Insulting and Embarrassing

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As a lifelong supporter, I feel entitled to vent my anger and frustration over the past nearly three years.

On the credit side I've nothing but admiration for a genuine true Blue. Chairman, Bill Kenwright, isn't the wealthiest of such people in the Premier League but he's previously talked significant people onto the Board. None of them seemed keen too part with their dosh, but I assume their business acumen contributed something somewhere.

Bill's inertia and ducking of decision-making is legendary. He might have functioned with less caution in the works of theatre, but not at or about Everton. The ground issue may now get the impetus it needs from the new guy, Moshiri and his mate and fellow Board member he brought with him. Pray tell me what Robert Elstone is doing on the Board or couldn't they afford to sack him?

Anyway I'd also mention all the brilliant Community stuff the Club does for the disabled kids and beyond. Naismith before he left was a shining inspiration and example to all pro footballers with his generosity and caring attitude... I loved him and his approach.

On the down side, what credentials did Martinez have that persuaded Kenwright to recruit him? He's proved to be so out of his depth and clueless. If reaching the FA Cup semi-Final is so down to him, then so is the appalling state of affairs re our results and performances in the Premier League.

Unarguably we have a pretty good squad,with maybe three or four outstanding talents, complimented by the likes of Barry, Jagielka, Baines, Besic, Lennon et al. We have a manager who looked better than he was at the job in his first season because he inherited a Moyes-constructed defence. Moyes could stifle attacking talent by being in the same room, but he knew his onions about defence; sadly, for Martinez to have that talent in reverse is destined towards disaster.

Martinez has produced teams that can attack like Brazil at times, but defend like Hartlepool, and frankly for Hartlepool these days, read Everton – I wouldn't want to insult Hartlepool!

After the World Cup, Howard, Jagielka and Baines looked shot, but Martinez didn't seem able or prepared to deal with that. Ultimately Howard just got worse, the other two mixed in reality. Baines's dead ball expertise long gone and after injury, Jagielka has struggled too.

No Manager worth his salt would have persevered with Howard he was so obviously past his best. When Martinez offered "It's his 300th Premier League appearance" as an explanation as to why he'd picked him yet again after a disastrous previous performance, I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

Barry on loan in his first season was tremendous, after he signed last season he was repeatedly dreadful, did he get dropped... No? He's been brilliant this, but he illustrates again Martinez ineptitude even cowardice before.

You could write a chapter alone about Alcaraz. He could NEVER be described as a footballer. He was without any shade of or kind of ability. Repeatedly on the bench, even starting on occasions, unbelievable blindness by Martinez.

The Mirallas penalty debacle when he grabbed the ball. No player would have done that if they had a modicum of respect for the Gaffer. I wonder how many of our players have?

I can't believe any other Premier League or even Championship club would not have sacked Martinez an age ago, but not Bill Kenwright.....inertia rules ain't that so Bill?

I trust the billionaire we've now got on the Board is as shrewd as he has to be to have such wealth and sees off the clueless, bumbling embarrassing clown we have in charge. The exaggerations at pre-match press conferences, the promises after, the excuses, the total bullshit and claptrap are offensive to fans. He has to go, and if he was the 'nice guy' others suggest, he'd do it honourably and walk today.

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