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Should Martinez be sacked and, if so, when? I am now convinced that we are not going to improve enough under him to be any better than a very average team. One that will probably be very popular with many fans in the Premier League because we always make it easy for other teams to play against us.

Perhaps we should let history guide us. It is April 1961, we have a manager who has Everton playing attractive football especially at home (but only average away). We have a new owner, John Moores, determined to succeed. Johnny Carey has created a team that will finish the season in 5th place and is very popular with the fans. Moores then takes a very hard decision and sacks Carey (in the famous taxi).

His main reason was that he wanted the best for Everton and his judgement call was that Carey was not ruthless enough to create a title-winning side. He appoints Harry Catterick who was never as popular as Carey was with the players but who was a hard disciplinarian. Within two year,s Everton are on the way to being Champions.

The players were mainly the same except Stevens had replaced Collins (a hard working professional replacing a genius) and Tony Kay, a magnificent player but also a born winner, had been brought into midfield. Mr Moores had seen what was needed and acted immediately.

So, my call to Everton is to act soon regardless of the cup run. Carey's last game was a 4-0 win at Newcastle!

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