The one and only manager that can take us to the top

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I have been following Everton for about 40 years and we've been through plenty of ups and downs over the years. Truth be told, I think we've been through more downs than ups. I've been reading nearly every Everton-related article when I have had a chance.

But as they say, 'Once you start supporting Everton, you fall in love with them!'

The few times that I've been proud with the words 'Nil Satis Nisi Optimum' on the emblem (that everyone SHOULD know what it means!),was in the '80s and the last match against Norwich when Unsworth and Royle were in ciharge.

Now, in my opinion on who Everton should appoint as a manager, Eddie Howe is my choice. I've seen all of the rumours and studied them as if the choice was in my own hands. Some people think that if you appoint Howe, you won't attract any big-name players so do you think that by appointing another manager that has been rumoured to join Everton, more star players will want to join Everton?

I think that if we appoint Howe and bring the right players and experienced players like Rooney as a leader (if he's available), with the players that are coming through, and the experienced players that we already have, we can form a good team that we can be proud of.

I hope that next season we'll be a better one.

Up the Toffees!!

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