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Nadir, Darkest before the dawn. Strength through adversity. Light at the end of the tunnel. Ahh Everton, it's the hope that kills ya.

Bright, bright sunshiny day...

New dawns, well we've heard it all before haven't we? Let me start with a couple of predictions: firstly Martinez will leave Everton by the end of the season by mutual consent. Secondly, Bill Kenwright will step down, be thanked for his service to our great club later this year or by this time next season, while Moshiri appoints his men onto the board and throughout the club during this summer and beyond. I'm not in the know, these are predictions based on reading from trusted Evertonians, observations concerning the behavior of our manager and the clubs silence. I could be wrong but then there's always hope.

There's something happening here...

I've said before, I hadn't posted on this site since the Walter Smith years. This is a great site, it's part of me, there's not a day gone by I haven't read it and as many of the fine postings as I can. I stopped posting because during the time of Smith and Kenwright's takeover Everton seemed to me at least, listless, in a ambitionless, wilderness of under-achievement and mediocrity.

Yes, our chairmen had steadied the ship which was sinking under Johnson, but he didn't have the leadership or financial clout to get it sailing again. There were many who warned on this site and others were this was all going and they have my deepest respect for speaking up instead of staying silent.

Moyes did a tremendous job of salvaging and transforming us from a team fighting against relegation to one gently, politely tapping on the glass ceiling. But without investment we were never going to smash through it. There wasn't much we could do but witness the lowering of expectations, a sickness that has blighted the club for over two decades now. But as true supporters we stuck by the club and still do but it was increasingly becoming unrecognisable.

I could see were Kenwright was going with appointing Martinez, although he wasn't my choice but his first season was promising, maybe he was an inspired appointment. I read the posters from the Christmas period of the second season, the utterly baffling decisions made by the manager during the summer and after the first home game against Watford, I was utterly convinced he had to go. But not just Martinez, Kenwright's time was up to. Hence posting again.

My voice is irrelevant and unimportant but there was so many posters on this site, who shared deep misgivings and concern about were our club was heading, that as an Evertonian and from a family who has supported this club going back to my great grandfather, I had to speak up. In short, we've had one lost generation of Evertonians who have never witnessed success, we simply can't afford another. I wasn't prepared to stay silent, I have children now too.

Turn, Turn, Turn...

Back to nadir, the derby for me and the subsequent semi final was the blackest week in Everton's history that I can remember. It's been discussed at length and there's nothing I can add besides to me it's a low ebb. I would suggest to you all though, it was necessary. The death of a dream perhaps for one man. A rebirth through death for others. An end that functions as a forge to determine change. That everything that is about to transpire couldn't have happened without it's long drawn out conclusion. It was an end of an era.

I'm not suggesting to you we are about to pass through the Elysian gates, with a Moshiri appointed Mourinho backed with riches winning titles and silverware. No, what I am suggesting to you is that there is change at hand. Change, which is the only inevitability in life besides death and taxes. And that change, has promise and were there's promise there is hope.

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