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All this talk of a new manager seems to be the immediate priority, but it is drowning out the bigger issue – a potential decision on the stadium and it's site.

I live in East London and walked along the canal and right past the Olympic Stadium this morning on my way in. It is really impressive. It made me think of Old Trafford and the Emirates and Wembley – that type of impressive. Then I thought about the Riverside and realised that football stadiums are one of the few examples where it isn't just about the location.

The stadium itself needs to be intimidating and have grandeur. If financially this can be achieved to a greater degree next to the Showcase on the East Lancs Road, then so be it. I would rather have a site and a building that intimidates away teams as they drive up and impresses new signings as they arrive for talks.

I'd love it if this could be achieved on the Docks, but, to me, the stadium itself is more important than where it is!

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