Déjà... Blue?

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I was thinking about the situation at Everton. Currently on paper Everton sit, managerless and mid-table. We have finished mid-table for the last two years. Some of our better player are subject to transfer speculation, and have been for some time. Lukaku looks set to leave (if his dad is to be believed), Stones has been touted around by the press and to media for various moves over the last 12 months. Funes Mori's agent has chirped up. Everton have announced that the plans for a new ground that were being worked on, now are not. Yet, we Blues are a happy bunch at the moment: talk of a big transfer kitty from Mr Moshiri; talk of us going out to get a top end manager. A winner – Mourinho, Koeman, De Boer... Rumours that Peel Holdings and Everton could work together on a new docklands project that would be bigger and better than what we had originally planned for the Kings Dock. As an aside, I personally was wondering about incorporating the original name of our club in the stadium name. St Domingos arena anyone? If yer know yer 'istory and all that. We have been linked with players. Our crop of youngsters have been talked up of late, some vision for the future eh? But.... It's season ticket time boys 'n' girls. I have been following Everton for a while, longer than some, fewer than some, 30-odd years since I was a little lad. Here is the thing: it wouldn't be the first time that there were rumours at the time when season ticket renewal came about, would it? We have certainly had our fair share of spurious links with never-to-be transfers. A certain Riquelme for example, amongst others. New ground, you say? Yes, there have been soundbytes from the council, from the mayor too. Now if I said the words 'ring-fenced' and started talking about Destination Kirkby, Kings Dock I imagine a few might recall similar talk. Has Mr Moshiri just witnessed first hand a Boys Pen special? Has Bill just fed us all a line again, and we swallowed it? Now I might be naive, I might be a huge optimist, or just plain delusional BUT... I think there will be a big appointment. I think there will be a new ground. I would just like to know what you fine folks think, if just to have that little doubt erased.

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