Leading Everton to the brink

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Seven names I personally think we should be looking at to succeed Roberto Martinez.

As an ex-Club volunteer, Disability team skipper, fan and scout I speak from the heart about and to the people behind the scenes at the Club with great fondness and respect.

For me it's not about a name or reputation. We really have to be different when picking the next gaffer.

The Evertonian: Eddie Howe – Great motivator, does well on a budget and can coach wonderfully. Full-blooded and passionate, for me a long shot but of Moyes tenure ilk.

The Believer: Marc Wilmots – Works well with quite big names, a motivator and has that Belgian connection. A little unorthodox but deserves a chance in my opinion to be on the shortlist

The Mini Pep: Albert Celades – Born of the Barca way, an unknown to many but he has worked so well with youth groups. Can he step up? He is of great age and for me deserves a chance to be shortlisted

The impulse: Roger Schmidt – Done well over the last few years and would work well again under a tight budget. He is lively and has a great percentage of winning games, for me not media darling enough but deserving of a shout.

The Wild Card: Eusebio Di Francesco – Led a smaller team to a great position in Italy. At 46 he's of great age to want to have a longer tenure. Passionate as any Italian, I think he deserves a mention

The Challenger: Luis Miquel Ramis – The Youth Coach at Real Madrid, tough-tackling in his day and tough-talking as a manager, different option but why not?

The Inspiration: Henrik Larsson – Superb impactful coach with great pedigree as a player. Well-travelled and good with young players. Would need a Dunc or Rhino with him but would love to impress.

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