Pardon this quick rant on the PR disaster that is Everton.

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Back him or sack him. This all seems a needless torture of the supporters. Creates a big dumb public relations mess. And the season ticket renewal issues! It's the punishingly continuous uncertainty that is fueling the dissent further. A night like this across the park combined with the last couple of weeks on and off the pitch has just poured more salty misery on the whole damn thing.

I've NEVER seen an organization with more self-inflicted wounds related to its shocking lack of transparency and communication with its core audience/fan base than Everton. And maybe if they'd won ANYTHING of significance in TWO decades, they might be excused of it.

But the BALLS of THIS club, Everton – which has (likely) finished bottom half of the league in consecutive seasons, displayed embarrassing effort in ALL the most important matches this season, and won 4 (while the season still mattered) home games – to say that YOU, the hopelessly-devoted Evertonian, don't merit the basic courtesy of transparency and clarity! It borders on the sadistic to specialize far more in the creation and export of elective affliction of harm to one's supporters than in the creation of a winning football club.

And though Roberto Martinez can't manage this team and SHOULD'VE been booted AGES ago, he is by most accounts a kind and (mostly) sincere gentleman. The club's inaction has needlessly taken a steel boot to a man who no longer deserves to be employed, but certainly merits basic respect from his employers.

We all read about Mr Moshiri's intellect, acumen, and positive intent. And he may feel hard done-by to be harshly criticized before he has made his first move of significance. But the PR disaster the club continues to perpetuate in his presence does nothing but spawn increasing doubts about all those positive qualities we were assured of in our savior, Mr Moshiri.

Needless. All so needless. About as needless as Bill Kenwright's continued presence at the club, I reckon. Take a gun to the current head of stubborn loyalty to the mediocre status quo and be born again to the audacity to expect greatness again. That is the Everton I want.

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