Martinez plays up squad togetherness

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Roberto Martinez rejects any notion his team isn't unified coming off the back of the nightmare at Anfield and heading into tomrorow's vital FA Cup semi-final against Manchester United.

Coming on the heels of weak displays against Arsenal at Goodison Park and United at Old Trafford and a trio of weak draws, Everton's shocking performance in Wednesday's Merseyside derby has prompted questions over whether the manager has "lost the players".

The Blues are winless in six matches heading to Wembley but Martinez echoed the sentiments he expressed before the defeat to Liverpool — that he and his charges are focused on what he says is the culmination so far of 10 months of work.

"I am aware that we are all carrying a lot of hurt and everyone connected to Everton [is] hurting at the moment," he says in the Liverpool Echo, "but, in the same, way the focus from us is to take advantage of the opportunity we have got in front of us.

“To get into the semi-final of the FA Cup is not something that we have been drawn into or found, we have had to work really hard for 10 months.

“Even looking at the success we had in the Capital One Cup, wouldn't allow us to get to Wembley so that droves us to get into Wembley.

“At the moment we are in the semi-final of the FA Cup and I know that everyone is aware that when you go into the semi-final of this competition, any positive momentum doesn't help you to win and, in the same way any negative momentum shouldn't stop you from being your best.

“Now is focusing on what we can achieve in this occasion. It is as simple as that.

“Our team has always been very responsible, with an incredible, incredible focus for working hard and I think we will always face adversity, in different moments, in the right way.

“It is no different now."  

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Anthony Dwyer
1 Posted 22/04/2016 at 23:08:58

Big day for the players and fans tomorrow, lets put the derby behind us and hope for the best.

Imo Roberto should be removed from his position at the end of the season, hopefully after delivering us the FA cup.

That said, if we lose Roberto should be gone by Sunday.

Anyways Wembley here we come.

Colin Leary
2 Posted 22/04/2016 at 23:17:45
Knowing us, we will probably put on a master class and save his job.

It's hard being a Blue, isn't it?

Jay Harris
3 Posted 22/04/2016 at 23:21:07
I understand there was an emergency board meeting called in Haydock last night.

Who called it I don't know but Jon Woods has not been happy for a while.

Defeat tomorrow and press conference on Monday or preferably win tomorrow and still have press conference on Monday.

James Flynn
4 Posted 22/04/2016 at 23:27:43
Yeah Lyndon. Funny thing with Roberto, pressers, and the grief he gets (deserved) here.

He won't shut up but more or less bland-speaks the same as other managers do. Just uses lots more words.

Colin Leary
5 Posted 22/04/2016 at 23:28:07
Knowing us we will probably put on a master class and save his job. Its hard being a blue isn't it.

Get rid no matter what. The league doesn't lie!
Bobby Thomas
6 Posted 22/04/2016 at 23:37:56
What character they have!

Peter Gorman
7 Posted 22/04/2016 at 23:56:11
"I think we will always face adversity, in different moments, in the right way."

By shitting our pants and running off the field?

Paul Ferry
8 Posted 22/04/2016 at 23:58:40
Yeah Jay (#3) – at a hotel named in the report that no longer exists! Real reliable story, that one.

Oh, and according to the 'report' Moyes was there too. Nice cosy gathering!

I honestly wouldn't worry about who called it. It didn't happen.

Andy Crooks
9 Posted 23/04/2016 at 00:12:03
Colin# 5, I agree, he is not fit to be at our club, however, if we win the semi, he will be,in my view, be manager in August.
Phil Sammon
10 Posted 23/04/2016 at 00:28:38
I wish somebody would formally tell me he's gone at the end of the season regardless of what goes on between now and then.

I'm really struggling to get up for the game knowing that a scrappy 1-0 victory could save this idiot's job.

Kevin Rowlands
11 Posted 23/04/2016 at 01:13:58
Alright lads time to put the negs away for the hours that remain, there is plenty of time to do that afterward, 'were on our way to wembley we shall not be moved, just like a team team thats gonna win the FA cup WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED' COYB!!!!
Timothy Sebastian
12 Posted 23/04/2016 at 01:19:24
Did I hear RM say that this team an "incredible focus for working hard"?

Just incredible!

Paul Kossoff
13 Posted 23/04/2016 at 01:29:21
"Our team has always been very responsible, with an incredible, incredible focus for working hard." ???

I really think that Martinez has now taken on Kenwright's mantle of 'bullshit'. Two of our failings are 'not focused and not working hard enough'; for him to think they are two of our strengths... really, I am lost for words.

Jack Convery
14 Posted 23/04/2016 at 01:30:49
The past couple of days and now into the early hours of Saturday morning have felt like the time leading up to a firing squad – not that I would really know... but it's all a bit surreal and very strange.

In all my 55 years supporting EFC I've never ever known a feeling or a time like it. It's horrible and I want it to go away asap.


Colin Leary
15 Posted 23/04/2016 at 02:31:43
It would be great to win... COYB. I hope Wednesday was a master stroke to give Man Utd a false sense of security.
Dick Fearon
16 Posted 23/04/2016 at 02:32:57
For RM to say the team works incredibly hard, now that really is incredible.
If that is what he truly believes then it points to why the players are not as physically fit as those in other teams.
None the less long past the midnight hour I will be glued to the TV hoping and praying with all my might that the lads pull this game out of the fire.
Jim Hardin
17 Posted 23/04/2016 at 02:48:25
I believe. . . I believe that. . . I believe that we. . . I believe that we will. . . I believe that we will win. . . I believe that we will win. . . I believe that we will win despite RM. Go get them boys. COYB.

Ernie Baywood
18 Posted 23/04/2016 at 04:06:09
I just can't believe that the squad are ready to put in a big performance.

I'm an eternal optimist. I hope when there's no hope. And even I can't quite get myself up for the semi. Usually I'd be bouncing off the walls.

I don't see how this squad could be getting anything but flat.

Tom Roberts
19 Posted 23/04/2016 at 04:48:21
I've said it before, months ago even, who cares who the manager is, we are EFC. I wish I could get a flight from Dallas to London tomorrow for the game.

I am one of the lucky ones who was at Wembley in 84 to see us beat Watford also at Rotterdam to see us win our only European trophy, I feel for the generation below us who have never seen us lift a trophy.

I would love Roberto to lift the FA Cup in May. I would love the likes of Jags, Baines, Howard, Ossie, Hibbo to get a winner's medal in May but this is a massive summer for EFC. I am listening again to the Echo semi-final podcast. I have a funny feeling that we will find an unsung hero tomorrow.

All fans going to Wembley have a great day I've been there and it's great when you win. Do the club and the city proud 4-4-2. If we're gonna lose let's go down swinging... COYB..

Jay Harris
20 Posted 23/04/2016 at 04:57:25
I heard from someone who is normally reliable that an emergency board meeting was called.

I wasnt told why or where apart from Haydock being mentioned .

What have you heard?

Brian Porter
21 Posted 23/04/2016 at 06:39:54
Jack Convery #14. Put your 55 years together with my 57 years and we have 112 years between us and I'm with you in saying we've never seen a time like this.

My thoughts are that the players possibly are 'together' but they are not 'together with Martinez.' They don't want him any more than we do apart from his ex Wiganites maybe. This is another load of bullshit from a real master of the art.

Leicester are 'together'; Tottenham are 'together'; Everton sadly, are not 'together'; like Villa, we are badly broken and becoming more and more fragmented week by week. The only cure for the cancer infecting our once great club is to cut it out.

Radical surgery is required, beginning with the removal of the two biggest tumors, Martinez and Jones. If BK, who is around our age really I a 'true blue' as he professes to be, he should now grow up, realise this is not an issue Roy of the Rovers that can be rewritten if things aren't quite right and do the grown-up thing fir the good of the club.

If he doesn't then the words 'What a manager' may turn out to be his mocking epitaph when he finally steps down or is eventually forced out by Moshiri when he's obtained enough shares to exercise full control.


Brian Porter
22 Posted 23/04/2016 at 06:52:21
P.S. to above. Have just read that Arsenal and Wenger in particular are upset that the crowd was quiet and there were empty seats at Thursday's game with WBA. They are third in the league ffs. If that's not good enough for them why should we put up with the shit we're seeing every week. It's only just over two years ago we narrowly missed keeping them out of the CL places but we of course imploded in true Martinez style after the home defeat by Palace which is about the time the rot set in and the rest of the league found Martinez out. From that night we've never looked like challenging Arsenal again.
Christopher Dover
23 Posted 23/04/2016 at 06:52:23
Ten months of really hard work?
Just think where we will be with another ten months of his work, I have never felt so down on a semi as I am torn that if we win he stays, now that would be incredible.

Know it won't happen but would be very positive in support if it was announced that he leaves end of season
( at worse) so I can relax and enjoy the match.

Maybe I get called by others for being honest about how I feel and that I cannot help.

Rick Tarleton
24 Posted 23/04/2016 at 07:51:54
Let's hope they play well, but I can't see it . They look disunited, disinterested and as if they can't wait for the close season.
Rob Baker
25 Posted 23/04/2016 at 08:48:08
I'm faced with 3 scenarios and one is terrifying.

1. We beat ManUre (I'm happy)

2. We lose and Mr Hyperbole is fired (I'm happy)

3. We lose and there's no sacking (Then I'm not happy which is an inverse Martinez comment)

Paul Olsen
26 Posted 23/04/2016 at 09:27:17
Phil Walling
27 Posted 23/04/2016 at 10:08:53
Brian@21: I would disagree with you to the extent that the 'two greatest tumours' that need to be removed are Martinez and KENWRIGHT. Jones is merely a bit player.

Although Evertonians have poured scorn on my suggestion that it was a condition of the sale of shares to Moshiri that BK should continue ( in the medium term at least ) to call the shots on football matters, I firmly believe that to have been the case - and he continues to have faith in Roberto if only to save face over his original appointment.

There are now stories that the Chairman's faithful acolyte and deputy, Jon Woods, may have wavered in his support of the status quo although the only evidence on which that theory is based is his early exit on Wednesday. In truth, he probably wanted to avoid the traffic !

Whatever the result today - and let's ALL hope for a Blues victory - I think the managerial surgery will be delayed. After all, decision making in Everton's interest was never Bill's strong point, was it ?

Eric Holland
29 Posted 23/04/2016 at 10:20:31
If there was to be an emergency board meeting last night you would have thought it would have been in London!!!
As that is where the majority of board members,staff,players and manager will have been ready for today's game.
Andrew Clare
30 Posted 23/04/2016 at 10:40:35
I would call myself an optimist but on this occasion I can see only one result. Also I won't be surprised if Martinez is still in the job on Monday. An Evertonian for 54 years and I have never felt like this in all that time.
I would get rid of the lot from chairman, manager, coaches and players with only one or two exceptions.
Kenwright has wrecked our club.He has got to go.
Jack Farrell
31 Posted 23/04/2016 at 11:06:03
The players body language does not suggest a team who are 'behind' their manager. By the way, you can add my 53 years watching the blues to the 112 years mentioned by Brian and Jack and would have to concur I have never seen it quite like this.

Tommy Davis
32 Posted 23/04/2016 at 12:59:41
What are the odds at having 5 arl arses, ALL basically saying the same thing, in that all the years of watching our beloved team, we've never seen anything like this before (including the 2 last day relegation battles, Mike Walker & Walter Smith teams too) how & why is this even possible? I have never had 'this feeling' before either, it's just an emptiness, a void, dare I say.... a couldn't care less attitude & this coming from an eternal optimist, for my first love, Everton Football Club!

If by some miracle we win today, more than likely RM will stay at the helm, but under no circumstances can this man be near our club after the season is over! I still recall him being in Brazil for the 2014 WC & me screaming at the telly, for him to get back to Finch Farm, as our season was only weeks away! Quite a few of us had a very uneasy feeling even back then & sure enough, our season was one of bitter disappointment!

Our loyal, die hard fans deserve a victory today, I truly hope the team can ensure that happens?!? COYB #Taxi4Martinez

Jim Marray
33 Posted 23/04/2016 at 13:27:36
Right now I want but one thing and that is victory against Man Utd in the semi final and victory against Watford in the final itself. A triumphant end to a depressing and historically poor season is the best I can ask for.

Come what may however, I will be writing to the board to explain why, should they continue to employ this manager, they need to start preparing for Championship Football in the next 18 months or so because that regrettably is the outcome whilst Roberto Martinez is manager. Perhaps the new 49.9% shareholder may wish to consider whether in light of that material risk to the club he may wish to take over the businesslike running of Everton FC whilst Bill Kenwright focuses on the most important thing in his life at this time, his health.

Dave Richman
34 Posted 23/04/2016 at 13:28:05
Make it 6 arl arses Tommy ..... 47 years here, and I feel exactly the same
Jay Harris
35 Posted 23/04/2016 at 13:45:34
Make that 7.
I have been a diehard blue since 1960 and have always felt devoted through thick and thin.
Even the sticky bum game against Wimbledon didn't make me feel like this.
I think the final straw for most blues was the humiliation by the dark side.
Al Reddish
36 Posted 23/04/2016 at 13:49:34
“Our team has always been very responsible, with an incredible, incredible focus for working hard and I think we will always face adversity, in different moments, in the right way."
Del, Rom, Ross, McGeady, Kone etc......some of the laziest players to wear the shirt and others like Jags seem to be carrying more weight than they ever have.
Andrew James
37 Posted 23/04/2016 at 13:50:24
Interesting news that one of our opponents on Wednesday should not have been eligible to play...
Denis Richardson
38 Posted 23/04/2016 at 14:07:16
Can't say I can join the arl arse society just yet with my mere 33 years suporting the blues but I have never felt is the amount of apathy I have right now. No matter how bad it was under Walker or the two years we escaped in the '90s, the odd good result doesn't take away teh fact that something significant needs to change at GP. That doesnt just involve the manager, the true cancer in the club is Kenwright. Only once he finally goes can the club finally move forward. I just hope the new shareholder takes some decisve steps this summer.

As for the game today, I'm heading to Wembley in about an hour and I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the day, whatever the result. I've already resigned myself to losing so anything else is a bonus. We're going to have a threadbare defence today against the likes of Rashford and Martial.......

Hope the players put in the shift - whoevers selected.

William Cartwright
39 Posted 23/04/2016 at 14:07:59
big performance required from both teams for similar reasons, so we should be in for quite a game. 'Should' because it doesn't always work out like that.

The same message, over and over, from many different ToffeeWebbers, and now the media, calling for Martinez's removal. We can't all be wrong. General view is he will be gone soon, thankfully. However what if we win today, and go on to win the cup, and also win all our remaining games in style?

I very much doubt t will happen, but, what if?

Mike Hughes
40 Posted 23/04/2016 at 14:39:05
William #39

However what if we win today, and go on to win the cup, and also win all our remaining games in style?

Why will that make a difference to the past two seasons of dross?

An FA Cup win bears no more relevance to Everton's week-to-week sub-par performances in the league than it did to Wigan when they were relegated.

Under this manager we have:
–our worst home league points tally in our history.
– home wins against Newcastle, Villa, Sunderland and a very sub-par Chelsea. Fortress Goodison?
–3 points out of the last 18 available.
–two 4-0 thrashings at Anfield, the latest of which has been described by some as our worst ever performance.
–no cover at right back despite funds to spend.
–a £13.5m striker bought in January who won't be ready until (pick any date).
– the Sylvan Distin and Leighton Baines fiascos.

I could go on and on about the inane rambling, poor tactics, lack of match fitness, draws and defeats from winning positions.

This bloke is on £2-3m / year wages for what?
It irks me that some people (not you) still express sympathy for this utter charlatan. (Save the sympathy for refugees, steel workers, the homeless or even long-suffering fellow supporters - anyone - but not for RM).
In PL terms, he's a no-mark.
A late season flurry in the league when the show is over should not save him.

I hope we win the FA Cup but still expect the club to show more ambition than to retain Martinez beyond May.

Come on you Blues. Let's stuff the Mancs today.

Terry Underwood
41 Posted 23/04/2016 at 16:05:09
OMG... not even sure I want to watch this on the box. I feel sick, apprehensive and full of gloom...BUT, somewhere in the darkness is a spark of light...Maybe, just maybe..... Oh crap, if we pull it off, the whole circus begins again before the final...I feel sick, apprehensive etc
Brian Porter
42 Posted 23/04/2016 at 16:36:10
Bloody barcodes have come back from two down to go 2-2 at you know where. That's what's called fighting.
Paul Ferry
43 Posted 23/04/2016 at 17:54:31
Jay (Harris) yes it was a blue union retweet which yes I think of as being a sounder source than most. But the hotel no longer exists mate! So, I haven't heard anything as such but no way Kenwright, Woods, Moshiri and Moyes get together in a hotel 36 hours before the semi... Moyes!?

Definitely agree about Woods by the way. If Martinez has any support on the board, it is Elstone and Kenwright.

Right now Jay, minute 38 of the semi, Martinez is getting the boot on Monday. (Get Sheeds in; give us something to smile about and play the youngsters Sheeds knows so well.)

Barry Jones
44 Posted 23/04/2016 at 19:24:32
Phil #27, I think you have summed up things well. Bill will not sack Martinez because of his own ego. I believe that Roberto will be in charge again next season, incredible as it may sound.
Ray Smith
45 Posted 24/04/2016 at 21:27:23
We need a manager with a reputation in Europe, credibility and the where with all to mould a team NOW.

If not those quality players we do have will be gone, and the new manager (it will happen) will not have had the opportunity to retain them!

Tomorrow should bring a new era!!!

Les Netherwood
46 Posted 27/04/2016 at 17:54:07
The usual garbage from Martinez... how much more of this rubbish do we have to listen to? Many of these so called good players are not fit. Barkley, Lukaku are both overweight and too slow and Stones has no confidence at the moment.

Get rid of Martinez now...BK for that matter also.

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