Unconvincing win restores a little bit of pride

By Michael Kenrick 11/01/2020 230comments  |  Jump to last

With the hectic Festive programme out the way, Carlo Ancelotti has finally had a full week with the players on the training pitch
Everton 1 - 0 Brighton

Everton turn their focus back to the only remaining business of the 2019-20 season and that is making a concerted push for the top six over the remaining 17 games of the Premier League campaign.

Davies, Bernard & Keane start as very one strives to forget the horrors of last weekend, Carlo Ancelotti promising that this is the first day of anew era at Everton. Mina, Coleman and Schneiderlin drop to the bench.

Brighton kicked off, Dunk getting his first touch early on. Everton tried to pass the ball around but it was a scrappy. Start, Sig with a clumsy tackle, the free.kick causing havoc but Pickford then grasping it out of the air. Some half-decent attacking ended within Walcott running in, getting pulled back by Duffy, and finally the VAR check came but no penalty despite the clear pullback.

Some decent crosses were headed away by Duffy before they reached Calvert-Lewin, who later got into good space but nothing really came of it. More good build-up play ensued but that perennial final ball, this time in from Digne, missed everyone. But at least it was Everton controlling the play. Bernard played in Calvert-Lewin but Ryan was out very quickly to deny him the shot.

Brighton finally mounted a good offensive move Jahanbakhsh shooting high over Pickford's bar. Richarlison could only do the same with a dreadful strike of a great feed from Bernard at the other end. Bernard once again forced a decent ball to Walcott, thanks to a defection off a defender, and Walcott was again impeded as he shot: nothing given.

Everton had heavily, almost leadenly controlled the first quarter of the contest with ominously few real chances created. Calvert-Lewin Got behind again and tried a finish that was way above his pay grade, from an impossible angle the ball missing the far post by mere inches. What a goal that would have been!

Bernard lashed a shot of Dunks chest, with every Evertonian screaming for a penalty that never was. Sidibe then demonstrated why he's not a forward, launching a hopeless shot beyond the goal with at least 3 other players waiting for a meaningful cross.

Richarlison managed to injure himself as seemingly only he can, needing treatment off the sidelines. Walcott got in but passes to a defender; perhaps there was space for a shot?

Richarlison was next to be played in but Matt Ryan fully had the measure of his goal bound attempt. Richardson would then find the back of the net with some fine football, a really good goal by the Brazilian, turning well and firing far beyond Ryan but just inside the post.

A great ball in seemed destined for Keane to finish but the slightest glance from Duffy redirected the ball onto the Everton defenders arm and the chance never came. Holgate accidentally caught someone with a high boot.

After the restart, Holgate got a push In the back but was far too dramatic in his reaction. Calvert-Lewin got bundled over and needed treatment. Trossard got some space to deliver a teasing shot that beat Pickford but not the bar.

Signs and Rich showed some good invention down the left but the cross was easily volley.ed behind. Brighton were seeing more of the ball as they made a double-change, while Ancelotti looked on passively, biding his time, with the crowd less than convinced by this lukewarm 2nd half display.

Bernard did well to play in Calvert-Leon but Ryan pulled off a vital save from a rare almost powerful shot from the Yorkshireman. Ancelotti decided it was time for Delph to come on as Richarlison put in some good moves. At the other end, Holgate had to scoop a cross over Pickford and his goal as Brighton threatened, and Bernard was withdrawn for Fabian Delph. Walcott off for Coleman was the next change by the Italian maestro.

Richarlison got through but Dunk in close attention prevented a meaningful strike for a corner. Keane's header hit the bar then Calvert-Lewis bundled it in over the line with his arm (so says VAR) and an ensuing injury multiplied by a yellow card for his troubles.

Glen Murray forced a fine save from Pickford, with Mina then coming on as Brighton threatened from a corner inside the final 10 minutes, with the Everton defence living on their nerves, Diane the one coming off, to protect an injury.

Calvert-Lewin chased down a ball and wanted a corner but no dice. Duffy put his arm across Holgate's face, bringing him down.

Scorer: Richarlison (40')

Everton: Pickford; Sidibé, Keane, Holgate, Digne; Walcott, Sigurdsson, Davies, Bernard; Richarlison, Calvert-Lewin.
Subs: Lössl, Baines, Delph, Mina, Schneiderlin, Coleman, Kean.

Brighton & Hove Albion: Ryan; Webster, Duffy, Dunk; Montoya, Propper, Stephens, Bernardo; Jahanbakhsh, Trossard; Maupay.
Subs: Button, Schelotto, Bissouma, Gross, March, Murray, .

Referee: David Coote

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Tony Everan
1 Posted 11/01/2020 at 14:12:56
Not many of us guessers picked that team, but it gives some of the selected players an opportunity to put things right.
George Cumiskey
2 Posted 11/01/2020 at 14:13:40
How the hell did Siggy get selected again, how poor does he have to be to get dropped ?
Hugh Jenkins
3 Posted 11/01/2020 at 14:22:22
You only have to look at how poor the bench is realise why Siggy is still getting picked.

Gordon didn't make the bench (many were predicting he would actually play).

I think that CA is going to try to use the senior players to get as many points as possible on the board against the perceived "weaker" teams and then we may see some youngsters being given a start - but, for now, professionalism dictates that the first priority is points on the board.

Bill Watson
4 Posted 11/01/2020 at 14:24:09
Sigurdsson, Digne and Walcott????

Not the side I'd have picked but maybe last chance saloon for some of them.

Jay Wood

5 Posted 11/01/2020 at 14:26:35
My guess is that some players are carrying knocks and playing with them, thus what appears some unlikely changes to manage that situation whilst attempting to keep the team fresh, balanced and competitive.

Coleman, Mina, Delp and Davies I believe are in that group, so Carlo not risking exposing our limited options further, for example, at centre back by pairing Mina and Keane together and pushing Mason Holgate into midfield as Duncan did.

For anyone bewailing the continued inclusion of Siggy, Delph and Schneiderlin in the match day squad, they are basically all we've got at present. No exasperation or chagrin at their continued inclusion will change that unless and until players return from injury or new recruits for their position come in.

The uplift to the club and the fanbase Ducan Ferguson gave in his tenure was completely deflated last Sunday. I expect the Goodison crowd to be a wee bit subdued initially. It is up to the team to perform to get them back on side.

If they fail to do that, things could get very toxic very quickly.

Andy Crooks
6 Posted 11/01/2020 at 14:30:19
I would rather have Duffy than Keane.
Simon Smith
7 Posted 11/01/2020 at 14:35:54
The list is endless of preferable centre backs to Keane. I’d bring back richard gough
Conor McCourt
8 Posted 11/01/2020 at 14:36:45
So would I Andy though I'm talking about the Welsh singer
Tony Twist
9 Posted 11/01/2020 at 14:57:04
Sneiderlin shouldn't be even on the bench, there is no excuse for that. Siggy 's only worth is warming the bench. Gordon should be starting with Walcott on the bench. In fact that team is poor, if you are making a statement after the debacle of last weekend. Very unimpressed with the manager, no hiding place for Ancelotti now. Best of luck blues, hope Carlo proves me wrong.
Ciarán McGlone
10 Posted 11/01/2020 at 14:58:35
Why the hell is Keane on..

Cant understand that at all...I'm no fan of Mina, but Keane is abysmal.

Christy Ring
11 Posted 11/01/2020 at 15:00:10
After Sigurdsson's horrific performance last Sunday, ok Jay reckons there's a few carrying knocks, but making him Captain, is a surprise, as for the bench, should have picked Delph or Schneiderlin, and included Gordon.
Ray Roche
12 Posted 11/01/2020 at 15:00:50
🤣Duffy! Cracker. I’ll call back after the match. I’m not going to ruin another day listening to how shore we are.
Joe McMahon
13 Posted 11/01/2020 at 15:04:14
I assume the shit line up, is a reflect of whet is available from the dross thats left. What an awful squad for the hundreds of millions invested. Keane for 25 million is fucking awful.
Ben Pullen
14 Posted 11/01/2020 at 15:10:58
They say CA’s greatest skill is man management. He’s obviously demonstrated his ability to get a tune out of top drawer players. Course it helps if most of your players are top drawer like at Real Madrid, Bayern and AC Milan.

As far as skill set and experience and price tag is concerned Siggy is one of our top drawer players. Yes his performances this season haven’t reached the goal scoring and performance levels of last season, but he’s still one of our top players when he’s on song. Trick is finding his best position to help the team. In the no. 10 role we get him further up the pitch to create opportunities for himself and others to score, though he is not always the most creative game to game within play (but not all his fault as we are team that don’t take our chances when we create them like last Sunday). His vision and weight of pass is better than most. In midfield we lose his forward play but we gain is he does cover some ground and can tackle / block when required.

He plays forward penetrating balls better than Schneiderling and Delph, and his weight of pass is better than Tom’s consistently (though Tom will improve no doubt). Against Chelsea at home and Burnley I thought he’s tracking back and tackling was really good. For sure he doesn’t have the legs to close down quickly in midfield but Gueye has gone and until Gbamin comes back we don’t have that energetic combative midfielder anywhere in the team, closest is Tom or Delph.

Siggy’s dead ball delivery can be quality, we don’t score enough from his deliveries more cos of poor execution from the players on the end of his deliveries ie Holgate last Sunday. He is better than most at shooting on goal and placing the ball away from the keeper (unlike all our shooters last Sunday). And maybe giving him the captain’s armband and that arm around the shoulder from Mr Man Management himself Carlo Ancelotti is what he needs to get going again. Tell him he is the most important player in the team, we need his skills and experience in a positive way. He’s not carrying the team but is integral part of it. And not slagging him off as a waste of space and waste of £45million quid.

Jim Marray
15 Posted 11/01/2020 at 15:17:33
Difference between Bernard and Walcott, Bernard is actually looking for a player to pass to whereas Walcott hits and hopes.
Alan J Thompson
16 Posted 11/01/2020 at 15:23:01
And not even a youngster on the bench.
Steve Shave
17 Posted 11/01/2020 at 15:54:25
Decent 1st half, comfortable at the back, look dangerous interlinking in final 3rd, our Brazillian boys both look dangerous!
Jay Wood

18 Posted 11/01/2020 at 15:57:04
Enjoyable half. The injustice of the VAR call on Walcott in the opening five minutes possibly helped get the crowd quickly on side, but we've also played some nice football with nobody out and out rank.

Bernard has been the pick. Finding and creating space in midfield, played in at least four very good passes in behind the Brighton defence. Tom doing very well also, doing what he does well. Showing for, collecting, turning and moving the ball on quickly.

Richarlison did superbly for his goal. Great awareness, technique and finishing in such a confined space.

Interesting that the camera picked up Ancelotti a couple of times signalling to Pickford to hit a long diagonal to DCL rather than play it short from the back.

Brighton has hardly laid a glove on us, but we've seen too often in recent years that Everton rarely plays well over a full 90 minutes. Time to do so.

Ernie Baywood
19 Posted 11/01/2020 at 15:57:31
One of our better halves of football there. Only Keane a disappointment but, to be fair to him, he doesn't know how to kick a football so it's hard to expect too much more from him.

Clear penalty too in my eyes.

Ciarán McGlone
20 Posted 11/01/2020 at 16:04:57
This side will be unrecognisable with two decent midfielders in place of Sigurdsson and Davies..

They're not having bad games.. they're just extremely limited footballers.

Steve Shave
21 Posted 11/01/2020 at 16:06:22
I thought Keane did okay, Ernie, hasn't done his place retention chances any harm I'd have thought. Agree with you, Jay, our little Brazillian has been pulling the strings.
Jim Marray
22 Posted 11/01/2020 at 16:24:20
Time to swap Walcott for Kean, move Richarlison to the right and put Kean playing off DCL shoulder
Drew O'Neall
23 Posted 11/01/2020 at 16:31:26
For those decrying the selection of Sigurdsson, I’m prepared to suspend my derision of anyone forced to play in midfield next to Schniederlin until they get a run alongside someone else.

Sigurdsson played well in the middle against Chelsea and was instrumental in at least one of the goals, breaking up play and laying it off to the wing.

He’s always given 100% as far as I’m concerned but I think the role is made impossible by Schneiderlin vacating the midfield to walk around in front of the defence.

Ciarán McGlone
24 Posted 11/01/2020 at 16:54:37
Ancelottis second half tactics and substitutions nearly lost us that win..

It seems the crowd were as baffled with it as I was...merited discontent.

A win it is.. but that second half was worrying and baffling in equal measures.

Joe McMahon
25 Posted 11/01/2020 at 16:56:31
A win, but Christ Carlo has his work cut out with the shite pile of a squad, only Richie and right back we don't own are top 6 material.

I just hope Everton don't ruin a world class manager.

Jim Marray
26 Posted 11/01/2020 at 16:59:25
Not seeing any improvements in performance compared to ladt week or even before then. First half that Reds*te second team would have had at least 2. And that second half performance well thank the lord that BHA are even worse than us.
I bet tranmere would take Walcott on loan if we offered to pay his wages, although bit unfair on them if they did.
George Cumiskey
27 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:02:06
Davies had poor second half, Siggy was the invisible man again and Delf brought nothing to the team when he came on.
By the way imho DCL is a championship player at best.
Steve Ferns
28 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:02:17
Strange walking out of the ground after a win which feels like a defeat or at least a draw. They should have scored.

Ancelottis subs were poor. Sigurdsson poor and should have gone off.

Good first half though. Should have had a pen. Gonna have to have a think about this and shake the last 30 minutes from my mind as that might be distorting my view.

Jay Wood

29 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:04:35
The second half subs were poor. Increasingly, they decreased the pressure in and around the Brighton penalty area and put us more and more on the back foot, dropping ever deeper.

VAR again not our friend today. Two clear penalties for me. Walcott after five minutes. The clear shoulder charge into the back of Holgate in the second half.

I can just about accept rubbing out DCL's goal being interpreted as handball, but to book him for deliberate handball having also denied him a goal was rank poor refereeing.

A more nervous final 10 minutes than was necessary to endure, but the good run in the league continues since Silva's dismissal.

P 7 W 4 D 2 L 1 F 9 A 5 Pts 14 from 21. Three clean sheets in those games also.

It eases the pressure and gives everyone some breathing space.

Jim Harrison
30 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:06:58
A win

9 points from 12 under Carlo.

That, at this point is all that needs to be said.

Let’s just remember for a moment, this team, expensively assembled, was on a collision course with the championship in many people’s minds.

Conor McCourt
31 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:08:10
I don't agree that the Coleman sub was poor and may have actually got us over the line as Sidibe was a liability at right back in that second half. I have never seen a player have so little awareness of his man.
Jay Wood

32 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:08:27
Just seen the result of Southampton's 2-1 at Leicester having, of course, been tanked 9-0 at home by them just a couple of months ago.

The manager and players deserve praise for how they've recovered from that humiliation. They've been on a good run since then, even before today.

Whoever gets relegated, I don't think the Saints will be amongst them.

Carl Manning
33 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:08:39
A win is a win. He has only had 1 full week with the team. Give the guy a break. 3 league wins out of 3 and people are still nit picking. He has a free swing until the summer in my book, only after pre season will I start to judge him. He is proving he is a manager who wins the games on paper that we should! That hasn’t always been the case
Andrew Keatley
34 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:09:06
I think this might have to be a case of take the win and draw a line under the performance.

That Alzate looks to be a real find for Brighton; he changed the game when he came on and was the best player on the park by some distance in my opinion.

Simon Smith
35 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:12:13
3 wins out of 4 Carl. Sorry to be pedantic.
Simon Dalzell
36 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:12:17
Valuable 3 points. That's all that really matters today.
Conor McCourt
37 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:13:58
Andrew 34- I've noticed him before, I think he's only 21. I was also glad Bissouma and Connolly didn't start as both are full of energy and tidy footballers.
David Connor
38 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:14:21
Decent 1st half. Poor second half. Should've had a penalty without a doubt.

Some really poor footballers in our squad. We desperately need a top striker (as do most teams), a good centre-back, and two midfielders: one attacking and one holding. Our options in midfield and up front are very limited.

I'm sure Ancelotti will have players in mind in the next 2 windows. I'm looking forward to clearing out the dross we have on our books. It won't be easy given the fortunes they are on.

They just deserved the win. But they made bloody hard work of it. Good job there are some shit teams in the Premier League or we would be in real trouble.

James Hill
39 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:16:28
Spot Carl, some people on here just like push their barrow to prove they are right. Should have been 3-0 with a decent ref.
Steve Brown
40 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:16:33
Entirely convincing for 75 minutes and only a terrible ref protected by VAR prevented a comfortable win. Felt Carlo went defensive too early and invited pressure. Bernard was magic until fatigue set in and Tom was clearly MoM.
Steve Shave
41 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:22:37
George, not sure if you were watching the same game, Calvert-Lewin was okay but did nothing to be lambasted for. Davies had a good game in my view. It was the in-game management (and poor fitness) which invited the pressure in the last 20 mins or so.
Jay Harris
42 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:22:42
IMO the best player on the park was Bernard till he went off then Richy.

The worst player on the park was Sidibe.

In the first half we were so good down the flanks we kept their wingers and full backs in check and played some great stuff.

The second half when Digne took a knock and Sidibe seemed to be marking space they came into the game.

@2 blatant penalties so much for VAR although it was Michael Oliver.

It seems to be Carlito's way (Pardon the pun) to start off very attack minded then beef up defensively later in the game.

I believe we have the walking wounded at the moment so it will be good to have a week to recover before West Ham.

We are now level on points with Arsenal and only 2 points behind Spurs so lets give some credit here.

Eric Paul
43 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:27:48
DCL championship??? Some of our fans are Sunday league
George Cumiskey
44 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:27:52
Steve Shave, Davies had a very good first half but for me fell away in the second by giving the ball away a lot, and in my opinion DCL is never a premiership class striker.
I stick by my opinion of Siggy as well.

Derek Knox
45 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:28:52
Not a Classic by any means but still precarious at one goal up, for the possession we had for 75 minutes should have had more goals.

Again a poor referee, are there any decent ones in what is supposed to be the best league in the World? Anyway can't grumble with another 3 points but the way other results have gone we stay in 11th.

Ian Linn
46 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:29:44
We were poor in the last 30 mins, thought Carlo made his subs/tactical change 10 mins too early, DCL didn't warrant a yellow card, Sidibe gave miles of space to anyone when he was right back.

However, we were the better side, created the most chances, good 3 points.

Max Murphy
47 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:37:33
Very lucky win.

The performance firmly establishes Everton as a bottom-of-the-table team. Absolute rank.

Jay Wood

48 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:37:39
Sidibe, whose default position is meant to be right back, ALWAYS gives attacking players lots of space in his zone of responsibility, whether playing out-and-out full-back or in front of Coleman as he has played recently.

He is excellent going forward. I like his crisp angled passes into our forwards' feet and his crossing. But he has near zero awareness defensively of the play going on around him, or players running off him.

And that aspect of his game makes him quite a liability, IMO.

Steve Shave
49 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:40:16
Well George you won't get any disagreement from me re: Siggi, the guy has hamstrung us for too long he ran hard today though, effort was there. I'm not saying Davies was one of our best players but I don't feel he merited much criticism either. As for DCL, well I guess he continues to divide opinion but I still feel there is a real player there, long may his development continue. We are picking up points, looked pretty decent for 70+ minutes today and there is still a chance to a) get rid of some deadwood and b) buy some quality, I for one am choosing a path of tentative optimism.
Julian Wait
50 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:40:59
To use "unconvincing" is a bit harsh imo (watching on TV). We were unlucky not to get 2 or perhaps even 3 penalties; two were stonewall and exactly what VAR is meant to be for; as was disallowing DCL goal for touching the arm; the yellow for that was very harsh however, especially after the garbage Brighton got away with in the are and down the touchline (2 incidents in 15 seconds). Davies, Sigurrdson, Sidibe and even Bernard made some poor choices trying to force a pass or pass a man with a trick, resulting ion counter attacks. Cutting that stuff out and working on finishing have to be the training ground priorities next week. It was better. Just good enough. Not good. But … I think better than "unconvincing" for the most part.
Tony Twist
51 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:41:16
That title must be taking the piss. Restoring a little pride, after last week, that would be putting them (Brighton) to the sword.

This was an important win, 5 more needed and quickly but this game just greatly highlighted the failings of this club in its quality of coaching and the player / manager purchasing. Let's put to bed Ancelotti's past, what he does from now on is the only thing that matters, he really needs to raise his game as he almost threw away that win today.

A wins, a win and very welcome.

Bill Gienapp
52 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:41:41
Jeez, some of these comments. It's like people expected us to shit the bed and had the knives out and the rants pre-written... and decided to just post them anyway, even though we won.

We dominated the first half, and looked good doing it (Richarlison's goal was a thing of beauty). Less sharp in the second half (though still had chances), Brighton looked a lot more lively as the match wore on and Ancelotti went full-Italian hyper-defensive with his subs. But guess what? We still saw out the victory.

Bottom line - we've played seven league matches since Silva was dismissed and won four, drawn two and lost one (which was Man City away - typically one of the toughest fixtures in any given season). I know the FA Cup debacle is a cloud that hangs over everything and will for a while, but who honestly wouldn't take that sort of league form right now?

Jay (32) - credit to Saints for sticking by Hasenhuttl, who I think is a good manager. Figured they'd panic and sack him, bring in someone worse and basically seal their own fate.

Steve Shave
53 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:43:17
Well said Bill!
Ajay Gopal
54 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:44:16
The 1st half was the best I have seen us play all season, it could and should have been 2 or 3 up by half time. The referee (both VAR and on-field) were hopeless. In the 2nd half, their keeper kept them in the game, when we should have had 1-2 goals more, and then as our players tired and Ancellotti went defensive, we invited more pressure on ourselves and got lucky a couple of times - the commentators trying to make the game more close than it actually was. Anyway, a win is a win, and the positives I take are:

Richarlison and DCL are forming a very decent partnership
Bernard, if he gets good support in the midfield can become our playmaker. Walcott and Siggy cannot be in our 1st choice MF, but can be decent substitutes. Davies, Bernard and 2 others (Gbamin & Gomes?) might constitute a decent midfield.
Keane and Holgate formed a good partnership, and looked solid until Digne and Sidibe started tiring.
Pickford was solid - another clean sheet will do his confidence a world of good.
Miraculously, with the teams above us drawing/losing, we have a real chance of clawing our way into the Top 6, which seemed laughable about 3 weeks ago.
You can't fault the effort put in by the players - as the commentators said, it was end-to-end stuff, pretty 'lung-bursting'.

Moyes was in the stands today, and he would have noted the weaknesses - especially our full-backs and centre midfield seem to be the weakest positions. Hopefully, Brands can strengthen us in a few positions.

Steve Cotton
55 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:44:44
Was Dunk even booked? 2 blatent pull backs on the last man???
Kieran Kinsella
56 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:45:54
Bill Gienaap

Agreed. New manager, crap players, nothing much to play for. A win is a win as we are going through the motions until the summer.

Steve Shave
57 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:46:41
And yes Steve Cotton, Dunk an utter shithouse and a cheat, no sign of a card.
Andy Crooks
58 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:46:46
Those substitutions were strange.
Steve Shave
59 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:47:06
If Walcott had gone done that could have been a red.
Derek Knox
60 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:47:14
Wouldn't another three points go down well next week?

The ginger one will be seething if we do, noticed he was on a spying mission in the crowd today. Mind you we will have to play a bit better than today.

Gio Mero
61 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:47:23
Here we go again: so DCL is back to Championship level, Davies is again a headless chicken, Ancelotti has already been found out for the terrible manager he is
Oh and all of this after 3 wins in the last four league games.
Because we are Barcelona
Jim Bennings
62 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:49:02
It was scrappy and pretty crap but then again anyone kidding themselves thinking we are a good team is deluded, we are not!

A win is a win anyway but much quality is needed next season.

Christy Ring
63 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:49:28
Carlos had to bring Coleman on, Sidibe as a defender is a liability, he doesn't bother watching the man, just the ball. Davies made a huge difference in the middle of the park, but need a midfielder badly in the window, Siggy and Delph offer nothing.
Steve Shave
64 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:50:32
The negativity on here is sometimes so relentless, after the cup game yes. totally merited, one of my worst days as an Evertonian.

Today: continued green shoots – let's notice them and keep some bloody perspective.

Robert Tressell
65 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:52:05
A one nil win at home to Brighton is like making love to a beautiful woman
Andrew Hight
66 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:52:58
Everton need points first and foremost particularly the way this league is shaping up. I’ll take that given the imbalances in the squad, the 5yrs plus of mismanagement and the general malaise around the club. I work with lots of Italians who follow various clubs and they all say the same about Carlo being top drawer and we should be thankful we have him. It’s a huge job to turn this mess around so give me unconvincing 3 points until he’s had time to assess the squad, make some signings and sort out training and tactics.
Steve Shave
67 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:53:48
Robert, let's hope "Paul" was watching :)
Jamie Evans
68 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:56:45
Take the points and move on. Spirited performance, which after last Sunday was good to see. Hopefully last of Schneiderlin now.

Another clean sheet but I thought we were cut open a few times.

At the other end need more goals from Walcott, Bernard and midfield.

Need to find a way of scoring a few more from corners too

Barry Rathbone
69 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:57:14
It's that thankful for small mercies time of year again, no cups, no Europe just avoidance of a relegation scrap and that's about it.

Wash, rinse, repeat - bring on the purge

Jim Bailey
70 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:57:57
Robert@65, brilliant
Dave Abrahams
71 Posted 11/01/2020 at 17:59:34
Bernard was very good and Richarlison’s goal was an excellent effort, very well placed, Dominic had another good game for me as did Holgate.

The three points were very welcome, but with each substitution by Ancelotti Brighton lookedvthe team more likely to score and only a great save by Pickford and a poor effort from a Brighton player kept us ahead.

VAR again giving some terrible decisions and the inconsistency of them carries on. The three points will keep me happy, let’s see if the January transfer window improves the squad, it is certainly very limited as it stands.

Danny Broderick
72 Posted 11/01/2020 at 18:01:11
I’m not sure our ‘remaining business of the 2019-20 season is making a concerted push for the top six’. Not with the midfield that we have got.

The defence and goalkeeper seem to have tightened things up a bit. There are signs of a partnership developing up front with Richarlison and DCL. But centre mid remains weak, and the wingers blow hot and cold. Top 8 finish at best in my opinion.

Tony Everan
73 Posted 11/01/2020 at 18:16:55
I want top 6. We've got no distractions now, a top manager, and all the competition for that spot are inconsistent. We could get a decent signing in too to improve the squad.

Bernard motm for me today even though he only played for an hour or so. Would like to see the little magician getting fully fit and giving us his magic for the full 90 mins.

Gerry Quinn
74 Posted 11/01/2020 at 18:17:02
Here is some stat for you all Everton manager, Carlo Ancelotti has now registered a victory against 22 of the 23 teams that he's faced in the Premier League, only failing to beat his current side Everton in the competition!!!!!
Grant Rorrison
75 Posted 11/01/2020 at 18:18:03
Gerry 74. If he cant beat us he must be shite.
Steve Shave
76 Posted 11/01/2020 at 18:22:52
Yes I actually think we need two CM's this window If we could ship Schniedershite, a loan of an out of favour seasoned champion and maybe a permanent signing. If we solidify this weak area we could do so much more as a team (this is no disrespect to Davies btw who I have defended in the past and certainly today).
Eddie Dunn
77 Posted 11/01/2020 at 18:28:20
For me Siggy had a good game putting in some important passes and always showing for the ball. Davies also did well until he ran out of gas. Our best two were those Brazillians.

Richi has a real go in defence as well as attack. The lad is no longer on the deck half the game, but often still rubbing sore bits!
Bernard was instrumental in many of our good moves and brings the best out of Digne, Davies and Richi.
I thought the subs were weird, but they worked. Digne was injured, the right wing was open season, and we needed a big lad to compete with their two massive lumps.
One guy who I would try to buy is Dunk. He is a collossus and his pace to block (Richi ?)when coming from their left across the area was surprising for a big chap.

Steve Ferns
78 Posted 11/01/2020 at 18:29:47
Jay, that was the story painted by Monaco fans of Sidibe before he came. He has had an injury which restricted him but, I was told this was only half the story. When Monaco beat PSG to the title, it was because Sidibe was covered by Fabinho, now of Liverpool. Without Fabinho covering from him (and Fabinho was the right back before a conversion when Sidibe was bought in), the Monaco fans had concerns that Sidibie offered nothing defensively and so was torn apart constantly down the right.

Sidibe can play both left and right back. Obviously, he can also play right midfield. With a relatively cheap purchase clause, I think we should definitely exercise the option to buy. Coleman is on his way out, and Kenny could be viewed as first choice right back with Sidibe as the cover for Digne and an option at right mid. Unless of course the world class manager from the country most renowned for defensive ability can turn him into a better defender. I really want Jonjoe Kenny back in Everton blue though.

Andrew Merrick
79 Posted 11/01/2020 at 18:31:04
Good points...Bernard showed some lovely moves...Our David Silva.
Rich finish was a joy to watch.
Walcot. same as last week, great first half...
Dcl always busts a gut, always on the edge of greatness...
Holgate, worked his talent in various positions..
Pick ford did enough when asked..
Then there are players that leave you wondering...
Gylfi...great dead balls but otherwise just balls...
Sidibe...where do you play him..
Dinge, great with bernie, but average without..
Carlo, your subs left me guessing, but you have the biggest job of your life on your hands now, and I can only hope you are up for it...
Martin Mason
80 Posted 11/01/2020 at 18:35:44
Eric@43 I think you're far to generous. To some of our fans not DCL that is. We need to change a few players for sure but changing a few fans would be a big improvement too.
Robert Tressell
81 Posted 11/01/2020 at 18:40:07
More seriously, great to get a win but not yet got the feel good vibe.
Jay Wood

82 Posted 11/01/2020 at 18:40:36
Steve @ 78.

Interesting, Steve.

Sidibe does represent good market value in spite of his obvious defensive frailties.

You know I'm with you 100% on Jonjoe Kenny. I want to see him back at Everton next season cementing himself into the team at right back.

Ernie Baywood
83 Posted 11/01/2020 at 18:44:37
I thought Sigurdsson did well today.

Not exactly all round central midfield performance but he's not exactly a central midfielder.

That was a game that for 70 minutes I thought we bossed and were also creative enough. A couple of VAR calls and a touch more cutting edge and it's a big win.

I also thought Carlo went a bit defensive a bit early but he got the win so maybe he was right.

Sidibe and Coleman really struggled with their positioning. Became a big problem for us. Actually thought Sidibe had a poor game. Lots of baffling decisions with the ball.

Joe McMahon
84 Posted 11/01/2020 at 18:44:46
Robert @65 love it!
Bill Gall
85 Posted 11/01/2020 at 18:50:42
The substitution of Wallcott for Coleman wasn't strange as he had been covering for Sidibe who kept getting out of position when Brighton changed their tactics in the second half, bringing Delph on for Bernard I thought was unusual.
Paul Hewitt
86 Posted 11/01/2020 at 18:53:01
What did some of you expect once Ancelotti became manager? That these players would suddenly turn into world beaters? It won't be until the summer that we see what a great manager Carlo is. Let's get some perspective on here please.
Mick Conalty
87 Posted 11/01/2020 at 18:54:15
The RS have a lucky manager, now we also have one in Ancelotti Things are now more even. We are now on the up.
Ciarán McGlone
88 Posted 11/01/2020 at 18:56:03
Sidibe has a tendency to dwell too long on the ball. gives me the jitters.

But we've a number if players with that problem

Robert Tressell
89 Posted 11/01/2020 at 18:59:04
Just on the Right Back issue, I'm a bit torn. Sidibe is v good value and v good on his day. Kenny is a more limited player but a great attitude - plus it's good for team spirit if you build from a core of home grown talent. The one I'd really like is Aarons from Norwich. Obviously we'd have to join the queue. But if we get him that's the RB slot sorted for 10 years. Kenny will always play second fiddle with us - so sadly probs best sell him whilst his stock is high and buy Aarons
Paul Birmingham
90 Posted 11/01/2020 at 18:59:28
A wins a win, a step on three road to consistency?

I’d take a 1-0, won every game, but there’s along ha d road ahead. Road our luck, stage usual VAR, and some players lucky to be on the pitch.

Honest players, and perhaps they should go down more, but enough been said this week.

But we start next week with more hope than we we began this week.

I’d love to know from today’s line up, whose still genuinely in the squad come next preseason, or is sold.

The beers tastes better tonight. Good weekend All.

Martin Berry
91 Posted 11/01/2020 at 19:00:05
I thought Tom Davies has an excellent game and worked tirelessly.
Bernard showed that he has the vision for the pass and played very well until he tired, an definite starter every game for me.
Gary Willock
92 Posted 11/01/2020 at 19:03:33
Bizarre day

Crowd felt like when you meet family you’ve had murder with, but you keep shtum just to keep the peace. Going to take time for us to forgive them for last week, and they will need to earn our trust back in time.

Disappointing to see Theo and Siggy on the team sheet, and even more disappointing to see Schniederlin and two full backs on the bench with no youth. Subs were bizarre too. if that had been Silva we would all have been questioning loudly.

However it’s not Silva. It’s a serial winner. Who the fuck am I to question him? He sees stuff in training that none of us do it’s time to just have some faith, and In Carlo I Trust. He clearly has a system and a style, it’s getting results even though it will take time to get the players used to it, and others in to help it too.

So, all in all it’s glass half full for me. Work to do, but heading the right way. COYB!

Peter Neilson
93 Posted 11/01/2020 at 19:12:56
Another much needed win which is all I hope for with this squad. As stated above Carlo has a free pass while working with what he’s been given just keep delivering wins. Usual suspects missing/hiding/poor but we’ve done it to death who they are. Thought booing of Delph was poor, says as much about those few supporters as the player.
Derek Taylor
94 Posted 11/01/2020 at 19:13:59
Such a relief that all has been put right in one afternoon. Players who a week ago were never fit to play again are this week hailed as heroes. Let's all embrace these classic one nil wins and pore scorn on those who regard one nil defeats as the end of the world.

We are Everton.

Martin Mason
95 Posted 11/01/2020 at 19:16:49
Derek, you have problems far deeper than football. Much more reality based?
Jerome Shields
96 Posted 11/01/2020 at 19:18:48
Two problems, I had with Evertons performance was Sigurdsson in midfield and also Delph in the second half neither are good enough. Too slow and hopeless at creating space. Bernard has been transformed on the arrival of Ancelotti, , he has largely elimated check back from his game and on receiving the ball moves on to it and on one touch is in space. Neither Sigurdsson or Delphi do this. Davies has always attempted it and now keeps possession better, again coached by Ancelotti.

I was disappointed in Calvert Lewin in first half in that Brighton where able to defend near post crosses unchallenged. Calvert Lewin as Centre Forward should have been challenging at the near post. Richarlison did likewise at the back post. Ancelotti has got Everton to attack through the centre, the benefits are obvious.

I agree that Sidebe needs cover, but think his strength is spotting the opportunity to release a early ball, something that Roadrunner Walcott rarely does. Digne appears below par fitness wise. Keane should have had a goal, but doped it. Ancelotti was not impressed with his pass in the first half balloning into the stands.

The Brighton pressure of the second half was as expected. The opposition pushing into midfield make Siggs anomoyous and causes Everton to play deeper. The Prancing Clown Klopp learn't this tactic from the lower half of the table, against Everton.

Glad of the win though, but Everton need major changes.

Steve Ferns
97 Posted 11/01/2020 at 19:23:17
Gary, there was no boos (except for Delph). The names were read out to a very muted response and we sat there quietly. Everton came out roaring into action and the crowd got more and more into the game with each attack. They were with the players in no time.

However, once the effort level dipped (probably due to the extra efforts of the first half) the grumbling started and by the end the crowd were starting to get on players backs. Rightly so, as there was a gluttony of errors.

The substitutions did not help, and if anything, made things worse. When Delph came on for Bernard, everyone rose to give him a standing ovation. Then immediately sat down and Delph ran on to a chorus of boos. He made a point of clapping the Street end at the end of the game, but I'm unsure how they reacted as the music was now on.

One curious thing was half time. No not speedo Mick's cross bar challenge. Kean was out with Francesco Mauri and what looked like Davide Ancelotti. They spent at least 10 minutes intensively warming him up. He was really going for it and I fully expected him to be on at the restart, presumably for Richarlison who had been down for a while. But when the players came out, Kean went to the warm-up section in front of the main stand, towards the street end. He then stayed there for most of the second half, stretching and jogging around. I can only assume that there was concern for Richarlison and that he recovered sufficiently to stay on and then surprisingly Kean never came on at all.

Steve Ferns
98 Posted 11/01/2020 at 19:28:13
Hopefully this link works, it is the table since Silva departed: Link
John Keating
99 Posted 11/01/2020 at 19:28:46
Considering where we were and how we were playing a few weeks ago the first half was a big improvement.

We, again, should have killed the game off when on top and, again, couldn't keep two halves up to speed.
Brighton were crap and we made them look good second half.

My distaste of VAR hasn't changed one iota and is ruining the sport.
The VAR decision on Walcott was a disgrace but an even bigger one was that the ref who had a clear view didn't give it. Unbelievable.

Main thing today was 3 points

Mike Owen
100 Posted 11/01/2020 at 19:31:52
That was our 11th game in the last six weeks. Almost two a week. And three managers in that spell.

In the next six weeks before Arsenal away, we have just four games.

Time for some rest. Time to clear heads. Possibly even a couple of signings. And time for Carlo to get his head round things.

Steavey Buckley
101 Posted 11/01/2020 at 19:32:15
Ancelotti's substitutions were correct when Brighton started to throw everyone at Everton as they started to tire. When Glen Murray was brought on to add further height and nearly scored, Ancelotti was right bringing on Mina and switching Holgate to left back as Brighton central defenders moved further upfield to add even further height.
Paul Burns
102 Posted 11/01/2020 at 19:33:56
Apparently everything's alright again now, too much negativity by some fans, players referred to again on first name terms, some had good games.

Jesus. We're in bigger trouble than I thought.

Len Hawkins
103 Posted 11/01/2020 at 19:34:38
How the hell was that pull back on Walcott not a pen, outside the box it is a nailed on free kick yet inside the box it is deemed NOT to be a foul. The thinking of these referees in the VAR control room proves beyond doubt that intelligence is not considered when selecting the right kind of idiot to be a PL referee.
Peter Gorman
104 Posted 11/01/2020 at 19:34:42
To wade in on Sidibe, he does represent 'good value' at the asking price but so did Cuco Martina.

Ultimately, he isn't quiet good enough is he. Is he going to learn to defend at any stage, for all his quality going forward?

I'd rather keep looking. Maybe not even look further than Schalke.

Ralph Basnett
105 Posted 11/01/2020 at 19:37:06
How the hell does Sigurdsson still get a start and Schneiderlin on the bench. The two of them should be know where near the team.

Not one youngster on the bench and three defensive substitutions at home to the mighty Brighton!!!!!

Next week we have the struggling hammers who with Noble in midfield will totally dominate.
Bollocking players for playing shit will not change a thing, give someone else such as the kids a chance, others do and it works.

The young 20 year old Tanganga who made his debut against the shoite was actually my man of the match!!!!

Peter Mills
106 Posted 11/01/2020 at 19:42:08
It was very important to get the win today, it was pretty much all that mattered. Mission accomplished. Much work ahead, but it’ll do for today.
Mark Boullé
107 Posted 11/01/2020 at 19:48:40
Just watched highlights from today. I literally have no idea how VAR didn't award us a penalty for the Walcott drag back.

Have we had a VAR awarded penalty in our favour yet this season that I've forgotten about? Off the top of my head, that's Brighton away, Spurs home, Liverpool away and Brighton home where we've either been denied utterly blatant penalties or had absurd ones given against us by the buffoons in Stockley Park.

But then, did we as Evertonians seriously expect anything else?!

Eric Paul
108 Posted 11/01/2020 at 19:50:58
Thanks for the link Steve, We now have a manager who can manage games out and people still aren’t happy. If I’m not mistaken we haven’t conceded as many goals in the games since he was sacked as we did in his last game ( league only)
Steve Ferns
109 Posted 11/01/2020 at 19:54:01
Just seen the highlights myself, and agree with you Mark.

An aside, no one mentioning Tom Davies' moustache? He's singlehandedly bringing the 70s back to Liverpool! The lad just does not give a (insert expletive here), and you gotta admire him for that. I also thought he had a very good first half, but struggled in the second as Sigurdsson became invisible and the others stopped making runs and gave him no passing options.

Statistics courtesy of @EFC_Statto on twitter:

Touches: 57 TD

Successful passes: 33 TD

successful attacking third passes: 9 TD

chances created: 1 TD

passing accuracy: 80%

recoveries: 5 TD

successful tackles: 4

aerial duels won: 2

interceptions: 1

And how about this for Dominic "Championship player at best" Calver-Lewin: only 3 players scored more goals for Everton in the entire of the 2010s!

Si Pulford
110 Posted 11/01/2020 at 20:00:17
Jesus. The comments on here. We won. He put on defensive subs and won the game because he’s tactically aware. And Italian. We would have lost that under the last four managers. Now we have a manager how shows us how to see a game out and he get slated for his subs.

Did I say we won?

Ian Riley
111 Posted 11/01/2020 at 20:03:04
3 points! End of!!
Phil Smith
112 Posted 11/01/2020 at 20:13:49
I think Siggy is being asked to play a different role and I thought his commitment was bang on. One time he was dawdling and got caught out and he bust a gut (well, as quick as he can) to win the ball back. Creatively offered very little though, except for a few dangerous deliveries.

Also thought Keane was very solid defensively.

Digne still playing rubbish - wouldn't surprise me if he's playing with an injury.

All-in-all, please with a win. Baby steps...

Derek Taylor
113 Posted 11/01/2020 at 20:15:57
The table that Steve Fernes refers to in post 98 amply demonstrates how well results have gone since Marco got the chop. So well, in fact, that only four more wins in the sixteen games remaining will see Premier status retained for another year. Even the most negative critic would not expect that task to be achieved.

Of course, if this run of good form continues it may well be able to withstand the occasional horror show to see us claim a top eight spot. At least.

Phil Smith
114 Posted 11/01/2020 at 20:18:04
Ralph (105) - yes, mate, getting fed up that all of the bigger teams blooding in untried youngsters from the start left and right and we've only given Gordon a few minutes in a cup game! Pathetic!!!
Bill Gienapp
115 Posted 11/01/2020 at 20:21:06
Mark (107) - we haven't gotten a penalty PERIOD this season, VAR-aided or otherwise (we had one in the League Cup, which Siggy converted, but zero so far in league play).
Steve Ferns
116 Posted 11/01/2020 at 20:26:38
Derek, today marked us getting to 28 points. Silva got half that (14) in 15 games. Since then, we've got 14 points in 7 games. You also need to factor in that those 7 games included Man City (1), Chelsea (3), Arsenal (5), and Man Utd (6). The figures in brackets to remind you their finishing position last season. Good results considering the opposition, even better considering the state we were in 7 games ago.
Jack Convery
117 Posted 11/01/2020 at 20:28:19
Why do our players run out of gas after 75 minutes ? Who is responsible for their fitness ? Get them up and down the Ainsdale dunes that'll sort them out - Catterick and Billy Bingham swore by those dunes for getting footballers fit.
Darren Hind
118 Posted 11/01/2020 at 20:47:09
Was it really as bad as people are making out ?.. I enjoyed that first half.

from an attacking point of view, I think CA would have been pleased with the movement in the first half. Defensively we looked a little steadier. keane surprised me. he looked like a defender today. Holgate continues to mature and for me, he probably edged MotM.

I liked the work of Davies, Bernard, DCL Richarlison and even Walcott during that first hour, but the same old problem surfaced as the game went on. The wonderful movement we saw in the first half disappeared and as a consequence passing fell off a cliff.

Why oh Why cant these players pass and move for the entire ninety ? Do they run out of steam ? confidence ? Nerve ?

Ancelotti will not have enjoyed hanging on for a win which should have been secured by HT. However, by now, he will know that if he can succeed where previous managers have failed and get this crew to play consistently well over the ninety, Our season may not yet be as over as we thought it was.

Bill Gall
119 Posted 11/01/2020 at 20:54:05
Just over 6 weeks ago we were in the bottom 3 with a squad of players who didn't look like they were able to get out of it, every corner, free kick or counter attack seemed like a recipe for a disaster. The manager gets fired and we start looking for a new one. After numerous names are talked about, and to a lot of peoples surprise we are able to get one of the top managers in Europe who is a proven winner.

As regular supporters we were all aware of the huge job that Ancelloti has, as we new what the squad was like. The new manager has had less than a month to get to know the players mostly with previous looks at videos, the few games he has been in charge of and the training ground..

I think it is too soon to start criticizing him regardless of who he plays or subs during a game as some players may look good in training but are poor in games. He may only now know how fit, or the lack of fitness some players have during a game, and sometimes wishes he had a better squad to work with but he hasn't. Every time we have got a new manager we have said, give him time and be patient and it hasn't worked out, this time i believe it will

Si Pulford
120 Posted 11/01/2020 at 20:57:50
Darren and Jack. I think the running out of steam can be attributed to them playing every game and carrying knocks. We are playing players that would normally be bit part players every single week. We also seem to be rushing players back Digne for instance. I’d play Baines and give him a break.
Jeff Armstrong
121 Posted 11/01/2020 at 21:01:25
Steve #116, are you suggesting Silva was not a good manager?
Veselin Petrov
122 Posted 11/01/2020 at 21:03:56
The season so far has been so strange. I have the feeling we lost so many points already and still we are closing in on top 6 - weird stuff. Today was all about the 3 points and we got that right.

Richarlison and Bernard were really good today. Let’s hope the corner has been turned.

Billy Dawber
123 Posted 11/01/2020 at 21:06:43
Some good footy was played, the goal was worth the fee to get in I suppose for those who went today. The only niggling thing is giving the ball away in midfield with stray passing and bad tackling which is still so frustrating to watch. All in all an o.k. performance but still work to be done. It's ever so easy to complain from the sidelines or watching on the telly and we do expect miracles sometimes but with a bit more luck from refs decisions etc we will see some good games i'm sure. Onwards and upwards. NSNO.
Kevin Prytherch
124 Posted 11/01/2020 at 21:13:42
So far Ancelotti has done the reverse of Silva. He’s beaten the teams that we should be expected to beat. Our next 4 games are against teams we should be expected to beat, and 4 out of our last 5 games are.

Could we see a little charge now and another at the end of the season?

Geoff Williams
125 Posted 11/01/2020 at 21:14:56
Bernard was head and shoulders better than anyone else on the field, a real footballer. I thought Sidibe was all over the place and Digne a shadow of his former self. Davies did well until the latter part of the game when he tired and started giving the ball away.

Contrary to some views on here the more I see of Calvert-Lewin the more impressed I am of him as a footballer. Delph continues to be a disappointment. As for Walcott and Sigurdsson...

Paul Tran
126 Posted 11/01/2020 at 21:15:11
I thought we played well for an hour. I've always thought this squad, even in its currently depleted state, can be a match for most teams in this league.

As ever, I think it was more mental than physical fatigue that caused the last 20 mins drop-off.

Before Silva was rightly sacked, I'd have bitten your arm off for this run. It's all about grinding out wins against the teams around us and strengthening the team so we become more competitive against the 'bigger teams

I've moved on from Sunday. Maybe it's easier from up here. I'd rather focus on the games we can influence. The longer the players go on the pitch knowing they're hard to beat (City & Lpool aside), the quicker they'll express themselves and play better stuff.

3 wins out of 4, but he's the 'Italian Walter Smith'. So far, so pretty good for me.

Jim Bennings
127 Posted 11/01/2020 at 21:15:55
Surely the fact that none of our managers recently have tried introducing new (young players) into the first team games means that none must be anywhere near ready?

The team do look knackered, jaded, fatigued already, why who knows, injuries, knocks, illness ect ect

You would have thought it would be the perfect time now to introduce the likes of Gordon for example but even Moise Kean, a £27 million pound player can’t get enough game time.

It’s disappointing that we aren’t producing quality from within to freshen things up.

Rob Dolby
128 Posted 11/01/2020 at 21:17:07
Typical performance. Dominate for long periods only to find ourselves clinging on as we can't get a 2nd goal.

Bernard my MotM by some distance.

I didn't like the defensive subs but it worked; after all, a win is a win.

Be good to bring in a couple of players next week. We are carrying too many passengers... Richarlison's back must be killing him.

Tony Abrahams
129 Posted 11/01/2020 at 21:18:15
I enjoyed some of that first half Darren, especially when we put some decent passages of play together, and you can see how much confidence has got to play with this team.

I thought Keane did well once he settled down, because you could see how nervous he was, especially considering he wasn’t even on the pitch last week, but everything went through Bernard imo, and Richarlison also looked a lot more refreshed, and although I like DCL, I didn’t enjoy him that much today.

Maybe I’m wrong, he was up by himself against two big defenders, but sometimes I wanted him to do the things that he his better at, rather than letting those big two dictate a lot of his performance. I disagreed with Jerome saying he should of attacked the front post more, simply because he was upfront by himself, and most of our crosses never got past the first grock.

When he scored against Burnley, Kean being central allowed Dominic to attack the front post, but this is so much harder to do when you don’t have a partner, because it’s much easier for them to squeeze the space, but when DCL, had a chance to run them a few times today, he usually elected to play it off, unless the ball had been played over the top?

He wasn’t our best player today, but he epitomises what I want to see out of every Everton player, for sheer hard work and effort, and refusing to ever go missing. I enjoyed Tom Davies today, except when he got very lucky, losing the ball just outside our box, and luckily getting a foul, because the kid has got loads of desire.

John Pierce
130 Posted 11/01/2020 at 21:44:15
A lot might be said for the way we’ve ground out those wins. But Carlo knows, as from his quotes, the result allows you time and space to create your vision.

Silva simply didn’t get this. Win some horrible ugly games, it’s a platform for your style. If he understood that he’d still be here for sure.

A quick fire 4 or 6 points from two pretty poor sides in west ham and Newcastle will see us in a very encouraging position.

Its clear without any sort of midfield combination, Carlo is looking for a more direct approach and trying to use our best ball carrier, Bernard as the way to create. Simple observations but he has distilled this in only weeks and attempted to work around it.

Our midfield might as well be water carriers because there’s nothing there due to injury, he’s recognized that we either go over them or use them a transfer pivots.

Walcott is starting to get an influence due to a more direct style and he’s running from out to in, he strongest suit.

A midfield loan or two is the deals we should be after.

Ryan Holroyd
131 Posted 11/01/2020 at 21:44:31
I trust Ancelotti. His little toe nail cutting knows more about football than any punter on ToffeeWeb. All my faith is in ancelotti, the 3x winning champions league winner.
Tony Hill
132 Posted 11/01/2020 at 21:50:14
Having been in a fuming sulk all week, I thought I was going to explode when Sigurdsson was made captain. But Ancelotti doesn't give a fuck about what we think and that is a good thing, probably.

He isn't paid to listen to us or to ingratiate himself with us, he's paid to win things for us. Last week runs very, very, very deep but I am glad now that this manager hasn't soft-soaped the fans. He just proceeds.

Bernard was lovely to watch, Richarlison great, and Holgate very good.

If we can expel last week's poison - which is going to be very hard to do, at least it will be for some of us - and have a quiet look at the table then, as others have noted, all is not lost.

Damn them.

John Boon
133 Posted 11/01/2020 at 21:54:09
I always find it surprising just how much supporters have totally different perspectives. Generally I thought we played quite well, enough to be satisfied with the players and the management, although I wasn't too thrilled with the substitutions.

Bernard was far and away the best and most creative player. He is exactly what we need to control the game and make unexpected passes. Considering his size he also gets stuck in as good as any player. I hope he was substituted because he had run himself into the ground and not for tactical reasons.

I really do not like to slag players on TW. However Sidibe didn't hesitate to be critical of the city of Liverpool so I don't feel too bad adding my own few words about his play.I think he was awful today and he has never impressed me since he came here. I don't care how old Coleman and Baines are they are far better options than him. We have made some lousy buys and I sincerely hope we do NOT take the option to buy him. I would be quite happy to see his loan reversed as soon as possible. As an old long time supporter he makes me more nervous than any other fullback I can remember.

Robert Tressell
134 Posted 11/01/2020 at 21:54:56
I'm really glad Keane played well today. He's decent. Very decent alongside the right partner. Same points as Arsenal with Spurs, Man Utd etc in our sights. Dunc + Carlo have done well. Still some way to restoring some pride though. Kean and Gordon getting on the score sheet would cheer me up no end. And a couple of new signings.
Tom Bowers
135 Posted 11/01/2020 at 21:58:42
On paper we are expecting to gain some points from the next few games including today but the evidence is apparent that new blood is an absolute necessity.

Leading 1-0 is always a nervous time with Everton and the Seagulls often looked dangerous against Everton's problematic defending.

It's looking more likely that Gomes and Gbamin won't figure much in the rest of the season so we need another solid midfielder given the inconsistency of those we have.

Chris Corn
136 Posted 11/01/2020 at 22:01:17
John Boon, you clearly musnt remember the likes of Mitch Ward, John O'Kane, Tony Thomas, Marc Hottiger, Ray Atteveld etc etc...I could go on and on Like you say, it's about opinions. I think Sidibe has been decent for the most part. However today wasnt his best day.
Ed Prytherch
137 Posted 11/01/2020 at 22:13:43
Robbie Mustoe on NBC Sports called the VAR decision a disgrace and added that Dunk should have received a red card. I used to think that Michael Oliver was the best Prem ref but he has been terrible for us in the past year. He totally bottled it today.
Phil Sammon
138 Posted 11/01/2020 at 22:15:46
Jerome Shields @ 96

‘Keane should have had a goal, but doped it.’

Was that the one that the defender touched to take it off Keane’s boot? I think you need to reassess that one because Keane had no chance of reacting and scoring.

I’m really confused to see Digne getting so much stick. He’s not at his absolute best but he was totally fine today. He got an assist and created some good chances. Of all the players to find fault in, I think he’s one of the last who should be called out.

Sidebe is an interesting one. I would definitely question Steve Ferns’ assertion that he ‘can play left back’. The bloke’s left foot is abysmal. He has his assets though. He can certainly swing in a cross with his right foot and at times he looks menacing going forward. Unfortunately his performance today was soured by the last 15 minutes. After Coleman cafe on he seemed to think his job was done. I suppose he will blame fatigue but I saw a player who I thought wasn’t giving his all.

Bernard and Richarlison both class. I’ve got to praise the latter for his change in attitude. He’s stopped his diving and has pulled himself together. A lovely goal from him today too.

Lastly, a word on VAR. that Walcott decision was a disgrace, as was the shove in Holgate’s back. There is just no debate whatsoever. Both were stonewall penalties. It’s really quite sickening that we have been cheated like that. To think about the decision given against Michael Keane (earlier in the season) for standing on someone’s foot while both players looked up at the ball. How can two DELIBERATE fouls not be given today and yet a clearly unintentional coming together is punished. I really hope Ancelotti publicly calls this one out. We are quite clearly being unfairly treated.

Simon Smith
139 Posted 11/01/2020 at 22:17:25
What did Sidibé say about the city of Liverpool? I haven’t seen those comments.
Bill Fairfield
140 Posted 11/01/2020 at 22:21:29
Sigurdsson captain?Come on Carlo
Kunal Desai
141 Posted 11/01/2020 at 22:22:51
Lets get some momentum going, the next few games we should be able to take points which elevates us into 6th/7th.
Raymond Fox
142 Posted 11/01/2020 at 22:26:48
I thought we played well for most of the game today, but we still don't score enough goals.

I get nervous though when I see comments like we should beat our upcoming opponents.
Yes we are on a roll as far as League results are concerned but our next fixtures are just the sort where we usually go pear shaped.
They are not the hardest games on paper, but lets face it we are pretty average ourselves.

Len Gowing
143 Posted 11/01/2020 at 22:36:39
For me as soon as Walcott went off pushing Sidibe forward we lost all control over that right hand side. I don't rate Sidibe at all much to my son's chagrin, however even he could see that a huge space became available for Brighton to utilise because he was pulled all over the place. I'm not a fan of criticising our own players but to me he is in the Martina league. He has a decent cross on him but frightens me defensively.
Jerome Shields
144 Posted 11/01/2020 at 22:49:01

I seen the ball come off Keanes shoulder, had not seen the defender got a touch, which you seen. I did see the replay as well and did not see the defenders touch. Will watch again on MOTD , if I don't fall to sleep waiting.

Kase Chow
145 Posted 11/01/2020 at 22:59:21

What makes you think we have the mental strength to win must win games?

As soon as it gets serious we get scared and run away like little children

Jerome Shields
146 Posted 11/01/2020 at 23:32:21

Not shown on MOTD.

Bernard excellent.

Denis Richardson
147 Posted 11/01/2020 at 23:33:43
3 points and a clean sheet. Gotta be happy with that.

Not bothered about the performance as this season is now damage limitation and getting some stability back. If Ancelotti can get us top 7 and EL after the shit Silva got us into, that would be a great achievement. Anything extra would be amazing.

Win gets the players a bit more confidence and confident players play better. Hopefully a few of the injuries will clear up now we have a week to rest.

Eddie Dunn
148 Posted 11/01/2020 at 23:35:36
Phil, 138, Sidibe uses his left peg all the time. He regularly receives the ball on his right foot and turns, putting it onto his left to cut inside. I can see him being comfy on the left of the field.
Jerome Shields
149 Posted 11/01/2020 at 23:53:41
Apparently Lucas Digne had a difficult week, reference family.
Bill Gienapp
150 Posted 11/01/2020 at 23:53:46
A note on the Captaincy, since this seems to come up a lot.

At the start of the season, Silva established the following pecking order --

1. Coleman
2. Baines
3. Sigurdsson
4. Digne

So Coleman's the Captain, but the armband goes to the next highest ranking player when he doesn't start. Since Baines rarely plays, that's Sigurdsson.

Ancelotti clearly hasn't felt compelled to change the system... and frankly I'm not even sure who his alternatives would be at this moment.

Bob Parrington
151 Posted 11/01/2020 at 00:13:59
Bill Gall @ 85 & 119. Agreed in general but particularly with the subbing of Walcott with Coleman. Lots are disputing the wiseness of the subs decisions by Carlo but IMO he did a job. We kept the clean sheet albeit with 2 close calls.

The refereeing and VAR were both sh*t. Michael Oliver at VAR should be sacked for the decision when Walcott was pulled back. Clear as daylight and couldn't be missed by a blind bat. Nailed on penalty and send off the defender!

We did enough to win but some of the players can't last 90 minutes. Sigs was just about on his knees after 60 minutes. I thought he'd played well in the first half but he was making too many mistakes in the second. Some strange passing decisions (short) when there were better (and simpler) options led to pressure on us from quick breaks, too!

In addition to the penalty that should have also been given for the barge in Holgate's back, there was another penalty perhaps when one of their players on the deck used the middle-to-top of his arm to stop the ball.

For several years now we might have lost this game from 1 - 0 up or drawn at best. 1 - 0 win, so 3 points. I'll take that.

Phil Lewis
152 Posted 12/01/2020 at 00:36:11
I've had better visits to the dentist, than the 90 minutes I witnessed today. Bernard was the best man on the pitch, his substitution baffled me. Richarlison played well. His creativity has never been in doubt, but its good to see him combining that side of his game with unselfish battling qualities.
We looked highly likely to find a second goal before Ancellotti's puzzling defensive minded reshuffle. Some may say his substitutions worked, as we won the game. But Brighton we unlucky not to equalise on a couple occasions after our changes were made. Had that happened it would have put Ancellotti's tactics under much more scrutiny.
It is glaringly obvious that we are desperately weak and lacking creativity in midfield. For long periods Sigurrdson was once more chasing shadows. Davies battled to the best of his ability, but reactions were sluggish. The only time we came to life was in flashes from Bernard, Richarlison and in the first half, Walcott.
The slow build up from the back and tedious sideways and backward passing from our back four was reminiscent of the Martinez era. We do not have the players to employ these tactics successfully. All it served to do was to constantly give Brighton time to regroup and keep their shape, which for long periods they did with great efficiency. Our injured midfielders cannot come back a day too soon. If not new signings, then surely loan deals are imperative right now Carlo?
Ed Prytherch
153 Posted 12/01/2020 at 02:07:00
I wondered why Carlo picked Keane ahead of Mina but he had a decent game once he settled down. Maybe it was to keep Keane's spirit and confidence up because there will almost certainly be a game when either Mina or Holgate is unavailable.

I thought that we looked well balanced and organised in the first half with Bernard the best and Sibide the weakest but nobody playing poorly. We may be able to wait until the summer to bring in new blood if Carlo can get them the play like that for 90 minutes.

I watched the early kick off game and when Tosun came on the commentator commented that it is rare for a club to loan a player to team that is above them in the table. Hopefully that won't last long.

Graham Hammond
154 Posted 12/01/2020 at 02:08:42
It was only an unconvincing win today because again we were shafted and robbed by bent and unfit for purpose officials, closet reds no doubt, dark forces at play yet again. Had justice been done this season we would currently be in the top five (shit as we are) instead of sweating (before today) on our Premier League survival. Makes me puke, this is not sport! Bernard and Richarlison really good today, I also thought Sigurdsson and Keane played quite well also. Respect for Sigurdsson today and the way he responded. I still believe that for all his running he hides too often and needs to channel his work rate more effectively. DCL was a disappointment for me today.
Steve Ferns
155 Posted 12/01/2020 at 02:37:22
Phil #138, I don’t think sidibe can play left back, he has! He played there quite often for Monaco. With Baines likely to depart, is it not worth utilising his versatility?
John Boon
156 Posted 12/01/2020 at 02:52:24
CHRIS (136) you are right having seen that list. Your memory is better than mine but at my age,eighty, I do have a lot more to remember and forget. I was just frustrated by Sidibe and have been since he came here. His Mum probably thinks he's a good player.

SIMON(139). Sidibe said that he thought Liverpool was a "sad" city. Even if he was right it is a stupid, naive statement to make for a new player. Unfortunately, I really don't rate him as a right back, and had to find something to help support my criticism of him as a player. Not really logical but I have been supporting Everton for ever so I am not too likely to be logical in stressful times.

Mike Gaynes
157 Posted 12/01/2020 at 04:00:54
Steve #155, sorry, that's off-target. Sidibe hasn't played left back in two years. He made only three appearances there for Monaco in the '17-'18 season, and none at all last season. No way is he a Prem LB.

Len #143, Sidibe is our leading tackler despite having played only a little over half our games. He also leads us in assists. Yes, he has some positional challenges defensively, but I think your comparing him to Cuco is bizarre. You should listen to your son.

Kieran Kinsella
158 Posted 12/01/2020 at 04:58:17
Steve Ferns

Why the rush to push Baines out? Pearcey played till 40. Frankly I’m surprised Baines hasn’t been used more given Dignes form.

Alan J Thompson
159 Posted 12/01/2020 at 04:58:56
John(#156); I think you are being a bit harsh if all Sidibe said was that he thought Liverpool was a sad city. Is that also your opinion of Everton and the City Council for their aims in renovating and the rejuvenation of the area where we plan to build our new ground?
And how and where did he say it, a letter to the papers, in answer to a question of comparing Liverpool to Monaco or just the first impressions in a private conversation of somebody who isn't allowed out on the booze and has had more to do checking in to his company assigned hotel/apartment?
Jamie Crowley
160 Posted 12/01/2020 at 05:00:58
I just watched Carlo’s post-game interview on the OS.

He’s just class. We’ve got one hell of a manager. I’m not sure how we actually convinced the guy to come to us, but I’m very happy he did.

While praising Rich and DCL, he made sure to mention Moise Kean as a superb striker, but one we’ll need to “wait on” [be patient] with.

This project will take some time, but I’ don’t think we’ve ever been in more capable hands.

Kieran Kinsella
161 Posted 12/01/2020 at 05:03:23
Graham 154,

One thing I don’t get is, VAR is supposed to correct “clear and obvious” errors. Ergo, shouldn’t that mean any time they intervene they reverse the decision as its “clear and obvious”?

How in the fuck was DCLs “Handball” clear and obvious yet Dunks foul was not? Especially given the controversy surrounding Keanes “foul” away to Brighton you’d have thought they’d be careful about showing bias. Luckily it didn’t matter in the end but I assume Michael Oliver picked up his supplemental paycheck from Emperor Palpetine nonetheless.

Kieran Kinsella
162 Posted 12/01/2020 at 05:08:03
John 156 Alan 159

From what I read, Sidibes comment was “lost in translation.” I read he used a French word that better translates as depressed as in economically but it was picked up by the UK press as in depressed meaning sad.

Jamie Crowley
163 Posted 12/01/2020 at 05:12:34
Kieran -

The Premier League have taken a wholly good thing in video replay, and completed screwed it up. It is absolutely making the game worse, when it absolutely should make it better.

I’ve no problem with them disallowing the DCL goal. How in the holy hell the tug on Theo isn’t a PK you, me, and Jesus Christ himself will never know.

The Premier League needs to seriously review it’s VAR protocol, and they must strictly define it’s use next season. It’s presently this nebulous interference which messes up the game. And, something no one is really talking about too much, it could easily be used as a tool of corruption in its present form.

I’m a big, big fan of VAR. In its current iteration / form, it’s an abomination.

Bob Parrington
164 Posted 12/01/2020 at 07:05:07
Jamie @ 163. Absolutely nailed it!
David Midgley
165 Posted 12/01/2020 at 07:08:40
Lots of comments about our new manager.
Do they think this is the Wedding at Cana ?

Take deep breaths and calm down.
He can only work with the tools at his disposal.
Winning games is his priority not flash football.

David Midgley
166 Posted 12/01/2020 at 07:08:40
Lots of comments about our new manager.
Do they think this is the Wedding at Cana ?

Take deep breaths and calm down.
He can only work with the tools at his disposal.
Winning games is his priority not flash football.

Jamie Evans
167 Posted 12/01/2020 at 07:25:07
Speaking of captains, I think Holgate as some natural leadership qualities.

Obviously he is young, still learning the game and still has some lapses, but I think he shows desire, passion and commitment and demands this from his more experienced peers.

Steve Cotton
168 Posted 12/01/2020 at 08:37:23
I actually think MOTD didnt show the 2 other penalty shouts because it would have been obvious to everyone watching that we were the subject of biased refereeing and Var decision making. The push on holgate was an obvious penalty.
Also DCL's goal was extremely hard to call as deliberate hand ball, it looked like the shoulder and was chalked off and card issued within about 15 seconds.
2 blatent pull backs on the last man by the same brighton player were quickly discarded. I have wanted Var in for years but for EFC in particular it seems to be working againstus on a weekly basis.
Dave Abrahams
169 Posted 12/01/2020 at 08:50:53
Jamie (163), I doubt if you’ll get one football fan, anywhere, disagreeing with your summing up of VAR in the way it is being used currently.
Kunal Desai
170 Posted 12/01/2020 at 08:57:49
Kase #145 - We have won 3 out of 4 league games under Carlo and lost once in 7 since Silva was sacked. Momentum is there despite the humiliation of last week in the cup. No reason why we shouldn't kick on and get 8-10 points from the next 4 league games which would put us around 6th/7th.
There isn't any pressure on us with being out of both cup competitions and only progression in the league to play for.
Dave Abrahams
171 Posted 12/01/2020 at 09:13:33
Bob (151), Bob, you made me think, was the penalty denied because the defender would have had to be sent off, it shouldn’t have affected the VAR refs. decision but that is the only thing I can think of, now, that the penalty wasn’t awarded.
Justin Doone
172 Posted 12/01/2020 at 09:45:31
Another good win.

We should have had at least 2 penalties. What do VAR not see, how can they not give blatent penalties that the referee has missed. Isn't that part of the job?

DCL should have had at least a goal. Harshly yellow carded for what was impossible to clearly see if it was arm or shoulder.

But when running through those are the chances a top striker finishes. At least he hit the target, an improvement from a few similar chances he blazed high and wide last season.

Holgate was outstanding. Davies also very good closing down all over the pitch. Richarlison took his goal well. Yes all 3 made the odd mistake which they need to stop.

Bernard very good in patches but still wasteful and goes backwards too often.

Our general passing was OK. Crossing poor. 3 decent crosses from a dozen or more attempts. What's happened to Digne?

It was against a decent Brighton side but tougher challenges ahead.

Tony Everan
173 Posted 12/01/2020 at 10:14:09
Lallana had a similar handball/shoulder decision and VAR gave in Liverpool's favour, decisive goal was awarded to them.

DC-L has the same and gets his goal chalked off and yellow carded. Was this clear and obvious ???....no . So why overturn it?

Spot the difference?

VAR ref needs to explain clearly why a pen wasnt given for Walcott being dragged back and losing his momentum and balance before trying to shoot.

We need that transparency of the logic behind the VAR refs decision.

Tony Hill
174 Posted 12/01/2020 at 10:23:05
Kieran@158, I've been impressed by Baines in his few appearances recently. He has had his injuries but he now looks fit and his body shape should allow him another couple of years in the Premier League. I thought a couple of seasons ago that he was on his way out but he's recovered himself.

I think he remains a very good option for us. He's also an intelligent man who is probably a good all-round influence. Of course, he may want to move on for his own reasons but I hope not.

Derek Knox
175 Posted 12/01/2020 at 10:51:36
Jay Wood or Fran Mitchell, following Richie's text to Everton Soares, to the effect " we are waiting " is being made a big thing by the Media over here.

While I would love it to be true, my distrust of Media Gossip, especially during a Transfer Window, is 90% brown stuff and 10% speculation. Just hoping that either of you may have heard something more concrete.

Must admit we have been very quiet in the Transfer Gossip as a whole, but I prefer it that way, with a couple of quality additions wheeled out 'through the back door'.

Brian Hennessy
176 Posted 12/01/2020 at 10:52:20
100% agree with Tony @174 and Kieran @158 about Baines.

He is still plenty good enough and I think he has been underused over the last year. This has contributed to Digne's loss of form either through fatigue for the Frenchman or the fact that he feels he is undropable.

Hopefully Carlo will use him more for the remainder of the season, give him 4 or 5 games while resting Digne and if Baines continues his recent form I would hope we give him a contract for another season.

James Marshall
177 Posted 12/01/2020 at 11:06:26
To be fair to Lucas Digne, he's been playing with an injury from what I can tell. He's certainly not 100% fit and has played a lot of games lately.

Baines has looked good, but he can't play a sustained amount of games.

People who think International players aren't really trying hard in a year when there is an International tournament coming up, are probably quite wrong about where their heads are regarding motivation. There are many other factors, fitness being the main one.

Just look at our right back, Sidibe as a case in point. He's clearly motivated and has been recalled to the France squad based on his performances for Everton this season.

Len Hawkins
178 Posted 12/01/2020 at 11:07:33
If a foul is a foul then Oliver should be sacked with immediate effect his decision was a disgrace and shows he is unfit to carry out refereeing duties.
James Marshall
179 Posted 12/01/2020 at 11:16:24
If you sack referees because you think they made a bad decision, you're going to have to sack them all immediately. Human error is what we WANT in the game isn't it? The whole point being that VAR is ruining the game, now you want to sack the referee for making a bad decision.

You can't have it both ways, Len. With respect.

Steve Ferns
180 Posted 12/01/2020 at 11:23:24
Mike #157, I’m not making the case that Sidibe should be our starting left back. I’m saying that he can play there. He might not have played there in the last couple of seasons but he did often in the season before and if you go back to his Lille days he was the starting left back for a few seasons.

This versatility, and the relatively low purchase option in his contract, make me believe that he should be retained. I think that you can keep sidibe, bring back Kenny and keep Coleman for this reason.

Sorry Kieran #158, I wouldn’t offer Baines a new contract, not unless he takes a substantial pay cut, and Pearce might have played until he was 40 but I wouldn’t have retained him either, and it was a different game, in terms of the distances ran, back then. I think that whilst Baines has shown he still has a decent left peg, he can’t get up and down the left like we’d need him to, and he’d fade further in 12 months time after turning 36.

Brian Harrison
181 Posted 12/01/2020 at 11:40:35
While Sidibe has done well I am a little concerned that we have a right back who cant cross with his right foot. He had a number of opportunities to cross with his right foot and preferred to move it back to his left foot which then lost all the momentum in the move. When he did try and cross with his right foot you could see he wasnt comfortable doing it. When Coleman came on and pushed Sidibe further forward he completely lost his position on anumber of occasions and most of Brightons attacks in the latter stages came down our right side. I know he got injured after Ancelotti had made his 3 subs but he just looked all over the place when pushed further forward.
Phil Sammon
182 Posted 12/01/2020 at 11:46:28
Brian 181

The one thing I’m confident about with Sidebe is that he can cross the ball with his right foot. It’s literally his greatest asset.

I’m at a bit of a loss as to how you’ve come up with that one.

Raymond Fox
183 Posted 12/01/2020 at 11:50:17
I can excuse a referee and linesman geting some decisions wrong because their unsited or not quite up with play, but the var referee no.

Some of the decisions they make are unbelievable.
When is a foul a foul, there no ifs and buts about it, if its a foul and the player doesn't end up on the ground its still a free kick or a penalty.

Brent Stephens
184 Posted 12/01/2020 at 11:52:38
Jamie #163 - a good post re VAR. I think another point that needs reiterating is that the VAR analysis / decisions should be made by people with some degree of independence.
Brian Harrison
185 Posted 12/01/2020 at 11:53:17

I don't know where you sit in the ground but I sit in the Upper Bullens and especially in the 2nd half the times Sidibe could have crossed with his right foot and didnt. This caused the fans to get really annoyed with him for constantly stopping to move the ball back onto his left foot, which slowed everything down.

Steve Ferns
186 Posted 12/01/2020 at 12:09:16
Brian sidibe is an excellent crosser. The times he checked back onto his left was because the crossing opportunity was blocked off.

I posted a week ago the stats on his crossing and it showed that whilst Digne has better volume, Sidibe has better quality.

Derek Knox
187 Posted 12/01/2020 at 12:15:30
James M @179, I think the thing that really pisses people off with Refereeing decisions and VAR, for that matter too, is the inconsistency.

How many times do referees go to the screen at the side of the pitch, to verify the Camera Angles where he has probably been up to 40 yards away from the original incident? No he relies on his 'mates' who are all pissing in the same pot, and up to 200plus miles away who look after each other, and goes with that.

Certain sides also seem to have different interpretations applied exclusively to them, it should and MUST be the same for everyone!

Rob Halligan
188 Posted 12/01/2020 at 12:46:50
I always wonder why referees are so reluctant to give a penalty, that, anywhere else on the pitch, they would be blowing for a foul straight away. Had Walcott been outside the area but running through on goal, and been pulled back, it would have been a foul all day long, and the defender probably sent off. The fact that it was only five minutes in should have no bearing on whether the defender should be sent off or not.
Michael Lynch
189 Posted 12/01/2020 at 12:53:00
Thought it was a bit subdued at Goodison yesterday, understandably of course, but that was a vital win. Ancelotti's subs were fairly Moyes-esque in that they were pragmatic, game managing changes to ensure a 1-0 win. I'm guessing that, having seen what's available to him in the squad, he's looking at the fixtures and thinking we can definitely win our next four fixtures if we keep it tight.

Withdrawing Bernard surprised me - he was our best player up to that point IMO - but it was probably the sensible move in order to shore up to get the points. While he was on the pitch He seemed to be drifting into a left sided number 10 role, with Siggi in a deeper number 8 role, or was I imagining that? Whatever, it seemed to work for both players,

Strangely, after such a disappointing season, there's a chance we could finish top six if we get a bit of luck.

Brian Williams
190 Posted 12/01/2020 at 12:53:16
Gotta agree with the right foot advocates for Sid.
He proved yesterday that his left leg is for standing on only. Could tell by his body shape when he went to cross with his left that it's not his natural foot whereas his right footed crosses are generally excellent and completely natural to him.

With regard to a top six/eight finish. Personally I'd rather NOT see us qualify for Europe this season and allow Ancelotti the summer to recruit the players we need and have a "normal" preseason and start next season with a bang! I think if we qualifies for the Europa league it'd do more harm than good, just my opinion.

Ray Robinson
191 Posted 12/01/2020 at 12:54:37
Re VAR, it will work fine with four major changes:

1. Same handball rules apply to attackers as defenders - with one exception namely that you should never be allowed to actually score with your hand
2. If any part of the body is on-side, that's ok
3. You have a maximum of one minute to confirm / change a decision. Anything taking longer than that is not clear and obvious
4. The referee makes the decision by consulting the screen

How that decision was not given in favour of Walcott yesterday smacks of corruption - and I'm generally not a conspiracy theorist. Decisions like those are supposed to balance out over a season. Well we must be due a few favourable decisions between now and May then!

Besides, our account against Brighton cannot be levelled out now. They have had 3 decisions against us go in their favour this season. If things do "even themselves out", it'll be at another team's expense. Such decisions can make the difference between survival and relegation.

Ray Robinson
192 Posted 12/01/2020 at 12:59:32
Just a thought to provoke discussion. Ancelotti makes some substitutions yesterday to preserve a 1-0 lead - and it works - just. Allardyce adopts the same approach during his tenure and is pilloried. Both are doing their job to keep Everton out of relegation trouble. I'm not an Allardyce apologist by the way and I've no doubt that we've got an excellent manager in Ancelotti, but isn't this a case of double standards?
Brian Williams
193 Posted 12/01/2020 at 13:01:31
The problem with penalties or not penalties these days is that the rules seem to have annoyingly naturally changed without there being an official change.
How many times have you heard a pundit say "Don't think there was enough there for a penalty, yes he impeded him but it'd have been a soft one for me."
Even my neighbour at the game yesterday said "Yeh he tugged Walcott back but not a lot in it really."
There seems to have grown a belief that you have to be hit hard or impeded greatly for it to be a penalty. There is NO scale as far as I know.
It's either a penalty or it isn't!
Yesterday's was a clear cut penalty. The fact that Walcott carried on and took a shot made it easy for them to not give it!
John Raftery
194 Posted 12/01/2020 at 13:04:46
Ray (192) Yes of course it is a case of double standards. He was lucky to get away with it but give me a lucky manager any day of the week.
Colin Malone
195 Posted 12/01/2020 at 13:16:42
One extreme to another are Richarlson and Walcott, Richarlson will chase, jump, tackle for 30/70 ball. Walcott wouldn't chase for a 50/50 ball. I know Kevin Mirallas is a better option than Walcott.

We can see Gylfi"s arse has completely gone, playing in the most important position on the field. Aaron Mooy would be my first choice then Jonjoe Shelvey.
Tony Hill
196 Posted 12/01/2020 at 13:47:18
Ray @192, I was thinking the same yesterday. But consistency has no part in these things.
Jamie Crowley
197 Posted 12/01/2020 at 14:02:34
Ray @ 191 -

You beat me to it, and you're 100% spot on. Those four criteria for VAR are exactly what are needed.

Same handball rules apply to attackers as defenders - with one exception namely that you should never be allowed to actually score with your hand
1. Stops the worst rule change in soccer history, and actually has nothing to do with VAR but will assist it's implementation massively.

If any part of the body is on-side, that's ok
2. Yes, yes, and yes. There's too many "by a whisker" offside situations actually calling goals back. It's insane and shouldn't happen.

You have a maximum of one minute to confirm / change a decision. Anything taking longer than that is not clear and obvious
3. Stops the ridiculous delays.

The referee makes the decision by consulting the screen
4. The referee has always been the final arbiter in football since I can remember. This shouldn't change. He needs to be able to review himself, and make the final call on the field.

I'd add a fifth point:

5. All video reviews can be shown on the big screens at all games. This has to be done in England. It's absolutely ridiculous that the fans sit there, completely in the dark, wondering what the hell is going on. I'll never forget when I found out, on TW, that VAR replays weren't shown in England. I about fell out of my chair. If some inbred idiots get raucous over it, throw them the hell out. That's what security is for.

There ya go! VAR sorted. Only on TW could this occur in 10 or so posts. 😉

Jay Wood

198 Posted 12/01/2020 at 14:06:03
Derek @ 175. On the Richarlison message to Everton Cebolinha Soares I know nothing about.

But yesterday - I think it was the Ancelotti transfer comments thread - I posted that this rumour was again doing the rounds in Brazil.


It's in Portuguese, but basically says Everton intends to put in a 30 million euro bid for him. It goes as far as to say that Ancelotti himself has called and spoken directly to the player.

Something I didn't know is that he separated from his then agent in August when an expected transfer to Arsenal fell through. Borussia Dortmund is another club mentioned as sniffing around for him.

The article mentions he scored 20 goals in 57 games last season. Indeed, he was mid-table Gremio's top scorer. Not bad for a (nominally) wide man.

You know my feelings about him, Derek. Quick, tricky, technically adept, both unselfish and knows how to finish. Bums would not be stuck on seats with him in the team.

It makes sense based on Carlo's latest presser also. He talked about not being tied to one system but adapting to the players he has. He specifically mentioned as an example that in DCL and Richarlison we have two good headers of the ball in attack.

Carlo went on to say, a good tactic then would be to get more crosses into the box. Methinks Cebolinha more than delivers that in every sense.

As for Fran Mitchell, he is back in the UK permanently. Working around Milton Keynes, I think he mentioned.

Ray Robinson
199 Posted 12/01/2020 at 14:12:29
Jamie #197. I agree with your fifth point too. If those in authority don't see the blindingly obvious, then what are they employed for?

Brian #193, yes I agree. There are degrees of contact but that was so blindingly obvious yesterday. The pull threw Walcott off balance which affected his shot / ability to try and round the keeper. As they said on MoTD last night, Walcott was too honest and should have gone down. What a perfect opportunity to encourage players to be honest instead of going to ground. Imagine if Salah / Mané had been in that position.

Soren Moyer
200 Posted 12/01/2020 at 14:17:27
George Cumiskey #44. Agree. Which of these player will make it into a top 6 team's bench? Squad overhaul needed.
Jay Wood

201 Posted 12/01/2020 at 14:17:58
On the question of Sidibe's right and left pegs, sorry Brian Harrison, but I think your comment that he is poor on his right foot is an example of the law of immediacy: basing an opinion on the most recent examples, rather than a longer, wider, deeper range of data.

Sidibe, as you also mentioned Brian, concerns me on his defensive capabilities, his poor positioning and lack of awareness of the play and players around him.

But - at least in the final third of the pitch - he has a wand of a right foot. He has shown time and time again in a Blue shirt just how good.

As others mentioned, he was forced by Brighton to check and switch to his left foot a number of times yesterday. Why? Because they had done their homework: don't give Sidibe the space or time on his right foot to deliver into our box, or he will hurt us.

You've called this one wrong, Brian.

Derek Knox
202 Posted 12/01/2020 at 14:23:57
Jay @198, thanks again Jay for the info, could be encouraging (if true) I would love to have the little maestro with us. Whether it will happen is another matter, but he would have a couple of fellow Brazilians in Bernard and Richie, which may just swing it.

Didn't realise Fran was back in England, so thanks for the 'head's up' on that too. We will have to get at least of couple of players in especially in Central Defence and midfield, whether Everton Soares is seen as a possibility we can only hope.

Brent Stephens
203 Posted 12/01/2020 at 14:47:23
Ray #191, Jamie #197. Those proposed changes hit the "g spot". Good points.
Anthony Dove
204 Posted 12/01/2020 at 15:50:36
A lot of posters seem to forget that right back is a defensive position. Sidibe at present can’t defend so his other perceived attributes are pretty pointless.

You don’t get many clearer penalties than the Walcott incident, and as there was obviously no intent by the defender to get the ball, it’s also a sending off.

Jay Wood

205 Posted 12/01/2020 at 16:19:47
Anthony @ 204.

'A lot of posters seem to forget that right back is a defensive position. Sidibe at present can’t defend so his other perceived attributes are pretty pointless.'

Read any post in this thread which mentions Sidibe. Pretty much every single one of them expresses concerns at Sidibe's poor defensive play and consider him a liability on that front, so nobody 'forgets' or overlooks that.

Nor has he played exclusively at right back. It's a matter of balance. Do we play him in front of the true right back as has been the case in recent games knowing his defensive deficiencies, but that is offset by what he does offer in the attacking sense.

That's why we have a manager making such selection and tactical calls.

Paul Smith
206 Posted 12/01/2020 at 16:24:10
Sidibe the attacking right/left sided defensive midfielder/wing back I think.
Billy Roberts
207 Posted 12/01/2020 at 17:53:50
Jamie @163, a very interesting point you make concerning VAR that as you say hasn't been considered much. The opportunity for corruption has been doubled. The number of individuals with a serious influence on decisions has increased x2.
This seems a bit excessive, I'm not saying this is the cause of these shocking decisions
BUT it could be, when a panel of individuals can watch that Walcott incident and decide that 1) it wasn't a foul and 2) it didn't affect his attempt at goal , the mind boggles.
A similar panel decided that a defender looking up at a ball in the sky and stood accidentally on a strikers foot deserved a penalty awarding against him.
Evertonians often feel paranoid about decisions against us but on days like this Saturday it is well justified.
Jamie Crowley
208 Posted 12/01/2020 at 17:58:56
Billy -

Just imagine if the Premier League were based in Italy or Brazil? Two countries, with apologies to Jay Wood, that have a history of corruption of near epidemic proportions.

Give the VAR ref in the booth ten grand and watch how fishy the calls become!

I'm not, as you are not, saying this has occurred. But it certainly creates a more ripe field in which to sow evil oats!

And that's the reason for strictly defining VAR's role.

Tony Abrahams
209 Posted 12/01/2020 at 18:06:48
The mere fact that people are mentioning corruption, and could also back it up with facts, leaves a lot to be desired, with the desired effect that VAR, was supposed to have on the game of football.

Why can’t we have the ref, making these decisions, instead of a man watching on the telly, miles away from the actual pitch? Do they even use one studio to save on the costs, in the richest football league in the world?

Billy Roberts
210 Posted 12/01/2020 at 18:32:24
Ray Robinson and Jamie Crowley both made very good points about how VAR needs to change.
This is definite, VAR has to change, when it can throw up some of the shockers we have seen this season it is clearly failing.
I think it is/ has fundamentally changed the game for the worst significantly.
As Jamie says, if these decisions were being made in Argentina let's say we would be sniggering at the dubious logic being applied.
Why can't the referee look at the screen for fucks sake ? He should always have the final say, he should just have so with all the help of the VAR team and of course the assistants who are becoming virtually redundant also.
John Boon
211 Posted 12/01/2020 at 19:43:48
An Apology if I was misinterprated in my post (156) I was critical of Sidibe and his depiction of the city of Liverpool.My post said,..."even if he was right", was never meant to ever assume that I agreed with him. I think Liverpool, my city, is a great place that has come on in leaps and bounds in the past twenty years.
John Boon
212 Posted 12/01/2020 at 19:43:48
An Apology if I was misinterprated in my post (156) I was critical of Sidibe and his depiction of the city of Liverpool.My post said,..."even if he was right", was never meant to ever assume that I agreed with him. I think Liverpool, my city, is a great place that has come on in leaps and bounds in the past twenty years.
Jerome Shields
213 Posted 12/01/2020 at 19:53:25
Whilst the Walcott instance was a definite penalty, Everton did show some improvement from the Anfield game, but more marginal than I exspected. Bernard has learnt from Ancelotti and transformed his game.

Sigurdssons took a no risks approach, but is a long way off the £45 million player needs in his position, when pressed he disappears. Sidebe is still a improvement on Walcott who still falters to decieve. Everton under Ancelotti do offer a central attacking threat, but positional basic attacking play is still weak.

The amount of times that Brighton defenders where able to clear their lines unchallenged, even having time to look round, with Everton attackers yards away will not go unnoticed by Ancelotti. Holgate is a miles better player than Mina and Keane, but even be found it difficult to get a tellingly forward, having to relie on midfielders to come short, rather than player movement creating space.

Everton weakness under pressure in the final quarter was exposed, when the opposition pushed forward, nearly with success, as the lower half of the table has done since the start of the season. A tactic the prancing clown copied at Anfield.

Jerome Shields
214 Posted 12/01/2020 at 19:53:25
Whilst the Walcott instance was a definite penalty, Everton did show some improvement from the Anfield game, but more marginal than I exspected. Bernard has learnt from Ancelotti and transformed his game.

Sigurdssons took a no risks approach, but is a long way off the £45 million player needs in his position, when pressed he disappears. Sidebe is still a improvement on Walcott who still falters to decieve. Everton under Ancelotti do offer a central attacking threat, but positional basic attacking play is still weak.

The amount of times that Brighton defenders where able to clear their lines unchallenged, even having time to look round, with Everton attackers yards away will not go unnoticed by Ancelotti. Holgate is a miles better player than Mina and Keane, but even be found it difficult to get a tellingly forward, having to relie on midfielders to come short, rather than player movement creating space.

Everton weakness under pressure in the final quarter was exposed, when the opposition pushed forward, nearly with success, as the lower half of the table has done since the start of the season. A tactic the prancing clown copied at Anfield.

Don Alexander
215 Posted 12/01/2020 at 20:28:28
To John Boon (#212 & elsewhere) I hugely admire your total loyalty to our city, which I share, but the fact is that to any footballing 20-something millionaire the city has in comparison to Manchester, never mind London, a paucity of top-class venues in which to diverge your magnificently largely unearned salary. A brief glance at Tripadvisor makes this clear.

It's yet another major issue confronting Brands and CA as they attempt to sign players of the quality we need.

Tony Williams
216 Posted 12/01/2020 at 21:11:18
What is the point of having an Academy if you arn't going to use it?
Billy Roberts
217 Posted 12/01/2020 at 21:26:08
Don @215
I agree with you that Manchester is a bigger city with more " venues "but it is still a quite drab uninteresting city although it has never put off a multitude of stars signing for United +City.
If Liverpool fc can attract players to live here then so can we, also most of them live in an area 40mins between both cities.
So to sum up what I'm trying to say Everton being in Liverpool shouldn't be an obstacle to players signing unless they want to live in London then
Don Alexander
218 Posted 12/01/2020 at 22:01:17
Billy, I see where you're coming from but Liverpool, City and United (and others) offer everything we now can't in terms of Europe and that's why we end up with best-of-the-rest mercenaries who not only fornicate with their agent on getting such a lucrative lengthy deal but also then go on to dominate the psychology of Finch Farm as engendered under the woeful Kenwright.
Tom Bowers
219 Posted 12/01/2020 at 22:21:31
Sadly academy players at all English clubs cannot get the opportunities in the Prem. unless they are really something special.

The Prem. has become a haven for many international stars as their names alone will attract the fans.

Some foreign managers tend to sign new players who speak their language, Wolves being a prime example.

Everton have a ways to go to get players of a high enough calibre
to compete with the likes of City and RS but we all hope Ancelotti is the answer.

The biggest difference is having class strikers of which City and RS have an abundance of. That has to change at Everton.

Neil Copeland
220 Posted 12/01/2020 at 22:23:39
I get the impression that CA is trying out various combinations of players as part of his squad analysis. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Delph paired with Siggy or Tom Davies against West Ham. We may even Schneiderlin return alongside Tom as another option. I appreciate that may not be what we as supporters want to see but it does makes some sense if that is the plan. Hopefully he has plans to bring in a Gana or Kante type of player along with a Kevin de Bruyne type (if such a being exists).

I thought we did ok yesterday.

A few player observations; Although Keane started a bit shaky he played well overall and put through one or two very good balls.

Siggy deserves credit, he was rightly lambasted following the farce last Sunday but put in a full shift yesterday and again did ok overall. I don’t think he is the answer longer term though and a squad player at best I would say.

I also noticed Sidibe changing from right to left but I didn’t think the defender was necessarily blocking a right foot cross.

As for VAR; doesn’t the very name define as assisting the referee as opposed to overruling him? The refereeing standard appears to be dropping and I am not surprised with VAR being implemented the way it is. The refs look just as confused as everyone else. I think the suggestions for improvement made in previous posts look good but particularly the suggestion that the on field ref must consult the replay evidence and has the final say. I assume that should a team score whilst play continues during a VAR check that results in the original decision being changed then the subsequent goal will be ruled out? To add complication, what if the player who scored was subject to a red card VAR check - same result I presume as in goal chalked off, player sent off and play taken back. What a potential mess that is.

Mike Gaynes
221 Posted 12/01/2020 at 22:31:04
Neil #220, I suspect exactly the same thing about Carlo that you do -- and not just various combinations of players, but various formations of those combinations. For example, against the RS he was playing Siggy and Schneids together, which has never been successful this season, but he was trying it in a 3-4-3, which had not been tried.

I agree with you that we will see more of this tinkering with seemingly odd combinations of players, in order to give the new manager a clearer picture of who he can use and where.

Neil Copeland
222 Posted 12/01/2020 at 22:42:43
Mike #221, that’s a good point about the different formations, I hadn’t really given that much thought.

I know from some of your previous posts that you have refereed at a good standard. Interested to know how you would feel, as a ref, knowing that a crucial decision may be overruled by VAR?

Michael Lynch
223 Posted 12/01/2020 at 23:21:41
I don't know what Sidibe said about the city, but it's pretty irrelevant anyway. I mean, footballers don't live in Liverpool - or for that matter Manchester. They live in the outer suburbs or Cheshire. They can go to either city for their jollies, no matter which club they play for.

As for Manchester being a bigger draw as a city, fuck that. It's just a shit little wannabe-London. Liverpool is by far the more interesting and characterful place, and I say that as someone who now lives in that there London myself. When I left Liverpool, there was no way I was moving to Manchester - if you're after the big city experience it doesn't even come close.

Bob Parrington
224 Posted 13/01/2020 at 08:08:06
Jamie@197 I got excited when I read your Nr 5 suggestion. Rock on! "if some inbred idiots get raucous about it" ------------ you beautie!

All 5 get my vote!

Derek Taylor
225 Posted 13/01/2020 at 15:13:41
Nothing we saw on Saturday gave reason to believe we would be challenging for anything bar the retention of Premier status this season. And that we shall accomplish with ease.

The signing of Ancelloti more or less guarantees such, so let's all relax and look forward to better things next season.

It was always thus.

Phil Smith
226 Posted 13/01/2020 at 17:35:51
The reason that we didn't get a pen is that Walcott still managed to get his shot away. If he would have gone over we would have got it and there would be no arguing. Too honest there, although I think he thought about it.
Andy Crooks
227 Posted 13/01/2020 at 18:38:58
Liverpool is the second best city in the world.
Justin Doone
228 Posted 13/01/2020 at 22:32:13
VAR should be helpful. If not bin it.

The problem is the rules. They need to be simplified and explained. Offside by VAR that can spot (but still some debate how accurately) a few centimetre is annoying but more accurate and therefore correct.

What isn't clear is how far back do they check in the lead up to goals? Debatable free kicks, corners, throw ins. If this isn't the job of VAR let us know. If it is there needs to be a consistent approach say any infringement in the prior 60 seconds etc.

As for hand ball, diving and free kicks VAR is being used by referees as an excuse not to give out yellow cards and not stop play as VAR will let them know. It doesn't, it's inconsistent and is being used the wrong way.

Totally agree referees should be made to view VAR if the VAR assistant over-rules referee. Not shoulder shrug and point to the sky. It's a cop-out.

Anyone approaching the referee when viewing or attempting to view VAR should be booked instantly.

Derek Thomas
229 Posted 13/01/2020 at 22:52:28
Clear and Obvious Errors - that's what it's supposed to be for. If it takes 5mins, 50 viewings from 5 angles - its not a Clear and Obvious Error.

Just let Referee and yes they are all barely average, run the game. What we have now is worse.

VAR should NOT tell the Referee, The Referee asks VAR - did I see what I thought I saw...or didn't see. Then blows his whistle.

Paul Cherrington
230 Posted 14/01/2020 at 15:10:35
I can't agree that VAR is a good thing for football and should be kept on after this season. The offside thing is a total joke – someone's finger or toe being in the wrong place should not be enough to count them as offside. I prefer the old system where a decent-sized part of the attacker's body had to be past the defender for it to be called.

It is the same with this handball thing which VAR is ruling out decent goals with. I know it is only working to the rules but the goals would stand if VAR wasn't there checking them. To say it's handball when the ball hits someone's arm with no chance of them avoiding it is silly.

On the subject of the last game – a decent win and a welcome 3 points. But we should ditch Sidibe as he is a total liability. He was terrible in the cup game and not much better in this one. Yes, he can cross a good ball but that's about it. If we are really trying to improve, that is not enough to get him a move here. I wouldn't even give you a tenner for him - to waste even a few million on him would be criminal.

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