Reports suggest Naismith is set for Norwich move

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Steven Naismith could complete his move to Norwich City when the transfer window opens this week, four months after a proposed transfer to Carrow Road was blocked by Roberto Martinez.

The Canaries had agreed an 8m deal for the Scot on transfer deadline day in September and numerous media sources, including BBC Sport and The Guardian are reporting that Norwich have agreed a deal in principle to finally sign Naismith for the same fee.

Rival clubs have also expressed an interest in the 29-year-old, however, with Aston Villa, Newcastle, Swansea and Sunderland said to have made inquiries, while the Liverpool Echo suggest that Martinez will again have the final say in whether he leaves Goodison Park in January.

With Naismith having hardly figured for the Blues in the interim, the Catalan will have a much harder job holding on to Naismith who has made clear his desire for first-team football and said recently that he would have to seek a move next month if he wasn't getting regular games.

He made an appearance as a substitute in yesterday's 4-3 defeat to Stoke after recovering from a minor foot injury.

Update Martinez said in his pre-match press conference ahead of the home clash with Tottenham that given Everton's hectic start to the New Year, he likely wouldn't sit down to discuss Naismith's future – any, by implication, wouldn't consider selling him – until mid-January.  

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John Aldridge
1 Posted 29/12/2015 at 17:18:08
Can't say I blame him for wanting out. Warming the bench when he needs regular football, can't understand Bobby's obsession with Kone.....but there you go. He's been a good servant to the club and a great ambassador too - nice down to earth bloke which is a rare thing in football these days. Best of luck Nessi.
Joseph Terrence
2 Posted 29/12/2015 at 17:24:40
I wish Naismith the best. Sure, he is a bit limited as a footballer - in no way is he awful though - and he is one of the only players in the squad that works his socks off every match and plays with passion. Of course, Steven also deserves a massive amount of respect for doing the things he does off the pitch. I'll miss seeing him play in blue but I wish him 'nothing but the best.'
Paul Ellam
3 Posted 29/12/2015 at 17:31:54
I will be a bit sad to see him go.
£8m isn't really that much for what I consider a very good squad player.
He has never really let us down and I am concerned we won't get in better than him unless we spend quite a bit more.
Good luck Jock!
Jim Bennings
4 Posted 29/12/2015 at 17:39:25
Fucking joke when you consider our only back up to Lukaku then will be a 32 year old struggling Kone, and people, please don't say Henen or Rodriguez are going to push for a first team place, because they are NOT!!

Sell Naismith then we have to replace him in January!!

Jay Wood
5 Posted 29/12/2015 at 17:39:33
Top, top man, with a highly developed social conscious, who is clearly grateful for the riches football has brought him and who shares it around with the marginalised and disadvantaged in this world, such as the homeless, unemployed and those afflicted with dyslexia.

Heaven knows he has his detractors on this site. Whilst he has his limitations as a footballer, he is one of 3 players at the club always capable of scoring a goal for you.

He is also the only true 'nark' we have in the club with the cojones to get in the face of refs and the opposition. Something sadly lacking in too many of our players.

Where we are right now, I'm not totally convinced we are better off taking the money, rather than retaining him, at least to the end of this season...

Mike Hughes
6 Posted 29/12/2015 at 17:40:29
Personally I would keep him. I think he offers more than most give him credit for. His work rate and eye for goal are excellent. If Lukaku gets injured, who do we play up front? We're going to have to shell out quite a bit more for an equal or better forward. Charlie Austin?
Jimmy Salt
7 Posted 29/12/2015 at 17:41:55
The question is are we going to strengthen and what positions.
We need a forward to replace him but there are other positions where we desperately need players.
Personally I don't think we have enough experience at centre back with or without Jags.
And as for between the sticks ........
Joe Foster
8 Posted 29/12/2015 at 17:44:07
And here's me thinking the reason he was not playing was because he had a knock on his ankle. Silly me.
Stewart Lowe
9 Posted 29/12/2015 at 17:48:47
£8m is a fantastic price for a 29 year old and don't forget we still have the £25m we were ready to pay for Yarmolenko before Dinamo Kiev pulled the plug. If we can also move on Oviedo (as we already have Baines, Garbutt and Galloway for that position), Mirallas (should command around £12m) and McGeady (who is in last 6 months of his contract) we should have a transfer budget like never before at Everton.
Stephen Brown
10 Posted 29/12/2015 at 17:52:24
If he goes he needs to be replaced in two ways 1) back up striker 2) someone with his same nasty never say die streak!

If he goes will wish him nothing but the best!

Victor Jones
11 Posted 29/12/2015 at 17:55:45
Sorry to see Naismith leave the club. If it actually happens. Does that mean that Pienaar or McGeady all move a step closer to the bench? These are the players that should be moved on. Not Naismith. And how many games has Naismith actually played in his proper position? He was always played out of position. FFS, I saw him play at almost RB once. And supporters then proceeded to criticise him. He will be missed at Everton. And he will score goals at Norwich City. And fuck knows who Martinez will replace him with. Charlie Austin? No chance.
Stewart Lowe
12 Posted 29/12/2015 at 17:56:49
And just to add to my last comment: I would look at the possibility of Zlatan Ibrahimovic on a 2 year contract in a similar way we took Eto'o, as he always said he wanted to experience the premier league. We might have to pay £120,000 per week but he wouldn't command a fee as he is 34 years old and has a contract that runs out this summer. I would also look at the possibility of Javier Hernandez and Yarmolenko.
Colin Hughes
13 Posted 29/12/2015 at 17:56:55
Martinez needs to strengthen to appease the growing number of disgruntled fans.He is slowly losing the remainder of his supporters.Looks like two good players in Mirallas and Naismith will leave in january yet he will persist with the liabilities that are Kone (a striker that's hardly ever in the box ) and Howard, who has cost us winning games countless times in the last couple of years.If as expected we fail to win these two differcult home games next week then surely the door will slam firmly shut for him with a mid table struggle and little or no hope of winning the fa cup all that is left.
Terence Tipler
14 Posted 29/12/2015 at 17:57:52
We need to put this money towards a big towering no nonsense centre half.
Ray Roche
15 Posted 29/12/2015 at 17:58:40
Stewart, IF we received the amount you are fantasising about, how much do you think would be released to Martinez? I'm not sure that I'd trust him with the cash for a take away right now. (Unless he promised to use some of it for wages on a top defensive coach). Especially when we are apparently up for sale. And with a potential buyer!!

Sorry, Stewart, if the Yarmolenko money ever existed it will have evaporated into thin air by now. Money does that, you know.
Ian Bennett
16 Posted 29/12/2015 at 18:00:45
A top attitude and someone I'd prefer to keep. But he isn't going to play, and we need better.

£8m seems a fair price, I hope some of the other dead wood makes way for a keeper, centre half, left wing and STRIKER. Good knows what happens if Lukaku gets injured, Kone can't even shoot...

Ian McDowell
17 Posted 29/12/2015 at 18:04:09
We'd best have something lined up. Selling him at the star of Jan when we have a very packed schedule with League Cup finals home and away plus FA cup and league fixtures just doesn't make sense.
Geoff Evans
18 Posted 29/12/2015 at 18:04:22
Good luck to a super lad. Norwich are a good club with an up and coming manager who doesn't have favourites.
David Barks
20 Posted 29/12/2015 at 18:09:35
What does it matter. The manager doesn't rotate the team anyway. We might as well not have a reserve team.
Stewart Lowe
21 Posted 29/12/2015 at 18:15:02
Ray Roche: Where on earth did all this negativity come from? It is a fact we were set to buy Yarmolenko until the Kiev board decided to wait and see how they do in the Champions League which is fair enough and they were entitled to do that. You need to get your head around the fact that Everton are no more a selling club than Bournemouth, Norwich or Sunderland for example. That all changed at the time Moyes left us and the current TV deal came into effect. Without the current TV deal we might have had to sell a Stones or Barkley in the same way we sold Lescott and Rooney. We certainly wouldnt have been able to afford a Lukaku at 㿈m.

Too many people that comment on here are about 2-3 years out of date and need to understand that the club doesn't have a hidden agenda to sell our best players otherwise they would have snapped up the near 㿔m offered for Stones. So rather than being gloomy and sounding depressed, be positive because from next season every club in the Premier League will get double the TV money they are currently receiving. If the club says we are not a selling club then you better believe we are not.
Dave Pritchard
22 Posted 29/12/2015 at 18:20:24
Couple of facts there Stewart. I presume you have some inside knowledge that others do not.

On Naismith it is a decent price and wish him well. However, with the 2 injuries picked up yesterday and Nais going it reduces our options significantly.

Shane Corcoran
23 Posted 29/12/2015 at 18:47:17
It's a great sale for a very limited 29 year old.

Don't get me wrong, he has a great work-rate and is a good finisher but for that money it's good business.

I had enjoyed not seeing his moaning over the last few months but there he was on Monday whinging about a free kick we actually got.

Of course, as others have said, the money must be used to buy a direct replacement because an injury to Lukaku and we'd be doubly fucked with this lad gone.

Michael Ward
24 Posted 29/12/2015 at 18:51:56
Naismith is not a backup striker he is a half way house winger/No.10. He seems like a great fella and he works his arse off, but for me £8m for a backup player who doesn't really fit with our playing style is good money, money that we could use to sign a proper backup striker like Charlie Austin or a top young goalkeeper. Kone although not in the best form recently is the better option for me. Here's hoping that we can convince someone to take McGeady off us too.
Christine Foster
25 Posted 29/12/2015 at 18:54:58
If the board of Everton football club told me the sky was blue I would go and check it first. Whilst the Sky money has certainly changed the selling landscape there is no doubt that the club has sold its better players to meet its financial commitments prior to this. Selling Naismith is not about money it's about the managers choice. Clearly Roberto does not feel he needs Naismith, Mirallas but happy to keep Osman Gibson, Kone et al..

Naismith is no Lukaku but he is a goal poacher, some one with grit and attitude, something we totally lack in the squad. Selling him now is a mistake, selling Mirallas would be a crime and an unforgivable one at that.

Roberto is making some bad mistakes with players, playing some when he shouldn't and leaving others out. I like the style with which we play but the naivity of our defensive tactics and therefore coaching and team selection ruins any positives. The coaching balance and tactical set up is so badly skewed that we are now in grave danger of losing our best players, Stones, Barkley, Lukaku.

We have cup matches coming up that will make or break our season, irrespective of them we also have the possibility of new owners. The latter if it eventuates will I believe be the catalyst for the change of manager as the current board or chairman doesn't have the balls to do what should be done.

Terry Downes
26 Posted 29/12/2015 at 18:58:38
Kone only plays because of his link up play with Lukaku! He's way past his best but Lukaku seems to enjoy playing along side him.

Naismith is an average player who does work his socks off but if we are to progress as some fans on here think we should then we have to be looking at better players than him.
Personally I think we should try Del Boy in the 10 role an play either Lennon or Mirallas (if he stays) on the right ?
Peter Morris
27 Posted 29/12/2015 at 19:07:39
One of the few players in the squad who truly knows where the onion bag is. He has an experienced, cool head in tight situations and will always bag a few goals. He also winds up the opposition. Who of Bobby's favourites does that? They're all far too nice in my opinion. Naisey's big problem is that he is not a stand out player in any single position, so others are picked ahead of him.

But, I have said before and say again, the Alan Harpers and Kevin Richardsons of our illustrious past got us through key phases in our most successful seasons by filling in for 'better quality' but injured colleagues, whilst at the some time holding up their end. I think Niasey is more important to the squad than Oviedo, Ossie and Gibson, because there are deeper options in the places they cover. Bobby could be making a big mistake here, and the player should only be allowed to leave if he specifically puts in a request.
Iain Jones
29 Posted 29/12/2015 at 19:16:29
Has Martinez got somebody lined up?
Craig Mills
30 Posted 29/12/2015 at 19:19:27
٦m is just too good a deal to turn down, we should have taken it in the summer and added it to the amount we had already offered Kiev for Yarmalenko. The extra at that time may have made the difference.......

As most have said, what we need is a quality back up striker, Hernandez ( ex Man U) would fit the role perfectly, I could see him scoring a bag full at Everton given the amount of chances we create but his price may have risen too much given his form in Germany.

I also can't see us prising Yarmelenko away from Kiev, he will choose a better team so I guess we'll have to wait and see who Bobby can find!

Jim Bennings
31 Posted 29/12/2015 at 19:19:35
It will be typical Everton that we'll sell Naismith and something will happen to Rom, so far he's been super fit, it's almost too good to be true but if the worst comes to the worst and he gets a injury, we have no serious replacement.

Kone has done many a good thing this season but it's starting to look like it's catching up a bit with him now sadly, he's been ineffective since the Sunderland game on November 1st.

I'd get Charlie Austin to eventually partner Lukaku, much in the way Martinez has used Kone this season.

John Keating
32 Posted 29/12/2015 at 19:19:35
Big mistake if Martinez lets him go. Pity we don't have a couple more with his commitment and attitude.

I thought Gibson would go but now with these injuries I suppose we'll see more of him.

The rumours of Osman going to Hibs as player/coach are still doing the rounds.

McGeady off the wage bill with Osman will free up a few quid.

Les Martin
33 Posted 29/12/2015 at 19:29:04
I have been a Nais fan from day one, but understand his desire to play football, and if Norwich offer 8m for a current bench warmer then thats great business for us.

He is a really good player and links up midfield to attack, so I hope Martinez has something in mind with what to do with the money.

January may be more interesting than we thought.
James Stewart
34 Posted 29/12/2015 at 19:33:36
Mistake. Naismith is limited but hard working and useful from the bench. Kone on the other hand is lazy, useless, older and more likely to fall over the ball than nick a goal. The Wiganisation continues....
Danny Broderick
35 Posted 29/12/2015 at 19:38:41
I can only assume Martinez plans to buy someone ( a keeper?) and needs the funds. Naismith seems to be an ideal squad man to me, but he seems to be being phased out. He's scored some important goals for us though, and he's done a lot off the pitch too, so I'm sure he will always get a great reception when he comes back. Sometimes, a player has to be moved on to generate funds to strengthen elsewhere. If this is the case, £8 million seems a fair price to me...
Ian McDowell
37 Posted 29/12/2015 at 19:47:23
I wonder how these things expect an impending takeover
Christine Foster
39 Posted 29/12/2015 at 20:09:52
Ian, it's a fair point, if we sell and don't buy in Jan then any funds raised are cash assets and reduce the size of debt in the club, meaning of course the proportion of outlay paid to shareholders by the new owner is greater...
Peter Laing
40 Posted 29/12/2015 at 20:10:44
Naismith's Mrs posted on Twitter that's it's stressful moving house the week before Christmas whilst being pregnant. For the life of me I can't see that such a move would be local. He's off to Norwich and I wish him luck as Naismith has been a great professional and fantastic ambassador for Everton, with a genuine social concsience.
Simon Smith
41 Posted 29/12/2015 at 20:15:45
I for one will be sad to see him go. Like past players (Unsworth) not the most talented player but always gives / gave 100%.
Best of luck wherever he may end up
Iain Jones
42 Posted 29/12/2015 at 20:19:02
What about the lad from Fulham?
Ken Boniface
43 Posted 29/12/2015 at 20:19:49
I hope Naisy is not allowed to leave, he always gives 100%. I would have him in my starting eleven, even as team captain. He is a leader and vocal, not afraid to have his say.

How can he be behind Kone in the pecking order? I will be sad if he leaves and is Super Kev on his way? Left out of the squad on Monday.
Mike Berry
44 Posted 29/12/2015 at 20:29:26
Will be a sad miss. A good solid lad on the pitch and a diamond off it too. But, good business, he came on a free and went for 8 mil
Alexander O'Brien
45 Posted 29/12/2015 at 20:48:50
Good move. Felts he's been treated badly during the last few months similarity to distin. Scores a hat trick then never to be seen again. Pitty he's not so ruthless with that clown between the sticks and that useless lump up front. All the best Naismith kid.
Neil Gribbin
46 Posted 29/12/2015 at 20:58:44
This is actually good business. If we have at least one player to replace him. A player who can come into the first team straight away. That's the issue. If not, then it's very poor. I like Naismith, and I wish him all the best.
Mark Daley
47 Posted 29/12/2015 at 20:59:06
Good on you lad and best of luck, it's not your fault you had the most Phenomenal* manager in the Solar System. You're guaranteed a fantastic welcome when you come back to Goodison in May.

*Spanish for pillock.

Ray Roche
48 Posted 29/12/2015 at 21:00:40
Stewart Lowe #20

Stewart, If you honestly think that we...Everton.. would still have £25m just waiting to be splashed on Yarmolenko, providing he'd want to come to Everton now, then you need a reality check. Any spare funds will be sidelined to make Everton a look a better proposition for any potential buyer. Otherwise, surely, Martinez would have already addressed the deficiencies that exist on the field and in the backroom staff.

And I more than aware that the vast majority of Premier clubs nowadays do not have to sell thanks to the latest TV deal which is why the likes of Stoke can spend £12m on Shaqiri and why we managed to hold onto Stones. It will undoubtedly make the Premier League a more equal competition which is yet another reason why our failure to capitalise on our winnable games make this season, so far, so bloody tragic. How's that for (accurate) negativity?

Apart from a top class keeper, and I am now assuming that Martinez has insufficient faith in Robles to award him the first choice slot between the sticks or he would have given him the nod by now, the addition to our club which should take the highest priority is not a player, but a top class defensive coach. Man for man, we are the equal of the majority of teams but until we can stop leaking goals via the most porous Everton defence we've seen for years we will continue to flatter to deceive. And that's not negativity, that's fact.

And as for £120 a WEEK on a 34 year old disruptive, self aggrandising forward, well, words, for once, fail me.

Glen Garrett
50 Posted 29/12/2015 at 21:33:06
Naismith will be greatly missed, a true legend for Everton Football Club who always gave 100% work rate on and off the field. I don't blame him for wanting to go, how can Martinez put Kone before Naismith, God only knows. If anything, Everton should be selling Kone and replacing him instead. Any striker will do then, going to be really hard to replace the likes of Naismith.

The way I see it, it's one good player gone and the other good players in the team will also follow and go once Everton fail to reach Europe for next season. Martinez is turning Everton into the old Wigan. He has to go now or Everton are going to end up in the Championship eventually and it will happen while Martinez is manager. I'd rather have Moyes back to be honest.
Paul Jeronovich
51 Posted 29/12/2015 at 21:39:35
8m is a good fee, must be re-invested in Martinez's severance package
Tim Locke
52 Posted 29/12/2015 at 22:02:41
Always willing to give 100% and I was really impressed with his comments about watching the game and working out the best place to play when coming off the bench. Defiently a footballing brain and made sure his gap in natural talent was bridged with effort. Totally understand his decision to leave, he wants to play football.

£8m is about right, although we paid £6m for the injury prone Kone; when he was 29?

In terms of return Kone is slightly worse than Naismith, although Naismith has come a lot more off the bench than Kone. I don't think Kone has been that bad this season, his link up play has been good and looking like 10 goal return for the season, not too bad for the second striker.

Thanks for the 3 against Chelsea amazing game and perfect hatrick and from the bench too.

Trevor Lynes
53 Posted 29/12/2015 at 22:19:47
No manager would let Naismith go without having someone better to replace him. He was our 3rd top scorer last season and always gives 100%.Unless we have already lined up a player who will work hard and provide 10 goals plus then he should be kept until the end of this season. We need to add decent players to this squad if we are to improve.

Dave Lawley
54 Posted 29/12/2015 at 22:39:55
For the amount of time Naismith spent on the pitch can anyone see a youth player being promoted in his stead? Either a striker like duffus or mcelany, or depending on your take of his best position, a number ten type player like Dowell or even Evans? We do seem to have a bit of a golden generation of youth coming through so why not give someone a chance..........and buy a keeper.......
Steavey Buckley
55 Posted 29/12/2015 at 22:53:24
Naismith is one of the players when things went right for him alongside as they went wrong in equal measures. His best position is upfront with the striker because of his ability to read the game and be in then right place. He always looked out of place when trying to get things going in midfield. But as a person he will always be remembered as a great Evertonian.
Harold Matthews
56 Posted 29/12/2015 at 22:55:10
When Funes Mori headed the ball to Barkley for our 3rd goal counter-attack, Naismith was two yards inside our own half. Such was his determination to get into the box, when Barkley crossed for Deulofeu to tap home, the Scottish white haired blur had reached the edge of the six yard area. Amazing. That's the kind of winning attitude we will miss when he joins the Canaries.
Mike Hughes
57 Posted 29/12/2015 at 23:03:53
I can't remember the exact quotes from Martinez when he turned down a similar offer from Norwich in the summer. If memory serves, it was something along the lines of 'important member of our squad'; 'keeping our best players' blah, blah, incredible blah.

So what changed in 5 months?

He'd better have something good lined up - hopefully a catalyst in the mould of Reid or Gray.

Oliver Molloy
58 Posted 29/12/2015 at 23:14:11
Charlie Austin will be the target I predict...
Bill Gall
59 Posted 29/12/2015 at 23:14:24
If Martinez is given funds in the January window, my bet is he will go for another defensive midfielder..As he does not seem to bothered about goals against us why would he bring in another keeper.
Keith Monaghan
60 Posted 29/12/2015 at 23:15:54
In spite of Naismith seeming to be a great guy, we employ him as a footballer, and reality is that £8M is a good price for a player of his age who's neither a striker or midfield player. It's also true that Kone wouldn't raise as much cash, so financially it makes sense.
Agree with off loading McGeady & Gibson, but we'd get very little for either of these - and the truth is Gibson doesn't seem physically capable of playing frequent regular games - he was frequently injured at MU too.
I think the answer to our goalie issues is at the club - would like to see any cash spent on a quality midfielder - one who's tough, skillful and energetic to take on the role that Barkley is not capable of.
Wish Naismith all the best if the rumour is true.
Think Mirallas should be kept & playing - his treatment this season has been shocking - games are won & lost in the premier league - not on the training ground.
Terry Downes
61 Posted 29/12/2015 at 23:42:17
A big dirty centre half will do! Don't mind if he's lost a yard or two of pace but someone who talks and organises things, someone who will hand a bollocking out to anyone whose not where they should be.
Gordon Crawford
62 Posted 29/12/2015 at 23:53:06
If it happens, then I wish him all the best. He has done rightly for us and he always gave his all. Much better option than Kone in my opinion. Can't for the life of me understand why we would sell him over Kone.
Denis Richardson
63 Posted 29/12/2015 at 23:58:46
8m would be a great deal for us (can't even see him getting into the first XI at Norwich!).

Get the deal done early and use the cash to sign a top 'keeper.

Mark Wilson
64 Posted 30/12/2015 at 00:44:55
We are not going to see Martinez sacked, despite the fact that at almost any other club he would be gone now. So, another depressing transfer window just wouldn't surprise any of us, would it ? Naisy for £8m and KM for £10m plus a couple of squad bench warmers means we could easily see £25m made available and there is surely another £15m in the coffers after a stupidly low spending summer window. But unless we can successfully spend £40m in a window Martinez loathes, it's just going to add to the shambles of a season that this campaign is quickly becoming.

I know that will attract criticism but we are pissing away the best squad I've seen for years because we can't find the balls to say "we gave him nearly three years and truth is the doubters were right, he comes up short in too many areas and has failed to get the best from a high quality squad of young players".

Selling anyone, inc Naisy without substantial replacements will be the football equivalent of suicide. We still need 16 points to avoid relegation let alone trying for a top four spot for pity's sake. Martinez has one shot left in my view. He simply has to wheel and deal in the next four weeks else a team that must score three to win most games will go backwards very quickly. The board such as it is now must see that a collapse this season from one of great promise to utter mediocrity or worse will damage the best chance of a sale for three decades.

So suddenly I'm thinking that there's a positive if Naisy and Mirallas are sold as it must signal that the Club sees the current disorganised roller coaster performances have to be stopped and a much bigger than expected arrivals list is on the cards......of course the sale mularkey could drive even more surprising action and see Martinez sacked but I think it's the transfer stuff that is now likely to be the "news" as we attempt to end this plucky Everton punching BELOW our weight and stop a mass summer exodus of some of the best quality players we've seen at Goodison for many many years.

Eddie Dunn
65 Posted 30/12/2015 at 02:01:20
Naismith has not been utilised properly. For me he is a box player, off the front man, with an eye for goal and on his day, a clinical finisher. I love his attitude and work ethic, as well as his refreshing attitude to his charity work.
If he goes, good luck lad, and thanks...that perfect hat- trick will live long in the memory.
James Wong
66 Posted 30/12/2015 at 02:04:02
We need to start getting TOP players like Lukaku in... starting with a defensive mid or a central defender who actually you know wants to defend. Just get one each season. We have a decent team, but there's no point in spending 5m here or there. Barry and Jags will need replacing anyway.

And a goalkeeper is a top priority if Martinez is not going to play Robles.

Steve Brown
67 Posted 30/12/2015 at 02:28:09
Jay @ 5, hit the nail on the head! Keep him, proper bloke and proper nark.
Gavin Johnson
68 Posted 30/12/2015 at 03:27:16
I don't think that it's just Martinez's relationship with BK that is keeping him in the job. Martinez still has a very healthy win record. Some statistics were flagged up by BT Sports on the Boxing day game. Martinez has won something like 52 games and lost 33 up to this point.

Martinez must also be given some credit for putting the side together. For all the derision he got by many on TW for the Lukaku fee we now have a 50m striker - Who'd have ever thought we'd ever have a consistent 20 goal striker when OFM seemed to ruin every other striker we had who showed early promise by getting them to run the channels and blunt their instinctive goal scoring instincts.

Martinez has also done well to get players like Stones, Barkley and Coleman to sign new deals.

That all said, for all the many positives the results just aren't good enough for the players he's got at his disposal. Fair enough, we've turned the corner now in the style of play. We're playing some good football... But.. the fundamental defensive flaws haven't been addressed and I see no signs that obvious things like playing a GK who looks competent on crosses (Joel) and playing more defensively when we take a lead in the latter stages of a game.

My hope is that the problems with not being able to hold leads in games is down to having a young spine running through the team, and it will all come good.. if for some inexplicable reason we manage to hold onto the likes of Stones and Rom. But in my heart of hearts I'm starting to look at the results in these games we should be winning and think it's our defensive style of play that is flawed. And while it could be changed we don't seem to have a manager who looks willing or able to address the flaws that could change us from a talented albeit unpredictable side into staple champions league contenders.

If Martinez has no faith in Joel lets hope the Naismith money is used to buy a quality GK. I'd also be happy if we took a look at Dembele from Fulham. Charlie Austin or an experienced defender like Vidic for the short term.

Sam Byram also looks like he'll be available and another player who looks like a Martinez type signing.

David Barks
69 Posted 30/12/2015 at 03:51:52

The win loss record is built entirely on the first half of his first season. Since then his win loss, and especially draws, record has been very poor.

We are on a downward trend, where the results started to go away at the end of his first season, last season was awful, and we're getting worse this season.

Gavin Johnson
70 Posted 30/12/2015 at 04:21:00

Your post shows that statistics can be interpreted and used to back up an argument, whether for, or against.

I agree that the results from the first season can make Martinez's overall win ratio look better than the actual reality. However, I wouldn't agree that we are worse than last season and I think Martinez should be given until the end of the season.

I expect the deluge of posts using tired Wiganism's about relegation by saying that, but lets be clear.. we are scoring and far too many goals to even flirt with relegation this season. Last season the football was awful to watch. This season, has been the antithesis of that. The attacking play has probably superseded that of, Martinez's first season in charge. The big problem is that we're still defending like last season still.

I don't think Martinez is getting enough out of the players at this moment in time...Might that change?!..Well, I'm still hedging my bets until the end of the season.

Brian Porter
71 Posted 30/12/2015 at 06:05:58
Biggest mistake of Martinez's time with us. Naisy should always be in front of Kone in the order of selection, but then, Kone is Roberto's big mate from Wigan. Steven will be sadly missed especially if Rom picks up an injury.

Martinez is killing our club with his policy of playing favourites. Good luck to him if he goes but what's the betting he comes back to haunt us, big time?
Darryl Ritchie
72 Posted 30/12/2015 at 06:39:53
I think Mirallas and McGeady will also bug out as well in the next window.

Naismith: tireless worker; not afraid to get in an opponents face if required; nice touch around the goal; played out of position most of the time.

Mirallas: the most raw talent of the three; very inconsistent, sometimes the best player on the field, other times invisible; a wee bit greedy.

McGeady: the biggest disappointment; shows flashes of brilliance, but most of the times is useless.

Of the three, I will miss Naisy the most.

Chris Leyland
73 Posted 30/12/2015 at 07:48:59
Gavin, here's a couple of stats for you. We have won 6 out of 19 league games this season. We are 11th in the league.

I don't care about Martinez's overall win rate since becoming our manager because it is this season that matters. He is chronically under-performing and seems incapable of getting enough wins.

Fantasists talk about a top 4 Challenge. We are now the same number of points off the relegation zone as we are to top 4. An abysmal performance and Martinez must shouldera significant amount of the blame for this as his in-game management result in draws becoming losses and wins becoming draws on a regular basis.

Guy Hastings
76 Posted 30/12/2015 at 09:50:54
Naismith's straight into my Unsung Everton Heroes XI. Hope he helps keep the Canaries up.
Norman Jones
77 Posted 30/12/2015 at 11:09:03
One thing is for certain, Naisey will always get a good reception from us whenever he returns to Goodison. Of course, things may change when he gets in the faces of some of our nice guys as he surely will !

One of the most honest, decent and combatative players of recent years. Good luck, lad !

Brin Williams
78 Posted 30/12/2015 at 12:19:47
Buy first - sell afterwards,

Pity if Naismith goes but 'c'est la vie'

John Audsley
80 Posted 30/12/2015 at 12:27:23
Stewart Lowe is right

We have millions to spend, if you add the Arteta money it must be close to 40M and once the Fortress Sports Fund cheque is cashed we will be in dream land.

BK guaranteed the cheque would be in the bank by the morning so the names Stewart mentions have every chance of coming.

Geoff Evans
81 Posted 30/12/2015 at 12:36:24
All supporters love 100% effort, you'll never get less with naisey, will inspire all around him, top man!
Darren Alexander
82 Posted 30/12/2015 at 13:52:14
This is a big mistake. I've always liked Naismith, and was really pleased when Moyes signed him (only to use him in a very frustrating way). Eventually he found his feet with us under Martinez, and to me he should be one of the first names on the team sheet as we're a very, very different side with this tireless, combative, tough but very honest player in the starting XI. There's no-one with a better attitude in our squad, and I believe the others find this infectious and get a real lift when he's on the park,

People often remark on his ability (or lack of), but he's a great header of the ball and a good finisher, but more importantly has a great footballing brain and a fine positional sense, usually popping up in the right place. He's very lively as a no. 10-type, and draws defenders to help free up the main striker.

I wish him well, and understand that he needs games to keep him involved in the Scotland set-up. But this seems another case of terrible man management, and I'd really like to know who Martinez thinks he has in his squad who's better than Naismith in the role.

Seemingly little events like this can make a big difference, and I'm even more troubled by this transfer given that more than once recently we've given gutless displays and have thrown points away. We need more heart, not less.

Paul Cherrington
84 Posted 30/12/2015 at 13:59:38
Sell him all day long, especially for that money. Use it to bring in a decent keeper and an experienced centre half who knows how to defend first and play second. He's been a good squad player and nice bloke but there comes a time in football when you have to do what's best for the club.
Geoff Evans
85 Posted 30/12/2015 at 14:38:52
All supporters love 100% effort, you'll never get less with naisey, will inspire all around him, top man!
Max Fine
87 Posted 30/12/2015 at 16:38:33
£8million for a forward who is only ever played out of position is good business for us. Sad really as he's one of the few players who can find the net if played as a striker. Which he never is. In midfield he looks worse than championship quality; can't pass, slows play down, can't hold up the ball, looks like he wears cement socks... Will miss his narkiness and captain like qualities as neither Jags nor Barry have what it takes to be a leader
Sam Hoare
88 Posted 30/12/2015 at 16:43:05
Good luck to him. Top bloke but effort is not enough and fact is since his hatrick he's done nowhere near enough to earn the first team place he wants. £8m for a 29yr old reserve player looks like decent business to me presuming of course we have replacements lined up.

Difficult to say what we need player wise as I think Stones and Funes are good players but the defense is obviously the issue. Perhaps a star GK? Look at Arsenal win the league in large part due to buying Petr Cech.

Joe Edwards
89 Posted 30/12/2015 at 17:30:35
This is yet more evidence that Martinez has completely lost the plot. If Traffic Kone is a better player than Naismith then I am a Liverpool supporter. Martinez's blind faith in geriatric players well past their sell by date is staggering in its blindness and ridiculousness.

Kone has had his best season so far but still falls way short of what is expected as an Everton player, terrible first touch, shite in front of goal and unable to get his breath to put a second half shift in. Naismith for all his limitations runs his socks off,closes down players and knows how to fucking score a goal.

When will this Martinez nightmare end? I'll tell you it will end with us staring down the barrel of relegation due to his total ineptitude.
Gavin Johnson
90 Posted 30/12/2015 at 17:54:25
Looks like we're about to conclude a deal for an exciting young No. 10 from Grasshoppers of Zurich. Only problem he'll stay there until the summer. Looks like he'll be a good signing if we pull it off.

Also buy Sam Byram and bring in a loan to cover Naismith's absence and I'll be a happy man this window. Of course a new GK would be at the top of my wishlist. No chance of that happening though!

Richard Reeves
91 Posted 30/12/2015 at 20:16:38
I haven't got a problem with the manager selling Naismith as long as he's got a decent replacement in mind like Charlie Austin.

Kone cannot be relied upon,his goal ratio is shocking. I said at the time his contract extension was a terrible decision and conveniently at a time when he had a few good games.

Sometimes it looks like the manager is blindingly doing favours for certain players and ultimately it could be at his expense.
Ian Riley
92 Posted 30/12/2015 at 22:00:47
Naismith is a true blue. Understands the hardship that people have in society. A true role model for the club and his profession. Hope all goes well if he moves on for him and his family.

For Everton, eight million, for a player not fancied by the manager, 29 years old. For Naismith, regular football, longer contract, and a few extra pennies.

I think the manager has got a replacement!

Mark Hughes
93 Posted 31/12/2015 at 00:49:29
A lot of energy and can score goals for fun.
Unsure why he is not playing more.

Kim Vivian
94 Posted 31/12/2015 at 11:18:42
Last match of the season, Nais will be back to haunt us. I don't expect much will be riding on it by then (for us anyway) but good luck to him. A real trooper who I would prefer to see remaining at EFC.
Joe Clitherow
95 Posted 31/12/2015 at 14:50:06
Good business. Best wishes Nais
David Israel
96 Posted 01/01/2016 at 16:52:43
I would miss Steven Naismith, certainly. He's quite a character and a more than decent player, shortcomings and all. But it's a good offer for someone his age who can't command a first-team place.

I hear we may be looking at signing David Marshall from Cardiff, by the way. As for Charlie Austin, it seems Palace are after him again.

Terry Underwood
97 Posted 03/01/2016 at 15:24:43
He has had more than his fair share of naysayers, just like Osman. And, just like Osman, has always given everything for the cause.

Both have limitations as players; both are honest and genuine. If he leaves, I wish him well.
Roger Helm
98 Posted 04/01/2016 at 20:25:56
25 goals in 122 appearances for Everton is a fair contribution from a forward played only occasionally in his best position. He's not the most skilful but then Bob Latchford was no Cruyff.

As well as his goals, we will miss his in-your-face attitude and closing-down work rate. I think it is a good deal for Norwich – good luck to them both.

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