Reports: McGeady to join Wednesday on loan

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Updated Aiden McGeady's search for regular first-team football between now and the end of the season looks to have lead him to Hillsborough.

Roberto Martinez confirmed after today's FA Cup tie at Carlisle that the Irish international is considering offers from two sides that he stopped short of naming but are believed to be Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds United, with the Owls reportedly favourites.

McGeady was reportedly reluctant to drop down a division but his need for first-team football ahead of Euro2016 has forced his hand.

Sky Sports are reporting that based on their sources the 29-year-old is set for a medical with Wednesday this evening.

McGeady, who has yet to start a Premier League game for Everton this season, was also believed to be the subject of interest from Blackburn, Leeds and West Ham while there was a report in The Guardian earlier about a possible approach from Seville.  

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Mike Hayes
1 Posted 30/01/2016 at 16:17:33
Excellent news. Let's hope he plays and impresses enough to move on there or somewhere else. Good luck!
Stewart Lowe
2 Posted 30/01/2016 at 16:23:04
Terence Tyler
3 Posted 30/01/2016 at 16:23:31
Roberto needs to be more careful with his signings in the future (if he has one!) McGeady, Traore, Kone, Eto'o, Atsu, Alcaraz. None of whom could be described as successful.
Stewart Lowe
4 Posted 30/01/2016 at 16:28:55
Terence #2: Although Martinez needs to go, scouting is actually his best quality. No Manager has a perfect record and not even Alex Ferguson. But Martinez did sign:

Funes Mori

And all of those could be classed as excellent signings.

Richard Lyons
5 Posted 30/01/2016 at 16:34:49
So long, Aiden... Please would you take Martinez with you?
Terence Tyler
6 Posted 30/01/2016 at 16:51:08
Stewart. Add the failures, and the jury is still out on some of the ones on your list; then it doesn't look as good. Then take away the big money ones, and the no-brainer Barry. It doesn't leave much...
Nick Armitage
7 Posted 30/01/2016 at 17:00:32
Everton will still be paying a big chunk of his £75k a week. He typifies much of what is wrong with football today. Good riddance.
Amit Vithlani
8 Posted 30/01/2016 at 17:13:27
On balance, Martinez's transfer record is very good. He has raked in close to £50m selling Fellaini, Jelavic, Anicebe and Naismith and the money has been spent on Besic, McCarthy, Lukaku, Funes Mori, Deulofeu, Galloway with Cleverley and Barry as good freebies.

Kone alone has not lived up to his transfer outlay, whilst Robles has not yet been given a proper chance.

Alcaraz, Eto'o and McGeady are failures but did not cost a huge amount.

Martinez net spend over 6 windows is low and the club stands to make a healthy profit if one of the gems is sold. On this side of things he has been excellent.

Jim Bennings
9 Posted 30/01/2016 at 17:14:32
I'm not 100% certain I'd call Cleverley or Holgate as excellent signings just yet Stewart.

Cleverley has been okay so far but I'm a bit worried about his recent injuries; I hope he doesn't go the way of Gibson, same to be said of Besic who is a good player but I'm getting concerned by his injury record.

We don't really know anything about Holgate yet so we can't say he's an excellent signing.

Galloway looks a good prospect but give him time before we start more insane lavish predictions of greatness.

Funes Mori has been steady-ish so far... excellent? Let's wait and see... but steady, yes.

Tony Cheek
10 Posted 30/01/2016 at 17:16:15
I don't think we got the best out of him, he had some nice moments. His goal against Leicester in the opening game last season was a cracker!

Wednesday will be good for him. Pity they play on Saturdays really!

Frank Crewe
11 Posted 30/01/2016 at 17:26:22
Pity you can't loan managers as well.
Ray Jacques
12 Posted 30/01/2016 at 17:30:57
On Cleverley I must admit I am undecided. I can't figure what his best position is supposed to be. He tends to be on the periphery of games and drifts out of the play. It often takes 20 minutes before you realise he's playing.

He isn't exactly an all action modern midfielder but perhaps he just needs a long injury free run. Time will decide but up until now I wouldn't call him a success.

Trevor Lynes
13 Posted 30/01/2016 at 17:46:33
The money made during the signings has provided extra dosh for the board who must be represented by Dodd & Piggott (solicitors).

This club of ours has made money at every window for years and remains in the Premier League despite the patent lack of investment by any of our boardroom.

Phil Roberts
14 Posted 30/01/2016 at 17:51:59
At least he won't be cup tied – oh wait, it doesn't matter now.
Steve Guy
15 Posted 30/01/2016 at 17:58:17
We'll miss him.... who was he again?
Ray Said
16 Posted 30/01/2016 at 18:12:21
Ok, that is two out and how many in?
Andy Crooks
17 Posted 30/01/2016 at 18:22:11
Nick, how do you know McGeady earns £75k a week? Is it just conjecture? I think you are talking nonsense.
James Stewart
18 Posted 30/01/2016 at 18:24:19
Good riddance.
Colin Glassar
19 Posted 30/01/2016 at 18:49:07
Colin Gee
20 Posted 30/01/2016 at 18:58:19
Fella who sits near me once described McGeady as a "shit Peter Beagrie".

Now that's harsh!

Tom Cuffe
21 Posted 30/01/2016 at 19:53:35
That's Wednesday's promotion challenge finished.
Paul Kossoff
22 Posted 30/01/2016 at 19:56:55
I think whoever sanctions these signings should take a hit on there salary, if the player turns out to be literally a waste of space.
Harold Matthews
23 Posted 30/01/2016 at 20:04:49
Can play both wings. Quick and skilful. Be interesting to see how he gets on.
Brian Porter
24 Posted 30/01/2016 at 20:36:43
So there is a God after all.
Gavin Johnson
25 Posted 30/01/2016 at 20:41:53
Let's hope he impresses for them. It's only a loan and we might be lumbered with him for another season.
Jim Hardin
26 Posted 30/01/2016 at 20:44:52
Good luck to him and I hope he proves most of us wrong about his desire to be a great player and his ability to score goals.

One thing to the comments though, I thought Kone was only about £5 million... so how is that a bad deal?

Andy Crooks
27 Posted 30/01/2016 at 21:33:36
Harold, another good post and not just because you share my views on this. Have you ever considered joining Paul, Michael, Lyndon and Ken and giving us your view of each game? The stuff you write is insightful and offers a, sometimes, quirky angle.
Harvey Miller
28 Posted 30/01/2016 at 21:44:31
A good move, we got no use for him.
David Connor
30 Posted 30/01/2016 at 23:29:22
Great... Fleeced us for 3 seasons. What a waste of space he is...

Too many Premier League players like him, just happy to take the money without the heart to compete for a place in the 1st 11. Embarrassing.

Peter Murray
31 Posted 31/01/2016 at 00:13:54
Stewart Lowe (#4),

Good point. I agree that these are excellent signings in terms of the cost, their contribution so far and the astute blend of youth and experience.

Injuries just go with the territory these days, underlining the need for both expert back up medical staff and a good, strong squad.

David Benson
32 Posted 31/01/2016 at 00:19:41
Very disappointed in him and his attitude. Took my young lads early one day to get players autographs as they arrived behind the Park End. McGeady was one of the last to arrive, jumped out of his silver sports car, untidily dressed (the ONLY player who looked scruffy), the ONLY player to walk past all the kids without signing a single autograph, despite not needing to prepare to play.

Good riddance you arrogant rich git.

Incidentally, Tim Howard disappointingly only signed about two autographs. Hats off to Ossie, Jags and Seamus who spent over 15 minutes signing everyone who asked. Class acts.

Nick Entwistle
33 Posted 31/01/2016 at 01:12:25
Scored a blinder, but not his fault he's got the pace of Beattie... then after that I'm struggling for superlatives. Found his level.

Ste Traverse
34 Posted 31/01/2016 at 05:14:49
It hasn't worked out. But there's not really need for some of these nasty comments.

Hope it goes well for him at his next club.

Harold Matthews
35 Posted 31/01/2016 at 16:07:14
Cheers Andy. You're always very kind and yes, we do agree on many things but I'm not a writer of articles. Although I have a dig at them sometimes, Lyndon, Michael, Ken and Paul do a magnificent job of covering everything we need and I do tend to dwell on trivial details that are rapidly forgotten.

Paul Kossoff
36 Posted 31/01/2016 at 16:16:02
Jim 26, Good luck to him? I think he's had more than his fair share of luck to be where he is.

I suppose you think the latest illuminati convert Rooney deserves a testimonial too.

Colin Glassar
37 Posted 31/01/2016 at 17:00:41
Has he gone yet?
Terence Tyler
38 Posted 31/01/2016 at 18:38:03
He needs to get a move on, so our club can move.
Terence Tyler
39 Posted 31/01/2016 at 20:01:14
Probably fail the medical, when the dietician checks him over.
Colin Glassar
40 Posted 31/01/2016 at 21:02:46
Will he fit into the taxi?
Jim Hardin
42 Posted 31/01/2016 at 23:15:25

Yes, I hope McGeady does well for himself and it will help his sale value for Everton. Why would you wish him ill? Did he commit some crime? No. Did he put in a transfer request? No. Do you personally know why the manager didn't play him? I will guess no, but wait to be corrected.

Did you want him at Everton to begin with? If not and he is now going elsewhere to play then what is it to you? Honestly, does everything on this site have to be so negative?

As for Rooney, is this really the same thing? But if his current team gives him one and invites Everton to play in it then again, what the heck does it have to do with you personally? Jesus, you must be a fun person to be around with your bright and sunny disposition.

Incidentally, Dave, you mentioned five players by name so what did the rest of them do that you singled McGeady and Howard out for negativity? Never mind, I am sure it has nothing to do with disliking Howard does it, even though it is an article on McGeady? I anxiously await the autograph count for the rest of the squad.

Brian Mahoney
43 Posted 01/02/2016 at 17:55:25
The game that summed up McGeady was Barnsley, the 45 minutes he was on the pitch was one of the worst I've seen from a player to wear the blue shirt. Not sure about the 㿷k a week like but on that performance I wouldn't have paid him 㿷.

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