Jones: We need to get hungry feeling back

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Graeme Jones says the Blues need to rediscover the freshness and energy they had in the reverse fixture against Southampton.

Speaking to evertontv ahead of the weekend clash with Ronald Koeman's men, the Everton Assistant Manager explains how the Saints' memories of Everton's handsome 3-0 win on the south coast last August could play on their minds when the teams meet at Goodison Park on Saturday.

Without a Premier League win in five games, Everton need a big performance to take into the Anfield derby next Wednesday and then the FA Cup semi-final against Manchester United the following weekend.

“When we played them earlier in the season, I thought you saw an Everton side that was hungry and fresh, and we have to get that feeling back," Jones said.

"I think such a positive performance and win against them last time out can help. They'll be aware of the damage we did down there because we scored two goals quickly and the game was effectively finished.

“There'll be a certain amount of respect their players give to ours, but we just need to concern ourselves with our own performance and make sure we perform in a similar way.”  

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Colin Glassar
1 Posted 14/04/2016 at 17:20:08
What an assistant manager!!
Ian Hams
2 Posted 14/04/2016 at 17:22:15
Please just leave our club now.
Robert Duncombe
3 Posted 14/04/2016 at 17:23:34
A performance-related pay structure possibly, Graeme. Would that help them getting back to become hungry again?

Here's another thought, Graeme: I reckon a new manager would get that hunger back. What do you think?
Jack Convery
4 Posted 14/04/2016 at 17:27:32
Koeman will fancy his chances on Saturday; after all, he doesn't manage a bottom three team or an imploding Chelsea. If he wins impressively then that's his interview for the manager's job with us done and dusted — just ask Martinez.
Ian Hollingworth
5 Posted 14/04/2016 at 17:31:48
Who is Graeme Jones?
Joe Edwards
6 Posted 14/04/2016 at 17:37:46
Positive performance... was he sitting on Bobby Brown Shoes' knee with his hand up his back... "Gottell o geer." You forgot to say 'phenomenal', Graeme.

Please shut the door on the way out with your puppet master.

Al Reddish
7 Posted 14/04/2016 at 17:45:20
I don't think the Southampton players will give ours much respect. They will know most of them are lazy, unfit, shit out of tackles, don't believe in the manager, want to leave and can't win at home.

This is the same prick who told Ossie we don't practice corners as you only get three in a game and a corner won't influence a result.

Dan Davies
8 Posted 14/04/2016 at 17:46:01
He's the one that lets Martinez delude himself game after game, Ian. Never pulls Martinez to the side and says "Hey boss, do you think we should have a decent Plan B?"
Jim Bennings
9 Posted 14/04/2016 at 17:48:15
It's like a broken record replaying itself over and over after each and every poor lethargic performance isn't it?

Gets boring listening to endless talk with never any action.

Jeff Armstrong
10 Posted 14/04/2016 at 17:56:27
Jones is the one who makes all the substitution decisions.

I sit behind the dugout and the first you see of him is around the 70 minute mark, he creeps out of the dugout and starts whispering into the "indecisive one's" ear. Next thing is Lennon or someone else who's been doing more than Barkley, McCarthy, etc is coming off.

Ten minutes later, same thing: "Eh boss, we're 2 goals up 'ere, we might go on an fuckin' win it if we're not careful... think we should bring Ossie and Bryan on, just to make sure we get the draw, like."

Andrew Laird
12 Posted 14/04/2016 at 17:58:53
I wish the whole backroom staff were "feeling hungry" after losing their jobs and being ordered to repay all wages they had accrued through fraud while later discovering they only had some ketchup, half a brown lettuce and some pile cream in the fridge.
Brent Stephens
13 Posted 14/04/2016 at 18:02:05
Not a chemistry teacher, I guess.
Malcolm Kitchen
14 Posted 14/04/2016 at 18:04:15
Robert (3) great idea and spot on on both counts! If ever a football club needed a new manager & assistant, it's us by a country mile!

What a useless pair! Please Bill, Mr Moshiri – get rid of both asap!!!!!

Joe Clitherow
15 Posted 14/04/2016 at 18:05:16
The heat is on so this numpty gets rolled out finally after years of no-one knowing who he is as per above, but seemingly the only answer he has to the shocking state of the club is to "regain hunger".

Anyone else remember the stick Kevin Keegan got in the last game at Wembley when all he had in terms of addressing England being overrun by Germany was to take big breaths? He admitted he had no idea what else to do and this is exactly the same clueless response.

No chance of practicing set piece attacking or defending drills then Graeme? Or addressing the huge gaps let at the back by full backs pushing far too forward without support? No I didn't think so either.

One of these managers will look at the first game and look at what went wrong and what went right and come up with tactical alternatives to address whilst the other will try and recreate the same set of circumstances in the hope that the scenario plays out in exactly the same way. Guess which one is which.

The clue is that we could known that ahead of the game but this idiot has just restated that that is exactly the plan. You can almost see the clueless puzzlement unfolding on his face when his opponent actually does something different to what they did last time, like it just isn't fair. This is a summary of Martinez and his crew over the last seven years.

Andy Meighan
16 Posted 14/04/2016 at 18:06:47
As if it isn't bad enough, the manager spouting shite weve got this headcase coming on now saying what he did. Here's an idea – why don't we play like we did in the 2nd half against Bayern Munich in 1985 or like we did when we battered Man Utd 5-0 in October 1984.

Hey, Jones, you started it. Unfuckinbelievable

Peter Larkin
17 Posted 14/04/2016 at 18:17:24
Getting sick to death of the same soundbites on here, Clown, Inept, Shithouse etc etc... even a majority would rather see us LOSE a semi-final in the hope that our manager gets the boot!! You couldn't fucking make it up!!

Newsflash: we have won fuck all – yes, fuck all in 21 years, yet we go into this semi-final with the winners playing either Watford or Crystal Palace – it doesn't get any better then that, this is our chance. Fucking support, your team manager and all.

At the end of the season, get the pitchforks out by all means, but while we have a chance of winning a cup, as slim as it might seem – get behind the team and manager, ffs. Coyb

James Carroll
19 Posted 14/04/2016 at 18:23:22
Desperate times.

Waste of time and space. Even Steve Round gave me more confidence. Speaks volumes that he is suddenly giving interviews.

Could he be caretaker manager next week? Bloody hope not.

Ian Burns
20 Posted 14/04/2016 at 18:24:13
I always wondered what his first name was.

Another bullshit merchant – at least Martinez has taught somebody something.

Jim Bailey
21 Posted 14/04/2016 at 18:25:31
Different name, same shit
Big sigh!
Martin Nicholls
23 Posted 14/04/2016 at 18:37:55
Is he reading from Martinez's script? Southampton will be worried about our form in a game that was played 7 months ago? Really Graeme? They won't be full of confidence as a consequence of the way we've played since?

If you really believe that's how things are, it's little wonder you and your boss can't buy a win.

Michael Kenrick
24 Posted 14/04/2016 at 18:56:43
Peter Larkin,

I agree, it is lamentable that some resort to name-calling the manager and slinging gratuitous insults in his direction; we are taking steps to control the worst of it on here.

But I think you need to separate this from the fantastic support the fans provide, at least at the away games. Hopefully you heard them go through the entire song sheet last night — it got caught the way those annoying away fans get captured by the field-effect mics that we find so annoying on the TV coverage from Goodison Park.

However, I shouldn't need to tell you there is an extremely high level of frustration with Roberto's management of the team; more than 80% of our readers have voted for him to be gone, and that frustration gets revitalized by each successive poor performance on the field. That, I'm sure, will continue to be expressed on these threads.

To an extent, I'm sure it's a reflection of the trepidation and anxiety that bedevils games at Goodison Park, and we'll get another episode of that on Saturday. But I am sure that, if the team plays well and shows some spirit on the field, the crowd will get behind them. Sadly, spirit is something that was almost entirely absent from the side in the last two home games.

Frank Wade
25 Posted 14/04/2016 at 19:10:05
Over the past months, I have come to the conclusion that the smiley media friendly nice guy Roberto Martinez is actually a stubborn 'my way or the highway' merchant. We have recently seen an experienced player like Leighton Baines belittled in the media by a manager who is way out of his depth at this level.

It's likely that our ex-Wigan staff are also out of their depth, but I expect that they have to toe a certain philosophical line or else. I think it's unfair to be critical of Graeme Jones in this instance. He was asked a question and has to come up with a positive answer on the party line, or else.

Just heard Ronald Koeman on Sky Sports News. Strange that he didn't seem worried at all. Totally relaxed. Talking sense. Please Bill, please put us out of our misery.

Dean Peamum
26 Posted 14/04/2016 at 19:19:50
I'm sorry but how could you call this guy anything but a clown when he says we "need to rediscover the freshness and energy" of our SECOND game of the season going into our 42nd game?
Colin Glassar
27 Posted 14/04/2016 at 19:26:38
Peter, I've supported Martinez until recently and while I have lost faith in him, and hope he is replaced in the short term, I also agree that the personal insults are unnecessary and unhelpful.

If winning all our remaining games and the FA Cup means he remains as our manager, then I suppose I will just have to grin and bare it. Whoever is in charge, I will always support the team and would never wish for a loss.

Brent Stephens
28 Posted 14/04/2016 at 19:27:19
Peter #17 "even a majority would rather see us LOSE a semi-final in the hope that our manager gets the boot!! You couldn't fucking make it up!!"

A majority? You're not making that up, are you?

Barry Kay
29 Posted 14/04/2016 at 19:28:04
Oh dear... I despair. Even this clown has started now. When is it going to stop?

Graham, I don't even know who you are or what you do at our club.

Barry Thompson
30 Posted 14/04/2016 at 19:34:18
Do these people actually believe the shite they incessantly spout. Do they really think we all swallow this bullshit. Why can't they just STFU for once in their piss poor tenure with EFC and instead give us actions instead of words.

This tosser would be better served keeping his head down given the performance of the team over the last couple of seasons and coming up with a game plan for the semi.

Graeme (who the fuck is he) Jones. Polish up your CV Mr Jones, you will hopefully be needing it soon.

Jim Bailey
31 Posted 14/04/2016 at 19:36:21

Honestly, there is not one single GENUINE fan out there that would have us lose a semi, just to enable the departure of a manager.

It's frustration and anger, maybe knee-jerk reactions who knows. But "majority" is pushing it just a tad.

Kevin Naylor
32 Posted 14/04/2016 at 19:39:42
I think the majority would like him out now so we can go into the derby and the semi-final at least united behind whoever is put in charge for the rest of the season.
Joe Clitherow
33 Posted 14/04/2016 at 19:41:10
Peter #17

You seem to base your post on inextricably linking support with the team with support for the manager. They are not one and the same at all. I am a season ticket holder who supports the team home and away and, due to the long term damage Martinez and his lieutenants Jones and Lawrence are doing to the club I see nothing incongruent in calling for their dismissal. They are transitory, the club and supporters were here long before they were and will be here long after they have gone.

I agree that the more vicious comments and behaviours have no place, but clown? Fair game when you watch his pressers; he is a total deluded embarrassment to the club with the stuff he comes out with.

I find it most bizarre though that you cite "Inept" as a pejorative insult when I can only see it as a particularly apt and totally accurate descriptive comment with plenty of evidence to support it.

I will be at the semi-final, supporting the Blues Martinez or not, but that's all it is, a Semi-final. A lot to do still and nothing won. It gets plenty better than that.

Jim Bailey
34 Posted 14/04/2016 at 19:43:43
One word Joe@33
Steve Guy
35 Posted 14/04/2016 at 19:50:16
He speaks!!! Listen matey, you can polish a turd but it's still a turd: even if it rediscovers it's "freshness".

Dave Ganley
36 Posted 14/04/2016 at 19:51:19
Well said Michael #24. As a match goer for 40 years, the least I expect from Everton is a team that gives its all and fights to the very death. If I get that then all else will be forgiven.

I can take getting beat by a better side, can take getting beat by a completely flukey goal and can just about take getting beat when we have an isolated off day. The thing that really sticks in my throat is how toothless we are. When I look back at some of the bad sides we had, for most part, effort was always there. Too often this team just look like they don't care.

I guess fitness plays a big part in this as most of the team don't look remotely capable of pulling their tripe out for the full 90 minutes. There have been very few games this season, and last season come to mention it, where the side has run themselves into the ground. The amount of times that we chase a game in the latter stages of the game and we just seem incapable of finding the energy to mount a late charge.

There are a myriad of reasons why a lot of fans want Martinez gone, not least the results of the last 2 years – not just the last 2 games. However, the main reason that Goodison is so quiet and has been for a good while is that, allied with the slow to boring build up play, the players (whether this is coached out of them or not) do not show any kind of effort and commitment on a sustained basis.

Peter Larkin, we, the crowd, have shown an unbelievable amount of support to Martinez and his dodgy tactics only to be repaid with inept, tepid, sterile performances on a regular basis. Just in case you need a quick reminder of how we support the team at home, just take another look at the Chelsea cup game a few weeks ago.

You may be sick to death of the same soundbites but so am I with people having a go at the loyal crowd who follow this club everywhere. We will be ready at Wembley to cheer the team to the rafters and I guarantee that we will drown out the Mancs. But don't expect everybody to take all those awful performances over the last 2 years on the chin and also do so with a smile.

We know when we're being mugged off and Martinez is doing a right royal job. If we get beat in the Semi or the final it won't be the fans fault for voicing their displeasure at terrible league games, it will be Martinez's fault for doing a shocking job of preparing, or lack thereof, the players sufficiently to consistently win games.

Martin Mason
38 Posted 14/04/2016 at 19:53:22
I would accept seeing Everton playing Witton Albion in the Evo-Stik league if it meant getting rid of Coco Martinez. The concept of my beloved Everton being managed by a clown like him is doing my head in. His interviews will one day be compiled and be competition to Monty Python.

I recognise that I could be in a minority here though and sorry to insult Witton Albion.

Les Martin
39 Posted 14/04/2016 at 20:03:27
The freshness went long ago. We're a side that lacks fitness and organisation. This has been widely evident this season.

I believe these two aspects to be the main fundamental issues that need addressing at the club. I don't know what goes on in training, but it certainly is not fixing the same old problems we have, week-in & week-out.

Garry Corgan
40 Posted 14/04/2016 at 20:06:56
We were shit at the beginning of the season too Graeme. Freshness and hunger has little to do with it.
Ian Brandes
42 Posted 14/04/2016 at 20:11:52
I did not know who this guy is, and, judging from sound bites don't want to know.

But the thing is this. We have a very poor manager, and, while I hate to say this, we have a very poor team.

However, with the slight prospect of us winning silverware after a 21-year drought, perhaps it is time, temporarily at least, to get behind this very poor manager, and his equally poor team in the hope that we, the fans, can inspire them to something special.

Clutching at straws maybe, but COYB!

Michael Penley
43 Posted 14/04/2016 at 20:12:11
Martin (#38)

I don't think you're in the minority at all. Most intelligent Evertonians will see that even dropping down to the Championship will be beneficial to the club in the long term if it means getting rid of Martinez. More beneficial, that is, to being stuck with him for another 5 years which could cripple the club for decades.

Andy Crooks
44 Posted 14/04/2016 at 20:13:48
Brent (#28), he is making it up. Most on here would appear to want him gone but I doubt that a majority want us to lose the semi-final.
Ian Hollingworth
45 Posted 14/04/2016 at 20:18:13
Peter @17 – 'majority', are you sure I don't think so mate.

I constantly call for Martinez's head and use the c-word (clown). Does that mean I want the team to lose, absolutely not. I always want Everton to win.

However, I happen to think that if we changed the manager now then we might just have a chance of winning the cup as opposed to the very slim chance we have with the current manager and team performances.

He is blatantly not good enough at his job and never was.

Don't take my opinion do some research and check his record it is dire to say the least
Our football is turgid and predictable. Our players look unfit and some not interested. We have won 9 league games all season.

Is that the Everton you want, not me, I want to see a team that is well drilled into n the basics and plays in a manner that shows ambition to win football matches.

Sometimes hard decisions have to be made and we cannot continue with this "Let's see how the next few games go" mentality.

Mark Daley
46 Posted 14/04/2016 at 20:23:09
Definitely in the running for Bollocks of the Week, but I'm confident RM can come up with an even more phenomenal sound-bite in the post-match interviews. This guy is only an apprentice biter, RM is a master biter.
Graham Mockford
47 Posted 14/04/2016 at 20:25:41
Of course the majority don't want us to lose the semi final, even Martin Mason despite his protestations doesn't want us to lose really.

But for some it has become a choice between winning a Cup or sacking the manager. And for what it's worth it's probably a pretty realistic reflection of the situation.

For sure Martinez stays if we win the Cup, he might go if we don't.

For me I can't get past winning something, it hasn't happened much recently. I'd take more time with Roberto in charge should I watch us lifting the Cup in May.

Eddie Dunn
48 Posted 14/04/2016 at 20:40:40
Look, the man has been wheeled out to take some of the heat, a bit like Steve Round used to get the odd press conference, so Moyes could meet up with old Whisky Nose in some backwoods motel, to discuss all things Glasgee, and Mancdom's future.

We won't find the Saints such a pushover this time, as their new boys have had time to bed-in, they are on a good run, and they are away, and will do what we did at their place. Sit deep and wait to pick us off on the break.

Can't see why we should suddenly change the habits of a season and actually play well at home.

Steve Pugh
49 Posted 14/04/2016 at 20:49:08
I want to win the cup, but I don't think it will make me happy if Martinez is still here for the bus tour
Rob Tallentire
50 Posted 14/04/2016 at 20:58:13
Greame Jones, Bridlington town legend... haha!!
Paul Hewitt
51 Posted 14/04/2016 at 21:00:19
Getting fed-up with the manager, players and now Jones saying what they need to do. Stop talking and do it on the bloody pitch.
Bill Gall
52 Posted 14/04/2016 at 21:05:46
Reading some of the comments on Martinez's poor management. I read a comment by Diego Simeone that summed up what appears to be Martinez's problem.

He said. You can't have a favorite formation for the simple fact that, as managers, we have to adapt not to what we would like, but what we have to work with.

Meanwhile, our manager insists on a philosophy that is not working, with players that struggle to adapt to it.

John Keating
54 Posted 14/04/2016 at 21:28:09
If we win the semi, reluctantly I'd let Roberto and this guy what's his name stay for the final. Cup Final day both should take their bags so if we lose at least they're closer to Heathrow to get their flights to wherever.

If we win then they should get on the open top bus, after the St.Georges Hall spiel they are nice and close to Lime Street Station to go wherever, forever.

By the way Peter (#17) I didn't call Martinez an inept shithouse clown once on this thread so I suppose that puts me in your minority that wants us to WIN the semi.

As you said... fucking unbelievable.. statement !!

Gerard Carey
55 Posted 14/04/2016 at 21:40:26
All in all, would be very nice to get three points on Saturday. Seems ages since we won. Gives a great feeling for the rest of the weekend.
Nick Armitage
56 Posted 14/04/2016 at 22:03:11
Graeme, please just fuck off.
Kim Vivian
58 Posted 14/04/2016 at 22:09:31
Well ffs.

That is how to entertain your fans, Graeme and Roberto. I hope you were watching the redshite tonight. Hunger? Spirit? Energy? CHEMISTRY? Fitness? It was all there and the manager had a good fucking deal to do with it. Watch, fucking learn and fuck off.

My son (who was with me to watch that dross last night at Palace) just said "Why haven't I ever had a night like that from Everton?" I had no answer. I just feel sick. He's 32 by the way.

Steve Davies
59 Posted 14/04/2016 at 22:12:33
I see Jones is trying to hold on to his job now. I haven't heard him say a word all season.

I just heard that 'No-one wants to leave Anfield at the moment.' Some Blues on this site have stated that they no longer want to visit Goodison.

They have a great manager who they believe in, who can inspire his team, makes good sensible substitutions etc.

We have a joke of a manager who I certainly don't believe in. Sometimes I hate being a blue and have to remind myself that we are worth 20 Liverpudlians.

I don't feel like that tonight. My expectations for next week are at my lowest. The only thing that would cheer me up is that we sacked the tool along with the Wigan mob he put on our gravy train.

I for one will be voicing my dis-satisfaction at the Southampton game. Hopefully someone will hire a plane.

Martinez Out.

Kim Vivian
60 Posted 14/04/2016 at 22:13:52
Oh. and I started to write this a couple of hours ago...Graeme Jones is such an anonymous figure he doesn't even feel like a part of Everton to me. More of an interfering impostor really.

I am sure he was equally as culpable at Wigan as RM. What a pair of losers.

Steve Davies
61 Posted 14/04/2016 at 22:20:48
And Klopp can give a good press conference too and I could understand him!

Again, our only chance is to sack Martinez asap if we are to save anything from this season.

Paul Conway
63 Posted 14/04/2016 at 22:51:08
Graham Jones!

Wasn't he part of the Monty Python team?

Don Alexander
65 Posted 14/04/2016 at 23:22:20
Kim Vivian I find myself, like you, gutted that we've had so very little of what Liverpool delivered tonight for their fans. Klopp seems to be already proving that being a media darling can be done at the same time as getting a team fit, fighting and winning despite having players that weren't much cop before he arrived just six fucking months ago, not three years. What a manager.

And spare me a bollocking for saying it but we need to do better than match the RS if we ever hope to achieve success.

Keith Edmunds
66 Posted 14/04/2016 at 23:29:46
As an Evertonian of 50 years and an avid ToffeeWeb reader, I'm surprised I had no idea who Graeme Jones was. So why is he suddenly wheeled out?
Brian Porter
67 Posted 15/04/2016 at 00:55:29
Like you Keith #66 I've been a fan for a long time (57 years) and although I knew who he was I see no reason for him to suddenly be wheeled out to say virtually the same load of BS as Martinez. He's said nothing new, nothing constructive and should crawl back under his brick in Bobby's back yard. The only way we will ever move forward as a club again is if Martinez and his entire backroom staff are swept out of Goodison Park with the rest of the rubbish.

I felt quite sick tonight seeing the passion, the fire and the sheer excitement generated at our neighbours match and realised we can never, ever enjoy that kind of night as long as Martinez remains in charge. They sacked Rodgers when they were already above us in the table and Klopp has shown what can be done in a short space of time by a manager who actually knows how to manage! He's instilled belief, confidence, team spirit and yes, 'chemistry' into his team in a few short months.

We're almost up to three years of suffering Martinez's great philosophy experiment and he's still saying we're making progress while we slide inexorably into the realm of the relegation also-rans. Surely, even for Kenwright, enough is enough!

Anthony Dwyer
68 Posted 15/04/2016 at 01:26:38
Oh no, Roberto has released the gimp.

Greame Jones, ex North Shields, Bridlington United, Doncaster, Wigan, St Johnstone, Southend, Boston United, Bury, Clyde, and Hamilton Academic footballing legend.....

What top top professionals our club employ.

Robin Cannon
69 Posted 15/04/2016 at 02:15:59
He was brilliant for me in one season of Championship Manager about 16 years ago.
Jason Davenport
70 Posted 15/04/2016 at 03:32:29
I am dreading next week. I hope we can limit the shite to less than 5 goals against us. Man Utd will beat us. Not a good time to be a blue.
Darren Hind
72 Posted 15/04/2016 at 04:37:35
Come on Guys. This fella clearly knows what time it is.

Who amongst us would have recognised that we needed to get our hunger back ?

This is one Jones you're gonna have to learn to keep up with

Ron Marr
73 Posted 15/04/2016 at 06:42:54
Thank you Captain Obvious, now go and put the kettle on, for tea after the game.
Helen Mallon
74 Posted 15/04/2016 at 06:49:31
Steven do you really believe these pages get read by the Everton management. People are saying nasty things because the manager has destroyed all team confidence.
Phil Walling
75 Posted 15/04/2016 at 07:41:53
Anthony: Which teams did Mourinho play for? Playing and coaching have long been proved to require different skill sets!
Phil Walling
76 Posted 15/04/2016 at 07:45:16
ps: Perhaps Graeme's boss was required to attend the rumoured Board meeting in London yesterday?
Paul Tran
77 Posted 15/04/2016 at 07:54:38
Board meeting? More like bored meeting!
Joe Clitherow
78 Posted 15/04/2016 at 07:57:37
Absolutely true Phil but you then need to work that much harder to gain plater respect when you haven't been a great player.

The problem obviously is when you haven't been a top player and you then demonstrate a shit and steadily declining managerial career over say, seven years or so, with a couple of clubs which ends in relegation, people start looking at the whole picture and drawing conclusions. Most people do anyway.

Ian Jones
80 Posted 15/04/2016 at 08:06:59
I find it strange reading comments from some Everton fans wondering who Graeme Jones. Assume most are being ironic. He's been at the club for the same time as Martinez and is part of the management team on matchdays. Very visible.

I would have thought Everton fans would know who he is by now :)

These comments about losing games or dropping down to the Championship if it meant Martinez going are just ridiculous. Be careful what you wish for. Of course, assuming Martinez took Everton down next season, he would resign anyway as he has declared in the past that he wasn't the one to bring a team back up

Iain Davies
81 Posted 15/04/2016 at 08:23:24
At the moment supporting our club feels like death by a thousand cuts..

Or may I add death by a thousand cuts by armed clowns (Martinez, Jones) et al.

Gerard Carey
84 Posted 15/04/2016 at 08:44:25
Well said Helen (#75),

It's not knee-jerk reaction about Martinez. We are closer to the bottom of the league than the top, and this is after nearly three years.

We blew it in the League Cup semi, when 3-1 up due to bad management. As for the remaining games and semi-final I hope we win them all.

I support Everton through thick and thin but we need a new manager and sooner rather than later. Martinez's record is one of decline with the teams he has managed, as again seen with his record with us.

Damian Wilde
85 Posted 15/04/2016 at 09:18:42
The worst Everton assistant manager ever. Agree? Who the fuck is he? Plus we have some big shot from T&T, we're a joke.
James Power
87 Posted 15/04/2016 at 11:33:14
Is Roberto going to make Jones apologise for making these comments? Hunger involves chemistry to an extent no? Or is 'hunger' ok but 'chemistry' not ok?
Anthony Dwyer
89 Posted 15/04/2016 at 12:33:29
Phil Walling 76;

As a coach he's a clown who has followed Martinez around failing clubs, Mourinho has won a fair bit.

No really the same.

Ray Jacques
90 Posted 15/04/2016 at 12:42:08
I am working on the construction of a new school in the Wigan area. The lad whose company does all the groundworks and drainage, follows Wigan home and away (he's off to Doncaster tomorrow) so his opinions on RM are worth listening to.

He is back on site for the second phase of work on Monday so I spoke to him for the first time since last August today.

His first words this morning were, "What did I tell you about Martinez, he's turning you into Wigan, you will go down within the next two seasons!!"

Get rid now.

Daniel A Johnson
91 Posted 15/04/2016 at 12:57:38
Who is this guy?

I've never heard of him??

Daniel A Johnson
92 Posted 15/04/2016 at 13:00:59
Graeme Jones is a sycophant of the highest order.

I'll also classsify Duncan Ferguson as that as well.

Tony J Williams
93 Posted 15/04/2016 at 13:01:46
Graeme Jones - Who?

Is he the ball boy?

To be fair, I have heard the same rumour as Jeff 10 that he is the one who actually sorts out the subs.

If this is true, what is the point of Bobby then?

Ray Roche
94 Posted 15/04/2016 at 13:20:24
It's a bit unfair to berate fans for having the audacity to refer to Martinez in less than complimentary terms. This guy has ruined a stable, if occasionally dull, team into one which will almost certainly be in a relegation battle next season if Martinez is still here. And when the same, yes, clown.... attempts to relieve the pressure by shifting the blame onto the same fans, or even Baines, it is clearly time for him to go.

I wondered what exactly what Jones did. I thought he just slithered off the bench and gently whispered into Martinez' ear that a change might be necessary. Martinez, who usually has the appearance of a man who has walked into the kitchen and then forgotten what he'd come in for, then brings off Lennon, which is his default setting, and sends on any one but Niasse.

Jeff Armstrong #10 has nailed it, and I wonder if Jeff is the guy who was on the radio the other week saying just that, that Jones calls the shots?

Anton Garvey
95 Posted 15/04/2016 at 13:44:02
Ian Jones[ 81] are you Graeme Jones brother ?
Gary Edwards
96 Posted 15/04/2016 at 16:12:49
Why do they all insist on speaking to the press? This constant stream of inane bollocks only serves to make them all look like clueless gobshites.
Jeff Armstrong
97 Posted 15/04/2016 at 18:25:20
Gary (96) it's contractual, but your right, it's still bollocks.

Then again, they could at least say something inspirational or interesting, but not if you're a fuckwit like Jones or Martinez, it just comes out as bollocks every time!

Jay Harris
98 Posted 15/04/2016 at 18:52:48
I think I am right in saying this is Jones's first "press release" in 3 years.

The pressure must be mounting.

Hopefully the "not very special" one was told his fortune at the board meeting yesterday.

John Keating
99 Posted 15/04/2016 at 19:00:30
At least Round just sat there.

This gobshite gets up a couple of times during the game, whispers something to Martinez, probably to ensure we fuck it up, and then sits down.

Gary Rowlands
101 Posted 15/04/2016 at 23:44:50
Baines says that he feels that the chemistry is lacking and gets a ticking off. Jones says we need to get the hunger and freshness back which infers that hunger and freshness is lacking. Both are critical of the current situation.

Now I don't fully understand what Baines was getting at in his "chemistry" comments, but I think he was referring to the lack of team spirit and motivation. Regarding Jones, he mentions hunger and freshness. Hunger is passion, desire, drive and motivation. Freshness is the opposite of stale.

Between the two, they have both effectively said what is currently lacking. We all see it every week, The same message spoken by two people, both correct but one gets a public bollocking.

Go figure.

Ian Jones
102 Posted 16/04/2016 at 00:29:26
Anton @95

Not his brother. But I also wouldnt own up to it if I was!


Anton Garvey
103 Posted 16/04/2016 at 11:41:49
Ian, a bit of banter keeps us sane; no offence intended, I'm going to the semi with a heavy heart... COYB
Paul Kossoff
104 Posted 16/04/2016 at 14:02:31
This man wont go hungry with the wage he is conning out of Everton, maybe if he done his job properly we wouldn't be underachieving.
I didn't even know we had an assistant manager.
Simon Bates
105 Posted 19/04/2016 at 19:15:32
I don't think fans actually mean they would prefer us to lose the semi ,if it ensures RM loses his job. I seem to be getting a sense of apathy either way!

The usual excitement and anticipation of a trip to Wembley has been soured by the RM issues, resulting, I think, in fans falling back on RM's almost certain dismissal (hopefully – see I'm doing it myself) if we lose, resulting in a lot (maybe not the majority) of us in a kind of win-win situation where the blow of losing would be greatly softened by the departure of Martinez.

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