Prentice talk of Rafa in The Echo

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This is the first time I have ever submitted an item of news, but I have got to get this one off my chest.

There have been, and still are, a lot of Evertonians who are not happy with the Liverpool Echo – and the newspaper has undoubtedly favoured the other side for many years, but yesterday Dave Prentice hit a new low for me.

Is he trying to wind us up, is he totally unaware of previous history, or is he a closet red?

I am referring to his current assertion that Everton could be missing out on having the "Spanish Waiter" as our manager if he goes to Newcastle.

I have been going to Goodison since the 1950s, and the relationship between the two clubs hit a new low for me when Benitez called us 'a small club'. It could have easily been smoothed over if he, or LFC, had made an official statement attributing the remark to a language problem or some such excuse. But then we all know that Liverpool don't do apologies, yes?

Am I too old to be bearing grudges? Would any Evertonian want this man as our manager? As far as I am concerned it doesn't even bear thinking about.

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