saw him play there. Definitely Tommy Wright for me.
Roger Helm
70 Posted 07/08/2019 at 15:21:54
What about Keith Newton? I know he played more games for Blackburn and Burnley but he won a champions medal with us as well as England caps.
Steve Ferns
71 Posted 07/08/2019 at 15:44:37
Is this done yet, or is he sat in the medical room wondering where everyone is? meantime everyone is scrambling to get Zaha signed?
Sean Callaghan
72 Posted 07/08/2019 at 19:28:41
...and just you and me checking on TW to see, Steve. Steve? STEVE!? Oh, for fu...
Mike Gaynes
73 Posted 07/08/2019 at 19:35:45
All quiet on the Sidibe front. Maybe the medical on that knee has gone into overtime.
Jason Broome
74 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:00:41
Tomori is a must signing as potentially he is better than Keane.

He has all the gifts, young at 21 and is quicker and more athletic than Zouma. He plays a lot like Yobo and breaks up play effectively.

One of the best players in the Championship last year.

Loan with a purchase option of less than £20M and it might be a steal.

Andrew Keatley
75 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:02:14
Steve Ferns
76 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:03:02
Confirmed on the official site.
Brent Stephens
77 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:03:07
Tony Hill
78 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:03:32
A very good bit of business. A loan with an option gives us the best of all worlds.
Colin Glassar
79 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:06:44
Jason, David Luis is going to arsenal which means no more Chelsea defenders will be leaving.
Jamie Crowley
80 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:07:38
If JJK does well in Germany, we bring him back and don't execute a buy on Sid.

If JJK sits the bench or shits the bed, we buy Sid.

Simples, and damn good business.

Mike Gaynes
81 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:09:22
Jamie, you cribbed that post from Steve!
Josh Barber
82 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:09:43
Excited about this. If we get a decent CB and Zaha, it would have been an unbelievable transfer window!
Jack Convery
83 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:12:37
Bienvenu Djibril Sidibé Allez Le Bleu !!!
Jerome Shields
84 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:17:46
Good news and a good player.
Gordon White
85 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:19:17
Coleman's not stupid. Of course he realises the inevitable will one day happen. Just like Leighton.

But Silva said he wanted quality competition for each role in the team. Bit premature to be writing Coleman off I think.

Delighted with the signings. You have to hand it to Bill and Mr Mosh.

Tony Shelby
86 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:19:56
After all this transfer fun we'll probably get twatted by Palace at the weekend! ;)
Terry White
87 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:23:03
Tommy Wright, Keith Newton, Gary Stevens, all good shouts, but for me I count myself privileged to be old enough to have seen the great Alex Parker play for us.
Sam Hoare
88 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:27:32
Very solid signing. If he's fit and motivated he will properly test (and surpass?) Coleman and I'm sure Seamus will rise to the challenge.

Loan to buy with a sensible purchase fee. Good business.

Dave Abrahams
89 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:30:07
Terry (87),Terry anyone who was old enough to see Alex Parker and is still alive and kicking would choose Alex over any other right back who has played for Everton since.
James Marshall
90 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:31:56
I just watched one of those Youtoob videos that tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about a player and Sidibe looks like a cracking footballer.
Mike Andrews
91 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:35:40
I don't usually rush off to YouTube to check players out, given the many warnings on TW, but someone put a link up last night and I did. It looked great,of course, but one thing struck me; he seems really comfortable operating on the left as well as the right.
While I'm at it, there was a bit of Gbamin's first press conference that made me think. He talked of the management wanting him to play in a position he feels comfortable with. He didn't specify but that may be centre back? Maybe we have already signed our centre back cover and that makes more sense of the pursuit of Doucore?
David Pearl
92 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:37:20
He does look okay doesnt he. After all he is a French international so cant be all bad. He even looks up before he crosses, imagine that. We are looking like we might have a balanced squad for the first time in years
Mike Andrews
93 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:40:11
I wonder if Michael and Lyndon might consider a live forum for the next 24 hours? I am flying backwards and forwards between various threads and finding myself too late to respond to posts.
Tommy Surgenor
94 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:41:30
Mike, I may have misheard but I recall him saying that his preferred position was midfield. He did say he would “help out” at the back if it was asked of him.
Mike Andrews
95 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:44:04
Tommy, sorry I may have missed that. Maybe selective listening to fit my wish list!
Gordon White
96 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:44:12
Mike 91 can you share the link please.

Tony 86. LMFAO. :-)

BTW, I hear Zaha has handed a transfer request in and we may go back with a better offer.

Jamie Crowley
97 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:44:58
Mike -

I didn't see the post from Steve! Great minds think alike!

There's SO much shit going around, I'm just clicking "jump to end" and clickity-clacking away!

Peter Mills
98 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:46:23
Whoever may be the best, Seamus Coleman is my favourite in the last 55 years. Love the lad, his attitude, and his recovery from his broken leg.

I hope he welcomes the new guy, then keeps him on the bench all season because he is playing so well.

James Marshall
99 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:49:09
He looks a lot better than the Coleman we saw last season. I love Coleman as much as the next man, but if Sidibe is better, there's no room for sentiment.
Tony Hill
100 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:50:00
I always think Snodin would have been a really fine right-back but for his injury.
Pat Kelly
101 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:50:09
Welcome Gerbil
Michael Lynch
102 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:50:29
I have to agree with those who said he looks good on YouTube. Actually, he looks even better than that, he looks fantastic! Very attacking, great crosser of the ball, very quick feet. Doesn't seem to do a great deal of defending, but looks like he has a Gueye-like knack of pinching the ball off attackers.

Anyway, I'm very happy with our two right backs. One more central defender and we'll have very promising defence. C'mon Everton, sign Zaha and this will probably be the best transfer window ever.

John Pierce
103 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:55:42
If he is recovered properly from the knee injury he will breeze beyond Coleman into the team. This is a very smart signing. One that should give JJK inspiration he need to see he can get back in.
‘Extremely competent' from Everton, cannot believe I've typed that!
Jay Wood

104 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:57:34
I won't claim to know anything about the player because I don't but it appears more canny business for exactly the reasons Steve outlines @ 26.

We potentially sign a WC winner in 12 months, or JJK comes good in Germany and returns to the fold, challenging for the right back spot with many years in front of him.

Further evidence of a deliberate strategy and forward thinking on Brands' watch.

Brian Hennessy
105 Posted 07/08/2019 at 21:58:10
I suppose this is the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle which free's up Martina to complete his dream move to Barcelona. I'll be sad to see Cuco leave but in fairness it will only strengthen the relationship between us and the Catalans.
Gordon White
106 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:00:16
Peter 98. Absolutely. Well said
Bill Watson
107 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:01:12
Annika #52

Archie Styles was a very underrated player although he was a left back and not a right back.

Mike #58 John McLaughlin was also a left back but not in the same league as Wilson, Baines or Digne

Bill Watson
108 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:01:12
Annika #52

Archie Styles was a very underrated player although he was a left back and not a right back.

Mike #58 John McLaughlin was also a left back but not in the same league as Wilson, Baines or Digne

Bill Watson
109 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:01:12
Annika #52

Archie Styles was a very underrated player although he was a left back and not a right back.

Mike #58 John McLaughlin was also a left back but not in the same league as Wilson, Baines or Digne

Bill Watson
110 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:01:12
Annika #52

Archie Styles was a very underrated player although he was a left back and not a right back.

Mike #58 John McLaughlin was also a left back but not in the same league as Wilson, Baines or Digne

Christy Ring
111 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:01:12
Tony @100 Snodin was a natural at full back, but for his constant hamstring problems.
Bill Watson
112 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:01:13
Annika #52

Archie Styles was a very underrated player although he was a left back and not a right back.

Mike #58 John McLaughlin was also a left back but not in the same league as Wilson, Baines or Digne

Bill Watson
113 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:01:13
Annika #52

Archie Styles was a very underrated player although he was a left back and not a right back.

Mike #58 John McLaughlin was also a left back but not in the same league as Wilson, Baines or Digne

Bill Watson
114 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:01:16
Annika #52

Archie Styles was a very underrated player although he was a left back and not a right back.

Mike #58 John McLaughlin was also a left back but not in the same league as Wilson, Baines or Digne

Bill Watson
115 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:01:17
Annika #52

Archie Styles was a very underrated player although he was a left back and not a right back.

Mike #58 John McLaughlin was also a left back but not in the same league as Wilson, Baines or Digne

Bill Watson
116 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:01:17
Annika #52

Archie Styles was a very underrated player although he was a left back and not a right back.

Mike #58 John McLaughlin was also a left back but not in the same league as Wilson, Baines or Digne

Bill Watson
117 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:01:17
Annika #52

Archie Styles was a very underrated player although he was a left back and not a right back.

Mike #58 John McLaughlin was also a left back but not in the same league as Wilson, Baines or Digne

Bill Watson
118 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:01:17
Annika #52

Archie Styles was a very underrated player although he was a left back and not a right back.

Mike #58 John McLaughlin was also a left back but not in the same league as Wilson, Baines or Digne

Bill Watson
119 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:01:17
Annika #52

Archie Styles was a very underrated player although he was a left back and not a right back.

Mike #58 John McLaughlin was also a left back but not in the same league as Wilson, Baines or Digne

Fred Charters
120 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:04:49
Terry,87. Alex Parker also my 1st choice. Great player who signed for us on the same day from Hearts as the Golden Vision, Alec Young.
Chris Hockenhull
121 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:06:19
Bill certainly like to get your point across..We Get this a TW record?????😀
John McFarlane Snr
122 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:06:56
Hi Dave [89] I was stationed in Cyprus when Alex joined Everton, he too was posted to the Island but his stay was a short one. In my opinion, he was the finest right back to pull on an Everton shirt in my time of watching the 'Blues. He actually played his last game for Scotland as an Everton player, before he played for his first game for Everton.

I came home on leave that year [1958] and I blame Everton for his lack of caps, he operated for a time as a right half at Goodison and his regular replacement in the Scottish team was Eric Caldow. I know that that I don't have to tell you Dave, it's for the benefit of younger readers.

I met Alex at one of the Hall of Fame dinners, and I commended him on his sliding tackles, his reply was " Yeah, I was faster on my arse than I was on my feet" I doubt that we shall see the likes of him again. I'll see you on the 17th, but I'm afraid it's Adam's Ale for me

David Pearl
123 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:09:53
Should l be jealous that I'm not old enough to have seen or heard of Archie Styles?

Gary Stevens wasn't bad. We've had nobody comes close since.

Martin Nicholls
124 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:10:38
Bill - I believe you've just broken the TW record for duplicated posts! I'm so exhausted following all the transfer speculation that I'd read three of them before I realised!
Martin Nicholls
125 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:12:24
David#123 - he left Everton along with the great Howard Kendall in part exchange for Bob Latchford.
Pat Kelly
126 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:14:29
There's only one Bill Watson ! Believe it or not.
David Pearl
127 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:15:07
Thanks Martin, bit of trivia for me there. My first game was 5 years old 1975 and favourite player was a guy called David Smallman because he tried a shot from the half way line.
Chris Hockenhull
128 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:16:54
Sorry Bill began at 107 let's give full praise
Dave Abrahams
129 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:18:28
David (123), Archie was a decent left back who was transferred with Howard Kendall as part of the deal which brought BobLatchford to Everton.

I think Duncan McKenzie is married to Archie's sister, that's just a little bit of gossip for you. ( Free)

John McFarlane Snr
130 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:18:35
Hi Fred [120] I'm afraid that you have got your wires crossed, Alex Parker signed in 1958 along with Eddie O'Hara, Alex Young joined Everton in 1960 along with George Thomson.
Paul Birmingham
131 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:20:14
Shrewd business by MB. This will set the tempo in the squad and I sense EFZ are going for it, but with serious intent this season.

Let# see if we can get a commanding CB, aka KZ, in the hours left of this transfer window.

Jay Wood

132 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:20:20
Strewth! I've just watched a couple of YouTube compilation videos.

If he is fit and healthy, and if there is no problem with his knee, Seamus has got some serious - VERY serious! - competition to hold on to his place.

Sidibé certainly likes to get forward and when he does, he doesn't close his eyes and lump and hope the ball into the penalty area. He has a lovely body shape when crossing the ball high and picking out a man, but also alertness to the running and positioning of other players to play in ground balls or pull backs to create scoring chances.

He has Tony Hibbert-like coolness in the penalty area with his own finishing also (cough!).

Curiously, very little video evidence of his defensive skills. But clearly a technically very capable footballer.

Martin Nicholls
133 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:25:55
David#127 - I too loved David Smallman and think he could have had a great career with us but for injury.
My first game (I was a late starter aged 12!) was 9th March 1963, a 2-0 win against Forest in which (if memory serves) the Alex Scott referred to by some of the older guys above scored. For the record I agree with them - best RB I've seen playing for us. The date is etched in my mind as 16 years later, to the day, my eldest daughter was born!
Steve Ferns
134 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:26:41
This is a good signing Jay. And the boy says he's here to win trophies. Clearly we're getting these guys in by telling them that we are aiming to win things. Don't tell Sky or they'll commission an hour long special with guests from each of the their favourite six clubs to all laugh at us and run us down.

Not a big fan of Zaha, but I really want him to sign so we can stick two fingers up at all of these patronising wankers who are still saying that we should expect a battle just to finish 7th.

Peter Mills
135 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:27:00
David#123, Arthur (Archie) Styles was a left back from the early 70s. He was easy on the eye to watch, decent touch on the ball, nice left foot, but not the greatest defender. He was Duncan McKenzie's brother-in-law, I believe.

He was transferred with Howard Kendall to Birmingham City as part of the £350,000 deal that brought Bob Latchford to Goodison.

Bill Watson, your point was worth repeating. John McLoughlin was not in the same league as Wilson, Baines and Digne. In fact, he was not in the same universe!

David Pearl
136 Posted 07/08/2019 at 22:36:42
That's great, Martin. I gave my son, born in Winnipeg, Canada, the middle name Everton. Bought him all the shirts... and he doesn't even watch football anymore. Wasted.

Actually with all the names on this thread l must admit a soft spot for Steve Watson. Remember that hat-trick he scored.

David Connor
138 Posted 07/08/2019 at 23:28:30
Roger. Keith Newton scored one of the best headed goals I've ever seen at Goodison Park.

Unfortunately, it was in his own net... It was a great goal, though, mate.

Derek Knox
139 Posted 07/08/2019 at 23:58:59
Welcome aboard, Sid!
Bob Parrington
140 Posted 08/08/2019 at 00:35:44
Alex Parker was a class act. I also rated Tommy Wright.
John Boon
141 Posted 08/08/2019 at 00:46:51
DAVE (136)

What a shame. I am an ex scouser who has been in Canada for fifty five years. I also gave my two sons middle names John Everton and Andrew Goodison. They are both Blue fanatics and have both been to Goodison to see games. In fact John and myself are both booked to come over to see the Derby game in March 2020. mind you we still need to get tickets. Keep working on your son.

Gordon White
142 Posted 08/08/2019 at 00:50:06
David 136. Of course.

I cant remember my first game. Although I was born within spitting distance of GP, and my Dad was a sth. I was wearing blue long before I can remember.

My dad had trials for us. He was good enough for the trials but not for anything further. Still, we're dead proud he got that far. And actually stepped onto the hallowed turf once. He ended up driving for a band; that became the Beatles. Hey ho. (Or hey Jude).

The first match I can remember attending was the 66 FA Semi. And then the final. Who could forget! I was only 7. Hagrid was stood in front of us, so it was on Dad's shoulders.
Shortly after, the family moved to sunny Torquay.

Since then it's been a bit of a roller coaster. (Following EFC, not Torquay!). I look at the team posters on my man shed walls, filled with my heroes harking back to the 60's 70's. And I'm filled with nostalgia. And the ever present optimism and hope that fills the hearts of every Evertonian. But apart from a brief spell in the 80s, I've never felt more hopeful, and optimistic, about our Grand old club, and its future prospects. I'm so excited, I can't tell you.

For a long time, Everton have been an aristocratic, but unfashionable club. Like the upper classes, post WW1. We had the breeding and pedigree, but no longer the finances.

Evertonians have been so patient, over a sustained period, without reward. And eternally optimistic.

I think it's time. I think it's our time. This is the beginning. Success begets success. And top quality players are unafraid of signing for us. We are attracting some of Europe's top young talent. Building a team for the future, rather than living off other's casts offs.

And I am filled with joy and excitement. And intense expectation, and optimism. And I have my blue and white scarf my mum knitted for the 66 final. And I hope to be wearing it to a few more finals!

Hopefully, as a sth at Bramley Moor. Listening to the siren and Z C 's. And watching us thrash the RS.


Derek Knox
143 Posted 08/08/2019 at 01:13:44
Good and interesting post, Gordon. Are you still in the Torquay area? That will be some commitment and travel as a STH when Bramley-Moore Dock opens. Mind you, it still would be to GP!
Gordon White
144 Posted 08/08/2019 at 01:22:29
Hi Derek

We've moved, (keep one step ahead of the ILR, Lol!), but not far. We live on Dartmoor now.

Yes it is a bit of way. But there's the West Country Blues. So I can share a lift. And it's worth it. As me old Dad said, "There's no pockets in shrouds". So I might as well spend it on something I enjoy.

Michael Williams
145 Posted 08/08/2019 at 01:48:15
I think Archie Styles was a very underrated player.
Don Alexander
146 Posted 08/08/2019 at 02:15:07
Archie Styles! I was stood on the Kippax (Maine Road, Man City's home ground for the yoofs among us - as if!) when we won 1-0 in the early 70's courtesy of a goal by Jim Pearson (who was possibly the father of the more successful James McFadden).

Anyway, in that match our Archie, on the goal-line to a City free kick, voluntarily reduced his already small height by two inches when he resolutely headed Colin Bell's hammer strike back to the halfway line before strolling out to assist the ensuing attack.

Concussion? That was for wimps!

Gordon White
147 Posted 08/08/2019 at 02:18:17
Don 146

Nice one.

Paul Johnson
148 Posted 08/08/2019 at 02:37:57
Sorry if I missed it but he has to fill Mick Bernard's boots. The only player I can remember scoring direct from a corner at Goodison Park.
Annika Herbert
149 Posted 08/08/2019 at 02:57:22
Bill @118, thanks for that information. I had it in my head he was a right-back for some reason. Maybe old age is catching up with me.

But he was a pretty good player, at least he performed pretty well when I saw him anyway.

Terry White
150 Posted 08/08/2019 at 04:23:26
You have your wires slightly crossed, Martin (#133). Us old timers have been waxing lyrical about Alex Parker, not Alex Scott as you mention, a slip of the name surely? Alex Parker did indeed score in that 2-0 game on the occasion of your first game.
Tony Abrahams
151 Posted 08/08/2019 at 08:29:24
A low key signing with everything that is going on, but I don't think I've heard a player coming to Everton, make such a big and refreshing statement for such a long long time, if ever!


Dave Williams
152 Posted 08/08/2019 at 10:05:23
Gordon #144 I travel with West Country Blues when I go to a game and it is brilliant. Nice coach, very cost effective at around £25 return, decent bunch of lads ( and lasses) and gets to Goodison in plenty of time for a few beers. Google it and all the info you need comes up. Where on Dartmoor are you- I am just outside Bovey Tracey.
On full backs Styles had a great left foot but best left back was Wilson followed by Van den Hauwe. Right back- Parker was just before my time but Tommy Wright at his peak was far superior to Seamus. Snodin was excellent until injury got him and prevented him from getting an England cap, Stevens was good but vulnerable. I always thought Trevor Steven would have made an excellent right back but he was never played there because he was so good in midfield. Bernard was decent when he moved back from midfield too.
Jack Convery
153 Posted 08/08/2019 at 10:07:57
You have all forgotten John O'Kane and Tony Thomas at right back. Who could ever forget Sandy Brown at left back and that own goal !!
Paul Burns
154 Posted 08/08/2019 at 10:20:21
In the right back discussion, i'm surprised nobody has mentioned Matt Jackson, our 1995 FA cup winner. Good player, far better than many mentioned and totally forgotten apparently.
The best cross blocker I've ever seen was Earl Barrett, he had it off to an art form and we're still weak at that to this day. Unfortunately the rest of his game was lacking a bit but a genius at preventing crosses into our box.
Nick Hopkins
155 Posted 08/08/2019 at 10:50:32
Luiz to Arsenal means Zouma deal dead...
Dave Abrahams
156 Posted 08/08/2019 at 10:57:35
Peter (98), if there was a poll on here for your favourite right back Seamus would win it by a mile.
Bernard Dooley
157 Posted 08/08/2019 at 11:32:19
Paul, I agree that Matt Jackson was underrated and he was was such a willing team man. His legacy unfortunately will always be a bit sullied by having to fill in as a centrehalf in a match at Highbury and Ian Wright who ran him ragged.

Whilst I am sticking with my choice of Alex Parker the point that Derek Knox # 53 made is really relevant. Right full back today is almost a totally different position to full back play in Parker's day and begs the question would ANY of the greats of yesteryear adapt to the modern game. Not going to let that spoil my dream though !

Laurie Hartley
158 Posted 08/08/2019 at 12:18:42
Tony # 151 - I just watched his interview on the official site. I think we have got a diamond here.

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