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All Evertonians have a right to be very disappointed by our underachieving season, as has been reported many times. When you look closer into the reasons, one thing that glares out to me is the lack of goals from our midfield.

How many goals have McCarthy, Barry, Cleverley, Deulofeu and Besic scored this season? Five between them, I think. The problem goes further because it has been the same for every one of the three seasons since Roberto Martinez has been in charge.

Why do these players get into scoring position (occasionally) and then pass or lose the ball? This has to be rectified if we are to the force everyone says we should be. To me, so much is put on Lukaku and he has delivered. Mirallas scores but does not play; Osman is also capable but he is down the pecking order, plus Martinez stopped him scoring.

One player who has really shone is Lennon; another is of course Barkley. But why have these two been scoring? The answer is simple – they have been given more freedom to roam around the field, from which we have seen the benefits. Martinez should let the midfielders have the same freedom; they know their jobs in midfield and when going forward... tell them they can shoot at least, or run into the box to pick up the scraps.

Come on, Blues, let's have our luvvie dovvie play but let these boys express themselves in the final third and hopefully we will all benefit. Eight defeats at home is absolute crap... so, in the final games, let's go for it. We cannot be worse than we are now. Go for it, Roberto, let the team express themselves in the final third for once and all.

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