Let's not miss the boat

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I can't help thinking that we are wasting a golden opportunity by not challenging for a top 4 place in the Premier League. We have a talented group of players which includes one of Europe's most prolific strikers in Lukaku. But the biggest reason why it is imperative to start challenging for the Champions League places (that is next season obviously) is because the so-called top sides are so poor at the moment.

There's no doubt that all the extra broadcasting revenue in the Premier League has evened up the 'playing field' because the likes of Watford and Crystal Palace can outspend most teams from the other leagues in Europe. This obviously doesn't include the elite clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, PSG, Juventus etc... But nevertheless, the lesser teams in the Premier League have a larger pool of better players to buy, which wasn't the case in the past.

I still feel that the 'playing field' isn't as even as some people may think; the openness of the league and the success of teams like Spurs and Leicester, is a result stemming from the demise of the Sky 4/5 clubs. Sir Alex, at Man Utd, left an aging squad behind that needed a major rebuilding job doing. Sadly (for them that is) Moyes and Van Gaal have made a right mess of that process. Van Gaal has spent countless millions on average players and therefore, they are a very average outfit.

Chelsea are also a shadow of their former selves; their form took a real nosedive after 'the special one' lost the respect of his players, starting with when he sacked the very popular female physio: Eva Carneiro. There's still some very good players at Chelsea but a rebuilding job will need doing. Same goes for Man City, they are the poorest they've been for many years.

Make no mistake about it though, these financial powerhouses will be back dominating the top 4 and winning the Premier League title – normal service will be resumed. These clubs can buy the elite players because they can pay them £200k a week... a luxury that a club like ours and the others don't have. This season was the perfect opportunity for us to take advantage of the openness of the Premier League. Instead, Spurs and Leicester have done that.

Have Leicester actually got a better squad of players than us? My opinion is no. What they are, is a very well-drilled organised unit... everything that we aren't. I think that is a reflection of the quality difference in Martinez and Ranieri.

We really need a competent manager in charge while the mega-rich clubs are still in transition. We have a quality squad of players and perhaps the likes of Lukuka and Stones would stick around for one more season to see if we can match their ambitions, with a new manager appointed. Many of the players (like us fans) will be bewildered with Martinez's naive tactics and will know there's no chance of progress under the current regime.

So, who should Moshiri appoint? I'm sure we all have our own preference, but mine would be Marcelo Bielsa. He's currently out of work and has (mostly) done a fantastic job wherever he's been. If you like the way Spurs play then you'll like the style of Bielsa, as Pochettinho is a disciple of his. I really think the Goodison crowd would appreciate his style of high intensity and pressing football.

We are not like West Ham fans who demand attractive football; we like to see lots of energy and commitment – that's what gets us excited. We can't afford to keep writing-off seasons and risk losing our best players every summer while the Premier League is so open. Let's not miss the boat.

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