Martinez: Effort and intent was there

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Roberto Martinez refused to lay into his players following yet another dismal showing away from home in the Premier League, suggesting that he was pleased with the way they never gave up in the 3-0 loss to Sunderland despite conceding two goals in quick succession at the end of the first half.

Everton had largely controlled the first quarter of the game but had created little themselves going forward and then fell behind seven minutes before the interval when Patrick van Aanholt drove a direct free kick through the defensive wall and past Joel Robles.

Further goals by defender Lamine Kone, his first for the Black Cats since signing for them earlier this season, put the game beyond the Blues and ensured that Sunderland secured their safety from relegation with three decisive points in the battle to beat the drop.

Martinez had spared only Matthew Pennington in his assessment of his players following Saturday's humiliation at Leicester but in the wake of a result with an even worse scoreline, Martinez saw some positives on a miserable evening on Wearside.

At the moment, since the FA Cup semi-final, it has been difficult for us to get that belief and intensity in the league and Sunderland were the opposite," he said after the game. "A fully focused team who created a good momentum because they were close to finishing the job.

"It was a very tough result to take. We started the game really well. Then we got into a phase where we kept the ball well but didn't have much of a threat in the final third.

“We were a little bit slow and pedestrian but I thought the effort and intent was there in a very competitive game.

“Goals play a big part in deciding these sort of games and the first goal was a disappointing action from us.

“I think it is one of those aspects in the game that plays a big part. Joel tries to read the ball and he goes into his post.

“Then that momentum gives Sunderland another goal from a corner and the scoreline becomes very, very difficult.

“But we never gave up. And second half again Sunderland were very efficient in front of goal. At times through merit, at times through a little bit of luck, which plays a big part.

As he has often done in recent weeks, Martinez was quick to say that his side needed to "get that winning feeling back" in their next game, the final match of a disappointing 2015-16 season, in order to finish the campaign on a positive note.

That will ring hollow with Everton fans, the overwhelming majority of whom have clearly now seen enough and it looks increasingly unlikely that Martinez will be in charge behind this season and could have time called on his tenure at Goodison before Sunday's visit of relegated Norwich City.

He was asked by Sky Sports whether he thought he would still be charge of the club and a haunted Martinez simple replied, "that's not a question" before ending the interview.  

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Phil Jeffries
1 Posted 12/05/2016 at 00:41:16
With comments like that Martinez, you deserve everything coming to you at the Norwich game if you are still in charge. Sometimes you should just shut your mouth and say nothing. You make it worse for yourself.
James Stewart
2 Posted 12/05/2016 at 00:41:30
Effort not in the slightest, intent was there. Intent to get the manager sacked was the only thing on display. A clear declaration of mutiny.
Dan Davies
3 Posted 12/05/2016 at 00:47:36
Are we keeping the current TW poll, Lyndon? Or will it disappear like the last poll which called for Martinez Out?

# the Peoples Club.

Jakob Herd
4 Posted 12/05/2016 at 00:49:55
The man is demented, delusional and a disgrace.
Davie Turner
5 Posted 12/05/2016 at 00:59:23
Seemed same old from the derby and Leicester games to me
Terry Murphy
6 Posted 12/05/2016 at 01:07:36
"Goals play a big part in deciding these sorts of games..."

No shit Sherlock! I thought they were kind of important in deciding who wins all games.

John Harrop
7 Posted 12/05/2016 at 01:08:24
I thought that the 'effort and intent' was significantly higher than the Leicester game, but it wasn't enough. It wasn't enough because many of the players are simply not good enough.

Regardless of what anyone thinks about Roberto, the fact remains that this is not an overly talented squad. Better than we've had for many a year, but that's not saying much is it?
Roman Sidey
8 Posted 12/05/2016 at 01:13:25
“We were a little bit slow and pedestrian but I thought the effort and intent was there in a very competitive game."

That sentence is the epitome of contradiction.

And, the following sentence, “Goals play a big part in deciding these sort of games..." would make Michael Owen piss himself.


Shaun Murphy
9 Posted 12/05/2016 at 01:18:20
In the "defining week" and this "huge, huge game", we scored 1 an conceded 9. He should of been sacked after the Derby 4 nil twice we lost their in 3 years an the board are not arsed cozy were a nice little family club with no "intent" to quote a well known arsehole.

He's totally out his depth an everyone knows it, just pay him off and get a new man with quality staff in after the Norwich game, give it to Unsy till then.
Richard Reeves
10 Posted 12/05/2016 at 01:30:06
Defiant to the end and still inventing his own reality... he doesn't show his emotions easily does he?

Moyes would be looking like someone about to burst into tears or kick off, maybe both.
Kieran Kinsella
11 Posted 12/05/2016 at 01:49:58
He would do better to be honest and say "look, the players fugure I'm going to get sacked and they're cool with that cause they realize my tactics suck. I'm trying to ride it out by playing "good lads" like Cleverley and McCarthy who have no ability but say nice things to me in training. I'm hoping to get through to the summer and spend a couple of hundred million in players from Russia and South America who can't qualify to come here as asylum seekers. Their sense of gratitude to me will result in total obedience."
Ernie Baywood
12 Posted 12/05/2016 at 02:11:33
It's got to the point where it will be inhumane to send him out at Goodison for the last game.

I'm 37, so I've witnessed some dross from this club. But I don't think ever seen us so far away from just being competitive. Right now we're the easiest team to play against. A broken mess. Our form is relegation form, with the team looking devoid of any kind of inspiration.

We're miles away from playing at a Premier League level right now. Absolutely miles away.

Jack Mason
13 Posted 12/05/2016 at 02:34:01
Dan @ 3.

Why does it matter? If people want to have their say via poll, let them. If the results change because of circumstances, or people change their minds they have every right to. All the site is doing is letting people vote on a topic and providing a forum to express their viewpoint.

Andrew Whittle
14 Posted 12/05/2016 at 02:41:22
It feels as if no player has any commitment to the club.
Paul Kernot
15 Posted 12/05/2016 at 03:12:47
Andrew (14). I don't think that's the case mate. They have no commitment to this manager. Biff him today and put Big Dunc in charge as caretaker for the Norwich game and watch what happens.
Kase Chow
16 Posted 12/05/2016 at 03:18:42
RM is a 5 star idiot who never makes any sense. It's getting frustrating to watch us lose badly continuously and furthermore to hear his nonsense.

Why is he still in charge of our great club? I hate him with a passion.

He is totally inept and talks crap. Please please get rid.

Ian McAvoy
17 Posted 12/05/2016 at 03:22:27
It just hurts right now. There was no excuse for such a poor performance. Where is the pride?
Alex Moore
18 Posted 12/05/2016 at 03:30:34
Ajax's manager just stepped down....

I think he'd be a absolute godsend to rebuild the shambles at Everton (and yes I do believe we're in shambles, heads need to roll, not just Mr Martinez. I'd start with getting rid of McCarthy and Cleverly if I had my say).

John Roberts
19 Posted 12/05/2016 at 03:31:06
Call me crazy but I reckon he's looking to do a Leicester next year ;-)
Mike Green
20 Posted 12/05/2016 at 03:56:52
Haha John - that's it! He's spotted the winning formula!

Our odds are only 200/1 at the moment so he must be putting plans together for a right pasting on Sunday to drive them up to 5000/1. Last weekend he must've been taking notes on 'do's' and 'don't s' for next season's title winning party...

Superb :D

Anto Byrne
21 Posted 12/05/2016 at 04:13:26
Losing 3-0 against a shite Sunderland team who we should have been able to bury. The third goal was farcical – eight blue shirts static and a keeper unable to catch the ball. A defensive wall that opened up like a hooker's legs. Story of a team that is clueless with defending.
Brian Cleveland
22 Posted 12/05/2016 at 04:13:32
"Goals play a big part in deciding these sort of games..." well bugger me, I've been playing it wrong all these years!

I never thought I'd get bored of the lovely word "capitulation", but sadly over the past few weeks I've had to use it far too often to describe our abject performances.

I have NEVER been so embarrassed to be an Everton supporter as I have these past few weeks, not even in the Mike Walker, Gordon Lee, Walter Smith days did I feel as bad as I do now. Even when we crawled over the line that day against Wimbledon to survive, we were a pretty poor team, but we had heart to come back and win it.

This team has no heart, soul, pride or respect for themselves or the supporters. Something is badly amiss.

Merseyside police always instruct on matters concerning crowd safety. Should they not be obliged to instruct Everton to get rid of the man who cannot motivate the team in the interest of crowd (and player!) safety before next weeks game?

This is beyond a joke, we ARE a joke. We are a complete laughing stock.

(And now I've deleted all the expletives I can post this!)

James Byrne
23 Posted 12/05/2016 at 05:11:59
Here's me waking up again overseas so I normally miss the game to get the score in the morning.

No surprises we got beat again and I see Martinez is off talking shite to the media.

He can't surely be in charge for the Norwich game?

I can feel the pain of a lot of decent Everton fans but I'm not convinced it's fair to slate the payers at this stage. I'm not going to single out individuals for stick because I want to see what a new, fresh manager can get out of this squad.

Starting off by getting these players fit, getting them full of confidence and belief again once they start to play a style of football that they can understand.

I think we will all hear the going's on once this fool has been off-loaded.

Steve Hopkins
26 Posted 12/05/2016 at 05:55:38
Haha, and that Bobby you deluded fool is why I, many others and probably the players have very little respect for talk out of your backside
John Wells
28 Posted 12/05/2016 at 06:33:06
I think I'd take Walter Smith back right now!!

I actually contemplated posting up that if he is still manager in August that I will not support Everton again.....can't do it, love this club but fuck me this board would test ya!!!

Jason Thomas
29 Posted 12/05/2016 at 06:35:35
Me too James. I went to bed at half time praying that he's walked or been sacked. Is there no pride in the man? Surely he has to walk now.
Phil Walling
30 Posted 12/05/2016 at 06:45:52
Last night we saw next season's Aston Villa !

Unless our motly Board get it right this summer, we are doomed.

Good judgement not Moshiri' s money will keep us safe. But forget winning trophies in this decade.

Mike Mulhall
31 Posted 12/05/2016 at 06:46:46
Words cant describe the utter disgrace we have become, its a reminder of the dark days of the '90s without the fight we had.

De Boer is a gamble for me, a gamble worth taking, going for a manager outside the north west is a step into the beyond for Everton should they make an approach. I think De Boer was such a good player that his name could attract some top players alone. On the other side, I can see him going to Valencia.

Has anyone heard a rumour that if Martinez sees the season out we don't have to pay him a penny in compo? I keep being told this...

Brian Cleveland
32 Posted 12/05/2016 at 06:53:48

We saw next season's Aston Villa if we don't change... if we do, I'll still be hopeful of a trophy in this decade, don't give up hope, doesn't take an awful lot to win a cup, and look at Leicester, so don't despair... unless there is no change in direction... in which case, pass me the rusty razor blades

Jakob Herd
33 Posted 12/05/2016 at 06:55:38
I agree with Phil 30, Everton are Aston Villa 2.0 If we don't get rid of this monkey soon we will be as irredeemable as them. They persisted with that idiot Lambert until it was just too late and then no one could rescue them, the rot had set into the squad, morale was low and they lost players. This is where we are heading very quickly, this man cannot change, talks absolute shite, knows absolute shite and thinks he's a fucking messiah.
Sam Merritt
34 Posted 12/05/2016 at 07:13:56
Please, please, please Me Moshiri, take action! Get Frank de Boer! PLEASE!
Ian Riley
35 Posted 12/05/2016 at 07:21:03
Still here then!

Martinez is not going to walk!


At least four million pounds!

End the pain now!

Tommy Coleman
36 Posted 12/05/2016 at 07:25:00
I don't know who he's trying to convince because no one is listening and taking him seriously. He should keep these interviews as short as possible.

Had the Board acted decisively weeks ago Martinez and the club could have spared all this embarrassment.

Ernie Baywood
37 Posted 12/05/2016 at 07:28:45
I feel like I say this every day now but why on earth is he still there?
Liam Reilly
38 Posted 12/05/2016 at 07:28:49
De Boer is as of last night a free agent. The club needs to show intent and go and get him.

I feel a little sorry for Martinez the way it all went south, but he can have no argument that this is a results business and he has no defence (no pun intended).

Ian Hollingworth
39 Posted 12/05/2016 at 07:41:39
This is beyond embarrassing now.

The man is inept, deluded and completely lost.

Please do not expect the club to do the right thing. I have said it many times there is a real danger that they will stand by Bobby Buffoon.

Mark James
40 Posted 12/05/2016 at 07:47:55
I really don't know what game Bobby was watching! As we were rubbish! His deluded post match comments are just angering the fans more and making him look stupid! Embarrassing!
Eddie Dunn
41 Posted 12/05/2016 at 07:56:42
We are Villa lite.
Jim Bennings
42 Posted 12/05/2016 at 08:17:10
Martinez have a friggin good word with yourself eh man??

Effort and intent were on display last night yes, but they were shown only by those in red and white striped shirts, the imposters in blue looked like they have done all season, playing pre-season tempo football without wanting to break sweat or get hurt.

This is arguably the worst Everton team I can remember, I have seen us have woefully limited sides but at least those teams struggled through a lack of talent never, NEVER a lack of effort and pride..

They are all a disgrace to the club and Martinez should have walked after the Anfield derby massacre.

The man has done himself no favours at all with his lack of honesty in interviews and his rigid stubborn behaviour on a style of play that does not work and has not worked since every single opposing team sussed it out at the end of Martinez' first season.

A complete utter disgrace, and even more a disgrace to hear him come out with more shite again after last night.

I fear even with a new manager the damage may be too deep for a instant recovery next season now.

Thanks Bill... You fraud.

Karl Parsons
43 Posted 12/05/2016 at 08:18:23
De Boer leaves Ajax. Jump on an Easyjet to Liverpool lad x
Colin Glassar
44 Posted 12/05/2016 at 08:18:47
Chao Roberto, hasta la vista baby.
Mark Burton
45 Posted 12/05/2016 at 08:25:04
At least he never used phenomenal, but he is delusional, there is definitely mutiny on board or his coaching ability is well below par the same as our fitness. Three set pieces, three goals who's to blame
Gerard Carey
46 Posted 12/05/2016 at 08:43:36
"We were a little bit slow and pedestrian"!!. Ah Bobby, ffs, thats the way we have been for over two years. I have often wondered as he stands alone on the touchline at games, does he drift off into another world, you know like in the film Happy Gilmore, a " happy place"!!.

He must because he sure comes out with some brown stuff after games and I don't mean his shoes.
Duncan McDine
47 Posted 12/05/2016 at 08:53:58
Still using the 'luck' excuse! Pathetic. I'm shocked and frustrated that he hasn't been sacked yet. This last couple of months has been as bad as I've ever known, and the two years prior to that hasn't been far off.

I can only assume that the compensation will be significantly reduced if they sack him after June 1st.

Les Netherwood
48 Posted 12/05/2016 at 08:58:46
Goals play a large part in deciding these kind of games.

Jesus Christ!!

John Davies
49 Posted 12/05/2016 at 09:00:17
Oh my fucking days! "Goals play a big part in games" !!!
The man is demented. It's beyond logic. What the fuck are you playing at Kenwright? You idiot.
Sack the man before Sunday or the atmosphere inside Goodison Park will be toxic.
Better than that Bill, don't you be there either.
Tony Kinsey
50 Posted 12/05/2016 at 09:00:20
Lost for words! Then this morning I wake up to a text encouraging me to pre order the new home shirt grrrr. I think everyone should boycott all merchandise until the board at EFC acts and allows their supporters to enjoy the summer break
Anthony Dwyer
51 Posted 12/05/2016 at 09:01:40
Oh bless, Roberto has officially snapped !
Lyndon Lloyd
52 Posted 12/05/2016 at 09:08:55
Dan (3), "Are we keeping the current TW poll, Lyndon? Or will it disappear like the last poll which called for Martinez Out?"

The polls don't disappear, Dan, they're archived here .

We'll pull this one as soon as a decision either way is made.

Tony Draper
53 Posted 12/05/2016 at 09:48:04
Yep, Roberto, just keep on talking.
Don't change a thing pal.

If it ain't broke then don't open the toolbox.
If it's fucked beyond repair then don't open the toolbox.
If the technician can't diagnose the problem, then don't let him near the toolbox.

Christopher Timmins
54 Posted 12/05/2016 at 09:51:16
At least Sunderland in 17th position can't catch us! There are three well qualified managers available at the end of the season, who to be honest would be taking a step down on previous roles they held if they took the job at Goodison given the clubs lack of silverware since 1995. Let us hope one of them is managing our club in August. The Southampton manager appears to be happy with his lot and I can't see him wanting to leave his current post.

Congrats to Big Sam last night, he delivers, maybe at a level below the top 4 but I have no doubt Sunderland will be mid table next year.

John Pickles
55 Posted 12/05/2016 at 09:59:19
I'm actually starting to pity the guy now.

He's not stupid, he must know it is over for him at this club. Anyone else would have been removed by now. Fan opinion, player attitude or results, anyone of them alone is grounds for a sacking. Together it must be unprecedented for a manager to still be in charge.

It's like making a Death Row inmate watch, while they assemble and test the Electric Chair, then interview them about the upcoming execution.

The problem is Kenwright, he doesn't have a big enough pair of cajones to do his job and put the guy out of his, and our, misery.

Bob Cumiskey
56 Posted 12/05/2016 at 10:24:58
It's hard to feel sorry for a man who may get sacked but paid millions in compensation, but I am felling a little for the guy now. He is delusional and does not know where to turn.

In addition, he has never had the balls to call it as it is and comes across as somebody who does not like conflict or have any understanding of how to resolve it. He is like a rabbit in the headlights and the club can't possibly put him through the toxic atmosphere that will be present on Sunday if he is still in charge.

Take the decision to move him on now, please, and let us all get back to having a good night's sleep.

Bob Cumiskey
57 Posted 12/05/2016 at 10:36:18
Sorry Bobby.
You manage the team in Blue not the team in Red stripes!!!
Anthony Lewis
58 Posted 12/05/2016 at 10:36:47
I honestly felt sorry for him in that interview last night. He looked like he was about to burst out crying, a broken shell of a man who knows he's lost the fans, lost the players and is about to lose his job.

For all his faults and flawed philosophies he genuinely wants to succeed with us. He's just not up to the job. The sooner the board put him out of his misery the better.

Mike Oates
59 Posted 12/05/2016 at 10:51:09
Actually thought the players tried last night, but we are a shambles in defence, in midfield and in attack. There are no tactics, there is no leadership on the pitch. Players who getting the plaudits 6-9 months ago are now lost souls on the pitch, not knowing what to do. Barkley is on the slippery slope like Rodwell, another who was given over the top praise before he really showed on a consistent basis that he could develop into what everyone else believed.

Lukaku came back 30 yds to get the ball and when it finally went wide there was just no one in the box, they didn't know what to do. I don't think I saw one runner last night going past the man with the ball. Stones will NEVER be a defender, he needs a manager to push him further forward into Barry's role, whilst he remains our centre half we will concede 3 goals a game. Send FUnes Mori back to Argentina, as Graham Hunter said 9 months ago he hasn't got the tactical awareness or skills to play In

the PL.

Martinez and his staff, including Ferguson are completely responsible for this meltdown and Kenwright or Moshiri need to also now act decisively before Sunday and clear the lot of them out, God knows what tonight's awards do will disintegrate into.

Andy Crooks
60 Posted 12/05/2016 at 10:57:09
Why on earth would anyone pity this fool. He has taken millions from our club. Wasted millions and delivered nothing. He deserves to be humiliated.
Tony J Williams
62 Posted 12/05/2016 at 11:57:15
He would have beaten Usain Bolt downthat tunnel last night after shaking Fat Sam's hand.

Everyone knows he's gone, EVERYONE, so he should pull a sickie on Sunday, as he will be facing the worst crowd at Goodison for many, many a year.

Ian Hollingworth
63 Posted 12/05/2016 at 12:50:41
Andy Crooks (60) spot on, agree 100%. He has not ducked humiliating us for the last 2 seasons.
Matthew Williams
64 Posted 12/05/2016 at 12:54:57
We are a fucking shambles from top to bottom, a laughing stock. We should play the Ladies team for the final game!

Everton player of the season.... Matthew Pennington.

Kenwright deserves all the abuse coming on Sunday, the prick hired a fucking failure... What a Chairman!

Eddy Grundy
65 Posted 12/05/2016 at 13:00:18
It pains me to say this but on reflection, Rafa was right, we are a small club, a family club as someone earlier pointed out and it appears to the fans that it is more important to keep a steady ship rather than reach for the stars.
BK still thinks the sun shines out of Roberto's arse and thinks he will lead us to the promised land. CL within 5 years, wake up from your dream Bill and make the decision you know you should have made months ago. Yes Roberto is a lovely man but being lovely doesn't give him the right to completely ruin this club and to make decent players look like halfwits.
If Roberto is so well thought of, sack him before playing Norwich because he will get ruined and no-one wants to witness that.
Paul English
66 Posted 12/05/2016 at 13:12:33
I keep thinking back to when Martinez first got the job... On tour of the USA, before the Real Madrid friendly match, Martinez was quoted as saying "Winning is not important"....

I thought at the time "how odd"!!!!!

Ste Traverse
68 Posted 12/05/2016 at 13:21:33
That is just about the worst interview he's ever gave. And there's been loads to choose from.

Is he such a deluded dickhead he believes we'll fall for that shit?

Effort and intent from a bunch of muppets who simply gave up?

He's going to deserve all the abuse he will get on Sunday. And considering our 'performance' last night sent Norwich down, I really hope their fans join in.

And I hope Kenwright gets a much crap as Martinez. But he's such a cowardly shithouse he'll probably give the game a wide berth.

Kevin Rowlands
69 Posted 12/05/2016 at 13:25:58
13 mill wasted on Niasse, 10 mill now to pay off this chancer, please fuck off out of our club Bill!
Nick Page
70 Posted 12/05/2016 at 13:36:29
I cannot believe anyone feels pity or whatever for the manager. The man is on serious wages at Everton and for that reason he's expected to win things (I hope). If he doesn't he can clear off. That horrible fxking get across the park who poses as a Director made a fortune getting run out of manager jobs for being shite. Do not feel sorry for these people. They understand the risks when they take the job on.
Frank Thomas
71 Posted 12/05/2016 at 14:14:33
Last season I was so annoyed by our final position due to ref errors and being unlucky I decided to record all the MoTD highlights for 2015/16 season. Even though they don't always represent the the actual game play they have been very informative and I would suggest everybody does it next year. Unfortunately my son has deleted games.

Please forgive me for this large paste but it does show some of the problems.

Norwich vs EFC 13th Dec score 1:1
Rom missed 2 sitters 5 yds away and 2 shots from the box
Kone missed 2 one on one vs goalie

Newcastle vs EFC 0:1 26th Dec
Rom had two good shots
Rom missed from 5 yards out
Rom too slow to get winner
Cleverly scored the winner

EFC vs Stoke 3:4 29th Dec
Rom scored 1st chance 2nd with 2nd chance
Kone running for no reason and fails to get the ball lead directly to Stokes 2nd
Naismith missed from 8 yds
Stones gets the ball but stoke get a penalty. Bad ref decision

EFC vs Spurs 1:1 3rd Jan
Kane hits post no challenge where was his midfield challenger
Rom failed to connect from 2 yards out
Besic great volley nearly scored saved by goalie
Mori missed from 10 yd header

Man city vs EFC 0:0 13th Jan
Poor game

Chelsea vs EFC 3:3 16th Jan
Oviedo missed from 11 yds
Jags and Howard mix up causes a goal against us
Deflection beats Howard - goal against us
Mirallas fails to score one on one vs goalie
Ref adds on 8 mins - Terry clearly offside scores.
BAD ref decision.

EFC vs Swansea 24th Jan 1:2
2 misses by Rom
Besic hit the post
Stones back pass gave away a penalty – goal
Stone deflection – goal after hand ball by Swansea player
Berkley twice failed to attack the ball for sitter 5 yards out
Rom missed from 3 yards out and failed to finish coleman's cross. Colman missed from 2 yards out.

Man Utd vs EFC
Rom beaten to the ball by the goalie again too slow
Rom too slow to the near post
Rom unlucky shot blocked 4 yds out
Stone again watched the ball fly past him at 5 yds out they score
Robles unlucky not to save it.
Jag hit the post man utd beaten
Rom missed from 2 yds just needed to connect open goal.

Frank Thomas
72 Posted 12/05/2016 at 14:15:00

Stoke vs EFC 0:3 6th Feb
Rom scored from a penalty straight down the middle as always
Kone missed a one on one ( like 13th dec)
Rom's header from 5 yds knocked onto the bar
Then too slow to a pass – stationary again shades of Leicester game.

EFC vs WBA 0:1 13th Feb
WBA goal came because where was the LB?
Barkley hit the postf
Cleverley hit the same post
Kone lost the ball again and WBA nearly got their 2nd.

EFC vs WHU 2:3 5th March
Rom scores 1st chance
Rom misses the penalty again
Penalty not given who blantantly move his arm

Watford vs EFC 1:1 10th April
Stones again passes to keeper causes a corner and from that we gave a goal away.
Rom too slow to capitalise on goal keepers slip from 8 yds
Rom misses from 2 yds out

EFC vs Southampton 1:1 16th April
Mirallas tugged but no free kick.
Pull on Mori not given and free kick results which they nearly scored from.
Mori scored from 9yds out –Kone doing nothing as usual.
Yet again stones is standing still practically

EFC vs Bournemouth 2:1 30th April
If barkley had passed to Niasse it would have been a goal and not a sky rocket shot from him

Leicester vs EFC 3:1 7th May
Enough said

Roberto has said that the test of a striker is his ability to create chances. This list shows that if our strikers had matched Leicester's 17% conversion rate instead of the average 15% we might have been in Europe regardless of Roberto's mistakes.

Graham Mockford
73 Posted 12/05/2016 at 15:44:49
Frank Thomas

You might want to get out more !

Paul Kennedy
75 Posted 12/05/2016 at 14:50:25
Surely now, no-one can have any lingering doubts about the ability of Roberto Martinez a likable jack the lad without an ounce of substance to support he claims of "being the right man for the job". When I say "no-one" I am referring to long suffering fans paying good money to watch an over-hyped under-motivated disorganised group of footballers representing Everton Football Club.

I feel it is important we lose our gentlemanly conduct at the home game and really vent our feelings so the board are in no doubt that this man must be removed before allowing further damage to our club. We should not wait until the end but make it clear from the beginning that enough is enough and he must go.

I hope that as I write this he is doing at least one honorable thing and resigning but listening to him I don't think so. We must leave no doubt he is not the man for the job.

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