Martinez's confidence in his position is alarming

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Roberto Martinez has recently come out fighting against a back drop of discontent regarding his position.

Fans, media and hopefully the board have now got to a stage where all parties have had enough of the Spaniard. His stubbornness regarding formation and tactics have long been found out. Post match comments are now on YouTube under the 'comedy section', and he recently took a swipe at new Champions Leicester saying that his Goodison outfit would never play like them under his tenure. Too right Bobby, they are champions, something we will never be with you at the helm.

What alarms is his confidence regarding his future at the club. Even though we have endured the worst home top flight points tally in our proud history, Martinez has recently hinted at transfer targets and today stated in the Echo that his position is 'as strong as ever'.

This means one of two things. Either he is past the point of reason and he has serious mental problems OR more worryingly, Bill Kenwright has convinced our new Billionaire and the rest of the board that the current manager is the right man for the job and he is actually staying.

The manager is a worry, but the board seem to be the real problem again. Martinez for all his faults comes across as a nice guy. He deserves to be backed or sacked by the club at the end of the season at the very latest.

We have had comments on ToffeeWeb regarding Martinez betting to be sacked. Comments on horrible possible appointments like O'Neill and Moyes. Pie-in-the-sky comments regarding appointments such as Mourinho, Löw and even Simone (I wish!).

But has anyone contemplated that this current board of directors may just be contemplating Martinez IS the right man for the job and that he will be given multi millions to spend and lead us into next season?

The mind boggles...

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