Funes Mori: Vickery admits he got it wrong

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Self-styled South American Football pundit Tim Vickery admits he got it wrong with regard to Ramiro Funes Mori making it in the Premier League.

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Victor Jones
1 Posted 08/11/2015 at 17:14:30
I think everyone on this site knew that Vickery was talking nonsense. FFS, Funes Mori is an Argentine international. That fact alone was enough for me to allow him a shot in the Premier League. And I think that he will get better; I have no problem with him in the team. It beats the days of Heitinga and Alcaraz by a long shot.

Tim Vickery??? Makes a complete mockery of football punditry. Makes most of us amateurs sound good. The man is an idiot. I won't be tuning in to listen to him anytime soon.

James Joseph
2 Posted 08/11/2015 at 18:38:51
Preposterous and defensive article by a pathetic self-appointed 'expert'.

I had to laugh at the self-delusion he has when, droning on about Martinez paying about ٤.5 million for Mauro Boselli when he was Wigan boss, he says, "I advised another Premier League manager" against signing him, as if any professional would trust the judgement of a hack when deciding whether to sign someone.

He's right on only one thing: it is a big step up from Argentinian league to Premier League – look how many goals El Stracq scored there... So it is a risk for someone to come straight in as he has done due to injuries... but for me he's been terrific, bar the odd mistake, which is to be expected.

Joe Foster
3 Posted 08/11/2015 at 18:42:03
The guy's a dick.
Steve Jenkins
4 Posted 08/11/2015 at 18:47:17
Really funny this, he had a few on here panicking and writing Funes MorI off before he'd played a game.

It was the way Vickery went about it that annoyed me; he was so sure of himself he was right, stating his opinion as if it was written in the stars.

After the first 20 mins against Chelsea, you could see he was talking bollocks and clearly doesn't know what he's on about.

I'm very happy with Funes Mori so far and can only see him getting better.

Jamie Barlow
5 Posted 08/11/2015 at 18:58:32
Very wrong!!!
Colin Glassar
6 Posted 08/11/2015 at 19:15:14
JJ, completely agree, the fella is full of himself and doesn't really admit he's a crap pundit. He was also wrong about Gabriel (Arsenal) who he said he couldn't head the ball. From what I've seen, Gabriel is a decent player.

This guy is a self-appointed knob and it's typical of the BBC to pay a dickhead like him a fee for spouting shite.

Harold Matthews
7 Posted 09/11/2015 at 02:22:16
This guy talks too much and he clearly didn't know much about the character and attitude of Funes Mori. To be thrust in so early was a massive challenge but he didn't let anyone down. His genuine delight whenever we score is a real treat.

Also, how long have we waited for a player other than Naismith who tries to get on the end of every corner and free-kick? The nutters club: Terry, Vidic, Skrtel, Dann and Co... not exactly a bunch of angels but they've won many a match. All Funes Mori wants is good consistent deliveries.

I think they are proud of our boy back in Argentina. I know the International coach is thrilled with his progress.

Darryl Ritchie
8 Posted 09/11/2015 at 03:59:34
I havd never heard of Vickery before this "incident ", and in a perfect world, he will fade to obscurity again. With Funes Mori, Stones and Galloway, we are set at centre back for the foreseeable future (that is if we don't sell anyone).

The back four are looking good, what we need is offensive minded midfielder to give us that bit creativity in the final third. Barkley is doing his best, but he's not quite there yet.

We also need another keeper to push Robles. Joel may, or may not, be the answer for the future; in any event, Howard can't go forever and we will need a second GK.

Maybe we could get them from South America, and Vickery could tell us if they're any good... or not... whatever.

Chris Wilson
9 Posted 09/11/2015 at 05:09:04
What was so shitty about Vickery was how adamant he was that his analysis was so spot on, and he was so angry that people actually questioned his expertise. This guy practically labels Roberto an idiot for ignoring him, then makes a declaration to the world that Funes Mori will be Roberto's second South American failure (the first being Boselli; a Wigan bust that Timmy make sure to mention every five minutes. But not because he's smarter than Roberto; he just wants you to know that he told Roberto and another unnamed manager that Boselli was going to suck. Was it Moyes?).

What motivated Vickery to write this article anyway? Was he getting flack from Everton or River Plate fans? Or from people that pay him for his self-titled "expertise" on South American football? There's no reason to write this. I don't recall very many player-analysts who announced that they were wrong. And if they did admit their mistake, it wouldn't be until they were A) forced to for some reason, or B) would wait until the season played out to get complete data on the player. Give themselves time to be proved correct.

Usually hacks such as this guy ignore their mistakes; they keep on writing and doing their thing. But this guy writes an article describing - in detail - reasons and examples that justified his views after only a couple months of the season? He must have thought Funes Mori was going suck big time.

So I wonder if there was some powerful media entity that pays him money, and was now questioning his expertise - and that pressured him to respond? Oh, and nice response too. After begrudgingly admitting that Funes Mori as been OK, he quickly reminds us that the player hasn't been perfect, and won't make anyone's end of season best XI. But, you know, his judgment was poisoned because of watching (allegedly) sooo much poor South American football.

James Marshall
10 Posted 09/11/2015 at 06:50:02
He took a view, it was wrong, he held his hands up - non story from a non entity.
Matt Traynor
11 Posted 09/11/2015 at 06:57:29
Excellent response from James (#10). Due to time differences, I often get to listen to Vickery et al on "Up All Night" on 5-Live on a Saturday, with their "World Football Phone-In". It's usually light-hearted, and as someone who almost never watches or follows football outside of Europe, semi-informative.

If only the rest of the UK hacks in the print media would put their hands up when they're wrong – but then the papers would be like telephone directories with all the retractions and admissions.

Peter Bell
12 Posted 09/11/2015 at 07:11:08
No sooner had Vickery made his inane comment, Thierry Henry followed it up with a comment that Everton had stolen Funes Mori for the price we paid. I decided I would accept the assessment of a world class striker who would know a good defender, over some non-entity.
David Ellis
13 Posted 09/11/2015 at 07:15:24
Well, I thought it was an excellent article. Not only did he admit he was wrong, he went on to analyse why. Basically he's seen so many South American defenders fail in Britain, he had a natural bias to think that in this case. We all suffer from this type of bias – we want the facts to fit our world view. I wish more journos (and people generally) would own up to this.
Sam Hoare
14 Posted 09/11/2015 at 07:34:15
He admitted he was wrong. That's something to be lauded I think in the arrogant world of football.
Colin Glassar
15 Posted 09/11/2015 at 08:11:04
Great observation Chris Wilson. It is very odd that a hack will go to these lengths to explain a "mistake". Like Matt Traynor said, if all our celebrity hacks like Lewis, Richardson, Bates, Cross etc....started to explain their blatant lies we'd need several warehouses to store their apologies.
Tony Abrahams
16 Posted 09/11/2015 at 08:22:11
That's why we shouldn't let the press wind us up. Colin, is right about this, they are all on somebody's payroll for a reason. Ask Don Corleone...
Dave Pritchard
17 Posted 09/11/2015 at 08:41:41
People get worked up about the written press and TV pundits and that is what keeps these people in jobs. If the public are talking about journos& pundits, then their employers see that as the journos & pundits doing a good job.

It is difficult to avoid reading or hearing these people but I always think it is best to ignore them and form your own opinion and not get upset if their opinion is different.

Laurie Hartley
19 Posted 09/11/2015 at 08:46:28
They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I will let this picture of Funes Mori do the talking for me:


Harold - I like the look of this nutter.

Finlay Robin
20 Posted 09/11/2015 at 09:20:40
You guys be crackers. Tim Vickery is an excellent pundit with an extensive knowledge of South American football that would put many of the mainstream pundits to shame with comparison to their knowledge of English football and certainly the European leagues.

He's been big enough to say he got it wrong then gave an array of examples as to why his opinion had been skewed. Excellent journalism in my opinion.

Light relief from the likes of Savage and Lawrenson, with their cosy couch analysis and uninformed nonsense.

Ernie Baywood
21 Posted 09/11/2015 at 09:33:52
I'm too confused about how Brazil played an international against Barcelona.

To be honest. It sounds like his original opinion was that South Americans can't make it in England as defenders. That's a pretty lazy opinion. Claiming as he did, that he would fail due to lack of pace and physicality just lends weight to the theory that the guy is making it up as he goes along... and dressing it up with random opinions to support whatever theory he's already arrived at.

So now he's apparently wrong. Is he? I've been very impressed by Funes Mori's start but surely he's a long way short of proving himself in this league? Will we get another article saying he was wrong that he was wrong if Funes Mori's form dips?

Harold Matthews
22 Posted 09/11/2015 at 11:06:45
Yes Chris. Sounds like he does a bit of scouting for agents and clubs. Once said Forlan had some sort of blockage when faced with a shot on goal.

We know it must be extremely difficult for the South Americans. New continent, new culture, new life. Many can't adapt but our boy was given no time to ponder on possible problems. We were forced to chuck him in the deep end when Jags got crocked and, all things considered, he has performed really well. A credit to himself and his country. Nowhere near his peak, this lad will have a successful future.

As for Vickery. I wonder how many agents and clubs were put off Funes Mori by his silly rantings. Quite a few I'll bet.

Anyway, reading the article, Vickery still hopes to be proven right. The criticism was "unfair" and "unwise" but he is praying the lad drops clangers galore.

Ian McDowell
23 Posted 09/11/2015 at 12:14:11
He has admitted he is wrong so good on him. That's football; if he got every one correct, he'd be Chief Scout at Barcelona or Madrid,.

How many people expected Shevchencko, Veron, Falcao, to be complete flops in English football? Not many...

Ste Traverse
24 Posted 09/11/2015 at 12:50:05
I think the stick Vickery is getting is harsh.

We as fans have been guilty of this kind of thing. How many have we written off new signings only to have ended up with egg on our faces having been proven wrong?

Ernie Baywood
25 Posted 09/11/2015 at 13:05:25
But Ste, if you came on here and said "he won't make it as he's from South America" you'd get a bit of stick. And we're all just fans without (in most cases) a great deal of knowledge of these leagues.

This guy is paid to offer such insight and admits to dressing it up with comments on ability that were lacking in basis.

Nothing against him but he's just an amateur hack isn't he?

Mike Hughes
26 Posted 09/11/2015 at 13:08:01
The thing that gets me is that, when he slags Funes Mori off, Vickery is heard all over the BBC and written-up in the national press. When he retracts his criticism, it is written up in.... The Echo.

Regarding the other debate on this thread of us slagging players off prematurely... I can't think of many better examples than Lee Carsley who became virtually the first name on the team sheet. He was brilliant in front of that back 4 but many gave him stick when he signed.

Raymond Fox
27 Posted 09/11/2015 at 13:23:33
We all (well some of us) give opinions that turn out to be well off the mark, Kone and Robles spring to mind... I'm the exception of course as I'm always right!

Vickery has admitted he was wrong about Funes Mori, so fair play to him. He's always come across as a bit of a prick; to be honest, I never listen to any of the pundits and now watch TV games with the sound off.

Bobby Thomas
28 Posted 09/11/2015 at 14:01:34
I've heard Vickery on the radio many times and he seems like a more than decent fella to be honest. He is a little defensive in the early parts of the article; however, the overall tone of it is generous and he basically says "fair do's".

Everyone gets it wrong. The fella who scouted Stones for us and pushed Moyes to sign him scouted the one-paced, unsuited-to-English-football Bilyaletdinov, who was not what we needed to balance us in midfield at the time.

Although the overall fault on that goes to Moyes who sanctioned it and then later got Donovan in on loan who was exactly what we needed in the first place: pace, directness and cutting edge. Could never understand that.

William Cartwright
29 Posted 09/11/2015 at 19:36:38
Many's the time when I've thought I was wrong, only to find I was in the right all along...

I just made that up! I'm off to bed. Evening all.

Ian Herbert
30 Posted 10/11/2015 at 04:01:32
Finally Robin, I don't know what on earth gives you the idea Vickery is an excellent pundit? Because I can assure you he is anything but!! I lived in Uruguay for 3 years whilst this clown was giving his so-called expert views.

Not only is he usually wrong, the South Americans almost universally view him as a clown. For whatever reasons, if he takes a dislike to any particular player, that player is useless in his eyes. Nothing and no-one can change his mind.

Fair play he has admitted he was wrong about Funes Mori but don't be fooled by this admission. The man has clouded judgement in almost everything he does and seems to make his decisions on whether he likes the player personally, or not.

He does not have extensive experience of South American football at all, he is based in Brazil and bases most of his decisions on what he sees on TV. Not only is he a poor pundit, he is also a very poor judge of footballers

Paul Mackie
31 Posted 10/11/2015 at 15:46:31
The thing with Vickery is that he's a blogger with an excellent knowledge of Brazilian football. Somehow, in the eyes of the media, that makes him qualified to comment on the whole of South America. That's like making me a correspondent for Belgian football just because I happen to watch a lot of English football. It's insane.
Garry Corgan
34 Posted 11/11/2015 at 17:06:14
Put me down in the "I like Tim Vickery" column. His opinion pieces for the BBC often go under the radar being, as they are, about South American football. They are, however, well written, appear well researched and fair. I actually think Tim Vickery is one of the best football pundits around.

I was disappointed when he made his initial comments about Funes Mori as I believed he would more than likely be right. It's still early days but it looks like he may well have been wide of the mark and thankfully so.

You have to give Tim Vickery some credit for not only recanting his assertion, but also for going back and examining why he might have been wrong in a probably effort to improve his own journalistic skills. Surely we all get it wrong in our various lines-of-work from time to time and, as Mr. Vickery, points out, football is not mathematics: it's hard to be certain about anything.

Fair play and kudos for admitting a probably error in judgement.

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