In Support of David Moyes

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The fume about Moyes? I get it.

I get it because I spent long portions of that first Martinez season berating Moyesy, laughing at him and revelling in the fact we had Martinez instead of him. But the amount of abuse that he was on the receiving end of never felt right. We're a proud club with dignity and the amount of abuse we threw his way never felt right to me. We like to think there's an Everton way of doing things and that wasn't it.

I admit that by his 10th season I'd had enough of him – I was bored of functional 2-0 wins against the Fulhams and Swanseas of this world. How we longed for some of those types of results last season!

And he got things wrong – in retrospect his "knife to a gunfight" line stinks but it wasn't deemed half as contemptible at the time he said it as it is now. Ironically because Martinez gave us our ambition back.

Let's remember how the general consensus amongst all of us was "you can't blame him" when he left for United. I remember feeling real sadness that he'd gone because – and this might take some getting your head round – what characterised him in his first 6 or 7 years was his positivity. Yes, David Moyes' positivity, it's not necessarily an oxymoron. 4th, Champions League, Europe, Arteta as number 10 and starting seasons with the intention of winning the league. It didn't happen but his intent was one of ambition and he did make great strides initially.

Look, it didn't work out, it went stale and he's made mistakes in the media since. But I think he's a good man with values. He's a hard man. He doesn't stand any shit. And this time around, with some serious money in his back pocket...

I don't know, it's not an easy argument to make but somehow I could always envisage an open top bus parade around the city with Moyes at the helm more than I could Martinez. As I'm writing this I know I'm aware I'm leaving myself open to some easy criticisms.

Maybe it's just a hunch. But go back in time and remember that David Moyes sold us a dream that was rooted in sustainability and integrity. He didn't fulfil it. But I think I'd be up for giving him another chance. We all deserve those don't we?

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