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I have just purchased Everton and I want my team to be up amongst the big boys in the Premier League. So, who are my rivals and what do I need to be able to compete?

In no particular order, Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and now (possibly) Tottenham. They split quite nicely into two geographical areas, North West and London. This is important as I will explain later.

These guys are all players at the top table because of one (or both) of two reasons, money and historical success. The former often attracts the latter but it can also work the other way around.

Man Utd and Liverpool are there based on success, (although Man Utd have the dosh) followed closely by Arsenal, some serious history there.

Then comes a group lead by Chelsea and includes Villa, Tottenham and those chancers Everton. All of these are on 28 or 24 trophies, with Chelsea having won two-thirds of their trophies since the money was thrown in from 2003 onwards. So Chelsea are the team that proves the “money” brings in the trophies.

That covers all of my main rivals, with the exception of Man City that are somewhat behind trophy- wise and (in my humble opinion) join Chelsea in “money” section.

So my newly purchased Everton can definitely match or better 3 of my 6 main rivals on the success stakes.

What about money? This is not just money in my back pocket, it's also the amount I can generate from my newly purchased club. That is going to mean match day revenues and marketing. The match day revenues are going to mean a new ground is required, and as quickly as possible. The spades are going to have to hit the dirt this year....anytime this year as it will take me two years to build (approx). So whilst I can spend big on players next year I know I need that stadium building immediately. The marketing side will only take off with success...catch 22 and largely beyond my control.

So I reckon that I can (or soon will) match the big boys on money as well.

What else do I need? I have the history, I have the money, they can see the new cathedral being built. But will they want to come? Here is the sticky bit people. I mentioned the geographical areas at the top. The North West is not as attractive to the imported stars. Money talks, look at Man City? They have a ridiculous pot of gold and I'm not sure we can compete there. Man Utd are very rich but are also very, very successful. Both these two have the facilities and money BUT they also use another weapon to attract the cream of the crop. They employ massive names for managers and this must help. Liverpool have not got the cash and do not have the managers, and we see they are in danger (great isn't it) of losing their position as on of the top table diners (I would suggest they already have). They cannot afford the shiny new stadium and they are slipping away.

Chelsea have used the money to great effect but surely them being in London helped? We may see West Ham use the new stadium and geographical location to their advantage very soon.

So the new Everton owner has to address the ground (TICK), he needs lot of money (from the reports we read he has TICK), he needs the club reputation (TICK), he cannot do anything about the location but he can go for the big named manager?

This is NOT a dig at the Spaniard, it is simply an observation that the North West clubs that are at the top table tend to employ the bigger named managers, it means they can attract the bigger players. It will be obvious as the this effect when Pep arrives next season... players from abroad will not be bothered as to where Manchester is!

My point is, how much of a splash will the new owner want to make? He could go for the brilliant manager (with an eye for new talent) that spends less and achieves great things OR he goes for a name that attracts the established players?

Just a thought, and I think it may be very interesting at the end of this season.

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