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I have never engaged in fan websites in terms of writing my opinion, I have simply read with interest the opinion of others. However today I feel compelled to "put pen to paper".

At 44 I remember the good old pre-Premier League days when football was a level playing field. A time when teams were mainly filled with local players, and players that had come through their academies. Yes, the bigger clubs had some foreign players but they were few and far between and, to be honest, even that was fair because they became bigger clubs because their local players made them the bigger clubs, or their scouting systems did.

Today, however, it's all about money and that's why I write.

Now, before I get into my point, I realise that the Leicester achievement nullifies some of my argument so I ask that we park this as a one-off, freak achievement – which right now it is, but let's hope it's not and they continue to do well.

For years I have argued with my dark side friends about buying power, wages, money spent on players, etc, and my argument has been how can we compete and yet we have still finished higher in the league on occasions. The point being, though, it has all been about money.

All this time I had dreamed about someone taking over Everton or investment coming in to the club so we can compete, and listening to Roberto Martinez recently it appears that's where we are. But does it feel like that?

When Chelsea came into money I was excited to see what happened and whom they bought, never mind the Chelsea fans. Same with Man City and even Spurs when they sold Bale.

Do you have that feeling now as a Blue? Does it feel that we are linked with players, that we have money, that there is a new future and new hope ahead? I checked the bbc.co.uk/sport gossip column today and it's like we don't exist.

Here we are, supposed to be a big-ish club, whose manager must surely be on the brink of being sacked and there isn't even any real (solid) speculation over this. What I am saying here is it does't feel like there has been any change, any investment and there is a clear lack of excitement about he future.

Who is to blame?

I don't hate Roberto Martinez, but he must shoulder a lot of the blame and so must the Board, the players, the commercial department... the club is just silent. It's like we have no goals, no ambition, no desire to rock the boat or speak above our station.

We should have done what Leicester did this season while all the "big clubs" had a wobble but the club culture/mentality will never allow that to happen.

So What Next?

I believe the club needs a complete overhaul, and I think this comes from the manager. Yes, Martinez is uber-positive in his language but there is just something about him that you don't believe it. We need someone strong, someone young, someone who hates losing. Is that Pellegrini? No. Please don't let it be him next.

We need a Pochettino-type who is young, strong, ambitious who can give us some sort of identity.

The club needs someone to raise the profile of the club, the performance of the players and the spirit of the fans. Please, God, we don't keep Martinez but the next appointment needs to be right.

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