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If we end up with Frank De Boer, the door to Dutch talent will be open.

If I had to choose five signings for the summer, they would all be Dutch:

  • Wijnaldum (Newcastle - LM/CM/CAM)
    At 25 years old, he's the right age to add some experience, as well as skills and hard working attitude.
  • Cillesen/Zoet (Ajax/PSV - GK)
    Both around the 25 year old mark, good leaders from the back & a lot better than we have already. Cillesen at Ajax with FDB.
  • Bazoer (Ajax - CM)
    18 years old - very young, but adds the creative edge that we quite frankly, do not have, in the midfield. He is big and strong too, so won't have trouble adapting to the BPL. Also at Ajax with FDB.
  • Janssen (AZ - ST)
    Absolute class! 21 years old. Already in the Dutch national team. He is left footed, but is ambidextrous, like Ross. Good in the air, good with the ball at his feet, can hold it up, run, dribble... And the man can finish! I'd choose him over Rom anyday, Janssen's attitude is top class, works hard on the pitch, both on attack and puts in a shift in defense.
  • Van Dijk (Southampton - CB)
    A bully of a defender - 24 years old. Good with the ball, a pity we missed out on him at the beginning of the season. Other than him, someone like Dragovic or Shawcross (with a bit of work), are perfect to replace Jags.

Other than Van Dijk, who has just signed a new long term deal, I think we could get all of the above as a start.

Go look at some YouTube videos and statistics, class players! Netherlands and Belgium are where to look!

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