Bargain buys

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I read, with interest, the "worst Everton signings" thread. It started me thinking about the opposite point of view. Who was a real bargain buy?

The guy who cost peanuts and turned out to be a diamond in the rough? I disqualify the trophy winning 80's team as most of them would qualify. I am looking for the players in one of many dire sides we have had, players that gave us a little hope, a spark of light in the dark.

Andy King.... 'nuff said

Eamon O'Keefe... A non league buy, hard worker and scored some important goals

Imre Varadi.... I know he was nominated in the "worst" list, but I think he was worth every penny of what we paid for him, just to hear the Stoke match day announcer try to pronounce his name.."immer, er immer Verdi" much hilarity among the away fans.

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