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Watching the Blues for the longest while has seemed like either doing a jigsaw puzzle without the picture or doing the same puzzle with some of the pieces missing. In the first case it can be almost impossible to do and in the second incredibly frustrating.

But yesterday we had the picture and all the pieces and how great did that feel! I am finding it very difficult to watch the Blues these days just because it causes me so much anxiety and stress! Not sure how the 40,000- who were there in person handle it but I find it very difficult. But once Rom's genius put us 2 ahead and Costa departed, I felt great – even if I was screaming at RM to take Barry off after his 1st yellow. Watching the game again on the video was amazing! No worrie... just pure enjoyment.

Rom was the star but I thought everyone gave everything. There were some great performances but Seamus and Tom caught my eye. Seamus is one tough SOB! Never flinched in any challenge and summed up the team spirit that has been missing before. Cleverley seemed to have both speed and stamina to close down for the whole game, not just 75 minutes.

While some may criticise Barry for getting sent off, I loved the way he wound Costa up and never backed down. Maybe he needs a 2 game enforced rest which will give Mo a chance to impress but we will need him back.

Watford have just turned the Arse over! This weekend gets even better! Lastly what introduction for Mr Moshiri! Goodison rocking under lights! The Blues getting to Wembley! A wonder goal from Rom! Good to see BK at the game also. He surely deserves a few days like yesterday .

A performance like this next week against the Arse will make the next few weeks feel like summer is not far away!


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