What exactly is happening at Goodison?

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There has been a lot of talk about the fans being a major reason for the pitiful home results this season. I'm a long way away, but I catch every match on the tube, and I can't help but notice that since midway through last season, Goodison has been a lot quieter. At times the only noise is from the away fans.

I'm not oblivious to the fact that the silence began about the same time Martinez's master plan for revolutionization of Everton football really started to take effect. People were/are just plain bored with Roberto's possession football. Not only is it boring, it's obviously not working. Not at home anyway.

It's obvious to the fans and it must be doubly so to the players. They push to make it work, and in doing so leave themselves vulnerable at the back. Add to that, the rearguard are lacking chemistry. They are all quality talent, but I don't think they play as cohesive unit. Whether we play two CBs, or three, it's edge of the seat stuff every time there's a cross or a corner. The Everton Achilles heel is common knowledge around the league.

The players get anxious, they get tight, they make mistakes they usually wouldn't make. The fans get restless, they get quiet. Instead of waiting in anticipation for the bit of magic that makes football a joy to watch, we wait for the inevitable bad pass or missed header, because with Martinez's system, there will be more than a few, and pray that the mistake doesn't end up in our net.

There is no joy at Goodison. The squad loses... they're not happy. When Everton lose, especially in the manner that they lose, WE the fans, are not happy. Some may boo because that's the only way to let their feelings be known.

There are some who say that booing isn't acceptable; we should be encouraging the players, not criticizing them.

Are the fans the reason for the terrible results at home? The supporters reactions aren't the disease, they're just a natural reaction to what's happening, or more precisely, what's not happening on the pitch.

It's up to Martinez to turn thing around on the field. To lay responsibility at the feet of fans who pay good money to watch the games, is not helping. It's making things a whole lot worse.

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