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I think it is fair to say that a majority of posters on ToffeeWeb would like Martinez gone. However, is this the view of most Evertonians? Are we a loud minority encouraging each other and just getting angrier and angrier?

I have tried to think back to the Walter Smith days, an era in which I could afford to travel over for many games each season. I expect there was a good deal of negativity towards him on this site but I was unaware of it and supported him right to the end. I know many contributors on here are match goers but is there a difference in mindset between the armchair fan and the match goer?I find it hard to understand how anyone can defend him though I respect the efforts of the brave few on here who give it a go.

Also, I have been to one game this season so I will not have the brass neck to lecture Evertonians on what protest would get him out, or not buying season tickets or flying planes over. I admire those who protest and I would if I could. What is the majority view and, if most fans want him gone, how can this be achieved?

To me, it seems that Martinez will stay as long as it remains comfortable for Kenwright to keep him here. How to make Bill uncomfortable, that is the question, if a majority of Evertonians want him gone.

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