Lap of dishonour

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Next Saturday will be my 40th year of watching us at Goodison Park. I can't remember when laps of appreciation started after the final home game. Did they happen in the 70s?

They've always followed the same pattern. But for the first time ever, I'm unsure how it'll pan out on Saturday. If Martinez is still there, the atmosphere will be poisonous. Surely none of the players will feel comfortable being applauded for the drivel they've served up this season?

And as the dressing room is clearly in open revolt against Martinez's methods, it seems to me that – unless we have a sacking in the next 5 days – we should all just pack up and go home as soon as the final whistle is blown.

Otherwise, it will feel like civil war and the resulting bad blood will reek between now and next August. So come on, Mr Moshiri – sort this one out between now and Friday.

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