Fact or fiction?

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Why do people persist in making comments as "Fact" when they actually cannot confirm that the comment is indeed true? It's like the media with their "We can confirm Stones will be a Chelsea player by Friday" (Daily Mail). It is of course bollocks to sell a ruddy news paper... but it is used as "fact" by the radio, the TV and anyone else that is daft enough to believe the sh#te they print.

We have the "I heard from the steward next to me" scenarios, "Bill died three weeks ago" junk. Really? Seriously?

We have a recent article on TW where the poster states "We know one thing. Kenwright hired him, and continues to back him. That, like it or not is a fact."

There's that word again. The only "fact" is that the nutter in charge hired RM or told someone else to hire him. We have no idea whether he still backs his choice, the Chairman is now just a figurehead, he has not got a means to force his will on the other board members. The Farhad fella is the guy that will make the decisions now...I don't know that for a "fact", but it is safe to assume you ain't going to become a majority shareholder, spend millions, and leave it to others to control the fortunes of your investment?

Kenwright may be begging for them to keep RM, he could be raging and telling RM to win the cup or he'll hit him with a baseball bat OR he could be spaced out on whatever medication he's on!!

None of us are privy to the truths at our beloved Everton, we have no idea what passes between the manager and Billy Boy, or Farhad and the CEO etc etc
I certainly would never assume anything, I can guess that the Chairman took on RM because he thought he could get us into the Champions League... he talked a phenomenal game... there is no foundation that he was given the "MO" to "just avoid relegation".

Some of us did not want a relegation manager. Doesn't make us football genii (someone check the spelling) it just means we are "nervous" fans.
Some thought after season one he was the right man. Doesn't mean they are stupid, they looked at a league position or a "fact".

But here are a few "facts".

  • We have a good team (not the best squad in 30 years etc) that appears to be underachieving.
  • We are in the bottom half of the table.
  • We have a shot at the cup....hurrrah!
  • We have a new owner and decision maker (he may make a decision to leave the decisions with someone else...who knows...we don't).
  • Some of us will be happy with the Cup and "give him a chance".
  • Some of us will be happy with the Cup but "get rid of him anyway".
  • Some of us want him shot, hung, drawn and forced to listen to PM's question times (actually that's not a fact...I lied).
  • We ain't set the world on fire under the previous owner of Everton FC (but don't state as facts that he didn't want us to win trophies).

Everyone gets an opinion, and I for one respect everyone's... but please, please stop stating "facts" that cannot be proved.


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