Boss praises “outstanding” Deulofeu

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Roberto Martinez hailed the impact of super-sub Gerard Deulofeu following the crucial role he played in dragging Everton back into the tie and eventually beating Barnsley in extra time.

The manager introduced the Spanish winger with Ross Barkley with the Blues trailing at half time at Oakwell this evening, a decisive move that provided the catalyst for a fight-back that eventually saw them win 5-3.

Deulofeu weighed in with three assists while Barkley added much-needed drive in central midfield as goals by Kevin Mirallas and Steven Naismith made it 2-2 by the hour mark, and a brace by Romelu Lukaku either side of Marc Roberts's own goal saw Everton into the third round where they will face Reading at the Madjeski Stadium.

“[Gerard] was outstanding when he came on,” Martinez told “His pace, penetration and ability in one-v-one situations was something that inspired our second-half performance.

“As you could see at the end, he was finding it tough. The plan was never that he would play anything longer than 45 minutes. But he adapted well and can only benefit from it.

“It was a really good display. But everyone in the second half, individually and collectively, was very strong. It would have been all too easy to let the momentum of the first half contaminate the second, but the attitude of the team was very clear – we wanted to get through. It was tough but we deserved it."  

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Kase Chow
1 Posted 27/08/2015 at 00:21:57
Del Boy did great. Superb. Shooting was a bit off but to create 3 goals as a sub was fantastic

And that's the best I've seen Barkley play. Controlled the midfield and lovely array of passing

Basic did well overall

Poor leadership from Jags

Impressed Stones played

Great finishing from Rom and even Mirallas looked determined!

Now if only we could defend...

Ernie Baywood
2 Posted 27/08/2015 at 00:39:31
From the BBC

The inclusion of Aiden McGeady was mystifying, as proved by the young Spaniard's sensational game-changing display.

Harsh but true!

Colin Glassar
3 Posted 27/08/2015 at 00:44:22
Mcgeady and Nessie are both well intentioned but lack some serious football skills (and brains). I wish them both the best for the future but they just aren't good enough to play in this team anymore.

Del showed us why he was bought and he, along with JS, Ross, Macca, Rom etc...are the future.

Brian Porter
4 Posted 27/08/2015 at 00:44:50
Del Boy certainly was terrific. He should be starting games for us now, not just being used as a sub. Man of the match for sure. Barkley was great too, and Naismith worked harder Tha anyone when we were two down. Nice to hear we will turn Stones's request down. Maybe Chelsea will get the message now? I doubt it somehow but even John must know we would be committing suicide by letting him go this close to the window closing without a replacement in place. Well done lads, a real gritty heads down fight back in the second half. We showed some real bottle for once.
Eugene Ruane
5 Posted 27/08/2015 at 00:47:32
Nothing like this lad with his tail up.

Yeah he'll frustrate at times and there'll be games when nothing works. but when he's on blob, he looks mustard.

One thing that needs addressing (quick!) is how quiet we (they) are - mute for most games.

You have to fucking talk to each other.

Every hairy-arsed Sunday league side in the city talks more than we do.

I'm not looking for them to recite the Gettysburg address, just 'man on', 'pick him up' 'my ball' that type of thing.

Against City, I saw one of our players put in a stiff tackle on...another one of our players and a couple of times tonight we had fellers running into each other.

Ffs, a bit of bunny with some echo man.

Ian Jones
6 Posted 27/08/2015 at 00:53:30
Colin. Bit harsh about Naismith -
I think he has brains. Decent squad player. As for McGeady. Spot on. Taxi for him asap
James Stewart
7 Posted 27/08/2015 at 00:58:03
@3 For once I agree with Colin. Neither look comfortable in the current system and both are seriously lacking compared to the rest of our team. A move for both would do them good.

Deulofeu was impressive but Barkley was equally as good. One of the best games I've seen him play and he drove us forward and always showed for the ball in quite a Gerrard esque way. Deulofeu needs to stay on the right though whenever he switches to the left he is useless.

Deulofeu Barkley Mirallas

That is enough to undo most sides whatever happens with our leaky defence.

Colin Glassar
8 Posted 27/08/2015 at 01:16:21
Ian, I just think Nessie makes the wrong runs and decisions I will never criticise him for effort (unlike mcgeady) but I think we've moved on since the days of Scottish grafters (no disrespect to grafters either). We need intelligent, skillful players who can combine speed of mind with speed of feet.

He's said he's not prepared to sit on the bench so maybe it's time he moved on.

Harold Matthews
9 Posted 27/08/2015 at 01:53:31
Delighted for Delboy. He loves playing for Everton and it shows. A real talent. Nowhere near proper match fitness, his body will be aching tonight and I'll be surprised if we see him against Spurs.

The same can be said of Oviedo and Besic, although Oviedo may be forced to play.

My big worry with these three lads is a pulled muscle in the second outing after a break. In the racing game we call it "the Bounce Factor".

Jason Thomas
10 Posted 27/08/2015 at 02:26:51
Del was superb! Yarmolenko who? Just kidding, get him in Bobby! I thought Besic and Oviedo struggled, but will be good for the game. Just our luck though, Spurs in Europe so have a week off and we go to extra time. Lets just hope there's enough in the tank for Saturday.
Victor Jones
11 Posted 27/08/2015 at 02:43:05
McGeady should never be near an Everton first eleven. What you get from him is nothing. He brings nothing to the party. And he will not improve. I don't agree with comments about Naismith. He is a valuable squad player. And he did score tonight. Not bad for a player with no brain or talent.Well played Deulofleu. And also Miralles. Also good to see Lukaku keep scoring goals. Martinez needs to start looking at GKs. And also cover in all defensive positions. Anyhow, a win is a win. Here's hoping that Martinez realises that these lower league teams are no push overs. And that he fields a strong team against Reading. Put the game to bed early, then rest players. Beat Reading. Get a favourable draw. And who knows. This is one Evertonian, who would love to see Everton win the League Cup.

Just a comment on Stones. I would love to see him stay. I just hope that our board are not playing games. And JS is sold on deadline day, with no time to bring in replacements. Do any of you ToffeeWebbers trust this Everton board to do the right thing? I don't.

Jamie Sweet
12 Posted 27/08/2015 at 03:47:48
He was pretty good in one-v-two situation too!
Matt Traynor
13 Posted 27/08/2015 at 04:15:03
Deulofeu was awesome. And the irony of Peter Beagrie being the pundit in the studio wasn't lost on me.

As noted above, he looks like he is enjoying himself, and to my mind, he seems like he's learned a bit in his year back from his first spell - although maybe that was just the Barnsley factor.

I'm waiting for the first cynic to suggest "yeah, but doesn't this mean Barca will just buy him back more quickly".

Agree with Eugene about the talking on the pitch. I've long believed that Jags isn't Captain material, but that ship has sailed and no way will it be taken off him. So instead let's go for the old cliche of 11 captains on the pitch, or at least a couple - that'd be an improvement.

Wes Schmidt
14 Posted 27/08/2015 at 04:20:30
Del is impressive and should only get better. He has all the skills, just needs a little patience, decision-making, and discipline, but he has the intangible ability to beat men on the dribble and make things happen. At a club where he feels welcome by the fans and his teammates he will shine (but maybe let's not hope too much with that buy back clause eh?)

As for Naismith, I am always impressed by his performances. How many times have to seen Rom, Mirallas et al miss that header he made today? Soild player, 100% effort, always a presence in the box and I think he links up very well with Lukaku as seen today with his near missed shot. He's always the one playing one-two passes and being active in the box and off the ball He's got passion and guts and a nose for goal that some of our highly touted flair players could do with a bit of. I would miss him badly if he left. Vastly under appreciated and unfairly scorned by some.

Pete Gunby
15 Posted 27/08/2015 at 05:01:36
Naismith gives us 100% effort. He is a squad player that seems to be getting the treatment that Hibbert and Osman have soaked up in the past.
Harold Matthews
16 Posted 27/08/2015 at 05:14:47
Apart from Deulofeu, the two things which really caught my eye wre the new slim streamlined body of Lukaku and the non-stop work of Mirallis. Something tells me these lads will have a very good season.

Barkley has definitely matured. "A new animal" states Martinez to Mr Jones. From my point of view, Ross is grabbing the team by the scruff of the neck and thrusting it forward.

Not sure we'll start with specialist wingers against Spurs but I wouldn't complain if we did. Personally, I think he'll go with the usual seven at the back with Cleverley, Kone, Barkley and Lukaku up front. A combination which links up very well, rarely loses possession cheaply and feeds the right balls to the big fella.

The problem may be the left back position. Oviedo might not be fully recovered and the position is always too exposed at the best of times. Kone cannot support Lukaku and the fullback.. He doesn't have the legs. Barry should race over and let McCarthy guard the middle but he won't. Jags should always support his fullback but he doesn't. The result is a lonely leftback faced by two or three opposition players and unable to cope. It happened to Baines, Garbutt and Galloway, three lads now on the sick list and Oviedo got a taste of it against Barnsley. Why the coaches haven't put it right is beyond me. It really is.

Peter McHugh
17 Posted 27/08/2015 at 06:47:02
I only watched the second half so from what I saw we were very good but wasteful and as usual can't deal with crosses coming in our own box.

I wasn't surprised by Deulfeu other than he actually ran back to help defend at times. Now if he helps defend we will have a proper player. That 75 minutes will do his fitness the world of good. Same goes with Oviedo fitness wise who looked well off the pace to me but will get better. Besic I thought was poor and hope he just has an odd game. Barkley outstanding again.

Steve Jenkins
18 Posted 27/08/2015 at 07:04:12
I doubt Naismith will be here next year, he isn't good enough to start and he recently said he values his international career that much that he knows that he'll have to move on to somewhere where he'll start, if he's to keep his place with Scotland.

Next summer he'll be gone I reckon. I have to agree I don't think he's good enough, he makes the wrong decisions & so many of his passes are either over hit or under hit, losing us possession way too often.

I wish him well if he does move on, seems a great chap!

AM - matter of time before he moves on.

Del Boy -sublime, Ross big performance & Besic is class.

Attacking wise we played some great football and some of the players for future are looking like gems.

The defence on the hand is s shambles - every time Barnsley attacked my heart was in my mouth.

We stand off and give way too much space - especially down the flanks & we need someone to sit and protect the back 4.

It doesn't help that we don't have 1 naturally defensive full back, defensively minded that knows how to defend and positionally mark.

All our fullbacks and I include Barnes in this, are attack minded & better going forward than defending.

The team needs to defend as a team, all over the pitch, we need to hunt in packs to close the space, but especially in our own half of the pitch.

Bobby needs to address how we defend on the training ground, as it's our achilles heel.

Jim Hourigan
20 Posted 27/08/2015 at 07:50:06
Excellent performance from Deulofeu but not wishing to down play it, take a look at the opposition. He will not get that much space and time in the premiership and the opportunity to face up his defender. I think he's still 10 - 15% off full speed and fitness, but when there I would love to see him playing regularly. As for Naismith he gets the criticism he deserves. He scores an occasional goal but has poor touch, can't pass water and lacks any football guile. In short a journeyman and to compare him to hibbert and Oman is about right, wholehearted players with more effort than skill.
Jim Hourigan
21 Posted 27/08/2015 at 07:50:06
Excellent performance from Deulofeu but not wishing to down play it, take a look at the opposition. He will not get that much space and time in the premiership and the opportunity to face up his defender. I think he's still 10 - 15% off full speed and fitness, but when there I would love to see him playing regularly. As for Naismith he gets the criticism he deserves. He scores an occasional goal but has poor touch, can't pass water and lacks any football guile. In short a journeyman and to compare him to hibbert and Oman is about right, wholehearted players with more effort than skill.
Rick Pattinson
22 Posted 27/08/2015 at 07:54:36
Naismith is one of few players who gave it 100% last season and always does. I believe he's saved our asses a few times. As for Mcgeady... Seems uninterested get rid
Kase Chow
23 Posted 27/08/2015 at 08:01:24
On a side note: we're all agreed that Barkley played well and dictated the game (he was the one playing the ball out to Del Boy early before he could get marked) and provided the thrust for our attacks

However, he did this as a midfield 2 with Besic rather than in his usual attacking midfield position

As a midfield 2, he picks up the ball in more space and with more time...something to think about. He also protected the ball better. Maybe we can start trusting him to play there?

Trevor Peers
24 Posted 27/08/2015 at 08:54:42
It was so important we won last night for lots of reasons, the introduction of Del Boy made all the difference his skill level is higher than the rest of the squad, we can take heart from having a player of his ability.
Paul Thompson
25 Posted 27/08/2015 at 09:39:21
What impressed me about Deulofeu was his inventiveness in getting crosses in despite being double marked. He'll need that as Premier league defences are a lot more savvy than Barnsley. But if he's added that to his pace and directness, it bodes well for the season. He still won't start for a while I suspect as he's clearly not match fit. Like others I worry more about Oviedo in the short term. We may have to start with him on Sunday and Spurs will focus on our left flank just as Man City did last week.
Eddie Dunn
26 Posted 27/08/2015 at 09:50:16
Good point Harold, even with Baines there has been a gap between the left back and the centre halves. Distin in his prime with his left foot could slot in when banes was off gallivanting with Pienaar, but in the last couple of seasons it has been our achilles heel.
On the suject of Naismith, I feel sorry for him.
He works harder than anyone, and is often played on the wing, or as an extra in midfield and because he is not blessed with great pace he gets terrible criticism on here.

If he plays up top with a clever striker, he is intelligent enough to time his runs and play the right ball to be a fine player.
If we had another 10 with his work rate and attitude we would be unbeatable.

Thomas Surgenor
27 Posted 27/08/2015 at 09:52:15
What a sight to behold;

Barkley either pinged the ball out to Del or rampaged forward. Everytime Barkley got the ball he made the RIGHT decision.
Where did this Ross Barkley come from? and long may it continue!

Barkley playing deeper is a lot better than the Barkley #10 and although Del gets a lot of the plaudits, IMHO it was Barkley who changed the game.

Paul Cherrington
28 Posted 27/08/2015 at 09:52:52
I agree that Deulofeu is a special player with that bit of magic to win you games you just can't teach. If fit, he must play and must be given the ball early to run with as he was tonight. When he is in the team, our other 'big' players like Rom and Ross play better too.
Barry Pearce
29 Posted 27/08/2015 at 10:00:10
Oviedo seems to have lost some pace. I don't think he has properly recovered from his bad run of injuries.

Although now injured himself, letting Garbutt go out on loan looks like it's going to hurt us.

Glen Garrett
30 Posted 27/08/2015 at 10:11:32
Deulofeu played superb, the game changed once him and Barkley came on, Everton Should start games with Deulofeu, Barkley, Mirallas, Lukaku and Naismith, this lot are so good together, Everton have got so many attacking options when you have this lot attacking other teams together, they run other teams all over the place left to right.

I just think that Martinez has somehow got to get the defence right; once that's in place I'd say Everton will make things happen.

And let's not forget Kone he has shown promising stuff for this season so far, let's hope he can keep it all up.

Dave Williams
31 Posted 27/08/2015 at 10:26:52
Lay off Naismith - great competitor, bags of effort, scores goals and a decent bloke too. Give him your support rather than unjustified criticism and see the difference.

On the point of skipper does anyone else see signs of maturity and leadership in Rom? Very intelligent lad and I wonder if he could be a future captain?

Ajay Gopal
32 Posted 27/08/2015 at 10:32:10
I have been saying for years now that Naismith is our present day Tim Cahill. Not the most gifted footballer, but has tons of heart and adds steel to the side. They both are terrific headers of the football, and bas***ds to play against. Maybe, there is less need for a Tim Cahill type player now, but it is good to have such a player in your team - Naisy would be very useful when protecting a 1-0 lead or in cup competitions which are won more by heart than by skill.
Steven Jones
33 Posted 27/08/2015 at 10:47:22
Harold, I really did notice Mirallas's effort ..

His last ditch tackle throwing himself in the way of a cross just before he came off was worth a big cheer ...

Not all of these players are fully fit yet but when they are - watch out, they will cane someone!

Brian Harrison
34 Posted 27/08/2015 at 10:53:01
There was no doubt both halftime substitutions had a marked effect. Deulofeu has all the talent in the world no wonder Barca insisted on a buy back clause. Yes at times he will frustrate the life out of you but at times he will also be sublime. Barkley had his best game in a blue shirt for a long time, and yes with both Barkley and Deulofeu we have to bear in mind it was against Barnsley. But both deserve the plaudits for helping turn the game around.

I don't know who it was on Sky that gave Lukaku the man of the match award, I thought for large parts of the game he was anonymous. I was very glad to hear RMs comments about Stones at the end of the game, lets hope we stick to what he says and that the lad is going nowhere.

Anthony Dwyer
35 Posted 27/08/2015 at 11:04:07
Yep, agree with Roberto here, Del Boy was a menace.

I think he has stated that he only wanted Del to play 45 minutes so after getting an extra 30 he may feel the Spurs game will be a bit too soon to start him, he will probably be best suited to have a 25 / 30 minute cameo if needed.

Mirallas is a must for me, he was hungry and aggressive when trying to win the ball back plus constantly positive in possession. I don't think he will be played against Spurs if I am honest though as I feel Kone will be included as will Ross, leaving a space in the attacking area left at one who will most probably be Cleverly.

I would like to see us play more games without the partnership of Barry an McCarthy as Barkley can be very influential when playing a bit deeper an dictating the play.

Also I'd like to see more of Mo Besic as he looked hungry, he also looked a bit weighty but still managed to do the miles too, maybe that's the key for his Premier League career. The defence and goalkeeper looked awful though, this is worrying.

Ben Jones
36 Posted 27/08/2015 at 11:06:07

Not just comparing Naismith and Cahill in mentality, but I think they're quite similar players. Both short players with very good movement and good headers of the ball. Saying he's not good enough is a joke. He's a really useful squad player, who is different to anyone we have, and look at his record against the big sides? He scores against them.

Nice to see Deulofeu play really well, 3 assists in the team is a great start. I think no one is mentioned this yet either, but you have to give Cleverley some credit. He's played right back, centre mid and left wing so far. He distributes the ball quickly, got good close control and always gives 100%.

I'm a bit worried about Spurs though, especially the defence looking leaky against Barnsley and how well Harry Kane played against us last season.

Paul Avery
37 Posted 27/08/2015 at 11:14:42
Thomas #25. "Barkley playing deeper is a lot better than playing #10" proper spot on mate
Erik Dols
38 Posted 27/08/2015 at 11:19:39
Ajay, Ben, I like the work ethic of Naismith but to compare him to Cahill is way off the mark. Cahill was at least two levels his better.
Jay Woods
39 Posted 27/08/2015 at 11:52:43
I thought Lukaku had the touch of an elephant and was weak in the air. Overall, he's a long way from being the new Drogba. He, like our other attacking players (bar Del) looks like he isn't being properly coached or something.

Criticism of Naismith is harsh, for the reasons already articulated by others above. McGeady, though... Well, he's not a Premiership player, not even for a relegation side. He would struggle to shine in that Barnsley side. Maybe it's a fitness issue, maybe it's confidence, or maybe he's just useless.

But Deulofeu was had and shoulders way above any of our attacking players out there. He really looked like a Barcelona-standard player.

Liam Reilly
40 Posted 27/08/2015 at 11:56:24
Can't help but thinking that McGeady just tries too hard instead of just concentrating on doing the simple things and when they don't come off he looks lost. He needs a serious confidence boost.

Great work by the forward players though who started the second half last night - including Naismith, but boy are we god awful at defending.

Those who slate Barry on here need to look at the mileage he puts in during games; Opta stats prove that he regularly covers more grass than anyone else including McCarthy and provides much needed cover for that shaky defensive line.

Richard Reeves
41 Posted 27/08/2015 at 12:03:36
Deulofeu was fantastic and I hope he continues that form, he's proved as I've always said that he should be first choice in the starting eleven. It's back up we need to be looking at and that's not McGeady or Lennon.

When on form, Barkley, Mirallas and Deulofeu are irresistible to watch; we will scare the shit out of the opposition with them in the team and be capable of the fast counter attack with Lukaku in front. Imagine how much more of a threat we would be with another prolific goalscorer alongside Lukaku, someone like Austin. That would mean either playing one defensive midfielder (which is my preferred option and possible with a back four) or going to three at the back.

With an attacking five like that you would think goals would not be something hard to deliver. Naismith is effective and well capable of delivering goals and I would still put him front of Kone in the pecking order but, if we just had some investment in that area in the form of a prolific goalscorer, our first eleven would be some force to be reckoned with.

Nick Armitage
42 Posted 27/08/2015 at 12:50:43
Eugene Ruane - bang on about Del boy and talking, however I did notice Besic directing play a lot last night (while putting in a great shift). Not as much as pointy shouty Phil Neville but at least he was having a go - I think we've got a gem in this lad.
Dave Lynch
43 Posted 27/08/2015 at 12:57:06
Are some of you forgetting that Naismith scored a very important goal last night and has done on a number of occassions for us.

If he does that every other match he will be well worth his place in the squad, not a starter every week mind.

Shane Corcoran
44 Posted 27/08/2015 at 13:00:53
Naismith really dividing opinion.

My view is that he's useful. He's quite good when there are teammates close to him so he can play his little one-twos. He's also good at making runs and can finish.

Put him outside the width of the box however and he's lost. He also gives the ball away an incredible amount of times when the pass is relatively easy.

Delighted to have him in the squad however.

One more thing, he's an unbelievable moaner, moreso when he wins a free and the opposition have a go at the ref. He's up there telling them that they're wrong with this disgusted look on this face.

Andrew Laird
45 Posted 27/08/2015 at 13:42:53
As brilliant as Deulofeu's cameo was, surely the fact that we started putting whipped and pacey crosses into the box for Lukaku to attack and midfielders to drift in for second balls led to a hatful of chances and our eventual recovery.

Mcgeady is ok until his final ball/shot/decision, bearing in mind his age I sincerely doubt this will ever improve and he should be nowhere near the match day squad. This is the exact same reason that Lennon would be a backwards signing (unless a straight swap!), although his excellent workrate is infectious.

Roberto Martinez went up tenfold in my estimation last night, he seems to have the necessary cojones to make the difficult decisions and his post match interview was the stuff of class and intelligence personified.

Ben Jones
46 Posted 27/08/2015 at 14:44:40

Agreed. Not saying they're the same in how good they are, just two similar types of players.

Tony Abrahams
47 Posted 27/08/2015 at 14:56:07
Actually think playing extra time might help us on Saturday. Nothing like playing games, to get players properly fit, especially a game like last nights.

Well done, Deulofeu, play like that every week and it won't be long before Barca, want you back!

Paul Cherrington
48 Posted 27/08/2015 at 15:11:48
I agree Naismith is a useful player to have around but if he plays it must only be as striker. Any other position and he is ineffective and actually makes the whole team play worse.

Not his fault of course but Martinez must recognise this – him and Rom as a partnership would be worth a look for example if we wanted to go two up top.

Keith Glazzard
49 Posted 27/08/2015 at 20:54:56
I was so glad that Deulofeu decided to come back. He will face harder tasks, but he definitely has the makings, and fingers crossed, he will become ... even better. A Catalan, by the way, a bit different to Spanish. It generally means a bit more business-like, hard working. Now he has settled down with a club he knows and respects (very important) I can only hope we’ll see him blossom.

Barnsley taught us more about ourselves than Southampton did.

Anyone else fancy their Marc Roberts for ٠ million?

Billy Fisher
50 Posted 27/08/2015 at 22:43:16
I agree with the the initial post, yes he was and is outstanding and I would have put him or Mirallas on against City when we couldn't break them down with the normal tactics... ie, bring a fuckin dribbler on for longer then 10 minutes.
Andrew Keatley
51 Posted 28/08/2015 at 00:10:40
Suddenly seems like there are a few more options in attacking positions than in previous years.

I was quietly impressed with Cleverley. He slotted in at right wing-back to help the team in the second half, and he was very disciplined in giving the team a bit of balance. He also covers a lot of ground. I'd like to see him given the chance to play alongside McCarthy as the deeper midfielder, with Barkley advanced centrally (as he has been this season).

I think that Barry coming and getting the ball off the centre-halves has limited potential as he is never going to drive forward with the ball; I think Cleverly and Barkley both have good passing ranges and can run with the ball if they need to. I hope that we see Barry starting less games this season - and not so many of the games against the top clubs as that's where his lack of pace and dynamism tends to cost us.

Tim Sharpe
52 Posted 28/08/2015 at 08:47:36
Naisy for me is the definition of "right tool for the job." (I'm not calling him a tool btw, he is a very nice bloke.)

Some jobs call for a scalpel, some for an axe. You wouldn't use a Porsche to plow a field! Naisy has some similar characteristics as Tim Cahill, he annoys players, pops in in the right place. Having seen in for Rangers (I know, only Rangers/Scottish football) he is intelligent, making the right runs most of the time. He works hard, and has pulled our asses out the fire on a few occasions, vs Aston Villa after out Derby mauling is the best example I can think of.

He is not especially skillful, or fast but his contribution is as high as any other player. First to get in opposition players faces, he is also vocal and will fight for Everton when needed.

Valuable squad player, 1st team every week? Probably not but most definitely useful.

Anto Byrne
53 Posted 28/08/2015 at 18:12:14
I reckon we are a bit harsh on some players returning from long absences.

McGeady had a couple of chances and with match fitness and a bit of confidence he will be a good squad player. He has pace and also knows how to defend something that we sometimes overlook in a player.

I'm not a fan of Nessie but he works hard and is rewarded with a goal, again a useful player to have who knows how to defend and also get on the end of a cross.

Robles looked ring rusty and a bit nervous but we all saw how a few games improved him no end with 3 clean sheets and then was dropped for the clanger man.

I thought Bryan Oveido did well and got better as the game went on.

Gerry was unplayable at times and the chip over the keeper and bar was pure genius. We have a team full of kids still learning their trade lest give them some slack. I read Robles is 24. Oh for someone in the Binman mould.

Shaun Murphy
54 Posted 28/08/2015 at 18:32:59
Gotta start against Spurs for me. He just loves taking people on which is what we all want.
Mark Tanton
55 Posted 30/08/2015 at 14:09:47
Though he wasn't good enough to dislodge the regulars hey Roberto?!

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