RB Leipzig complete signing of Ademola Lookman

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Ademola Lookman has completed a permanent move to Bundesliga side RB Leipzig from Everton for an undisclosed fee.

The 21-year-old winger impressed during a loan spell with Leipzig during the second half of the 2017-18 season, but has flattered to deceive on his rare appearances for The Blues as he failed to hold down a regular first-team place on his return to Goodison Park last season.

Sky Sports News understand that the fee for Lookman's transfer could eventually rise to £22.5m, with Everton receiving an initial £16m.


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Brian Williams
1 Posted 25/07/2019 at 09:27:42
I see Mola's gone...
James Stewart
2 Posted 25/07/2019 at 09:50:17
The fee received is massively disappointing, when you look at the current market. Lookman will have a decent season and his value will double/triple, just like Sancho's.

16m up front minus Charlton's cut is way undervalue.

Jimmy Hogan
3 Posted 25/07/2019 at 09:52:03
I'm OK with this. He's no Ronaldo,
Michael Lynch
4 Posted 25/07/2019 at 09:52:55
Good luck to him, but I thought his Everton career was disappointing considering his natural ability. Hope we start buying a few players now we're offloading some of the dead wood.
James Ebden
5 Posted 25/07/2019 at 09:53:47
thank god for that. over hyped, sulky, lazy, added absolutely diddly squat in the time he was here.
move on, spend the cash on someone who will actually contribute.
Clive Rogers
6 Posted 25/07/2019 at 09:53:57
It is what he wanted. Never really been happy at EFC especially after his loan spell. Talented but seemingly poor attitude. It was obvious to me he wasn't trying in some games. Compare his attitude to Idrissa's.
Clive Rogers
7 Posted 25/07/2019 at 09:58:21
James, #2, you are right, but you can only get what clubs are prepared to offer. The fact is that only Leipzig were interested, so it was take it or leave it!
Tony Everan
8 Posted 25/07/2019 at 09:59:53
He has the talent, but his overall game is still below what Silva wanted, and because of it he was still a non-starter.

It is no good for anyone having him bench warming for another season, so tough decisions have to be made. It will be interesting to see how he gets on and I wish him good luck.

Shaun Laycock
9 Posted 25/07/2019 at 10:14:09
Seems undervalued but better money in our pockets than wasting away on the bench or on loan where we pay a proportion of his wages. Getting rid of deadwood will hopefully release funds for some purchases.
Derek Knox
10 Posted 25/07/2019 at 10:14:37
Brian @ 1, how can you see him if he's gone? :-)

Despite what many think, I believe that this has worked out fairly well for the Club, whatever went on behind the scenes, it was obvious the lad didn't really want to be a part of it.

For all those that say he wasn't given enough game time, that is possibly true, but then again there may have been a reason for that. Personally, I was hoping that he would do well for us... but, in all honesty, in the chances he was given, those expectations were not complemented with any further signs that all would come good.

I wish him all the best, and we have almost doubled our initial outlay, so fail to see how this could have worked out better.

James Marshall
11 Posted 25/07/2019 at 10:15:22
Good, now maybe people will stop talking about him!

I wish the kid luck, but it was getting beyond a joke hearing about him all the time. We won't miss him.

Jim Bennings
12 Posted 25/07/2019 at 10:31:59
He hasn't achieved enough to command a higher fee!

Good luck to him, I hope he eventually starts enjoying football and finds a decent career for himself, looks at the minute like too much a five-a-side player.

John Raftery
13 Posted 25/07/2019 at 10:34:05
How many appearances has Lookman made for us? How many goals has he scored for us? We have made a substantial profit on a player with some potential but, as the stats suggest, no more than that. This is good business for the club.
Mark McParlan
14 Posted 25/07/2019 at 10:41:55
And once again, just like with Vlasic, look what happens when you buy young players. You always get your money back even if they never really perform enough. We've made a solid profit on this one, best of luck to him, and a few more millions we can use to move on to our next signings.
Raymond Fox
15 Posted 25/07/2019 at 10:52:12
It's for the best, it was pretty obvious he preferred to be elsewhere.

At this moment, we are weaker as a team than at the end of last season. It's a pity because we were playing very well towards the end and things were looking up.

Steven Astley
16 Posted 25/07/2019 at 10:54:38
If I may say so, he seems a weird lad.
Daniel A Johnson
17 Posted 25/07/2019 at 10:59:24
Prime example of ability just isn't enough, attitude and application is also needed.

He's 100% a Brands/SIlva type player so in training he must have been sulking/half arsing the place out if he's gone. Such a strange state of affairs.

Jack Convery
18 Posted 25/07/2019 at 11:01:11
He never took to Everton. Looked like an arranged marriage to me with one partner very dubious. Maybe Charlton and his agent pushed him to join us. He found love at Leipzig; good luck to him.
Jer Kiernan
19 Posted 25/07/2019 at 11:11:41
For the price of 6months of Shneiderlins wages !!! And Walcott remains ??
I do not understand, So much for the "future" of the club. If Gaye follows unless there is some very good business done before end of window, We will once again be missing a great opportunity to break the Top 6 by selling our best players and replacing them with cast offs,hasbeens or not replacing them at all

Is Mosh the Kenwright of Billionaires I am starting to wonder ??

Mal van Schaick
20 Posted 25/07/2019 at 11:16:13
We didn't get to see the best of him, but good luck to him we can use the money for our new targets.
Denis Richardson
21 Posted 25/07/2019 at 11:33:25
Wish him well, just didn't work out. Win some lose some.

We made a decent profit on him, even after Charlton;s cut given we paid £7m. It's £16m that can be reinvested elsewhere.

Steve Mink
22 Posted 25/07/2019 at 11:49:03
I get excited when we sign young potential and always disappointed when it doesn't work out. I'm trying to think of instances where we lived to repent selling on a youngster who went on to be a star elsewhere.

(Rooney arguably, but issue there wasn't that we underestimated his potential).

Martin Berry
24 Posted 25/07/2019 at 12:20:40
Obviously not up to it for 90 minutes although greatly talented. Marco and Marcel see and know what we are not privy to, in M& M we should trust.
Steve Brown
25 Posted 25/07/2019 at 12:48:23
Not up to 90 minutes in England but he will be in Germany...I don't buy that logic and the outcome is Lookman and Gueye leave, Walcott and Schneiderlin remain.

As Jer says, makes no sense commercially or in football terms.

Jay Wood

26 Posted 25/07/2019 at 12:56:03
Gerard Deulofeu contributed a great deal more than Lookman in pretty much the same time that both resided at Everton. He certainly excited the crowd a lot more and genuinely got bums off seats with an end product, while Lookman would get you half-raised in anticipation only to have you flop back down with a sigh.

Got cash in hand. Doubled our money on him. Puts an end to speculative, plantiff posts believing he was going to become a player. He may well blossom, but it increasingly never looked likely that he would do so at Everton.

I'm not hopeful, given the long inflated contracts some are on, but it would be really cleansing for the club if the likes of Besic, Sandro, Bolasie, Mirallas and (with apologies to the Ring brothers) McCarthy could also be permanently shipped out in this window to save TW from posters trying to convince themselves and others they could still play a part at Everton going forward.

27 Posted 25/07/2019 at 13:02:02
Seems cheap but when you think it's not far off what we paid for Gomes it's not too bad. I know which one I'd prefer.

He seemed disinterested most of the time and didn't want to fight his way into the team. Can walk into Leipzig's lineup and he probably saw what Sancho is doing at Dortmund and thinks he's can replicate it. Let's see.

Good natural ability but glad we're moving him on to be honest!

Simon Smith
28 Posted 25/07/2019 at 13:10:20
I certainly am not upset about this in the slightest. Glad we sold him when we could. Massively overrated on here!
Ian Bennett
29 Posted 25/07/2019 at 13:31:25
Another player that was contributing jot last season.

Move on and get better players into the core 15. Potential is great, but being mid table is taking us no where.

James Stewart
30 Posted 25/07/2019 at 13:39:44
@26 Deulofeu's success at Watford still grates. He is an exceptional option to have even if only for 30 mins from the bench.
Eddie Dunn
31 Posted 25/07/2019 at 14:04:36
If it is true that Leipzig were the only interested party, it perhaps suggests that Mr Lookman's reputation amongst the domestic football fraternity has put off some potential buyers.
Surely there is enough ability there to interest the likes of Sheffield Utd or a Championship side?
It will be interesting to see how he behaves once his German honeymoon is over.
Si Smith
32 Posted 25/07/2019 at 14:10:45
Real shame this one, hope he doesn't come back as 'the one who got away'.

Lookman, Vlasic, Antonee Robinson and Galloway all moved out during a period where the club were looking to lower the average age of the team !!

Holgate and Onykuru also linked with permanent moves away, a little worrying, but let's see what Brands and Silva do in the next few weeks as it will be crucial to the long term effect on the squad.

Sondre Haga
33 Posted 25/07/2019 at 14:23:27
I don't think he ever would fulfil his talent at Everton so I guess it's better to let him go. Hassenhutl was his manager at Leipzig, but won't spend that amount on him now when he is at Southampton. I think that indicates that the deal is okay.
John Raftery
34 Posted 25/07/2019 at 14:26:01
Koeman selected Lookman but failed to win enough matches with him in the team. Unsworth followed suit. Allardyce largely ignored him and received abuse from our fans. Silva selected him but also failed to win enough matches with him in the team.

It is very obvious Lookman is not yet a game changing player at the top level. He may develop into such a player but managers in the Premier League cannot afford to wait for players to deliver on their long term potential if their team is failing to win matches in the short term. Much better to take the profit from an early sale and reinvest in players better suited to the team's style and character. We must hope Brands uses the money wisely.

Brian Williams
35 Posted 25/07/2019 at 14:33:29
Well Big Nev's glad 'Mola's gone anyway!
Kevin O'Regan
36 Posted 25/07/2019 at 14:47:16
@EOD 27. He won't walk into the RB lineup. After all they are a CL team and on a spending spree with a new young manager. I wish him well and still sorry it didn't work out for him in Toffeeland.
Duncan McDine
37 Posted 25/07/2019 at 14:52:08
I think a lot of us have a soft spot for Lookman, but if we're being honest probably never saw him becoming the next big thing - at Everton at least. I really hope he gets the chance to shine again at RB Leipzig and might just see him playing for England before too long.
Jack Convery
38 Posted 25/07/2019 at 14:52:28
He never took to Everton. Looked like an arranged marriage to me with one partner very dubious. Maybe Charlton and his agent pushed him to join us. He found love at Leipzig. good luck to him.

Hopefully this money will be put towards a striker. I see its being reported Holgate could leave if its a permanent transfer and the fees acceptable, with WBA hovering. Looks like we are scraping around for money to get a striker.

On another tack - When Maguire moves to Man U, I just hope we are not in for Jones or Rojos to replace Zouma. Would rather we kept Holgate and get another loan in. Its about time Mina started doing the business on the pitch.

Simon Smith
39 Posted 25/07/2019 at 15:06:21
@brian 35

What has big nev said? He's always good for quotes.

Davie Turner
40 Posted 25/07/2019 at 15:38:12
The lad has ability and definitely disappointing it not worked out for whatever reason. He obviously wasn't settled and has now got the move he wanted. Wish him well, we got money in the bank so can't really complain.
Lewis Barclay
41 Posted 25/07/2019 at 15:48:45
Slightly worried that we still have Sandro, Bolasie and Mirallas on the books and this guy is gone.

Jamie Crowley
42 Posted 25/07/2019 at 15:57:13
You can never prove it, but something's telling me there's a lot of truth in many of the comments above.

Heart not in it.

Reputation in the footballing community.

Didn't fight hard enough for a spot.

It all just seems to have a hint of the truth in it for me.

Good luck to the kid. He's got talent, he just needs to be in the right environment for him. And that isn't under Silva or at Everton.

Jamie Crowley
43 Posted 25/07/2019 at 16:00:55
I'd also add there's time in the transfer window yet, and I'd say Brands has done a damn good job this window getting rid of a lot of dead weight.

If we can bring in a striker, I think this window will be a darned good one.

Marcel knows what he's doing. I can't remember ever having the confidence I have in him with any other top level Everton brass.

Sans Roberto whom I loved. But that's in the rear view mirror and didn't last forever. I get the feeling that Marcel won't lose my confidence until he leaves or retires.

Brian Williams
44 Posted 25/07/2019 at 16:13:38
Nev, in commenting on the report "Lookman signs for Liepzig" simply put "Good."

He commented on another one and said something about "potential has to be realized."

Jay Wood

45 Posted 25/07/2019 at 16:30:15
Lewis @ 41.

"Slightly worried that we still have Sandro, Bolasie and Mirallas on the books and this guy is gone."

You can only sell if there is a buyer. It is common knowledge on TW the length and salaries of the players you name (and others!) who Everton are evidently trying to shift on. If us commoners know, so will the wider football community.

A potential buyer will also know Everton are desperate to sell, thus strengthening their bargaining position whilst weakening ours.

In an ideal world, the players you named would have gone first and then we could have started offloading other 'assets' such as fringe squad players or younger academy players who won't make it.

The world, the football transfer market of supply and demand, simply doesn't work like that. You sell who you can when you can.

Sadly, I fully expect that once again we will be unable to permanently offload the players we need to, as was the case last summer, and the best we can hope for is further loan deals for some of them.

The situation is not of Brands and Silva's making, so they are innocents in this.

Mike Gaynes
46 Posted 25/07/2019 at 16:35:06
James #30, Deulofeu failed at Milan and Barcelona after he failed with us. I doubt his Watford performance "grates" on their fans.

Time to let it go, I think.

Kieran Kinsella
47 Posted 25/07/2019 at 16:41:35
Jack Convey 48,

I agree about the arranged marriage and to your point, Lookman was interviewed a few days prior to THAT game against Man City. He already was talking in terms of his post-Everton career.

“Of course, I want to play at the highest level – whether it be in England or Spain, I want to be at the top. You have teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid. As a kid, I dreamed of playing for one of those teams and I suppose Manchester United.”

Mike Gaynes
48 Posted 25/07/2019 at 16:51:23
Jamie #43, when I calm down a bit I will once again agree with you about Brands. But right now I'd like to clout him one in the schnozz.

Watching Wigan's new LB playing so well against us last night brought out a few more F-bombs.

Sam Hoare
49 Posted 25/07/2019 at 17:00:40
Tommy Carter, will you now concede you've lost our bet? Tanner to charity of your choice!

As for Lookman I've never seen him look so happy at Everton as he did in his Leipzig unveiling. He may prove to have talent but it is difficult or impossible to get the best out of players who are desperate to move.

Eric Paul
51 Posted 25/07/2019 at 17:06:10
Good riddance. Did you ever see him endorsing anything Everton?
Fran Mitchell
52 Posted 25/07/2019 at 17:11:04
It is a shame, he has talent and think he'll do really well in Germany. Same with Vlasic, another talented young player who it just didn't work out.

I really wish they had stayed and players such as Walcott were moved on, but market forces and all, and hopefully Brands has identified someone who will thrive with us. Kean, and an other.

William Gall
53 Posted 25/07/2019 at 17:21:27
Jay # 49

Agree with your comments on trying to sell certain players and other clubs are aware of the situation, and potential buyers realize that Everton want to sell, so are in the best position In negotiations.

My thoughts are Everton are reluctant to loose money from what they paid for these players you mentioned and are trying to recuperate as much as they can of their outlay and not taking into account what the players present value is.

James Hughes
54 Posted 25/07/2019 at 17:44:30
A real shame he couldn't make the grade with us. His goal on debut maybe gave false expectations, he's also scored some crackers for England.

We got our money back and a little bit more for a player who hasn't really done anything, so no complaints. He's probably a RS in disguise, so stuff him:)

Justin Doone
55 Posted 25/07/2019 at 18:21:59
Gutted that we are selling our best young talents. I understand he's not done the business but if we had a good enough manager, coach, set up, he would be playing.

He's the type of exciting attacking talent that would flourish at Spurs, Liverpool, Man Utd, Wolves etc.

Man City get 㾻M for a player who has never played and can't get a work permit from a newly promoted side and we get an extra million for a young English talent who, instead of fetching a premium, has been flogged overseas.

I think Moshiri must have really put the pressure on that results are needed this season and the future is being sold off cheaply.

Dream on... we could entice Zaha, never going to happen. It's the type of nonsense real football fans can't make up.

Brian Williams
56 Posted 25/07/2019 at 18:27:15
"Best young talent but hasn't done the business"!

Bit of a contradiction there mate. If he'd have done well enough, he'd still be here.

Jamie Crowley
57 Posted 25/07/2019 at 18:41:54
Mike @48 -

I hear you. Broke my heart. But in an honest moment I don't think it will affect Everton much in the end, and we are NOT objective in the least when it comes to having a US player come through Everton. We both desperately want them to succeed.

It was probably a great move for our National side. Antonee will develop playing more, and hence contribute when the time comes.

The real villain in my mind is Craig Berhalter, playing Antonee out of position in this new "system" that seemingly can only defeat small island nations. Antonee looked average to poor in the games prior to the Gold Cup, and I wonder if that was the straw that broke the camel's back? And freaking Berhalter leaving him off the team just shows to me he's an idiot, never mind Josh Sargeant (whom I absolutely love).

Anywho this intersection of Everton and the USMNT is probably best left separate for me!

Björn Kausemann
58 Posted 25/07/2019 at 19:39:29
I say again : A big mistake Mr.Silva. Never got a chance for spend more time on the pitch, in the first XI. Two years ahead he will get the level like Zaha from Palace and his fee will boost.
Derek Knox
59 Posted 25/07/2019 at 19:42:13
Jamie C, and Mike G, I was as surprised as yourselves when they not only let him go, considering we have so many on the books, so to a degree understandable, but for £2M.

He's a 21 year old International, and Wigan have had us off a few times, so should have had the decency to pay a decent amount say £10M, and I don't think they could complain at that. Instead they are clicking their heels all the way to the bank.

Jerome Shields
60 Posted 25/07/2019 at 19:53:10
Good luck and hope it goes well.
Paul Birmingham
61 Posted 25/07/2019 at 21:29:07
Good business and it makes sense for both parties.

No sour grapes from me I just don't think he had the mental strength to do the business at the standard required at EFC and the EPL.

Ironically there's players on the books who aren't worth a carrot and that's the predicament EFC faces, it would seem at least the next two years or so, until contracts expire.

Good luck Mola, and hopefully we will be getting some top quality players in who will fit EFC.

Steve Ferns
62 Posted 25/07/2019 at 21:50:16
I think Ademola got a bad press on here. However, the match going fans seemed to like him and he knew that. His comments on Instagram about leaving seem sincere and would surprise many of the above:

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my team mates at Everton Football Club for all the love and unwavering support you've shown me over the past two and a half years. I've made some great friends at Everton who have made my experience at the club truly an unforgettable one. Whilst I'm excited to move forward with the new opportunities ahead of me, I'm going to miss my team mates and everyone associated with the club. Last but not least I would like to thank the fans for their support during my time at Everton, I am truly honoured to have had the opportunity to play for you. All the best for the future, Love AL31 💙 #EFC"

Andy Crooks
63 Posted 25/07/2019 at 22:06:42
Wigan have done us again. Sold us the worst manager in our history who brought with him a shite striker and a truly awful centre back. Good old Everton. If it looks like a scam... fuck me, we 'll have some of that.
Derek Knox
64 Posted 26/07/2019 at 06:37:24
Andy, in all fairness to Bobby Brown Shoes, he was head-hunted by our very own Pantomime Villain, Baron von Kenwright!

Also, his first season was not bad, but admittedly it did go downhill after that!

Andy Meighan
65 Posted 25/07/2019 at 07:52:12
Jer 19, “Selling our best players”? Er... sorry to disappoint you but Lookman was never one of our best players and was never likely to be one, moody little sod who thinks he's some sort of superstar. He's done Jack shit for us apart from the goal against Man City and a little cameo off the bench in the cup tie over there other than that I'm struggling. Good riddance as far as I'm concerned.
Gerry Ring
66 Posted 26/07/2019 at 09:26:02
I don't think he was managed properly. Should have been given more opportunities.

On a completely different note, I'd love to see us buying Ryan Fraser. Looks like a good solid player who would fit in at Everton.

Simon Smith
67 Posted 26/07/2019 at 11:21:43
Andy, the “ worst manager in our history” produced the highest ever premier league point haul!
Steve Ferns
68 Posted 26/07/2019 at 11:29:01
Simon, not only that, but only Kendall in '85, '86 and '87 has passed "the worst ever manager's" points total of 72. Andy, you don't like the guy, but don't exaggerate. Martinez was one of our best managers of the Premier League era, and certainly much better than Walker, Kendall III, Walter "very disappointing" Smith, Koeman, or the previous manager.
Martin Mason
69 Posted 26/07/2019 at 11:31:43
He wants to leave and you can't keep players who want out.
Pete Hughes
70 Posted 26/07/2019 at 11:42:28
Andy, you can't have been s blue very long if if you think Martinez was our worst ever manager?
Andy Crooks
71 Posted 26/07/2019 at 17:30:45
Pete, I guess you will trump me with Mike Walker. I will disagree with that. In my view Martinez was not only our worst ever manager but the worst manager ever in the Premier League. He was, in my opinion, truly useless.
Robert Williams
72 Posted 26/07/2019 at 17:32:25
Don't you just love these Dear John Bye Bye messages from departing players - the latest being Ademola (to his friends). Lookmen I think we pulled off a reasonable deal for someone that was not going to make it at Everton and one whom I am quite pleased to cash in on. Tend to agree with Andy @65.
Jamie Crowley
73 Posted 26/07/2019 at 17:33:14
Wrong thread, but can't find one, did I see we are tabling an offer of 60 million for Zaha?

A front three of Zaha, Richarlison, and Bernard would scare the life out of any opponent in the world.

Please God let this be true. The football would be scintillating!

Mike Gaynes
74 Posted 26/07/2019 at 18:02:39
Jamie, the thread is under Rumour Mill: Everton to open bidding for Zaha

Sorry those new bifocals aren't working out for you.

Jamie Crowley
75 Posted 26/07/2019 at 18:14:34
TY Mike! Found it. Bifocals clearly inoperative. Sorry Eds.
Bobby Mallon
76 Posted 26/07/2019 at 21:06:15
Reinier Jesus Carvalh, let's buy him now he will make us global
Paul Hewitt
77 Posted 26/07/2019 at 22:04:45
Martinez was utter shite. He got lucky, and got us 5th on the back of a very organized Moyes team. When he got his ideas on the team, it totally collapsed.
Chris James
78 Posted 26/07/2019 at 23:45:10
Good business on a player who had potential but wasn't performing when given the chance.

Can't understand the criticism above, seems like the best way of handling young prospects to me - buy, try, loan, sell.

Whether Walcott or Schneiderlein goes or stays has no bearing on this transfer. I suspect no-one wants either which is why they are still here. See also Tosun, Besic, Mirallas, Bolasie...

Pat McKinlay
79 Posted 27/07/2019 at 07:50:27
I agree with Chris James. Lookman was never given the chance of a run in the 1st place. Typical Everton: if they can make a buck out of a young player, even if he as excellent potential, sell him.

When you see the likes of Walcott, Schneiderlein, Tosun, Besic, Mirallas and Bolasie getting a start in front of the likes of Lookman, quite a few comments on here are satisfied with mid-table (if lucky), no silverware (haha) and watching overpriced prima donnas every game.

Simon Smith
80 Posted 27/07/2019 at 17:48:27

When did bolasie, Mirallas and besic last get a start ahead of lookman?

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