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There's been talk on here for a while with regard to who we should go for if Martinez is given the boot at the end of the season.

I just read the Mirror this morning and had to wonder if one of the stories in it might just be the little break in the grey clouds hanging over us.

Bilic will not be offered a new contract at West Ham Utd until January, as opposed to this summer's close season, in case he's a "one-season wonder".

Bilic appears to be a good fit for us in my opinion: he knows the club, has international experience, is fiery (and maybe a bit mad), and most important of all (at present), he's a defender with experience in DEFENDING.

Now I know that's not the be-all and end-all but I think he's proved that he recognizes and welcomes flare players too.. I don't need to say the name but I will: "Payet".

He's done wonders with The Hammers this season and he also proved recently at Goodison that he has a Plan B and is prepared to change things when things are going wrong. Two-nil down... win three-two!!

The West Ham chairman is quoted as having said that Bilic isn't really interested in big money, but more in a big project sort of thing.

With no disrespect to West Ham, I think ours would be a bigger project with the possibility of a new stadium on the horizon too, to rival WHU's move to theirs, and an effort to get us back to somewhere near our former glory.

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