A Clean Slate

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Even the most ardent of Roberto Martinez supporters must surely have run out of patience. The manager's days are undoubtedly numbered.There is no way back, it is as simple as that. No excuses, nothing left to discuss. He should do the honourable thing and hand his resignation in poste haste.

I am not jumping on the bandwagon; I have questioned his judgement for many months, long before the present decline. His vastly overrated opinions of Messrs Barkley, Stones, McCarthy, Besic and Cleverley, plus the signing of Niasse, after selling a far superior all round honest, hard working player in Naismith, created doubts which sadly have materialised. Baines was correct: there is no chemistry in the team. More pertinently, tactically we are naçeve.

This Everton squad has no heart nor guts. We have become pathetic pushovers. If Lukaku wants away, let him go. Sadly, Barry is too old. The supporters need to get wise to what is apparent on the park and disregard the 'Hype' surrounding our so called 'Stars'. They are simply imposters, who flatter to deceive.

Any new manager should start with a clean slate, put the lot of them up for sale. Why not give youth a chance, while also signing some proven performers. The first priority, a solid reliable traditional centre-half. The only current player I would be anxious to retain would be Coleman.

Stones will never make a centre-half, when does he ever get first to any ball in the air? He could be tried in midfield, I believe he possesses the ability to make that transition.

I would sell Barkley tomorrow to the highest bidder. Rooney gave him an attacking midfield masterclass in the semi. If only Man Utd would give him back to us in a swap deal. If there was any chance, then we ought to welcome him back with open arms and build the team around him.

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