Should they stay... or should they go?

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Indulge me .... the new Everton manager has arrived (whether that be Mr J Mourinho or Mr M Mouse) and obviously they have rung me for my sage advice on the existing squad before he gets spending on new additions (which will obviously be another phone call I'll have to take).

It's all subjective ... and as the title suggests it will cause many a clash ... but this is what I'd say.

Already departed – Howard.

Without a doubt should go – Hibbert, Kone, Gibson, McGeady, Osman and Pienaar.

Dubious about and could go if the right offer came – Robles, Funes Mori (his agent is already talking moves and I can't quite trust him as a player), Garbutt, Mattioni, Mirallas, McAleny, Niasse (surely must be better than what we've seen - if not, wtf?!), Rodriguez, Oviedo, Cleverley and Lennon.

Keep – Baines, Jagielka, Coleman, Browning, Pennington, Galloway, Deulofeu, Tarashaj and Besic.

For me, I'd sell McCarthy and Barry if the right offers came in – but would also be happy if they stayed. Barry was very good all season but is getting long in the tooth and James runs around a lot, tackles, but doesn't really create much.

Let go if mega money is offered and their attitude is set on seeking pastures new – Lukaku.

Try to keep despite any huge offers – Barkley (but tell him to put the gym weights down for a while and get back to being a potential demigod) and Stones (with the right coach he will be everything we thought he'd be before his confidence ebbed away). But, if they truly want away - then get every last penny we can for them.

Keep, develop and merge into the first team squad – as youngsters must be given a chance - Holgate, Foulds, Davies, Ledson, Kenny, Dowell and Henen.

Potentially a heck of a lot of changes. Alongside a new owner, a new manager and hopefully a new dockside stadium.

I'll get me coat...

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